When Calls The Heart (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Prelude to a Kiss

Previously on When calls the heart Pleasure to meet you, miss Leveaux.
- What brings you here? - My fiance.
You barely know this Elizabeth Thatcher.
This is war.
I'm going to ruin you.
I received an offer of a teaching position at a prestigious prep school back home I'm staying here.
This is where I belong.
Is it true, You're taking another teaching job back east? Word spreads fast in this town.
I have an offer.
Nothing more.
My family's doing.
They're worried about me.
Well, that's understandable, With everything that's gone on here.
And going on.
I've been thinking a lot about this.
And you and Rosemary, you have a history.
And you have a great deal in common.
That's not true.
From what I can see, it is.
Elizabeth A man doesn't propose to a woman And get over it so easily.
To think long and hard about your feelings Before you make a decision you might regret.
If that's what you want, then I will.
It is.
Is that a squid? It's a comet.
A comet? May I? Let's see.
You- Comets Have tails, right? Actually, it's just evaporated materials and dust.
Well, let's call it a tail.
Thank you, mr.
Van Gogh.
I can add a constellation if you'd like? How about you remove a constable What? So you can take credit for my chalk work? Good morning, children! Be sure to admire Mountie Jack's artwork on your way to your seats.
He enjoys compliments.
Unlike miss Thatcher, Who is uncomfortable with compliments, Even though she's quite deserving of them.
School is in session, mr.
If you'd like to speak, Please raise your hand like all of the other children.
May I be excused? Yes, you may.
Thank you, miss Thatcher.
All right.
Shall we begin? Yeah! Now, when we think of astronomy, We think of planets and stars And things far away.
But every 75 years, Something special passes over the night sky.
It's called Halley's comet.
Now, sometime soon, We'll be able to look up in the sky And see a fiery comet passing over coal valley As it orbits the sun.
When will we know to look up? Well, we won't, exactly.
Comets aren't like stagecoaches, they don't run on a schedule.
So I suggest we all keep our eyes out, Which means every night, before you go to bed, I want you to look up at the sky toward the mountains.
Can my father see it from heaven? I'm sure that he can.
And all the other fathers.
Can they see it? All of our loved ones we've lost Are watching over us Just as God is.
We can feel them all around us, Their love and their guidance And that's not going to change.
All right, children.
Let's return to the skies.
Can you imagine a time when man might travel into outer space? Why not a woman? Sorry for interrupting.
I overslept.
Dear! I can't remember the last time I saw such a sad audience.
This isn't an audience, miss Leveaux.
What is it, then? It's a classroom.
And who is to say a teacher can't be entertaining? So you're a teacher now, Along with all of your other occupations? Well, I did teach music for a spell in New York.
New York! What's it like there? In the evening, Times square is filled with music and lights And people, Even at midnight! And the buildings are so tall, They touch the sky! Which is exactly what we're studying.
The sky.
And we really should get back to it.
But I was just about to tell them all About coney island.
- Tell us! - Yeah! Miss Thatcher? Please, miss Thatcher? I feel like I've been replaced.
That's not possible.
I'm afraid Halley doesn't stand a chance against Rosemary's comet.
Don't comets burn out? Not before setting fire To everything in their path.
Speaking of setting fires Is it my imagination, or do you get prettier with every passing day? It's your imagination.
And a little makeup.
and that hair And this dress.
And flowers in the cafe.
A gift from bill.
He comes in so frequently, He thought it might brighten the place up.
I'm sure that's the only reason.
Maybe you're not just mourning the past, But looking toward the future as well? Perhaps.
But we can't forget why he's here.
Wyatt! Hello, miss Thatcher, mrs.
Hello, Wyatt.
You're working on a Sunday? My family needs the money.
I took over wendell backus's shift.
He's sick.
That's very kind of you.
The air down there's hard to breathe For some of the older miners.
I came to return these before my shift.
Thank you.
Do you need more? I haven't had much time to read lately, ma'am.
Well, whenever you do, You are welcome to my library.
Thank you.
These fragments are from the point of explosion.
The sediment burns Show the excessive level of methane in the shaft.
Which means those men Were sent into a death trap.
It's looking that way.
Okay, thank you all for coming out today on your Sunday afternoon.
We're eager to know why you gathered us here, mr.
When I lost my leg, I thought I'd lost everything but what I really lost was my spirit.
Now, I can't work in that mine anymore, But I believe I've found another way to be useful.
Now, as some of you know, I used to be a pretty good with a hammer and nail, So I took the liberty of drawing up some plans For a new church and schoolhouse.
Now, if we can just raise a little money among us For supplies, I can build them, And help bring coal valley back to where it was- A town with a With a proper church, And a And a school that isn't inside a saloon.
This is a wonderful idea, but I'm afraid no one has much to spare.
I know I don't.
I understand, being in the same predicament, But we have to start somewhere.
I think mr.
Miller's plan Is exactly what this town needs.
And I'm sure that the company would be More than happy to make a sizeable donation.
What a magnanimous gesture, mr.
Well, thank you, mrs.
Ramsey, But a magnanimous gesture would be to donate the entirety of the money And to pay for mr.
Miller's labor.
Unfortunately, our reserves are tied up Defending against this frivolous investigation.
No investigation is frivolous when 46 men are dead.
An unspeakable tragedy.
Yet I do have to ask myself If perhaps mr.
Avery's judgment may be clouded what with your recent friendship.
Your insults will not silence me, Nor will your money.
Do we want to build our town back up with a bribe? If we take his money, Then the company will own more of us than they already do.
The company already owns us, Abigail.
The houses we live in, The streets we walk on, even your cafe, Right? At least we would have a proper place to worship.
Without miners traipsing through it at all hours.
I believe that children can learn anywhere, Be it in a schoolhouse or in a saloon.
Abraham Lincoln learned in a log cabin.
Unfortunately, your replacement may disagree.
My replacement? Well, I assume Since you're leaving us.
Is that true? No.
That is, it's true I received an offer of a position, but I haven't.
When were you planning on telling us, miss Thatcher? Obviously she wasn't.
Who's gonna teach us? James, please.
Nothing's been decided at all.
You only just got here a little while ago.
You said you'd watch the comet with us.
And I will, James.
Bill! Are you all right? What happened? Had a little unwanted visit out at the mine.
They took my forensic kit with all the evidence.
Did you get a look at them? They had masks.
- You take care of him, will you? - Yes.
Of course.
I'm going with you.
You're in no condition.
I'm still your superior.
Well I'll make a note of that in my report.
This cut behind your ear looks very deep.
I think you might need some stitches.
The lengths that I'll go to to get you to make a fuss over me.
You good with a needle? I've made all my own curtains.
Well, how about sewing a person? Well, we're about to find out.
I'll get my sewing kit.
Jack? Woof.
How thrilling.
Well, you had better get used to me.
Be that way.
And you'd better get used to me too.
Did you find them? The trail went cold.
Too dark to be searching.
Well, I'm glad you're back safely.
Were you worried I wouldn't be? No.
Yet you're out here in the middle of the night waiting.
If you must know, I was just watching for Halley's comet.
Halley's comet.
Do you know how many times I've heard that excuse? Maybe I was a little worried.
Just a little? Don't push it.
I heard what happened at the town meeting.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I want you to know Whether you decide to leave or stay, I-I'll support you.
You deserve to teach in a real school, Elizabeth, not a Not a saloon.
But I-I have faith that that will happen here Sooner than later.
The schoolhouse doesn't really matter to me.
It's the children.
This town needs you, Elizabeth.
Not just this town.
It's getting late.
I should probably turn in.
Of course.
Good morning, Wyatt.
Good morning, miss Thatcher.
Do you have a minute? Of course! I wanted to show you something.
How does it Work? My goodness.
It's wonderful! Where did you get this? I made it.
You did? I got the idea from your physics books, And the phonograph.
If I could create a bigger version, It could help circulate the air in the mine, Help people breathe better.
Maybe even prevent another disaster by venting the dust and gas.
And the blades are made out of wood so that there's no risk for a spark.
I wasn't wrong about you, was I? You are really quite an extraordinary young man.
Have you shown this to anyone? Just my mother.
Made her cry.
She was upset? No.
Does that make sense? Sometimes we women cry when we're happy, Sometimes we cry when we're sad, And sometimes for no reason at all.
Crying can be good, Bad, or mean nothing at all? Exactly.
I may know science, But I'll never understand women.
I think most men would agree with you.
Now, then.
I'd like to telegram my father's patent attorney about your fan.
If you'd like to leave it here, The constable can take a photograph for us.
Thank you, miss Thatcher.
A smile always means something good.
I'd better check.
Hiding behind your desk? Mr.
Well, it appears as if you've been injured.
Don't bother acting surprised.
I just wanted to let you know, your threats won't stop me.
I'm not surprised.
And was that another unwarranted accusation? What am I guilty of now? Well, if my hunch is right, Assault and theft by your henchmen.
I don't have henchmen.
And I don't control the people in this town.
I beg to differ.
If you close this mine, The men here won't get paid.
And if they don't get paid, then their wives can't put food on the table.
That would be motivation enough for a lot of people in this town I know it was you, and I mean to prove it.
Just like I'm going to prove that you knew that shaft was unsafe.
That'll open a whole can of worms.
I like worms.
Good for fishing.
'Cause I feel like I'm about to catch something pretty big.
Well, you best get to it, then.
But I have a feeling That all you're gonna do is further hurt Abigail Stanton.
The people in this town, They think of her very fondly.
I, for one, Would hate for that to change.
Wouldn't you? You best be very careful right now, Gowen.
Unless you plan on arresting mr.
Gowen, I suggest you take your hands off him.
Apparently you do have henchmen.
Tell me something, boys.
Those standard-issue boots? They're for your security firm? Thank you! Thank you.
You're all so kind.
Are there any requests? Well, I'd like to perform a song That was playing when I received a proposal of marriage from a man I used to love And still do.
you made me love you I didn't wanna do it I didn't wanna do it you made me want you and all the time you knew it I guess you always knew it you made me happy sometimes you made me glad but there were times, dear you made me feel so bad You didn't like the song? I used to.
When it meant something.
We need to talk.
I'd love to.
About Elizabeth.
Or we could just sit in companionable silence.
I've been doing some soul-searching, And I can't deny you showing up here Has thrown me for a loop.
You are quite something, rosie.
You were once the woman of my dreams, And I suppose it's only natural that that old memories might filter back in.
But Elizabeth and I, we have a relationship.
What kind of relationship? I-I don't know, exactly, But I know it's the one I want to pursue.
And would a true relationship Be so easily sidetracked by my presence? Your presence could sidetrack an army.
You barely know this Elizabeth Thatcher.
Jack, you and I, We've known each other a lifetime.
I've been doing some soul-searching too.
And I realized That the only thing that's ever felt real to me Is you.
What? Do you doubt my words? Well, you've always been a good actress.
Thank you.
It wasn't a compliment.
Well, I'm gonna take it as one.
Have you told her all of this? No.
Not yet.
Well, until you do, I'll retain a shred of hope.
Isn't that what coal valley's all about? Hope? So, I've got some exciting news to share.
Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, We will begin construction tomorrow On coal valley's new church and schoolhouse.
I assume that we have mr.
Gowen to thank for this? Well I'm not at liberty To disclose the donor, but I do feel obligated to say that it was not mr.
Elizabeth? Was it your father? No, it wasn't.
But I believe it was from someone equally as generous, With far less money to spare.
Doesn't "anonymous" mean anonymous anymore? You donated your reward money? All of it? For a church? And a school.
Well, that is so Noble! Three cheers for the constable! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! No, please sit down.
Folks Let's not overdo it, please.
I was just doing my job, And what better way to spend that reward money Than to help the people of coal valley, Who have all become very important to me.
Especially, one person in particular.
Thank you, Jack.
And your generosity, Well, has made me all the more fond of you.
May I offer my own words of gratitude To the constable? Not only have you made our town a safer place, But I think we can all agree, a better place.
Now, since we're all gathered here together, I have an announcement to make.
Unfortunately, it is not a happy one, But I do believe it is something that needs to be said.
This is mr.
He is the company lawyer, And he is in possession of documents Which, now, I did not want to bring to light, But it would seem That mrs.
Stanton has forced my hand.
What hand would that be, mr.
Gowen? The one that write checks to silence us, Or the one that ordered the attack on mr.
Avery? Does mr.
Avery not wish to speak for himself? Mr.
Avery has gone to get the circuit judge To bring you to justice.
Well, that is good news.
But the judge will not be presiding over my trial.
These documents prove That the guilt for the terrible tragedy Which befell our town Lies with one man.
Noah Stanton.
Your husband was the superintendent.
It was his decision to lead those men into the mine, Knowing full well conditions were unsafe.
Noah would've never done something like that.
You are way out of line, Gowen.
Constable, let's let the judge decide that.
I started this investigation, not mrs.
Stanton, And I'm gonna see That it's finished based on evidence Not hearsay and finger-pointing.
I know that you want to believe What mrs.
Stanton is saying.
She's kind, And charming, And she makes the best biscuits that any of us have ever tasted, But her husband was a risk-taker, And his reputation preceded him.
That's why he was fired by the lee mining company Prior to his arrival in coal valley.
He wasn't fired.
He quit because the working conditions Were deplorable.
That's not what his records show.
Then those records are fabricated, You know that your husband's salary Was associated with the amount of coal That his men dug out of that mine every day.
That shaft carried a very rich deposit.
Noah didn't care about money.
You can ask anyone here.
You may not have known, but your husband was in debt.
Deeply in debt, I'm afraid.
Desperation can cause a man to take a great many risks.
Noah Stanton was desperate for money.
Desperate enough to lead his men, And his own son, into that mine, And to their graves.
Good people of coal valley What message was Noah Stanton sending When we found this after the disaster? What was once a symbol of hope May now be an admission of guilt.
You all knew Noah.
There wasn't anything he wouldn't have done For any of you.
The truth will come out.
Rest assured, Gowen will not succeed.
I'm afraid he already has.
Did you see the way they were all looking at me? You'll have your say in court, and they'll hear you then.
I pray you're right, Elizabeth, Because right now I feel As if I'm losing everything all over again.
You won't lose me.
You're a true friend.
Perhaps the only one I've got.
You have many friends.
You'll see.
They'll be standing alongside you When the time comes.
I'm not so sure.
Noah did talk of buying a claim.
He wanted to start his own business.
Well, that doesn't prove anything.
Unless it caused him To do something he wouldn't normally do.
I didn't get to meet Noah.
But from everything I've heard, He was a good and decent man.
You must continue to believe that.
The judge got stuck on a case In Cooperville.
He'll be in on tomorrow's stagecoach.
Judge Farrell, I'm hoping? I'm afraid not.
Judge Black.
- Jedidiah Black? - Yes.
I know him only too well.
Tell me.
Are the stories about him true? He once sentenced a man to hang.
The man jumped the rail in court to attack him, And he pulled out his pistol and shot him right there.
In his defense, as quick as he is with a pistol, He's just as quick with a gavel.
Well, let's hope it's swinging in the right direction.
Last night, Gowen managed to sway half the town That Noah Stanton's to blame for the explosion.
I'm going to see Abigail.
How are you? Well, I've been better, And I've been worse.
I heard what happened with Gowen.
I'm sorry I wasn't here.
Would you like to sit down? As you can see, you have your choice of tables.
When the truth comes out, And it will, This place will be filled again.
So much so, you'll have to open another room.
Right now, I'd give anything just to have one customer.
You have me.
And you've got me.
And me.
I don't know about the rest of you, But I'm starving.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
No, don't thank us.
You're the one who has to cook.
I'll help.
You cook? But you're not a doctor, and you stitched me.
Jack? Can we talk? We can.
Though no matter what I say, You seem to hear something different.
Well, then let me say it.
Last year, I was in a play, The lead, of course, Who was in love with someone else's man.
The part never suited me.
In fact, I was quite relieved when the show ended.
Well, are you saying your performance in coal valley Is coming to an end? Let's just say the curtain has fallen.
On this act, at least.
So you're leaving on the stagecoach tomorrow? Unless something, or Someone stops me.
I'm sorry, Rosemary.
So am I.
My goodness! Either you all are very early, or I am very late.
We wanted to get here before you, miss Thatcher.
"they are not long, The days of wine and roses- Out of a misty dream, Our path emerges for a while, Then closes within a dream.
" That poem was from our first week together.
It's It's Halley's comet.
How lovely.
This is from all of us.
Tears of sadness or happiness, Miss Thatcher? Both.
I just love you all so much.
And you have taught me More than you will ever know.
But I want you to know that I have Made a decision.
I'm not leaving you.
Not now and not ever.
We love you too, miss Thatcher.
Are you staying because of us, Or because of mountie Jack? That is a very inappropriate question, gabe.
Then it is mountie Jack! Children! Hope is in the air.
That and a little coal dust.
Welcome to coal valley, your honor.
I'm constable Jack Thornton, And this is Abigail Stanton.
Nice to have made your acquaintance, miss.
Jedidiah Black.
Your reputation proceeds you, judge.
Well, unfortunately, most of it's true.
Stanton? You're one of the widows? Yes, sir.
Waiting a long time for our day in court.
Well, it's here now.
I can't promise you're gonna like the results.
I can vouch for that.
Well, it's been a long time, if I recall correctly.
Not long enough.
You still holding a grudge over a poker game? Only till I win it back.
Well, you might have quite a wait, son.
You got a witness list? In my room.
Well, you might get it.
Why don't you let me? I was going there anyway.
Thank you, Abigail.
It's in my satchel.
Judge? I trust you had a safe ride in? Well, considering I got out of cooperville alive, Well, it doesn't sound all that good either.
Justice prevailed.
That's what matters.
You expecting someone? Yeah.
You make a lot of enemies on this job.
You got a saloon here? We do.
Poker? We got that too.
Trial starts at eight.
Whoo! Today's the day! Black! It's time to meet your maker! So apparently his little brother here Don't agree that justice prevailed.
Lock him up, constable.
Put him on my docket for tomorrow.
Elizabeth? Take a walk with me.
Is there a reason for this walk? There is.
I have been doing some reflecting And some reading.
In fact, I borrowed one of your history books.
Really? Yeah.
Did you know that, of the 27 men That have been president of the United States, Only one was a bachelor? Buchanan.
Okay, but can you name one Notable accomplishment of Buchanan's? actually, His failure to deal with the south's succession Is considered one of the worst presidential mistakes In history.
My point exactly.
What is your point? That perhaps his poor judgment began By not having a woman by his side.
It was because he was a confederate sympathizer.
Is there anything you don't know? I don't know the reason for this conversation.
I think you do.
You're running for president? Is that a gift to say goodbye? II didn't bring you up here to say goodbye.
Open it.
You made this? A little hobby of mine.
It's a lot harder for me to say what's in my heart.
I guess I'm not as brave as everyone thinks.
Yes you are.
Elizabeth, I have thought long and hard about us, As promised, And I I keep coming back to the same conclusion.
You're the one.
You're the only one.
And I know I said that I'd support you Whatever you decide to do But I didn't mean it.
Don't go.
I'm not going anywhere, Jack.
This is where I belong.
And so I have resolved To make this place my home.
There will be difficult days ahead, No doubt.
And uncertain ones.
But I have faith That true happiness awaits me here in coal valley, For what is life But a bittersweet mix of sadness Wonderment Hope And joy? Hyah! Giddyup! Elizabeth.
II just wanted to say That despite whatever has passed between us, I wish you all the best.
And I you.
Perhaps we could part as friends, then? Friends it is.
Are you headed back to New York? Someday.
Where are you headed, then? Well, for now, I'm only moving down the street to a nicer room.
I don't understand.
The mayor has agreed to help me start a theater group.
Here? Yes! Isn't it wonderful? I'll be staying in coal valley, after all.
Seems we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.

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