When Calls The Heart (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

Hearts in Question

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart - How much are you asking? - Depends on who buys it.
Well, I'll keep that in mind.
Cody's happy here.
This is where he belongs.
- Am I in your story? - There is a Mountie.
Rosemary LeVeaux, will you be my wife? Of course I will.
() Now, about the linens Hmm? - Blue or white? - For what? (chuckles) The reception, silly.
White tablecloths are standard, but if we went with blue - they bring out the color in my eyes.
- What are we gonna match with my eyes? - Something bloodshot? - (chuckles) Lee.
You really do need to get some rest.
Well, I would love that, but there just isn't enough time, with everything on your wedding "to-do" list.
Consider it a labor of love.
() Now.
About the dinner, for the reception Mm Isn't that something you should talking to Abigail about? I thought we'd have the food sent in from the Grand Hotel in Union City.
There's nothing grand about the food from Union City, trust me.
I love Abigail, and you know that, but is she skilled enough to put together a whole wedding banquet? Just tell her what you want, and I'm sure she can handle it.
There have been storms all over.
I wouldn't want to take the chance of the food not arriving on time.
- How about this one? - Well, that's An improvement.
It's definitely a a - a baby step in the right direction.
- You don't like it.
Oh, Elizabeth, I do appreciate you offering to do the place cards, I do, but it's just so school-teachery.
It just needs a little flair.
The letters need to dance across the paper.
Maybe you could try working on your apex, and your arches.
- Do you need a new nib? - There is nothing wrong with my nib! Oh.
Well Then this is this will be just fine.
Let me try again.
What are you doing? It was fine! We don't want our wedding to be "fine," Lee! We want our wedding to be fantastic.
Well, let's just hope we have some friends left to attend our "fantastic" wedding.
() (sighs) Goodnight, boy.
(pounding at door) - Can I help you? - I could use a hot cup of coffee.
- Mom! - In the flesh.
(laughs) () So you rode all the way from Aberdeen on horseback? - Through the bad weather? - Well, it's not like I'd melt.
You know, there's a thing called a "stagecoach" now.
- Maybe you've heard of it.
- You always did like to sass.
I'm just saying, a stage might have been a little safer.
Well, weather made a mess of the schedule.
And besides, it's been way too long since I've seen you, son.
So, this is where you live? It's not so bad.
And, uh where's the young lady you were writing me about? - That's really why you came, isn't it? - Can't a mother miss her son? - (chuckles) And here we go.
- What is that supposed to mean? It's an old trick of yours.
Asking a question instead of giving me an answer.
- Do I do that? - (sighs) I surrender.
(laughs) It's getting late.
- Let's just talk more in the morning.
- Just point me toward the hotel.
No, the front desk closes at 10:00, you're staying here for the night.
Take my bed.
I'm gonna bunk in the cell.
It's good to see you, son.
You too, Ma.
- How was your trip? - Oh, endless.
Some of the roads were washed out, so the coach had to take the long way home.
Guess what.
Becky won the scholarship contest.
Wow, that's great news! Can't say I'm surprised, though.
- Hey, Cody! You want to play kickball? - Is it okay, Miss Abigail? Oh, I don't know where you get all that energy after such a big trip, but have fun.
It's good to see you.
Truth be told, I missed you.
Well, as long as we're telling the truth, I missed you, too.
If you're not too tired from your trip, I was thinking we could go riding tomorrow.
I'm thinking it's a date.
Told ya I'd deliver.
That's why I hired you.
Did anybody get hurt? Let's just say the guy knew I meant business.
He was three months behind on a loan I gave him.
I believe this is what we agreed upon.
Plus a bonus.
- Got any more work? - Soon enough.
Pleasure doing business with you.
(footsteps receding) You've got a loose button.
Take that off.
Let me sew it for you.
I'll fix it later.
Jack, how is anyone going to respect you with a loose button? Well, if I lose their respect over a button, I never had it.
(chuckles) You still got that cowlick.
Ma, I can dress myself without your help.
Well, there's that sass again.
(sneezes) - You're not getting sick, are you? - Ahh.
You know I don't get sick.
It's that dog.
- Rip? No.
He had a bath yesterday.
- Well, he needs another one.
- (Rip howls) - (door opens) - Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- This is my mother, Charlotte Thornton.
Ma, Elizabeth Thatcher.
Well, hello.
Thornton, it is such a pleasure to meet you.
Jack, I can't believe you didn't tell me that your mother was coming for a visit.
Well, I didn't know.
I, uh, like to surprise him, Lizzie.
- Keeps him on his toes.
- It's Elizabeth, Ma.
Oh, that's all right.
You can call me whatever you like, Mrs.
Why don't you both come to over to my place for dinner tonight? - I'll make shepherd's pie.
- You're going to cook for my mother? - Is that a problem? - Not at all.
- And I'll help.
- Oh, but, Ma, you can't cook either.
- What do you mean by "either?" - Did I say "either"? (chuckles) I meant "often.
" Neither of you cook very often, so I thought that I would treat us to dinner at Abigail's.
- (sneezes) - Bless you.
She thinks she's allergic to Rip.
- Someone needs a bath.
- Rip or Jack? (Charlotte laughs) You know what? I have plenty of space at my house.
- Why don't you come and stay with me? - Oh, no, we wouldn't want to impose.
- It's no imposition.
- Well, in that case, I'll go get my bags.
Hmm You think I can't cook? Oh, no.
You you've gotten much better.
Then why would you say that? Now your mother's gonna think I can't even prepare a decent meal.
Well, then you'd have that in common.
But you don't, because you're a much better cook than she is.
() I want you to release the doves just as Lee and I leave the church.
- Maybe we could throw rice instead.
- Hickam.
What aren't you telling me? The lock on the cage wasn't closed all the way last night.
- I'm afraid your birds flew away.
- (gasps) Oh, no.
All of them? All except for one.
I think he's too fat to fly.
You put him on a diet and you find the rest of those naughty little birds.
- I need solutions, not problems! - Yes, ma'am.
Rosie LeVeaux.
Is that you? Charlotte Thornton! (laughing) Oh, ho, ho! - It's been ages! - Yes, the last time I saw you, - you and Jack had just gotten engaged.
- Oh, dear.
I hope there are no hard feelings.
Hard feelings? You and Jack were oil and water.
You were never meant to be together.
I guess you knew before we did.
Chalk it up to mother's intuition.
Well, I finally did find the man of my dreams.
We're getting married on Saturday.
Congratulations, honey.
He's one lucky man.
I'm the lucky one.
So much to chat about.
Come! I have to admit, I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing you.
I should never have asked you to choose between Bill and me.
- You really mean that? - I do.
- I just hope that you'll forgive me.
- As long as it doesn't happen again.
It won't, I promise.
You know, Henry, I've been thinking.
We both have unhappy memories here.
Maybe it's time for us to get a fresh start.
What did you have in mind? I know it may sound like an impossible idea, but what if we started over somewhere else? Far away from Hope Valley? I've already put a bid on that property I showed you.
You could withdraw it.
(Footsteps) - Your guest room is very nice.
- I'm so glad you're comfortable.
And I can see that you do not like dusting any more than I do.
Actually, I just dusted this afternoon.
Of course you did.
Aren't you worried about making a mess of your pretty blouse? Oh, it's nothing fancy.
- I sew my own clothes.
- Oh.
Do you sew? I once sewed a pillowcase.
That's nice.
- Oh, what's that? - Paprika.
- Jack likes pepper.
- I didn't know that.
Well, now you do.
Here you go.
Isn't that a lot of pepper? Oh, you can never have too much pepper.
Now, all that's missing is my special ingredient.
- Love? - Lard.
Here we go.
() Now, here's the list of entrees I was thinking of.
- Four different choices? - You don't think that's enough? Rosemary, could it be that you're trying too hard? I just want everything to be perfect.
People are coming to your wedding because they care about you and Lee, not because you're serving them some fancy dinner.
They want to celebrate the promise of your future together.
They want to celebrate the love you have for each other.
Oh, Abigail.
That's so dear of you to say.
It's true.
Then I won't worry about the food.
You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
So, about the bridal shower - What about it? - Don't you think you and Elizabeth should start decorating? There isn't much time left.
It is tomorrow night.
And we're going to decorate tomorrow.
But are you sure that's enough time? I just want everything to be And it will be.
- This is really delicious.
- You've hardly eaten a mouthful.
That's just it's really filling.
But good.
It's really good.
Your mother put lard in my shepherd's pie.
Lard is what makes it stick to the shepherd's ribs.
I I had a, uh, quite a big lunch, so And speaking of lunch, I think we should head to the settlement tomorrow, before lunch, maybe just after breakfast.
- What settlement? - It's just south of town, by the river.
Couple of dozen families just moved there.
They're renting land there until they can afford to build permanent homes.
- They really don't have very much.
- Sounds like a tough life.
It is.
Elizabeth is trying to set up a school there for the children.
Why can't they come to the school in Hope Valley? It's too far, it's a three-hour walk from here.
The first school I taught was in a tent.
Jack told me you were a teacher.
Well, I haven't been in a classroom in a long while.
I miss the kids.
Well, you should come tomorrow.
I wouldn't want to impose on your mother.
I'd love to.
If Lizzie doesn't think I'd be in the way.
- You could never be in the way, Ma.
- Not in a million years.
() Good morning, Sunshine.
It's 5:00 in the morning.
I made coffee.
(exhales) I've been up since 4:00.
I couldn't find a washboard.
That's because I don't have one.
- How do you wash your clothes? - I pay Mrs.
Miller to do it.
With my schedule, it isn't always easy to get the laundry done, and and the Millers are new in town.
They could really use the extra money.
Well, I do it myself.
I don't really care for the idea of someone else handling my personal items.
Oh, I wash my own unmentionables.
You know, I never could figure out why a person would bring them up when they can't mention what they are.
I really do love this time of day.
A person can get so much done before the rest of the house gets underfoot.
- I bet your mom felt the same way.
- Well, she did have help.
You kids pitched in? I meant the servants.
Yeah, Jack told me about your life in Hamilton.
- Must've been very comfortable.
- Maybe too comfortable.
It's part of the reason why I moved to Hope Valley, to do things for myself.
Except your laundry.
(chuckles) - This is the last of it.
- Great.
- You work this girl too hard.
- Well, no choice.
Had to pack up a last-minute load of supplies for the boys up at the Silverton Mine.
We needed to get the wagon on the road in a hurry, in case the rain washes out the trail.
(thunder rumbles in distance) - Isn't this fabric just gorgeous? - Gorgeous.
And there's lots of it! Are you sure you have enough time to make all four dresses? Four? I thought you said there were three bridesmaids.
Did I? No.
I meant four.
So hard to keep track of all the details.
Clara's very good at sewing.
I might be able to convince her to help.
That's a wonderful idea.
I really have to run.
Lee and I have a meeting with Pastor Hogan.
Good luck with the hoop skirts! Hoop skirts? If it were up to me, we would get married right this second.
Well, I do have the power vested in me.
Uh, Lee.
I want a wedding like we planned.
With all our guests, the flowers, the music, - the gazebo.
- Gazebo? Yes, a gazebo.
I promised to build Rosemary a gazebo for the ceremony.
But honestly, um, with the mill being so busy, I kinda I kinda forgot.
(forced chuckle) He forgot.
Isn't that just like a man? It's almost as if our wedding is the last thing on his mind.
No, no, I didn't say that.
Did I say that? I didn't say that.
Communication is the key to any good marriage.
We communicate about everything, don't we, Lee? Yes.
Great communicators.
She does all the talking, I do all the listening.
- And the forgetting, apparently.
- It's important to be open and honest and lay everything on the table as soon as possible.
We agree on just about everything, - don't we, Lee? - Yep.
Two peas in a pod.
We want the same things in life.
- Big house.
- A white picket fence.
- Two cats.
- A Model T.
- Five kids.
- Five kids.
- What? - Five kids.
You know.
Wee ones.
(stammering): But Children are - very noisy and and - "Noisy"? And they come with diapers.
Do you know what's in those diapers? So, y you don't want children? Would you just give us a a second? (exhales) Children are so sticky.
() Edith! - How's Roy? - Working hard.
I hope he's gonna be all right.
You're worried about the rain in the mountains.
I heard some of the folks talking about how it washed out the road to the mine last year.
Ned Yost just sent up a wagon full of supplies.
Even if the road does wash out, they'll have plenty of food and clean water.
Our kids don't have time for school.
We're just trying to survive.
There is nothing more essential than an education.
They won't be scientists and doctors, Miss Thatcher.
Well, they could be if we just give them the chance.
You don't know the first thing about our way of life.
I'm a teacher, and I know how important it is for children to learn.
Miss Thatcher taught me to read! It's easy, once you know how.
I'm sorry.
We're not setting up a school here.
There just isn't time for the children to sit for lessons.
They said they would read us a story.
All right.
One story.
Then it's time for your chores.
Maggie, you stay with your brother.
- She likes to wander off.
- I'll keep an eye on her.
Come along.
You know I grew up dirt poor.
- Then you know what it's like for us.
- I do.
And the best thing I ever did was learn to read and write.
It's why I became a teacher.
I wanted to give back what I had been given.
That young lady means well, but she doesn't understand people like us.
Ma'am? May I tell you about that young lady? Elizabeth Thatcher, she's worked wonders for the children of Hope Valley, and if she's willing to help your children, I think you should thank your lucky stars.
There's not a teacher alive who is dedicated in this town as she is.
- Except your mother.
- (chuckles) If you want a better life for your children, take her up on her offer.
(thunder rumbles in distance) I'll say one thing about this kind of work, Roy.
Makes me miss home.
Yeah, I'm not crazy about sleeping in a soggy tent with nine other guys either.
- How long are you here this haul? - Three weeks.
That's a long time away from your wife and son.
- How about you? - Three more days and I'm heading back.
Not looking forward to a three-hour wagon ride, but when I get home, you know, if I have two pennies to rub together, I may even treat Nancy and Harper to dinner in town.
I came as soon as they left the bank.
I thought you'd want to know right away.
Slow down.
Who left the bank? They said they were government auditors.
I didn't like the kind of questions they were asking.
What questions? It was the implication of misuse of funds.
Now, I told them all allocations go through your office, but they insisted on seizing the records.
You did the right thing by coming to me.
If there's anything else I can do Don't worry about it.
I'll straighten this out.
- Maybe I should, uh - (sharply): I said, I'd handle it.
Good afternoon.
() "But he just couldn't find Frisky.
" "But when Nathaniel climbed the stairs to his cozy bedroom, there was Frisky, his treasured companion, waiting at the foot of the bed, happily wagging his tail.
The end.
" - Will you read us another story? - There's another book in the series, but it's back in Hope Valley.
Why don't you come for a visit? - Can we? - Please? We'll see what the other mothers have to say.
() Feels nice to be out of the kitchen for a while.
Rosemary has certainly kept me busy.
Well, if you ever need a break, just let me know.
Florence came by the cafe and asked an interesting question.
Yeah? What did she want to know? Well, she asked if Well, if you and I were officially courting.
What'd you say? What would you have said? Well, I would have told her the truth.
I would have said yes.
- That's what I said.
- (laughs) Well, now that it's official why don't you let me take you to dinner at the saloon tomorrow night? Oh, I can't tomorrow night.
It's spaghetti night.
It's Cody's favorite meal and we play games after dinner.
Unless you'd like to join us? Thought you'd never ask.
() Oh! What a lovely sachet.
Thank you, Florence.
I read that fresh-smelling clothes will always make a man happy.
Oh! I'll keep that in mind.
Elizabeth, wasn't Charlotte going to join us tonight? Oh, she said she was exhausted.
Poor dear.
She's probably tired from her long ride.
I don't blame her at all for needing some rest.
Thornton is colorful, isn't she? How are you two getting along? I hear she's staying with you.
Oh She is a wonderful house guest.
And very creative in the kitchen.
And an early riser.
I'll go get the punch and cookies.
You know what? I'll help you.
(men laughing) A toast! To the man of the hour.
- Thank you.
- Here, here.
Any man marrying Rosemary deserves more than an hour.
- True! - And a poker game, I think.
Well, let's find us a table, shall we? - Let's.
- Jack? As you know, uh, each groom needs a best man, and I was thinking that, um - I'd be honored, Lee.
- Ahh! I'm assuming you know what it entails to being a best man? The rings, of course.
And making sure Rosemary doesn't drive you crazy? - That's pretty much it, yep.
- What's the game, boys? Stud or draw? I call stud.
That is, if you gents can use another player.
Well, we always have room for a pretty lady.
Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to my mother, - Charlotte Thornton.
- Your mother? () - Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
- It's good to meet you.
My name's Bill Avery.
I worked with your husband years ago.
He always had very fond things to say about you.
Well, Mr.
Avery, from what my husband told me about your poker skills, it looks like I stand to do very well this evening.
(laughter) Rosemary is everything all right? You don't seem like your normal bubbly self.
Everything's just perfect.
Why wouldn't it be? No reason.
(exhales shakily): Oh, Elizabeth I'm usually the one with all the answers.
I'm the one with the advice column.
I just don't know what to do.
- About? - Lee! We are so perfectly matched, we agree on everything.
But now there's children.
What about children? I don't think we agree about them at all! - About how to raise them? - The whole concept.
In general.
You and Lee love each other, right? - You want to make each other happy? - Completely, and totally.
Well, when two people feel that way about each other, they find answers, and finding the answers brings them together, it doesn't pull them apart.
That's very wise.
Maybe you should take over the advice column.
Once I'm a married woman, I might not have the time.
(laughs) I doubt I could do it justice.
You having problems of your own? (hushed): Charlotte.
We're so different.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
When God made that woman, He broke the mold.
There's not a person on this planet who has anything in common with her.
- (both laugh) - She's very Unique.
" Yes.
Let's go with that.
(both laughing) Jack, you should've warned us that your mother's beauty belied her poker face.
She is full of surprises.
I am sorry to have cleaned you out at your own bachelor party.
It's all right.
I always respect a winner.
Thank you.
Anyone want to place a wager on a friendly game of darts? I think it's time to call it a night.
(men sighing) - Good night.
- Good night.
(Elizabeth, laughs): I can't believe your mother ditched the bridal shower and crashed the bachelor party.
She said she was tired.
Must've gotten a second wind.
Sometimes, I don't believe she's really your mother.
Why not? You and she are so different.
She's a survivor.
It wasn't easy having Tom and me so young, raising us by herself, and holding down a job.
Look, I want to thank you for spending so much time with her.
- It's my pleasure.
- Sure about that? We're heading out for a duck hunt.
Want to come? Sorry.
I have patrol.
I have school.
Maybe next time.
- Did you get that button fixed? - I'll do it tonight.
- Don't forget.
- Ma.
- And you need a hair cut! - Mom! You care about her very much, don't you? - Yeah.
When she's not driving me crazy.
- (laughing) Hey, Clara.
How would you like to go for a fancy dinner next Friday night? - I got plenty of cash now.
- No thanks.
What about Saturday? I know where that cash came from, Jesse.
You're working for Mr.
So? He's the mayor.
That doesn't make him a good man.
- Why don't you like him? - It's a long list.
Let's just say he's not trustworthy.
He paid me.
I'd say that's pretty trustworthy.
What did he pay you to do? I took care of some personal business for him.
- I collected a debt.
- What did you have to do to collect? - Nothing.
- If you want us to see each other, you can't work for him.
Well, then maybe I'll have find someone else to take to dinner.
Maybe you should.
(footsteps receding) - You said you had a favor to ask? - I do.
It's not an easy one.
The bank has hired me to check into some possible problems with the town's finances, which means I have to find out if Gowen's been up to anything.
- I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.
- Well, I won't know that until I look at his private ledgers The ones in his office.
You're not asking me to - steal them, are you? - No, no.
I would never ask you to do something like that, but the townspeople do deserve to know if their mayor has betrayed them.
So (sighs) I'm just wondering if there's anything that you feel you could share that might be of help.
Have you ever noticed there's a barrel outside the mayor's office? - I can't say as I have.
- There's no reason you would.
But there is something there that might be of use to someone who wants to know whether the mayor has been honest or not.
But you didn't hear it from me.
- Recess isn't over yet, girls.
- We want you to skip rope with us.
I'll tell you what, I'll join you as soon as I'm finished with this.
What are you doing with those books? I'm giving them to the children at the settlement.
I thought they didn't know how to read.
Well, hopefully, these books will help them learn.
Why don't they have books of their own? They don't have as many things as we do.
Their parents don't even have enough money for proper houses.
Their families traveled a long way to start new lives here.
There wasn't room to bring much with them.
I have some books at home they can have.
I have some dolls.
Miles has some tin soldiers he doesn't play with anymore.
That's a wonderful idea.
Why don't you go ask the other children if they have anything they'd like to give as well? Is this gonna be sort of like Kindness Week? It's the sort of kindness we should show people every day.
That's three more regrets.
I can't believe people are canceling because of a silly thing like the weather.
There's been some flooding in the hills.
This one's from my dearest friend from New York, Penelope Calloway.
(gasps) Oh! Can you believe it? She isn't coming because she's having a baby! It's difficult to travel in her condition.
Honestly? She should've planned ahead.
I'm gonna go see Dottie about the bridesmaids' dresses.
(huffs) There sure is a big fuss about this wedding.
Well, when it comes to Miss LeVeaux, there's always a big fuss.
What's so special about a wedding anyway? A wedding is a celebration of marriage, it's a lifelong commitment of love that two people give to each other.
Doesn't get more special than that.
How do you know if you want to marry each other? It's something you feel in your heart.
And then what happens? Then a man will ask a lady to be his wife.
But then she has to say yes.
Can pastors get married? From what I've been told.
So when are you going to ask Miss Abigail? - (Gasping) Cody.
- Do you have to pray about it? Cody, I'm praying right now.
(chuckles) Eat up, young man.
River's running pretty fast.
Shouldn't be a problem for the settlement, - as long as there's no more rain.
- Mm.
Or a log jam in the mountains.
I'll ride up there later and take a look.
I'll go with you.
I want to check the mine and make sure the road's clear.
- Good idea.
- Bill? Did Jenkins talk to you about Gowen? Yeah, he said there's some irregularities with the town's accounts.
I told him my hands are tied without a court order.
Can't make Gowen show me his books without a subpoena.
You knew Jenkins would come to me, didn't you? You don't have to play by the rules.
Just the way I like it.
Hyah! I had such a good time last night.
I feel like I should apologize for Cody.
Ah, you don't need to apologize.
Keep the change.
I'll see you soon? - More coffee, Charlotte? - Thank you.
Oh, I wish I could make it half as good as you do.
- I have a secret ingredient.
- Lard? - Who puts lard in coffee? - Oh.
Just a wild guess.
(chuckles) So what's going on between you and the Pastor? Well, how do you know anything's going on? Just another wild guess.
Frank and I are courting.
- How's your little boy feel about it? - Oh, Cody loves Frank.
My boys were not that easy.
So you never met anyone after your husband died? I tried.
In the end, I didn't want to rock the boat.
Is that the real reason? Maybe it is maybe it isn't.
I fell in love with Jack's father from the moment I met him.
I figured something like that only comes along once in a lifetime.
Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.
It's too late now.
It's never too late to find true love again.
Spoken like someone who has found it.
(chuckles) I'm so glad the children were able to visit Hope Valley.
- Me too.
- Can I pet Rip? Of course you can.
- Can he play fetch? - That depends on his mood.
Let's find out.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
Come on, Harper.
- Thanks for the baseball.
- You want to play catch? Sure! It was kind of you to send a wagon for us.
Ever since you read them that story about Nathaniel and the dog, they've been asking about coming here.
Would you like some more tea, Brownie? He says yes, and he would like a cookie, too.
He's a very nice bear.
Would you like him to stay with you for awhile? Could he? If you like, I'd be happy to make a trip to the settlement once a week for a lesson.
I could bring some of the children with me.
I don't know.
There's τhere's so much to do.
Once a week wouldn't take much time away from the chores.
They're getting along so well.
(kids laughing) I don't know about this.
I thought you said you wanted a fresh start? But leaving town so soon Υou know me, Nora.
I get something in my mind, I don't want to wait.
You're not having second thoughts, are you? No.
You know, I thought a lot about that you said About this town, and about the bad blood between Bill and I.
I think we both know that's never going to end.
This could be a new beginning for us.
I just don't see any point in putting it off.
- Oh, good day.
- Good day.
I hear you had some visitors today at school? I know you spoke with Mrs.
She didn't just magically change her mind.
No, it wasn't me.
It was Jack.
- Jack? - Oh, he gave her a piece of his mind after she turned you down.
He did? My son thinks the world of you.
Well, I don't know about all that.
Well, he does, and he is not an easy one to impress.
Like his mother? I have no idea what you're talking about.
(laughing) Hello? Two more.
Oh! Oh How lovely.
A gift from my Aunt Gertie in Minnesota.
Which is strange - because I thought she had passed on.
- Well, maybe it is Aunt Gertie.
You're such a tease.
Does all this stuff really have to be in my office, though? Where else are we going to put everything? And I certainly can't ask people not to send gifts.
They're so happy for us.
Except perhaps Penelope Calloway.
Did I tell you she's not even coming to the wedding? Yes, you mentioned that 15 times Now 16 times But it reminds me She did send a telegram.
"Dear Rosemary George and I wish we could be there to celebrate your special day.
" (dubiously): Hmm.
"I thought you would like to know we had a little girl.
We wanted her name to reflect beauty, kindness, and grace, so we named her Rosemary Calloway.
" Well, how about that? They named their daughter after you.
I don't know quite what to say.
Sometimes, that's a good thing.
A little girl named Rosemary.
And they want her to grow up to be just like me.
Who can blame them? Oh, Lee.
I think this might be the best gift of all.
(chuckles) (door opens) What's with this town? They roll up the sidewalks at 9:00.
The cafe's closed, your lady friend's working on her storytelling, and I cannot find a poker game to save my life.
Well, then I guess I got you all to myself tonight.
(chuckles) Did you get that button fixed? Yeah, Ma.
I got the button fixed.
Ma can we talk about something? You name it.
Thank you.
(exhales heavily) I want to know what you think about Elizabeth.
- What kind of a question is that? - Would you just answer, please? The real question is what the heck is goin' on between the two of you? - What's that supposed to mean? - Jack you have been seeing Lizzie for a long time now.
I'd say it's time to ride or get out of the saddle.
Yeah, well, things haven't always been easy between us.
- They should be.
- Yeah, they should be, but you and I both know life isn't like that.
I just want you to be happy.
- Sometimes, I wonder.
- Oh! There's that sass again.
Come here.
- I love you, you know that? - Oh, I love you, too, son.
I love you.
() (gravel crunching) (deadbolt clicks) () () Oh, my goodness.
It's so beautiful.
You really like it? - (laughs) Yes! Why? - Because it's mine.
- I signed the papers today.
- Jack - What made you decide to do it? - Rip.
Said it was getting a little too crowded at the jail, so (laughs) Now I just got to save up enough to to build a place A big kitchen, three, four bedrooms.
That's an awfully big house for one Mountie.
Could get lonesome.
Well there's always Rip.
Good old Rip.
Maybe some chickens.
- Sure.
You'll need lots of chickens.
- A goat.
- Goats are good.
- Yeah.
- Anything else? - Any ideas? - A couple.
- Like? Well, you'll need a guest room for when your mother comes to visit.
Well, I can't forget about Ma.
And a nice feather bed for your blankie.
For my blankie? She didn't tell you about - She did.
- She really needs to stop sharing so much.
I know all about your blankie, and how you wouldn't go to sleep unless you had it with you to keep you warm.
Well I guess I'm gonna have to figure out another way to keep warm at night.
() (thunder crashes) (laughs) (door opens) Bill? - They're gone.
- Who? Henry and Nora.
When I got home, I found this note she left for me.
"I'm sorry, but Henry said there's no time for goodbyes.
" He must've left by the South Road.
It's the only one that's safe after all the rain.
- What are you going to do? - Find him! (thunder crashing) - Last load of the day.
- Yeah.
Can't come soon enough.
(loud rumbling) - You hear that? - I think we should get out of here.
- It's a landslide! Run! - Come on! Come on! (rumbling continues) Maybe we should turn around and head back.
We don't stop till we make it to Union City.
- Why? - Just trust me, Nora.
You know, nobody appreciates what I've done, what I go through every day.
Henry, watch out! (crashing)
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