When Calls The Heart (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Troubled Hearts

1 Previously on when calls the heart Thought we were going for a ride after school.
You had company.
: I told him "no," jack.
You've always been very kind to me.
I always will be, nora.
I could consider entertaining your romantic attentions.
Houston's the one who's dirty, not me.
You almost died.
I didn't always work on the right side of the law.
-What's your name? -Cody.
-What are they doing here? -We just want to help.
Do you think that cody could stay with you Until I get better? Well, how could I say no to that? [jack and elizabeth chuckling.]
Okay, where are we going? It's a surprise! What kind of surprise? A good one! [sighs anxiously.]
So what do you think? Of abigail's old house? I'm thinking of renting it.
Doesn't joe craddock live here? He just took a job in cape fullerton.
And with clara here, Abigail could really use the extra space.
But the real reason is It's time for me to put down roots here.
Hope valley is my home.
And it's the place I love.
And the people you love, right? You could say that.
[sighs happily.]
Sorry to interrupt.
I need your opinion.
Green? Or blue? Are you trying to impress someone? No, but I'm working with abigail at the cafe tomorrow.
Has anyone seen my baseball glove? Have you checked your bedroom? It was in here before supper.
So? What do you think? Um, the green one.
It brings out your eyes.
Thank you.
Well, cody, let's give elizabeth some privacy.
She has a lot of work to do.
Have you seen my baseball glove? -Don't you have homework? -Oh, he'll get to it.
Come on, let's look upstairs.
He wants to practice So he gets as good as the other boys.
Just as long as he studies for his arithmetic test.
He will.
[weary sigh.]
Ah! There she is.
Our dedicated teacher-- Burning the midnight oil.
Oh Marco polo? The thrill of discovery! Of new and uncharted territory.
An explorer's epic journey Into the unknown.
-The mystery-- -rosemary.
I was hoping you could help me with something.
You know, now is really not a good time.
This won't take a moment.
I was wondering If you could give me a few classic quotes On love and rejection for my advice column.
Something Like coleridge or Wordsworth! I'm a little rusty on the classics, And you're so good with all those dusty old poets.
Sorry, rosie.
Elizabeth has plans.
She does? Oh.
Right! I almost forgot.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Maybe another time? Of course.
What plans? Private plans.
This is just what I needed.
An evening in jail? An evening with you.
Well, it's not exactly dinner at the ritz.
It's the company that counts.
[door opening.]
I'm sorry, I'm interrupting.
Well, that's okay.
Can I borrow some of your shoe polish? Uh, yeah.
You got a date too? Not exactly.
Meeting with the pinkertons in the morning.
I thought you were only taking a leave of absence From the mounties.
I might as well hear what they have to say.
Those rolls look awful good.
Would you like some? That's awful nice of you, elizabeth.
[bill banging around in the back.]
To a romantic evening together.
One of these days.
-[both chuckling.]
[ruckus continues.]
Miss thatcher? Hmm? How come laura got an "a" and I got a "c"? Well, what's the first rule of writing essays? You have to separate ideas into paragraphs, And yours was just one long paragraph.
[students giggling.]
You are 20 minutes late.
Stanton said I could practice pitching before school.
"before school.
" You still have to be here when the bell rings.
She said it would be okay.
Well, I think you misunderstood her.
Now Who can tell me about the travels of marco polo ? It's too terrible about silas.
I just feel sick.
I can't believe he's gone.
What happened? Silas ramsey was killed in a robbery.
Oh, no.
Poor dottie.
She gets home from the funeral today.
Have they caught the men who did it? No.
Not yet.
But I'm confident that they will.
I hope dottie knows we'll be there for her.
Nobody should go through something like this alone.
I put the last box in the pantry.
Is there anything else I can do for you, mrs.
Stanton? I can't think of anything.
You know, your sink is leaking.
I can take a look at it after work.
Are you sure you have time? Will only take a few minutes.
That dress matches your eyes.
[door shuts.]
I expected more customers.
Excuse me.
The breakfast rush ends before first shift at the mill.
Could I see a menu? We don't print menus.
No menus.
No customers.
[sniffs and huffs.]
: What is that smell? My buttermilk biscuits, and if you don't like them, The saloon serves beans and coffee.
Humphries isn't here to eat.
Then why all the questions? Well, you've finally gotten your wish.
I'm selling my interest in the cafe.
He's going to be your new partner.
If there's anything we can do-- You're too kind.
Anything at all.
I'll be fine.
I'm so sorry.
May I help you with your bags? I'd appreciate that.
Thank you.
I didn't know your husband well, But I understand he was a good man.
I don't wish to speak ill of the dead, But I think we both know my husband was no saint.
Even so, he shouldn't have died that way.
I've contacted the regional office.
They've assigned an inspector, But I'm going to look into it myself.
Thank you.
But aren't you on leave? I am.
But this isn't just any case.
Saint or no saint, silas deserves justice, And for that matter, so do you.
: Well, that is quite the undertaking.
: I built a church, Pretty sure I can handle a house.
Yeah, but this isn't just any house We're talking about.
Where-- where are you planning on building, exactly? Well, you know clem besser's plot, On the way to jameson? Oh, yeah, it's a nice view from up there.
Yeah, it's the best in the valley.
So How much? What, for the lumber you're gonna need, to build? Yeah.
Uh, well, let me draw up an estimate And I'll get back to you.
: Lee! -That's great.
-No, no, no.
Stay, stay.
There you are.
-Oh, jack! -Hi.
I don't mean to interrupt, But I have a quick update for you.
It won't take a minute.
First, I asked the crew To clear space for the new inventory.
Second, I convinced the hudson boys To sweep under that, uh Oh, the-the big thing with the saw.
The head saw? Yes! Head saw.
Silly name.
Weiss has generously agreed To serve afternoon refreshments.
You always say a happy crew is a productive crew.
So we want a happy crew, don't we? Yes.
Yes, we do.
Rosemary has decided to help with the mill for a while.
Isn't that great? Great.
I thought you had your hands full With the advice column? I do, but lee has been so busy here at the mill, Working like a dog.
Well, it's the least I could do.
She could do less.
Well! If you need me, I will be at the mercantile, Picking up a few things.
You are going to love what I'm doing to your office! Okay! Whoa, wait! What are you doing to my office? What is she doing to my office? I don't know, but good luck with that.
Thanks, lee.
You on your way to dottie's? I thought I'd bring her a lemon cake.
It's the least I could do.
Mind if I join you? I wouldn't mind at all.
Ask ned yost to order the fabric we spoke about-- The velour, in red.
Or maroon, actually, if they have it.
I'll need about 20 yards.
Better make it 30.
30 should do.
Coulter's okay with this? Of course he is.
Where's he going? He's helping me redecorate.
I think it's plenty decorated as it is.
Oh! Lee.
This is just the beginning.
Picture it A raised mahogany desk and chair.
Thick curtains on either side.
Three lights Shining down on you from above.
It'll be an office fit for a king.
And why exactly do I need a "raised" desk? Well, you're the boss! The man in charge.
The fearless leader! This desk is your stage, And you speak with authority When you are looking down from above.
I like my office the way it is.
I'm just trying to breathe some life Into this dingy, old dungeon, Which it desperately needs.
Where's my map? Which map? What do you mean, "which map"? My map! The big map that was right here on this wall? Oh, that tattered old thing? I threw it out.
-You what? -Well, don't worry.
I ordered you a new one from the survey office.
You'll love it! It's in color.
Rosemary, that map Had all of my harvest schedules written on it.
Well, I'm sure it's written down somewhere.
Oh, and before I forget-- I gave glen butterfield the rest of the day off.
You-- whoa.
Whoa, wait.
What do you mean, You gave him the rest of the day off? Well, of course, I told him It was your idea.
You are the boss.
Sometimes, I wonder about that.
He and his wife, They had a terrible argument.
She told me about it in a letter to my column.
Oh, she poured her heart out to me, the poor dear.
They need the afternoon to make up.
You do want happy workers now, don't you? Well, yes Yes, I do want happy workers, But if they're not here, They're technically not workers, right? [giggling.]
oh, you're funny! I do need to get going.
So much to do! But I'll be back later-- with some accessories! They add such a nice finishing touch.
[door bangs shut.]
What just happened? Well, it's almost lunchtime at the cafe.
I better get back.
I think you should take some time off.
I have to work.
Aw, even the man upstairs took a break on the seventh day.
He earned it.
Well, so have you.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't I come by after dinner, Take a little walk around the pond.
Just half an hour.
Give us a chance to catch up.
It doesn't take half an hour to walk around the pond.
We'll walk slow.
So, pastor How are you and miss abigail doing? That's none of your business.
She got money? What do you want, jesse? Well, the gang's back together again.
There's a job coming up.
We'll need you.
You're the best powder man around.
I'm not interested.
Come on, matt.
You'd make so much money, You wouldn't have to worry about Keeping up this act any longer.
You could go anywhere, do anything you want.
I'm happy living right here, doing just what I'm doing.
When it's over, come back, Get married, have nine kids.
You're not listening.
I'm out.
You're never out.
You don't want to disappoint jake garrison, do you? Is that a threat? Just saying, people get hurt sometimes.
Let me apologize about dinner at the jail.
It's the thought that counts.
I know.
I want to make it up to you, though.
How? A snack in the stables? Jack! [laughs.]
Even better I have a place where we can have dinner Any time we like.
Well, yeah.
Abigail's? No Elizabeth's.
The row house? As of this morning, it's mine.
So I saved some extra money from my teaching salary By living at abigail's, And the rent here isn't very much, So I thought, why not? Besides, with cody and clara here, Abigail could really use the extra room.
And now that I finally have some peace and quiet, I can start writing again.
Old joe craddock didn't really take care of this place As well as abigail did, But it'll make a fine house one day.
Loose doorknob and all.
But it's my loose doorknob.
Clara! Are my blueberry muffins ready? I know I'm early, But I promised to serve tea at the mill in an hour.
I'll get them for you.
Cave junction.
I've heard of that.
That's where the stage was robbed-- [gasps.]
And dottie's husband was killed.
Such a terrible tragedy.
Are you on the case? Maybe.
And maybe not.
Can I trust you with that, rosemary? You have my word.
I won't say a peep to anyone.
Bless you.
Are you aware the sink is leaking? [exhales heavily.]
You'll need to get it fixed.
I've made a list of improvements.
You'll be expected to cover half the costs.
There is nothing wrong with the stove.
It's only a matter of time Until that antique stops working.
And when it does, I will get a new one.
You'll get one now.
Before you close your deal with mr.
Humphries, I would like to make a counteroffer.
You've already told me that you don't have The funds to buy me out.
I don't.
But maybe we can come up with some kind of arrangement, Something that would be beneficial to you.
I'm listening.
I could make monthly payments, with interest, Until your share is paid.
That's more than fair.
I'm a businessman, mrs.
Unfortunately, uh You're not an acceptable risk.
I can pick up some varnish from the mercantile, If you want to start on those floors tonight.
Thank you, But I would like to do the repairs myself.
At least let me help you move your things in.
I'll take you up on that.
Thank you.
-Elizabeth-- -hi.
I just spoke to cody, And he said you held him after class.
I didn't want to, but he was late again, For the third time this week.
He practices baseball before school.
He just wants to fit in.
He still needs to be on time.
Well, boys will be boys.
They still have to get to school on time.
Well, it's a big adjustment for him.
Abigail, it's not just his attendance.
He doesn't pay attention And he hasn't turned in his homework.
He's having a hard time being back in school, After everything he's been through.
He needs to try a little harder.
You think I'm being too easy on him? I think you're being over-protective, And I understand why.
I just don't think it's helping him.
Well, thank you for your opinion.
Abigail, we all want what's best for cody, And you're doing everything you can.
I'm just trying to help.
I know you are.
It's not that I'm surprised she moved out on her own, I-I just didn't think it would happen so soon.
Mm, and you're not sure how you feel about it? [sighs.]
look, I like That she's an independent woman, but This doesn't have anything to do with That house you want to build, does it? Maybe.
Ah! Look, I'd take it as a good sign.
Means she's putting down roots here in hope valley.
Moving away from hamilton.
Well, then that's a very good sign.
You bet it is.
Women like to make a place their own.
It's called "nesting.
" -It's "nesting"? -Nesting! You know, today, you know, elizabeth moves into her place.
Down the road, Maybe she moves into yours.
Just be patient, And buy her a nice housewarming gift.
Huh? All right.
So What do you think? [♪.]
" [♪.]
[forced chuckle.]
My worldly possessions! [jack chuckles.]
Those who would travel happily, Must travel light.
At least I have a desk to write on.
Hmm Something's missing.
What is this? It's a housewarming gift.
Is it an ice box? I could really use an ice box.
Just open it.
Oh, jack.
It's gorgeous.
Now I just need to get you some flowers.
It's perfect just as it is.
Just like you.
I've been thinking about what you said, About moving here.
And? I'd have to go home for a while And finish up a few things.
Well, take whatever time you need.
If everything works out, I should be back in a month or so.
Well, I will be here.
Henry, I'm uneasy about something.
Does it have to do with bill? No.
We've signed the divorce papers.
That's over.
But if I'm going to make hope valley my home, I need to apologize to abigail stanton.
That wasn't your fault.
It wasn't hers, either.
Frank? I thought we were going for a walk.
Plan changed.
Maybe tomorrow? No, tomorrow's no good.
Sunday? Sunday won't work.
Frank, I'm confused.
You said you wanted to catch up.
[sighs heavily.]
it'll have to wait.
Well-- I'm sorry to bother you.
: For our science project, We are going to plant beans in cans And learn about photosynthesis.
Now, since this is a group project, I'd like for you all to choose partners.
Go on.
Choose partners.
Emily? Would you please pass out the beans? Thank you.
-Miss thatcher? -Mm? I don't have a partner.
Um Well, you can be partners with miles and robert.
Everyone has friends but me.
You're new.
It takes time to make friends at a new school.
I don't want to be partners with anyone.
This isn't a choice, cody.
Everyone is going to participate.
Come on.
Find anything at cave junction? Not much.
A few hoof prints, some spent casings.
Jake garrison and his gang are suspects in the robbery, But hq doesn't have enough evidence for an arrest.
I had a feeling it was garrison.
What? You know him? I've chased him before.
He killed a good friend of mine in a bank robbery 10 years ago.
Carl benson.
Left behind a widow and an eight-year-old daughter.
You never arrested him? No.
Not enough evidence.
This guy's an expert at covering his tracks, jack.
He picks up a gang when he needs one, Then he lets them go when he doesn't.
They were spotted near albert hills.
That might mean they're headed west.
I'll help you on patrols.
Can't be too careful.
This mean you're gonna turn down the pinkertons? No, it means the garrison gang Is not gonna get anywhere near hope valley.
Hi, cody.
I hate school.
I'm never going back.
Tell me what happened.
Nobody likes me.
I don't have any friends.
Cody, you haven't been here very long.
You have to give it some time.
At least when we were on our own, I had becky.
Sweetheart, I know you miss your sister, But, right now, She needs to be with the doctors in union city.
They're helping her get better.
When she gets better, could I visit her? Of course you can.
But until then, There are other ways To show someone that you care about them.
How? You could write her a letter.
Tell her all the things that you would say to her If she was sitting right next to you.
Will you help me? [chuckles.]
Of course,I will.
Dottie! It's good to see you out.
Does the mayor have you working already? No.
He told me to take the rest of the week off.
Well, that was nice of him.
He's not all bad.
You don't know him the way I do.
I know him all too well.
Well, he could've fired me when he was out of money, But he didn't.
Trust me, There is another side to henry gowen.
Who's that man he's with? Alan humphries.
He's buying henry's share of the cafe.
I hadn't heard.
You know anything about him? Not very much.
But, um I have a feeling Abigail is going to miss having mayor gowen as a partner.
I have a very fun writing assignment For all of you.
I want you to think of a memory.
Something from your past.
It can be happy or sad.
It can be funny or scary It can be any memory that you like.
Yes, emily? Can I write about the fall harvest? My mom lets me pick the biggest pumpkin, And we carve a jack-o'-lantern.
That is a wonderful memory.
Cody? Do you have a favorite memory? It's stupid.
No, it isn't! Well My dad would say we were soldiers in the light brigade.
He's right.
That is stupid.
Take it back! Whoa.
That's enough, boys.
Now apologize to one other.
[both, overlapping.]
: Sorry.
That's all for today, everyone.
I'll collect your writing assignments Tomorrow morning.
Class dismissed.
Cody? [♪.]
You're not in trouble.
[students filing out.]
Tell me the rest of the story, About your dad and the light brigade.
We used to ride horses.
I'm listening.
He would say, "honor the charge they made, honor the light brigade.
" I was thinking, Since you didn't turn in your paper about marco polo, Maybe you'd like to write about the charge of the light brigade? What do you think? Okay.
Oh! For you.
Oh Jesse, they're beautiful.
I'm glad you like them, Because I was actually gonna ask you a favor.
Oh? What kind of favor? I'm still trying to find my way around, And I was wondering if you could show me Where the livery is.
Didn't I see you at the livery yesterday? Right.
How about the blacksmith? Around the corner from the livery.
It's a good place for it.
[awkward chuckle.]
Those are lovely.
What's the occasion? I was asking clara If she'd like to go for a walk with me.
I really need to stay and help abigail.
Doesn't look so busy.
Can you manage without her? I'll only be gone an hour.
: And, most importantly, The stage.
20 feet, plenty of room in the wings, Even a catwalk with electric lighting.
What? Only 20 feet? That's barely enough room for macbeth to die.
But the smaller the stage, the bigger you shine.
I've changed my mind.
This theater is perfect.
It's just the right size.
That's my girl.
I can't wait for opening night.
I'm going to dedicate my first performance to you.
Oh, and what have I done to deserve such an honor? You're bringing culture to our little hamlet.
History will remember you As a great patron of the arts.
" hmm.
Just a patron, huh? Lee You're making my dreams come true.
No one's ever done anything like this For me before.
Because no one's ever felt for you the way that I do.
You don't see country like this where I come from.
I don't think You told me where you're from.
Uh, small town back east.
Family has a farm there.
There's really not much to tell.
So you came west In search of fame and fortune? You hear that story a lot, I guess.
I'm going to ask you a bold question, Before I make a fool out of myself.
Should I be worried? No, no, nothing like that.
I was just wondering, Are there any other Handsome, charming gentlemen Bringing you flowers at work? You'll be happy to know that was a first.
[loud thudding.]
You got a good arm.
But you need a better grip.
See? And now you try it.
There you go.
Thanks, mister! You keep throwing like that, And they'll notice you soon enough.
[hushed exchange.]
-Hello! -[gasps.]
ha! [laughing.]
Don't you look the part! Yet I have somehow managed To make the creak in this floorboard Worse than ever.
It's always been like that.
Gosh, I've missed this place.
You have a lot of good memories here, don't you? I do.
It looks different.
Well, mr.
Craddock was never one To concern himself with appearance, was he? Apparently not.
What's next on your list? Oh, an ice box, Fix the doorknob, Clean the chimney, a fresh coat of paint.
I'm practically finished.
Why don't I help you later? We'll have a painting party.
I would love that.
I'll bring cody.
How's he doing? Good.
I told him he had to finish his essay Before he went out to play.
He'll come around.
I wish someone else would come around.
Frank? I thought something was starting to happen Between the two of us, But now nothing.
You're really starting to care for him, aren't you? Oh.
Maybe more than I should.
-Muffin? -Please.
Fresh out of the oven.
These are so-- yes, they're good.
-Blueberry! -Mm-hmm.
I've gotta be honest, lee, this is, uh A little more than I was expecting.
And that is with a sizeable discount Because we're friends, But the house that you're talking about Isn't exactly a shanty.
Trust me, I promise, it's gonna be worth every penny.
So I hear the architect finished plans For rosemary's new theater.
Uh, hope valley's theater Just don't tell her.
Well, It seems like a pretty big project to take on, Right when you're trying to double The size of your operation.
Yeah, well, you know me.
I like big projects.
See you, jack.
: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Hey! Hey! What's going on here? Get up.
What's happening? He started it! Liar! He did! [boys panting.]
Robert, go home.
Rest of you, too.
Go on now.
You wanna tell me what happened? He called me an orphan.
So you hit him? Are you gonna tell mrs.
Stanton? I should.
But I'll tell you what.
You go home, You go finish your homework, No one else needs to know about it.
You promise you won't tell? Yeah, I promise.
Cody? No more fights.
Well, elizabeth thatcher, look at you.
You're so Capable-looking! Capable, and a little overwhelmed.
I had no idea how much work Went into fixing up a house.
The stove, the floors, the painting I thought you'd just ask jack to do all that.
Well, he offered, But I'm trying to do it all on my own.
Men are peculiar creatures.
They like to feel needed, and important.
I get letters about it all the time.
All right, But if I let jack take care of everything, What do I learn? How to hand him tools While he does all the work? Oh, elizabeth.
It's simple.
Just give him something else to do.
As I tell my readers, "keep your man busy, so he isn't in a tizzy.
" [chuckles.]
We need to talk.
I can't right now.
Well, fine, then just listen.
I know you're keeping something from me, And whatever it is, no matter how bad it is, I've been through worse.
And one thing I know I couldn't have made it on my own.
So whenever you're ready, I'm here.
You don't have to go through it alone.
You have someone you can lean on.
I just hope you remember that When the time comes.
You got enough firewood to last two winters.
Glad to know I'll stay warm.
[exhales wearily.]
Well, there are Other ways to stay warm.
Um A stove? A campfire, or Maybe even a blanket? That's not exactly what I have in mind.
Well Should I keep guessing, Or are you going to get more firewood? No, no, I stacked the rest of it out the back.
[both laughing.]
Are you sure I can't give you A hand with anything else? As a matter of fact, I do have a small favor to ask.
Well, name it.
There's a big spider, behind the bed, upstairs.
Do you think you could catch it And put it outside? -Spider? -Mm-hmm.
Maybe even a family of spiders.
Two, or-or Even three.
And-and you know how much I hate spiders.
I do.
"keep your man busy and he won't be in a tizzy.
" I read rosemary's column, too.
Are you looking for this? [hammer cocks.]
I'm just-- I'm just messing with you.
What do you want, sonny? Well, jake asked me to stop by, see how you're doing.
[bullets rattling.]
He wants to know if you made any progress with matt.
Tell jake I'm doing the best I can.
Why don't you tell him? [takes a breath.]
That gold train's Gonna be coming in through albert hills real soon.
I'll take care of it.
You better.
You promised me matt landry.
I don't like it when someone welches on a promise.
[metal scraping.]
Bill, what are you doing here? Making breakfast.
With my pans and my eggs? Actually They're "our" pans and "our" eggs.
Excuse me? I'm your new partner.
I bought gowen's share of the cafe.
You-- you did what? I'm always looking for a good investment, And I heard his half was up for sale, So I grabbed it.
Without asking me first? I'm not here to cause any trouble, abigail.
I'm just a smart investor.
I don't know This is a bit much.
I need to think about it.
Well, it seems to me that I'm your best option.
Oh, really? Well, I'm not here To give you a list of things that you need to fix, Like humphries did.
Took me About 10 minutes to try to figure out How to light this stove, So, trust me, I have no interest In sticking my nose into your day-to-day operations.
So you'll be a silent partner? In every way.
Well, I think I'm going to enjoy owning this place As much as I enjoy eating here.
So We're good Partner? All right, I have something for you, Before you go.
What's this? Oh Henry! It's beautiful.
Do you remember what you said to me The first time we met? You were having lunch with some friends of yours At the restaurant across the street from my office.
It was my first day at the mining company.
And you strolled over In your new suit and your shiny, black shoes, And you asked, "do you happen to have the time?" Mm-hmm.
And you pointed to the clock tower behind me.
that was mean of me.
Maybe so, but you, uh You know, from here on in, wherever you go, You, uh, you'll always have the time.
Thank you, henry.
Hurry back.
Anything else you need today? This'll do for now, Just a few supplies for mr.
Coulter's office.
You can add them To lee's company account.
I wish I could, but I can't.
Can't? Why not? Mr.
Coulter's account is overdue.
Overdue? No, that must be a mistake.
I'm so sorry, But my father said no more credit.
How odd.
I wonder why lee never told me.
It doesn't matter.
I'll just pay cash.
Hello? Hey! We brought new paint for you.
Just in time! Wow.
Cody? Would you like to help us? No.
Cody, put down the baseball and help miss thatcher, please.
Here, cody.
You can use this.
No, thanks.
[awkward chuckle.]
Once he puts that glove on, He's lost to the world.
Men and sport-- I'll never understand it.
All right, cody.
Why don't you tell us about your essay On "the charge of the light brigade"? Oh, I love that poem.
It's one of my favorites.
I haven't started.
It's due tomorrow.
Cody, enough of that.
He'll do the essay when we get home.
I promise.
: Hey, jack! -Catch! -Whoa, whoa-- [loud gasping as shards clatter.]
What did I tell you? Now, please, get that broom And clean up this mess.
I don't have to listen to you! Yes, you do.
Cody, you need to do as you're told.
You're not my father! Cody! Abigail I'll get him.
Hey, hey! Hey! Let me go! No.
I hate you! I hate all of you! Hey, cody.
No, you don't.
You don't hate me.
You don't hate any of us.
You're upset because you miss your dad.
It's why you won't finish that essay.
It's why you're getting in fights.
Because it hurts to think about him, It hurts to be alone.
It hurts to not have the people that you love To tell you it's gonna be okay.
You don't know anything! Yeah, I do I do.
'cause I lost my dad, too.
It feels like someone took something from you Like there's a giant hole inside of you.
But one day, that-- that feeling That you're feeling right now-- That feeling is gonna go away.
I promise.
It's not fair.
No, it's not fair at all, kid.
But just because your parents aren't here, Doesn't mean they're not with you.
You got 'em right in here Every moment Of every day.
Okay? [♪.]
: I can't describe how it feels To have my own home.
Teaching will always be first in my heart, But now that I'm settled in, I can finally pursue my passion for writing.
I want to capture the spirit of this special place, Of the love and the caring, So that I can share it with the world.
There's nowhere else on earth like hope valley, Though I miss you and mother very much.
With love and prayers, Your devoted daughter, Elizabeth.
: "honor the charge they made!" [both.]
: "honor the light brigade!" Oh! [laughing.]
Is it too early to be optimistic? You know, There are gonna be good days and bad days.
You're right, But I think this is a good start.
What you're doing for cody, abigail, It reminds me of the thing I admire most about you.
What's that? You don't give up on people.
Oh, elizabeth.
You're such a good friend.
I'm gonna miss having you under my roof.
I will be just down the street, And I'll see you every day.
You promise? I promise! What's that? [♪.]
It's frank.

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