What/If (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Everything happens for a reason.
Think about that for a moment.
All your efforts personal, professional, carnal utter and absolute slaves to some cosmically predetermined set of outcomes.
As if we have no say in, let alone culpability for, the defining moments in our lives.
If you want a life of purpose by inverting the notion that everything happens for a reason.
Redefine it.
Not as some future explanation for terrible tragedy, or glorious achievement, but as validation of the deliberate choices that lead us to these critical junctures in the first place.
Assert authority over chance, fate, and destiny, because everything does happen for a reason.
And that reason is you.
To attain elite success, you must be willing to make the hard choices, do the unpleasant things, risk your most valuable assets, and do away with the shackles designed by society to limit us: love, marriage, children.
And above all, the uninvited imposition of lesser people's moral agendas.
Because nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without sacrifice.
And true greatness only comes to those willing to pursue it at any cost.
Ladies, gentlemen, Mr.
and Mrs.
Sean Donovan! Ah, let's see it.
Come on, kiss her! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Hold on there, miss! May I help you? Oh, hello again, Mrs.
I have some legal paperwork for Miss Montgomery.
I'm just gonna run up for a quick signature.
Uh, I still need to call you up.
It's really coming down out there, huh? Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait! Wait! Hey! Hey! Hey! This is Lisa Donovan, and I need to speak with my husband right now.
Hello? Can anybody hear me? Fuck.
Sean! Sean! Sean? Sean! Call it off! Forecast for the Bay Area today will be cool and breezy with high's mainly in the 60s.
Windy conditions will continue near the coast All right, all right.
Castro, I get it.
I get it.
I get it.
We'll go on a walk.
Just let me get my pants on, and we'll get out there in two minutes.
All right.
I see you.
I see you.
We're going outside right now.
Give me a second.
Hey, hey, hey.
Will you be here when we get back for a proper good morning? I wish.
I have to stop by the lab before my first pitch.
I needed to make sure that my presentation transferred.
I know the feeling.
First pitch is always the scariest.
Just gotta stay in the moment.
Try not to think of all the things you can't control, focus on what you can.
What if I freeze? First Triple-A game I played Giants sent their scouts down.
On my first windup, my cleat broke off my shoe and the ball sailed about five feet over the catcher.
I knew if I didn't pull it together right then, I'd never get another shot.
So I picked up the cleat, and put in my pocket as a symbol of all the obstacles, real and imagined, bouncing around inside my head.
Figured if I could condense all that noise into something smaller to fit in a pocket then all my self-doubt could be managed.
Threw my first no-hitter that day.
You're gonna crush it.
Thank you.
Come on, Castro.
Good morning.
My name is Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, and I am seeking an equity partner for my medical solutions company, Emigen Molecular Sequencing.
Emigen Molecular Sequencing.
Emigen Molecular Sequencing.
- Hmm.
- Good job, young lady.
Thanks for coming in.
This isn't an area we're interested in exploring.
Let us talk and get back to you.
Okay? Everybody's hard at work, I see.
Anymore billion-dollar breakthroughs? - Just the one.
- Minus the billion.
Wham! Any calls, Sophie? Landlord.
- Want me to get him? - I'll call from my desk.
- Did you eat? - Yep.
Both feet.
Scratched three VCs off the list.
Before I make this call, please tell me there's enough in our account to cover rent.
Yeah, for two months.
But payroll is another story.
I know you don't want to hear this, but I think it's time we consider approaching the drug companies.
No way.
They would just buy us to kill us.
True, but at least you would get your money back.
You haven't taken a salary since we started this thing.
And you could be making five times what I'm paying you anyplace else.
- Ten.
- See? You're in for the cause, same as I am.
I would deny that in court, bankruptcy or otherwise.
Fine, I will continue to help you on your hunt for the golden ticket.
As long as you promise to rework your pitch.
What's wrong with my pitch? We fact-checked it a hundred times.
Facts are not your problem.
It's emotional engagement.
I know this is outside of your comfort zone.
But you already have your way in.
You just have to use it.
Catch us up, guys.
Trevor McIntire, seven years old, pulled a frying pan of hot grease onto his head.
- Guardian? - Welfare mom.
Still trying to locate her.
Looks like old scarring under the new injury.
Let's get him up to Burn One for a head-to-toe.
You've got a nice strong arm there, Trev.
You like baseball? I'm gonna go up with him.
Hang in there, little man.
All right? Giants sure could use a guy like you in the bullpen.
Hey, Todd.
- I'll catch you back at the van.
- Yeah.
Ooh, hey, Doc, can I get some attention over here? It hurts when I do this.
Maybe you should stop doing that.
I don't know, I can't seem to help myself.
It's automatic when I get around a certain someone.
Todd, please.
Can't you see this isn't the time or the place? Hmm.
Well, what I could see is you looking a little tense, so I thought I'd try to put a smile on your face.
What's wrong? We just lost a patient on the table.
Oh, babe, I'm sorry.
On top of that, we're short-staffed again.
And since I'm the low resident on the totem pole, I'm forced to pick up the slack.
Well, as long as I've known you, no one's ever forced you to do something you don't wanna do, Ange.
You can always say no.
You're right.
I need to have that conversation.
My girl.
See you at home.
You sure I can go? - Stop.
- You sure I'm good? Name your crime, Todd.
I don't know.
I'd kill Hitler.
I'd for sure kill Hitler.
That's not a confession, that's more a moral imperative.
Angela, show your man how it's done.
Yeah, no, there are too many guy questions in this bowl.
Marcos! Feliz cumpleaños! No es gran cosa, nena.
I'm so sorry, everyone.
This party is no longer accepting apologies, only confessions.
- You're up.
- Oh.
I thought maybe you'd retire this game along with my brother's 20s.
Forever young, baby, forever young.
Uh "Would you ever have sex with someone while you're in a relationship with someone else?" - Oh.
- I'm guessing this is yours, Lionel.
All the good ones are.
Hold on.
We talking, like, swinging, hall pass, or whatever's trendy with the gay boys these days? Ooh! I'm talking complete and total transparency.
Sex can be in the same room with multiple people.
Sorry to disappoint, but I already got all the man I can handle.
He's enough for me.
What? Look, look.
If it's all above board then I'm definitely, definitely order me up a hot meat sandwich with two slices of J-Lo and my sweet lady Angela.
Oh, baby, nobody asked you.
Um, will you excuse me while I try to wipe that out of my brain? Okay, so you're saying if you could have a no harm, no foul, one-off with one of your favorite Backstreet Boys, you'd say no? Backstreet Boys I might have mentioned your bedroom ceiling was covered in Backstreet posters growing up.
So was yours.
Amen, sister.
- Hey, cake's in the fridge.
- Okay.
All right.
Well, who's next? No.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us, I guess.
- Oh, sorry.
- No.
It's fine.
It's nothing.
Would you mind handing me that lighter? Yes.
Who is that? It's the chief of surgery.
Is there a problem at the hospital? What's the holdup in here? Marcos will only be 30 for a year.
Um Why don't you pass out the plates and forks and we'll be out in just a sec? Yeah, sure thing.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
It just happened.
What does that mean for you and Todd? I don't know.
I keep telling myself I'm gonna end it, but Look, promise me you won't say anything.
It will kill Todd to hear this secondhand, especially coming from Sean.
Angela I'm not asking you to lie.
I just need time to figure everything out.
Promise me, Lisa.
How are you feeling about the pitch? Way less comfortable than I was with the fact-y figure-y version.
But objectively, I know you pointed me in the right direction.
Good, 'cause Gage Scott Ventures wants to meet with you tomorrow at 4:00.
Wait, what? I thought they weren't interested.
That was before Mr.
Scott found out there was a competitive bid from his old firm.
So we're peddling fake news now? I didn't make the rules, I'm just playing the game.
I thought a little FOMO would go a long way with a guy like that.
As it turns out, I was right.
You're an evil genius.
I know.
By the way, I am sending you the link.
This guy's got some seriously stereotypical taste in women.
You might want to consider wearing something a little less business-y and a little more - Demeaning? - Don't be naive.
We can't afford it.
Dog's walked, garbage curbed, dishes done Okay to come to bed or you need to keep going? Ugh.
Why couldn't Sean have a twin who's into a work-obsessed Fortnite enthusiast, pushing the dark side of her 20s? You'd only break his heart, Cassidy.
Not before breaking his balls.
Don't keep her up too late, Romeo.
She's got a misogynist dragon to slay.
Yeah Oh my God.
You are My fire The one desire Believe When I say - Oh.
- I want it that way How did you even get that on? You ready to bring some sexy back? That's the wrong boy band and singer.
Come here.
You and Angela settle whatever was going on in the kitchen earlier? Yeah.
She's just working through an issue with a co-worker and needed to get some of it off her chest.
Well, she's been married to Todd since high school.
If Angela can make that work, whatever this is should be no problem.
What else? You worried about the company? I just don't wanna let everyone down.
Least of all, you.
Nothing you do could ever let me down.
It's all gonna be okay.
How do you know? Because we've got each other.
This little munchkin with the devilish grin is my sister, Emilia.
That's my brother Marcos, and the little girl with the unfortunate pair of trifocals is yours truly.
Our mother used to say, whatever mischief one of us didn't conjure up, the other two would.
And she was right.
We were inseparable growing up.
Uno, dos, tres.
The three amigos.
But obviously, it's not your real family we're talking about here, right? My birth parents were killed in a house fire when I was three.
My nanny ended up adopting me so I wouldn't become a ward of the state, so yeah, this is my real family.
Here's Emilia again with her hospital suitemate Tiffany.
Both were diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia at age eight.
This is six months into treatment.
As you can see, Tiffany is thriving while Emilia is struggling.
Acute lymphocytic leukemia, is a curable disease.
The drug protocol designed to fight it produces a 90 percent survival rate.
Unfortunately, because of a genetic deviation in some children's immune cell checkpoints, the treatment is rendered ineffectual for them.
Happy birthday to you My little sister lost her battle six days before her ninth birthday.
If it were me who had gotten sick instead of her, we'd likely both be alive, and I might not have devoted my life to this cause.
What we're working towards at Emigen, is a customized map of the blockers and receptors in every human being's unique immune system so that drug companies can optimize medications to work on all patients battling a life-threatening disease not just the lucky ones.
It's, um It's a very impressive presentation.
I can honestly say with every fiber of what some tell me is a very jaded heart that nothing would make me happier than to invest in your company.
But I see a flaw in your proposal that just can't be overlooked.
I'm afraid big pharma would drown us in litigation before we even got in the game.
Hey, I'm sorry about your sister.
I, uh, I wish there was more I could do.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, bartender, how about something cheap and wet? You asking or offering? What's it look like? Looks like you could use a bubble bath and some black coffee.
As it happens that's our special tonight.
What's this? I got us a room overlooking the Bay Bridge.
We're celebrating.
How is it possible that you're not reading this picture? No investor will touch me, my staff is about to be unemployed.
Both your life savings and the loan my parents gave me has evaporated.
And we can't We can't afford a room overlooking the Bay Bridge.
You can't solve all the world's problems.
You knew that going into this.
That's one.
Two, the hotel room is free, courtesy of one very cool night manager.
Three, if your company does go under, your employees knew the risks and they're all smart enough to land on their feet.
We're gonna pay back every cent your parents lent us.
I'll rob a bank if I have to.
You would, wouldn't you? Room 4703.
Give me half an hour to shut the bar down.
No one's coming out in this rain anyway.
- Mm? - I'm sorry.
I love you.
Get out of here.
Last call! I'll have a gin martini.
One olive, very dry.
Didn't see you there.
What kind of gin do you prefer? Which do you prefer? I drink whiskey.
I'd have brought it over to you.
I don't like to drink alone.
Pour yourself a whiskey.
Company rules.
Won't tell if you won't.
To your health.
Haven't seen you in here before.
You staying at the hotel? No.
Well, I hope you don't live far.
It's coming down hard out there.
I have a driver.
Driver has an umbrella.
He can take us wherever it is you go, when you clock out of there.
Oh, uh No, thank you.
I'm really flattered, but, uh I'm married.
All I was offering was a ride.
Oh, damn.
I'm I'm sorry.
Please forget I said that.
Sometimes when it gets late, people tend to get a little Frisky.
Then what? And then nothing.
I'm married.
To that emotional girl who just made a spectacle of herself.
That girl's the most important thing in my world.
And today was a terrible day for her.
Enjoy your drink.
Now who's been misunderstood? Let's just call it even.
But now you've got me curious.
From where I'm sitting, she's a very lucky woman.
This wife of yours.
Tell me about her.
That's more like it.
You feeling any better? Hmm I'm not feeling any worse.
Sorry you married such a train wreck.
Ah, don't worry about it.
I actually met a woman after you staggered up here.
Can't say I blame you.
I hope you two will be very happy together.
I think she's a little more your type than mine.
Said you'd know who she is.
Anne Montgomery? I don't Is this a joke? I don't know.
Who is this lady? Only one of the most aggressive venture capitalists in town, and by all accounts born of a jackal.
She definitely struck me as the kind of woman who gets what she wants.
And what she wants is to meet my wife.
You told her about me? Just the basics.
She's hosting some big investor thing and wants to hear more about Emigen.
Think you can squeeze the jackal onto your calendar? I can squeeze a lot more than that.
Morning, Cassidy.
You're in early.
- Late, actually.
- You were in all night? What in the world were you doing? Making sure we didn't overlook any potential Hail Marys.
That, and a fistful of Adderall.
Unfortunately, you hired a very thorough CFO.
I think we're out of options, Lis.
Think again.
What if I told you that we were gonna make a run at Anne Montgomery? Well, I'd ask you if you hit your head.
You don't just demand a meeting with Anne Montgomery.
She'd have you executed.
I didn't have to.
She offered.
She offered? Do you know how hard I worked to get us in the door with that woman? What did you do? I promise I'll tell you the story later.
Now I have to cram my brain full of everything I need to win her over.
Start and stop right there.
That has been out for less than a week, and I've already read through it, like, four times.
She is my spirit animal.
Really? Everything I've read about her makes her seem kind of horrible.
The world's a horrible place, but Anne Montgomery wakes up every morning and she eats it for breakfast.
McIntire? It's the EMTs who brought your son to the hospital yesterday.
Got him a get well present.
I'll just leave it here by the door, okay? Do you smell smoke? Mrs.
McIntire! Unit 19 shelter fire, 38 East 19th Street! Everybody out, now! Mrs.
McIntire! Help! Help us! Help! Help! Help! Come on! We gotta get you out of here! Mom and kids checked out okay.
Social services has them.
Cops found the father holed up in the basement.
Got a list of convictions a mile long.
Assault, possession, trafficking, aggravated child abuse.
No way this guy should've ever made parole.
Hey, whatever's going through your head, it's not worth it.
Sean, I'm serious, man.
Don't do this.
Sean, what the fuck, man? You the paramedics who rescued that family? - Yes, sir.
- You two boys are real heroes.
Whole place could've gone up.
Heard one of you applied for the academy.
We both did.
- What are your names? - Todd Archer, Sean Donovan.
and Mrs.
Sean and Lisa Donovan to see Miss Montgomery.
I'll let her know you've arrived.
Oh, thank you very much.
Excuse me.
You know that guy? Not exactly.
If you wouldn't mind stepping into the library, Miss Montgomery will be with you shortly.
Hello, Sean.
Don't get up.
I can't spare much time.
You must be Lisa.
Thank you for the meeting, Miss Montgomery.
I'll get right to it.
No need for that.
I've done my homework.
You wouldn't be here otherwise.
- Thank you.
- Oh, don't thank me yet.
Many of my competitors, like that nauseatingly arrogant Gage Scott, whom your husband told me passed on your pitch, make decisions out of fear.
I operate on potential.
Which is something I believe your company has in spades.
It's you I'm not sold on.
How can I convince you otherwise? Have you read my latest book? - Studied it.
- Oh, is that so? So tell me are you two planning on having children? - Yeah.
- Some day.
Right now, I am one hundred percent focused on Emigen.
One hundred percent? I know you consider the correlation between personal sacrifice and elite success to be one of the cornerstones of your business doctrine.
Not a cornerstone.
The foundation.
What I mean to say is I am fully prepared for this opportunity.
Nothing is more important to me.
Not even your marriage? What kind of question is that? It's a question for your wife.
I assume Sean told you how we met? He said you struck up a conversation at the hotel bar.
Did he also mention that he thought I was coming on to him? Smart women have always found Sean attractive.
I consider it a compliment.
So what you're saying is that if I had been trying to seduce your husband you'd still be here? I'm saying Sean would never cheat on me.
I trust him.
Trust is the most dangerous thing you can give away, Lisa.
But for the sake of argument, let's take cheating out of the equation.
Say you were fully complicit in our affair.
Would that be an acceptable condition of a firm offer to finance your company? You're asking if I would be willing to trade my husband for my company? No.
That would not be an acceptable condition Anne.
Let's get out of here.
Lisa, wait, it's just a game.
Like Lionel and his bowl of questions.
Only not nearly as original.
This whole idea was ripped right out of a bad '90s movie.
She wants to have sex with you, Sean.
- Plain and simple.
- Why? Because Anne is legendary for exploiting people's weaknesses to her advantage.
She sees our marriage as my weakness.
Did I get that right? All but the movie reference.
I thought that film was quite decent.
By my calculation, it would take roughly 80 million to optimize your discovery, assuming proof of concept.
That's not the kind of investment I'm comfortable making without a guarantee that the woman in charge is willing to put whatever is necessary on the line to ensure its success.
In this case a night alone with her husband.
My offer expires in 24 hours.
What's your name? - Valerie Simmons.
- Valerie I see you're wearing the same mint Chanel they put me in for my Forbes spread back in What was it? 2015? Yes, Miss Montgomery.
Stand up, sweetie.
My lawyers are currently waging a libel suit against that dated rag's former editor, and had you done the slightest bit of research, you might have reconsidered wearing that embarrassing cry for attention, as all you've succeeded in doing today is exposing your own inadequacy.
It's incredible.
Eighteen million views in three days.
Don't do this to yourself.
What kind of person gets off on making others feel stupid and powerless and disposable? A shitty one.
It's weird not having Castro here.
I'll meet up with Marcos between shifts and pick him up tomorrow.
No, I'll do it.
Tell me again how everything's gonna be okay.
Everything is going to be okay.
Castro! Come here, Castro! Oh, hi.
How much I missed you! You and Sean live it up like rock stars the other night? You know it.
After a few drinks, we got to talking about Lionel's challenge and decided to order half a dozen couples up to the room.
Only half a dozen? - Prude.
- Oh, yeah? I remember when the most risqué thing in your closet was a pinstriped Oxford.
Now I'm guessing pleated, leather chaps.
Don't! Don't! Oh.
The things we do for our first boyfriends.
First and last, hopefully.
I want with Lionel what you have with Sean.
What's that, exactly? Total trust.
And you two are invincible no matter what the universe throws at you.
Yeah, well, the universe has been having a field day with us recently.
And that brings me to my not-so-elegant segue.
Papa would kill me if he knew I was telling you this, but La Cuchara's been going through a rough patch.
He asked if I knew when you might be able to pay the loan back.
It's gonna be a while.
How bad is it? Turns out the money they gave you didn't come from savings.
They got a second mortgage on the restaurant.
If they default they could lose everything.
All my cases have been pro bono this year, so I'm pretty tapped.
I'd ask Lionel, but he's been No, it's my responsibility, Marcos.
I will take care of it.
No lo dudo.
I'll never forget the day I met my wife.
For those of you who don't know the story, there's this spot in Corona Heights Park where my brother and I used to play catch.
After he died, it kind of became my go-to place for heavy thinking.
Which I was doing a lot of last year, especially on the day the Giants told me they weren't picking up my contract.
Giants suck! No, no.
I had a terrible season, Archer, you know it, I know it, - the whole city knew it.
- Story's got a happy ending, though.
I'm getting to that, if you'll let me.
So when I get to the park that day I find this incredibly beautiful really inconvenient grad student sitting on my bench, working on her biology thesis.
And while there's this massive deadline hanging over her head, she took pity on a total stranger and let me share the bench with her.
It wasn't until after the sun went down that I realized what what started out as one of the toughest days of my life had turned into one of the best.
If you hadn't let me sit down with you that day, I I have no idea what my future might have turned into.
Excuse me, sir.
Is this seat taken? Want me to go first? Nah, I got the cleat.
Todd and I found out we made it into the fire academy today.
Oh, my God.
That's Intense timing.
I know.
I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, but both our backs are seriously against the wall right now.
We can't afford a downshift in income.
Even a temporary one, so I I came here to think about our options.
Everything that's gotten us to this point.
And? And the first thing that popped into my head was how crazy it is we ever met in the first place.
What if you decided to study at the library that day instead of here? Or if Todd hadn't gotten called into work.
I might have been drowning myself at some bar with him instead of meeting my future wife.
It's a real rabbit hole thinking about the things that had to go exactly right, stuff that had to go so fucking terrible to lead us both to this bench at that moment, on that day.
So I've been sitting here going over what you said about feeling disposable and Powerless.
So now I guess I'm wondering how you'd feel if we made a decision to take some power back.
I've been wondering the same thing.
We've both come through a hell of a lot in our lives.
But at least we know we can trust each other to handle anything.
And I don't think there's any way someone as patently pathetic as Anne Montgomery has what it takes to get in between that, not in one night.
Not in one lifetime.
Well we still have a few hours to tell this bitch to go to hell.
But you and me we're a lot stronger than she thinks we are.
So are we saying we're good to do this? I am if you are.
Then let's do it.
Hello, Lisa.
We accept your offer.
I'll send a car.
Why don't you pour yourself a whiskey.
I don't think so.
There's no need to be nervous.
No one said we were.
Sean, come here for a sec.
She wrote a clause into the contract excluding you from sharing any details about what happens after I leave here tonight.
If you say anything to me or anyone else, we lose the company.
Why would either of us ever want to talk about this again? The quicker we put tonight behind us, the better.
We just have to trust each other.
It's not you I don't trust.
I assume you saw the space for your company's routing numbers.
That's why we're here, isn't it? Well, it's certainly why you're here.
You'll receive a good faith wire transfer totaling a quarter of my investment, tomorrow morning.
Twenty million dollars.
Well it appears there's only one thing left to do.
Well, two.
Foster, we'll need a witness.
All right.
Sean, may I have your phone, please? Why do you need his phone? If you're having second thoughts, now is the time to share them.
Not some desperate text in the middle of the night.
Thank you.
I'll let you say goodbye.
I love you.
I love you.
Oh, keep the pen.
It's one of many.
Come sit with me by the fire.
If it's okay, can we not talk anymore and just do what you brought me here to do? Well, aren't you just so sweet and innocent? I haven't even begun to tell you what it is you're doing here.
In science, one of the first things you learn is that you can only trust the things that you can prove.
But if any of you guys ask me to offer physical proof of just how much Sean means to me there's no empirical way that I could.
And this is what's called the scientific paradox.
Oh, my God.
I am so bad at this.
Um Oh, my God.
Uh What I'm trying to say is Falling in love with Sean has taught me it's just as important to trust the things that you can feel as the things you can prove.
Fuck! Hey! Hey! Hello? Can anybody hear me? Fuck.
Sean! Sean! Sean! Call it off! They're gone.
Where did you take them? When I returned, the residence was empty.
Montgomery? Are you okay? Everything's all right, Gabriel.
The young lady's under contract.
Keycard, please.
What does she get out of it? Treating people like toys? What motivates Miss Montgomery is far more nuanced than I could say.
But I have never seen her waste a minute of time on anything or anyone so insignificant as a toy.
Hello, Cassidy? Where have you been? Did you get any of my messages? No, I What's happened? Anne Montgomery just saved our ass to the tune of $20 million.
That's what happened.
Whatever the hell you did to win her over, it could not have paid off any huger.
I'll call you back.
Are you okay? Hey, buddy.
Your hand What did she ? We're not allowed to talk about it.
You can if you want to.
The contract isn't triggered until I start spending her money.
Then start spending it.
Nothing I say now will undo what we did.
Might as well get what you wanted.
What I wanted? Sean, I went back for you.
I tried to stop it.
Say something.
I need to take a shower.
Your breakfast meeting has arrived.
I'll tell 'em you're indisposed.
You think I'm a terrible person, don't you? I think when you've suffered terrible things you become capable of terrible things.
Have the staff clear my calendar.
I won't be taking any meetings this morning.