When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Secrets and Lies

Previously on When calls the heart Why does the company feel the need to send its spies even to a Sunday school? Because clearly Some people in this town don't trust each other.
Cat Montgomery is drawing a crowd In a grove of trees.
Perhaps I should put her on the payroll.
If you won't meet their needs, They will flock to someone who will.
Someone burned down my church six weeks ago.
I wonder if you, happened to know What this can is.
It's whale oil.
I see you've found my supply of whale oil.
Yes, ma'am.
I was just curious.
You don't see it used very often these days.
You don't see it at all , as a matter of fact.
I have to have that Specially ordered.
For your For your candle-making? Yes.
Yeah, it's a little side business I started After I lost my husband.
I still have three mouths to feed.
His death pension, it only goes so far.
It must be a challenge, Caring for three children on your own.
Yes, it can be stressful.
Guess it might make a person angry, too.
I'm not sure I catch your meaning.
Do you remember a special vigil six weeks ago at the mine? Of course.
It was for the men lost in the explosion.
But you chose not to attend.
I chose to grieve my husband privately.
That's no secret to people who know me.
Or to those who marked that As the same night the church burned down.
Well, you can tell the dear reverend I did not set fire to his church.
Montgomery, Can you explain how a can of this very same whale oil Might have ended up In the remains of the building? Whale oil? It was used to burn down the church? It appears so.
Are you accusing me of arson, constable? Not accusing.
Just Just asking a few questions.
Mind if I hang onto this can? Be my guest.
Jack Hello! Jack? As a teacher, I'm learning new things every day.
The children are my pupils, But they are also my instructors.
They are teaching me which keys to use To unlock their minds, And their enthusiasm guides me.
Each one of them is unique, And I'm learning to identify Those who need to pushed further and faster, And those who need patience and a slower pace.
Good morning.
Good morning, emily.
Good morning, miss thatcher.
Miss thatcher, My ma asked If you could come by today after school, She said it's real important.
Tell her I'll be there.
Come on, pockets.
Dump 'em out and show me what you got.
My name's not pockets.
Sure it is, pockets.
Now, either you empty 'em out, or I'll do it for ya.
That's it? That's all you got? Everything all right here, Albert? Miss thatcher! I was just Helping him pick all this up.
Well, isn't that nice.
Since you're feeling so eager to help, Why don't you plan on staying after school To help me clean the classroom.
I was just funnin' him, Right, pockets? I mean, Albert.
I know exactly what you were doing, Which is why I'll make sure Cleaning is extra fun for you, too.
You have a wonderful eye for treasures, Albert.
If your classmates give you any more trouble, You'll come to me? Yes, ma'am.
All right.
How could Jack Thornton Believe anything so ridiculous? So he hasn't said anything to you? No, But now I understand Why he was so rude to me yesterday.
I'll admit, After what happened at the mine, I was angry enough at god To want to burn down a church, But I swear, I didn't do it.
Where do you think all this suspicion is coming from? Apparently, Constable Thornton found a burned can of my whale oil In the wreckage of the church.
Whale oil? That's absurd.
When I was a child, My father used that on his boats.
Mostly, it just smokes and stinks to high heaven.
Well, that may be, but He thinks it started the fire.
And as far as I know, I'm the only one in town who uses it.
Still, Anyone who thinks you're an arsonist Needs his head examined, Including constable Thornton.
I just wish I could get rid of this feeling That something bad is gonna happen.
What are you doing up? I can't sleep.
Why not? What's an arsonist? Somebody that burns things.
Why are you asking about that? I heard mommy and miss Thatcher talking.
She said That mountie Jack thinks She used that stinky whale oil And that started the church fire.
I'm scared, gabe.
What if they take mama away? Constable.
I believe you know mr.
Spurlock, My head of security.
Yeah, We've crossed paths a few times.
Thank you.
If we were any closer in age, We might even have crossed paths at the academy.
You were a mountie? No, I never let it get that far.
Decided halfway through training To get a real job with the pinkerton agency.
I hear tell That you're intent on reopening an investigation Into the church fire.
I wouldn't go that far.
It still could be an accident.
I will say that I've found some new information That needs looking into.
Looks like you're testing soil samples, Am I right? I'll let you know when I know.
And what I know, Is that a church bought and paid for By the pacific northwest mining company Was burnt to the ground a month after a mine disaster.
That, to me, Seems suspicious.
Gabe? Is it true you think my mama burned down the church? We should We should talk about this later.
No! I want to know the truth.
Truth is, I'm asking her some questions.
For now, that's all.
Can you promise me she ain't a suspect? No.
No, unfortunately, I can't.
if you try to take from us, I swear to god, I'll fight you.
I don't envy your position, constable, But if you believe that the Montgomery woman Is a suspect, Why haven't you arrested her yet? Unlike mr.
Spurlock's original investigation, I'd like to be more thorough Before I accuse a widow with three children Of a felony.
So we understand one another, If she indeed is the culprit, I want her behind bars Until she sit before a magistrate.
What's she going to do, run? If she's guilty, why wouldn't she? I don't know what she'd do under the circumstances, But this is a company town, And I need to maintain order, Or the entire system falls apart.
We can't have citizens running around, Doling out their own sense of warped justice, On that we can agree, can we not? We can.
Thank god, elizabeth found that little girl.
Yes, indeed.
It is a blessing to have rosaleen back.
Well, that's one mystery solved.
Use your imaginations.
Think what it must have been like For simon fraser and his men Out there all winter long, so far from home.
Can you tell me about your picture, rosaleen? It's what the explorers saw When they finally got over the mountain.
Do you like it? It's beautiful.
Just like the sound of your voice.
Apologies for the interruption.
I just need a minute of your time.
It's important.
Keep working on your drawings, boys and girls.
I'll only be a moment.
I hope you have a good reason For interrupting my class, constable.
I'm sorry, But I needed to talk with you, and it couldn't wait.
So you now you have time to talk to me? I was just trying to help cat.
By accusing her of arson? No, by trying to eliminate her as a suspect, But it is not proving easy.
Then try using some common sense.
What makes you think It couldn't have just been an accident? I'm not ruling that out completely, But there is Damaging evidence against her, elizabeth.
Certainly, you can't think She would jeopardize her children's welfare By doing something so foolish.
That's why I need your help.
I'd like to ask her children a few questions.
No Look, there's not a soul in town That can vouch for cat's whereabouts The night of the fire.
Maybe her children can, But if she is in the room with them, I can't verify her story legally.
Absolutely not.
Elizabeth Listen to me, She could be in a lot of trouble.
If you want me to have any chance Of ruling her out as a suspect, I'm going to need your help.
did you think she was angry? Yes.
Miss thatcher, are we in trouble? Of course not.
Mountie Jack just wants to as you a few questions.
That's all.
Why can't he ask us all at the same time? Well I suppose we should think of it As a little game he likes to play.
Doesn't seem like a very fun game.
Gabe? Your brother, He said he didn't know where your mother went The night the church burned.
Is that your understanding, too? All she said was she wanted to be alone, But that don't make her no arsonist.
The three of you, you went to the vigil anyway, Without your mother? She sent us with Abigail Stanton.
So what? Okay.
Was she at home when you got back? No.
She didn't get in till late after we had gone to bed.
Abigail stayed with us until she got there.
That's all I know.
Are we done yet? Yes.
Hello, emily.
Take a seat.
Now, I have a few things I'm trying to figure out.
Do you think you can help me? I'll try.
Do you remember A special memorial service a while back? With lots of pretty candles And stories about the men who got hurt in the mine? Like my daddy? Yeah.
Yeah, like your daddy.
But your mommy, she didn't go to that service, Did she? Do you know why? I wonder where she went instead? I don't know.
When she came home the next morning, I asked her, But she was just too tired to tell me.
Wait, You mean when she got home late that night? No.
The sun was up when she came in, And mommy got in bed with me.
Emily, are you sure? Think really hard.
The rooster was crowing, too.
Well, thank you.
Thank you so much for helping me.
Would you mind waiting outside with your brothers? Did I get all the answers right, miss thatcher? The truth is always right, emily.
You did just fine.
Cat's hiding something.
Later that night or the next morning, What does it matter? Apparently, it matters enough for her to lie about it, And it is my job to find out why.
Well, I'm going along.
I don't think so.
Your authority ends in the classroom.
If you're going to wrongly interrogate An innocent woman and friend of mine, I'm going to be there.
Montgomery, This is your last chance to tell me the truth.
Both your boys say You told them you came home late The night of the vigil, But emily says it wasn't till the next morning.
Which was it? I didn't burn the church, Jack.
I have a perfectly good explanation of where I was Ma? Why is he here? Go back inside, gabe, please.
No, not until you tell me what's going on.
Can you watch them, please? Of course.
You guys, go back inside with miss thatcher, okay? She's going to help you with your homework.
Come on, let's get out your readers Gabe, you too.
I-I'm sorry, constable.
I am not at liberty to discuss this right now.
In that case, we can continue this discussion At my office If that's the way you want it.
You're arresting her? Just take it easy, gabe.
I'm just taking her in to ask her some questions.
It's okay.
No! You're trying to arrest her.
You can't do this! I hate you.
Gabriel, please, stop.
Stop! I need you to listen to me! No, ma, you didn't do anything! Don't go with him! I know, I just I just have to answer some of his questions, all right? And right now, I need for you to be a grown-up.
To be strong, okay? All right.
Okay? I will ride out immediately to check out your story.
If it does, this will be short-lived.
I promise.
So you still don't believe me? One of the pinkertons will watch things here While I'm gone.
Which one? Does it matter? The only thing that matters to me Is getting home to my children.
This is from cat.
It's for her children.
You arrested an innocent woman In front of her son.
Why, Jack? I gave her every opportunity to talk.
She didn't talk to me Until we got back to the jailhouse.
I'm about to leave town to verify her story.
It may exonerate her.
Then why arrest her in the first place? Why not just give her the benefit of the doubt? Because I have a responsibility To treat everyone equally, Whether it be Catherine Montgomery Or Henry Gowen.
She didn't do it.
You may be right, But you'd be surprised what people are capable of When they're hurting, Or when they're angry.
Now, I hope that's not the case.
I hope to verify her story, But I just need you to be patient.
Trust me.
Just let me do my job.
Then don't let me keep you.
These don't look right.
What is it? They're your mother's biscuits.
I followed her recipe exactly.
I wish mommy was here.
Her biscuits wouldn't make a sound.
Well, here.
Maybe you can soften them up with some gravy.
Or a sledgehammer.
All right Here we are.
Children, I'm so sorry.
I ain't hungry.
What's the point of eating anyway? All right, children, that's all for today.
You may be dismissed.
Don't forget to do your homework! Albert What's wrong? Nothin's wrong, ma'am.
It's just I've got a little something for you.
Good heavens.
Don't you like it? It's beautiful.
And far too expensive.
Albert, I'm so sorry, but I can't accept this.
Why not? Because it's too much.
Where did you get this? Well, I Please, just tell me the truth.
I found it when I was fishing in the creek.
I snagged it.
I can't imagine Who could be so careless.
I think it might have been mr.
Might? Well, he told me if I found it, He'd trade me a pen knife for it.
He knows They all call me "pockets," And how I like to find stuff and to keep it.
Spurlock, the pinkerton? Yes, ma'am.
I guess he saw me watching him over by the creek, And he told me that the necklace Fell out of his pocket, And how he lost it.
I guess I should've given it to him, But I mean, I already have a pocket knife.
And it's just so pretty.
And you're so pretty.
I appreciate your generosity, I really do, But I'm sure mr.
Spurlock misses this very much.
Why don't I return it to him and set his mind at ease? It's just I knew you used to be rich, So when I found it, I thought you'd appreciate it.
May I let you in on a little secret, Albert? Girls don't care if a gift is fancy, Not even girls who used to be rich.
Really? What we care about are gifts that come from the heart.
Like this one.
I made that! So you clearly don't need my advice.
You already know You are going to make some young lady Very happy one day, Just like this bird made me.
Pretzels, gingerbread, beef jerky.
Looks like you're having a party.
Our mommy's in jail.
We're gonna go visit her before dinner.
I'm sorry, I hadn't heard.
Mountie Jack thinks Mommy burned down the church, But we know she didn't.
She deserves something to cheer her up.
I agree.
Add a dozen licorice sticks.
Yeah, certainly, yeah.
Miss Thatcher, we just heard about cat.
It's just unimaginable.
Yes, it is.
I'm sure it'll all be straightened out soon, And she'll be back home where she belongs.
Of course she will.
Such a shame.
Those poor children.
All those sundays, I sat in her bible class, And she was the fire-starter.
It just, it takes my breath away.
I just, I can't believe that she would do this.
Writing's on the wall.
She's the only one any of us remember Not being at the vigil.
Gabe? Gabe! Hey, gabe! You can't go back there! You did it, didn't you? Please, just give us moment? You burned down That church.
That's why you wouldn't say nothin' in front of us! We'll just excuse ourselves.
We'll be prayin' This all gets sorted out real quick.
Okay, thank you for coming.
Tell me, ma! Did you burn down that church? Gabriel, you know I would never do a thing like that! Then why are you lying? I know that this is difficult for you.
I just need for you to trust me A little while longer, okay? How are you still pink? You should not still be pink.
Cook! Just don't burn on me again Just a minute! Coming! Good evening, miss thatcher.
Reverend anderson, please come in.
I just came by to find out How the children are holding up.
As well as can be expected, Although, obviously, they need their mother home.
I understand.
Cat and I may have our differences, But when it comes to The welfare of these youngsters, That's another matter entirely.
Give it back! Now! Dear, I had better.
I can come back another time.
Excuse me.
Have you been praying for us, sir? Of course I have, child.
Thank you.
I'd best go.
Boys, come here! That's enough.
Miss thatcher, I found mommy's necklace.
You must be confused, sweetheart.
This necklace belongs to someone else.
I was going to return it tomorrow.
No, the man who wanted to marry mommy gave it to her, After daddy died.
Who wanted to marry mommy? Mr.
I thought I'd seen the last of this.
Why didn't you say something About you and mr.
Spurlock earlier? I didn't think it was important.
His interest in a relationship was far greater than mine.
Cat Yesterday, Jack accused you of hiding something, And I defended you.
Well, I guess you're going to know the truth soon enough.
My husband, joe, was a A good man, elizabeth.
He was a wonderful father.
But he made Mistakes.
He had a weakness, One that he was terribly ashamed of, One that the children didn't know about.
No one knew about it.
I don't understand.
He liked to Gamble.
He played cards with some men The next town over.
Oftentimes, he would win, But more often, he would lose.
He kept chasing that big win that would get out of debt.
There was no talking to him.
I couldn't keep him from going.
Lord He dug himself in a deep, deep hole.
There was a card shark, Who saw a desperate man, And just kept giving him more and more credit.
A week after the Mine disaster, That man showed up looking for his money.
Did you explain That your husband was gone and couldn't repay the- He didn't care.
He wanted what he was owed.
I didn't know what to do.
I couldn't go to my friends, I was too ashamed, And joe was a good man.
There was no way I was gonna let this town Think poorly of him.
And how does spurlock fit in? He's the only one who knew.
He played cards With the same men, with joe.
He knew I was in trouble.
He came to me and Offered to help.
He said he would pay off the debt If I would just Be friendly to him.
He played on my worries for my children.
He actually thought that I was weak enough that I'm so sorry.
He tried to give me that necklace And Well, I was harsh in my rebuke.
I was so furious.
I told him I would rather live in a tent And I would starve before I would I hurled that necklace back at him so hard, It landed in the creek.
He was really angry.
That's why he paid Albert bickley To look for the necklace by the creek.
And what about the card shark? Well, it took a while.
I used part of joe's death pension, And I spent a lot of sleepless nights making candles, But, finally, I paid it back, All on my own The night of the vigil.
That's where you were, settling the debt? Yes.
Jack is trying to track down the card shark, And I pray that he will confirm my story.
I don't understand, Why didn't you say so from the beginning? Why not just tell the truth and avoid all this? Because I'm not the only one Who adored my husband, elizabeth.
My children My children had already lost so much.
I could not let them lose Their good memory of their father, too.
I just I understand.
But what if Jack can't find the man? Or what if he won't corroborate your story? He might not be so willing to admit He pressured a widow into repaying her husband's debt.
Well, that's a risk I'll have to take.
So you would rather keep your husband's secret, Even if it means Being prosecuted for a crime you didn't commit? I haven't looked that far into the future.
I hope you don't have to.
Spurlock? Mr.
Spurlock! It's elizabeth thatcher! Miss thatcher? What brings you all the way out here? I came to return this.
Cat Montgomery.
A sorry chapter of failed love, I'm afraid.
My heart's broken again To see her in the predicament she's in For that church business.
Mine too.
Well, thank you for returning this.
Good day to you.
Whale oil? You just Can't help yourself, can you? It was you, wasn't it? You've created a problem for me, miss thatcher.
You planted that can at the church, After the fire, To make it look like cat.
You took that can from her shed And burned it right here.
Stop talking.
She's an innocent woman, you had no right! Enough! You don't have any right To judge me.
I was offering to save her and those kids, And she spurns me? Please, you don't have to do this.
Jack! Jack! Are you okay? Jack Did he hurt you? No, but how did you know I was here? When I got back to the jail, Cat told me that you were headed to spurlock's.
He's the one who framed cat.
It's over now.
Come with me.
"the boys "they run" Mama! You're home.
Hi, gabe.
Ma I'm sorry.
No, no, no, it's all right.
I'm home now.
That's all that matters.
As a teacher, I'm drawn to the truth.
Numbers don't lie, and facts are indeed facts, But sometimes, we need to trust each other, Because the truth isn't always what it appears to be.
Sometimes, an oil can found in a fire Is not what it seems to be, And, sometimes, Love comes just in time to save your life.
Thank you all for your support During my recent, shall we say, scandalous ordeal.
I am truly glad to be here with you today.
Now, reverend anderson had wanted to say a few words To all of us.
I'll be brief, Which, as most of you know, is against my nature.
First, to cat, I ask your pardon.
I accused you of something terrible because Frankly, I was jealous.
I was angry over losing my parishioners To your Sunday school.
It turns out, according to constable Thornton, Our church likely burned down accidentally.
And yet I allowed my suspicions To run wild.
No one should behave like that, Least of all a pastor.
Please forgive me.
And now to all of you, Over this past many months, I have not been the pastor You needed most In this time of trouble.
Instead, I've been more concerned of my own security, In keeping my own job, And for that, I am deeply Deeply sorry.
I can only hope That, over time, You will find it in your hearts to forgive me.
Pastor, It's been a while Since many of us have heard a sermon from you.
How would you feel About leading the service this morning? It would be my joy.
Psalm 23 Thank you for joining me For this picnic lunch, Jack.
I hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable.
A free lunch never makes me uncomfortable.
I just thought it's the least I could do To show my gratitude For that little incident with mr.
You mean the little incident where I saved your life? Yes, that one.
No thanks necessary.
I would have done the same for any citizen of coal valley.
Of course, you would.
I'd expect nothing less.
Though having a grizzled miner With a three-day-old beard jump into my arms Would not have been as pleasant.
Hope you like roast-beef sandwiches.
Yeah, well, anything with beef in the title Is most welcome, thank you.
To be honest, I'm not the world's best cook.
Seems I was born without that particular talent.
Perhaps you've heard that rumor around town.
It looks like we have an uninvited guest.
What? Spider.
Spider? Please? Sorry.
Don't mention it.
We probably shouldn't make a habit of that.
Absolutely not.

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