What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e10 Episode Script

Toy Scary Boo

[instrumental music]
Come on, guys.
This is where I found him.
[all gasping]
Hey, Tommy, I dare you
to go grab the carrot.
[music continues]
[intense music]
It's the headless snowman!
[instrumental music]
When the snowflakes
are fallin' ♪
And carolers are callin' ♪
The friendly folks in
homes ablaze with light ♪
We get that special feelin' ♪
That sends our
senses reelin' ♪
It's the magic of Christmas ♪
Fright ♪♪
Boy, Daphne, it sure was nice
of your uncle to let us use
his condo over Christmas.
If we can ever get there.
I can't see anything
through this snow storm.
[instrumental music]
And the road sure is icy.
Whoa! Whoa!
Shaggy! Scooby!
You okay back there?
Ha ha, like, we're just
wrapping a few presents.
Oh, no,
the bridge is out.
[instrumental music]
Now we'll never get there.
Like, where are we supposed
to spend Christmas Eve?
Why don't we head back
to the last town we passed
and see if
there's a detour?
[instrumental music]
[kids screaming]
Jeepers! I wonder what
that was all about.
Why don't
you ask him?
[instrumental music]
Shaggy, that's
just a snowman.
Come on , gang.
It's awful chilly.
Let's get inside for some
Christmas cookies and cocoa.
- Wait for me!
- Me, too!
Comin' through, ha ha.
Oh, great. Just what
we need, out-of-towners.
Hey, what happened
to good will toward men?
And girls.
After all, it's Christmas.
Don't say that
word around here.
Winter Hollow doesn't
celebrate Christmas.
You wouldn't celebrate it
either if it meant havin'
to deal with
the headless snowman.
For years now, he's been
terrorizing this town.
Shows up right before Christmas
and tears this place apart.
Alright, easy there, Jeb.
Don't you kids listen
to a word of this.
I'm Sheriff Perkins,
and old Jeb here
is about as reliable as
the fox guarding the hen house.
The headless snowman is real.
How else do you explain all
them chimneys coming down?
'Those antique chimneys are
two days older than dirt.'
'Now, I don't
wanna hear another word'
'about this
headless snowman business.'
Sheriff, we still need
to get to our condo
in Mill's Corners tonight.
We were hoping you could
recommend a detour.
Mill's Corners?
Oh, I don't think so.
With the bridge out,
the only way to get there's
to go back down 45 to where
the old schoolhouse used to be.
'Then you pick up route 82
for a couple of hours'
then you cut across
the top of the state
till you get to the barn where
the cow's painted on the side--
Maybe we should just stay here
in Winter Hollow for the night.
Oh, yeah, creepy legend,
9-foot snow monster
a whole town
that hates Christmas
like, break out
the mistletoe, man, ha ha.
It's winter wonderland!
[instrumental music]
Wow, I've never even heard
of Winter Hollow before
but it seems to be quite
the tourist hot spot.
These aren't tourists,
they're townsfolk.
Who are you?
I'm Asa Buckwald,
and this is my inn.
Boy, your business
sure is booming.
Well, it's all due
to that headless menace.
Each Christmas it destroys
houses around these parts
and, well, folks
need a place to stay.
People here in Winter Hollow
haven't celebrated Christmas
for a long time. Fact is, some
of the young ones have never
even seen a Christmas tree.
Do you have any
rooms left for us?
Well, this here is
the only one I have left.
[instrumental music]
Leave it to me, gang.
bang bang bang
A woman's touch.
I don't watch the remodeling
channel for nothing.
[instrumental music]
I think it's time
for my classic holiday sandwich.
A yam, marshmallow,
and sweet relish club.
I don't see any bread.
Well, this fruitcake
will have to do.
[instrumental music]
Man, Scoob,
your stomach sure is noisy.
- Uh-uh.
- Aah!
Like, either Santa
had a crash landing
or the headless
snowman has been here.
Wow, sheriff,
you sure got here fast.
Well, the flashing
red and blue thing
on top of my car
helps that along.
Can you tell us
what happened?
Well, I was up anyway,
just hoping Santa might come.
But then the fire went out,
and I got really, really cold.
And then it was there,
the headless snowman!
[dramatic music]
How is Santa going to come
if we don't have a chimney?
Well, maybe we can
put it back together.
Man. Ha ha!
These bricks sure are heavy.
I hate that
stupid snowman.
'All because of him,
we don't get Christmas.'
Hey, don't
give up, Tommy.
After all, we've still got a few
more hours to save Christmas.
Come on, guys, it's time
to catch that snowman.
[instrumental music]
The tracks end right here
at this snowdrift.
- Hmm.
- Run!
[intense music]
Quick, in here.
- Yikes!
- Yikes!
Sorry, man.
Like, occupied.
[instrumental music]
'Ro ro ro!'
Wow, Santa!
I called the professor,
and he's on his way.
- Like, who is this guy again?
- Professor Higginson?
Why, he wrote the book on
Winter Hollow's ghost.
Works up at that college
in Mill's Corner.
knock knock
Well, Asa, it looks like
you got your way after all.
Ah, check us in. Can't stay
in a freezing cold house.
Now, don't be that way,
You know at Christmas time
it's safer for everyone
to move in here for a while.
Can we celebrate
you-know-what here?
We'll sure try, son.
Asa, the key?
Seems like half
the town's moved in
since that headless
horror showed up.
Asa's business is
booming. I wonder..
Asa, where is it?
Where's the headless snowman?
Take me there immediately.
Ah, Professor Higginson, these
are the kids I told you about.
Thanks for coming
so quickly, professor.
Well, it's not that far
to Mill's Corners university.
Besides, I'd travel
hundreds of miles
to see the actual ghost
of Blackjack Brody.
- Like, who?
- Blackjack Brody.
Legend has it
he's the headless snowman.
That's right, but the legend
of the headless snowman
really starts
Christmas Eve 1823
'when this man, Seamus Fagan,
rode into Winter Hollow.'
'He had immigrated from the old
country with a fortune in gold.'
Sadly, Seamus Fagan
wasn't the only one
on that desolate road
for Blackjack Brody,
the infamous highwayman
was laying in wait to rob any
helpless wayward traveler.
Did he get away with it?
He got away with the gold,
but he didn't exactly get away.
The villagers
formed a posse.
For days they searched
every nook and cranny
of Winter Hollow.
Did they ever catch him?
No, it was the blizzard
that caught Blackjack Brody.
[intense music]
When they dug him
out of that snowman
he was completely covered
in chimney soot.
Wow. What happened to the gold?
'Never found.'
Legend has it that Blackjack
Brody yearns for it still.
His ghost forever trapped in
that frozen tomb of a snowman.
It's more
than a legend.
That frosty freak
just demolished
most of little Tommy's house.
Of course! One of the original
Winter Hollow homes!
That's the oldest house
in town. Except maybe Jeb's.
Well, I must check out
Tommy's house right away.
[instrumental music]
Ha ha ha! It must be Christmas.
I thought for sure
we'd have to go with him.
Yeah. He he he!
Don't worry, Shaggy.
We're not spending Christmas Eve
in a spooky old house
where a ghost just appeared.
- Oh!
- Phew!
We're spending Christmas Eve
in a spooky old house
where a ghost is
going to appear.
Old Jeb's house.
How's that sound?
- Like, ho ho horrible!
- Hello, Jeb?
Huh? Looks like nobody's home.
He couldn't have gone far.
His fire's still burning.
Let's write him
that note, Freddy.
Uh, what note is that, Velma?
That he's in danger.
How we discovered that
the headless snowman
is targeting the oldest
houses in town, and..
Hey, who turned out the lights?
- Jeepers.
- J-j-jinkies, s-s-so cold.
[bell chimes]
[both whimpering]
[intense music]
Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪
One gift's enough
for all of us ♪
Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪
One gift's
enough for all of us ♪
We don't need
any shiny new thing ♪
When we hear
your sleigh bells ring ♪
Slide down that chimney
and we'll tell you ♪
Everything ♪
Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪
One gift's enough
for all of us ♪
Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪
One gift's enough
for all of us ♪
You make a list
so check it out twice ♪
Bring only
one gift tonight ♪
Bring peace on earth
for everyone ♪
Everywhere ♪
Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪
One gift's enough
for all of us ♪
Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪♪
Hey, Scoob,
looks like we lost him.
[ice cracking]
Rikes! Cold!
[both whimpering]
Yeah, and I don't
even like taking a bath
when the water's hot.
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
Shaggy! Scooby!
Fred, watch out
for those icebergs.
[instrumental music]
It's Shaggy and Scooby.
What happened?
You were a human popsicle.
We need to get you
two back to the inn
for a nice cozy hot cocoa.
What about
the headless snowman?
Hah, let him get his own cocoa.
[intense music]
Sheriff Perkins.
What are you
doing way out here?
I heard there was some commotion
with that headless snowman.
I found suspicious footprints
leading from Jeb's place
and followed them.
If I see any trace
of that monster
you'll be the first to know.
That's okay, you can put us
farther down on the list.
After, say, the highway patrol.
Ha ha, and the US Marines.
You know, this isn't the first
time the sheriff's shown up
right after the snowman's
made an appearance.
'But how about Asa?'
The more chimneys that fall,
the better his inn seems to do.
And that Jeb guy sure wants
all visitors out of his town.
Look, here's
the professor's book.
"Local Legends of New England
by William Fagan Higginson
Fagan. Hmm.
That name seems to be
popular around these parts.
Find the chapter
about the headless snowman.
Let's see. It says that
Blackjack Brody was laid
to rest in the Winter Hollow
cemetery. Let's split up.
Velma and Daphne,
you'll come along with me.
Shaggy and Scooby, you two have
been through enough tonight.
You should just stay
here and keep warm.
Like, Fred,
ha ha ha
that's the best split up
suggestion you've ever had!
[instrumental music]
Oh-h-h. Now this is
more like it. Huh?
Hey, the fire's gone out.
Well, we don't have to worry
about the headless snowman
unlessthe room
gets very c-c-cold.
[intense music]
- Huh?
- Huh?
[music continues]
[snowman growling]
Okay, everything's in place.
This year summer comes
early here to Winter Hollow.
Now all we need is Shaggy
and Scooby to lure him here.
Now that's what
I call teamwork.
Come on, girls,
it's show time!
I'm melting!
I'm melting!
Oh, what a world!
And the headless snowman
is really..
- Huh?
- Nobody? Wait.
[instrumental music]
- Professor Higginson?
- Professor Higginson?
Professor, the time has
come for your lecture.
'So, when I did research
on the town law'
I learned that the highwayman
Blackjack Brody robbed
a man in 1823
and concealed the gold
before they found him.
Blackjack Brody hid
the stolen gold in a chimney.
That's why he was
covered in soot.
Well, that gold
is rightfully mine!
Why? Are you a descendant
of Blackjack Brody?
No, he's
William Fagan Higginson
a descendant of the man
Blackjack robbed, Seamus Fagan.
It's true.
Brody robbed
my great-grandfather
and Christmas was ruined
for my family ever since.
The professor used the legend
of the headless snowman
to cover his search
of people's chimneys.
Because his disguise
was made of snow
'he had to refrigerate
every home he broke into.'
[instrumental music]
It was all for nothing.
I wanted
my great-grandfather's gold
but all I found were bricks.
Wait a second! Gold. Bricks.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Let's go!
With a little
elbow grease..
[instrumental music]
'Like, wow! Real gold!'
They're all gold!
Well, bust my buttons.
So Blackjack Brody hid the gold
bullion bricks in the chimney.
So, the gold slips through
my fingers once again.
And I suppose I'll have
to go to jail
for all the trouble I caused.
Just another reason
for me to hate Christmas.
I think it's sad what happened
to the professor's family.
Since it's Christmas,
can't we just forgive him?
Like anyone in Winter Hollow's
going to forgive me.
Well, I forgive you.
After all I've done?
You're giving
me a present?
Like, isn't that what
Christmas is all about?
I think we all
lost sight of that.
Well, professor,
this was your family's gold.
Yeah, I reckon it's
rightfully yours now.
What? Mine?
Well, maybe it is,
but now it's my turn to give.
This gold belongs
to the whole town!
- You don't have to do that.
- But I want to.
I'm so sorry I ruined your
homes and your holiday.
There's enough here
for everybody!
Now that's what I call
the spirit of Christmas.
Here's to professor Higginson,
the richest man in town!
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
Hey, it's a merry
Christmas after all!
Merry Christmas, Tommy.
Merry Christmas, everybody!
Like, there's only
one thing missing.
No more sadness
and no one's fighting ♪
And everything is okay.. ♪
I was gonna say presents,
but that's pretty good too.
Sleigh bells ringing
and carolers singing ♪
And Santa is on his way ♪
It's a merry Christmas
a merry Christmas day ♪
It's a merry Christmas ♪
A merry Christmas day ♪♪
Scooby Dooby-Doo!
Be doo be doo ♪♪
Santa Claus Santa Claus
One gift's enough
for all of us ♪
Don't need no
Christmas tree ♪
Don't need no silent night ♪
Wanna hear
the angels singing ♪
Peace on earth ♪
Everywhere tonight ♪
And peace on earth ♪
Everywhere tonight ♪
Oh Santa Claus Santa Claus ♪
One gift's enough
for all of us ♪
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