When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The Dance

Previously on When calls the heart Are you accusing me of arson, constable? Why haven't you arrested her yet? There is damaging evidence against her.
No! You can't do this! She's an innocent woman, you had no right! Enough! "hope is the thing with feathers" Just 10 of Emily Dickinson's poems were published While she was alive, But her words have moved millions.
Sorry, ma'am, We thought this was a saloon.
It is, at night.
During the day, it's the school.
Is this where we're supposed to stay? Welcome, gentlemen! You'll be housed in the rooms upstairs.
We've spent six days crossing this cursed country.
We came a long way to work in this mine.
Least we can get is a drink.
Are there any kids coming? Nope, no children.
Company's just hiring single men.
Welcome, But we're right in the middle of our school day, So we've got to get back to our lesson.
Sorry for the intrusion, ma'am.
Bar's right there, fellas.
I'm gonna get myself a drink.
The lady's trying to teach a lesson.
We'll go to our rooms.
After I get my drink.
Mister! Is that really the first impression You want to make in coal valley? The constable's right.
How about I buy a round later? Well, I guess I can wait, Since it's gonna be free.
"hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul" "and sings the tune without the words And never stops at all" How does it end? No matter.
It'll come to me.
Good day, professor.
Thank you.
You sure you want to unravel that? Wasn't that your husband's favorite sweater? He would have approved.
This way, a little part of him Can help keep your baby warm.
Thank you.
The blanket's gonna be handy.
It'll be cold by the time I deliver in a few months.
Carla, you're bigger than seven months.
Probably more like eight months.
Well, maybe I counted wrong, But I guess we'll find out.
I feel like I've been pregnant a whole year.
This is so pretty.
Violets are my favorite.
You know, my joe never noticed flowers.
I could go out, pick a bouquet, Put them on the table, And he'd say, "what's for supper?" Men.
Lord, they're impossible.
Until they're gone.
Did you hear? All those new miners who came to town Are bachelors.
I saw them.
They're staying in the rooms above the saloon.
How did they look? Wet and dirty.
They're probably all drifters and troublemakers.
I'm not sure I like that kind of element Coming into coal valley.
Well, let's not be too quick to judge.
My husband wasn't a chivalrous man, But he provided just fine for Caleb and me.
You're right, Mary.
We all know how hard it is to find a good man.
Or a good father for our children.
Carla, I think it's time that we get you home, Get you into bed so you can get some rest.
There we go.
Hi, Jack.
How's plans for the dance coming along? Very well, thank you.
I'm looking forward to something in that saloon Besides 40 miners sawing logs all night long.
I'm just picking up some more supplies.
My students are making all the decorations And we're running out of colored paper.
So, are you going to the dance? Yes, But in an official capacity.
Does that mean you're going alone? I'll be on duty.
I see.
You're not allowed to have any fun? What's going to happen When you settle down and have a family? Well, that's unlikely to happen.
Mounties and marriage, Two subjects that don't go together.
At the academy, they told us, "if the mounties wanted you to have a wife, We would have issued you one.
" So you don't ever want to get married? I didn't say that.
It's just that the mountie life Can put a wife through a lot of hardship.
For instance, living in a tent six months at a time Without a privy.
So, theoretically, Mounties don't marry Because they think women are delicate? I've just remembered I've got some work to do.
So I'm going to see to it.
Here, let me help you.
I am so embarrassed.
Well, you shouldn't be, It could have happened to anyone.
Do you, um, do you like peaches? I only wanted one, not the whole stack.
Well, here.
My name's dewitt, dewitt graves.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, mrs.
I'm sorry, mrs.
Dunbar, but your tab is full.
I-I can't let you have anything else Until you pay it off.
Here, let me, mrs.
Dunbar, it's my treat.
No, please, you don't have to do that.
Well, you don't recall That you did invite me to supper, And it's only fair That I should spring for the supplies.
Thank you, mr.
You're welcome, mrs.
Please, mr.
Yost, put it on my account.
Hey, albert! Hi, Caleb! Got any more worms? Yeah.
I thought I had some.
Guess not.
I'll dig for some.
I gotta catch somethin' today, even if it's trash fish.
I hate cat-fish.
Not me.
My ma knows how to cook it real good.
Besides, we're tired of having potato soup.
As my pa always said, "a good worm is the key to fishin'.
" Well, hey, I found one! You put the cucumbers in the jar, Then you add the pickling spices, And then you pour in the brine.
You have to do all that just to get pickles? Well, it doesn't happen by magic.
Back home, they were always just in the serving dish.
You'll never guess who I saw being sweet-talked-to At the mercantile By one of those new miners.
Mary Dunbar.
He even bought all her groceries.
Well, Mary's had it harder than most of us.
That was very nice of him.
Nice? It's a mistake for Mary to get involved With one of those men.
I don't think we can judge Each other's circumstances, Florence.
Are you ready to forget your noah? I will never forget my noah, But at some point, life goes on.
For all of us.
For you, too.
Abigail! My lord Abigail! Abigail Are you all okay? What happened? I was walking up the hill And I got all lightheaded.
Sit down.
Yes, sit down, Get off your feet.
Carla, I think that you should move in here with me Where I can keep my eye on you.
I can't.
I couldn't impose.
It's not an imposition.
I insist.
What about ephraim? Carla, there are dozens of families in coal valley Who would love to look after that little boy While you're here.
The more I get to know these women, I realize how remarkable and courageous they are.
They go through life with such grace under fire, It makes me realize Just how little I actually know about the real world.
Good night.
Good night.
These women are teaching me By their example That when each of us offers a small kindness to a neighbor, It can become a very large blessing To the whole community.
That's the law over there.
For those of you Inclined toward drink, There's the bar, But I recommend you become a teetotaler like me.
Make sure you use the soap.
Everyone washes off.
You don't want to get mud all over tom's bar.
Go on, get out of here.
Please, it's miss thatcher.
Well, miss thatcher, I'm billy.
Billy hamilton.
It came back to me- The end of that dickinson poem.
Really? I had it written in the back of my book From years ago, A little journal I keep.
I'm surprised to find a poetry lover among miners.
I love poetry.
I've even written some poems of my own.
Only one of six in my family That made it through secondary school.
Did you attend college? I had dreams, But they ended when my father died.
I'm sorry.
No, no, it's all for the best.
I never thought I'd be a miner.
I found a job at a mine back east, Ended up hopping from mine to mine, And now here I am.
Well, welcome to coal valley.
Perhaps you could Show me around.
Introduce me to the place.
There's not really much to see.
I disagree.
I've never been to this part of the country.
Out west? It's beautiful.
Besides, there must be a reason Why someone like you came here.
Maybe you could show me why.
How about tomorrow? I'd be happy to.
Then it's a date.
That one's quite the lady's man.
How do you fellows stay up so late And then get up for work the next morning? We haven't officially met.
I'm billy hamilton.
Jack thornton.
You, got blisters on your hand.
It's been a while Since my last job digging coal.
Worked most recently at central union mine, But they had me behind a desk.
Training me for something bigger, I guess.
Something bigger? What brings you to coal valley? I got tired of pushing papers.
Saw the job advertised And decided I'd get back into the mine.
Well, you are the first miner I've ever met That traded an office job for the pick-axe again.
I ain't no cheater! You take that back.
How about you take this back? Cut it out! Back up! Are you done? Damn your eyes! Hey! Come on.
We're going across the road.
Don't want you to miss a day at work, sam.
Mind your manners next time And I won't have to have you here.
Actually, it was It was kind of peaceful.
Hey, fellas! Wait up! My mom says Your ma is trying to get a new husband.
My ma? She was saying it's one of them new miners.
That ain't true.
Is so.
You're lying.
I'm tellin' you, it's true.
Look what I found.
Good morning, How's life at the saloon? It's like living in a circus.
I need you to send a telegram To the superintendent at central union mine.
I'll label that "urgent police business"? Definitely.
Hello, mrs.
It's just "Dewitt.
" No one's ever called me mr.
Well, then it's just "Mary.
" I was hoping I would bump into you.
I wish there were some way to repay your kindness.
No, that was my pleasure, ma'am.
Well, thank you.
I'm headed this way.
Mary? I don't want to put you out, But, It has been a while Since I've had a home-cooked meal.
And we did tell mr.
Yost That you had invited me to dinner, So I was thinking You wouldn't want to make a liar out of me, would you? I could buy something for it.
A roast maybe? That would be very much appreciated, but, um I'm not sure how my son, Caleb, would feel About us having a guest.
Of course.
I understand.
I've intruded.
I'm sorry for asking, Mary.
Good day.
But, I'm sure he would be very pleased to have a hearty meal for a change.
That's splendid.
Tomorrow night? Tomorrow night.
The very best.
You tell mr.
Yost To put anything you need on my account.
This is one of my favorite spots.
It's perfect.
When the church burned down, The town started meeting here every Sunday for services.
You can feel it.
It's like god is here with you.
I've only been in coal valley a short while, But the town changes you.
When you see people really helping each other And loving their neighbor, It just I know it's making me a better person.
You know, my.
My dad would love a place like this.
What did he do for a living? He worked with his hands his whole life.
Stable hand, harness maker, pick miner.
A man of all trades.
Kind of like me, I suppose.
It must have been hard for you, losing him.
You know, I've had some hard knocks, Throughout my life, but I live with hope.
The thing with feathers, That's my philosophy.
Hello, Jack.
How's that hunting going, any luck? Well, you don't need too much luck In this part of the world.
Just good aim.
Enjoy your walk.
You enjoy your supper.
Thank you, I will.
Hey, ma.
Hi, Caleb.
Didn't catch nothin' for dinner.
What smells so good? We're having roast.
Roast? Wait What's he doing here? His name is mr.
Graves, And he brought us a roast, so I invited him to supper.
Isn't that wonderful? I don't want him here.
Caleb Caleb, That would be rather ungracious of us.
Graves is here all alone in a new town.
There's nothing wrong with showing him A little hospitality.
Graves This is my son, Caleb.
Nice to meet you, young man.
That sure does smell delicious.
not that one.
It's my dad's spot.
My apologies.
Anything I can do to help, Mary? No, thank you.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
Elizabeth What you do you want to do After coal valley? What do you mean after? I mean, this is a wonderful place, But I don't know, I just, I see something bigger for you, you know? Well, I've really only just begun My work with the children, So I haven't given it much thought, But I have some dreams.
And what are they? I think dreams are like birthday wishes.
If you say them out loud, they might not come true.
Very well.
You keep them tucked away.
In the meantime, I have a little gift for you.
From someone who loves poetry.
This is my favorite one.
Thank you.
"o my love's like a red, red rose "that's newly sprung in June "o, my love's like the melody That's sweetly played in tune-" "as fair as thou, my bonnie lass "so deep in love am I "and I will love thee still, my dear Till all the seas gang dry.
" It's beautiful.
It's very familiar, I can't place the poet, though- It's probably familiar Because it plucks the strings of your heart.
Who is the poet? You're looking at him.
That's amazing.
That's wonderful.
Thank you.
Elizabeth There's something I'd like to ask you About the dance on Saturday? Would you honor me In going with me? Please.
You are my red, red rose Out here in the wild.
I'd like that.
Well, that was, That was the best roast I've had in a long time.
It was wonderful, And we are so grateful, Aren't we, Caleb? Do you have any pastimes, Caleb? I bet you like to play stickball.
May I be excused? Yes.
Well, I'd best be going, too.
I've got a long week ahead of me.
I'm sorry, He's usually more polite.
No, no, not at all, I understand.
I mean, I'm sure that this has been Really hard on the two of you.
But Today was nice.
It was nice for me, too.
II hear that there's a dance on Saturday.
I was wondering if You You wouldn't want to go with me, would you? To the dance? I'm honored that you would ask me, truly.
I would need to think about it.
I hope you understand.
That's all a man can ask for, is a little bit of hope.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Caleb dunbar, I have never been so embarrassed in my life.
How could you be so rude to our guest? We don't need his food.
I can catch us fish whenever we want it.
Caleb, listen to me.
Things don't always turn out the way we want them to.
Now, I'm your mama, And I'm going to do what I have to do For our family.
Our family was you and me and pa.
We're not talking about your pa.
I need to look out for our future now.
It's what I'm doing as your mom, And you need to understand that.
Carla, are you sure you don't want any supper? No thanks.
I'll just sleep.
How is she feeling? Well, she has a slight fever And she didn't want any supper.
We did have one, for years, But she left right after the mining accident.
Come in.
Well, I will be upstairs if anyone needs me.
Good night.
Glad to see you got home Safe and sound from your walk.
Billy happens to be a perfect gentlemen.
Actually, that's why I'm here.
I don't think you really know who billy hamilton is.
What's that supposed to mean? Look, I had my suspicions About whether he's all he says he is.
Based on what evidence? I'm not ready to say, But I just want you to be cautious.
I'd prefer you not go out walking alone with him Into the wilderness.
It wasn't a trek to the amazon rainforest.
I was just showing him around coal valley.
He says I'm an excellent guide, by the way.
I'm sure he did.
Flattery can get you anywhere.
Flattery? You think I'm in search of flattery? No, I'm just saying he threw down the hay Where the goats could get at it.
You're calling me a goat? Pardon my imagery.
I'm not a student of poetry.
But that's the basic idea.
Jack, are you jealous? Jealous? I don't have to be jealous to be concerned.
Well, you need not concern yourself with me Or how I spend my time.
Billy happens to be someone with whom I share an interest.
Good evening.
Caleb! You're here early.
Well, um Can I ask you a question, miss thatcher? Of course.
The new miners What do you think of them? I think they can be loud, And sometimes they interrupt our class, But they're here to reopen the mine, And I think that's a good thing, Because it means It will bring prosperity back to coal valley.
I don't like them.
Why is that? I just don't.
Well, have you met any of them? My mom invited one over for dinner, and I didn't like it.
I see.
Caleb, I understand.
Sometimes in life- Just forget it.
Miss thatcher.
Mary! I'm so glad you came over.
I was hoping to talk- I wonder if might ask for a big favor? Of course.
I don't know.
That is beautiful.
I've never worn anything like this In my whole life.
I would be honored to let you borrow it, Mary, But You think I'd look ridiculous Wearing this to that dance, don't you? No, no, no, That's not it.
It's just Caleb.
He came to see me at school.
About dewitt graves having supper with us? He didn't mention a name, But it's safe to say he's upset.
I know what he thinks, But he's too young to see the whole picture.
I wish he knew what I was trying to do Was protect him.
Graves is a good man And he's asked me to be on his arm at the dance.
And I believe he might Care for me.
And I I never thought That another man would ever pay attention to me again, And I'm just, I'm not willing to waste another minute Frittering away my son's future When this could be a chance for us.
I understand.
I really do, I'm just Cautioning you.
I don't think you do understand.
You were raised with all of the options in the world Available to you, And I have next to nothing.
I don't think I'll be borrowing this dress after all.
Thank you.
I'm going to make one of my own work.
Mary Rip, old boy, I'm home.
I am moving in.
I have had enough of that saloon and all of those noisy miners.
I've slept on worse.
Constable? Ma'am.
Somebody stole my late husband's gold watch.
Someone broke into your house? Right in the middle of the night With my child slumbering nearby.
They got the watch and his cufflinks Out of my top dresser drawer.
When did you notice it was gone? 10 minutes ago.
It must have happened last night Because I saw them there yesterday.
Blakeley, can you keep this to yourself? Well, I'll do my best.
And I'm going to look into it as soon as I can, I just don't want whoever took it To get nervous and leave town.
Understand? Okay.
Just hang them about every five feet.
That's wonderful.
Now, for the rest of you boys and girls, Who are working on arithmetic, We have a garden full of fruit trees.
one half of the trees are apple, One quarter of the trees are peach And one-sixth of the trees are plum.
The remaining 200 trees are cherry trees.
How many trees are in the garden? My goodness! Are you okay? It's all right.
It's all right It's just a harmless gopher snake.
get that out of here.
Caleb? You can claim him this afternoon In my office Now! It's okay.
It's okay Caleb? Why did you bring a snake to school, Caleb? I suppose I'm going to Have to speak to your mother about this.
I don't care.
I know that's not true.
I saw her trying to fix up her prettiest dress.
It's because she's going to the dance with Him.
Graves? I know he lives upstairs.
I figured I could put it in his boot, And he'd get scared, And then my ma would see he's a coward.
Not like my pa.
He wasn't afraid of snakes.
You miss your pa, don't you? Ma never talks about him.
It's like she wants to forget.
Maybe she doesn't want to make you sad.
Or it's just too hard for her to talk about it, too.
Memories can be painful.
They aren't painful.
They're all good.
Tell me about him.
What was he like? He was strong and Tall And he was funny sometimes.
He liked to sing And whistle.
He liked to fish.
We'd go fishing and build a fire, Cook it right on the bank of the river.
Sounds like he loved you very much, Caleb.
Yeah, he I guess he did.
I miss him so much.
Nobody can replace him.
Thank you, Abigail.
You and elizabeth have been most kind.
Dance a waltz for me? I will.
And I won't be long.
Come in.
My heavens, Mary, you look lovely.
For you.
Thank you.
I'll put these in water and go say goodnight to Caleb? I'm leaving now, Caleb.
Are you sure you don't want to come with us? I love you.
It looks like something out of Peter Pan.
Those little hands did a beautiful job.
They really did.
I would never have recognized this place.
Boy, it sure makes a miner Feel awfully lucky.
Hello! Welcome, welcome, everyone! First, we would like to greet our miner friends Who are new to town.
This is coal valley's way of showing you hospitality, And it's been quite some time Since we've had something to celebrate.
So, musicians, enough of that tuning up, Let's start with a two-step! Have you ever danced the waltz, mr.
Backus? A long time ago, before all my troubles.
Well, would you like to try again? No one will dance with the likes of me.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
May I? I miss him, mom.
Caleb I miss him, too, honey.
I miss your pa so much.
Carla Carla, I'm so sorry.
I should have never left you.
It's my fault.
I should have listened to you.
I think the baby's coming.
Wow, look at all the stars.
Do you see orion's belt? I do.
There he is, Still looking for his love, Artemis.
Will he ever find her? I hope he does.
She's so lovely.
Winter's coming.
I'm freezing.
Thank you.
Of course.
Constable! This came in for you just before the dance started.
Thanks, Ned.
No record of him The man's a liar.

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