When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Change of Heart

Previously on When calls the heart I am strongly requesting an immediate transfer To a new post.
Jack, are you jealous? What if I could re-open the cafe? It would be a great new start for me.
Hamilton you haven't done a thing fair and square since you set foot in coal valley.
- Jack, I - You don't have to say anything.
You should all be very proud of these test results.
And as a reward, We are going to be spending some time Outside of the classroom next week.
We are going to be studying the scientific field Of entomology.
Does anyone know what "entomology" means? Entomology is the study of insects.
But for today, class is dismissed.
See you all soon.
Okay, don't forget your lunch pails.
Come on, hustle.
Afternoon Constable.
Actually I'm here in an unofficial capacity.
I see.
I've come to ask for your hand.
I beg your pardon.
Your hand, may I have it? I would like to invite you to join me for supper This Saturday night.
The pleasure of your company Would be truly appreciated.
Why are you being so formal? Well, if you remember, My last attempt at inviting you to supper Didn't end well.
This time, I want to be perfectly clear That my invitation does not require you to cook.
I appreciate your lovely invitation, And I accept.
Is that it? Yeah.
Then may I have my hand back? I shall assume that this supper does not imply The beginning of a possible courtship.
You've made it very clear that mounties do not have wives.
If they wanted you to have a wife, They would have issued you one.
Did I say that? Several times.
That does sound like something I'd say.
So I will see you Saturday night for supper.
Yes, see you Saturday night For supper.
And Elizabeth, Please do consider this an act of courtship.
You must be Jack thornton.
Yes, I am.
Who might you be, sir? Constable Patrick o'reilly.
And where is your horse, constable? Well, she wanted to make a grand entrance.
And who might she be? My goodness! My gosh! My goodness! What are you doing here? Well, you didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun Out in the wild, wild west, did you? You came all by yourself? Daddy got me my own personal mountie As an escort.
Of course, I am much more interested In meeting your man in red serge.
Look out for the That didn't happen.
You said you wanted to experience the wild west.
And here I am, Into it with both feet, So to speak.
Hi! I'm Julie thatcher, Elizabeth's sister.
A pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
Here we go.
Thank you so much, mrs.
Please, call me Abigail.
H-how long did you say you'd be staying? Don't be alarmed.
For Julie, this is hardly a week's worth of clothes.
Well, you never know what outfit An occasion might call for.
For not sending advance warning of my visit.
I wanted to surprise Elizabeth.
Something she's been doing since she came out of the womb.
Feet first, no less.
Well, it's no trouble at all.
We're happy to have you.
I love your home.
It's so Rustic, I think what Julie meant to say is- "rustic" and "quaint" work quite well For this town.
So, when are you going to tell me What's really going on? Pardon me? Between you and that delectable mountie? You must mean Jack thornton? We're just friends.
I saw the way you were looking at him.
Does he feel the same way about you? Who says how I'm feeling? Please It's as if there's gravity between you.
Like the earth pulling on the moon.
You're being bombastic.
There was no gravity.
But since when do we keep secrets from each other? If you must know, He asked me out for dinner this Saturday night, And I accepted.
It's his first clear expression of interest.
I knew it.
This is like something right out of a romance novel.
A beautiful, vulnerable young teacher Comes to a farming town- Which is why they call it "coal valley.
" Even better.
Then, something is awakened inside of her By a virile man of the law In a red serge Jacket "awakened?" "virile?" We went from bombast, to melodrama, to obscene.
So where is he taking you? On a horse-drawn carriage ride? It should be white, like cinderella.
This is not a fairy tale.
I'm not a princess.
Then to a romantic french bistro For crepes and sweet toffee liqueur? He's probably taking me to the saloon.
What, you mean that dusty old hole You teach in? It's the thought that counts.
And more importantly, There will be no meddling in my love life.
Understood? Me? Meddle? I never meddle.
I invest emotionally in your well-being.
And when my sister tells me she's in love, Of course, I want to! Love? I said nothing of the sort.
"love life" is a general term for Friendly companionship between the sexes.
Well If you say so.
Well, thank you very much.
You have a lovely day.
Julie, how was your bakewell pudding? It was most delicious.
My sister wrote me about your baking, And I must say, she was right.
Well, I consider that a real compliment.
Best of luck today.
Thank you.
Well It appears as if I underestimated you, Mrs.
I didn't think you'd be able to cobble this together, But you have.
What hard work set to a dream can achieve.
There you go.
If I may, a cup of coffee and something sweet? Absolutely.
Coming right up.
- Good morning, Jack.
- Good morning.
I was wondering if I could trouble you for the usual? You have no idea how wonderful that sounds.
I actually have a customer who wants the usual.
By the way, I have everything all ready for Saturday night.
Thank you.
I so appreciate your help.
Well, here you go, mr.
It looks wonderful.
Though I can't imagine it can be as sweet as you.
That man gets on my nerves.
I can understand that.
There are so many different kinds of insects, That we study them in different subgroups, Or families.
For example, melittology is the study of bees- I've read that it can also be called "apiology"- Thank you, Julie, But that's actually a sub-discipline, Specific to Honey bees! Well then, my Api-ologies.
Now then, we are going On something of a treasure hunt next week, With all of nature's beautiful little creatures Being our prize.
We'll be looking under rocks, And pulling the bark off of trees, and- And by "we," She means all of you.
Your very own miss thatcher is terrified of bugs, and- That's enough, Julie.
I, too, will be hunting for insects Just like the rest of you.
I look forward to seeing that.
She's mortified, I tell you So how did someone with your rank and experience End up with this escort assignment? I volunteered for it.
Why? Well, I've been working in north burlington And elwood ridge The last 15 years.
The job was everything they promised it would be.
Danger, excitement, travel, Along with the satisfaction of keeping people safe.
And, what, you've had enough? Never.
But after I met Sarah, everything changed.
We got married last year.
She's expecting our first child.
Congratulations, Patrick.
Yeah, I never thought But life has a way of changing your priorities.
I'm getting too old to be chasing bad guys.
It's your turn To round 'em up and put 'em in jail.
Tell me everything I need to know About coal valley, And you're free to go.
This is for you.
I've been reassigned.
You do want to go? It's just I've sort of settled in here And made may peace with this place.
I put in for a request so long ago, I'd almost forgotten about it.
Request? From what I heard, you made a demand.
Well, when I first got here, I won't deny that I wanted to leave.
This place wasn't what I signed up for.
It looks like you have a decision to make.
You look gorgeous.
What smells so good? Abigail must just be experimenting for the cafe.
That must be him.
Why am I so nervous? You're supposed to be.
You never get like this.
Well, I've had more suitors than you.
Jack thornton, you look So do you Here, I brought this for you.
It's beautiful.
May I? Please.
Not that way.
Why? I thought you were taking me to the saloon.
Well, this place seems a little more appropriate.
Welcome to Abigail's cafe.
Shall we? How long have you been planning this? That's a secret.
I have to admit, I never would have pegged you For such a romantic.
Well, I had a little help.
So You don't normally Woo your other women like this? I haven't really had the opportunity To woo many women.
You must think me naive.
Sadly, it's true.
The life of a mountie Doesn't leave too much time for courting.
I feel somewhat lacking In the area of romance.
I feel that my efforts tonight May pale in comparison To the legions of suitors you had back home.
Legions Far from it, I assure you.
Then I feel really lucky.
Elizabeth Elizabeth You dance beautifully.
Thank you.
I'm glad you asked me out to dinner.
Me, too.
You must tell me everything.
It was the most enchanting evening Of my entire life.
It was beyond anything I could ever even Dare to dream.
It was like something out of a- Romance novel? Yes.
But I've never read anything quite so romantic.
So, what will the next chapter bring? I don't know, But it sure feels like something changed tonight, Like we're swimming in much different waters.
And skinny dipping at that.
Julie! I was speaking metaphorically, of course.
So, what's next? He wants to take me on a ride to his favorite spot.
He says he has something he wants to discuss with me.
A proposal! no It's much too early for that.
Love at first sight often leads to short courtships.
This is so exciting! How did it go? We were having such a nice evening, I didn't know how to bring it up.
Well, you're gonna have to do it soon.
You're expected in cape fullerton Within the next two weeks.
You could send word that you're not coming, But after the fuss you made to leave here, A transfer refusal could be the end of your career.
Hello, Jack.
Can I get you your usual? No, I'm okay.
I just wanted to come by and thank you For the wonderful dinner last night.
It was my pleasure.
I trust you had a lovely evening.
Very much so.
Can I trust you to be discreet? Yes, of course.
What is it? Now, I haven't told Elizabeth this yet, but I've received some news.
I've been granted a new post- A post I've always dreamt of having.
You're leaving coal valley? I have orders I need to fulfill.
I wouldn't be gone permanently, but But you can't be sure that things will be the same When you return.
Jack, you've got to tell her.
Just when I thought it was going to be a glorious day.
Has he been bothering you? I could talk to him if you like.
No, I'm quite capable of rebuking his advances.
And I have an iron skillet That makes a fine weapon if need be.
Jack? What is it? Nothing.
Please, tell me.
Now, I've done my own inquiry Into this mine explosion.
It appears the company may have cut some corners Corners that might have led to the disaster.
I don't have any hard proof yet.
According to my research, It should have been prevented with adequate safety measures.
Are you okay? It's just that my late-husband, Noah, Was really locking horns with henry gowen Months before the explosion.
He wouldn't tell me why.
He didn't want me to worry, but I wonder, could this be what that was all about? I am so sorry if I upset you, And this is not something that I would normally share So early in my investigation, But I may need some help.
Ugh, my feet are hurting, And they're freezing.
Can I go back to the classroom now? You were the one who was so excited To join us on our little insect hunt.
Well, you could have picked A more suitable day for this.
Well, you could have picked A more suitable pair of shoes.
Hello, constable thornton.
What happens to bring you by this time? Actually, we were just out on patrol.
Well, what a happy coincidence You should just happen upon Elizabeth's class Here in the forest.
Since you're here, Jack, Maybe you have some free time To take Julie on a tour Of the surrounding countryside? I would love to.
However, I have some paperwork back at the office.
Constable o'reilly is free.
Because I would just love to see the countryside! I just need to get my riding boots.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Julie was right, I'm not here by coincidence.
I still need to talk to you about.
Miss thatcher! Come and see this slimy bug I found- Gabe! Just Give me a moment.
Just a moment, please? What was it you wanted to discuss? It's okay.
I'll let you get back to your slimy bug.
There's plenty of time for us to talk on our picnic.
Perhaps tomorrow, after class? I'll pack the food.
Where are you going? Into the trees! I don't think that's a very good idea.
It could be a bear habitat.
And I am not interested in messing with any grizzlies, Thank you very much.
Well, where's your sense of adventure? I left it back at my last post.
Look, we should be getting back to town anyway.
Just give me one moment.
Stay here.
Nature calls Come on.
Come on.
Whoa, boy.
Hello! Hello! Hello? Is anybody in here? Hold it right there.
Don't shoot! It's in my saddle bag.
My money! Lady, I'm not gonna rob you.
Just calm down, will ya? Sorry to be so presumptuous, I'm not accustomed to strange men Introducing themselves by pointing a gun in my face.
You're the one who snuck in here And surprised me.
You're bleeding.
Some men were chasing me.
What men? Outlaws.
I got away, But my horse threw me, And I got tangled in some barbed wire.
There's a town just a short ride away.
I could take you to see the company doctor.
I'll be fine.
I've read all about you rough and tumble cowboys, But you can't just rub some dirt in that wound And hope it'll mend.
You need medical attention.
Please, just Leave me be.
Well, I can't just let you bleed to death.
Then get me some bandages, And some alcohol, To keep it clean.
Looks like you'll need some food as well.
And something for the pain? Yeah.
Just don't go making this Anyone's business in that town, okay? I need to know I can trust you.
Well, you don't really have a choice, now, do you? Listen, this is for your safety As much as it is mine.
Those outlaws could still be out there, So You just make darn certain you're not being followed.
You understand? I'll be back tomorrow.
Hey What's your name? It's Julie.
That's That's real pretty.
And what might your's be? Nathaniel.
That's not some kind of alias? No, ma'am.
I should go.
So, she just left you waiting there? For nearly an hour.
Said she couldn't find the appropriate place To do her business.
Clearly, you were assigned The more challenging of the thatcher sisters.
I've tracked and arrested lifelong criminals Who were easier to manage than she was.
so, Were you able to talk to Elizabeth? We're going on a picnic after school Tomorrow.
So you've made a decision? Can you tell me anything about what I'm headed into? Well, we're pursuing several criminals right now.
The most elusive is the tolliver gang- Nate tolliver- he's the brains.
He's young, But he's managed to outsmart the best of us.
Yeah, I've heard about him.
How many banks have they hit? Ten or so across this region, And it's not just banks, It's trains, stagecoaches, Anything really.
He's dangerous, Jack.
Thinks nothing of pulling a gun.
Well, I look forward to bringing him to justice.
Good evening.
Good evening, mr.
I'm sorry, but we're closed.
Yes, I thought now might be a perfect opportunity To discuss how things went in our first week.
I don't think it's appropriate that we're here alone.
To cast any kind of aspersion on your character.
We are business partners.
Yes, we are, But these are not business hours.
It's a shame.
I think people who do business together Should be able to be friendly.
What if I were to ask you for lunch? Well, I would very politely, And with as much grace as possible, Turn you down.
I'm not used to taking no for an answer.
Well then, this will be a new experience for you.
One lunch.
I'll have my chef prepare it for us.
We will speak of business And it will be strictly professional.
Well, I suppose I could be amenable to that.
Very good.
I'll pick up at noon on Thursday? No.
I think I'm quite capable Of finding my own way to your office.
As you wish.
I like a woman who knows her mind.
Good evening.
Would you mind raising up your shirt a little? To expose the wound.
- Ok.
- Can we please just get this over with? I'm sorry.
Don't worry about the pain, just clean it up as best you can.
I'll have you know, I didn't sleep a wink last night.
I was thinking of you, too.
I was simply worried for your safety, Staying out in this dirty place All by yourself.
Hiding from god knows what.
I'm used to being on my own.
This injury obviously wasn't caused by barbed wire.
I'm sorry.
You came in here, And you caught me by surprise.
The truth of it is, The less you know about me, the better, For both our sakes.
Well, my sister is seeing a mountie, Maybe he could track down the men who did this to you.
I said this was no one else's business, Especially no mountie.
Please, don't Don't leave.
I can explain.
I think maybe you were right, The less I know.
My brother, And his gang, he They robbed a bank.
I see.
And you're obviously part of that gang.
I never had a choice.
It's my older brother.
If it weren't for joe We were orphans, And he never quit on me, So I can't quit on him.
But you need to break free from your brother's clutches.
Julie, he's all I got.
But you're right, of course I have no interest in living a life of crime.
I've, stood between my brother And an innocent man More than once.
That's how I got shot.
Saving lives? You're a good man.
I want to be.
I can come back later if mr.
Gowen is busy.
Gowen will be right pleased With your visit.
He's just out, But he should be back soon, ma'am.
Just, care to wait? Yes, thank you.
Good morning.
Well, good morning.
I'm here for our lunch.
I can see why you wanted to bring a camera.
This is an amazing view.
Yes, it is.
They issued one of these for an investigation tool, But I haven't really had much chance to use it Here in coal valley.
Till now That's not fair.
Why don't we take one of the both of us? Okay.
Come here.
I haven't stopped since our supper.
One, two, three Elizabeth, I have to talk to you about something.
When I first got to coal valley, I was Unhappy with my posting.
You were furious.
And I put in a transfer request to cape fullerton.
You wanted to be where all the action is, And you were right to be upset.
You were diverted from your dream.
And I couldn't see my purpose here.
Are you saying that's changed? Have you Found a new purpose? Well, it appears my request has been granted.
You-you have new orders? Yes.
I am so sorry.
It's my fault.
He told me the truth from the beginning.
I always knew he was leaving.
It was just a matter of when he'd be transferred.
He wasn't expecting his transfer to come.
I know he would never ask you out Or pursue you- I was a diversion.
Something to keep him occupied before he left.
You're correct in thinking that he had no plans to stay Or to fall in love But I believe he did.
If he leaves, he could get hurt, Or killed, or He could meet somebody else.
I might never see him again.
If you two were meant to be together, Then nothing will stand in your way.
Mornin', mountie Jack.
Morning, Gabe.
By the way, Thank you for all your help on Saturday night.
You're going to make some young lady Very happy one day.
I already know who it is.
I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her.
Well, you may surprise yourself.
Your first love is rarely your last.
I know you think I'm foolish For knowing who I'm going to marry, Being I'm so young, But sometimes, it happens.
And your whole future is clear as a bell.
Jack? I'm not going to do it.
I am not leaving coal valley.
Wait, but Patrick's already here.
They're not going to station two mounties In this sleepy little town.
But I am going to put in an official appeal to stay.
But that could mean I know.
Elizabeth, I know what the risks are with my superiors, And I'm willing to take them For you.
What? Jack I can't I can't let you do that.
See, this is what I want.
Who keeps you from following your dreams.
I can't.
You'd only end up resenting me.
Elizabeth, that is not true.
You may not think so now, But you will.
You will.
The same way that I could never have forgiven my parents If they'd kept me from coming out west In pursuit of my dreams.
Jack I am so sorry.
You have to do this.
You have to go.
I know it in my heart, And so do you.
Joe? Joe, is that you? No, Nathaniel, it's me.
You're burning up.
Did you bring some medicine? You must have some kind of infection.
I'm so tired.
I just I just want to sleep.
No, we need to get you to a doctor.
I have to get you to coal valley while you're still conscious.
No, no Julie, I can't Nate must've run off with the money for himself.
Or I'll tell him you were talking like that.
You do that.
He must be in trouble, And we're gonna find him, Hell or high water.
Before I leave, I've left a file for you On some safety violations at the mine You should really look into.
I will.
Also, Abigail stanton, She can be an ally to you.
She's been a confidante to me in the matter.
You have a safe journey, now, Jack.
Keep this town safe, Patrick.
I'll be sure to keep her safe, too.
Thank you.
Abigail? Elizabeth! Help! Help! Julie, we've been worried.
He's bleeding quite badly.
Sir! Sir, can you hear me? His name is Nathaniel.
I've given him a sedative.
Just let him rest.
He's going to be all right? It'll be touch and go.
He has sepsis.
Lead poisoning.
From the bullet? Yes.
I'll be back in the morning To see how he's doing.
If he gets worse during the night, Come for me.
Yes, of course.
Thank you, dr.
This isn't adding up.
Where is this hunting partner of his? Well, I don't know.
I found him in the forest.
He was delirious.
I barely got his name out of him.
But he was able to tell you He was injured in a hunting accident? Yes That's all he said.
You don't believe me? Well, you have to admit, Something doesn't seem right about this young man.
I hope He doesn't turn out to be trouble.
Jack will save us.
He's the hero of this story.
It's not a story, It's real life with consequences and heartbreak What is it, sister? Jack's gone.
He took a new post.
He left this morning.
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