What If...? (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

What If... The Avengers Assembled in 1602?

"To be or not to be.
That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
to suffer the slings and
arrows of outrageous fortune
or to take arms against a sea of
troubles and by opposing, end them."
(CLEARS THROAT) Excuse me.
Acting. Thank you. (CLEARS THROAT)
- "To die, to sleep, no more "
- Ugh, that is not acting.
When can we start
throwing cabbages at him?
I brought a whole bushel,
and they're rotten. (CHUCKLES)
LOKI: " flesh is heir to.
- To die, to sleep."
- (GASPS) No.
- Not again.
- LOKI: "To sleep,
- "perchance to dream. Ay "
"Ay, there's the rub."
MAN 1: It's another rift.
It starts. Move! Quick! Go!
MAN 2: Run for your lives!
" dread of something after
death, the undiscovered country "
Captain, you're up.
"No traveler returns."
This wasn't in the dress rehearsal!
- (GRUNTS) Got you!
(GRUNTS) So, nice of me to drop in.
- Lucky you.
- My queen!
Grab my hand!
Hang on!
- The Queen is gone.
Long live King Thor Odinson.
ALL: Long live King Thor Odinson.
- Your Highness, I am truly sorry.
Sorry? You speak to me of "sorry"?
My sister is gone,
lost to the storms that
are tearing our world apart.
The storms the Scarlet
Witch summoned you to stop.
But they've only grown
stronger each day.
My king, I am
- I I
- She is cursed.
Seize her.
- (GASPS) Do you mind if I borrow that?
- (GASPS) That's my Yorick.
Thank you!
- Poor Yorick!
- I want her alive.
- Summon the witch.
I'd have words about her hero.
It's more than a linear path.
It's a prism of endless possibility,
where a single choice can branch
out into infinite realities,
creating alternate worlds
from the ones you know.
I am the Watcher.
I am your guide through
these vast new realities.
Follow me and ponder the question
"What if?"
What you're seeing has all the
makings of a Shakespearean tragedy.
A king marred by loss.
A soldier on the run.
A world on the brink of oblivion.
The year is 1602.
She is Captain Peggy Carter.
But how does a
time-displaced super-soldier
end up in such a
strangely familiar reality?
The sad truth is that there are worlds
among the Multiverse
simply meant to die.
But every once in a while,
a glimmer of hope can emerge.
With their world
collapsing in on itself,
a band of heroes gathered
together to save their reality.
The Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff,
used her powers to reach into a
neighboring universe for a warrior.
One willing to face impossible odds
to save a dying reality
that's not her own.
A hero like Captain Peggy Carter.
- What is
- Peg!
- PEGGY: Natasha!
- Peggy? Peg!
THE WATCHER: And so, the
captain joined the heroes of 1602
in their desperate bid
to save their world.
But now, after weeks of trial
and error, she stands alone.
A failure and an outlaw
in the dying universe
she was summoned to save.
On the run, with no way home.
No place to go. Nothing.
(SIGHS) I can hear you, you know?
Wait. Really? You can?
Well, I mean, sometimes, yes.
Do you need something? I'm kind of busy.
Peggy, you don't belong here.
You're fighting a battle you
can't possibly understand.
Oh, really? Well, the way I
figure it, two time periods,
the 1600s and the early 21st
century, have been compressed.
Stuck together like two pieces of gum.
Hmm, okay, you do know. Impressive.
And if I don't find a way to
un-stick these time periods,
this universe will shatter.
What's that for?
I'm going to take you
back to your universe.
I'm not leaving.
Worlds die every day.
I've watched millions
fade from existence.
It happens.
Well, not on my watch.
SIR FURY: My liege, the cracks
are growing in strength and number
across the globe.
Nebula's Observatory, Isle of Ego.
Fare thee well, Groot Groves.
You were the finest winery in the land.
Oh, no, not the wines too.
This may be our darkest hour,
but I will not let it be our last.
Not while I'm on this
throne. I want Carter found.
Carter's not the cause of this, my lord.
But I still believe she
is the key to our survival,
for I sense there is another.
A person from a time
that is still to come.
(GROWLS) Poppycock.
- KING THOR: Calm yourself, Hogan.
- Mind your affliction.
- A future person?
- More of a lost traveler.
A Forerunner who has
fallen through time,
unaware that their presence is
causing our universe to collapse.
And how, pray tell,
shall we find this fellow?
The answer is beyond
even my capabilities.
Sounds like you have your mission.
Thank you.
Uh, Sir Fury, with whom do you speak?
No one, Your Highness.
Only a pretty bird. (CHUCKLES)
- Morning, Tony.
Five more minutes. (GROANS)
- Friend of yours?
- PEGGY: More like a souvenir.
You're right. This stuff
gives off an energy.
- Probably radioactive.
- Ooh, wait. Active-what now?
God, I love your made-up
words. I need more of this.
Flux capacitor.
- (LAUGHS) Yes!
WOMAN: It's happening
again. MAN: Watch out!
I'm searching for a
person, the Forerunner,
who would've been the first person
transported to this
world from the future
and the reason reality
is collapsing around us.
Would this person share
the same energy as the rips?
Yes. Can you trace it?
In theory, yes.
But in reality, the magic
needed to power such a device
No arc reactors in 1602.
Again with the beautiful gibberish.
Keep talking. It's
like opium to my ears.
So we're stuck.
Well, there is one thing
rumored to have enough power
to propel a thousand ships.
I doubt our new king will
let me borrow his scepter.
Well, then sounds like you need
a thief to help you steal it.
Who do you have in mind?
Will has written a new play and it's
about this character called Iago.
There are other characters in it
but really the play is about Iago.
- Hey!
- ROGERS: Good morrow, Prince Loki.
Your carriage looks like it could
use some lightening of its load.
(SIGHS) Rogers Hood.
You know, for an outlaw,
you're annoyingly chipper.
SCOTT: Whoa, what treasure is this?
Victoria sponge,
pineapple cakes, marzipan.
Buck, they got marzipan!
We're here for the
coin, not the cake, Lang.
Maybe you are. Ooh, there's pie too.
LOKI: Mind the champagne.
It's very expensive.
PEGGY: Is there anything to drink?
I've always been partial to whiskey,
but, well, champagne
will suffice, I suppose.
- Whoa!
It cannot be.
This must be some trickery or a ghost.
For my Maid Margaret passed to
the other side many moons ago.
I'm dead in this world?
That's great.
Sorry. I mean, that's
terrible. Terrible.
Quick! Come on, with haste.
While they're lost in each other's eyes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, sorry. Is there
some place we can talk?
- I swear, I can explain everything.
Have you guys tried these
eclairs? They're amazing.
They'll blow your mind.
Great stealing,
everyone. Ales all around!
- Chin-chin!
So you need me to steal
the King's scepter?
- Pretty much, yes.
Most people would be driven half mad
at the mere idea of being
stranded in a foreign world.
At this point, being in the wrong place
at the wrong time is my specialty.
Hmm, I must ask.
In your world, is there
another Steve Rogers?
- Yes.
- Tell me what he's like.
I don't think I will.
Will you help me? I know
I'm not your Peggy, but
My Margaret would wanna
save this world too.
That was her specialty.
- Hmm?
- En garde!
What is that?
Oh, no. Men, we've got company!
So much for the secret treehouse.
- Royal Yellowjackets.
Oh, great. It's that
freak, Hogan. (GRUNTS)
The King wants Carter alive!
The rest is up to you.
Assassin's discretion.
SCOTT: (GRUNTS) Stupid gnats! (GRUNTS)
Hey, shrinking's my thing! (GRUNTS)
(GRUNTS) Can't stand copycats.
Don't worry, Lang. You've cornered
the market on being a pest. (GRUNTS)
(LAUGHS) Have at them!
(GRUNTS) You weren't jesting
about the King hating you.
He thinks I killed his sister.
Yeah, that would do it. (GRUNTS)
(GRUNTS) Whoa!
Barnes sends his regards, Hogan.
- Whoa!
- Ha!
- Bucky, don't make him mad!
Whoa! Huh!
Did we just win? I think
we just won. Huzzah!
Uh, I see now that I was wrong.
Incoming! (YELLS)
Give it up, Carter! You
won't win this fight.
Best to surrender and beg for mercy.
You retreat. I'll buy you time.
My lady, I will not abandon you here.
Getting the scepter is all that matters.
You need to trust me.
Go. Find Stark. I'll
be right behind you.
SCOTT: Steve, she's right.
I'll draw their fire and
cover your exit. (GRUNTS)
(WHISTLES) Men, you
heard the lady. Retreat!
SCOTT: What's up, ugly? Huh?
Small guy on an ant.
Oh, I didn't think this through.
Whoa! Whoa!
(GRUNTS) Careful for the feather, fool!
(LAUGHS) Hey, watch the
blood pressure, Hogan.
Lang, get out of here!
SCOTT: Fair enough.
What? Whoa!
PEGGY: Hogan, I'm trying to
save this world and your king.
It appears to me that my king is
not the one that requires saving.
You know, in another
world, we're all friends.
Me, you, Stark.
In another world I'm a compatriot
with that madman, Stark?
(CHUCKLING) Well, that
would be a farce to see.
Are you watching?
Always. Are you ready to go home?
No. There's still a chance.
I can save this universe
if I locate the Forerunner.
Please, you must know who it is.
Peggy, I'm unable to see
the coming events clearly
when a universe is close to extinction.
I'm sorry. This world
is destined to die.
You can't change that.
If you see someone hurt, you help them.
Well, a piece of advice
from an all-seeing being
You cannot possibly comprehend
the consequences of your actions.
Even if you find and
destroy this Forerunner,
what happens next?
What if the world doesn't
magically correct itself?
What if it's the final straw
that destroys this universe?
What if, when the universe resets,
you're trapped here forever?
What if you die?
What if, what if,
what if. I have to try.
Because you're human.
Because I'm Captain Carter
And if you're not going to
help me, get out of my way.
escape! Sound the bells!
Hmm. There you are.
Rogers told me about you.
The Monster in the Iron Mask.
We could use your help.
MAN: Shh. Go away. I
don't want any trouble.
But we need you.
MAN: I don't do that anymore.
I can't handle the aggravation.
- It's quiet in this cell. Peaceful.
Sorry about this, Bruce.
- GUARD: Move it.
- (PEGGY WHISTLES) Over here!
Hey! There she is!
BANNER: Stop it! Stop that clatter!
Hulk want peace!
GUARD: Oh, no.
Run under Hulk feet.
I will smite you!
Hulk hate this world!
Noisy people wrong!
I know, buddy. Peggy
will fix it. I hope.
STARK: Here, Banner.
This'll set you straight.
Is this grain alcohol? At sunrise?
Really picks you up, doesn't it?
I might've indulged in
a few pints last night,
which led me to finishing
my greatest invention ever.
Ignore that. It's decorative.
Your stunned silence is flattering.
Though I'm not opposed to applause.
- This can find the Forerunner?
- Better.
It will reveal the Forerunner and
send them back from whence they came.
Once, you know, the prized
royal stone is inserted.
- ROGERS: Maybe we can help with that.
Storming the castle
is kind of our thing.
- Steve.
- My lady. Sorry we're late.
But I did manage to wrestle this
from some palace guards on the way over.
I thought you might need it.
Touching. Would've gone
with a sonnet, personally.
You guys are so cute.
Uh (SMACKS LIPS) What's the plan?
PEGGY: Our best chance is during
the upcoming court session.
We'll enter in disguise,
blend in with the crowd.
ROGERS: Lords and ladies from
across the kingdom will be there.
With any luck, so will the Forerunner.
PEGGY: Tony will lie
in wait with the device.
We get the stone.
- ROGERS: And save the world.
- PEGGY: Exactly.
LOKI: other characters in it.
But principally, Iago,
and he's a clever man
and he's a military man and he, um
Lang, blow that in my ear one more time.
Why do you hate music so much?
Our Lord Highness, our great king,
the one most worthy, Thor Odinson!
It's here.
- Another tear.
- It comes for us.
It will kill us all!
The storm is upon us!
- MAN: Look out!
Now or never. What's the signal?
Tony said we'd know it when we saw it.
Signal! Signal! Signal!
- Banner?
- I guess that's the signal.
(GRUNTS) Traitors. To arms!
SCOTT: Come on, Buck.
Together, we'll teach
them the dance macabre.
Tally-ho! Whoo-hoo-hoo!
- En garde!
Man, I love to swashbuckle.
Parry, riposte! Cheerio!
(GROWLS) Loki, let us
join the fray, brother.
Where's the hammer I got you?
I have misplaced it.
- Ugh. Oh!
My king, we are short on time.
Coming through. Make a hole.
Hey! I'm walking here.
On the same team, guys.
Don't smash Stark.
Crash! Smash! Dash your puny gods!
We'll keep them busy.
You get the scepter.
- Sir Hogan.
- Rogers Hood.
Care to try your luck?
Taste my steel, you vile crusty
onion, aye, tree-biting miscreant!
Your face revolts me, you jackanape!
Impertinent hedge-born
green-suited varmint!
- Whoa!
- (INHALES) Ooh!
Uh (SIGHS) Sir Hogan, I am so sorry.
- Great job, Rogers.
You made him mad. Good luck.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hogan, Hogan. Easy.
- Let's talk about this. (YELLS)
You dare sully this
royal hall with your face?
Thor, you need to trust me
and hand over the scepter.
I trusted you once.
My sister trusted you.
We all trusted you.
You failed us.
Fetch me the All-Father.
Oh, it's vibranium.
A coronation gift from
the King of Wakanda.
He too has been plagued
by these rips in space.
Steve, we have trouble.
(GRUNTS) Got a little trouble of my own.
- Oh, boy!
- Easy, Hogan. I didn't mean it.
- It's quite a grip you got there.
Thor, please, we can stop this.
- All-Father, give me strength.
- Oh, give me a break.
You're more of a drama
queen than your brother.
(SCOFFS) Bless.
Oh, that is too far.
- Hogan. Hogan, easy.
- I can get you a new feather.
Hulk smash thee!
(SIGHS) Godspeed, Giant.
HOGAN: You're an angry one.
But not as mean as my fisticuffs!
I can't hold it for long.
Flappy and muddy fiend! Rapscallion!
- Scoundrel.
Podgy tallow-faced
ne'er-do-well poltroon!
- Shut thy mouth!
Next time, no Hulk.
Whoa! I surrender.
SCOTT: Hi-yah!
Perfect timing.
Let's get you to that scepter.
Never take your eye off
your opponent, Banner!
Hear that, Bruce? The
pipes, the pipes are calling.
I've had enough of your devilry.
There they are.
WANDA MERLIN: I'm sorry, my king.
But we're out of time. Fury!
Find me an opening.
- (GRUNTS) Treason!
- Get the scepter to Stark!
Here we go!
This had better work, Stark.
Don't mind me.
Just igniting an industrial
and mystical revolution.
And pop goes the weasel.
(SIGHS) You gotta be kidding me.
- Stark!
- It's only a failure if it explodes.
- Hurry!
- PEGGY: Any time you like.
- STARK: Almost there.
Tony, it is now or never!
Come on! (GRUNTS)
- Yes! Peggy, now!
It's him.
The Forerunner.
- Oh, Steve.
- He's the future man?
That's impossible.
But how?
I I remember a battle.
We were fighting a monster from the
skies, armed with a golden glove.
I went to strike with my shield
and hit one of the stones instead.
KING THOR: It's true.
Carter was right.
Carter, don't be a
fool. Finish your task.
The one you were summoned for.
- Peggy.
I I can't lose you again.
We both know what I need to do.
(SIGHS) It never gets easier.
- My lady.
We never get our happy ending.
I'm sure somewhere out there we do.
- Steve.
- Peg.
PEGGY: There was a superstition
back during my days in the war
that victory was its own sort of curse.
Because every battle you won,
every inch you gained would mean
you're only getting further from home.
That you, Watcher?
Come here to gloat, tell me
that I'm stuck here forever?
- (SIPS)
- Just thought you could use a friend.
Strange? What are you doing here?
Oh, Peg, have I got a story to tell you.
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