What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e11 Episode Script

Lights! Camera! Mayhem!

What's new Scooby Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna
solve that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby doo ♪
What's new Scooby doo ♪
We're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna
solve that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby doo ♪
Don't look back
you may find another clue ♪
The Scooby snacks
will be waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna
solve that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby doo ♪
Na na na na na
na na na na na ♪
Na na na na na na na ♪
Na na na na na
na na na na na ♪
What's new Scooby doo ♪♪
[dramatic music]
My little cousin is counting
on me to get him
a Spaceman Swinton action figure
for his birthday.
Well, if there's any store
in town that's gotta have one
like, Happy Toy Land
is the place.
Check it out, Scoob.
Like we can be space commanders.
Oh, boy!
Hey, you two!
We can play on the rides
after I get a Spaceman Swinton.
Little help.
You sure must have
a lot of kids, mister.
These toys aren't for me.
I'm the manager
of this store, Mr. Bottomczek.
And if you don't mind,
we're very busy here.
But I have to buy one of those.
I'm afraid that's
quite impossible.
I guess you finally
wised up, eh, Bottomczek?
And all it took was
the toys going on a rampage
and destroying
the department store.
Could you keep your voice down?
Who are you?
My name is Sandy Gordon and I'm
here on behalf of P-O-U-T, POUT.
That stands for
Please Oust Unsafe Toys.
A rampage?
They're just toys.
Toys lead to
violence, young lady.
As I told you, Miss Gordon
the toys we sell here promote
sharing and working together.
Yeah, right.
I'm warning you, Bottomczek
I will not give up until every
unsafe toy is off these shelves.
Sounds pretty strange.
'Have you called the
authorities, Mr. Bottomczek?'
'No, no, no, no, of course not.'
We just opened and I can't
have any negative publicity.
Well, we could help you get
to the bottom of this mystery.
Do I have to pay you?
Like, just don't charge us
for your dry cleaning
and we'll call it even.
First person we should talk
to is the security guard
who was on duty last night.
Excuse me, Mr. Claphammer?
That's Officer Claphammer.
Now stand up straight.
Chest out.
Wow, this place
is pretty impressive.
It should be.
I built it myself.
Best security system there is.
Nothing happens in this mall
without me knowing about it.
You mean like
toys coming to life.
How did you
civilians know about that?
Mr. Bottomczek told us.
That Bottomczek has loose lips.
And you know what
they say about loose lips.
Yeah! They're great
for fitting around
a triple-decker veggie club.
Well, we were hoping
your cameras might
have caught what happened.
Of course, they did.
They catch everything.
'Jeepers, those toys
really did come to life.'
I doubt that highly.
But something sure is going on.
Well, you kids better get going.
We're just about to lock up
for the night.
We're not going anywhere
until this mystery is solved.
Well, the doors are
on a magnetic time lock.
Once they shut, there's no way
out of the mall until morning.
Okay, everyone, I've got a plan.
Let's split up
and look for clues.
Ah, Freddy, no way!
Every time we split up
Scoob and I always
run into the monster.
Like, hey!
Just yell if you find anything.
Like, man, I don't think
that'll be a problem.
First thing, we're gonna do
is make sure these looney
space toys are all locked up.
'That's good to know.'
Did you see that?
Yeah! Me neither.
What's wrong
with you, Scooby Doo?
'Zoinks, like they're
messing with the lights.'
Yo, you are so not
cutting in front of me.
In front of you?
Aren't you here for tomorrow's
Annabelle action doll giveaway?
Nope, we're solving a mystery.
You're camping out in the mall
so you can be first
in line for a doll?
Not just any doll, Anabelle
action figures are collectibles.
And I am Harry Noze
the greatest toy collector
of the 20th century.
Isn't it the 21st century?
What's so special
about this doll?
She stands 17 inches high.
It's fully articulated
and looks just like that.
In here.
[all gasping]
- 'Look at that.'
- 'I wonder what they're doing.'
I have a feeling
we're about to find out.
What's up there?
Is there anything
a good compact can't do?
'Like, what's happening, Daph?'
Would you like the bad news
or the really bad news?
[all screaming]
[all screaming]
They're cutting
through the last cable.
Good going, Scooby.
Come on, Scoob old buddy.
Those terrible toys
are coming back.
I've got an idea.
Come on, Scooby,
they're all for you.
Alright, nothing to see here.
Did you kids do this?
No, sir. The dolls did.
'But they were
just here a minute ago.'
I knew it was a bad idea
to let a bunch
of namby-pamby civilians
work on this case.
Now, stay out of trouble.
Like, if we could, man,
we would.
Did you guys hear
that loud booming sound
when the toys attacked?
But those toys
don't weigh very much.
They couldn't be
making that sound.
I think we have our first clue.
And I know where
we can find some more.
Hey, gang, look at this.
These are the blueprints
of the mall.
But check this out.
It turns out
it was built on the site
of the old county art museum.
I remember that museum.
They had it closed down
because most of the paintings
were stolen and never found.
And this sure is interesting.
Officer Claphammer
just happen to be
the security guard
of that museum.
Trouble sure does
seem to follow him around.
pew pew pew
Let's get out of here.
Great. We're trapped.
Don't worry, man!
Watch this.
We cowards always
have an escape plan.
[breathing heavily]
Okay, gang, I think we need
to split up and look for clues.
Unh-unh, Freddy, no way!
Don't worry, Shaggy.
This time we'll mix it up.
How about we pick teams?
Velma, you and Shaggy
can be captains.
Okay. I'll take Daphne.
Right, Freddy, you're with me.
And I'll take Scooby.
So, uh, did you see
the game last night?
Uh, I'm not really into sports.
Oh, yeah, right!
You wanna get some food?
No, thanks.
I'm not hungry.
[both sigh]
Next time,
we pair up like usual.
Good plan.
Who would paint
their van like that?
'I bet
I know who it belongs to.'
Just why are you
fogging up my window?
We didn't mean
to disturb you, Harry.
Well, you did.
I was just working
on a few of my own masterpieces.
Wow! I thought you
just collected toys.
No! I'm also a most
excellent toy maker.
Check this out.
I call her Crying Carrie.
Why do you call her..
[cries in high-pitch tone]
What are all
these computers for?
I'm working on designing
some remote control fire ants.
Remote control, huh?
[crying in hitch-pitch tone]
Is there any problem
duct tape can't solve?
Like, it's that
creepy noise again.
No way, Shaggy.
This one sounds like it's coming
from the back of the store.
Let's check it out.
Tell you what, I'll stay here
and guard the gumball machine.
Wait up, Freddy.
Those terrible toys locked me in
here and tied me to this chair.
And they did a good job.
These jump ropes
are pretty tight.
That velveteen gorilla
was really strong.
But, Mrs. Gordon
what were you doing in
the store this late at night?
Well, I, uh, uh, um, I..
Check this out!
'Okay, so you caught me.'
I was stealing
all the batteries in the store
so that they couldn't be
used in those dangerous toys.
Isn't there
a worldwide house of batteries
like 20 feet from here?
I was going there next.
All I know is once those
gates open in the morning
I'm out of here.
Me too.
And until then, nothing you say
is gonna make me move one inch.
Oh, no! Look!
Scooby doo where you hiding ♪
Scooby doo there's job to do ♪
Scooby doo
trouble's brewing ♪
Scooby doo
do you smell the clue ♪
Do you see a ghost? ♪
Do you hear a sound? ♪
Do you spy a ghoulie
flyin' around? ♪
Do you feel a chill
moving through the air? ♪
Scooby are ya scared? ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby doo
you're a top dog ♪
Scooby doo we need you ♪
Scooby doo
one fine canine ♪
Scooby doo we love you ♪
If you set the pace
and you solve the case ♪
You can eat
until your tummy aches ♪
You can get
a Scooby snack right now ♪
Scooby take a bow ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo ♪♪
Quick. Everyone, in here.
Hey, look, a silver dollar.
Not now, Shaggy.
Like zoinks!
We're goners.
[electric buzzing]
Hey, look,
they can't come in the water.
Daphne, where are you going?
To make sure those pesky
play things don't come back.
Way to go, Daphne.
So, like, what made those
spooky soldiers go on the fritz.
I bet we'll find
the answers right here.
What is it?
It's some kind of
remote control automaton.
I found it
inside the action figure.
So that's what
made it come to life.
And I bet we'll find similar
ones in every toy in the store.
Wow! This rocks!
With it, you can make any
toy work by remote control.
Think of the possibilities.
I still don't get
how these little toys
can make all that noise.
That's right.
The loud booming sound.
When we were in the fountain,
it sounded like
it was coming
from underneath us.
But what could be
underneath the fountain?
The basement.
Like the only thing
creepier than a deserted mall.
It's the basement
of a deserted mall.
Food court supplies.
Looks like
we hit the jackpot, Scoob.
- Yeah!
- Give me a boost, would you?
Like, hey, it's hollow.
This machine
is a cement breaker.
That must be the loud sound
we've been hearing.
'Now why would someone be trying
to break through the floor?'
I think the clues
are beginning to add up.
- Like, they are!
- You're right, Velma.
And I've got a plan
that just might work
with a little help from Scooby.
You see, we found a way
to track the radio signals
that have been
controlling the toys.
Scooby? This special collar
we designed will allow
Scooby to sniff out radio waves
and lead us to the culprit.
So does anybody have anything
they wanna say
before we get started?
Yes, this is a complete
waste of my time.
We're all locked
in here until morning.
Okay, Shaggy, switch him on.
anybody needs to confess?
That collar is a fake.
We'll see about that.
Get going, Scooby.
Okay, I admit it.
I did it.
I built the devices.
I planted them in the toys.
It was me. All me.
But why?
Because I'm going to market
those things and be rich.
I did this to get
some free publicity
and you all took
care of that for me.
So thanks a lot.
Well, you're not
going to see one dime
until you get out of jail.
And I'm willing to wait.
Great going, Scooby.
So, Velma, like how
did you make that crazy collar?
I didn't. It's just
the disco dog collar deluxe.
I just don't think my little
cousin is going to like it.
What's not to like?
[doll cries in high-pitch tone]
Hey, Scoob, what do you say
to a little early morning
late night snackeroon?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
I always keep a secret stash
just for emergencies.
Wait a minute.
Harry Noze didn't do it.
I just realized
who the real culprit is.
But Harry confessed.
Head back to the mall, Fred.
'I'll explain on the way.'
'Exactly as I thought.'
Blast! Not you meddling kids.
He got away!
And like he knows this mall
better than anyone.
We'll never find him.
I wouldn't be
too sure about that.
Now, if I can just find
the right frequency.
Got it!
There he is!
Let's go!
But why would Harry confess
to a crime he didn't commit?
'Because Harry wanted
to be a great toy maker'
but his own toys
weren't very good.
He figured that if everyone
believed he invented the devices
he would be known as the
greatest toy maker of all time.
I can't believe a great military
mind like mine was outsmarted
by four kids and a mangy mutt.
It dawns on me that
we'd never solve the mystery
of the cement breaker
in the basement.
And then when I saw Shaggy
open the secret compartment
in the mystery machine,
it all made sense.
Right, Velma.
The rampaging toys
were a diversion
so that no one would hear
Officer Claphammer
cutting through
the basement floor.
He stole the paintings
from the old art museum
and hid them so he could
come back for them later.
That's why the paintings
were never found.
They never left the museum
in the first place.
And they could've been mine.
Well, we'll make sure
that the paintings
get back
to their original owners.
That was great work, kids.
Thanks, Mr. Bottomczek.
And actually
I hate to ask, but..
It sure was nice
of them to give you
a Spaceman Swinton
for your cousin.
It sure was.
'Scooby Dooby Doo!'
[theme music]
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