When Calls The Heart (2014) s05e04 Episode Script

Open Hearts

: Yes, Mayor, what are you going to do about this? [ABIGAIL.]
: I know what I'm not going to do, and that's panic.
Abigail's right.
I've seen banks fail, and it's fear in the community that pushes them over the edge.
: Yeah, but the bank's got our money and it's already closed down.
Have they lost it all? I understand that you're worried [WORKER.]
: I just want my money.
I need to buy supplies.
What are we supposed to do? I will deal with this, but I promise you the bank will re-open.
When? [EXHALES.]
I-I just give me some time.
How much time? I don't know.
Maybe a couple of weeks? [APPREHENSIVE MURMURING.]
You can trust Abigail! We're all in this together, people.
: Jack's right.
We need to give Abigail a little bit of time to work this out.
Thank you, Lee.
Until then, everyone go about your normal business.
- Oh, goodness.
- How are we supposed to do that? I need a cup of tea.
: Can I talk to you in my office? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
What's your plan? I don't know.
Jenkins tried to get a loan to keep the bank afloat.
Obviously, that didn't happen.
Well, they must not see him as a good credit risk.
Bill, what am I going to do? You're gonna stay patient, you're gonna work this thing out.
Until then, you did the best thing a leader can do you kept people from panicking.
Well, at best, I bought a little time.
Yeah, which is exactly what we need right now.
Time for cooler heads to prevail.
I was talking to Rosemary.
I turned around, and you were gone.
Oh, sorry.
Once Rosemary starts talking, I never know when it's gonna end.
That's true.
What are you doing? Well, I got to head out for a bit, to do something I should've done a long time ago.
Which is? I want it to be a surprise but it'll make you happy.
All right.
When will you be back? Soon.
Day after tomorrow.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Why? I asked you about the Northern Territories, and you didn't want to talk about it, and now this There's not much to say about the Northern Territories.
And this is a surprise.
Trust me.
Safe travels.
See you soon.
: Just think in a little over a week, you're going to be "Mrs.
Jack Thornton".
It's so exciting.
I know! I can hardly believe it.
I just wish I knew why Jack had to leave town on this mystery mission of his.
Maybe he's buying you a wedding present.
A gold broach.
Or diamond earrings.
Jack knows he doesn't have to prove his love to me with expensive gifts.
Jewelry never hurt.
You're really worried about him.
Ever since Jack came home, I can't help but feel like he's holding something back from me.
He just isn't himself.
Well, maybe you should mention that to him when he gets home.
In the meantime there are a lot of preparations, and very little time to do them.
So, Elizabeth, I'll need you to meet me at Dottie's after school.
I will have the design of the dress ready to show you.
And Dottie, once she picks up your fabric, Clara will set aside everything else and start sewing.
Now, Abigail.
You're coordinating the wedding dinner.
Right? That's right.
We have to sit down to discuss the menu, but I was thinking prime rib with all the trimmings.
Oh! That sounds delicious.
Yes! But all this is going to cost a lot of money, and everyone's so low on funds right now.
Maybe we shouldn't get so carried away.
No! Sht-sht-sht! Nonsense! You only get married once.
She's right.
Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean.
Any questions? Anna? Are we all invited to the wedding? [LAUGHTER.]
I meant questions about explorers, but since you asked Yes! Of course! You're all invited to our wedding.
: Yay! Now, back to Magellan Can I be an usher, Miss Thatcher? Can I be the flower girl? [ALL OVERLAPPING.]
Oh! All right, all right! Listen, listen! I promise, you're all invited to the wedding, and each and every one of you will have a very special job.
You all mean so much to Mountie Jack and me, and we're very glad you'll be there to help us celebrate.
Time for recess.
Class dismissed! [COWBELL CLANGING.]
Miss Thatcher? Yes, Philip? Thanks for inviting us to your wedding.
Oh, you're welcome.
I hope your dad can come, too.
If he gets home in time.
He's been working out of town for a while, hasn't he? At his new job but I hope he'll be home soon.
So, what's my job gonna be at the wedding? Oh You know what? I have the perfect job for you.
How would you like to be our ring bearer? What does the ring bearer do? Well, he carries the rings down the aisle.
There's nothing more important than that, right? And the person who carries them has to be extra trustworthy.
That sounds very important.
It is.
Will you do it for us? Yes! Thanks, Miss Thatcher.
Sofia, could you hold up the blue chiffon for me? Mm-hmm.
Dark blue or light blue? Oh.
Let's go with the light blue.
Oh! No! No, no, no, no, no.
That won't do.
Well, why not? When the sunlight hits the fabric at just a certain angle, it almost looks white.
And we all know that nothing should compete with the bride's dress.
It's the centerpiece of the entire celebration.
People will be talking about this dress for days, weeks maybe even years to come.
Mm! So Hold up the dark blue, please.
Ah! Perfect.
Dark blue it is.
These are going to be beautiful.
If I can only finish these bridesmaids' dresses on time, and, of course, Elizabeth's dress.
Good morning, Sofia.
Good morning, Lee.
Good morning, my lovely wife.
Any breakfast for me? Oh.
Lee I have so much on my plate, I haven't had time to fill yours.
Oh, there's some bread on the counter.
Bread? Great.
Can I talk to you for a moment? Sure.
But if Jesse Flynn comes by, I got to get back to work, though.
Henry I need your help with the bank.
I have to find investors, or the town is in deep trouble.
Look at me, Abigail.
I gotta wash sawdust out of my teeth every night.
I don't know that I can help you with that.
You know people, Henry.
Important people.
Rich people.
They would listen to you even if you were covered in mud.
Once, maybe.
Not now.
That's not the Henry Gowen I know.
The man I know lives to make a deal, and if you could pull this off, it would be the greatest deal you ever made.
Well, I can give it a shot, but you got to understand it's a long shot.
I'm not a gambler, Henry but aren't long shots where the big pay-offs are earned? [CHUCKLES.]
You know, you may not realize it, Abigail, but the moment you became Mayor, you became a gambler.
I'll bet Miss Thatcher will make me usher.
I'd be a good usher.
I wanna be the one who lights the candles.
Do you think we're gonna have to call Miss Thatcher "Mrs.
Thornton" when she gets back to school? If she comes back to school.
: What do you mean, if? [HARPER.]
: Don't you know what happens when teachers get married? They have their own family.
Miss Thatcher won't have time to teach us.
She'll be busy with her own kids.
Do you think that's true? It happened at my old school.
The teacher got married.
We didn't see her again.
: It won't be the same without Miss Thatcher.
Well, thanks for joining me.
Are you kidding? On horseback in the countryside? What's better than that? You can make even taking a run for medical supplies sound romantic.
Because it can be.
I can see the appeal of this place.
Could you see yourself pursuing your career here? Every town needs homes, shops.
But nothing that fully utilizes your talent.
Architecture is all about seeing possibilities.
Maybe I see something here.
I love the way you look at things.
And I bet you that translates into your designs.
Until someone hires me to design a building, you may never know.
Ah, something'll come through for you.
That's kind of you to say, but nothing has, and it's been over a year.
Well, life has a way of changing in an instant.
Rosemary, you have really outdone yourself.
I've never had so much fun designing a dress before.
Elizabeth might want something a little simpler.
Oh! She may think that's what she wants, but this is her day to shine.
Hi! Thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, Rosemary, it's beautiful.
I just knew you would love it! I do! It's just so much.
I know! I'm going to Benson Hills to pick up the fabric tomorrow.
Oh, Dottie, I'm not sure I have that kind of money on hand.
Now, don't you worry.
I will get it on credit and you can pay me later.
I'll pay the supplier once Abigail gets this bank issue sorted out.
Or we could go with a less expensive fabric, and perhaps not as much of it.
This is your day.
I refuse to let you compromise.
Clara? Come.
Look at how lovely you look.
I'm gonna make sure your wedding is everything you ever dreamed of.
And more.
You want my blessing? That usually comes before asking a man's daughter for her hand in marriage.
When I proposed, I was heading into the Northern Territories and there wasn't time to do it the traditional way.
I want to do this right, sir.
Elizabeth wrote to her mother and me about what was going on up there.
How did you How is Mrs.
Thatcher? Well, she's in London, caring for Viola and her new baby.
It's probably not a good time for Elizabeth to get married.
Well, it may never be a good time, but it is the right time.
Will you two marry even if I withhold my blessing? Yes, sir, we will.
Then why are we even having this conversation? Because your approval, it means a lot.
Apparently, not enough.
I wouldn't be here if it didn't matter, sir.
I want you to know, Constable, that I have never disapproved of you.
On the contrary, I have high respect for your character, your honesty, and your devotion to duty.
My question has always been, are you the right match for Elizabeth? Given your far different backgrounds.
With all due respect, sir, marriage isn't about the past, it's about the future.
Elizabeth and I, we love each other.
We're going to have a family.
These will be your grandchildren.
Soon, you'll be bouncing them on your knee.
It's in everyone's best interest to get this marriage off to a good start.
Thatcher, I know you want what's best for Elizabeth.
So do I.
I promise you I will devote my life to making her happy.
: Oh, I loved those biscuits from yesterday.
So how are things going with the bank? I'm working on getting private investors.
So how are things going with your dress? Good.
Just good? The dress will be beautiful.
I just feel like I don't really have much of a say in it.
Well, if you want to get Rosemary to listen, you have to get her attention.
That's easier said than done.
Well, let's talk about something that only you and Jack can plan your honeymoon.
: We're planning on leaving a few days after the wedding.
: Where are you going? Chicago.
Oh, I hear Chicago is beautiful.
I think Jack's really gonna like it.
They've got great theater, museums, a new baseball stadium.
I am so happy for you two.
Oh, you're gonna have the best time.
We're really excited.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Welcome back! Thanks.
Uh Care to join me for a ride? Can't wait to hear about your trip.
That's definitely on the agenda.
We'll finish this conversation later.
Have fun.
It's not just us, Abigail.
All the merchants in town are suffering.
I'm in the same boat as you.
That's why I have a proposal for every merchant in town.
I think we should start extending credit to our customers.
Well, I would love to, Abigail, but since I don't know when the bank is going to open again, or even if it's going to open, how can I be sure I will be paid? Because every cent of credit extended will be backed by the town of Hope Valley.
But if the bank is closed, how would that work? The town owns a good amount of land.
If need be, I'll sell it to pay off the debt we accumulate.
Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but your word is good enough for me.
The mercantile will start extending credit today.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
So are you gonna tell me about this surprise? I went to get your father's blessing.
What did he say? He gave it to me.
Oh, ho! Jack! That's wonderful.
But even if he said no, that would never have stopped me.
Me neither.
This gets us off on the right foot.
What do you mean, almost? The Northern Territories.
What about it? Exactly.
Since you've been back, it seems like you haven't talked to me at all about it.
In fact, it seems like you've been avoiding the subject.
That's because it's behind me.
No, it's a part of you, and it always will be.
You don't want to hear about it, Elizabeth.
But I want to.
Jack, we're a couple, and successful couples share everything with each other.
I need to know you're on board with that.
Glad I found you two.
: Is something wrong? There will be, if Rosemary doesn't get her way.
She needs you both to come to the cafe right now.
: I'll let you know soon, Henry.
Well, I appreciate it.
I'm just looking for a fair shot.
Hey, Jesse.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Yes, sir.
I need a new man on one of the logging crews, and, uh Gowen asked for the job.
It pays a lot more than what he's doing right now.
You supervise him.
What do you think? Honestly? Yes.
Honesty would be best.
Working on a logging crew's really hard work.
Takes a certain kind of man to do it.
And even though Mr.
Gowen's doing his job okay, I think maybe he spent a little too much of his life behind a desk.
You know, there's plenty of guys who've been working here a lot longer that could use the extra pay.
Thanks for your thoughts.
I got to get back to town.
See you later.
Florence and Dottie, how are we doing with the floral arrangements? We need volunteers to donate some flowers from their gardens and bring them to the church the morning of the wedding.
And we thought the children could gather wildflowers.
Good idea.
Cody can organize his friends to help.
Here we are.
And now, best men.
Do you know where the rings are? Do you? I don't know where the rings are.
The rings? I have the rings.
: There you are! Come, come, come! Guard these carefully.
With my life, buddy.
: We were just discussing flowers.
What would you like for your bouquet? Uh, oh! Well, I've always loved roses.
They're not at their best right now.
How about dahlias? Do we have to decide this right now? Well, we are just completely jam-packed from now until the wedding.
We still have to plan the bachelor's lunch.
Lee? Oh, and there's the girls' bridal tea.
: Oh, that sounds lovely, but you all doing so much, and, really, Jack and I would just like to keep things simple.
You say that now! It is our job to make sure your wedding is as special and as wonderful as you are.
Hey, Katie.
Hi, Dr.
Cash or credit? I actually still happen to have a little cash.
You're one of the few.
Oh, a telegram came for you from San Francisco.
I think Rosemary's more excited about the wedding than you and Jack are.
I know she means well, I just wish I could ask her to take a step back a bit.
A baby step.
Or ten.
Hey, ladies.
- Hey, Carson.
- Hi, Carson.
I'm really looking forward to Jack's bachelor luncheon.
Great! [KATIE.]
: Here it is.
Thank you.
: I just wish I had a moment to breathe.
It feels like Rosemary is scheduling every minute of every day with something wedding-related, whether it's a dress fitting, or picking out the centerpieces for the tables, or the napkins for the dinner or Oh! That reminds me we have to finalize the menu.
Of course.
Talk to Rosemary.
See if she can schedule it.
Elizabeth, we love you and Jack so much.
We want what's best for you.
I know.
In a week, you will be blissfully married and you will forget everything you had to go through to get to that precious moment.
I'm going to go look for some bubble bath.
Maybe that'll relax me.
Let's hope.
: I know what you did.
: What are you talking about? Blocking my promotion.
That was Mr.
Coulter's decision.
With your input.
Fact is, Mr.
Gowen, you weren't the best choice.
The man who is got the job.
It was nothing personal.
Oh, I don't believe that.
Believe whatever you want.
Does it make you feel good? Seeing me brought down? You feel like a big man? [CLARA.]
: That's enough! Henry Gowen [SCOFFS.]
How dare you make such accusations? You haven't been treated unfairly at all.
Stanton, this doesn't concern you.
Oh, if it concerns Jesse, it concerns me.
I know how hard he works at that sawmill, and I know how much respect he has for all of his co-workers.
If you really believe that you've been treated unfairly, take it up with Lee Coulter, but leave Jesse out of it.
He is a far better man than you will ever be.
: There's something so peaceful here and of course, it's special, because it's where we had our first date.
This place will always bring great memories.
That almost sounds like a goodbye.
What's that? It's a job offer.
For? For you.
In San Francisco.
I don't understand.
I have an old friend who works with the mayor at the city planning office.
They want to hire me.
The city's still rebuilding after its big earthquake, and it's expanding more people, more jobs, more roads This is a dream job.
Highrises, theaters, Victorian rowhouses, Queen Anne homes the list is endless.
Carson thank you.
You're an amazing man.
I'm gonna miss you.
You kidding me? You've given me the perfect excuse to come visit San Francisco.
You'll be welcome any time.
Come on.
I need to talk to you, Elizabeth.
What's going on? What you said about not sharing everything you were right.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Jack.
I have to warn you, though, what happened up there, it wasn't always pretty.
Life isn't always pretty, but being married is about sharing the good and the bad.
We had taken losses before, but nothing like this, Elizabeth.
One day, we were out on patrol and my squad was ambushed.
When the shooting stopped, I thought we were all okay But this new recruit was hit.
He didn't make it.
The night before, he came up to me and he told me that he was scared, and I assured him that he'd be okay.
I even put him at the back because I thought he'd be safer there.
He wasn't.
Jack That was not your fault.
It's just, um it's hard to stop thinking about it.
I know.
It must be very hard.
Thank you for telling me.
Thanks for being you.
: Is it just me, or is this wedding becoming more than it should be? [LAUGHS.]
I know they all mean well.
Hello, Philip! Hi.
I was just telling Mountie Jack that you agreed to be our ring bearer.
He's very happy you took the job.
I can't imagine anyone I'd trust more with those rings.
Is something wrong, Philip? No.
I should be going home now.
: Oh.
All right.
What do you think that was about? I don't know.
Well I'm here.
Are you ready? Yeah.
Yeah, as ready as I'll ever be.
Have fun.
You too.
Enjoy, Jack! Thanks Bill.
There you go.
Mm! So how's the house planning coming? Oh, it's coming along.
I am, uh, I'm selling you the lumber, but I am giving you my time.
Weekends, nights, whatever it takes, I'm gonna help you build that house.
- I appreciate it, Lee.
- Yeah.
That is hot.
Whoo! It's good for you.
Clears out your sinuses.
: Bill, I have missed your chili.
You know, if you're stuck for a wedding gift, I want you to teach Elizabeth how to make it.
You asking me to give up my secret family recipe? Uh Well, consider it done.
Elizabeth is family.
So what does that make you? The black sheep? [MEN CHUCKLING.]
The saloon's closed.
It's a private party.
: Bill.
Didn't you invite him? Should I have? Henry Join us.
I don't think I'm wanted here, Jack.
I want you here.
Thank you.
: You're welcome.
Thank you.
You're looking at the current darts champion of Hope Valley, unless you think you can beat me.
Prepare to lose your crown, young man.
I didn't know how you felt about him.
Henry's part of the community.
Hey there, folks.
Mind if I borrow the groom for a minute? Uh, listen, I hate to spring this on you, but Rosemary's kinda been on me about this.
Um What are they? Color schemes for the wedding.
Color schemes for the we I didn't even know weddings had color schemes.
Well, it'll affect which suit you wear.
I'm not wearing a suit.
I'm a Mountie.
I'm gonna get married in my uniform.
Does Elizabeth know that that's what you want to wear? We haven't even talked about it.
Well, you might want to tell her.
Color schemes.
Okay, everybody, listen up! It's that time of the party where we all have to make a toast to the groom.
- Aw, Bill - [MEN GRUMBLING.]
No, come on.
Those are the rules.
To Jack Thornton a man who found the perfect woman and took forever to do something about it.
"Love is patient" luckily for you.
- Congrats, Jack.
- Cheers! - Jack! - To Jack! Thanks, everyone.
: Now, Elizabeth, as you know, a bridal luncheon wouldn't be complete without the time-honored tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.
" Or, as I like to call them, little tokens of love.
I call them good luck charms.
- Me too.
Semantics have no place at a bridal luncheon, ladies, but gifts do, and this one's from me.
It's something old, and it represents continuity in your life.
Thank you, Rosemary.
Oh It's gorgeous.
It's beautiful.
It was my grandmother's.
I just know it'll look perfect with your dress.
Thank you so much.
I'm touched.
: And from me Something new, which offers hope for the future.
Thank you, Clara.
Oh! They're lovely! I made them myself.
And even the box I put them in is new.
Oh! Well, thank you.
I will cherish them always.
And from me something borrowed.
Abigail they are stunning.
Cultured pearls which I wore at my wedding, which symbolizes the happiness I know you and Jack will share for the rest of your lives.
Thank you so much.
It means the world to me.
But they're borrowed, so you have to give them back.
And now for something blue [.]
Uh We will surprise you with that later but, tomorrow, we need to pick out champagne flutes.
Rosemary, I was hoping that, tomorrow, Jack and I might spend a bit of time together.
Oh, Elizabeth [LAUGHING.]
There is no time for time before the wedding! There is so much to do, I can't even keep my head straight! [WOMEN LAUGHING.]
Now, Elizabeth, don't forget tomorrow, we're doing your dress measurements, so eat a light dinner.
Will do.
Elizabeth! Which do you prefer? Marigolds or daisies? Daisies represent cheerfulness and innocence.
Well, marigolds represent passion and creativity.
I like them both.
She likes them both.
Both? Well, certainly marigolds and daisies do not go together.
Let's talk about colors.
I suggest yellow.
Well, I guess I better start working on my speech for the reception dinner.
I already wrote mine.
- Really? - Uh-huh.
What are you gonna say? Well, I'm not gonna tell you in front of Jack.
That's okay.
I think I'm needed anyway.
Shall we? What are you gonna say? Well, marigolds are clearly a more cheerful flower, and that truly represents Elizabeth's personality.
Excuse me, ladies.
I'm just gonna borrow Elizabeth for a moment.
- Oh! - Thank you.
Thank you for rescuing me.
What were they arguing about? Flowers, believe it or not.
Flowers? How was your bachelor luncheon? It was good, and yours? It was lovely.
But, Jack this isn't how I imagined our wedding.
Friends are bickering.
People are spending money they don't have.
There must be an easier way.
There is Eloping? Why not? We'll throw a big party for everyone when we come back.
I just I just want to be married to you.
Let's do it.
Really? Okay, meet me at the livery in an hour.
- Jesse - Clara.
How was Jack's party? It was great.
And Elizabeth's? Fun.
She looks so happy.
And a little stressed.
Hey I wanted to thank you for sticking up for me earlier.
No one has ever come to my defense that way.
Well, maybe no one's ever felt about you the way I do.
You mean that? I do.
Then, if you don't mind me asking, what are we still doing on a break? [LAUGHS.]
I've been thinking the same thing.
Are you saying? I'm ready to get back together.
Me too.
Oh, Sofia! Spreading your wings! It's so exciting.
Well, the minute you get some time off, you must come and visit me in San Francisco.
Just don't expect me for months after the wedding.
I'll need some time to recover.
Come on.
You know what I still see when I look in your eyes? [LAUGHS.]
Big-time potential.
It's a wonderful thing you did for her.
What's wonderful is what she did for me.
And what's that? She made me realize that I can open up my heart again.
Anyone see you? Rosemary.
She seemed a bit suspicious.
Yeah, Bill too.
We better hurry before word spreads.
Elizabeth! Abigail.
Have either of you seen Philip? Not recently, no.
Why? Mrs.
Brayman can't find him.
He was supposed to be at her house three hours ago.
She's looked everywhere.
We saw him earlier.
He seemed down.
Where would he run off to? I have an idea of where he might have gone.
We'll need a couple of horses.
You stay here and look around town.
I think I know where to find him.
Philip? Philip! Hi! What are you doing here? I wanted to be alone.
Everyone was worried about you, Philip.
How'd you know I was here? Well, I remembered this is where you like to look for tadpoles.
: Why do you want to be alone? I just do.
Philip You can tell me what's going on.
It's okay.
: Believe me, Philip talking helps.
What's upsetting you? I'm mad at Mountie Jack.
Why would you be mad at Mountie Jack? Because he's taking you away from us! What do you mean? I heard the other kids talking, and they said, once teachers get married, they have their own family, and they don't come back to school anymore.
What the other kids said it's not true.
So you're staying in Hope Valley? This is my home! But Harper said it happened to his last teacher.
Oh, I'm sure it does happen with some teachers, but the people of Hope Valley are too special to me.
I couldn't leave.
This is where I belong, same as you.
No matter what happens, I'm staying right where I am, and that's a promise.
Thank you.
Jack I've been thinking.
I know.
We can't elope.
It isn't just Philip.
You mean a lot to this town.
We do! And this town needs this wedding.
But it doesn't mean we can't at least do a few things our way.
Watch out, Hope Valley, the future Mrs.
Thornton is taking charge.
We called you all here today because we love each and every one of you.
: And we're so glad that you're all part of our wedding.
However it is our wedding.
Our special day which means Jack and I should really be in charge of it.
: Don't get us wrong, we're grateful for everyone's help.
: But when all's said and done, we need to make our own decisions, and we hope you'll understand.
Of course we understand.
I'm glad you spoke up.
We just want you guys to have everything that you want.
And I suppose some of us have been a little overenthusiastic.
A "little"? [CHUCKLING.]
Take the reins.
: Thank you.
Thank you all.
: All right, everyone, you heard them.
There is a lot of work to do.
: And not much time to get it done! [LEE.]
: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
To do what? Our color scheme is completely wrong.
If Jack wants to get married in the red uniform We'll have to design a palette with warm tones.
If it's gonna be a Mountie wedding, we should probably have a Mountie honor guard.
I'll wire Jack's commanding officer.
Well that lasted about five seconds.
What are you smiling at? We're a part of a community that cares.
Even if they care a little too much.
"A little.
Oh, boy.

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