What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e05 Episode Script

It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine

What's new Scooby-Doo?
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo
the trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo?
We're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby-Doo
we're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
Don't look back you may
find another clue ♪
The Scooby Snax will be
waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo?
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo
the trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
Na na na na na
na na na na na ♪
Na na-na na na-na na ♪
Na na na na na
na na na na na ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪♪
How did I let you
talk me into seeing
"Return of Astro Mutt
Space dog of the future"
and like, twice?
He's my hero. Ha ha ha.
[dramatic music]
Hey, The Mystery Machine.
I guess, good old Fred is coming
to give us a ride home.
Hey, Fred.
I wonder why he's not stopping?
There is no Fred.
In fact, there is no driver.
[tire screeching]
[engine revs]
[tire screeching]
[both gulp]
[instrumental music]
[both scream]
Like, The Mystery Machine,
it's after us.
- My van?
- Yeah.
Scoob and I were
just walking along
minding our own business
when it tried to run us over.
And there was no one driving.
Come on, Shaggy,
that couldn't happen.
I don't know, Velma.
Maybe I left
the parking brake off.
Parking brake? No way, man.
That thing was alive.
And there was this
creepy green glow.
And scary music playin'.
Come on, I'll show you.
But, but it was alive.
What a joker.
Ha! Very funny, Shaggy.
- Huh?
- Huh?
Come on, you two.
It's getting late.
[instrumental music]
[dramatic music]
What the heck? Uhh!
The steering wheel won't budge!
[tire screeching]
- Hit the brakes, Freddy!
- 'They're not working, either!'
Zoinks! Like, look!
What are you pointing at,
'Good idea,
The Mystery Machine parachute!'
One more tenth of a second and..
Cement city.
Didn't you just take
The Mystery Machine in
for a tune-up, Freddy?
I sure did.
Well, like, I think
Murph the mechanic
could use a refresher course.
First thing in the morning
we're gonna
pay him a little visit.
'I'm sorry,
but when your van left here'
it was in perfect condition.
I even checked the brakes
myself, they were fine.
Well, they weren't fine
last night.
Well, I'll tell you
what I'll do.
They Mystery Machine
is getting up there in miles.
How about I take it
off your hands?
I'll give you $5000 for it.
We're not here to sell it.
Besides, what would we ever do
without The Mystery Machine?
Get a mystery SUV?
[engine turns over]
What's up, Scooby-Doo?
The Mystery Machine!
[engine revving]
Oh, no, The Mystery Machine
was stolen!
- Like, stolen by a ghost.
- Yeah.
Would you two quit it
with that ghost nonsense?
This is serious.
Luckily for us,
The Mystery Machine
started leaking oil after
'that near miss
we had last night.'
Just follow the gooey drip road.
Ooh, yuck!
[dramatic music]
The trail ends right here.
And not a haunted van in sight.
We need to find out
who lives at this house.
No problem.
Using my wireless
internet connection
I'll do a reverse search
on the address.. Huh?
[knock on door]
Hey, wait for me!
Well, I'm always happy
to talk to the press
but I'm right in the middle
of a piano lesson.
Why don't you wait in there?
Um, okay.
[off-key piano music]
Keep playing, doll,
the keyboard's
just a little out of tune
that's all.
[The Mystery Kids singing
"2 Cute 2 4-Get"]
The Mystery Kids.
Whatever happened to that band?
They sure were popular.
And they're going to be again.
You must be The Mystery Kids'
biggest fan, Susan.
I am not a fan
I'm their mother,
and I'm a very busy woman.
This interview
can't take too long.
Um, we're not reporters.
We're actually here about
our van, The Mystery Machine.
You own The Mystery Machine?
Well, that used to be
our tour bus
when we were first starting out.
Since they were The Mystery Kids
we called the van
The Mystery Machine. Ha ha ha.
What are you kids doing?
Tennis try-outs are next week.
Hello? I'm looking
for my prom dress.
What? We've got
an album to finish.
And a concert
at City Park tomorrow night!
Oh, mom!
Don't you give me that lip.
Now, sit up straight.
We have guests.
Andy and Mandy, meet the new
owners of The Mystery Machine.
Wow, I thought mom sold it
for scrap parts.
Is that thing still running?
Yeah, except now,
it's running on ghost power.
Shaggy likes to exaggerate.
Let's just say
some strange things
have been happening
that we can't yet explain.
Is there anything
you can tell us
about The Mystery Machine
that might help?
Well, technically,
the van was owned
by our keyboard player,
Flash Flannigan.
'Do you think we could
talk to Flash?'
Not unless you've got
a Ouija board.
Andrew! Flash, ahem..
Well, Flash had an accident
after one of the concerts.
And now he's in
rock 'n' roll heaven.
Rock 'n' roll heaven.
That could be a song.
Write it down!
Oh, man, like, now I know what's
wrong with The Mystery Machine.
The ghost of Flash Flannigan
is haunting it!
It was like his home
away from home.
He even painted it to remind him
of the flowers in his garden.
So Flash Flannigan painted
The Mystery Machine?
I thought flower pattern
was your idea, Fred.
Nope. I always wanted
to paint it red.
- Ugh!
- Uhh!
Why don't you watch
where you're going?
Who are you?
I'm Randy.
Randy Dinwiddie.
Ah. Andy and Mandy's brother.
"A Flight Engineering:
Sixth Edition."
This is a great book.
Where do you study?
At Defries Technical Academy
and now you've made me
late for class.
That's strange,
Susan didn't even mention
that Andy and Mandy
have a brother.
'Like, we've got to find'
some alternate means
of transport.
This walking is for the birds.
Yeah. Oof-oof! Oh.
[dramatic music]
[tire screeching]
[music continues]
[dramatic music]
Gotta think fast.
The whole box, Scooby,
all for you!
Now, go get it!
[tire screeching]
[tire screeching]
Like, I hate to say
we told you so, but..
We told you so.
[dramatic music]
Jeepers! The Mystery Machine
really is haunted.
The way I see it, there's only
one way to solve this mystery.
Follow that van!
[instrumental music]
Darn. Looks like we lost it.
'"Defries Technical Academy."'
Hey, that's the school
Randy Dinwiddie attends.
I wonder if he's here.
Then we lost its trail
right around here.
Any idea why it would
come to this school, Randy?
How should I know? I never had
anything to do
with the Mystery Kids.
I'm just their
tone-deaf brother.
I don't count.
These robotic appendages
are quite remarkable.
But where are
the control panels?
Control panels?
With wireless internet
I could make the robots execute
a complex sequence
of commands from right here.
Great work!
Your mother must be very proud.
Oh, yeah, right.
She pretends to take an interest
helps me with
my homework or whatever
but it's just a show.
I'll never make the charts
like her precious Mystery Kids.
You're a smart guy, Randy.
What would you do if your van
started driving itself
all over town?
I'd find myself a good mechanic.
'Yo, Murph, you here?'
It wasn't until we got
The Mystery Machine back
from Murph
that it started acting funny.
If you think this is funny
I'd hate to see what your idea
of hilarious is.
And why did he try
and buy it from us
when we were at the garage?
Well, that's obvious.
Because it's a sweet ride.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- 'Jeepers.'
- 'Jinkies.'
Wow! Murph is a secret
"Mystery Kids" fan.
I'll say, looks like
he cornered the "Mystery Kids"
collectibles market.
Look at this stuff!
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, check it out.
Andy and Mandy make
dandy candy. Ha ha ha!
That's handy.
(male announcer)
We now return to
"Rewind The Music."
Rise and fall of
the "Mystery Kids."
It was there at the infamous
City Park concert
that Flash Flannigan
stormed offstage
and vanished
into rock 'n' roll legend.
But behind,
he left one final mystery.
Each week, a wild daisy
appears on Flash's headstone.
The gift of an obsessed fan
or a calling card
from Flash himself?
Sounds like strange things
are happening
at Flash Flannigan's grave.
Let's check it out.
But how are we going
to get there?
[instrumental music]
We're almost at
Flash Flannigan's grave now.
Hold up.
Someone's there.
'Andy and Mandy.'
But what are they doing here?
Come on, gang.
Let's follow 'em.
[music playing]
I don't suppose
that could be some other van
that plays "Mystery Kids"
hits, could it?
[all screaming]
I close my eyes ♪
And all I see is you ♪
I close my eyes ♪
I try to sleep
I can't forget you ♪
Da-da da da-da da ♪
And I'd do anything for you ♪
Da-da da da-da da ♪
I'd do anything ♪
Just to hold you in my arms ♪
To try to make you
laugh somehow I.. ♪
In the past ♪
I'd do anything ♪
Just to hold you in my arms ♪
To try to make you laugh ♪
Somehow I can't
put you in the past ♪
I'd do anything ♪♪
[tire screeching]
The Mystery Machine's
got Shaggy!
[intense music]
Here goes!
Be careful, Freddy!
I'm coming, Shag, hang in there!
Whoa! Whoa!
Stop! Wait.
[tire screeching]
Whoa! Aah! Unh!
[horn blaring]
- Whoa!
- Hoo-hoo-hoo!
- Oh!
- Shaggy!
[both grunt]
[siren blaring]
[tire screeching]
[both whimpering]
What's goin' on, buddy?
Where'd you get your license,
clown school?
- We weren't driving, officer.
- Come on, fellas.
That van can't drive itself.
You can believe him, officer.
The van has been
acting weird all week.
Well, looks like
no one got hurt.
We'll call it a malfunction and
let you guys off with a warning.
But we'll have to
impound your vehicle.
Y-you might consider
keeping it in solitary.
[pop music]
Pick up the pace, kids.
It's not a lullaby,
and I'm snoozing.
Hey, man, like, we didn't think
we'd see you here tonight.
My mom told me that if I didn't
set up a wireless controlled
lighting display for the show,
she'd stop paying my tuition.
Excuse me, there's
a rehearsal going on here!
Authorized personnel only.
Oh, heh-heh. Hey.
We know why you're here, Murph.
Well, yeah, lookin' for you.
So, all I've gotta say is
twenty-five hundred, plus
impound and towing fees.
- Take it or leave it.
- And we know why you want it.
We happened to see your shrine.
- What? You saw it?
- We sure did.
Okay, I admit it.
I've been into them for years.
It's not somethin' I'm proud of.
But promise you won't
tell anybody, cool?
What the heck happened, Randy?
I don't know.
I wasn't even near that light.
Oh, I am so sure.
Mom, Randy's trying
to wreck our show.
- There could have been a fire.
- No way, Mandy.
That's a fireproof curtain.
It's lined with lead.
I said, I didn't do it!
Well, if Randy didn't,
then who did?
Maybe it was the ghost
of Flash Flannigan.
I doubt that very highly.
But that gives me an idea.
Why don't we let Flash
himself clear up this mystery?
Daphne's going to
hold a séance.
Like, what's a séance,
and is it catered?
A séance is where
you contact spirits
from beyond the grave.
[engine revving]
[pop music]
Now, we're going to find out
who's really haunting
The Mystery Machine.
Thank you all for coming.
We are gathered tonight
to contact the spirit
of Flash Flannigan.
I am the great Madame Daphne.
Where did you learn
to contact spirits?
An infomercial on
the psychic channel.
Watch this.
Spirits, make this table rise.
Thank you, spirits.
You're welcome.
The spirit of Flash Flannigan
is near.
[both gasp]
Like, I'm deep in the ground.
But I'm also in the air
and maybe even in the cosmos.
Flash, we need your help.
Tell us who has corrupted
The Mystery Machine.
'Was it Andy or Mandy
to hype the Mystery Kids?'
'Randy, to get revenge
on his ungrateful siblings?'
'Murph, to get us to sell?'
[both gasp]
[both whimper]
[Mystery Kids music]
Wow! I'm good.
Like, everybody, run!
[tire screeching]
Yikes! Aah!
Aah! Oh!
[both whimper]
It stopped. How come?
Because that lead-lined curtain
is keeping wireless commands
from getting through
to its computers.
And my guess is the person
sending those commands
is sitting right
at this table.
Susan Dinwiddie!
Susan wanted the Mystery Kids
to be back on top
of the music world.
So, she came up with
this publicity stunt
to get attention
for their concert.
That's why she helped Randy
with his homework.
So, she could learn to control
The Mystery Machine
with wireless commands.
When The Mystery Machine
was at Murph's for repairs
Susan planted a webcam and
receiver in the dashboard.
That meant she could control The
Mystery Machine from anywhere.
Scooby, why don't you
show us how it's done?
[both laugh]
[engine revving]
Like, it's that
Ghoulie greenish glow!
Relax, Shaggy, they're just
green colored Christmas tree
lights hooked into the battery.
But, Andy and Mandy,
why were you
hanging out
at Flash Flannigan's grave?
Flash was our hero, and with our
upcoming comeback we missed him.
We were just visiting the grave.
But my favorite clue
was that sour note
that came from the van.
It's the same out-of-tune sound
that came from
Susan Dinwiddie's keyboard.
That means she must have
recorded that eerie score
'and not Flash Flannigan.'
Well, uh, I never
meant for the van
to get so out of control
but you kids
wouldn't stop meddling.
It doesn't matter, though.
The Mystery Kids are still
gonna be bigger than ever!
Sorry, mom, but the Mystery Kids
are calling it quits.
If being famous again means
having to go through all this
we're, like, totally happy
being has-beens.
Sorry we were so hard
on you, Randy.
From now on, all of us kids
are so sticking together.
It's nice havin' the good
old Mystery Machine
back on our side.
Eight-thousand dollars?
And that's my final offer.
'It's not for sale, Murph!'
No way!
'I wonder if they still
want those instruments?'
Like, great way to celebrate
gettin' our Mystery Machine back
by taking it to the movies.
[all gasp]
The Mystery Machine is alive!
[all screaming]
[theme music]
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