When Calls The Heart (2014) s03e02 Episode Script

A Time to Speak

1 Previously on when calls the heart Silas ramsey was killed in a robbery.
I might look into it myself.
Rosemary leveaux, I promise, you will get your theater.
Oh! [giggles.]
Coulter's account is overdue.
I wonder why lee never told me.
: I thought something Was starting to happen between the two of us, But now nothing.
: What's that? [abigail.]
: It's frank.
I can't believe this.
It's-- it's got to be a forgery, or some awful joke.
We'll know more soon.
Frank said he had a past, that he'd been shot, But this? The best thing you can do Is just open the cafe And carry on Until jack hears from the mounties.
I can't, not until I know, And there's no reason for you to sit here waiting with me.
There's every reason.
You have school this afternoon.
And you have a cafe to run.
[door opens.]
Mountie hq finally wired me back.
Matt landry was on our "wanted" list.
"was?" Four years ago, As an accomplice in a bank robbery in platt city, But he was caught and he served his time.
Then this is old and out of date? There's no current warrants For either matt landry or frank hogan.
So he's not a wanted man after all.
: No, I'm not.
Been doing some thinking and some praying.
I made up my mind to tell you all about matt landry, But I see someone has beat me to the punch.
It must be jesse flynn.
Jesse said that he was in town Looking for a friend named matt landry.
Oh, we haven't been friends for a long time.
Jesse is trying to ruin my life here So that I'll join up with the garrison gang again, But it's not gonna happen.
Matt landry is dead.
Who was matt landry? A greedy fool.
Tried to be a bandit.
Got himself shot.
Went to prison and found the good book.
And when he came out, he was a new man, And he wanted a new life and a new name.
So "matt landry" Became "frank hogan".
I went to court and had it changed.
And that's when I swore That I would to devote the rest of my life To doing god's work.
So why is jake garrison so set on dragging you back in? Well, my best guess is that he's planning a robbery.
I used to be a powder man.
I'll let the mounties know, Get extra patrols in the territory.
Elizabeth? I'll walk you to school? Yes.
Check on you later.
Thank you.
Poor abigail.
It seems like every time she has feelings for a man, He turns out to be keeping some secret.
And it's never a good one.
You were really coming to tell me? I swear.
I want to believe you, but I know.
The timing's suspicious.
You said that You would be someone to lean on, And I asked you to remember that, When the time came.
Now the time has come.
And it's easier said than done.
[exhales heavily.]
I have to think about it.
: Do you think people in relationships Can have "good" secrets? Sure.
Every now and then.
I don't think it's a good idea.
So you have no secrets? Do you? Yeah.
Well, one or two.
I'll gladly share 'em with you.
Please do! Okay.
Well The first time that we met, I thought you were Attractive.
That's your deep, dark secret? Well, not anymore, since you pried it out of me.
Your turn.
All right.
When we first met, I thought you were Kind of cute.
"kind of cute?" Kind of cute.
Not, like, "ruggedly cute"? Not even "handsome"? Well, you did grow on me.
: Good morning, rosemary.
: Good morning, katie.
Bill! I had a lovely little chat with abigail yesterday.
She mentioned that you two are partners in the cafe.
I bought out henry gowen.
So, tell me.
Isn't that, uh, a little bit awkward? What do you mean, awkward? Well, considering what's gone on in the past Between the two of you.
What are you getting at, rosemary? [giggles.]
nothing, really.
Though I imagine it might be, uh Difficult to be in business together.
I'm happy with my investment.
Oh, investment? Is that all it is? That's all it is.
So tell me.
Will we see you in an apron any time soon? Well, I don't know about an apron, But I do have a recipe for a chicken casserole That's gonna have them lining up outside the door.
Avery! You are full of surprises! I had no idea you could cook.
Rosemary, I spent two weeks undercover working as a chef.
Not only did I catch two escaped cons, But I learned how to fricassee a pheasant.
-[laughing loudly.]
Ramsey, I've gone over Your late husband's life insurance policy, And everything seems to be in order.
That's a relief.
Once I submit the case file To the home office, You should see a benefit check Within, oh Six to eight months.
I'm sorry, did you say months? Barring any complications.
But I need the money now.
Well, I understand, However, the company needs to v-- No.
You don't understand! Can't you just Speed things along? Doesn't work that way.
But Ahem.
If you really need the money now, I am authorized to offer you a lesser settlement In cash.
Oh [words catch.]
Well, how much less? One-fifth the benefit.
One-fifth? I don't Oh, I need to think about it.
Well, I leave tomorrow at noon.
You let me know your decision before then.
: You're telling me That frank hogan rode with the garrison gang? Under a different name, four years ago.
I need to talk to him.
Look, bill-- I know how you feel about the garrisons.
Frank wasn't in the gang 10 years ago.
Remember that.
I need you to do me a favor, jack.
I need you to find a woman named mary benson.
It's carl benson's widow.
Do that for me, will you? Sure.
: Are you sure Jesse's part of that gang of criminals? Frank is sure.
He says that jesse's the one Who put the handbill on my door.
And you believe him? [sighs.]
jesse didn't show up for work today.
Jack's been looking for him everywhere.
He's nowhere in town.
That's not a good sign.
I guess it's not.
Clara I know it's painful.
We've both lost a husband.
It's tough enough to get through that And then have feelings for a new man.
But it's even worse when that new man Turns out to be-- A liar And a criminal.
: I just can't imagine Pastor hogan is an outlaw.
Neither could I.
He seems like such a good man.
We'll have to look into our next pastor's background Much more thoroughly-- Our "next" pastor? We can't have an outlaw Preaching from the pulpit, can we? Ladies.
Not a lot of brotherly love around here.
Ah, I can't say I blame 'em.
I disappointed a lot of people here.
Some more than others.
Jack told me you rode with the garrison gang.
I did.
Ever mention a man named carl benson? No, but I only did a couple of jobs With garrison.
I got shot, got caught, did my time.
End of story.
What about this jesse kid? You think he had anything to do with The bank robbery that killed silas? No, jesse was here in town.
They sent him to get me.
Besides, it's not his style.
He's not a killer.
You let me know if you see him.
I didn't think you were still the law.
Just a concerned citizen.
Constable! It would seem that hope valley has a problem.
What's that? Well, our pastor is a fraud.
He misled The pastoral committee who hired him.
Well, if he did lie about his criminal history, You might have a case for fraud.
I think it would be in everyone's best interest, Including mr.
Landry's, If he resigned And left town peacefully.
I wonder if you can take a little bit of time To convince him of that.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I can't do that, But have a nice day.
[disengages brake.]
[twig snaps.]
[man whistles a birdcall.]
Matt's secret's all over town.
That's good.
Won't be long before they kick him out.
You got something to say? Matt's awful stubborn.
I still don't know if this is gonna work.
Oh, sure it will.
He's no fool.
Where else is he gonna go? Just in case, Maybe we should find somebody else.
There ain't no one else can do what we need doing.
I can.
Takes a lot of skill to blow a safe.
Matt taught me everything he knows.
Teaching ain't doin'.
I'm not gonna gamble our payoff on what you think you know.
Okay, okay.
I'm just sayin', If, for some reason, matt doesn't come-- You said you and him were friends.
You swore you could bring him back.
That was the deal.
Now, if you don't deliver, You're a dead man.
deal 'em again.
Why is lee asking the bank for a loan? I don't know.
You don't know, or you won't tell me? When it comes to finance, Mr.
Coulter plays things pretty close to the vest.
Maybe it's something to do with the theater he's building.
Let's pretend this conversation never happened, all right? It'll be our little secret.
In a democracy, The people get to help decide how everything is run, And one way they can do that is by voting.
[shuts door.]
Um, would everyone please turn to page 42 in your books To learn what the greek philosophers Had to say about it.
I'm sorry to interrupt, But you know the campout That pastor hogan has scheduled for tomorrow night? The boys have been talking about it all morning.
Well, so have their parents.
Some of them have changed their minds, They don't want their boys to go.
So it's been canceled? No, actually.
May I? Mm-hmm.
Everyone, can I have your attention, please? Those who signed up for tomorrow's campout, Please raise your hands.
I knew it wasn't gonna happen.
No, no, it's happening, cody, But, unfortunately, Pastor hogan cannot make it, So I'm gonna be going instead.
Yeah, laura.
Do girls get to go, too? Um, sorry, this one is just for the boys.
I don't see why-- -The girls can't go.
-Yeah! Well, uh Maybe next time, When we can all plan ahead, okay? Thanks.
: Dottie? What's the matter? Mr.
Logan from the insurance company says It's going to take months to pay the benefits On silas' policy.
Why the delay? I don't know.
He said he'll give me cash right now, But I have to waive the rest of the benefits.
Well, that doesn't sound right.
I don't want to settle for less than I'm owed, But I can't wait.
Would you let me help you? What can you do? Oh, I I have a knack for helping people see reason.
Before you ask, No, I haven't seen frank since this morning.
I didn't ask.
I don't know what I'd say to him.
I don't know what I'd want him to say to me.
May I ask you what you're feeling? I don't know, so don't tell me not to bottle things up.
Then I won't.
I could use a little "you're strong, you'll get through this.
" You are the strongest woman I've ever met, abigail.
You'll get through this.
You always know just what to say.
You'll get through it a lot faster If you just talk to frank.
Miss abigail? Where's those marshmallows you made for us? In the pantry.
Can't camp out without marshmallows.
There's no arguing with that! I'm glad that jack is leading the trip tomorrow.
Cody's gonna have a good time.
It's too bad it's boys-only.
It's really not fair to the girls.
Elizabeth, You are the most creative woman I know.
You'll solve this Not that you asked.
: Okay, we are almost here.
We're not the only ones.
Elizabeth? Good evening, jack.
What are-- what are you doing here? Well, I asked the girls If they wanted a little campout of their own.
And we voted yes! Democracy in action.
Great! The thing is, you-- you can't be, um Here.
Isn't this public land? Yeah, but I mean, this This was gonna be our spot.
I think there's room enough for everyone.
Uh, okay, boys, let's make camp over there.
Uh, no, jack, Not over there.
Uh, why not? Because it's covered in poison ivy.
[girls giggling.]
All right, not there, boys.
Make camp over here.
Thanks, girls.
Back to work! [♪.]
-Good morning, lee.
I brought those supplies you asked for.
Wow, I think I'm in the wrong business.
Make more money if I turned my sawmill into a paper mill.
Speaking of money Mm.
Funny, that.
Katie yost told me your account was overdue.
Really? Hmm.
I don't know if they sent me a bill last month.
Or maybe they did, and it's just lost under all this mess.
Anyway, thank you, I'll take care of it.
So it's just a misunderstanding? Of course, yeah, just a misunderstanding.
Lee Mm-hmm? I really have enjoyed helping out around here.
And I have really appreciated having you.
But you're not gonna offer To redecorate my office again, are you? No.
Uh But I could help you economize.
"economize"? Streamline.
Be more efficient.
Cut out waste.
Improve the bottom line.
Well, saving money never hurts.
Well, that's right! And you're so busy already.
Why don't you let me try out a few ideas? A "thrift plan.
" Cutting expenditures can boost your profits, you know.
So I've heard.
well, great! Why don't you get me Your spending records for last month, And I'll dive right in? What, you're serious? [laughs.]
Uh All right.
There you go.
[quiet chuckle.]
You sure about this? You haven't had much experience In the-- in the wild.
Jack We're a stone's throw from town.
I think I'll survive.
Are you, uh, gonna start the campfire By rubbing two sticks together again? This time, I'm prepared.
We'll be singing songs together later.
You're welcome to join us.
No, we're gonna be-- We're gonna be telling some ghost stories, But you are welcome to join us.
Ghost stories? Yeah.
Jack, are you sure about that? Some of those boys are pretty young.
They might get scared.
Boys love scary stories.
All right.
You're leaving? Where will you go? San francisco, for starters.
And what's in san francisco? A boat to someplace Where no one's ever heard of matt landry Or pastor frank hogan.
But you won't be a pastor anymore.
Maybe I was never meant to be a pastor.
You were meant to be our pastor.
Well, not anymore.
There's not a soul in this town That wants me to stay.
I do.
And you're still our pastor.
I told you you could rely on me.
Well, you told me you needed time to think.
I took the time.
And here I am.
Maybe everybody else just needs some time, too.
They won't even look me in the eye.
If I was a cook or a blacksmith, Wouldn't matter what people thought.
But a preacher? If no one wants to hear from him, Then he's no good to anyone.
They've listened before.
All the times that you preached mercy And forgiveness, They heard you.
Maybe you just need to convince them That everybody deserves a second chance.
Fight them.
I'll stand with you.
Got any other suggestions? [picks up book.]
You might pray for guidance.
I'm told it helps.
-[owl hoots.]
-okay, boys.
You go to sleep.
But what if a ghost comes? Well, there are no ghosts.
Tell you what.
How 'bout I tell you a new story? About a little A dog! I'm afraid of dogs, too.
[mutters under his breath.]
Thanks for taking us camping.
It's fun.
I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Can we do this again? Of course we can.
Robert said girls don't belong on camping trips.
I told him he was silly and undemocratic.
Good for you! Because girls can do anything, right, miss thatcher? That's right, debra.
Girls can do anything that boys can do.
Now go to sleep.
Oh! Opal? Are you all right? I want to go home.
Are you feeling okay? Not sick? Just homesick? Mm.
I bet you miss your nice comfortable bed And your warm quilt, huh? Do you have any stuffed animals at home? Brownie.
He's a bear.
What kind of bear? A brown bear.
Well, do you know what brownie's doing right now? He's sleeping.
And he's dreaming about you.
Is he sad? No! Because he knows you're coming home very soon To tell him all about your great adventure.
How you saw a family of quails And Sang songs.
So Close your eyes.
[crickets chirping.]
And listen to the crickets.
And think about brownie.
And it'll be morning before you know it.
Would you like me to sing to you? No.
You sung enough.
I like the crickets better.
Tough audience.
[door opening.]
Are you the, uh, constable? I was told that I would find the constable here.
He's not here right now.
Can I help you? Yes.
My room has been burglarized, My briefcase stolen.
Can you describe it? Dark brown leather, hand-tooled, Silver studs.
Something like this? [laughs.]
that's it! How did you Who are you? Are you a mountie? Not at the moment.
I'm just a friend of dottie ramsey.
You're the one who broke in.
You stole it.
Nothing's been stolen.
Everything's here.
You can't get away with this.
You broke the law, sir.
I'll have you arrested.
On what evidence? You have your property here, so it's your word against mine.
: Sit down.
Interesting reading there.
Curious how the beneficiaries sign so-called "release forms," Transferring their benefits to you.
That's a nasty little racket.
Lying to grieving widows, Scaring them into taking tiny cash payouts, And then stealing the benefits for yourself.
You can't prove this.
Like you said Your word against mine.
I'm not the law, mister, So I can't send you to prison, Where you belong, But there are worse places I can send you.
What do you want? I want you to write a check out to dottie ramsey For the full amount of her benefits right now.
: I I can-- I can do that.
Then I want you to go To all the other people that you stole from And return all the money you took.
And I'll know if you don't.
I will.
: I will.
Pleasure doing business with ya.
[jack sighs.]
: Did you have any trouble Putting the boys to bed? Nope.
So why are they all in your tent? Well, like you said, Some of them are pretty young.
Okay, maybe Maybe we should've-- We should've sung songs with you.
[sighs and laughs.]
What? You look Comfortable here.
I am.
This far from civilization? No motorcars, mansions? No french boutiques? No noise, no crowds.
Yeah, just bugs, bad weather, And wild animals.
Bright stars, Babbling brooks, Fresh-caught trout.
Well, it sounds like you could live out here.
You know I think I could.
Well, I don't-- I don't mean in a tent.
I'm talking about a house, With a nice stove, Bathtub, An icebox.
[both chuckling.]
A nice, warm, comfortable feather bed.
Waking up next to the one you love Every morning.
It sounds heavenly.
I think I'd like to write about life here.
If I'm lucky, I'll get published one day.
It's just a dream of mine.
Well Dreams have been known to come true.
[quiet chatter.]
Abigail! Care to join us? Trudy has to leave after this hand.
Before she leaves, I-- I'd like to talk to you about pastor hogan.
We owe him a lot, and he-- What's the matter? Frank hogan is no longer our pastor.
You do know that? No, I don't.
What do you mean? Mayor gowen called An emergency meeting of the pastoral committee.
We voted unanimously To remove him and start looking for a replacement.
You fired frank in a secret meeting? A private meeting.
Why didn't we all have a say? To what end? He posed a threat to the community.
We knew what we had to do.
It's done.
Undo it.
It's too late.
I've already informed mr.
Landry Of his termination.
Frank? Frank? [frank.]
: "to everything there's a season-- "a time to keep "and a time to cast away.
"goodbye, abigail.
I'll miss you.
" They fired frank.
The vote was unanimous.
I would've thought at least one or two Would've stood up for him.
Gowen hand-picked that committee.
: And they did just what he wanted.
: And frank didn't argue.
Gowen convinced him we'd be safer without him.
We can decide these things for ourselves.
It's too late now.
Maybe not.
: Where are you going? I'm a teacher.
Time for a lesson.
Excuse me, mayor gowen.
I want to know why you fired pastor hogan.
I didn't fire anybody.
The committee made the decision.
: Well, the committee Hardly represents the people of hope valley, And should a decision like that Really be made behind closed doors, Without the involvement of the community? I'm sure that the community will support the action.
I'm not at all sure.
Respectfully, miss thatcher, I don't think there's any point in rehashing this.
When I informed mr.
Landry of the decision, He left town without protest.
I think even he realized That he doesn't belong here in hope valley.
We have no idea what frank hogan realized, Because you never gave him the chance to speak to us.
Miss thatcher-- You may have gotten your way for now, But is this really how you want to be remembered? As the mayor who decided everything in secret? This is a democracy, mayor gowen.
We deserve better.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Ooh! It's freezing here.
Is there something wrong with the stove? Uh, no.
We're just conserving firewood.
Conserving firewood? I run a sawmill.
We're up to our ears in scrap wood.
Yes, and we should be selling it, Not burning it.
Besides, it's a balmy day.
Just dress warm.
You won't even feel it.
I won't feel it because I'll be dead from exposure.
Um Are there any pencils? Oh.
I was using the pencil.
"the" pencil? Well, you only write with one hand.
I'm afraid to ask, But is there any paper? Yes, of course there's paper, silly.
You can't run an office without paper.
Just write small and use both sides.
How did you get it? I merely helped the gentleman see reason.
Did you need to use force? Simple persuasion.
Too bad.
Bill I would have paid for this.
Oh, no, no, no.
I won't accept that.
Why not? It took time and effort.
You need to be compensated for that.
Well, that's very kind of you, But helping a neighbor-- And taking the smirk off a crook's face-- It's more than enough reward for me.
: Penny for a pencil? That's ridiculous.
It's highway robbery.
A penny for a pencil seems pretty reasonable, rosemary.
Well, not if you need 10.
That's 10 pennies.
A whole dime! And? Well, not everybody has a dime.
[throws pencils in basket.]
Rosemary, is everything all right? Everything is just fine.
All right.
No, it isn't fine.
It is not fine at all.
Do you want to tell me what this is all about? It's lee.
He doesn't want me to know, but [sighs.]
I'm afraid his business is in terrible trouble.
The sawmill? You must promise me not to say a word, Not to anybody.
My lips are sealed.
I'm helping lee economize, Trim the fat, tighten our belts But when I total it all up, It's not nearly enough to make a difference.
There's a thought.
I could divide up his office, rent half of it out.
I just have to put in a second door.
I don't have an advice column, But I think it's time you had a talk with lee.
Tell him how worried you are.
Oh, no, no.
I couldn't do that.
Why not? Because I just can't! Yes, you can! Didn't you write a column about the importance Of communication between two people? Well Sounds vaguely familiar.
So just go do it.
-But-- -no buts.
Just go.
Now! [♪.]
: "to everything there is a season.
" "time to keep silence And a time to speak.
" "a time to search, and a time to give up as lost.
" Obviously, you're not lost, because I found you.
You planning on keeping me company On my ride to san francisco? No.
I plan on taking you back to hope valley-- Because the people there Deserve to be told the whole story.
They don't want to hear it.
I'm a danger to them, An outlaw.
You were an outlaw.
Abigail, I am trying to protect them.
Trying to protect you.
Maybe we don't need protecting.
If anything happens We face it together, as a community, Because that's who we are in hope valley.
The town needs to hear from you, frank, Even if it's just goodbye.
You owe us that much at least.
I owe you all an apology.
You welcomed me in, you took me into your hearts.
I should've trusted you with the truth.
Instead, I dragged out the lie.
They say the measure of a man isn't by his mistakes, But by what he learns from them.
Matt landry is dead.
He made plenty of mistakes.
He did some terrible things, there's no denying it, But without matt landry, there would be no frank hogan.
His Anger Taught me kindness.
His greed Taught me generosity.
His indifference Taught me compassion.
Now, I don't expect you to forgive me But I do hope you'll remember me the way you knew me-- As the man you called your pastor And your friend.
Thanks, everybody, for coming.
I really appreciate it.
You're not leaving.
Not without a vote.
This is a democracy.
You heard what the man had to say.
All of you voting to re-hire frank hogan as our pastor, Please rise.
[quiet exchanges, indistinct.]
You did the right thing, mayor.
Well, I'm glad you think so.
: Remember.
You didn't dodge a bullet in there.
I shoved you out of the way.
Now that you're a woman of means, What are your plans? This may sound silly, But I've always dreamed of opening up A dress shop.
That doesn't sound silly at all.
I'm sure it would be a success.
And what about you? Have you made up your mind about the pinkerton agency? Not yet.
It's a nice offer, but-- But you're an unconventional man Who might not be happy in a conventional job.
Here's a thought.
Have you ever considered going into business for yourself? Well, I am part owner of abigail's cafe, May I remind you? I mean a business of your own.
Bill? I found your friend's widow, mary benson.
She owns a homestead just outside Of silverton falls.
Appreciate that, jack.
No more secrets.
To new beginnings.
I'm glad you didn't die when you got shot, pastor.
Amen to that, son.
There's matt.
He doesn't look like he's going anywhere.
What are you doing here at this hour? Still looking for expenses for me to cut? Lee, you don't have to put a brave face on anymore.
I know about your financial problems.
Financial problems? What financial problems? I'm doing fine.
Oh, come on.
You can be honest with me.
I am being completely honest.
What about the overdue account at the mercantile? It's been taken care of.
It has? Yeah! The bill was just under all the paperwork on my desk, Just like I told you it was.
But I know about the loan! The loan? Oh! Well, yeah, I'm applying for a loan to expand my business, But I do that all the time.
oh! Wait a minute.
Is that is what all the cost-cutting is about? You-- you You think I'm going broke? Aren't you? No! Not in the least.
Well, that's what it looked like, So I was just trying to help.
Rosemary Thank you for trying to save me money.
That may be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, But completely unnecessary.
[quiet chuckle.]
Oh No, you know what is completely unnecessary? A big expense you don't need When you are trying to expand.
No, no, no, no.
I that I was gonna build you a theater, And I am going to build you that theater.
But hope valley doesn't need a theater right now.
It needs a bigger sawmill.
More jobs.
More industry.
A better future.
You sure about that? [chuckles.]
I've never been more sure of anything.
So I release you from your promise.
Rosemary leveaux, There is gonna come a day When I am going to build you The biggest and best theater This side of the rocky mountains.
I know you will.
And I'm really sorry I've been such a busybody.
-Oh-- -yes.
With the thrift plan and redecorating.
Just my clumsy way Of attempting to be a part of your life.
But you are.
You are a part of my life.
You're the best part of my life.
Chicken's in the oven.
And the wine is poured.
The place looks great.
So do you.
Why, constable, you make me blush.
I want to make a toast, to your decorating skills.
It still isn't the ritz.
No, but they say "home is where the heart is.
" Then my home is right here.
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