When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

Rules of Engagement

Previously on When calls the heart I'm Julie Thatcher, Elizabeth's sister.
I've got your woman, mountie! Jack That file is my property.
You murdered my son and my husband.
I can't be the person Who keeps you from following your dreams.
You have to go.
"And for his capture of the tolliver gang, Jack Thornton of the northwest mounted police Is being hailed a hero" When mountie Jack get back, Is he gonna be courtshippin' you? "courtshipping" is an improper use Of the verb "to court," Gabe.
And also an improper question.
If he asks you out to dinner again, Will that be a proper question? You're blushing, miss Thatcher! Excuse us for interrupting, ma'am.
The interruption is greatly appreciated.
You must be the weaver boys.
Yes, ma'am.
Welcome to coal valley.
Wyatt, ma'am.
And I'm miss Thatcher.
We are very happy to have you here.
Please find some seats.
Find a seat.
Wyatt, You don't have to sit that far back.
There's an empty seat by me! Thank you, But I'm just here to watch my brothers On their first day.
I finished school three years ago.
How old are you? There's always something we can learn.
Feel free to choose a book from the library.
Now, today We are going to be studying Thomas Edison, One of the greatest minds of our time.
Introduced in 1877, some 30 years ago.
Do any of you know how the phonograph works? Wyatt? Was there something you wanted to say? Well, ma'am, in simple terms, As the disc rotates, the needle vibrates To reproduce the recorded sound.
That's correct.
Did you study Edison at your other school? No, I just like science.
Well, clearly You have a gift for knowledge, And I hope you'll continue to come to class.
Thank you, ma'am, But I start work in the mines tomorrow.
I hate that you're leaving.
I feel as though I've brought quite enough excitement to coal valley.
But you'll be back? I promise.
But for now, I am in need of modern civilization And the comforts of home.
Like a hot bath.
Mother's hairdresser.
And father's carriage.
And a maid to clean up after me.
And indoor plumbing.
Especially that.
You sure you won't come back with me? I'm sure.
I had to ask.
I know.
And what if Jack stays in cape fullerton? Either way, I'll still be here.
Whoa! I love you, sister.
I love you too.
Excuse me.
This is coal valley? Yes, it is.
Where's the rest of it? I'm afraid you're looking at it.
Well Charming.
It can be.
I'm Elizabeth Thatcher.
Rosemary Leveaux.
Pleasure to meet you, miss Leveaux.
And what brings you here? My fiance.
Perhaps I know him.
Is he One of the miners? lord, no.
Jack There he is now! Jack! Jack! I'm here! Look at you.
More handsome than ever.
And you look awfully Healthy.
You've cut your hair, And I can see you've been doing it yourself.
Lucky for you I brought my scissors.
All right, Well, I'll let you two catch up.
No, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, wait.
Was it something I said? What are you doing here? I found out where you were stationed, And I just had to see you.
Well, I thought you were in new york.
It turns out, a life in theater is quite empty Without you.
That's not what you said the last time we spoke.
Dearest Jack, I never should have broken things off with you.
But you did.
And I have regretted it every day since.
But I'm here now.
Rosemary, you cannot expect that after two years Things would stay the same.
Two years, two hours Two minutes? It's just time.
It's a lifetime.
Certainly Some living has happened since then.
But my feelings haven't changed.
And if yours have Well, then, I'm just going to have to do whatever it takes To win them back.
I can't believe it.
How could he not tell me he was engaged? I admit I'm as surprised as you.
I didn't know what to say.
Jack's been off taking the tolliver gang to justice, And then she arrives, And he arrives, and The way she jumped into his arms, It was as though they were already married.
Jack has always been honorable.
Perhaps things aren't as they seem.
She's not even that pretty.
Yes, she is.
I've seen prettier.
You're a good friend, but a bad liar.
Would a hot biscuit make you feel better? No But ten might.
All right, Abigail, I'll just be in my room.
And if Jack should come calling, As I know he will? You tell him I don't wish to be disturbed.
Constable, what can I do for you? Tom, this is miss Rosemary Leveaux.
She'll be needing a room for one night.
What mr.
Thornton means to say Is that I'll be staying here Until I find more permanent quarters, Which could be many nights.
Well, there's a room at the end of the hall, But you might find it a bit noisy What with the new miners moved in- Noise doesn't bother me.
In fact, I relish it.
Well, if it's noise you're looking for, I'm certain coal valley will be a disappointment.
How could it be? You're here.
Room 9.
Thank you.
Jack, could you show me to my room? You'll find it.
It's right next to room 8.
Are you in room 8? I sleep in the jail.
How tragic.
Actually, it's quite comfortable.
- But lonely.
- I have a dog.
Inspector Avery, You made it.
Did you think I wouldn't? Not for a minute.
It's been a long time.
Yes, it has, Jack.
Since the academy, I believe.
You had the red coat then, But not the badge yet.
Jack, I've been riding for quite a while.
Is there a place nearby I can get a decent meal? Funny you should say that.
Abigail stanton's cafe.
Can I help you? I hope so.
Do we know each other? I'm Bill Avery.
I'm in from capital city at Jack Thornton's behest.
That's a long ride in.
My food is good.
I'm not sure it's that good.
I look forward to trying everything on your menu.
Please, have a seat.
As long as it's not on a horse, I don't mind if I do.
coffee? Please.
How do you know Jack? From his days at the academy.
So you're a mountie? I'm an inspector.
I'm a forensic investigator.
Jack wired me about the file that you found.
And may I say I'm very sorry for your terrible loss.
Thank You.
Stanton, I'm here to build a case Against the pacific northwest mining company For the unsafe conditions That led to the tragic death of 46 men, Including your husband and son.
You have no idea how long I've waited To hear somebody say that.
Since the day of the disaster, I'd imagine.
And every day since then.
Will you help me, then? I will.
Elizabeth, I don't know if you can hear me, but Please let me explain! Jack! You mounties sure put in long hours.
Well, I I'm off duty.
You know who's not off duty? The barkeep at the saloon.
Walk me back, then.
I think it is safer in here with you Than out there, buddy.
This is where the blast originated.
The company said they boarded up the shaft For safety reasons.
Well, that's convenient.
I must say, constable, I never pictured you in a town like this.
Me either.
The place kind of grows on you.
The people, They're special.
I'll be back after my rounds.
Go get Gowen.
This is a restricted area.
I will assume that you are a gentleman And ask you to leave.
Well, I do appreciate the word "gentleman," mr.
I don't hear it very often in my line of work.
Bill Avery.
I'm here to investigate The explosion that happened in your mine.
By whose order? The forensic division of the northwest mounted police.
It's a little late to be investigating a disaster That happened over six months ago, isn't it? Well 46 men are still dead, aren't they? Yes, they are.
If I can be of any assistance, Please feel free to call upon me.
You can be assured I will.
Good afternoon.
You can't avoid me forever.
Just until you finally take your new posting At cape fullerton.
I'm not going to cape fullerton.
Patrick O'Reilly has taken the post there.
His family is joining him.
I'm staying here in coal valley.
This is where I belong.
That's an interesting lesson.
And valuable.
Excuse me, I missed one.
" I don't even want to know what that one is.
No, you don't.
And school is about to begin, so So I'll speak fast.
I was engaged, once, But from where I stand, that seems like another life.
So much has changed since then.
I've changed.
And part of the reason I've changed is you.
Yet in all our conversations, You failed to mention your fiancee even once.
Former fiancee.
I should have told you.
I I guess I just didn't want to open an old wound.
So she wounded you, not the other way around? I didn't ask her to come here.
Yet here she is.
Only until she realizes there's no point to it.
She didn't seem to realize that last night, Nor did you.
You mean when you slammed your window shut? I was cold.
And getting colder, I sense.
I just can't help but think what else you haven't told me.
Well, aren't there things in your life That you haven't told me? I'm certain my life is far less dramatic.
Elizabeth I know you've lost some faith in me, But I hope, over time, You're going to see that my heart is true.
Good morning, children.
"perfidy?" Look it up.
Hi, Wyatt.
- Hi.
- It's gem.
I remember.
You do? A gem is a rare stone, Not easily forgettable.
First day at the mine? First of many, ma'am.
All right, children, take your seats.
I'm not a child, miss Thatcher.
Of course you're not.
My apologies, gem.
I must remember That some of you will be going off into the world soon.
And some to the mine.
For you.
On loan.
College books from my collection.
Thank you, ma'am.
I look forward to reading them.
When you're finished, I have more.
Here, here Watch your step there.
All right.
Have a nice day, now.
You reminded me of my late husband out there.
He could never pass up the opportunity To lend a hand.
I heard he was a good man.
He was.
To have lost him and your son, It's Unspeakable.
And yet I speak of it so often To keep them alive somehow, I suppose.
They'll always be alive in your memories.
Though I know that's of little comfort.
Have you a wife and children? No.
But the life you lead must be so fulfilling.
Though I do wish I had someone to share my thoughts with.
I spend most of my time alone, Or with strangers.
That's why it's nice working with Jack again.
And you.
This case.
I'm afraid we've done more talking than working.
I hadn't noticed.
More tea, mr.
Avery? It's Bill.
And I hope I can call you Abigail.
I'm afraid I might have given you the wrong impression.
And what impression might that be? I don't usually speak of such personal matters With strangers.
I see.
That is entirely my fault.
It's part of my job to get people to talk.
It's It's like I'm a- Ventriloquist? no.
That would mean I was trying to put words in your mouth, I think.
We want the same thing, Justice for your family, And the people that have suffered.
And I mean to get you that justice.
Then you may call me Abigail.
Then May I have more pie, Abigail? Yes, you may.
I think this might interest you More than the pie.
After we spoke, I went through Noah's personal effects.
I found that in one of his pockets.
This is a journal Of methane and oxygen levels.
I assumed as much.
I just don't know why he had it.
I think I do.
Thank you For trusting me with this.
I only hope I haven't implicated Noah in some way.
I hope so too.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to deliver a welcome basket to mrs.
A welcome basket? Yes, she's new to town.
I remember how lonely that can be.
Perhaps I can walk with you.
I'm sure you have more important things to do.
It can wait.
She's working with that investigator To build a case against us.
What do you know about him? He had the richmond mine closed last year.
I won't let that happen here.
We've got to stop this before they dig any deeper.
Send this telegram to head office.
I'm going to have them send their best lawyer.
Sounds like trouble, mr.
We're way past trouble.
This is war.
Are these all that came in? I'm afraid so, mrs.
I'd go with the red.
It compliments your hair.
My thoughts exactly.
Rosemary Leveaux.
Dottie ramsey.
Are you a seamstress, miss Leveaux? No, I'm an actress.
Although I have sewn my own costumes On occasion.
My husband and I absolutely adore the theater.
You won't believe this, But I've always dreamed of acting.
Of course I believe it! Who wouldn't want to be someone else, If only for an hour or two? So true.
And so I took a bow And I ran off the stage, Just as the curtain fell from the rafters! That was my very first "curtain call" in new york.
But not my last.
Miss Thatcher, Have you met the charming Rosemary Leveaux? I've had the pleasure.
Miss Thatcher and I share a common interest.
He looks good in red also.
Are you talking about the constable? Are we, miss Thatcher? I believe you're the only one speaking, miss Leveaux.
you're so right.
I do seem to have a lot to say.
And it's so entertaining.
I simply can't believe You're not married yet, Rosemary.
Well, I do hope to change that, Sooner rather than later.
Forgive me.
I shouldn't be talking about this in front of you.
Feel free to say whatever you wish in front of me.
Or behind my back, if you prefer.
as an actress, I'm used to both.
How could that be possible? Thank you, dottie.
Miss Thatcher! How well do you know our Jack? Not as well I thought.
We've known each other forever, Just about.
Our fathers were mounties together.
How fortuitous.
Although Jack didn't always want to be a mountie.
He wanted to be a painter.
Jack? A painter? Yes.
Of course, you've only known each other A short while.
Excuse me.
Pencils, soap, string.
My, you have a busy day planned.
Are you hungry, Rosemary? I could eat a horse.
Although that wouldn't be very ladylike, would it? Then you will come with me to the cafe.
How wonderful.
She's awfully pretty.
Now, what was on that list again, Miss Thatcher? Pencils, soap, and String.
I almost forgot.
You got a letter.
Thank you.
"dear beth, Your mother and I can't help but fear for your safety.
Of your harrowing ordeal with the outlaws, And I'm afraid it's all too much for us to bear.
Which makes my good news all the more heartening.
Briarcliff prep academy here in the city Has offered you a prestigious teaching position.
You would be the first woman to join the staff.
" Miss Thatcher Hello, Wyatt.
Thank you.
I found them very interesting.
Especially the one on physical engineering.
You read them both? Already? My, I must say, I am more than impressed.
Your folks must be very proud.
It's just my mother.
Pa left us.
I'm so sorry.
My sympathies.
He didn't die, ma'am.
He abandoned us.
We get by.
But we don't talk much about books at home.
I mostly read in private.
Why is that? Surely your mother approves of reading.
We all work really hard.
There just doesn't seem to be time For much else.
I see.
Well, then, I will just have to sort through my library And see what else you might like.
Thank you, miss Thatcher.
Is that the boy you were telling me about? He read two university level books In as many nights, Including the one I couldn't get through myself.
The mine swallows another one.
Not if I can help it.
- No - Just give me that.
Let's get some coffee.
Do you have anything stronger? Apparently, she can shoot, Fish, recite shakespeare, Sing, play two instruments And shine shoes.
Is there anything she can't do? Her juggling could use some work.
She bruised half the apples in my cafe.
That's not all she bruised.
The truth is, I'm ashamed of my jealousy.
But She takes over every room she's in.
She's a shiny new object.
She'll tarnish.
That could take a long time.
Or not.
Elizabeth, her qualities could blow away in the wind.
Yours are steadfast.
You're good-hearted and loyal Like a dog.
Or a boring schoolteacher who buys pencils and string.
I doubt Jack would agree.
And besides, he left her.
Actually, she left him.
I think that's What has me so shaken.
The knowledge that she broke his heart.
And if she could do that once, Couldn't she win it back again? What does Jack say? That it's all in the past.
But somehow they look very much in the present.
Elizabeth, he did come back for you.
He did decide against cape fullerton.
And now that he's staying in coal valley, You'll have a chance to rebuild your trust.
Elizabeth, what is it? I received a letter from home.
It seems my family Has procured a teaching position for me At a prestigious prep school back home.
I'd be the first woman ever to teach there.
I see.
Will you take it? A few days ago, I would have said no.
And now? I'm a little less certain.
Is it possible I misread my calling in coming here? I can only tell you to follow your heart.
It was my heart that led me to coal valley.
Well then, I hope it keeps you here.
So, perhaps one day, We'll be back in a real church again, But until then, God is with us Right here.
Thank you all.
Have a wonderful week, and god bless you.
All the women in town seem to be wearing red.
Well, it appears you've started a trend.
How flattering.
Pardon the interruption, folks.
No intrusion.
We were just finishing.
Can I help you, mountie? Jack Thornton? Yes, sir.
On behalf of the governor general, I have here a commendation For the capture of the tolliver gang, And a reward for your service From the northwestern banking association.
I was just doing my job, With the help of constable o'Reilly.
He'll be receiving a similar reward At his new post.
The mayor and I are so honored You are our constable, Jack.
The honor is mine, mrs.
Elizabeth I don't think I've ever seen you in red before.
You won't ever again.
That's a shame.
It suits you.
Then again, Just about everything suits you.
That's very kind of you.
It's the truth.
- Unless - Unless? You still think I'm guilty of What was it again? Yes.
Perfidy Betrayal, treachery, Or treason? You looked it up? No, I asked that smart kid, the weaver boy.
I don't have time to look things up.
I was too busy Protecting this town from criminals.
Jack! We're all so proud of you.
And a reward, how deserving.
You could put it towards the ranch You always dreamed of having.
Well That was a long time ago.
It wasn't so long ago.
Remember those sunset rides we used to take, Imagining where we'd be in a few years? who would have thought It would be here? Okay.
I suppose I should Start my rounds.
Excuse me, ladies.
Jack, wait up! Hello, mrs.
I'm Elizabeth Thatcher, the children's teacher.
I was hoping to speak with you for a moment? Well, of course.
Come in.
Thank you.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
Are my little ones behaving in school? Yes, they're adapting quite well.
It's actually Wyatt I was hoping to speak with you about.
No, what did he do? No! No, no, he's fine.
It's what he can do.
I've been lending Wyatt books.
Advanced texts really meant for college students, Yet he sails right through them as if they were picture books.
Science and math are as natural to him As breathing is to the rest of us, And his comprehension of advanced theories is It's astounding.
I-I'm not sure I follow.
I believe Wyatt might be a genius.
And if given the chance, I believe he's capable of things Far greater than this place.
He could be the next Thomas Edison.
With your permission, mrs.
Weaver, I'd like to apply for a scholarship on his behalf To the college of science and technology back east, And I'm quite certain he would be accepted.
Miss Thatcher, I've always known Wyatt's been blessed with a keen mind, And I appreciate your interest in him.
But he's taken it upon himself to make certain sacrifices.
I'm the only man left in our family now, Miss Thatcher.
We need my paycheck from the mine.
I see.
Maybe in a few years, When his brothers Are old enough to work in the mine, We can consider more schooling.
Of course.
If you don't mind, I've brought some more books for him.
You know, my favorite Thomas Edison quote was from when he demonstrated his first light bulb.
He said, "we will make electricity so cheap" That only the rich will burn candles.
" We're closed, mr.
I didn't come here to eat.
Well, I've already delivered your share of the weekly profits To your office.
Yes, thank you for that.
Doing something different with your hair? It looks quite becoming.
And you should be going.
You gave the file to mr.
I gave it to the constable, who gave it to mr.
Avery, Despite your threats.
That file only tells half the story.
It's the other half That you should be concerned about.
Why is that? My lawyer has brought information That I believe will be quite devastating To both the memory of your husband And to your current situation here.
Is this a new threat, or the same one? I'm losing track.
Let me be perfectly clear with you.
This is a company town.
The company provides a livelihood For you and for everyone in this town.
The real truth About what happened in that mine Is something you, personally, Do not wish to see exposed.
But I will be forced to do so If you and Bill Avery do not stand down.
You're bluffing.
This is not a poker game, Abigail.
Then you'll understand when I don't fold.
You can't intimidate me anymore, mr.
I'll ask you to leave, mr.
And I might remind you that I am a mountie, With the authority to arrest you if need be.
On what grounds? Impeding an investigation And harassment of a witness.
I'm going to ruin you.
Here you are.
You always had great aim.
Well, you know, I've missed once or twice.
My turn.
That's impressive.
I forgot what a good sportswoman you are.
Do you remember The last time we went shooting, I beat you best of three.
of course you do.
And does Elizabeth shoot? Or does she just read about it In her novels? You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were jealous.
I am Completely jealous.
I used to have you all to myself.
Now I not only have to share you With the mounties, But also with a schoolteacher.
Of course, I can put up with anything Temporarily.
You are so persistent.
As an actress, I have to be.
Well, as a lady, you don't.
I wish that were true.
I know things didn't end well between us.
But they will this time.
Jack We have a future, And it's going to be exciting, And unpredictable, and Perfect, Just like we always dreamed.
I'm sorry, rosie, But the only future I see for myself Is with Elizabeth.
Well, then, I am just going to have to change your mind.
And you know me, Jack.
Once I set my sights on something, I always get it.
"why do relationships Always seem to get so complicated? Jack has said he cares for me, and I choose to believe him.
" He had feelings for me before Rosemary arrived, And feelings don't vanish overnight.
Yet, young love is so hopeful and so uncomplicated.
What gets lost along the way? I've lost my resolve is all.
I was brave enough to come to coal valley.
I can certainly weather a juggling, piano-playing, Horse-jumping actress" After all, if Abigail can have faith After what she's been through, Then so can I.
" Did I forget to tell you what I heard About Elizabeth? What's that? Well, she's leaving.
Wait, what do you mean, she's leaving? Well, she got offered a job back east, A very prestigious one, I hear.
Something that would be Very hard to turn down, I imagine.
"perhaps jealousy has made me too harsh.
I should be better than that.
Perhaps in time the two of us might even be friends Or not.
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