What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e04 Episode Script

Big Scare in the Big Easy

What's New Scooby Doo
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby Doo
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's New Scooby Doo ♪
What's New Scooby Doo
We're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby Doo
We're coming after you ♪
What's New Scooby Doo ♪
Don't look back ♪
You may find another clue ♪
The Scooby snacks ♪
Will be waiting here for you ♪
What's New Scooby Doo
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby Doo
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's New Scooby Doo ♪
Na na na na na
Na na na na na ♪
Na na na na na na na ♪
Na na na na na
Na na na na na ♪
What's New Scooby Doo ♪♪
[instrumental music]
Oh, no!
[instrumental music]
Spring Break in New Orleans.
This is the coolest!
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Which way to the hotel, Shaggy?
Beats me. It's in one
of these brochures.
Let's see.. There it is!
Leland Gables.
According to the map,
it's just north of here
through that graveyard.
Yipe! Graveyard?
This cemetery sure is spooky.
And weird. There's no graves.
Yeah. Just these
cute little cabanas.
They're called "fours,"
the ground here is
too swampy for regular burials.
They've used these
above-ground tombs
for hundreds of years.
Look! Ghosts!
Climb on, mes amis. Vite!
'Allons! Allons!'
Hoo! You were lucky, mes cheres.
Another minute, and you would
have met les freres Leland!
Like, run that by me again.
He said, the Leland brothers.
See? French Club pays off!
Who are the Leland brothers?
The brothers were on opposite
sides during that Civil War.
They hated each other so much
they fought a duel
right here
in the family graveyard.
They continue to fight
here every night.
How do you know
all this, anyway?
Well, it's my business to know
for I am Crawdad Mike
your guide for the bestest
haunted tour of New Orleans.
Thanks for the lift, Mr. Mike.
Like, we're staying here?
No way.
- No way!
- Okay!
You and Scooby can stay out here
next to the graveyard.
Well, since either choice
is like Creepsville
I'll choose the one
that might have a kitchen.
I tell you, Lorelei,
you're just plum crazy!
You've got no choice
but to sell!
That's Leland land.
Cyrus Buford, you may be
the boss over at your resort
but right here, I'm in charge.
Now, I'll thank you to leave.
As you can see, I have guests!
Yes, and I'm sure
you kids'll enjoy your stay!
If you survive, that is.
Now, don't you pay that
Cyrus Buford any mind.
Welcome, y'all.
I'm Lorelei Leland.
So, Lorelei, who was that
guy giving you a hard time?
Cyrus T. Buford.
He wants to buy
the Leland family cemetery
so he can expand the Rivergate.
That's his hotel and water park
and he's trying to use
the legend of the Leland ghosts
to make me sell.
That was no legend
we saw in the graveyard.
You saw them?
Yup, and they're one
gruesome twosome.
There they are again!
Those are just portraits,
That's right, of my great-
great-great-great grand uncles
Union Jed and Rebel Caleb.
- Yikes!
- Ghost!
That's no ghost.
That's just my brother Taylor.
What's the big idea scaring
the chitlins out of our guests?
Oh. Sorry, Lorelei.
I was just, uh..
tidying up the rooms.
[Shaggy gulps]
'Like, nice work.'
[teeth chattering]
Oh, there, there.
Now, what happened here?
That's all that's left
of Scooby's Mardi Gras costume.
Well, that won't do at all.
Everyone needs a costume
at Mardi Gras time.
But for now, you must be tired.
Have a good night, y'all.
Now, you kids best not be
going out into the cemetery.
- You hear?
- Ha ha ha.
We hear you, man.
Loud and clear.
'Cause you know what they say
about old Jed and Caleb.
Every night, they appear
looking for new recruits
to drag into
their armies of the undead.
Did you guys notice something
odd about Taylor's shoes?
Leave it to Daphne
to notice a fashion faux pas.
I'm not talking fashion.
I'm talking mud.
It was all over his boots.
He must've been outside recently
but why this late at night? Hmm.
Oh, boy, I can't believe
we're back in the cemetery
in the middle of the night.
It's such a shame that Lorelei
might have to sell her house.
There must be
something we can do.
Like, zoinks!
Ghost! Ghost!
That's no ghost, Scooby.
'It's just an old possum.'
And he's got
my hot-pepper po' boy!
After him, Scoob!
[instrumental music]
Help! I've been grabbed
by a ghoulish ghost!
Oh! Ho-ho-ho!
- No!
- That was no ghost.
It was just a plain
old skeleton, see?
Like, that's supposed
to make me feel better?
- Oh, no!
- Daphne, what is it?
There's icky gunk
all over my new shoes.
Jinkies! I bet that's a clue!
Hey, Daph, how you going to
get back with only one shoe?
You know me.
I always come prepared.
'Hmm, if that's our first clue'
I wonder how this is connected
to the Leland legend.
We should talk to an expert
and I know just the man.
Any idea what this is, Crawdad?
Oh, mais oui, chere.
They call this the ectoplasm.
Ectoplasm! That's what
ghosts are made out of.
You mean we've been
carrying around ghost guts?
- Yech!
- I'm not so sure.
O, mon petit, I know
all that's to know
about the ghostses
in this city, me
and for just $5 each
I give y'all the VIP tour!
Maybe another time.
Right now, we have work to do.
And, before that,
we have dinner to eat.
Hey, Scoob, how's your ice-cream
mushroom-pizza milkshake gumbo?
Yeah, but, like,
it needs some hot sauce.
This looks like the one..
'"Five Skull Fire Sauce."'
Legend has it the
Leland Ghosts keep coming back.
- But why?
- Hey, there's Lorelei!
Lorelei! Lorelei!
She didn't hear me.
I wonder what she could be
looking for in that store.
of the Supernatural?"
[instrumental music]
Wh-what did you see?
'Lorelei boughtbat wings..'
'chicken bones..'
'and the eye of a toad.'
Mm. Sounds like voodoo.
[both gulp]
The next stop for clues,
Cyrus Buford's water park.
Like, can't we ever detour
around the graveyard?
Hey, gang. Check that out!
It's Taylor!
'And it looks like
he's carrying a uniform.'
A Confederate uniform.
But what's tall, dark
and gruesome doing
walking through the graveyard
in the middle of the night?
Being scary,
and he's doing a great job.
We need to see
if Cyrus Buford is connected
to those uncivil
Civil War ghosts.
Now, let's split up
and look for clues.
Ah, Fred.
I might've found a clue.
Great. Where is it?
I hope you've got
a plan, Freddy.
Of course I do. Run!
You remind me of a man
What man ♪
Yeah the man with the power ♪
What power
Yeah the power of voodoo ♪
Who do
Yeah yeah you do you do ♪
Do what ♪
Oh winkem dinkum
Knottomous rex ♪
Save us from
the man with the hex ♪
Save us from his evil curse ♪
It's going to get bad
Yeah it's going to get worse ♪
Hocus pocus alakazam
Save us from that evil man ♪
With hairy legs
and heavy feet ♪
He cracks up pavement
as he creeps ♪
[instrumental music]
You remind me of a man
What man ♪
Yeah the man with the power
What power ♪
Oh the power of voodoo
Who do ♪
Yeah yeah you do you do
Do what ♪
You remind me of a man
What man ♪
Yeah the man with the power
What power ♪
Oh the power of the voodoo
Who do ♪
Yeah yeah you do you do
Do what ♪♪
[music continues]
'Cyrus Buford?'
Just what are y'all doing here?
We're trying to get the bottom
of the Leland Brothers mystery.
Well, you kids should not be
running around here at night.
- It's dangerous.
- Like, you're telling us?
Those crazy brothers
chased us all over this place.
You've seen them too?
Those ghosts scared off
my whole staff.
Without them,
I can't open this place.
It was my life's dream
to have the finest resort
and water park in New Orleans.
Maybe you shouldn't have
built it near a graveyard.
I've sunk all my life's
savings into this land
and now no slimy soldiers
are going to get the best
of Cyrus T. Buford.
Wait a minute, gang.
Where's Daphne?
(Shaggy and Velma)
She's gone.
[instrumental music]
If the ghost kidnapped Daphne
this is where they'd bring her.
somebody was generous enough
'to leave fresh footprints.'
Like, ghosts don't leave
footprints. Do they?
They do if they're wearing
Civil War boots.
Then if we follow the footprints
we're sure to find Daphne.
Oh. Oh!
Gesundheit, man.
Oh, no! We've lost
the trail of footprints!
Now we have no way of knowing
where they were leading.
You and I will
explore the graveyard.
Shaggy and Scooby,
stay out here and guard the gate
and don't let anybody in or out.
Uh, like, who would be
coming out of a cemetery?
There's no trace
of them anywhere.
Well, I always say, "The best
plan to make is to make a plan."
Hey, what was that?
I think you set off those
lights by sitting on that rock.
Very possible.
And they seem to coming from
way up in that treetop.
Now, what in the world
could this be?
[Shaggy and Scooby whistling]
Tell me that's you wailing,
Huh? Uh-uh, uh-uh.
That's a girl's voice.
Scoob, it could be Daphne.
Now, how do we find her?
Great idea. Daphne answers
her cellphone no matter what.
I've even got her on speed dial.
Let's see.
"Fred, pizza, Velma, groceries
Teriyaki Bowl, mom, Daphne."
[cellphone ringing]
That's her phone.
Follow the ring.
[ringing continues]
Daphne! Don't worry, Daph.
Scoob and I are here.
[Shaggy grunts]
[instrumental music]
Okay, Fred.
The whole's nice and deep.
Thanks, Vel.
I built a foolproof trap.
Anyone coming through
here in the dark
will trip over those barrels
and shoot down the water slide.
'They'll get instantly
caught up by that wire spring.'
It's attached
to that big catapult.
When I hear the sproing sound,
I pull the trigger, which will
catapult the culprit right into
your moss covered pit.
Great plan, huh?
I admire the simplicity.
[Daphne grunts]
I was grabbed
by those two slimy soldiers.
I can't budge this knot.
We've gotta hurry.
They could be back any second.
Wait, I know.
Five Skull Fire Sauce
should burn through anything.
Like, uh, it's locked.
It's the old eyelash curler
metal dog tag technique.
Of course, man.
Why wouldn't I think of that?
[all gasp]
Somebody's coming.
I'm ready.
Wait. Hold on, I-I think
that might be Daphne?
[Shaggy screaming]
[Shaggy yelling]
boink boink boink
Uh, zoinks.
And lots more zoinks.
Get us out of here.
Nice Mardi Gras costume, Scoob.
You really had us going there.
What's going on?
I think this duo
has come to an end.
I'll bet Taylor is behind this.
'With Cyrus T Buford?'
But there's still
one more suspect.
Crawdad Mike?
'And his driver.'
'Who helped him steer
a high speed scare.'
So why were you going into
that supernatural shop, Lorelei?
I was looking for a talisman
to keep the evil spirits away.
And a ghastly mask
for Scooby's costume.
Oh. Wanks.
And Taylor, if you weren't
playing ghost, why were you
sneaking around with that
Confederate soldiers costume?
It was a old family heirloom.
I had to sell it to help
pay the bills.
I snuck out at night because
I didn't want Lorelei to know.
But I still can't figure out
what the heck was going on.
Yikes! They're back!
Calm down, you two.
You were just watching
a hologram.
Projected from that treetop.
It's set off by pressure
on this rock.
Each time the tour bus
pulled off the road
the driver used dry ice to make
a perfect background mist
for projecting ghosts.
'Dry ice fog leaves a residue.'
That's the gunk
I found on my shoe.
'Crawdad Mike had
a smooth operation going.'
Frightening the tourists
with his ghosts
and making a busload of cash.
He got worried when we came
close to exposing him.
That's when he and his driver
dressed up as the
ghosts brothers and kidnapped
Daphne to scare us away.
Sacre bleu. I would have
gone away with it too.
If it weren't
for your meddling kids.
I wonder how you say
meddling kids in French.
[all laughing]
But why were you so sure they
weren't the Leland Brothers?
Notice in the picture,
Jed is much taller than Caleb.
The ghosts that haunted us were
exactly the same height.
I'm sure glad y'all could
make it to the party.
We just got
a great reason to celebrate.
We've decided to partner up
in an exciting new venture.
Leland Land.
Sure did.
And I can finally open up
my resort hotel and water park
that I always dreamed about
in my dreams.
I'll run the theme restaurant
right here in the house.
And I'll be guiding
authentic tours
of the Leland Family Cemetery.
Partners. Excellent.
We'll look forward to
vacationing at Leland Land land.
[all laugh]
Did I thank you guys
for saving me?
Thank yourself, Daph.
We never would've known
you were there
if you hadn't
wailed so loud for help.
But I never called for help.
I was gagged, remember?
I could hardly make a sound.
[all gasp]
Scooby dooby do-o-o.
[theme music]
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