What If...? (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

What If... Hela Found the Ten Rings?

campaign of fire and blood,
King Odin sought to unite the Nine
Realms under the Throne of Asgard.
His chief weapon in the conquest
that built his empire, his executioner,
and first-born daughter,
Hela, the Goddess of Death.
One by one, the branches of the
World's Tree fell under their control.
But Hela hungered for more.
Do you not see?
The entire cosmos is out
there waiting to be ruled.
And yet you wish to stop at nine realms.
There comes a point in time, my dear,
when a warrior must lay down
his sword and give up the fight.
And if I refuse?
Then you will be made to!
THE WATCHER: Unable to quench
his daughter's thirst for blood,
the Allfather opted to contain it,
- and imprisoned her in Hell.
THE WATCHER: But, in this universe,
Hela's insolence inspired another idea.
(LAUGHING) Forgive me.
It's just rich, is all.
You wanting me to "give up the fight,"
when that's all you
ever raised me to do.
You see, Father, without
a fight, I'm no one.
- No!
- ODIN: Oh, my child.
No god should have dominion over death
who has so little appreciation for life!
I now take from you your power!
Father, you cannot do
this to me. You will not!
ODIN: In the name of my father,
and his father before
No, no.
I cast you out!
Whosoever wears this crown,
should she know mercy,
shall possess the power of Hela.
Ten Rings that fueled his power,
Xu Wenwu knew all too well
the most powerful forces on
Earth often come from beyond.
It's more than a linear path.
It's a prism of endless possibility,
where a single choice can branch
out into infinite realities,
creating alternate worlds
from the ones you know.
I am the Watcher.
I am your guide through
these vast new realities.
Follow me and ponder the question
"What if?"
The miracle of nature that
brings the sky down to Earth.
But Wenwu was about to discover someone
far more intriguing had
fallen from the heavens.
who gives orders around these parts
is me.
I do appreciate a man who's brave enough
to attempt jewelry.
Most people do well to fear me.
Same. But you see, darling,
I'm not most people.
I'm the Goddess of Death. (CHUCKLES)
Hmm. That usually
gets a bigger reaction.
Take her.
- Oh, dear. Here we go.
(GASPS) What? Oh, no.
(GASPS) Mortal blood?
Ugh, revolting.
No, no, no, please. Please, I
implore you, show mercy on me.
I'm just a helpless woman.
What is this? (STRAINING)
That power, it is not of this realm.
- Nor are you.
(GROANS) If I only had my crown,
it would be you who
would kneel before me.
Then show me.
HELA: Yeah, I must say,
escorting me to the
instrument of your own demise,
I can't decide (CHUCKLING)
if you're brave or stupid.
Don your crown and we shall find out.
Yeah, both. You look like both.
- Come on.
- Hmm.
Right. It's (GRUNTING) It's really
Yes. Well, it's, uh It's
really lodged in there, isn't it?
How does gravity work here on Midgar
(SIGHS) You know what? Doesn't matter.
Father, please don't do this to me.
An invitation. I would be honored
if you would join me for dinner.
Eh, I guess I've been subjected
to worse forms of torture.
- Well, color's not bad.
Least your blood won't stain
it when I slit your throat.
For some, red is actually
the color of good fortune.
Brides even wear it
on their wedding day.
(SPLUTTERS) Wedding day?
I didn't realize you meant to make
my imprisonment a life sentence.
(CHUCKLING) I am not proposing marriage,
but an alliance.
I see in you a fighter,
Hela. Just like me.
My father once saw the same. That fight.
He nurtured it, exploited it,
and then as soon as my
ambition outgrew his own,
he called me a monster.
And in time, you will as well.
Because I am not your father.
HELA: Hmm.
- WENWU: The Ten Rings were a gift
bestowed upon me.
A gift I give back to
the world in return.
By taking command of its people?
By protecting them.
Our world is plagued
by dangerous forces.
Is that what you take me for?
Just another dangerous force?
Your father may have feared
the fight in you, but I do not.
HELA: Mmm.
Fight with me, Hela,
and together, we can protect the world.
Oh, you are a confident
one, I'll give you that.
I like to think I just know what I want.
And what is it that you want?
You know, you're handsome
when you're unconscious.
Sweet dreams.
(GROANS) I want her alive. (CHUCKLES)
Oh, great. What now?
Hmm. You're curious.
What? You know a way to get out of here?
- Oh, I'm sorry. Is that your
Sorry. I was under the impression
I was talking to your face.
We'll follow the stars
to the Norse country.
Their people still honor
the Throne of Asgard.
- (CHITTERS) - It's a
years-long journey, to be sure.
But unless you know
of a legion of warriors
ready to take up arms in my name
- Uh Huh.
I guess you're not the first arse
I've ever followed into battle.
You assured me that which I
seek was beyond this valley,
and yet here we are, a dead end.
- Into the wood?
There won't be a civilization
in there for miles.
- Hmm.
Okay, I'll admit I'm intrigued,
but if this joyride of
yours doesn't bear fruit,
it will be your arse.
Or your face, whichever it is.
Maybe both.
"Run"? What do you mean,
"run"? From what? (GASPS)
I have not survived a
thousand years of war
to die at the hands of foliage.
- Forward? There's no path forward.
- Oh, sorry. You want me to trust you
after you've led me into
the enchanted murder forest?
That energy.
What do we have here?
- Did you hear that?
(GRUNTS) Show yourself!
I command you.
She has fallen from my view.
What in the world?
I am Jiayi.
I speak for the Elder Council of Ta Lo.
- I am Hela
- We know who you are.
Your compatriot filled us in.
I was not aware that such
magic still existed on Midgard.
(CHUCKLES) Our realm is a border
protecting the people of Earth
from threats of the
Underworld. Threats like you.
Mmm, I assure you, I mean no harm.
My quarrel's with a man named Wenwu.
Well, technically, it's with my father.
So, I guess you could
say it was both of them.
Also, my dad has this new girlfriend.
Frigga. She's a dreadful woman.
Not really a fan of hers either.
So, yeah, it's just those three.
So, don't suppose I
could interest you all
in taking up arms in my name?
That sounds like a pass.
Yes, totally get it.
But these threats of the
Underworld you speak of,
you wouldn't happen to know of
any of them looking for work?
(SIGHS) One cannot fend off darkness
with more darkness, only light.
Yes, that's a lovely
sentiment, to be sure.
It's just a bit esoteric, is all.
But if you were to
teach me your practice
And why would we agree to do that?
Because you are sworn to protect
this realm from the Underworld,
and I am the Goddess of Death.
And what better way
to secure your mission
than by recruiting me to your cause?
You know, the whole "fending
off darkness with light" thing.
(CHUCKLES) Look to the sun.
When it reaches its zenith,
your training begins.
Jiayi, you cannot be serious.
Fear not. We have methods to
ensure she won't betray us.
Message received.
My lord, forgive me.
Wherever Hela is gone,
I can no longer see her.
You think her dead at the
hands of these mortals?
There is one who is in
possession of a great power.
Ten rings that could even destroy a god.
Mmm. If such power
indeed exists on Midgard,
there's no telling what its
people could be capable of.
And our age of peace
might be short-lived.
Oh, I should very much
like to learn to do that.
Maybe not with the flowers, though.
Knives would be much more serviceable.
Or fire, even. Or perhaps,
and just hear me out now,
- knives ablaze in fire.
Mmm, there's really not a lot
of room for me to move up here.
Because you will be sitting and
practicing the art of breath.
And we can expect to
get to the fighting when?
You already know how to fight.
But our practice requires a
cultivation of your inner world.
A unity of technique and spirit.
Oh, good. What fun. Now,
what about those fire knives?
Just breathe, Hela. Just breathe.
Everything you need, you
have at your fingertips.
What I have is a piece of paper.
Zhe Zhi is the art of making
something out of nothing.
Of finding infinite possibility
in the blankest of canvasses.
Focus. Unity. Peace.
Only through them will you
discover what it is you truly seek.
I'm sorry. Did you mean to make me
a master of martial
arts or dry cleaning?
- Why do you seek to master our practice?
I told you. To overthrow Wenwu.
For what?
So I can take his Ten Rings for myself
and use them to seek
vengeance on my father!
For what?
This is (GRUNTS)
So I can assume the Throne of Asgard
and continue my
conquest of the universe!
- And when all the realms across the cosmos
have finally been conquered?
(PANTS) Stop!
That's enough!
- No.
- (GASPS) Father. Why did you chain him?
He means you no harm.
Mmm. Not yet. But in time.
He is born with the heart of a fighter.
Just like his mistress.
- A king must tame his threats
to ensure that they fight for him.
JIAYI: What is it you hope to find
at the end of your next great conquest?
Freedom. Freedom from control.
The freedom to choose my own path.
Now you're ready to begin.
JIAYI: As you can see now,
everything in life
pertains to our practice.
- And our practice pertains to everything.
The folds in a piece of paper
JIAYI: The breath in your lungs
When your mind is at peace,
you can see the lessons.
Not bad. You still have a lot to learn.
And when you dare to live the lessons,
then you become a master.
HELA: Father?
Oh, no.
JIAYI: Leaving so soon?
Your training is far from complete.
Odin terrorizes the
countryside in my name.
He seeks the Ten Rings.
He must be stopped.
The Ta Lo are guardians, not fighters.
I guess that's the
difference between you and me.
Without a fight, I'm no one.
If you choose this path,
you will walk it alone.
No, my father chose a
path for me long ago.
And if I ever wish to be free to
choose my own, then I must face him.
With or without you.
ODIN: Hmm.
(GRUNTS) Fall back. Fall back!
Behind the gates! Move! (GRUNTS) Move!
HELA: Hmm.
Hela? (GRUNTS)
- Impressive armor.
It's made from dragon scales.
Imbued with the strength to combat
threats of untold mystical power.
Personally, (GRUNTS)
- I miss the dress, though.
- Hmm.
ODIN: My dear girl.
When you disappeared from Heimdall's
view, we thought the worst.
Embrace me, daughter. I have
come far to avenge your name.
HELA: Oh, have you?
Or have you come for
the fancy bracelets?
The Ten Rings do not belong
in these primitive hands.
Return to my side, Hela,
and we shall bring Midgard
under our protection.
- HELA: Mmm, no.
- ODIN: No?
You dare defy me?
Leave this place and never return.
I am your father and
your king. You will obey.
You had your throne, so
you threw away your sword,
forgetting that she
was your own daughter.
I will no longer be
party to your conquest.
Perhaps you have forgotten.
I stripped you of your crown.
Without it, you are nothing.
But I'm not alone.
We need to separate him from Gungnir.
Who's Gungnir?
- HELA: That is.
- ODIN: Hmm?
What is this?
A wise woman once
taught me that darkness
cannot fend off
darkness. Only light can.
And we are here to prove her right.
I knew I should have locked
you away when I had the chance!
Shame. Always go with your first
instinct. You taught me that.
- Hmm? (GROWLS)
(GRUNTS) Fire knives.
Please, Father, let us end this violence
once and for all.
Since when does my daughter
pass on a chance to end a life?
(COUGHS) It's like you said.
No god should have dominion over death
who has so little appreciation for life.
I sent you here to learn, to grow.
And in the end,
you eclipsed even my
wildest expectations.
You eclipsed me.
The throne is yours, if
that is indeed what you seek.
You have earned it.
Only from there can
I unmake your empire.
It will take time. Eons, even.
But when I'm finished, the
Nine Realms will know freedom,
and the cosmos soon thereafter.
Whatever has happened to you, my child,
my once-great executioner?
I gave peace a chance.
THE WATCHER: There, on
an ancient battlefield,
a man and a woman,
a mortal and a goddess,
the Ten Rings and the armies of Asgard
forged an alliance and built an empire.
An empire that would span the cosmos.
An empire not of conquerors,
but of liberators.
Liberators whose campaign
across the universe
would forever prove even
the darkest of hearts
can come to know peace.
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