When Calls The Heart (2014) s03e08 Episode Script

Prayers From the Heart

1 Previously, on When Calls the Heart This is my mother, Charlotte Thornton.
It is such a pleasure to meet you.
We want our wedding to be fantastic.
This could be a new beginning for us.
I just don't see any point in putting it off.
- It's a landslide! - Come on, come on! Everyone out! Henry, watch out! It was hard for our friends at the settlement to hear the news of the landslide, but as we rode back into town, my worry shifted to the challenges closer to home.
- 'Morning, ladies.
- 'Morning.
Do you know you are the first person we have seen all morning? Seems folks around here like to sleep in.
Your mother had us up at 5:00.
Well, you know what they say.
Early bird gets the worm.
Is that what's in the baskets? - Berries.
- Nothing like a country breakfast.
- Fruit, bacon, eggs - Scrambled.
- With lots of lard.
- Well, too bad I've already eaten.
What a shame.
Hate to leave you ladies out here by yourselves, - but I got to take Rip for a walk.
- Are you sure you have to go? Oh, don't worry, it'll give us more time to get to know each other.
Your mother was just telling me how, when she was a teacher, she used to walk to her school in snow drifts 10-feet deep.
Ten-feet deep? - I grew up hearing it was five.
- There's that sass again.
(Chuckles) Enjoy your walk.
Did you know that, when he was a little boy, he used to sneak out of the house and run around in the rain without a stitch of clothes on? - Really? - See you later.
() - Jack! I'm so glad you're back.
- What happened? There's a mudslide At the mine.
It's bad.
There's a lot of people injured.
Stay with him.
I'll get as many men as I can to ride up there.
() Maybe I should go to the mine with you.
Can't risk you getting hurt.
I'll set up the school as an extra infirmary.
There's no telling how many patients I'm going to have.
Good idea.
I hope we've collected enough blankets.
Maybe you could check with folks, see if there's anything else they can donate.
- I'll knock on every door.
- I know you will.
- Are you sure the roads are safe? - Safe enough.
What if there's another landslide? I think that's a chance we're just gonna have to take.
- Lee.
Promise me you'll be careful.
- I promise.
I don't want to be a widow before I'm even married.
We'll be fine.
Quickly, now.
Move, men.
Let's load up.
Dottie! - Jack? - Dottie - Have you seen Bill? - He left town on business last night.
Jack! We packed you some food.
Hickam! - Take this.
- I got it.
() Don't worry.
I'll see you soon.
You better or I won't forgive you.
Ready? Let's ride! () The cots can go up against the far wall.
We'll set them up after.
All right, everyone, now, as you can see, our schoolhouse is going to be very busy today, so we'll be moving class to Abigail's cafe.
Now, I have to go out of town for a little while, but Miss Leveaux has graciously agreed to be your teacher for today.
Hello, children.
Now, I know this is a big treat for all of you, and I promise We'll have lots of fun.
Yes, dear? Our kind of fun, or your kind of fun? I promise, we can come up with something together.
Yes, the doubtful-looking young man.
Miss Thatcher? Is it true a bunch of people got killed up in the mountains? We don't know what happened yet, Robert, but Constable Thornton and some of the men are going to help.
Is the mud going to come here? Oh, definitely not.
No, our town is going to be just fine.
Why do you have to go? Opal Do you remember Timmy and Maggie and Harper from the settlement? Well, some of them have daddies who work in the mine, and when they find out about what happened, they're probably going to be scared.
But you'll come back, right? Miss Thatcher always comes back, and I'll take care of you while she's gone.
Thank you, Emily.
All right, everyone, if you could just line up two by two, please.
- How long will you be away? - Probably the rest of the day, by the time we get out there and ride back.
- Really? That long? - Are you having second thoughts? Oh, not about the children, no, we'll be fine.
Then what is it? It's just at times like these I'll feel better once we're all back here again, together, and safe.
() All right, children.
Follow me.
Bye! Have a good time.
And behave.
Somebody, help! Somebody! - Nora! - Bill! Hyah! - (Horse whinnies) - Nora! Nora? - Down here! - Are you all right? It's Henry.
I can't move him myself.
() - Hold up! - Ho.
It's too big for the wagons to get around.
This is not how I saw myself spending the day before my wedding.
- I hope it's not a bad sign.
- Don't worry, Rosemary's not gonna let a little bad weather ruin her plans.
Ah, if mother nature knows what's best for her, she'll back off.
Ready? (All grunting) I think a lot of trees came down in the storm.
Well, with the wind we've been having, I'm not surprised.
Could be a problem if they're damming the river.
Ready? Easy.
(All grunting) Okay.
() It's never easy to deliver news like this, but there's been a mudslide at the silverton mine.
I knew something bad was gonna happen up there.
I just knew it.
Is Roy all right? Roy was the one who came to town to tell us.
Do you know if any of the other men were hurt? We haven't heard much, but Constable Thornton is leading a group of volunteers up there now.
- (Sobbing) - Oh, I know I know.
We had a terrible accident at our mine several years ago.
I know it's hard.
We have to be strong.
Miss Thatcher, why is Mrs.
Mcdonnell crying? (Faint sobbing) There was an accident at the mine.
- What kind of accident? - A mudslide.
- My daddy works there.
- I know, Harper.
A lot of you have daddies who work at the mine, but I think your daddies would want you to be brave so your mommies don't worry.
- Do you think you could do that? - I don't know.
Brownie is scared, too, but he says if you'll be brave, he will, too.
I'll be brave for Brownie.
I think Brownie could use a hug.
All right, everyone, come inside.
() (Grunting) (Hooves clopping, wagons rumbling) Hey! We got men trapped inside, and some buried out here in the mud.
All right, don't worry, we'll get 'em out.
Okay, men, let's unload those wagons! Move quickly! Frank, we're gonna need some more blankets over here for the injured miners.
Jesse, grab some men and some shovels - and help with this wall of mud.
- Yeah, come on, come on.
Put this on.
You okay? Your arm? () (Quiet, astonished gasps) Shh.
I just got them all down.
That Robert is quite the little scamp! I'm surprised they went to sleep at all! They never take naps at school.
Well, I was desperate.
We ran out of things to do, and they were getting a bit challenging, so - So? - I bribed them.
- Just a little.
- Oh, I can't wait to hear this.
I told them that I knew a man who worked in a circus, the ringmaster himself.
And I promised, if they were good and went to sleep, that - I'd bring the circus to town.
- Have you given any thought to how you're going to convince Lee to bring the circus to town? Not exactly.
I'd wait until after the honeymoon.
(Quiet industrious chatter) Okay.
() I'm dying, aren't I? Save your strength.
We'll get you home.
Pastors always are terrible liars.
I'm going home Just not with you.
It's gonna be okay.
Stay with me here.
Tell my wife tell her I love her.
Always will.
And my boy, tell him I'm proud of him.
What's your boy's name? Harper.
Harper? I know your son.
He's a good boy.
Promise you'll tell him.
() (Sighs) He's gone.
- Did you talk to the doctor? - He said it's touch and go.
Henry wouldn't be alive at all if it wasn't for you.
I told him to slow down, but he wouldn't listen.
Nora Where were you going? I said we should start over somewhere new.
We thought Union City.
- Why was Henry in such a hurry? - I'm not sure, but something was wrong.
I have to go.
Word is a flood hit the valley near Albert Hills.
Remember Lucy Benson? - Carl's daughter? - She lives out there alone.
I want to make sure she's okay.
Be safe.
() I hope this is enough.
You can never have enough when something like this happens.
We are not prepared to run a hospital.
We don't even know how many are injured.
Well, we've already canvassed the whole town.
We'll just have to make do with what we have.
God doesn't give you more than you can handle.
All right! All right, all right.
I know what you're all thinking, so You might as well just come out and say it.
- Say what? - If we're short on bandages We could use the fabric that I ordered.
- Fabric? What fabric? - You know perfectly well what fabric.
Fabric for my bridesmaids' dresses.
Rosemary - Are you sure? - Yes.
I'm sure.
Dottie? Let me just say, though These will be the most elegant bandages in the entire history of medicine.
(Ladies chuckling) - Everyone accounted for? - Looks like it.
How bad is it? There's two dead, a couple of dozen injured.
Guess it could've been worse.
Maybe I will feel that way later.
Might be a little tricky getting down the mountain at night.
Let's just get the fires going, get everyone to wrap themselves in blankets.
We'll head back at sun-up.
Jesse, head back to town.
Tell 'em to expect all the injured men first thing in the morning.
() (River rushing) (Whinnies) Hyah! Oh That should do it.
Yes Well, I'll help Faith with the clothing now.
Rosemary Leveaux volunteering to shred her own bridesmaids' dresses.
Life is full of surprises.
But I don't have to tell you that.
How are you getting along with Charlotte? I just wish we had more in common.
You do have something in common.
You both love Jack very much.
(Door opening) Jesse! - Are the men back? - They'll be here in the morning.
Constable wanted you to know there's at least 20 miners who were injured, some are looking pretty bad.
Well, we'll do what we need to do.
Is frank Are the men from Hope Valley safe? They're fine.
But there's a problem.
On my way back, there was a logjam in the river.
Awful lot of water being backed up behind there.
The settlement by the river's right in the path.
They're gonna get wiped out.
If those people don't get out of there before the flood hits They're not gonna make it.
() Lucy? Lucy! Here! Lucy! - Are you hurt? - It's my leg.
It's stuck.
What happened? I was feeding the chickens when the flood came.
The coop fell on my leg.
It's really starting to hurt.
Hang on, honey.
I'm going to get you out of there.
- What're you doing? - Trying to get this thing off of you! Whoa, boy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, boy.
(Grunting) Come on.
Put your arm around me.
- Attagirl.
You're doing great.
- Okay.
We don't have time to wait for the men to get back.
We're gonna have to ride out there and evacuate the settlement.
We'll need to find places for them in town.
Dottie go to the rowhouses, see if anyone there can take some of these people in.
Of course.
Might want to put some beds in the saloon.
That's a good idea.
Florence, you're in charge of that.
I'll get right to work.
- I'll help you with that.
- Thank you.
We'll need to find food for all of them.
Who knows how long they'll be here.
We'll feed as many as we can at the cafe.
Clara, that's where you come in.
The miners, the settlers, their families, plus everyone who lives here? I'm still not sure we'll have enough to go around.
Yes, we will.
I was expecting 70 guests for my reception with a choice of four entries.
- We should be fine.
- Rosemary, your wedding dinner? Will be just as wonderful even if it's just grits and beans.
I could use some help in the kitchen.
Duty calls.
Who'd like to find us some wagons? We'll meet in front of the jail at first light.
- Do you need us to do anything else? - (Sighs) Pray.
() Well, this is the last of it.
I'll feel better when we get everyone back to Hope Valley.
We better take it slow on that trail.
We don't want anyone with internal injuries to take a beating on the ride.
Let's assign a healthy man to every wagon.
If they feel we need to stop for someone, just have 'em call out.
We did a good thing here, Jack.
The odds were against us, but providence was on our side.
(Hooves clopping) What are you doing back here? There's a logjam in the river that's about to burst.
It'll send a flash-flood right through the settlement.
- How long do we have? - From what I saw, could be any time.
The ladies are riding back to warn them.
Frank, get these men back to Hope Valley.
I'm heading to the settlement.
() We need to move faster, everyone! We've got to get away from the river.
Hurry! Hurry.
But what about all of our things? You have Oliver.
That's all that matters.
But what about my dishes and his crib? They can be replaced, you can't.
() - Mrs.
Mccormick! Come on! - I ain't leaving.
If the good lord wants to take me, it's all right by me.
- Please - I'm not movin'.
- Is everything okay? - She won't go.
- Let me give it a try.
- Okay.
She's all yours.
Mccormick, I'm Abigail Stanton.
- I know you're not ha - I lived my life.
If it ends here, so be it.
So no one's gonna miss you when you're gone? My husband been dead for 20 years.
My husband passed, too.
So I know what it's like to live alone, and I used to feel pretty sorry for myself.
And when that happened, do you know what I did? I got up and I got going.
And that's what you need to do.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and live every moment the good lord has given you.
I'm stayin' put.
You get yourself in one of those wagons right this instant or I'm gonna pick you up and toss you in there myself, rocking chair and all! (Grumbles) () - Where are we going? - Hope Valley, where you'll be safe.
- Will my daddy be there? - Uh, we will see when we get there.
- Has anyone seen Maggie? - She was here a minute ago.
She left Opal's teddy bear at the tea party she was having with her dolls, so she went back to get him.
- Where was the tea party, Timmy? - Near the pine tree by the river.
- (Hooves clopping) - (Gasps) Jack! Jack, Maggie's missing.
The children think she went down to the riverbank.
- I was just going to look for her.
- I'll get her.
Get everyone out of here as fast as you can! - Elizabeth! We gotta go.
- All right.
Everyone, hold on! We're leaving.
Now giddy up! - (River trickling) - Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Stay right there! I'm gonna come to you, okay? - (Horse whinnies) - Whoa! (River raging) (Screaming) () Broken arm? School.
(Lucy winces) I wrapped her leg as best as I could, but it's swelling.
Help her over to the infirmary.
I'll check on her when I can.
Watch your step, young man.
Now, there you go.
There you go, young lady.
Oh, gentlemen, there's hot soup over in the cafe, if you're hungry.
Thank you, ma'am.
How can I help? Why don't you take the children to the saloon? They can bunk there for now.
Let's go inside, where it's warm.
Does that sound good? Come on.
(Frank's voice carries) (Indistinct exchange) (Under her breath): Oh, no Are you sure it was him? Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
(Sobbing) I'm so sorry.
() If anyone knows what these poor people are going through, it's us.
I just wish there was more we could do to help them.
- Is the saloon full? - We can still take a few more.
Go ahead.
Have you seen Jack anywhere? - No.
Well, maybe Mr.
Coulter has.
- Lee? - Yeah? - Do you know where Jack is? Uh, no, I haven't seen him.
Maybe he's at the schoolhouse.
No, I was just there.
I haven't seen him since we were leaving the settlement.
Well, he's got to be somewhere.
(Horse whinnies) Oh! Settlement's flooded out.
Everything's gone.
- Come here, sweetie.
- I found this one - wandering alone on the trail.
- Maggie? Have you seen Constable Thornton? What happened? Do you know where he went? The water took him away.
() (Elizabeth sobs) - Elizabeth, where are you going? - I need to find Jack! Anyone who can find a horse, follow me.
You heard her! Mount up! - Somebody needs to tell Charlotte.
- I'll tell her.
() Jack! Jack? Jack! - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack! - Jack! - Jack! () He's down there! Jack! Jack! Jack? Jack! Oh! He's alive.
I got a pulse.
- We found him! He's over here! - Come on! Let's go! Jack? Jack.
He's suffering from exposure.
He wouldn't have lived much longer if you hadn't found him when you did.
Faith, shouldn't he be in the infirmary? I can treat him here.
He'll be more comfortable.
There's some pretty bad bruising, but I didn't find any broken bones.
That's good news.
(Exhales) Bad news is his fingernails are blue.
It's an early sign of pneumonia.
- Just how bad is it? - It's hard to say just yet, but we'll keep him warm, of course, and we'll force liquids.
I'll be back to check on him.
Faith? I'm really glad you're here.
If there's anything I can do for you (Sighs) - We can take turns sitting with him.
- No.
I'll stay with him.
For as long as it takes.
Elizabeth I want to.
- I'd like to stay, too.
- Of course.
() - I can carry that for you.
- Oh, isn't that dear of you? Here you go.
Constable Thornton's a friend of yours, right? He is, indeed.
A very good friend.
- Are you worried about him? - (Sternly): Now, Cody.
We're all worried about what might happen, but I learned a long time ago worrying in advance doesn't make things any easier.
- Then what does? - Keeping busy.
And taking care of others.
(Gasps) As a matter of fact, I think there's someone who needs you to take care of them right now.
Someone who is more worried about Constable Thornton than you are.
- Who's that? - That silly old dog of his.
- You mean Rip? - Yes.
I think you should find Rip right away, and make sure he's all right.
- I bet he's pretty scared.
- I bet he's more scared than I am! Well, then you are just gonna have to cheer him up.
Do you think you could carry this the rest of the way? I'll manage.
(Door opens) How is he? Faith thinks it might be pneumonia.
When I was younger, my aunt died from it, and the family across the road lost a grandfather.
- Well, I know people who've recovered.
- You do? Young man, Jack's age.
But Jack is strong.
(Voice breaks): This town has been through so much.
- If anything happens to Jack - We take this one day at a time.
- I was thinking - I was thinking the same thing.
We'll hold a prayer vigil, tonight, after sundown.
(Exhales) We'll get through this.
I heard mayor Gowen was in a car accident.
- You heard right.
- Is he going to make it? - Not sure yet.
- (Sighs) I don't know what to do.
Should I inform the town council about the missing money? Mr.
Jenkins, I think everybody has enough to worry about right now.
Let's leave this for another day, shall we? (Background chatter) I remember when Jack was about four Oh, he was sick as a dog.
I sat with him, day and night, for a week.
I want to be mad at him But I can't, because he was doing what he was supposed to do.
He saved a lot of lives.
I know.
But it would be terribly unfair to lose two men because of their courage.
It wouldn't be fair at all.
I need some air.
() Oh, Jack.
I know things haven't always been easy for us But from the first day I met you I knew that, no matter what we were meant for each other.
I'm sorry for everything I've ever said or did that hurt you And if I could, I'd take it all back.
I know God meant for us to have a life together.
(Sniffles) That's why you can't leave.
Not right now.
Please stay with me.
Please? () Elizabeth? I guess I fell asleep.
Why don't you come downstairs and get something to eat? I'll sit with Jack.
I'm not hungry.
He'd want you to take care of yourself.
I'm not leaving him, Abigail.
- Do you think he knows I'm here? - Oh, of course he does.
I feel so alone.
You're never alone.
() (Footsteps) How is he? The same.
Elizabeth won't leave his side, so I'm going to bring up some tea up to her.
I don't know who we should be worried about more, her or him.
I know how she feels.
So do I.
I'll take up the tea.
Charlotte It's okay to cry.
Crying doesn't do anyone any good.
() () () I know we're all thinking about Jack, but now it's time to come together and pray for our community.
Dear lord, we come before you now in this time of struggle.
We surrender the lives and health of our loved ones into your caring hands.
I wish you could see what's happening out there.
Our whole town's praying for healing For you to get better.
Can you do that for them? How about for me? It's all right.
I can wait.
For as long as it takes.
Do you remember our new year's resolution? To be patient, to be kind, not to rush but to take our time () But not not to take too much time.
(Exhales) Jack! - (He groans softly) - Sorry! Sorry.
() Hi.
Some people think, because Hope Valley is a small town on the edge of the frontier, that life moves at a slower pace But events happened quickly in the weeks after the flood and the tragedy at the mine.
Jack recovered And while he did, I finished my manuscript and sent it off to half a dozen different publishers.
In the meantime, Charlotte insisted on cooking all of Jack's favorite meals And he survived those as well.
Most of the settlers moved to higher ground And Rosemary realized that a simple wedding to the man she loved was all that she really needed.
- What happened with the gazebo? - Oh Well, we ran out of time for the gazebo.
Well, it looks lovely in here.
- I'm sure she'll be very happy here.
- I hope so.
The bride will be here soon.
Abigail says she's just making some last-minute adjustments - to her hair.
- Ahh.
Her hair? (Inhales sharply) Maybe I will have time to build the gazebo after all.
- (Laughs) I'll hold you to that.
- Okay.
Never been to a wedding before.
They're always beautiful.
Clara After all that's happened here I was thinking about what you said And you were right.
Some things are more important than money.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
() Tsk.
Why did it have to be damp today? Look at what it's doing to my curls.
Oh, Rosemary, you're stunning.
Trust me.
Really? Because I was going for breathtaking.
I guess "stunning" will have to do.
- Well, this is it.
- (Chuckles) Looks like you found the right man to make you happy.
I did.
I want you to know even though things didn't work out between you and Jack, you'll always be like a daughter to me.
Thank you for that.
I think you've found the right man, too.
- You do? - Look, I know what Jack thinks.
I did not come here to give you my stamp of approval.
I don't think it's anybody's business to meddle in someone else's personal affairs.
Even if that someone is your son? Especially if it's my son.
I know that we don't have a lot in common, and I know it wasn't easy having me underfoot.
- That's not true.
- Look.
- It's a little true.
- (Laughs) All I ever wanted for Jack was that he find someone who would love him as much as I do.
And give him as much sass as you do? (Laughs) That's right.
And I think he's found her.
But promise me that you'll teach me how to make your Shepherd's pie one day.
(Laughs) Deal.
Well, it's time.
() Jack.
(Quietly): I never realized the meaning of the words "best man" until I met you.
Thank you.
(Door opens) (Violinist begins to play "the wedding march") () () Wow! I am the luckiest man in the world.
- Not half as lucky as I am.
- (Exhales deeply) Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.
May you always share with each other the gifts of love.
Be one in heart and in mind.
May you always create a home together that puts in your hearts love, generosity, and kindness.
These two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle.
May what God has brought together, let no man pull asunder.
And may they find in each other love everlasting and pure.
Rosemary, Lee I now pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
(Applause and cheering) () Oh! I almost forgot! (All): Oh! (Rosemary laughing) () ()
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