What/If (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

What Now

1 [ANNE.]
Stop acting like you value anyone's interest above your own, the least of all, your wife's.
There's that animal aggression.
You set the clock on your marriage, not me.
I'll give you a minute to reign it in before we continue.
Sean? Are you okay? You locked the door.
I'm fine.
Where are you going? The fire academy orientation's this week.
Todd and I are meeting up before work to prep for the field test.
Don't you have to head into the lab? [LISA.]
I'm sorry for last night, for the position I put you in.
For whatever it was that Anne asked you to do.
You'd tell me, right, if last night isn't something you think you can put behind you? [SEAN SIGHS.]
We went into this together.
We'll get past it together.
I just can't stop my brain from trying to piece together all the things she must have wanted from you before she sent that wire.
I think she's counting on that driving a wedge between us.
She really is a monster.
From now on, I think the less you engage with her, the better.
Hi, Cass.
Are you in some kind of danger? What? Buried alive, pinned under a bus, or otherwise mortally incapacitated? No.
Then what's more important than calling me back? Dude, when are you coming in? Things are moving at light speed.
Just hold off on telling anyone anything until I get there.
There's a chance this deal won't make.
All we have is a basic agreement in place.
Um, and 20 million in the bank, not to mention some splashy headlines in the trades.
What trades? What are you talking about? VC Wire? TechCrunch? Cat's out of the bag! "Montgomery Capital & Financial Group is all in on Emigen Molecular Sequencing.
" There's even a badass picture of you.
What did you do, promise her your firstborn? Shit.
I'll see you soon.
Left of center.
What are three words no one's ever used to describe me? [SECURITY SYSTEM CHIMES.]
- Buzz her in.
When did you send this deal report to the trades? You're the scientist.
I'm sure you can figure that one out.
So before you had my signature.
I follow my instincts.
So far, they've been right on target where you're concerned.
Sean, too.
I spoke to a contract lawyer on my way over here.
She says there's ways out of this for me.
But neither of us believes you really want out - [GRUNTS.]
- [GASPS.]
any more than I believe your act of desperation last night was a genuine display of regret.
This is Lisa Donovan, and I need to speak with my husband right now! Hello? Can anybody hear me? - [POUNDING ON DOOR.]
- Sean! Sean! Open the door! Regret is all I've felt since the moment we met.
I am willing to sever all ties with you, regardless of the consequences, if that's what I have to do to protect Sean.
Well, that may be the story that you tell yourself.
But down deep, on an instinctive level you're more committed than you realize.
Coming back for Sean was a resourceful way to seize the moral high ground.
Now, whenever things get sticky between you two you'll always be the one who tried to stop him from spending the night with another woman.
And your husband will always be the one who went ahead and did it.
No one forced you into our agreement, Lisa.
Pretending you want out now is just virtue signaling.
Or are you really willing to devalue the memory of your dead sister, crush the futures of your employees, and allow all those sick little children to continue to suffer and die all because their one potential savior in this unfair world had, what, a moralistic breakdown? Just so you can go home and tell your husband that you bartered him for nothing? I didn't I'm not You're not what? - I'm not what you think I am.
- Maybe not yet.
I'm beginning to see potential.
So why don't we just table this wobbly suggestion that we undo any binding agreements until after tonight's event? What event? Oh, I suppose it's really more of an affair, come to think of it.
So come dressed to impress now that you have the means.
Four o'clock sharp.
It's non-negotiable.
Oh, and Lisa, don't bring Sean.
Foster, do we still have that agreement with that one handyman? [FOSTER.]
All contracts are current.
Schedule him.
Sorry, Doctor.
Chart said the room was clear.
- It is.
Hold on.
Got it, OR 7.
Tell Dr.
Evans I'll be there in two minutes.
Uh, room's all yours, Joel.
Archer, your keys.
What happened? [IAN.]
Got a ruptured thoracic aneurysm.
I thought Mr.
Turner sailed through surgery this morning.
Add it to the list of things we can't control.
This is gonna be uncharted territory for most of you, so I'm gonna need you present and I'm gonna need you sharp.
It's about to get messy.
- Dr.
Chang, step aside.
Archer - [CHANG.]
Yes, sir.
Grab the heart.
- Grab it? - Mm-hmm.
Like it's the last living thing on earth.
Thumbs on either side of the aorta, hold it gentle but firm so I can suture.
Here you go.
Just like that.
Hold it steady.
Doing great.
Pressure's dropping.
We're losing him.
Gentle compressions.
You got this.
Up and down.
Up and down.
Up and down.
Up and down.
There you go.
- [WOMAN.]
He's coming around.
- [IAN.]
Now gently reset.
- [MAN.]
We have a rhythm.
Normal sinus rhythm.
Well, life tends to find a way, and today, that way was you, Dr.
Connor, finish up the graph, close Mr.
Turner with the same skill and confidence your fellow resident showed us.
- Yes, Doctor.
- Excellent work, Angela.
You're a natural.
Let me get this straight.
Your wife's flailing company gets massively funded from a billion dollar investor, and your response is to punch a wall? Ever feel like the life you're living isn't really under your control? Man, what the hell is wrong with you these last few days? You're the one who suggested we trade up to firefighters in the first place.
- Remember? - It's not about me right now.
The fuck, it isn't.
You've been sitting on the sidelines for five years.
It's time for you to start living your dreams again.
Be a different story if it were you and Angela we're talking about.
Totally different.
Angie's pregnant.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Holy shit.
Are you serious? I didn't know you two were trying again.
Neither did I.
It's crazy.
- It's crazy, right? - When did she tell you? She hasn't yet.
Garbage bag broke this morning and a pregnancy stick fell out.
I mean, I figure she's waiting till dinner tonight.
I don't know.
Wow, that's It's like anyone's world can turn on a dime, bro.
You just gotta be ready when it does.
We did it! We did it! We did it! We did it! [CHEERING.]
Who are these people? These people are your people.
Our new lord and savior is springing for a power fluff.
That means new offices, updated labs.
They're gonna knock down this wall for full-time analytics encoding.
And it gets better.
I've been authorized to clear the balance sheets, pay our creditors, and make good on all the back salary we owe to all these people looking at you like you're crazy for not jumping up and down like you won the lottery.
- 'Cause you did.
- [LISA.]
- Bring it in.
- Woo! - [WOMAN.]
Speech! - [MAN.]
Come on, speech.
- No.
- Come on, you've gotta give something.
Okay, um Yes, we did just receive a much-needed investment in Emigen's future, but that future is only possible because all of you committed your phenomenal talents to getting us to where we are at this moment.
Your loyalty is as humbling as it is inspiring.
To the future.
To the future! [ALL WHOOPING.]
Woo! Ow! Your sister would be proud.
Embrace it.
¿Qué pasó, papi? My Pac Heights showing got canceled, so I came home to make you lunch.
Aw, you're awesome, but unfortunately, I'm already neck deep in buffalo sauce at that bar by the courthouse.
The gay bar? - Yeah.
- Trashy.
Wanna come help me and my feelings? I'd love to, but I just scheduled a listing appointment for a houseboat in Sausalito.
What feelings are on the menu today? [SIGHS.]
The Mendoza case is a mess.
You weren't able to get the father out of detention? Not before the next hearing which is nine weeks out.
Meanwhile, the family's facing eviction.
I'm gonna see if the DA will give me ten minutes, but he's being a total dick.
You would've gotten 20 minutes of dick out of me if you'd been home.
My life.
Don't forget your Dramamine.
Don't forget your antacids.
England's greatest gift to the world club soda.
And if that doesn't work, might wanna lose the shirt altogether.
Careful what you wish for.
Haven't hit the gym in months.
Look, dad bod with no kids.
Ah, you're underselling yourself.
Hot sauce, hot guy.
I'm Kevin.
I'm in a relationship.
I'm not surprised at all.
You just coming from the courthouse? Get a lot of bailiffs in here, public defenders, convicts.
Any judges I can blackmail? - We're all judges, aren't we? - Yeah.
I could feel you judging me from across the room.
You're in a gay bar in the middle of the day, eating hot wings by yourself.
All rise, the Honorable Kevin something now presiding.
So what do you do when you're not convicting strangers for bar crimes? Dance on a box in my underwear.
You're serious? Mm-hmm.
Wow, that's, uh Good for you.
I couldn't even dance fully clothed with a room full of people staring at me.
Ah, it makes it a lot easier when they're stuffing 20s into your boots.
You should try it one night.
Just hop up on the box and be yourself.
Whatever that means.
You'd make a killing.
Regular guys are everything right now.
Oh, gee, thanks.
- Afraid I'm not a big fan of attention.
Or money, apparently.
Most of my cases are pro bono.
So that's what motivates you? Truth, justice, the American way? Yeah.
Pretty lame, huh? Pretty sexy, actually.
I go on at 10:00.
Come back with your boyfriend.
We'll have some fun.
I have looked everywhere I could possibly think of for those keys.
Hopefully somebody will turn them in.
Sorry, Mr.
They say a great surgeon has to have the eyes of an eagle, the heart of a lion, and the hands of a woman.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just a little lightheaded from everything.
I have never held a human heart before.
Well, at least a beating one.
How'd it make you feel? Cradling a man's mortality in your hands.
I was scared at first.
Then powerful.
Two of the most important days of your life, the day you're born, and the day you find your purpose.
And I feel like I had the whole purpose thing figured out until I met you.
- Ian - Mm-hmm.
There's something I need to tell you.
Angie, baby, are you decent? Your EMT soon-to-be SFFD love nugget is in the house Whoa.
Sorry there, Chief.
Uh, it's chief of surgery, actually.
Ian Evans.
You must be Angela's old high school boyfriend.
And current husband.
I can't imagine you've changed a whole heck of a lot, have you? [ANGELA CHUCKLES.]
What are you doing here, Todd? You were gone before I woke up, so I thought I'd check in with you while Sean gets his hand X-rayed.
What happened to Sean's hand? He punched a wall or whatever.
What is this, high school? Oh, it is, according to the chief.
Evans seems like quite the asshole.
No wonder you've been coming home all bent up lately.
Which is why I made a rezzy at that new dim sum place around the corner tonight.
Something I really need to talk to you about.
- Yeah, I need to talk to you, too.
- Look at us.
Making plans to share and converse like proper adults.
Ain't nothing high school about that.
Hey, Ange.
I'm damn proud of you.
Don't stand me up tonight.
- I won't.
- Eight o'clock.
I I I know my behavior hasn't really reflected what this team or this sport or what what I'm about.
That goes the same for those hearing [CLEARS THROAT.]
hearing the noise from the stands - - favorable to what you put out there.
- - [ECHOING.]
I just want everyone to know I'm - - [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
Somebody sent you that link, didn't they? Huh? No.
That was porn.
Glad to see you're back to your old self.
Well, what about you? How you feeling? Tired.
Who knew actively not thinking about something could be so draining? What link were you talking about? Anne sent out a huge press release announcing her investment in Emigen.
She's like a asteroid that just keeps slammin' into me.
You worried she's gonna mess up your company? Actually, it appears her intentions are exactly what she said, to make a big success out of us, only dealing with her is like playing chess with a supercomputer.
She seems to know my thoughts before they've even formed.
Which is why I need you to come with me tonight.
- Come with you where? - Back to Anne's.
Hell, no.
You said it yourself, the less contact the better.
That was before she expressly told me not to invite you.
Two can play at Jedi mind-voodoo.
No, actually, no one can.
Those two metaphors should never be mixed.
I think that it's important that we show Anne, in spite of her best efforts to rattle us, that you and I remain solid, and that she holds exactly zero power over us moving forward.
I bought you something to wear tonight.
Before you knew I'd say yes? Don't worry, I'm expensing it.
So technically, she's paying for it? Maybe two really can play Jedi mind-voodoo.
Hello, Mrs.
Right on time.
Though I was told it would just be you this evening.
Please inform your employer that my husband will be joining me for whatever she has planned tonight, or she can count both of us out.
As you wish.
Please, come in.
I'll let them know.
Where is everyone? My employer agrees to your terms.
- Follow me.
- Follow you where? Up.
Everything's all set.
Would you like things to begin immediately, or should I bring her to you first? Bring them both.
She's not alone.
Visual approach, preparing to land.
Hello, welcome.
Hello, Lisa.
Avery? Welcome to Miss Montgomery's vineyard.
Uh, this is my husband, Sean.
No introduction necessary.
Been a Giants fan my whole life.
Thought you'd be one of the greats.
Yeah, well, things don't always work out the way you plan.
Which isn't categorically a bad thing.
Can't imagine Lisa saw herself working side-by-side with Anne Montgomery a week ago.
Can't imagine you did either.
- Touché.
- [LISA.]
What am I doing here? Inspiring people.
A whole lot of lives are about to change because of you.
You're going to have to be a lot clearer than that.
I'll let Anne explain.
Miss Montgomery, I give you your protégée.
I'm not a protégée, I'm a scientist.
Well, now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let's get to the business of building a company.
Avery, would you join the candidates in the courtyard? We'll be along shortly.
What candidates? For your new board of directors.
I'm giving you your pick of the brightest bioethicists, code wizards, data experts, and pharmaceutical chemists on the coast.
I already have my team.
Farm league.
You're in the majors now.
You remember what that's like, right, Sean? That's all in the past.
Lisa and I are focused on our future.
The former tends to inform the latter.
Why do this here? We already know you're obscenely rich.
The setting is not meant to impress you.
It's meant to impress the candidates, get them talking about our company, start a buzz.
Your office, as I'm told, would inspire the wrong conversation.
You'll forgive all this shop talk, Sean.
When I asked your wife to leave you at home, I was attempting to spare you, not punish you.
This is expressly a work function.
You called it an affair.
A slip of the tongue.
Marcos? A little something to make me sweeter Oh baby refrain From breaking my heart I'm so in love with you I'll be forever blue That you give me no reason Why you make me work so hard That you give me no That you give me no Hey, queen! Shit.
Scared the fuck out of me, Lionel.
Trust me.
Anyone busting in on whatever this is was coming out more traumatized than you.
I thought you weren't getting home till later.
It is later.
Are you ? Are you drunk? No.
I - Sort of.
- Uh-huh.
What is all this? I met a guy at the bar this afternoon.
He reminded me of you.
This you.
That me was locked in a box for a reason.
- Who's this guy? - Kevin something.
He dances on a box.
Speaking of boxes tonight, in fact.
I'm beginning to get the picture.
Didn't seem to give a damn what anyone thought of him.
Devilish grin, little twinkle in his eye Same as [CLICKS TONGUE.]
My God, what a mess.
- Still, I'd fuck me.
- Where'd you learn to be like that? Like what? Young, dumb, full of cum? No, like How you are, I guess.
I feel like I'm just waking up at 30 and missed half my life, like it's all been meaningless.
You're the kind of guy who would set himself on fire to keep others warm.
It's the opposite of meaningless.
It's also why I love you.
I don't want to wake up at the end of my life and not have a box.
Get in the shower.
I'm taking you out.
- Where we going? - To see about a boy on a box.
There are reasons I chose not to venture into the biotech space prior to this moment.
High-risk, unpredictable returns, government red tape, made it all seem more trouble than it was worth.
Until fate stepped in to bring Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, Emigen's founder, to my attention.
Her personal story, combined with her ambitious vision and brilliant mind, have made a true believer of an admitted skeptic.
I wish you all luck in proving your worthiness to join not only Lisa's company, but her cause.
All right, yeah? There you go.
That's some skill, being able to speak off-the-cuff like that.
It's only difficult if you don't believe what you're saying.
Truth is the great equalizer.
The bar is stocked with our best vintage in every category.
Though I'd avoid the 2012s.
Rough year.
Oh, it seems I'm needed.
Might I suggest that you stand back and let Lisa do what she needs to do unencumbered.
I always have.
And be sure to take in the view.
It's truly one of a kind.
- [WOMAN.]
- Hey.
- Time for a body shot.
Nah, Maddie, spring training.
Ugh! I forgot.
Hot shot rookie wants to score a home run! [TODD.]
Damn, Maddie.
Over here, over here.
If you buy me another shot of tequila, you might even get a grand slam.
I think you've had enough for tonight.
Ex-boyfriends don't get to tell ex-girlfriends shit.
That is a rule, you can look it up.
Bad idea, bro.
You're gonna regret this tomorrow.
Thank you.
Shit! - [SEAN.]
Maddie? - I'm sorry.
It just slipped.
Oh, my God.
Sean fucking Donovan.
I I can't believe it.
What are you doing here? You're not ? Are you trying to get into this tech thing? 'Cause I don't really remember math and science being your jam.
I'm here to support my wife.
Which one is she? Um She started the company.
You really traded up.
What are you doing here? Working, obviously.
Haven't seen or talked to you in over five years.
You want me to believe that out of all the times and places you could have surfaced, this is the time and place? No, it makes far more sense that after five years, I suddenly decided to stalk you at some fucked up rich bitch party by pretending to be a klutzy ass cater waiter.
- Maddie, I didn't mean - You can believe what you want, Sean.
But I stopped giving a shit what you think about me a long time ago.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Oh, it's okay.
I'm just glad you were able to shake free from the hospital.
That place is like a black hole these days.
You've been really patient.
Hey, you've been working your ass off.
It's the least I can do.
Here you go.
- Oh, thanks.
- Hi.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Dim sum serious thoughts going on behind them pretty eyes.
Todd, um Look, Ange, you and me, we've never been that couple keeping secrets from each other.
We're coming up on ten years together, and I'm not starting all that bullshit now.
So let me start this conversation.
I stumbled on a EPT stick in the garbage a couple days ago.
I know you're pregnant.
Now, I know this wasn't the plan and that things at work are brutal right now, trying to snag one of those attending spots with Dr.
Dickhead breathing down your neck.
So I get why you hid it.
And look, I admit, it's not great timing.
All right, again.
But at least we're prepared for however things might play out this time.
But I wouldn't be honest with you if I didn't say how much I really wanted a chance to actually see it play out.
Babe, it's not that simple.
I know that.
I watched you fight to come back from what happened the first time.
You weren't alone then, and you're not alone now.
Talk to me.
Today in surgery I held a patient's life in my hands.
Literally, a person's life.
And if I would have screwed up all the lives that man had touched, they would have been devastated forever.
And it would have been my fault.
But you didn't screw up.
Did you? And now, all those lives are now filled with gratitude and meaning, because you were able to give the guy they love a second chance.
Now you and I have a second chance at a family.
I'm just asking you to let me in on where your heart's at.
I feel like I'm at a fork in the road, and I I don't know which way to go.
And I'm telling you whichever path you choose, I want to be right by your side.
- I'm guessing that's your guy.
- You're my guy.
Good answer.
Let's do this.
Thought the going rate was 20.
Hey, hot sauce.
As a wise man with a mouth full of chicken wings once pointed out, money shouldn't be your main motivator.
But this is America.
Thank you, sexy.
So, where's this alleged boyfriend of yours? Not so alleged.
I like that.
We We balance each other out.
Kevin, Lionel.
Lionel, Kevin.
I understand you really made an impression on my man today.
Impression is mutual.
So, what are we up to tonight, fellas? Well, the night's young, the bar's crowded we're keeping our options open.
Always a good plan.
You know where to find me.
Feeling good? [LISA.]
A little overwhelmed.
More than a little understandable.
There's about 200 combined years of doctorate-level education here tonight.
I gotta say, though, out of all those stars in their fields, yours shines the brightest.
You don't have to do that.
Do what? Try so hard.
What can I say? You make me want to.
I knew you were destined for greatness the day you came in to pitch my dickhead former boss.
Makes a lot more sense now.
What does? You're the one who told Anne about me.
Got fired because of it.
- You seem to have landed on your feet.
- We both did.
I think we got everyone covered.
Communications officers, legal analysts, and bioethicists.
Oh, my! "Oh, my.
" The Wizard of Oz? [CASSIDY.]
Seriously? Okay, that's fine.
It's a long ride back to the city if you're not taking the chopper.
Tell me, in one of the 300 rooms in Anne's fortress of solitude - there's a toilet.
- Superman, right? Uh, top of the stairs.
I'm gonna take my notes on the board candidates on my way back.
Saw one lady sniffin' her pits, and another gentleman staring at a bowl of fruit for approximately seven minutes.
Other than that, a pretty stellar group of geniuses.
Tell Anne I worship her.
That CFO of yours, she's like She's like family.
Very good at her job.
I wouldn't be talking to you if she weren't.
You ready for Anne? She's gonna wanna know where your head's at.
Give me one minute.
You okay? Yeah.
It's been a long few days.
That is the understatement of a lifetime.
This thing almost over? Just about.
So what are you thinking? Is this gonna work between you and Anne, or was it all a terrible mistake? If you're asking if I'd agree to her deal if we had to do it all over again, the answer is no.
But if you're asking if I think at some point the greater good has a chance of winning out, then I have to concede that, yeah it's entirely possible.
Without Anne, Emigen is dead.
With her, it has a fighting chance.
The famous wife.
Lisa, this is Maddie.
Maddie and I went to high school together.
High school.
And prom.
And occasionally under the bleachers.
Donovan here racked up so many trophies in high school, I bet he never expected to become one.
He's not.
I just find it so inspiring.
A woman running her own company in Silicon Valley? All these smart people? I feel like I'm talking to a real life celebrity.
Good luck to you, Mrs.
It's a big, bad world out there.
You're working late.
Do we know each other? No.
I mean, everyone knows who you are, but you don't There's no reason you'd know me.
I'm up on the fourth floor.
Are the residents all gone for the night? Do you see any residents here? No.
Sorry to bother you.
Archer left her keys in the imaging lab this morning.
I'll get her number off the crew sheet.
Why don't you just leave 'em with me.
Archer and I are performing an esophagectomy tomorrow.
I'll make sure she gets the keys and I'll make sure that you, Joel, - get the credit.
- Thanks.
You know what? Um Where'd they turn up? She was looking all over for 'em.
Sonogram 3.
Upstairs? - Yes.
- What time? 9:25.
I know because the room was booked for Dr.
Brian Thank you.
So, Kevin? I know, what'd I tell you? No, you told me he reminded you of me.
That's a blue-eyed white boy up there, Marcos.
I meant personality-wise.
You don't like him? I I wouldn't go that far.
We gotta see what's under those shorts first.
Uh You wanna invite him back? Uh is that what you thought I meant? I'm just trying to help you fill up that dusty-ass cardboard box of yours.
What if it's awkward? We talk about it.
What if one of us likes it him more than the other? We talk about it.
What if you're both into more kinky shit than me? We talk about it.
Only one rule that matters: we stop being able to talk about it, we stop doing it.
- What's this? - Our address.
You want him? Go get him.
You've made some excellent choices tonight, Lisa.
I'm encouraged.
Though I am gonna push back on that CFO of yours, Cassidy Barrett.
It was Cassidy's impression, as well as mine, that she was brought here tonight to assist me in my decision making, not for an audition.
Impressions are subjective.
It's come to my attention that you consider this woman to be a friend.
Like family, I believe? [SIGHS.]
We've known each other since undergrad.
Well, that comes with its own set of problems.
If she goes I go.
Your call.
Moving on.
Chief operating officer.
There won't be any equivocating here.
The position is too vital.
Then you ought to be satisfied with my selection.
I choose Avery.
Watkins is otherwise employed.
Watkins was also otherwise employed when I met him.
Technically, I saw him first.
Why don't we let him decide? The day I met Lisa she presented an extraordinary vision for how to change the future of medicine.
You can have him.
So, are we done here, or do we need to revisit the discussion that you began in my private residence this morning? No.
We're done.
Foster, my husband and I would like to go home now.
Yes, please, Foster, will you drive Lisa and Sean back to the city? I'll fly back with Mr.
Watkins so we can discuss my expectations for his new position.
It wasn't a coincidence the night Anne propositioned you at the bar.
What do you mean? She already knew about my company.
Avery called her after my pitch that day.
- So what the hell is she doing? - I don't know yet.
But if that wasn't a coincidence at the bar, then maybe it wasn't a coincidence that your high school girlfriend Maddie was working the party tonight.
I thought Anne told you not to bring me here.
Hello, little one.
Disappointed? Are you kidding? I'm lying naked next to the man of my dreams.
You're getting really good at this boyfriend thing.
I lucked into a great teacher.
Wanna get that? No.
Want me to? ["MURDERER" PLAYING.]
They say it just appears Right in front of you It cuts right through the trees That seem to Always block the view - [MOANING.]
- Your eyes will tell the truth When you don't want them to [MOANING.]
Welcome back.
How long was I out? All the way.
Just got home.
Can I Would you mind if I went by the office? - Right now? It's pretty late.
- I know.
I just got inspired.
I know better than to stand in the way of that.
- You want me to go with? - No.
Poor Castro hasn't been out all night.
It shouldn't take me more than an hour or two.
If you're inspired, you're inspired.
Foster, would you mind dropping Sean off first and then taking me by my office? I'm at your service.
I love you.
I love you.
- [SEAN.]
I'll see you soon.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay! I don't know about that.
She's on a roll tonight.
Oh, God.
Hope you're not here to punch another wall.
My handyman just left.
Where did you find her? - Who? - Maddie Carter! Oh, the clumsy waitress with the ax to grind.
Well, I can tell you it wasn't a pretty picture.
But she cleans up nice, don't you think? Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? I think we pretty well covered that the other night.
It's no longer about what I want from you.
It should be about what you want for your wife.
The past always gives up its secrets, one way or another.
What kind of lie are you gonna tell her tonight, Sean? [RINGING CONTINUES.]