What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e09 Episode Script

She Sees Sea Monsters by the Sea Shore

What's new Scooby-Doo
we're coming after you ♪
We gotta solve that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo
the trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo
we're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby-Doo
we're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
Don't look back
you may find another clue ♪
The Scooby snacks will be
waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
We're coming after you you're
gonna solve that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo
the trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
Na na na ♪
Na na na ♪
Na na na ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪♪
Fritz, they're swimming
so far from the boat.
Oh stop worrying, liebste,
the kinder are having fun.
There's nothing here
but harmless..
Sea monster!
Stephanie, get back schnell!
[intense music]
[all screaming]
[all gasping]
Like, this is more like it,
right, Scoob?
Yeah! More like it.
No grisly graveyards,
spooky specters
or ghoulish ghosts.
Nothing but sun and fun.
Ha ha!
And we've only just begun!
heh heh heh
You said it.
Sure was nice of Daphne's father
to let us use
his company's time share.
Hey, you wanna play?
No, thanks, Fred. Like just
watching you is making me tired.
I'm resting up for our trip
to Aqua land tomorrow.
If we have to take a vacation,
at least the Island of Faja Manu
offers an interesting assortment
of aquatic animals to study.
Like I'd rather study this
delicious jerk boy sandwich.
Zoinks! Monster.
That's no monster, silly.
It's a sea turtle.
Uh-oh! It's headed back
into the water.
And Daphne's surfing out there.
Relax, Freddy. Sea turtles
are harmless.
We're more of a threat to them.
You know, sometimes
I think that
man is the most dangerous
creature out there.
Hey, mainlander
what do you think you're doing
in Stink Eye's spot?
Hi, I'm pretty sure
I'm surfing.
Well, you're leaving, princess.
Locals only.
Why don't you get a pedicure
and let the island guys
surf the big waves?
Ha ha ha!
Hey, what's up?
For your information,
I've already had a pedicure.
And this is my ride.
[intense music]
Daphne, are you okay?
Did you see the sea monster?
It was huge and green
and ugly all over.
Sounds like that salad
we had on the airplane.
Daphne, I think your board
must've bumped you in the head.
There's nothing like that
in these waters.
Yeah, but there is,
there is, young lady.
Yeah, it sunk our boat.
Many others also.
'A sea monster?'
That a statistical
Then, Velma, what do you
call this?
This bite is twice as big
as any shark's mouth.
It could eat as much in one gulp
as Scooby and Shaggy do all day.
Mr. Blake, your luggage finally
came from the airport.
- Which one--
- I'm Mr. Blake.
I mean, I'm Daphne Blake,
his daughter.
I am Sharky Tazo,
concierge, guide
and local Jack of all trades
for the Granville Resort.
Anything else I can do for you?
Not unless you can tell us about
a certain big slimy sea monster.
The Motoshondu? Sure,
I know all about it, man.
You do?
'The Motoshondu
is the island spirit.'
Legend says
she rises from the depths
whenever Faja Manu
is threatened.
My surfing isn't
that threatening.
Lot of locals think that all
the tourists offend Motoshondu.
That's why she sinks
their boats.
Well, gang, it looks like
we've got a mystery
to solve and a monster to find.
But how are we going to find
a sea monster in all that ocean?
You can't, man.
Motoshondu is a spirit.
But if it's a bird's eye view
of the ocean you want
I think I can help you out.
- 'Oh!'
- 'Look at that! Oh!'
It's so beautiful.
What's that down there, Sharky?
'Morakemi Reef.'
That's where Motoshondu
sunk the rental boats.
We're gonna have to get
a closer look.
I know a guy. He'll give you
a much closer look.
'Well, can't get much closer
than this, folks.'
Jeepers, look, a manta ray!
Jinkies, a jellyfish.
'What did I tell you?'
Crunchy's glass bottom boat
totally rules.
Crunchy, aren't you afraid
of the Motoshondu?
Dude, I've brought about
a zillion tourists to the reef
on the Big Blue Mama here
and I've never seen
anything but
the wonders of nature.
(Velma) 'What about all
the wrecked boats?'
Oh, bad karma.
Jeepers, what's that?
Zoinks, it's the sea monster.
No way!
It's here for her noon feeding
and we're the food.
[all screaming]
Crunchy, look out.
[all screaming]
Oh, my boat.
You over grown sea monkey,
I will get you for this, man.
I will get you, believe it.
Hey, no need to shout, man.
You'll be right next to her
in a minute.
Well, Scoob, I'm very sorry
it had to end this way.
- What way?
- On an empty stomach.
Yo, check it out.
'It's Sharky here to rescue us.'
Everybody, up the ladder.
I'll hold off this water weirdo
till you're safe.
[intense music]
Thanks, Scoob.
You saved me.
How did you get away
from the Motoshondu, Freddy?
I didn't. When I got down there,
it disappeared without a trace.
Then I got blindsided by
a huge group of sea turtles.
I think the pieces of this
puzzle might fit together
better if we knew more about
these sea turtles.
Scoob, are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
We're going to..
(Shaggy and Scooby)
'Aqua Land.'
'Thank you for seeing us on such
short notice, Prof. Ravenmane.'
It's no trouble at all, Velma,
and call me Maura.
I guess we're too late
for the show, huh, Maura?
Aqua Land is much more than
an ocean park, Shaggy!
It's a marine lab dedicated to
preserving all manner of
endangered undersea life.
Like the sea turtles we saw?
We often nurse injured turtles
like this one back to health.
She does look a little green
around the gills.
Oh, I know just
how he feels.
That choppy sea
made minced meat out of me.
Seasick, Shaggy?
I know just how you feel.
'I get seasick too,
why don't you help yourself
'to the Aqua Land snack bar?'
'A little something to settle
the stomach always helps me.'
'Hmm, I don't know
about you, Scoob'
but a little food in my belly
and my feet aren't dry land
and I'm right as rain.
Ha ha!
Me too!
Can you tell us anything about
this Motoshondu, professor?
I don't have time for
ridiculous myths and legends.
Marine biology is serious work.
'Ocean breeding grounds like
Morakemi Reef'
'are in terrible danger.'
Speaking of terrible danger,
Like the monster's got us.
That's no monster, Shaggy.
That's Becky, our trained orca.
She loves people.
I hope she doesn't love us
the same way I love onion rings.
She's perfectly tamed.
Let me help you out of there.
I guess the sushi's on
the other foot. Ha ha ha!
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
That Maura's hairstyle
is all wrong for her face?
That too, but no.
We're going to have to go back
to Morakemi Reef
for a closer look
at those turtles.
Hello! Sharky, anybody here?
'What a mess!'
This is all waterlogged
nautical gear.
What's a pilot doing with..
Like stuff from Crunchy's boat?
Good question.
The, I, I can explain.
This is all salvage.
Look, Crunchy's hat. But he had
this one when we were rescued.
How did it end up
back in the water?
He must have gone back.
If he went back out there
with that monster
he's crazier than this hat.
Come on, gang.
Let's check it out.
'Looks like nobody's home.'
Like doesn't anyone ever work
on this island?
Hey, kicking home theater.
'Check out how clear
the DVD picture is'
'on this flat plasma screen.'
Looks like Crunchy has fish
on the brain.
'He must have shot this through
the bottom of his boat.'
Speaking of boats,
it looks like one is missing.
Do you think Crunchy went after
Motoshondu in that little dingy?
If he did,
he's a little dingy.
We have to find him before
he becomes a bite-sized morsel
for that king-sized monster.
It sure was nice of Maura
Ravenmane and her staff to
loan us all this high-tech
She even had prescription
lens goggles for me.
Like too bad she was
too busy to come along.
Hmm, I wonder what would keep
a marine biologist
away from a huge discovery
like a sea monster.
She's a smart lady. She even
cured my seasickness, see?
Don't panic. It can't get us
here on the boat.
Okay, now we can panic.
Chewin' at a rhythm
on my bubblegum ♪
The sun is out
I want some ♪
It's not hard
not far to reach ♪
We can hitch a ride
to Rockaway Beach ♪
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach ♪
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach ♪
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach ♪
We can hitch a ride
to Rockaway Beach ♪
It's not hard
not far to reach ♪
We can hitch a ride
to Rockaway Beach ♪
It's not hard
not far to reach ♪
We can hitch a ride
to Rockaway Beach ♪
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach ♪
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach ♪
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach ♪
We can hitch a ride
to Rockaway Beach ♪♪
No boat, no radio,
no Scooby snacks.
We're sunk.
Quick, gang, scramble
into the scuba gear.
I bet we'll get
to the bottom of this mystery
at the bottom of the ocean.
Go down there with that
sickening sea snake? No way!
Then you two can wait for us
here all alone.
Oh, no, Daphne, we'll be
just fine up here.
Like going down,
next stop ocean floor.
Are you reading me, Scoob?
I'm getting some funky static.
[teeth clattering]
'That's better.'
Hey, like, what's that?
Oh, no, Scoob,
here it comes again.
What are you two chickens
of the sea doing down here?
Velma, we thought
you were the monster.
'You sound just like her.'
Hey, check out the cool
scuba bikes
we scavenged
from the ship wreck.
'While you're at it,
check this out.'
Jeepers, a graveyard
of wrecked ships.
Why graveyard?
Why not junkyard
of wrecked ships
or parking lot of wrecked ships?
Now it's all very simple.
When Motoshondu comes through
this gap in the reef
at Velma's signal,
Daphne and I will use the jets
from the scuba bikes to topple
these precariously
balanced hulks.
As soon as green, gild and gory
swims through that gap..
I'm seriously thinking about
having live bait
taken off my resume.
Me too.
Jinkies! My goggles.
Scooby, can you help me find
my prescription goggles?
Daphne, now.
Come on, Scoob.
We can hide in here.
Hold on, Scoob.
We made it, Scoob.
We're safe.
Faster, Scoob.
Faster. Paddle.
Move it, grave hog.
Like, thanks, Daph!
I've heard of monster
waves before
but this is ridiculous.
Wipe out!
You made it.
Girl, you shred that sick wave
like an islander.
That was a seriously
hairy ride.
Not as hairy as Motoshondu's.
Holy mackerel.
Get it, Scoob?
I get it. Heh heh.
Hey, look. The outer layer of
the creature is made of rubber.
Right, inside is a miniature
submarine with
the same kind of water
proportion as our scuba bikes.
'That why it made
the same noise.'
Okay, okay, I got about as far
as the monster is a mini sub
before you like
totally lost me.
It's simple. Crunchy is
a ecology extremist.
'He wanted to protect
the turtles mating grounds'
'and he used the monster
to do it.'
Hey, I thought
Professor Ravenmane
was the big turtle lover.
'I am.'
But no legitimate member
of the conservation community
would condone this dangerous
and irresponsible behavior.
Besides, we knew that Maura
couldn't be the monster.
She gets seasick.
But he was on the glass bottom
boat with us
when the monster attacked.
There was no attack, Shaggy!
There wasn't even
a glass bottom.
It was really a flat-screen
TV bottom boat.
That DVD we watched,
wasn't just similar
to what we saw on the boat,
it was exactly what we saw.
A CGI monster shows up
a minute later.
He used the video
to scare away tourist.
The name tag on Crunchy's
life vest said
Charles Granville.
That's Crunchy's real name.
And we're staying at
the Granville resorts.
He's no beachcomber
and no monster either.
And if it weren't for you
meddling mainlanders
I would've gotten
away with it too.
I'm so glad that
the Aqua Land team
is going to
clean up the reef.
Me too, and I'm like really glad
we can finally have some
non-monster fun in the sun.
I'm going hydro plane
water skiing.
Hey, who are you?
We are the Keenen family.
And as of five minutes ago,
this became our time share.
Who are you?
Like a bunch of kids who are
about to have their relaxing
vacation on
the plane ride home.
Home sounds great to me.
And it looks like
Scooby's ready to go too.
Yikes! Oh!
Hello, oh!
Ah, Scooby Dooby Doo!
[theme music]
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