When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Love Comes First

Previously on When calls the heart I'm Julie Thatcher, Elizabeth's sister.
Now, I've done my own inquiry into this mine explosion - And I may need some help.
- Anything.
I found him in the forest.
You have to admit something doesn't seem right about this young man.
You have new orders? I am so sorry.
I might never see him again.
Jack didn't leave you.
He left to pursue his dream.
He wants to save lives and round up bad guys And keep the world safe.
It's noble work, And I, for one, am proud to know him.
If it's meant to be, he'll come back to us.
If he survives and doesn't meet anyone else.
Stop whimpering.
Missing him this much is just plain selfish.
Can I ask you Which direction you're coming from? West of here.
Coal valley.
We're looking for a group of outlaws, Robbed a series of banks and trains.
- The tolliver gang.
- Yeah.
I've heard of 'em.
Never crossed paths, though.
Where are you headed? I'm being reassigned, heading to my new post.
May be joining you on the tolliver pursuit Before long.
You any relation to thomas thornton? Yeah.
I'm his son, Jack.
Yeah, I saw the resemblance.
I was with him in the old days.
What direction was the gang headed? I'm not sure.
We got units spread out in all directions.
For all we know, tolliver could be dead.
Security guard from the last bank they hit Thinks he may have winged him.
Yeah, well, if he didn't, Tolliver's nowhere near here.
You're up.
I'm not hungry.
I'm going to clean you up and make you presentable.
Well, I've seen my father shave, And I've seen people cut hair.
How hard can it be? Okay.
Clean me up.
I'll look like a real gentleman for you.
Everyone deserves a fresh start.
A new beginning To a new future filled with new possibilities.
How will I ever repay your kindness? By turning your life around.
By becoming the man you were meant to be.
That is my intention.
With your encouragement, I will be that man.
Don't worry.
I trust you.
It's one thing to not meet up At the meet spot Maybe the mounties got him.
Not nate.
He'd never let 'em take him alive.
We gotta keep searchin'.
Yeah, well, I ain't stoppin'.
He's got our money, And people are gonna start dyin' If I get cheated out of my share.
Boys and girls, Today, we're going to learn about inertia.
"inertia" is the stubbornness of a physical object To change its motion.
All right.
Here I have two eggs.
One is fresh and the other is hard-boiled.
Why do you think one egg stopped And the other one is still spinning.
Actually, emily, it isn't magic, But sometimes, Science can be so wonderful and amazing, That it feels like magic.
The reason why one egg is stopped And the other one is still spinning Is that the fresh egg is still liquid inside, And the liquid keeps moving Because of "the law of inertia.
" An object in motion tends to stay in motion, And an object at rest usually stays at rest.
I think rip is an object at rest.
I think he just misses mountie Jack.
Yes, I'm sure he does.
We all miss People when they go away.
But that is a different subject Let's all get out our science journals.
Dear Elizabeth, As promised, I am writing you.
I hope this finds you well.
The trip so far has been very interesting and exciting.
I met some fellow mounties earlier today Who are on the hunt for a group of dangerous bank robbers.
I hope to join their search soon.
How are things in coal valley? I hope rip isn't being too much trouble.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have a delivery for mr.
He's out at the mine, ma'am.
Don't know when he'll be back.
Well, I need to drop off his portion Of last week's profits from the cafe.
I can take that for you, ma'am.
Well, I would like to leave it directly on his desk, If you don't mind.
It's our agreement, And I would also like to leave him some muffins And write a little note of gratitude.
What's taking her so long? I'd better check on her.
You just about through there, mrs.
Stanton? I am now.
Thank you.
Time for breakfast.
I hope you're finally hungry.
You're gonna make somebody a fine wife someday.
I hope to.
Miss Thatcher? I heard we had a visitor in town.
I wanted to come by and say hello.
Mighty thoughtful of you.
Constable, I should have Brought up some extra breakfast.
No need.
I've already eaten.
I'm just here to see what we can do To help our friend find his way back home.
Nathaniel miller.
Well, I appreciate the offer, But I'll be on my way as soon as I'm strong enough to ride.
How's that injury of yours? Almost healed.
Gunshot wound, I hear? How'd that happen? Trackin' a large buck through some very thick brush.
My friend was tracking him from a distance, too.
Must've shot at the buck and grazed me instead.
I blacked out, and when I came to, This pretty lady was there, like an angel.
Your friend just left you there? Don't think he realizes I got injured.
Where's home? About 20 miles south.
Falls Creek.
A little lumber town.
My people are in logging.
Well, you let me know If there's anything I can do to help.
Thank you, constable.
How are you holding up, Elizabeth? I'm wonderful.
We both know that's not true, But you did the right thing By telling him to follow his dream.
I know you're right.
It just feels I know.
I'm concerned about that young man Your sister found in the woods.
I'm worried, too.
She knows nothing about him, But she's taken such a personal interest.
I asked constable o'reilly To pay him a visit.
Is the constable worried that he's dangerous? I'm not saying that.
I just want to send a message loud and clear That we intend to keep our town Safe and secure.
I'm afraid Julie sees all of life As a romance novel, With her cast as the heroine.
She's young.
She'll learn.
Perfect! Neat and tidy, just the way I like it.
Now people will know what we sell here.
Good afternoon, constable! How's coal valley treating you? I need to send a telegram.
We may have a big problem on our hands.
Right away.
Good afternoon, mrs.
Good afternoon, mr.
And thank you for your delivery this morning.
You're welcome.
You, You brought pastries, And I had to ask myself why.
I was just being neighborly.
You sure that's all it is? I can't think of another reason.
Perhaps you were hoping to see me.
As I've said before, mr.
Gowen, If you're trying to be flirtatious with me, It is neither welcomed, nor appreciated.
I guess you're right.
We are simply business partners.
But perhaps, over time, we could become friends.
I doubt it But there's certainly no reason we can't be civil.
Richardson, How long was mrs.
Stanton alone in my office this morning? About five minutes, sir.
Your being "civil," does that include Stealing the file from my office That you have hidden underneath your red tablecloth? I know what you did.
That file is my property and I'll be needing it back.
You murdered my son and my husband.
You murdered half the men in this town.
Richardson, would you please wait for me outside? Yes, sir.
Those papers prove nothing.
It's evidence.
Evidence of what? Men died on your watch.
It proves you could have done more to keep them safe.
Let me give you A little something to gnaw on, mrs.
Your husband, Who you so cavalierly accuse me of killing, Was my right-hand man.
He was in charge of operations in the mine, So if corners were cut, Or safety measures were not met, How do you know That he was not responsible for that? How do you know That he was not responsible For the death of your son? For all of the deaths? Do you want that out in the open? Do you want the whole town to know? What happens then? Good afternoon, mrs.
Morning, mounties.
Morning, constable.
You, one of the units after the tolliver gang? Yeah.
We're out of pine springs.
Thought so.
Never seen so many red serge Jackets In the span of a few days.
I'd, I'd be surprised If he's still around these parts.
I'm not so sure about that.
Why's that? We found his horse 24 hours ago, Roaming through a forest west of here.
What makes you so sure it's his? Blood.
He was wounded in his last robbery.
I heard.
What are you doing all the way out here If you found the horse back there? Did a thorough search of the area, Couldn't find hide nor hair.
Figured tolliver left his horse there To throw us off his trail.
Where exactly was this? Just outside a little mining town About a day's ride from here.
Place called coal valley.
Where are you going? What are you doing? Sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I've imposed long enough.
You're going to leave? Without me? I mean, without saying goodbye? Only long enough to get myself put together Get settled in a new life.
One you could be proud to be a part of.
Nathaniel, You don't know how much it means to hear you say that.
I'm sorry.
That was presumptuous.
It's all right.
It was meant to happen.
I'm tryin' To remember what happened to me.
It's all so confusing.
I lost a whole chunk of memory After I got fevered from that infection.
That cabin, where you found me at How far is it? Outside of town, a few miles.
Could you point out the general direction? I left my knapsack filled with my things.
There's a picture of my mother in that bag.
How sweet.
Of course.
You can borrow my horse.
I'll draw you a map.
That'd be most kind.
Wait for me.
I will.
Elizabeth, you work too much.
I'm a teacher, Julie.
I'm just grading papers And waiting for rip To wake up from his fifth nap.
More than any animal I've ever met.
Besides, I'm just Trying to keep busy.
I saw how he looked at you.
Jack will be back.
I'm sure.
The bonds of love are not easily broken.
Keep your voice down.
And love? Who said anything about love? Well, did you kiss him? Of course not.
I've only known him a short while, And a kiss is something that Comes after a courtship and You don't need to know someone a great while to share a kiss.
What's going on with you? Whatever do you mean? Stop those games.
What is it? Well, if you must know I'm in love.
Love? What are you talking about? You found a man in the woods And now you're talking about love? I know how my heart feels.
No one's ever given him a chance.
I won't be another person To just turn my back on him.
I can't believe what you're saying right now.
You don't even know this man! You don't want me to be happy? Of course, I want you to be happy, But this is absurd.
Why? Because he's not rich and educated? This is about a man's character and integrity.
You always think I'm a foolish girl.
Do you remember that man I had you look into for me? Billy Hamilton? Well, he completely fooled me.
Jack and I were at odds at the time, And I thought This man and I might have a future together.
Anyway He turned out to be a con artist who preyed on my emotions.
He didn't care about me.
He cared about the family fortune.
Now all I care about Is that you don't get taken advantage of The same way I did.
Not every man has good intentions, Julie.
What is it? I may not have told you Nathaniel's entire story.
Don't do this! We have to report him.
No, we most certainly do not.
Well, then I do.
It's his brother's gang.
He had no choice! He was orphaned when he was only five, And his brother raised him.
And now, all he wants is to become a better man And to share his life with me! Are you even listening to yourself? What kind of life would you have? That man is a criminal! This why I didn't want to tell you! You don't understand Nathaniel the way that I do.
How can you do this to me? To you? You may have put everyone in this town in danger.
Don't be so dramatic! He's gone, Elizabeth.
He can't hurt anyone if he's not here.
I have to write constable o'reilly a note And then you and I are going to go have A talk with abigail.
Afternoon, fellas.
What'll it be? Whiskey.
All around.
You just passing through, Or, are you here to work the mine? The mine? The coal mine.
It's about all we have to offer by way of jobs in this town.
That sounds like interesting work, But, actually, we're just passing through.
A friend who might've come through here.
Well, I'm the mayor, And I tend to know all of the important news of the day.
Very few strangers come to coal valley.
There was a man involved in a hunting accident.
Shot? I believe so.
He was mighty sick when he was found in the forest.
This man, where is he now? We're hoping he's a friend of ours.
Well, last I heard, He was staying over at abigail's cafe, Just across the street.
The ladies are nursing him back to health.
Well, we're mighty grateful for your help, mr.
Don't mention it.
If you're hungry, Get abigail to serve you her beef stew.
You'll be glad I recommended it.
Thank you kindly.
Honestly, Julie.
I still don't see what you're getting so upset about.
Is because he was protecting someone else.
That's just what he told you! We're in trouble.
We don't know that.
We need to find patrick.
Good afternoon, ladies.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Is there something we can help you with? We're looking for our friend.
We're told you might know where he is.
If you mean Nathaniel, he's already gone.
"Nathaniel"? D'you hear that? Gone where? Julie, if you know where he went, You tell them this minute.
He was shot And it gave him some time to think, And he's not interested In a life of crime anymore.
You need to let your brother be.
Our brother? Nate ain't got no brother.
What? Tie those two up and take 'em upstairs.
No, no, no.
No, no! This one's gonna take us to find nate.
No! You can't take her! She's my sister.
Take me instead.
Elizabeth! Tear this into strips And tie up the cook.
We'll take both the sisters, then.
Do you think Mrs.
Stanton will say anything? Do you think she'll give that file to the authorities? No, not as long as she thinks Her husband may be responsible for it.
But that ain't true.
She doesn't know that.
But I don't want to take any chances.
Giddy up.
Patrick! Are you hurt? Just my pride.
Nate tolliver.
He was holed up at the cafe.
I followed him and he ambushed me.
Tied me to my horse and spooked him.
Is Elizabeth okay? I don't know.
Jack, we got to get back to town.
Hey, nate! I knew you'd show up sooner or later! I see you brought some friends.
Take 'em inside, tie 'em up.
I buried the loot somewhere out back Before I got sick.
Grab a shovel.
Let's dig it up.
Nathaniel, I don't understand.
Julie, don't speak to that man.
Any guy that says hello to you, And you're judging me? This isn't happening.
This isn't happening.
Yes, Julie, this is happening.
This is real.
It's time to grow up And see the world as it really is.
I'm so sorry, Elizabeth.
I did this.
I put us in this danger.
We're gonna probably die here.
They have no reason to kill us.
They'll probably just take their money and go.
Elizabeth? Elizabeth! Jack! Up here! Are you okay? They took Elizabeth and Julie to find that Nathaniel.
Where? I don't know, but Jack, these men are ruthless.
You took Julie for a ride.
Where did you go? I'll show you.
We need to make one stop first! Be careful! Mr.
Gowen! Mr.
Gowen? Constables.
What can I do for you? I want to deputize your men For an assignment.
The tolliver gang has kidnapped Miss Thatcher and her sister.
Does this have to do With the man that she found in the woods? - Yes, it does.
- Well, I'm sorry But that's not my concern.
What do you mean? What I mean is, that's not company business.
Now, if the gang were still in town And they were threatening company assets, then perhaps we'd be in agreement.
But they're gone now, And as far as I'm concerned, Those girls got themselves into trouble, So, unless there's anything else, I'm a little busy right now.
We need help, Jack.
I think I know where we can find some.
I like your sister.
She's a real lady.
But you're a, school teacher, right? I like school teachers, too.
Get away from her.
Or what? I hate you.
Well, now you gone and hurt my feelings.
The man who's courting my sister Is a mountie, And he will come looking for her, So you best leave before he finds that you took her Because he'll Now you're wishing me ill.
Here I thought you really cared about me.
I'm all broken-hearted.
Nate tolliver! You and your men come outside with your hands up! Jack, there's four of them, And they're all armed! Shut up! What are we gonna do now? Stop frettin'.
There's only one mountie.
One mountie's a joke against us.
Elizabeth! Well, I got your woman, mountie, We're gonna be taking any orders from you.
There are a dozen mounties in these woods And they got their rifles aimed at all of you right now.
Nate They're everywhere.
So what? They're mounties.
They'll never fire as long as we have these women.
You're right, nate.
So here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna take out my weapon And I'm gonna drop it.
Now, you let these women go, And my men will do the same.
Soon as I do that, I lose all my leverage, so Forget it.
Tell your men To drop their weapons Or my men start shooting.
Put 'em down! We got no choice.
It's a fake! That's right.
Jack! He has a knife! Jack! Are you hurt? No.
I can't believe I was so stupid.
He played on your innocence And goodness.
I was a fool.
I know that now.
I'll never let myself be that easily used again.
Thank the lord we're all okay.
And thank the lord for sending the mounties.
He came back for you.
He came back for the town.
It's his job.
He didn't have to come back.
Well, he'll be escorting them to prison And then I'm sure He'll head to his new posting after that.
You know, what you and o'reilly did out there was very brave.
There's a lot of men trying to capture this bunch.
We got lucky.
Plus, it's what we trained for.
Well, I don't think that tablecloth maneuver Was part of your training.
Getting the horses in red to surround them like that Was truly inspired.
You know, you're gonna get Your pick of assignments after this arrest.
Make your career.
Well, anyway, I'm glad I was here to see it, And I'm glad I get to deliver these men to justice with you, Because this is my last assignment.
Got a little cabin up in the mountains here.
I'm gonna be fishing and hunting till my last day.
Thanks again.
Sam? If you could go back, If you could do it all over again, Would you choose this life? Living on the road And not settling down and having a family? We can't go back.
That's not part of the deal.
I guess it's the path we've chosen, right? You know, I was at your father's funeral.
I remember thinking he was a truly rich man.
He got a good woman And a fine son to weep over him And remember him.
That's true wealth.
Well, he was a great father.
I only hope When I draw my last breath There's someone there who cares enough To feel that way about me.
Let's go.
will you excuse me for a moment? Where are you going? Feel better? Somewhat.
I'll catch up with you.
Abigail? Jack.
Jack, I found a file.
Actually, I didn't find it.
I stole it from Gowen's office.
For the record, I do not condone stealing, But on a personal note, I'm quite impressed.
I think it's proof that corners were cut.
I-it's not clear Who authorized the cuts or who implemented them.
My late husband might have even missed something.
He knew more about it than you thought he did? But the truth is the truth, no matter how it plays out, And everyone in this town Deserves to know what really happened.
I'll get in touch with an investigator I know In Cape Fullerton, And we'll see where this takes us.
Thank you, Jack.
You're welcome.
When I was out there And I thought that you were in trouble When I thought there was even a chance That you were in danger, and I wasn't here You can't be everywhere.
You saved all of us.
I want you to know That I had nothing on my mind but getting back to you.
Really? I was so Focused on doing my job, Doing what I was trained to do Chasing bad guys I don't know what's gonna happen next, I don't know where I'm gonna be tomorrow, But I don't want to regret Not telling you what I was thinking What I was What I am feeling.
I can't leave without telling you that Yes? I care.
I care that you're safe.
I'm good.
I have to go and escort these men to trial.
I understand.
There's forms to fill out and paperwork Of course.
So I need to go.
I know.
I'll see you soon.
You will.
Remember when we were little And I was afraid of the monsters that lived under the bed? I remember well.
I agreed to stay up all night and keep a lookout for them.
The only reason I felt safe Was because I trusted you to take care of me.
I'm your big sister.
It was my job to protect you.
I always felt safe when you were there.
You know, as soon as you fell asleep, I went to sleep, too.
Really? Yes, I guess that makes sense.
It's been a long few days.
Go to sleep now.
Thank you for taking care of me.
I should've listened to you.
I was a fool to believe that horrible man.
We all make mistakes.
Thank you for being my big sister.
Thank you for being my little sister.
Will you stay up And watch out for monsters? I will.
I feel as though I've lived a year these past few days.
I've never felt so frightened in all my life, But my fear pales in comparison To how safe I felt in Jack's arms When he came to my rescue.
It makes me realize that, sometimes, we need heroes in our lives, and, sometimes, For the people we love, we actually have to become the hero.

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