When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

A Telling Silence

1 We've all known what it's like when it seems that our only light is the flicker of a candle in the heart of a shaft, but I believe that that candle is Providence, guiding us through our own darkness these past few months Heathen.
What? You're late.
Only heathens arrive late to a church service.
Me? Uncouth? Only the uncouth whisper during a sermon.
Shh! Because together, we can see a way out of the darkness.
Nice sermon.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the sentiment.
I'm very sentimental.
I thought you knew.
Good day, Mrs.
[Elizabeth, quietly.]
: Why does the company feel the need to send its spies even to a Sunday school? Because, clearly, some people in this town don't trust each other.
It's my job to find out why.
I'm trying to puzzle something out, Reverend.
Now, I'm paying you to offer wisdom and spiritual inspiration from the good book to the people of this community.
That's correct, is it not? That's what I'm doing, Mr.
Though I notice that your head-count is practically nil.
Now, why am I paying for the cow when no one's drinking the milk? With a new church building, I am certain they will return.
As you might imagine, not many people want to worship in a saloon.
Well, I can appreciate that, except that Cat Montgomery is drawing a crowd in a grove of trees.
Perhaps I should put her on the payroll.
When Calls The Heart 01x03 A Telling Silence Originally Aired January 25, 2014 You're gonna get trampled.
Come on up here.
Good dog.
: Imagine it's 2,000 years ago.
We're living in ancient Rome.
How did we know when the work day had ended? Rosaleen, do you know? The steam whistle blows? Good try, but it hasn't been invented yet.
Before machines, how did people tell time? The sun? Yes! They used sundials.
Here's a picture of a Roman sundial.
And this is a Latin phrase, "ut hora fugit vita.
" "Hora.
" Does that sound like an English word? It means "hour.
" "Ut hora fugit vita.
" "As an hour, life flies.
" Our lives are made up of hours.
I want all of you to think of your most important hour of the day, and write a paragraph describing it.
If you aren't writing all of your letters and words yet, draw a picture instead.
Okay, Rosaleen? [Knock on door.]
Good afternoon, Mrs.
Please, come in.
I hope you like poppyseed cake.
Well, it's Gabe's favorite, and I've been known to take a bite.
You don't see many of these in Coal Valley.
I brought it with me.
My husband loved hearing me play the old songs.
Took his mind off of work.
I'd enjoy hearing you play.
Oh, they're just Sweet, little songs.
Sweet, old songs are the best.
[Plays piano.]
[Finishes song.]
You have a soothing touch.
I envy you.
I am not that way.
Ever since the disaster, I've felt the miners draw away from me.
Reverend, the families needed someone who could comfort them.
Someone who understood.
That's the appeal of your preaching.
I don't preach.
You speak to a congregation of people each Sunday morning.
That seems like preaching to me.
I teach Sunday school, that is all.
I appreciate that you preach the word of the Lord, but, Mrs.
Montgomery, those are my congregants.
After they explosion, I I told the children of this town some stories to lift their hearts.
Then their parents started to come, too.
Maybe they just liked the fresh air, or maybe they like what I have to say, but if you won't meet their needs, they will flock to someone who will.
And if they are getting any comfort from me, then I will not stop.
I see.
Thank you for the music.
Rosaleen, wanna play? With Mrs.
Stanton out of town tending to her cousin, Rosaleen's mother invited me for dinner, but I'm sure Rosaleen would love to play with you another day.
Bye! Anna's nice, don't you think? I'm looking forward to dinner.
Do you know what we're having? Oh.
Then it'll be a surprise.
Surprises are fun.
I'm hungry, aren't you? Let's hurry.
Rosaleen was named after her grandmother.
Isn't that right? Dear? And her grandfather worked in the mines across the water, so we have coal dust in our blood.
There's no more, I'm sorry to say.
It was delicious, and certainly all I could ask for.
Ah, well, we did our best, the dear knows.
Rosaleen, isn't that the truth? You may be excused if you wish.
She was such a happy child before that day, the day of the disaster.
You wouldn't know it now, but she had a joy about her, there was a joy and a lightness, I tell you.
I know there was.
It's still there, I'm sure.
She so loved her father.
Every day, she'd take his lunch pail to him, and the two of them aw, the two of them, Patrick so big and little Rosaleen They'd sit at the entrance of the mine, and she'd laugh with him.
She hasn't spoken since that day.
You're a teacher.
You can help her.
Can't you? You must know some way we can reach her.
What should I do? We'll find a way.
Molly we saw a man on they way here.
He had a black wagon.
A broken-down wagon, a broken down man he looked at Rosaleen and he seemed to upset her.
That would be Wendell Backus.
He upsets everyone.
Some of the miners find they need drink, but Wendell has always been known to haunt the saloon.
Since the disaster, it's gotten worse.
[Footsteps descend.]
Can you say good night to Miss Thatcher? Then a hug will have to do.
Off we go to bed, now.
Please help my little girl.
Well, look who's here.
If you're movin' in, you're gonna need a name.
I'm calling you "Rip," as in "Rip Van Winkle.
" [Door opens and closes.]
Excuse me might I have a moment of your time? Of course.
I was happy to see this hat ride into town.
Hope you haven't been too disappointed in the head under it.
I trust I won't be.
As the official lawman in town, there is an unresolved case that requires your attention.
An arson case.
Someone burned down my church six weeks ago.
That's a pretty serious charge.
And what makes you think it was arson, not just an accident? It was too coincidental.
On the same night as we held a vigil for 43 deceased miners, my church burns.
Well, I understand you questioning coincidence, but I don't understand the motive.
My position here at Coal Valley has always been delicate.
I have always tended to the spiritual needs of the people, but.
something changed.
After the mine explosion.
People stopped seeing me as a man of God and started only seeing me as a company man.
Pacific Northwest M ining funds my salary.
Maybe they don't like praying at an altar paid for by the coal company.
But why burn down the church? People were sad and angry.
They lashed out at the company, at God.
In both cases, their anger was misplaced and fueled by Cat Montgomery and her preaching.
You think Cat Montgomery somehow burned down the church? Oh, I am not making any accusations, but I do know my church burned.
The Pinkerton Men were unable to find out how the fire started, and ever since then, Mrs.
Montgomery has enjoyed, shall we say, a larger audience.
I am asking you to investigate.
That is the duty your uniform represents.
I'll have a look around the burn site.
Thank you.
I would appreciate at least finding out what Mrs.
Montgomery knows.
I am not a vindictive man, but everyone deserves justice, even a preacher.
[Shop bell jingles.]
I wonder if you happen to know what this can is.
Not sure.
I'll take your best guess.
That's whale oil.
Really? That's my best guess.
Do you sell it here? I don't know if you are aware, but the world hasn't used whale oil for a couple of decades.
Well, any idea who might need to use it today? Maybe someone making foul-smelling soap, or, uh an Eskimo.
Don't see many of them around here, though.
Can't say I have either.
Thank you, Ned.
You've been helpful.
Do you like red? Can you draw a picture of your most important hour of the day? I can help if you like.
You seem tired.
Did you have your lunch today? Lunch is very important.
It gives you energy for your school work.
You should never skip lunch.
It helps keep you strong.
What's wrong? If you can't find the out-loud words, that's all right.
Maybe you can draw a picture of how you're feeling.
Rosaleen? Rosaleen, it's time to walk home now.
I'll come with you.
[Someone practices piano inside.]
Oh! Good afternoon, constable.
Afternoon, ma'am.
What can I do for you? [Kids squabbling.]
I had a question But I can come back at a more convenient time.
Nonsense, with three children, trust me, no time is convenient.
Please, come in, so long as you don't mind talking while I'm preparing dinner [Children arguing.]
Gabe, give it back to your brother.
[Piano practice resumes.]
Can you clean up the table for me, Miles? Please hello to the constable.
Keep that thumb in line.
There you go.
Really? You didn't put my stuff away? Put the books away, Miles.
: Well, it's yours.
So, what was the question you wanted to ask? Oh, um, I, uh I was just wondering if you had a spare coal caddy? When I took over the jailhouse from the Pinkertons, they, you know, had stripped it bare.
Uh, yes, please, take that one.
We have a spare in the shed.
Thank you, ma'am.
Forks? You take the forks, he's getting the plates.
Emily, come on, sweetheart, it's dinner.
Go say goodbye to the constable.
As you were.
Ready? One, two, three, scooch! There we go.
Jack! Wait a moment! One of my students, Rosaleen Sullivan, she will not speak.
She simply will not say a word.
I've been working with her, and I believe she was on the verge of a breakthrough, when we saw a man, Wendell Backus Slow down for a second.
You big city folk rattle a mile a minute.
I'm just a country boy who needs to understand this.
I'm concerned for one of my students.
Rosaleen Sullivan, who doesn't speak, and why do you think Mr.
Backus had something to do with that? When she saw him, he stared at her, and it was like her blood froze.
It just happened again.
She saw him, and she just crawled back into a shell.
There's something wrong here, I know it.
Well, Wendell's a drinker, if that's what you mean, but so are other miners.
It's more than that.
Well, working in a mine can break a lot of men.
It's not a pretty sight, but it doesn't mean that he's a bad man.
There's something wrong about him and it's connected to why Rosaleen won't speak.
How old is she? She's only eight.
I'll talk to him.
[Children laugh and play.]
I'm glad you brought your lunch today.
When I was a girl, we called jacks "knucklebones.
" My favorite game with them was called "Horse In The Stable.
" Would you like to learn how to play? Okay you start with [Children shouting.]
I'll be right back.
Don't forget to eat your lunch.
[Children shouting and arguing.]
[Shouting and arguing.]
Boys! Boys, stop it! [Shouting and arguing.]
Boys, stop it.
Stop this immediately.
That's enough! What happened? He stole my coins.
Did not! They were on the ground! Yeah, but I saw 'em first! Whatever happened, there will be no fisticuffs on my watch.
This is no way to resolve a dispute.
But they're mine! But I saw 'em first did not! They were on the ground! Call heads or tails.
Oh, my Rosaleen! Rosaleen! Okay We're gonna do it this time, are you ready? [Barks.]
Okay, and And fetch! Sorry, Reverend.
Have you ever seen a less mobile dog? No, sir.
I hope it's not catching.
I beg your pardon? I am questioning the slow pace of your investigation into the church fire.
I'm happy with my pace.
Have you uncovered anything of interest? I can't discuss an ongoing investigation.
Jack! Jack! Rosaleen is missing.
The children were outside for lunch, and the next thing I know, I see Wendell's wagon going down the road, and Rosaleen is gone.
- Okay, when did this happen? - Just now.
I told you about Wendell.
We don't know anything yet.
Maybe she went back to the schoolroom.
Did you look there? Of course! She wasn't there.
Maybe she went home.
Are you sure you're not jumping to conclusions? Jack, I think he's taken her.
: I know Wendell Backus.
Ever since the explosion, he's been a troubled soul.
You should hurry.
Which way was his wagon headed? Out of town.
I think he was headed west out of town.
Okay, go back to the classroom.
She might return there.
I'll track down Wendell.
Go! Is there anything I can do to help? Start knocking on doors on main street, see if anyone saw something.
[Banging on door.]
Wendell! Wendell Backus! What do you want? Say, what are you doin'? Looking for a missing child.
Rosaleen! You here? I don't know nothin'.
Hey, this is my house! Rosaleen? Move.
What's goin' on? I need you to sober up right now, Wendell.
You bust in here I ain't bothered you.
There is a little girl, Rosaleen Sullivan.
You know her? She went missing from school today.
Do you know anything about that? No.
No, of course not.
You got no right to accuse me.
You tell me what you know.
I ain't known nothin' my whole life.
If you're lying to me What? What can you do to me that's worse than my life is now? If I find out that little girl is missing because of something you've done I will personally see to it you are locked away in Medicine Hat Prison, shackled to the wall of a stone-cold cell for the rest of your miserable life.
I didn't do nothing, I swear.
Your eyes are telling me a different story.
The story it was a day a while back, a day I Sometimes, liquor gets the best of me.
I had a few too many a while back, and I saw that little Irish girl, and I asked her what day it was.
She didn't answer.
She was being disrespectful.
I'm an old mine hog.
I'm not much, but you should show some respect.
I have earned some respect! So, what did you do to her? Nothin', really.
I raised my hand to her.
She drew back, and I could see how scared she was, but I swear, I never hit her, never.
But I know I put the fear of God into her that day.
Oh, you put the fear of a very flawed man in her.
Not God.
I shouldn't even be alive.
I should've died in that mine with the rest of them.
I was sick that day, so my best friend worked the shift for me.
It's like I killed him myself.
And ever since, you've been doing your best to die.
Drink yourself to death.
That's about right.
Maybe you were spared for a reason.
It's not to late to do something good with your life, Wendell.
Did Rosaleen have a favorite place where she might have gone? She's a smart girl.
I think she'll be sitting with us tomorrow morning, right there in her spot.
Class, open your readers to chapter seven, please, and read on your own.
I found Wendell.
She wasn't there.
I don't think he knows where she is.
Then I went by the Sullivan home.
She hasn't turned up.
Molly and some of the other mothers are searching right now.
Poor Molly.
Most Coal Valley kids, they can take care of themselves, but from what you've told me about Rosaleen I think we need an all-out search.
I think you're right.
Rosaleen! Rosaleen! [Searchers shout.]
Rosaleen! [Calls echo.]
Rosaleen! [Searchers call out.]
Whoa I'd like to help.
It's good to have you with us.
Rosaleen! Rosaleen! Rosaleen! Anything at the South end? Nothing.
Aw, get some rest.
You'll need it for the morning.
How can I rest? I'll never be able to rest when she's out there somewhere.
She could be in trouble.
No, I'll not rest now, or ever until I find her.
Rosaleen! Rosaleen, my darling! We keep looking.
Okay, some of you, follow Molly, and the rest of us, let's check the east side.
I'll head to the school.
Maybe she made her way there Rosaleen? [Sighing.]
[Sighs shakily.]
Oh Rosaleen! [Quietly.]
Rosaleen? Rosaleen? Rosaleen? Rosaleen? [Soft crying in the distance.]
Rosaleen [Gasps in relief.]
Rosaleen Oh, my God.
Oh, you're okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm here now.
You're all right.
You're all right.
[Sighing in relief, Rosaleen still sobbing.]
Oh, sweetheart, I am so glad I found you.
The whole town has been out looking for you.
Did you know that? Oh, you're safe now.
You're safe.
Rosaleen, I found your picture, and I think I know why you came here.
You wanted to bring your daddy his lunch, didn't you? I I I didn't bring him his lunch.
That day, my friend, Anna, asked me to play.
I wanted to play and I didn't bring him his lunch.
Then the boom came.
Oh Sweetheart, look at me.
It is not your fault that your daddy lost his life in this mine.
What will mommy say when she finds out I didn't bring him his lunch? She will tell you that she loves you more than life itself.
All right, it's time to go home now.
[Sobbing and shivering.]
Mommy! Mommy! Rosa Mommy! Rosaleen.
Mommy! They've found her They've found her! [Elizabeth writes.]
: The searchers all rushed toward Rosaleen when they saw she was back safe in her mother's arms.
The Reverend, the mothers, many of the miners, even Wendell Backus [.]
I'm sorry, mommy.
I love you.
I love you.
Oh, dear little one, I love you so.
The light of love restores every lost voice.
Can anyone say this? Gabe? "Sol omnibus lucet.
" Very good, Gabe.
"Sol omnibus lucet.
" Rosaleen, would you like to guess what the word "sol" means? Does it mean "sun"? Yes.
[Everyone applauds.]
This means "The sun shines for everyone.
" That's all for today.
Enjoy the sunshine.
A very good lesson.
Thank you.
I, uh I owe you an apology.
For what? For jumping to conclusions about your character when I first got to town.
But last night, once again, you proved me "Erro.
" Ah The Latin word for "mistaken.
" You know Latin, do you? A little.
For instance, "Bella.
" Oh.
Did I pronounce that correctly? Yes, I believe you did.
Well, there's also "Pergisci.
" I'm afraid I don't know that one.
Also, why are you whispering? [Whispering.]
It means "Wake up.
" Take this over to Ned at the mercantile.
Reverend, thank heaven, they found that little girl.
Yeah, it's a true miracle.
I see that you're making some progress.
Spurlock tells me that the constable is investigating the church fire.
Well, hopefully, there will be a quick arrest and a resolution to this matter.
Now, I know that you want me to build you a new church About the church But with the perpetrator put away, be it Cat Montgomery, or whomever, I'll certainly feel more inspired to build you a new place of worship.
I don't want that.
Gathering together to praise the Lord, worship in His name, doesn't require a building.
You were the one who's been pestering me about it.
Now, if you wish to continue to preach at the saloon, that's fine by me, as long as everyone continues to move forward, and people have their minds taken off the unfortunate mine disaster.
I blamed a poor widow for burning down my church and stealing my parishioners.
Well, it certainly appears that that's exactly what's happened.
I have no idea whether Cat Montgomery burned down that church or not.
But even if she did, it's not my place to judge.
I came here looking for justice, as if that church belonged to me, as if it was my personal property But it never was.
The church belongs to the people, and I I am supposed to be their humble servant.
Well, so long as you continue to do the job that I am paying you to do.
"Whereas I was blind, but now I see.
" Gospel of John 9:1:11.
I'm sorry, parson, but I don't speak Bible.
I don't work for you anymore, Mr.
I am resigning my position with the company.
I hope the good people of this town can forgive me my weaknesses so I can go back to my calling as their preacher.
How are you going to do that without a church? How are you going to keep your flock together without some kind of financial backing and a place to preach? Where God guides, God provides.
Is your mother home? She's in back, gardening.
Mind hanging onto this guy for a minute? Yes, sir.
You're getting good at that.
Hi there.
I came to return this.
I have one of my own now, but thank you for the loan.
Oh, you're welcome.
You can just put it in the shed for now.
Yes, ma'am.
[Humming peacefully.]

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