What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e12 Episode Script

Pompeii and Circumstance

What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
We're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
We're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby-Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
Don't look back ♪
You may find another clue ♪
Scooby snacks will be
waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
We're coming after you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
Na na na na na
na na na na na ♪
Na na-na na na-na na ♪
Na na na na na
na na na na na ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
[instrumental music]
So, Teen Super Spy Deac Rivers
at last you face me
the insidious Dr. Bikini.
I pity our first meeting
shall also be our last.
I hate long goodbyes, doctor.
They get me all choked up.
After him you incompetent dotes.
[instrumental music]
[tires screeching]
Great job, Jim. Okay,
swap in the stunt double.
All set, Bull?
Settle, everyone, and..
[evil laugh]
Abandon this production
all who wish to live!
[instrumental music]
'Hollywood, California,
I can't believe we're here.'
'It sure was nice of your aunt'
'to arrange a studio tour just
for us, Velma.'
What's the point of having
a glamorous job
like chief studio accountant
if you can't pull some strings.
Welcome to Piranha studios.
May I help you?
We've like come
to see the movie stars.
Well, look here, you can't just
waltz on to it.
Mrs. Dinkly from accounting
left a drive on pass for us.
Oh, that's different.
I'm sorry, kids, it's just
that security
has been tightened
ever since..
Well, never mind.
You kids go on
and have a good time now.
[instrumental music]
I wonder why studio security
has been tightened.
Like, who cares!
As long as we're in Hollywood
surrounded by nice,
normal movie stars
instead of some group
of ghoulish creeps.
[indistinct chatter]
Here we are, stage 27.
Now remember to play it cool
around these movie stars.
- Okay, girls? Girls?
- I see somebody famous.
- Hi!
- Hi!
And to what do I owe
the pleasure
of receiving the rapt attention
of two such very lovely ladies?
Are you a movie star?
I am an actor.
Alas! The thespian gifts
of Roderick Kingston..
yours truly,
are currently being wasted.
I'm but a mere stand in for--
- Chip Hernandez, Jr!
- Where? Where?
Aah! Will you please
sign this for me.
I'm just your number one fan.
Wow! I've never seen him
act like that before.
Yes, I'm quite used to it.
Bull, you can't quit.
What are we going to do
without your stunt team?
Sorry, Mr. Wong.
I'll risk my neck
doing any fools stunt
but when it comes to ghosts
count me and my team, out.
You must be Vincent Wong.
The famous Hong Kong
action director.
More importantly,
didn't he also just say ghosts?
Sadly, yes.
I started out directing
this teen spy beach movie.
But it's turning
into a horror film.
Thanks to that
Faceless Phantom!
Faceless Phantom?
According to studio legend
ghost of the movie idol
Rip Bannon
has haunted the back plot,
ever since he was lost
'in a tragic fire
many years ago.'
Oh, right,
Rip's most famous role
was in the Deac Rivers
teen super spy film.
"Spy Me a River."
The very film we're remaking.
Looks like we're
not making anything.
No stunt team, no movie.
Okay! All done here, thanks.
- Bye!
- No, no, no! Don't go!
We solve mysteries
all the time, stay.
We'll do the stunts, we're
always in crazy situations.
Right, gang?
Sure, if we
were the stunt team
that would keep us close
to the action.
Uh, it's a bit unorthodox.
Okay, let's get you
to wardrobe.
Our costumer Vicky will make you
look the part in no time.
Hold on! I have just
one little word for this idea..
No, no, no!
No! No! No! No!
But Shaggy you look
fabulous in this.
Blue certainly
doesn't cramp your style.
I'm not worried
about cramping my style.
I'm worried about
breaking my neck.
Chip Hernandez, Jr. is
counting on us.
I can hear his dreamy
voice even now.
Shh! That is his voice listen.
'No, it really is that bad.'
I want off this picture, Sid.
I can't follow up a mega hit
like "The Modem"
with this peace of teen fluff.
Dude, make it happen,
or I walk.
I love "The Modem."
Who would have thought
an exciting sci-fi picture
could take place
inside a fax machine.
I wonder.
'Velma, you can't suspect Chip.'
'Even we amazingly cute
are not above suspicion.'
Yeah, like he maybe
a wolf in Chip's clothing.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
Split up, Gang!
[instrumental music]
Hey, Scooby, Shaggy!
What's going on here?
Like, ask him.
[dramatic music]
The phantom, well..
I'm not going to let a small
detail like the ghost
of a disfigured
teen idol stop me.
Let's start rolling!
Right on, Vincent.
We're with you.
Scooby, where are you going?
What do you know,
that spooky samurai armor.
- Good going, Scoob.
- Shh!
'Hey, what's Roderick Kingston'
'doing in Chip Hernandez
Jr.'s trailer.'
Hey, you! Who's there?
Let me see your lot pass.
Don't shoot!
I'm wearing studio property.
Oh, it's you two.
I heard the phantom
was around here.
Hmm, I wonder
what he could want.
Like, maybe a dressing room.
I guess studio phantoms
don't get their own trailers.
Like, I'd rather have a limo.
It's no use, Fred.
Your head's just too big
to fit into Chip's helmet.
Too much brain, I guess.
Then we're just going
to have to find someone
with a smaller head.
What? Whatever it is,
I'm not gonna do it.
Um! Delicious! But I still
don't want to do it.
Shaggy is right.
He can't possibly
do the stunt like this.
Ah! Finally.
Sanity prevails.
It's a much better stunt
with a dog on the back.
Wait, wait..
This isn't in the script.
I-I didn't write this,
it doesn't make any sense.
Trust me! It's better like this.
Okay, places, roll sound
[instrumental music]
No worries, pal,
we are not budging.
[instrumental music]
'Like I never thought
I'd see Scooby-Doo'
'jump the shark.'
[evil laugh]
Abandon this film
or face my wrath!
You okay, Shaggy?
Talk about a bad facelift.
That guy had his face
lifted clean off.
Did you get it?
Were you rolling?
That was gold, pure gold!
That came from Chip's trailer.
Come on! Hurry!
Chip, are you alright.
What happened? What's wrong?
What's wrong? Look at my face.
My beautiful face!
'It can't be my make up.
It's hypoallergenic.'
- Um, avocado.
- I'm allergic to avocado.
That's it, man. I quit!
You can't walk off this movie.
We got a contract.
Contract or no contract,
I'm done!
- Huh! Spoiled brat.
- Hmm.
Looks like the only way to get
film in can today
is to shoot more stunts.
- You game, Fred?
- I'm in.
[instrumental music]
Okay, Freddy, remember..
you're Deac Rivers
Teen Super Spy
and you're crossing the bridge
of death into Dr. Bikini's
'inferno lair.'
Half way across, you're attacked
by an angry swarm of bees.
Your costume will
protect you a little.
But act scared, okay?
Scared, right!
Rolling, places!
'Everyone settle and action!'
[dramatic music]
Cue bees!
[bees buzzing]
'Oh, no!
It's the Faceless Phantom.'
That bee suit won't
protect Freddy for long.
Come on!
You'll be okay,
there's first aid ointment
in the security office.
I think Shaggy and Scooby are
gonna need a lot more than I do.
- Oh, ho! Honey!
- Honey!
Hey, guys, look what I found.
An old scrap book
filled with pictures
of classic movie stars.
'Looks like Old Pete's been'
'saving these clippings
as souvenirs.'
'Look, here's a photo
of Rip Bannon.'
'The Faceless Phantom himself.'
'Yeah, like, back
when he had a face.'
There's a whole bunch
of Rip Bannon photos.
What would Old Pete be
doing with these?
Velma, you are needed
on the set, right now.
'Okay, Velma,
we're ready for you.'
Come on! You look great.
I can't do it.
Everyone will be looking at me.
Yeah, isn't it great.
Ready for your stunt?
Oh, I was so mortified
by the costume
I forgot to be
nervous about that.
What am I doing?
All you have to do is
jump off this ledge
and freefall until these
nearly invisible guide wires
slow your drop and, voila,
you're finished.
Yeah, that's what
I was afraid of.
Do you want a Scooby Snack?
Ready, up there?
Okay, camera and action!
Here goes nothing.
Okay, everything's fine.
Perfectly safe.
Falling according to plan.
[evil laugh]
That wasn't a part of the plan.
Aah! Aah!
Oh! Oh!
[evil laugh]
Hang in there, Velma.
[dramatic music]
Okay, Scoob, let her Rip.
Good catch, Shaggy!
Who would have
thought the emergency
nap center I installed
for Shaggy would be
used in an actual emergency.
Man, like, when I need a nap bad
that is an emergency.
[evil laugh]
That's strange, your harness
and wires look fine.
It wasn't sabotage.
Like, Fred,
if those are Velma's wires
whose are these?
Hmm, an extra set of wires.
Looks like Velma
wasn't the only one
using special effects to fall.
That explains why the phantom
just hung there for a minute
after the bridge collapsed.
Our Faceless Phantom
is a phony-fake.
And you know what that means.
That we phone the cops
and head to the beach.
That we flush out that
make-believe mischief-maker.
Looks like the man
with the van has got a plan.
I'd like, rather get a tan.
Yo, Vincent, I'm, like, back.
Oh, the prodigal star
returns. Huzzah.
So, you're back
to finish the movie.
Why the change of heart?
My lawyer said I had to.
Good enough for me.
'People, people!'
We're about to shoot
the most exciting climax ever.
So let's focus.
Daphne, you'll be doubling
for Deac Rivers' flirtatious
love interest
and Russian military contact.
Major Smoochie.
You'll jump your horse
over Dr. Bikini's minions
and land on the speeding train
where Deac is bound and gagged.
Save him then we cut.
Roll camera, cue train,
and Action!
[dramatic music]
[horse neighing]
[evil laugh]
Like, sorry, Mr. Faceless, sir.
Believe me this wasn't my idea.
Okay, gang, now!
Good work, Fred, you got him.
Oops! You don't got him!
Is there a plan B, Freddy?
Yeah! Run!
[instrumental music]
I won't go out with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
So why you wanna walk
around with me? ♪
Ooh ooh ooh I don't want
to walk around with you ♪
Ooh ooh ooh I don't want
to walk around with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
So why wanna walk
around with me? ♪
Ooh ooh ooh I don't want
to walk around with you ♪
Ooh ooh ooh I don't want
to walk around with you ♪
Alright ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
I don't wanna walk
around with you ♪
So why you wanna walk
around with me? ♪
Ooh ooh ooh I don't want
to walk around with you ♪
Ooh ooh ooh I don't want
to walk around with you ♪♪
'Vincent Wong!'
I'm befuddled, bewildered
and befogged.
What's going on here?
It's all very simple.
We arranged for Chip to pretend
to return to the movie
in order to act as bait.
But how did you know
Chip himself wasn't the phantom?
Because Chip
can't do anything.
The phantom could scale walls
do acrobatics and seem to fly.
Chip can't even act.
Yeah, but check
out my cheek bones.
We knew the phantom
must be someone trying
to shutdown the production.
But that could
still be anybody.
Yeah, "Spy Me a River."
Blawwh! Come on!
Nobody wants
to make this picture.
Especially Vincent Wong
an important Hong Kong
action director
dreams of making
an American film
and gets stuck with this.
Then I remembered that Vincent
started his career
at the Peking Opera School.
From childhood
the students are trained
'to do amazing feats,
which come in handy'
'in the world
of Hong Kong action films'
'or creating a convincing
Faceless Phantom.'
It's true, I was so excited
to make a Hollywood movie.
I didn't even read the script
till after I signed on.
by then it was too late.
Aah! Doesn't anybody
read the script?
Then I thought
if enough people quit
the studio will shut us down
and I get to direct
a different movie.
So, you played up
the old studio legend
about the Faceless Phantom.
Yes, I'm so sorry!
Scooby's right, you were with us
when the phantom chased us
around in that samurai suit.
Yeah, I'm afraid
that was me, Shaggy.
I've been keeping a close eye
on every aspect of this movie.
But, like, why?
Because Old Pete is
really Rip Bannon.
Isn't that right Rip?
Afraid so. You see,
"Spying me a River"
was my biggest film.
I just wanted to see
it done right.
'You see, way back
when during that fire'
'nobody saw me get
out of there.'
But my face..
I had been so handsome.
I couldn't let my public see me.
Not, not like, like this.
Why Pete? It's the tiniest scar
I've ever seen.
It's barely even noticeable.
You really think so?
Oh, well, I suppose
I'd rather go to jail
than to have my name
on this movie.
Jail? What for?
Nobody got hurt.
You were only using your mastery
of theatrical effects
to scare us.
I just hated
this movie so much!
Huh, join the club, dude.
Hey, maybe there's a way this
could work out for all of us.
[instrumental music]
[audience cheering]
'Real live movie premier.'
'Talk about glamorous.'
'Chip Hernandez, Jr.
and Vincent Wong's'
'"The Modem 2."'
Congratulations, it looks like
you've got a big hit
on your hands.
Well, we wouldn't have
gotten away with it
if it weren't for you wonderful
meddling kids.
- And Scooby-Doo.
- Hey, where is Scooby?
And nachos and, uh,
jumbo popcorn.
'On second thought..
Hold the popcorn.'
[theme music]
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