When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

These Games

Previously on When calls the heart All those new miners Who came to down are bachelors.
Perhaps you could show me around.
I'd be happy to.
Somebody stole my late husband's gold watch.
- Who's the poet? - You're looking at him.
Jack, are you jealous? I don't have to be jealous to be concerned.
The man's a liar.
This has been such a lovely evening, Billy, Thank you.
It's been my pleasure, Elizabeth.
Excuse me, Elizabeth.
Could I have a word with you? A private word.
Of course, constable.
There's something you need to know About Billy Hamilton.
What? I heard it from central union mine, His previous employer, according to him.
They've never heard of him.
I know he's led a difficult life, So he may have Embellished a bit.
But I'm sure there's an explanation.
There is an explanation, He's not the man You think he is.
At best, he misrepresented himself.
At worst, He's a con man.
Did you check into everyone's employment history, Or just Billy's? You singled him out, Jack.
Why did you do that? Because, Elizabeth, I'm just trying to protect you.
I don't want your protection.
I can make my own judgments When a man shows some interest in me.
I appreciate your concern, But I already have a father.
Billy, would you please walk me home? I'd be happy to.
Thank you.
Abigail, it just doesn't feel right.
Could the baby be coming already? I was never this uncomfortable With Ephraim.
The baby is still high, your water hasn't broke.
I think he's just trying to get comfortable In cramped quarters.
Thank you, Abigail.
We thought that we heard You did.
But is she? I think it's just a false alarm.
I just don't understand how she could only be A little more than seven months, And yet be so huge.
But if this is real labor starting, If the baby comes this early I don't think the baby survives.
Because we do not carry everything to god in prayer Lord lift up his countenance upon you, And give you peace.
That was truly meaningful, Worshipping with you here today.
I agree.
Excuse me, miss Thatcher, Is it necessary to send so much school work Home on the weekend? It is called "homework" for a reason.
Well, I have three children under foot, Including Carla's little one, And I can't have my paul jr.
Doing arithmetic When he should be chopping firewood Or helping me scrub the floors.
I see.
That's all I wanted to say.
Happy Sunday.
That was unfair of her.
It's hard to please everyone at once.
I understand.
How about spending the afternoon with me And taking your mind off of it? What did you have in mind? I may have persuaded mr.
Ansvil To lend me his buckboard For a Sunday afternoon drive With the loveliest lady in coal valley.
That sounds nice.
I'll just have to check with Abigail.
I'll check with you.
I wanted to thank you again For the dance last night.
I don't know what I should say.
You don't have to say anything.
I am sorry for the way it ended, But my son does come first.
I respect that.
Thank you.
I do hope that Caleb will come around.
I'm not so good at waiting, but I'll certainly do my best.
Good day to you, Mary.
Hello, mrs.
Stanton? Yes? What can I do for you, constable? There's been another robbery.
I'm advising everybody to lock their doors and windows.
I thought, with mrs.
Noonan staying here with you Yes, no, thank you for the warning.
Is there something else on your mind? Any advice on getting a woman to listen to me? I take it we're speaking of Elizabeth, And my advice would be Make sure you're saying something important.
I am.
I'm concerned about her consorting With a man of low character, Yet somehow that offends her.
Well, they say You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
I shouldn't have to play some sort of game When I'm trying to be the good guy here.
And Honey.
Yes, ma'am.
Did you know, Scientists think those mountains Were once at the bottom of the ocean? And then they emerged, Only to be shaped by glaciers.
What a thrill it would be To be able to read a mountain, Layer by layer, And unlock the secrets Captured in sediment and crystal.
I didn't know you had a love of geology As well as poetry.
I have a love of many things.
Good afternoon, constable.
If I'd realized you were coming this way, I would have invited you both to come fishing with me.
Well, we were just discussing geology.
Well, no finer classroom in the world for it.
Catch anything? No.
But that hardly matters on a day like today, does it? Well, Enjoy your ride.
You as well! He was so Pleasant.
I wonder what he was up to? I'll have what he's having.
Brave man.
I like the chili.
Is that what it is? How's she going, Jack? Good.
How are you doing? You mean, since the dance? Yeah.
I can't blame the boy.
These youngsters here in coal valley Are dealing with a lot.
Yeah, I can't disagree.
I just, I wish that there was some way To break through to the boy.
Have you tried honey? What do you mean honey? Maybe if you do He will see you as someone he can trust.
How's it going today, Caleb? So, what are they biting on today? Sorry.
You know, Caleb, I tie a fine lure.
Would you like one? No.
I don't fly fish.
Of course.
If you don't mind, this is my spot.
Of course it is.
And what a spot.
I'll go a little further up.
Good luck to you.
Is there a problem? And asking them to lock their doors tonight.
Is this because of what happened to florence? Yes.
But, unfortunately, There was another robbery last night.
What was taken? Marta crocker's silver candlesticks.
My goodness.
False alarm.
Meemaw's brooch is safe.
My grandmother gave me this On my wedding day.
All the more reason to lock up until I can catch this thief.
I'm not hungry.
There's no room in my stomach anyway.
The baby's taking up every inch.
It's my grandmother's recipe.
It's really good, it'll keep your strength up.
Abigail, it's here.
Crane's recipes and cures.
" I remembered reading about it in my aunt's journal, So I telegrammed my father, And he found a copy and sent it to us.
It's just full of advice on how to birth a child.
It's practically a midwife in a book.
I don't want a midwife in a book.
I want a real midwife.
Or the company doctor.
When will he be back in town? I'm sure any day now.
But I've heard you talking What if I go into real labor before he gets back? Carla, I don't want you to worry about that.
Still time to sign up for the miners' games, boys.
I'm in for the arm-wrassle and the hatchet-throw.
How about you gents? Hatchet throw? I ain't going anywhere near that.
You can't hit the side of a barn.
Shut up and sign, harold.
This crime spree makes me nervous, constable.
Until this bunch showed up, Only thing ever disappeared around this town Is a licorice stick from the mercantile.
My thoughts exactly.
Whiskey, please.
This round's on me.
Right nice of you, constable.
To coal valley.
Coal valley.
You're not sitting in on a poker game? I figured you for a gambler.
I just gamble other things besides cards.
Handsome watch.
I noticed it wasn't your monogram, though.
It was my mother's father's.
My only inheritance.
Well, that and my smile.
Best keep that inheritance close to your vest.
Our thief has been taking family mementoes.
You know, I'm sure you're concerned about me, Jack, But we're interested in the same woman.
Now, you might think That red serge Jacket intimidates me, But it doesn't.
When it comes to Elizabeth Thatcher, I'm gonna steal her heart.
Hope you find your bad guy.
I will.
It's only a matter of time.
No, no, no Your cake for Saturday? Baking takes practice.
Then I'll be ready for the cake auction In Two years? Now, now, you wouldn't let your students quit, And I'm not going to let you quit.
Why don't I just stay here with Carla And you can go to the miners' games? Because you've never been before.
And besides, you shouldn't be hiding from Jack.
I'm not.
Why would you say that? When two people have feelings for each other.
Jack and I are just friends.
Besides, he's a confirmed bachelor anyhow.
No, he's a confirmed mountie.
Duty and honor, Until the right woman comes along.
I don't know about that, But he has been acting strange lately.
One moment, he's interrogating me, And the next, he's I don't even know how to describe it.
Sweet like honey? Yes.
How did you know? Never mind that.
All I know is I would be flattered To have someone going to extra lengths To watch over me.
Gently, on the rim of the bowl.
I'm not a complete beginner.
Constable, come in.
Are your children asleep? Of course.
You know what time it is.
I'm sorry.
I'm wondering if I could see Your grandmother's brooch again.
It's perfect.
For what? For nabbing a thief.
I need you to wear this tomorrow.
Will you help me? why are relationships Between men and women Sometimes so confusing? Our actions, our words It's like we're all speaking in foreign tongues And we can't understand each other.
But I wonder What part of our failure to communicate Comes from our own brokenness, And what part does my own brokenness play? Whoa Caleb! What? Try a knuckleball.
You know how to throw a knuckler? I do all right.
Show me.
Since he's the one who's pitching, But everybody can watch.
Hey! He knows how to throw a knuckler! Okay.
The grip is half the battle.
See, the fingers, see where they are? Knuckles on the seams.
Here, try it.
Fingers here, knuckles on the seams.
Now, this thing This will dance a two-stepper.
You want to give it a try? Yeah.
Okay, Ephraim, your mommy's right over here.
Let's go say hi.
Have a good time at the games, Ephraim.
I'm gonna eat three funnel cakes! You eat one for me.
You listen to mrs.
Blakeley about sweets.
Yes, mama.
Give me a kiss.
Blakeley's waiting outside for you.
what if something happens to me? Carla, don't think like that.
You have to stay calm.
Stay calm for this baby.
Everything's going to be fine.
Stay calm.
Ladies and gentlemen, It is my great pleasure, On behalf of the pacific northwest mining company, To welcome you To the annual miners' games.
Today, we celebrate the re-opening, At full capacity, Of our mine.
So without further ado, For you who work so hard, Now it's time for you to play hard, too.
Let the games begin! Well said, sir.
All right, Let's line up for the egg toss.
I hear the trick is, Your hand has to give when you catch the egg.
It's just for fathers and sons.
No, that's not what he said.
He said "boys and men.
" How about you and me give it a try? You're a pitcher, I bet you'd be good at it.
Okay, step back, give 'em another toss.
Okay, son, are you ready? Look at me, get ready.
Nice catch, Caleb.
I wasn't ready.
I'm sorry, Caleb.
I should have I should have waited.
Okay, give 'em another toss First, fellas, we have mrs.
Florence blakeley And her famous red velvet cake.
Now, let us dig deep for these bids.
This is for a good cause, New encyclopedias for the school.
We will start the bidding at two bits.
Two bits! Aren't you an eager bidder.
We have two bits.
35 cents.
And we have 35 cents.
50 cents.
We have- 55 cents.
60 cents! 80 cents.
I don't suppose I hear 85 cents? Going once, going twice Sold to the man with all the money for 80 cents! My pleasure.
And next up, We have a new addition To our cake auction.
Our teacher, miss Thatcher.
Go ahead.
You don't have to do.
00! 2.
Two 2.
Three bucks, and the cake is mine.
May I have a word with you, please? Why were you fighting over my pathetic little cake? You completely embarrassed me.
We were supporting you.
Raising funds for a good cause.
I apologize for embarrassing you, But, I think you're underestimating your cake.
It looks delicious.
Stop lying.
Yes, ma'am.
And you Stop with all the smiling.
What game are you playing, Jack? I'm just doing my job.
Protect and serve, that's all.
By bidding on a cake? Whatever it takes.
Hey, Jack! We've got a problem, we need your help.
You any good at tug-of-war? Okay, fellas! Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, he can't compete.
He's not a miner! Since you're the one who hurt ernie jacobs, How about you sit out, then the teams will be even.
Let the constable compete.
That way, we can have our contest And still get our victory.
I won that arm-wrasslin' fair and square! By breaking ernie's wrist.
What a lug.
Are we going to do this or what? We're going to do this.
Ready? You ready? Go! Come on, bite in.
Bite in! Come on, red! Come on, blue! My goodness! You okay? - Congratulations.
- Thank you there, mr.
Are you hurt? I'm okay.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm Caleb.
You were amazing out there.
Thank you, Caleb.
Yeah, the red team was better anyways.
Caleb! You were wonderful.
Well, I wouldn't say wonderful.
Well, so much for honey.
You and me both.
Caleb Caleb.
You can't make me like him.
Being rude and disrespectful to mr.
Graves Is not going to make you feel any better.
He won't leave me alone.
Tell him to leave me alone.
If that's what you want, then I will.
Do you miss home? Sometimes, But on a day like today, how could I? I love it here.
Well Whether you're out there, exploring the wide world, Or here, Filling young hearts and minds With great and noble thoughts- I hope to be with you, in your life.
Me, too.
That I never considered myself the marrying type Until now.
You're the type of woman I can see myself settling down with, Starting a family with.
And we can move as fast or as slowly as you'd like.
Thank you.
Well, I won't overstay my welcome.
No, no, no.
I wasn't I wasn't chasing you away.
I'm sure Abigail has a pot of tea brewing.
No, I want to treat you with the utmost respect, So I'll be a better gentleman Than I've been all day And say good evening.
Yet so much of what matters in life Rests on trust- Remembering to trust god, Discerning which people are worthy of our trust For when we place our hearts Our lives In someone else's hands, It is an act of faith.
It requires courage and hope, But it's worth the risk, Because it is trust that brings us love.
It's over, Hamilton! Give it up! What is going on? What's the ruckus? The constable and I set a trap For the thief.
That Billy Hamilton has been the thief all along.
What? That's not Billy.
Sam! What's going on here? Thank you for your cooperation, mrs.
? I wore my brooch to the games to try and lure the thief here.
We thought it might be him.
You-you thought Billy Hamilton was me? That's a joke.
Shut up.
You think that little of him? Of me? And you say he's not the man I think he is.
Carla Carla, honey, go back inside.
Everything's all right.
No, it's not.
My water broke.
I want to apologize to you, Caleb.
I've been playing pretend father, And I I think we both can agree that that that's a bust Because I have no idea how to do that.
Truth be told, I envy you.
Because from everything I've seen, You had a great, great pa.
And I didn't.
In fact, I never even met my father.
He walked out on my ma when I was a toddler.
Really? It was because of something that I did wrong, Even though my ma, she said it wasn't so.
You know what I used to do? I would go off by myself and I would lie on the ground, And I would look up at the clouds, And I would wonder if, somehow, My father was looking up at those same clouds.
Maybe even a tenth as much as I was thinking about him.
It broke my ma, The way he just left her.
She wasn't strong and brave like your ma.
She loves you.
You mean the world to her, You know that? And I realize that you lost your pa, And I could never hold a candle to him.
But I'd give my right arm To have a family like yours one day.
Okay, breathe Deep breath.
That's right, Carla.
That's it.
Elizabeth, can we get another poultice, please? That's right, breathe What is that tune? It's so beautiful.
That's "my love is like a red, red rose.
" It's from a robert burns poem.
You know, we all used to sing it in school.
Let's get you back in bed Hi.
How is she doing? The baby is definitely coming this time.
Any word On when the doctor is getting back to town? No, not yet.
We're a little busy in here.
I know, But I need to say something to you.
Not inside.
The worst sense of timing in many ways.
I was wrong, About Billy Hamilton being a thief.
Let's not belabor the obvious.
Please understand, My main goal, Even more than finding the thief, Was to make sure you didn't get hurt.
And I did the opposite, And I will regret that more than you know.
Your well-being is all I ever cared about.
I hope you can forgive me.
Caleb? Mr.
I invited mr.
Graves over for pie.
Is that okay? I don't want to be any trouble, Mary.
No, no.
It's no trouble at all.
I have a blackberry that I kept back from the games.
Or perhaps some shortbread? You gotta have the pie, mr.
No one in coal valley bakes pie like my mom.
That sounds good.
Real good.
Three pieces of blackberry pie, coming up.
Okay Still no baby? No.
Abigail's starting to worry.
I don't know if I'm cut out For this country life.
The challenges And the hardships these ladies face, If I'll ever have the courage they have.
You must miss your family.
Your life back home.
Your two sisters.
How did you know I had two sisters? I never mentioned that.
Sure, you did.
You must have.
Or perhaps I just assumed Such a gentle, loving soul Was surrounded by female tenderness growing up.
Because you're so cultured and well mannered.
A red rose out here in the wild.
"o, my love is like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June.
" "o, my love is like a melody That's sweetly played in tune.
" Your beautiful poem.
Written just for you.
Yes, written for me.
May I tell you a secret? I wish you would.
My father was so against my becoming a teacher, That he disinherited me.
My whole family cut me off.
I had no idea.
It doesn't matter.
That won't hold me back.
My dream, The one I wouldn't tell you about before Is to travel north, Where it's completely wild, Or to start a mission school in the far east, Live among the destitute and downtrodden, And raise them up through education.
Well If that's your dream, then it's mine, too.
You'd go with me, knowing that I'll never be rich? I'll go with you.
To find another teacher to replace me.
I will wait as long as necessary.
What fine work you've done, Carla.
She's not done yet.
What? - Focus.
- Twins? Here we go, Carla, here we go! My goodness! It's a boy.
Carla has been blessed.
We all have.
So what tipped you off? Somehow, he knew I had two sisters.
It's the one thing I knew I never told him.
And then your words came back me, That he might not be all he says he is.
That and him stealing somebody else's poem And claiming he wrote it for me, which Which really gets my goat.
Jack! But I think another burglary might be in the offing.
Go inside.
Let me handle this.
Little late for a ride, isn't it? I'm just Taking a look at the stars.
You sure you're not stealing the horse, Trying to high-tail it out of town? No, mountie.
I bought this horse.
He's mine, fair and square.
Hamilton, You haven't done a thing fair and square Since you set foot in coal valley.
Especially the way you treated Elizabeth.
There ain't nothing illegal about courtin' a pretty girl.
No, you're right.
How about a carpetbagger Courting a pretty, rich girl for her family's money? Well, she'd have to be rich For you to make an accusation like that, And that ain't the case anymore.
I'm not so sure about that.
Why don't you ask her directly? It's over, Hamilton.
You've got nowhere to go.
They're so tiny, Like little, fragile china dolls.
We're very fortunate they both made it, Given how early Carla delivered.
How are you doing? More embarrassed than wounded.
I sent a telegram to my sister, Julie, And asked her to do some discreet research.
I didn't want to alarm my father, But she discovered Billy had worked at his shipyard In Cape Fullerton.
Until he was fired for stealing.
When? Right around the time The society pages were reporting That I was heading here.
"rich heiress heads west.
" And all that nonsense.
Was that rich heiress being way smarter than he was.
Jack, I It's okay.
You don't have to say anything.

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