When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Second Chances

Previously on When calls the heart He's not the man you think he is.
Can I make my own judgments when a man shows some interest in me? I'm going to steal her heart.
"my love is like a red, red rose.
" It's from a robert burns poem.
"there's triumph in the anvil's stroke.
"there's merit in the brave and strong, Who dig the mine or fell the oak.
" That's very nice, Gabe.
"the "the "no Ba "bau" Where are you reading from, Bo? "no-ba-ba" ain't a word.
You know you're excused from having to read aloud In your group.
James told me It ain't fair you have me skip.
It ain't, miss Thatcher.
In my classroom, I get to determine what's fair and what isn't fair.
How about showing some compassion? You know bo just started up at school again After a long absence.
It ain't my fault The old teacher told him to stay home Because he can't read.
Well, your old teacher isn't in charge anymore.
I am.
Yes, ma'am.
I was just at the mercantile, And ned yost asked If I wouldn't mind dropping this off to you.
That's very kind of you, thank you.
You didn't have to go to that trouble.
No trouble.
I do hope it's what I think it is.
it is.
"the compendium of brain disorders And neurology," "congenital word blindness" "strephosymbolia and reading strategies.
" Well, I can't say I got a word of that.
This just couldn't have come at a better time.
I wrote to one of my old professors, Dr.
Henshelwood, About one of my students.
He's done work with children with reading troubles That is absolutely revolutionary.
I thought he had forgotten all about me.
You're not an easy person to forget.
Thank you I think.
Jack, I I feel really Bad About everything that Happened.
You know, with billy? No.
You don't have any reason to feel bad.
Billy hamilton was a con man.
He was a professional manipulator.
That's true.
And I was duped by him.
But I finally saw through his charade- I don't want you to blame yourself.
For falling under his spell.
Well, I didn't exactly fall under his spell No, no, What I meant was, he fooled you.
I'm not saying that you're a fool Exactly- Then what are you saying Exactly? No, I-I'm just saying that Women of a certain age are an easy mark Now you're calling me desperate? What? No.
I would really love to sit and chat About my many weaknesses, But, as you can see, I have quite a lot of work to do.
I'm just trying to help you.
I'm just trying to speak to you as a friend.
Thank you for bringing the package.
I hope you have a nice day.
He is absolutely impertinent.
I mean yes, he saw through that con man first, And, yes, I was fooled by him for a while, but- Elizabeth, Maybe it's not Jack you're mad at.
Maybe your pride is a bit bruised.
You have every reason to be angry at the situation.
I'm not angry.
Jack seems to take pleasure In reminding me how inane I was.
He even implied that I was so desperate to find a husband, That I couldn't think straight.
This is amazing.
If I keep living here, I'm going to bust out of my clothes altogether.
My grandmother's recipe.
He's made it perfectly clear that, as a mountie, He's not interested in committing to a woman, So I don't understand why he's taken such an interest In my love life.
These are heavenly.
Have another.
I couldn't.
Maybe just one more.
You know, Abigail, My family has employed some of the best chefs From some of the finest culinary schools, And your scones and pies are lighter and tastier Than any I ever had at home.
Do you really think so? I know so.
Noah did love my baking.
I took great pride In cooking for him and my son, peter.
And they did often brag to others about my cooking, But they only had me to compare to.
I mean, certainly not That fancy, big-city food you're talking about.
Well, trust me, they were right, Whether in the big city, or here coal valley.
Bo, someone's here to see you.
Miss Thatcher? If this is about my homework, I'm real sorry.
It's taking me longer than I thought it would, And I promise I'll get it by tomorrow.
I've already spoken with your parents.
I'd like for you To stay after school one day this week To take a special test.
It's nothin' you need to do, son, If you don't want to.
You know when you turn 15, You've got a job in the mine, with me.
Carl, we agreed.
One little test won't hurt anything.
I suppose.
Thank you, mr.
You won't regret this.
Miss Thatcher, this is coal valley.
Bo's future is in that mine, And he don't need to read To make a name for himself down there.
What kind of test? Don't worry, Bo.
It's nothing you need to study for.
If you think I should.
Bo These are beautiful.
Did you make these? Yup.
From scratch? Yes, ma'am.
Who taught you? Nobody.
I just see them in newspapers and magazines, And then I make them.
I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like them.
You're very talented, Bo.
Thank you, ma'am.
Good evening! Abigail.
Good evening, Jack.
What used to be here? It was, a cafe.
There was a time When all the single miners would eat their meals here.
It was food without the drink of the saloon, but The food wasn't much better, And henry gowen shut it down.
Well, more profit in drink than food I suppose.
Is there something else? Actually, I was wondering If you could help me with something.
Well, I'm happy to, if I can.
If Let's say a bear saved a deer from a skunk- A skunk who had every intention Of hurting her, Why Why then would the deer be angry at the bear? Perhaps the deer's pride is hurt.
Maybe seeing the bear reminds her That she was silly enough to trust a skunk.
I see Furthermore, The bear was saving the deer from an untrustworthy animal, But didn't seem to have any interest In replacing him.
I've lost you.
Jack, Billy was not the right man for Elizabeth.
He was, indeed, a skunk, But, one day, There will be An appropriate man, A good man, Who will approach Elizabeth with honorable intentions, And then she will be taken.
Perhaps approach her Not as a constable who's there to rescue her, But as a man.
Can I help you, constable? Actually, it's just Jack tonight, As you can see.
I stand corrected.
How is your reading student coming along? Still working on it.
Elizabeth, I was thinking.
I do not see you very often Since I moved out of the saloon.
I miss our friendship.
And I was wondering if you might be inclined To having supper with me.
To be clear, When you say you'd like to have supper, You mean you'd like to come to my house Where I will be the one doing the cooking? No.
No, why would you think that? So, what then? Chili and corn bread Here at the saloon? Yeah.
I guess I hadn't really thought it through.
Well, I would love to, But I'm very busy with work, And I was planning on cleaning out my closet.
Well, I didn't tell you which night I was considering.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
How about Friday night? Actually, That's the very night I was planning on cleaning out my closet.
I see.
Well, maybe another time.
Good evening.
Jack On second thought, I actually really could use your help With one of my students.
Of course.
Why don't you meet me here tomorrow night? I'll even share a bowl of chili with you.
You can't be serious, mrs.
I'm absolutely serious.
A cafe serving sandwiches, soups, teas, Baked goods, and other confections.
Many of the new miners are single And have no one to cook for them.
The saloon's plenty for a town this size.
People need variety, A place to gather to break bread together.
Gowen, I believe this cafe Can get people to spend their money in town.
Make me an offer.
I'm prepared to offer you 25% of the profits.
I will fix the place up myself.
You fix up the place yourself, You take 25% of the profits, 75% comes to the company.
50-50 it is.
But I want your row house.
I have new miners' families coming into town, And I don't have Any place to put them.
Gowen, that's my home, Where I lived with my husband, Where my son was raised.
Well, there's two rooms above the cafe.
You can live there.
Those are my terms.
I'll give you a week to decide, But then the offer's off the table.
Now, if you'd excuse me, I have work to do.
These scones aren't half bad.
Good evening, miss Thatcher.
Thank you for coming.
You're welcome.
Please, sit here, across from me.
I thought that we were We were going to have some dinner together We will.
But you said you wanted to be friends, And right now I could use a friend to help me with this Right.
I'm going to be administering an intelligence test.
The research shows that Some of the smartest students are also the slowest readers- And my taking this test helps you how? I need someone to practice on.
You'll be my guinea pig.
Guinea pig? Yes.
Now scientists are using guinea pigs For their experimentation.
All right.
It's a written test, But I'd like to open with a question To assess your basic comprehension level.
I want to make sure You can follow simple instructions.
Pay me a compliment.
I don't understand.
It's a simple test To determine whether you can follow directions.
I see.
I admire How dedicated you are to your students.
Not good? There is no good or bad, It's only an opportunity To assess your ability to follow directions- No, no, I want to change my answer.
Well, that's very unorthodox, but you may.
You look really beautiful tonight.
Very good.
Please take your pencil, turn over your pages and begin.
You will have one hour to complete the test And then we can have dinner.
Come on.
What? Really? It will show your ability to To "perform prehension provoked by visual perception.
" That's a lot of p-words I didn't quite grasp.
Well, here's another p-word for you.
Please? Just do as I ask.
"but when he called on melly gray, "she made him quite a scoff, "and when she saw his wooden legs, Began to take them off" You were right.
There was a bird's nest in the flue.
We were afraid to light the stove When we heard the chirping.
Did you save the baby birds? They didn't get hurt when you moved them, Did they? No, no.
I put them in the oak tree by the well.
Safe and sound.
We are so grateful.
This is the kind of thing adam would have taken care of.
My daddy can do anything.
Well, you all must miss him very much.
The blessing of fire.
Thank you, constable.
Mama says daddy will be home in one or two weeks.
Well, that's That's very good news.
All right, Let's let mountie Jack get back to his work.
Let's go upstairs and do your schoolwork.
Yes, mama.
Yes, mama.
I feel almost selfish saying this, When so many families have lost their husbands and fathers, But When we get adam back, I don't think I'll ever let him leave this house again.
Well, I can understand that.
When you almost lose someone you care about, You realize All those little arguments Over simple things, Meaningless things, They just don't matter anymore.
I need to talk to you.
Please come in.
Thank you.
Where do I start? Life is too short for us to hold onto petty grievances.
I agree wholeheartedly.
I want you to know That if you ever need anything Even if you have The smallest care in the world You can count on me.
Knock on my door day or night.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And if you give me a second chance, I can do better than Chili and corn bread at the saloon.
Simply brilliant.
I think I need to sit down.
Did you hear what miss Thatcher said, ma? She said I'm smart! The first step in helping Bo Was to give him an intelligence test.
He scored Extremely high.
I can't wait for pa to get home so I can tell him.
But I'm confused.
How could he take a test if he can't read? I read Bo the questions, And he remembered all of them.
I think Bo has a condition called "word blindness.
" A fancy name for it is "dyslexia.
" I've never heard of such a thing.
The research is very new, But I think with the right tools and methods, Bo will be able to learn to read.
I knew it.
That old bat of a teacher We had before you, She kept calling him too slow to learn, But I knew that couldn't be right.
I have a hunch it's all about to change.
And Bo, With the techniques I've been studying, I think you can be anything you wish.
A doctor, or a scientist Or a teacher, miss Thatcher.
I'm flattered.
So, when do we start? My goodness, Abigail, Where have you been all day? Working on a project.
I'm sorry, I just realized there's no dinner.
I'm fine.
I just warmed up some leftovers.
So What is this project? Well, I'm not ready to say just yet, But when I am, you will be the first one to know.
Peter was taller than me by the time he was 13.
This house has so many memories.
Abigail What is it? I'm no longer a wife, I'm no longer a mother.
I'm just struggling to find my purpose now.
Before I came here, I thought my purpose was Teaching at one of those big-city schools.
God shut that door, And he opened up another one, a much more meaningful one, And that is teaching here in coal valley.
And I just know God will show you What he wants for you, too, Abigail.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
That's good advice.
Well, I'm bushed.
I'm going to hit the hay.
Good night.
Good night.
"the Cat Ran Fast.
" "the cat Ran fast.
" Very good.
Clap along to this sentence.
"the Cat Ran Fast?" They switched the words around that time.
It's all right.
"the Fast Cat Ran.
" Do you see? "the fast Cat ran.
" It's just a little a different that time.
It's all right, it's all right.
Let's move on to this sentence instead.
"jane Saw The Big House.
" Let's sing it together, shall we? But I already tried singing- What are you doing, miss Thatcher? What's this about? We were just working on some reading exercises.
What exercises? All I heard you talking about Was some test.
Carl, don't scold them.
I gave miss Thatcher permission To start working with Bo.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I didn't want you to nix it Before it even had a chance to help, that's why.
He needs this.
Bo, would you go upstairs, please? I need to have a word with miss Thatcher.
Grady, These techniques are going to help bo learn to read, I'm just sure of it.
Look, I don't mean to be ungrateful, miss Thatcher, But I did hear what was going on in here, And your fancy techniques Didn't make an ounce of difference.
Bo just memorized what you wanted him to say.
And then he recited it back to you Like he's always done.
Until you changed it up on him, And then he couldn't do it.
It might take some more time, But the research says that with repetition- I'm sorry, But I'm not going to let you get his hopes up Over somethin' that's never gonna happen.
Grady, Why are you so afraid of letting bo try this? Because I love my boy, And I know how cruel this world can be, And I don't aim to see him crushed by it.
As long as you're not the one doing the crushing.
His birthday is in a week.
If you have him reading by then, I'll let him stay and continue his schooling.
If not, He's coming to work in the mine with me.
A week is not enough time.
We have to find the right combination.
It's like picking a lock.
I'm sorry, But it's going to be a week.
All right, emily, It's your turn to read aloud now.
"the cat ran fast.
The fast cat ran.
"run, run, run "after the bat, fast cat.
Run fast!" This is too easy, miss Thatcher.
May I please go onto the next level? Yes, emily, you may go on.
"now, fanny, toss it to the top of the wall If you can.
" Very nice.
Elizabeth? I'm sorry.
I know it's late.
What's wrong? It's Abigail.
She's been coming home late at night.
She says she's working on something, But she seems really depressed.
She never came home tonight, and I'm I'm worried about her.
I think I know where she is.
You do? Yeah.
Come on.
I'll take you to her.
I have a feeling This conversation is better Between just the two of you.
Abigail? What are you doing here? Elizabeth.
How did you know where to find me? Jack brought me.
He says you've been here every night this week.
What's going on? Well, actually, this is all your fault.
The other day, When you were enjoying my scones, And you said all those fancy chefs at home Had never concocted Anything finer, I got to thinking.
"what if I could reopen the cafe?" It would be a great new start for me.
Abigail, that's a wonderful idea.
I met with gowen to try to make a deal, But I should have known he would make things hard.
He said he would allow me to open the cafe, But I had to give him my home.
Your home? I have a week to decide.
It's a steep price to pay, And my first inclination was to say no, But then I realized, Noah and peter don't live in that house anymore.
They're with me wherever I go, And I need to find a new purpose in life.
I need to find a new reason to get up in the morning.
I understand, And I know you would be a huge success.
But why keep it a secret? Nobody in town has ever tried anything like this before.
I didn't want you to think I was crazy.
I would never think that.
Well, maybe you should.
Gowen is betting against me And maybe he's right.
I don't know, Elizabeth, Maybe it's It's too risky, To lose my house for a foolish dream.
Abigail I would never tell you what to do, But you are one of the most remarkable women I have ever met.
You didn't think you could help Carla deliver those twins, But all three of them wouldn't be alive If it weren't for you.
And none of those widows Would have their homes If you hadn't led them into the mine.
I believe in you.
And I believe You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
I was going to bake some cookies for the kids, But then I fell asleep, and the dough went bad.
They're adorable.
these shapes Do you have any more of this dough? Bo I'll catch up, pa.
You're going into the mine? Yes, miss Thatcher.
But I just I just found something.
The research says that people with word blindness Think in three dimensions.
That's why you're so good at building your models, Because they make sense to you.
Miss Thatcher, I don't even understand what you're saying.
Let me explain! The reason you can't remember the words and the letters Is because they're squiggles and shapes on the page.
But look This is a "c.
" I made it into a cat.
Now, the sound for "c" is "kuh, kuh.
" I already made my decision.
Please, Bo! You still have a week until your birthday.
This is best.
Thank you for trying to help me, But this is best.
I have to say, I'm surprised You're going through with this, mrs.
Trust me, that makes two of us.
All that's left Is for you sign at the bottom of the page, And the cafe is yours to run.
Thank you.
You widows put me through hell Over those row houses.
I'm glad to finally get one back.
Just for the record, This town will never support a cafe.
How do you know? Well, I don't know much, but I know business, And if coal valley were ready for another eatery, I would have opened it myself.
And some lovely curtains will spruce this place right up.
Okay, well, they say a little rain is good luck.
he did it.
I smelled cookies, mrs.
Are you selling them? Well, miles, I'm not officially open yet, but Let me see what I can do.
Here you go, these are on the house.
Gee, thanks! Hey, miles, I guess that makes you my first official customer.
I sure hope you have more.
Why? Because you're gonna need them.
Carl Please try to keep an open mind And just listen to what miss Thatcher has to say- Already heard everything there is to hear.
Bo Would you please read to us? That's it.
Bo, you don't have to.
"the "cat Ran Fast.
" "the Fast Cat Ran.
" "run, run, run "aft "aft Aft" after "after The Bat "fast cat.
Run fast.
" Dear lord.
How? I can see 'em now, pa.
They finally make sense.
What's this called? "s.
" "s" for snake.
" And this.
What's this say? "cat.
" "c," "a," "t.
" It says "cat".
Cat Gabe! what's going on? They're selling cookies at the old cafe.
Better hurry before they're gone.
You enjoy that pie.
Thank you My goodness, Abigail.
What is all this? After I signed the house over to gowen.
I lit the stove.
I guess the smell of fresh baked goods Drew all these people.
They've been at my door since early this morning.
I am so proud of you.
You did it.
Not without your encouragement.
Excuse me, ma'am.
The line starts back there.
Very funny.
This is amazing, isn't it? It is.
I guess it proves If you want something bad enough, You find a way to get it.
I guess you're right.
Hello, miss Thatcher.
Mountie Jack! Jolene, How are those baby birds doing? I named one after you Because his red feathers Are like your coat.
I'm honored.
Come along, jolene.
You won't have to fix anything anymore.
My daddy comes home tomorrow.
Only miner pulled out alive After the disaster Is coming home from the hospital tomorrow, A new business is thriving.
This town is growing fast.
Soon, it will be a big city just like cape fullerton, And you won't have any reason to leave.
But there is another reason for me to stay.
Is there? Yes.
I think it's only fair That you take the same test you gave me.
Starting with a basic task To test your ability to follow instructions.
Really? Yeah, it's an important part of the test.
All right.
Do you agree to forgive me For everything stupid I've ever said or done? I don't know.
There are just so many of them.
Well, no one said it was gonna be an easy test.
I can follow those instructions.
I'm glad.
Is that the end of the test? No.
Now comes the written part.
Well, there's another one You got wrong.
Are you sure you're scoring it correctly? Relax, I graduated with honors.
Jack, do you stay up at night Just thinking of ways to drive me batty? Nope, don't have to.
Just sort of comes out naturally.
Okay Well, are you going to tell me or not? Are you sure you want to know? Of course I want to know.
See, it turns out, You're not quite as smart as I thought you were.
That's not true.
Jack, is this payback for the test I gave you? No.
No, you really didn't do very well.
Let me see.
Jack Let me see it.
let me see it! Give it to me, please.
Okay, just relax.

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