When Calls The Heart (2014) s05e05 Episode Script

My Heart Is Yours

1 [.]
I can't believe we're getting married in only three days.
And there is still so much to be done.
Oh, we don't need to check off every last item on that list.
It'll still be a beautiful wedding.
Well, some of these items aren't exactly optional.
We still don't have a pastor.
No word from Frank yet? No.
I wrote to him a few days ago, but I haven't heard back.
I even sent a telegram to children's hospital, in Cape Fullerton, where he's been volunteering.
He's been gone so long.
I hope he's okay.
And you miss him.
I do.
But not to worry, the wedding must go on, even if I have to perform the ceremony myself.
You can do that? Well, as mayor of the town, I have the legal authority.
Then we're covered.
But I have faith Frank will be here.
I hope you're right.
Sheriff? Have you seen Jack? He's out.
Something the matter? I've got a telegram for him.
Mountie headquarters.
Is that going to affect the wedding? No.
When are you gonna give it to him? I'll see that he gets it.
Whoo! [.]
Whoa, Sergeant! Why are we stopping? I just thought of something.
What is it? Mm.
What was that for? I wanted to kiss Miss Elizabeth Thatcher before she becomes Mrs.
Jack Thornton.
I can't wait.
If seven multiplied by six equals 42, then what do we get when we multiply seven by seven? [ALL WHISPERING.]
It appears something else has captured your attention today.
Miss Thatcher, when are you gonna start decorating in here for your wedding? [SIGHS RESIGNEDLY.]
Tomorrow morning, bright and early.
Maybe we could help.
Oh, that's very generous, but do you really want to spend your Saturday at school? I meant today.
We could start decorating right now.
Could we? [CHUCKLES.]
Are you sure you'd rather decorate than study mathematics? [STUDENTS.]
: Yeah! [LAUGHS.]
All right.
Well, since it's a special occasion, I'm willing to make an exception just this once.
: Yay! Now, I'm going to need two groups One to start decorating the pews, and the older children can start taking down the school posters.
Let's get started.
I'm wondering if we shouldn't raise this just a little Clara, I think you're right.
Elizabeth is, shall we say quite modest.
It's such a beautiful design, Rosemary.
Oh, Clara! This has been a group effort between you, me, and Dottie, from start to finish.
Oh, thank goodness! Wonderful! You got more silk.
It wasn't easy.
Oh, what kind of heartless creature could possibly deny you the material necessary to finish a wedding dress? Well, a creature who needs to make a living.
Since we're so short on cash, I had to do a little bartering with our Buxton supplier.
We owe him a bolt of cotton on our next visit.
- Jack! [.]
- Oh! - Ladies You two should know better than to come in here without warning.
What is all the fuss? The groom absolutely cannot see the bride's dress before it is on the bride, in the church, at the wedding! I didn't know that.
Neither did I.
You must be here for the groomsmen suits.
Well, I'm sorry, but they're not quite ready.
Clara has been working day and night on Elizabeth's wedding dress.
It takes priority above all else.
So we're learning.
Any idea when they're gonna be done? By tomorrow morning.
Okay, great.
We should probably get going then.
Well, unless you want us to stay.
: Go! They want us to leave.
Jack, what are you doing here? Actually, we were just leaving.
Ladies, we'll leave you to it.
Good luck.
That was too close! Jack almost saw your wedding dress.
He didn't.
Thank goodness.
I'm glad to hear it.
But, Elizabeth, your fitting isn't for another hour or so.
I know, I gave the children a break from decorating, so I thought I'd stop by while I had the chance.
Well, I'm sorry, but we aren't ready for your fitting.
I need that extra hour.
That's all right.
I'd like to keep an eye on the children, though.
Is there any way we can do the fitting at the school? Yes.
I can make that work.
We'll bring the dress to you.
How long are you gone? A day, a day and a half, tops.
There's a Mountie that needs help escorting a prisoner to Cape Fullerton.
This is for Jack.
Well, Jack's not gonna be escorting anybody but Elizabeth down the aisle.
Be careful, Bill.
Hope I'm not interrupting anything.
- No.
- No, uh Just boring town business.
Headed somewhere? Just more boring town business.
Well, you lead quite the life.
Yeah, I'll be back in plenty of time for the wedding.
Well, you'd better, or I'm gonna come and hunt you down! You got it.
Tom? Hey, big brother! Wow! I can't believe it! Oh, you didn't think I'd really miss your wedding, did you? Well, how did you know? I didn't have an address to wire you.
Yeah, business keeps me on the road, but Mom found me and she cabled me about your wedding.
You know, if there's any way she could've traveled - She'd have been here.
- Is she gonna be okay? She wrenched her back pretty bad being thrown off that horse.
But you know Mom She's down, but never out.
Well, I'm just glad to see you.
This whole new you! I represent a tire company.
Let me tell you, the future's in rubber.
Wow, okay.
I'm gonna buy you a drink.
Actually, better yet, you buy me one.
I'm here to buy some candy, please.
Three cents.
I will have the red ones and the green ones.
: I've never lit candles for a wedding before, have you? How hard can it be? When it's time, we step forward and light the candles.
What if we do something wrong? Everybody's gonna be watching us.
: Maybe you should rehearse it, like we do for our school plays.
Rehearse where? The school.
The side door is usually open.
That's a good idea.
Did Miss Thatcher give you a job for the wedding? She sure did.
I'm an usher.
What's an usher do? I don't really know, but I bet it's important.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Hello? Hello? [MOUNTIE.]
: Identify yourself.
Sheriff Bill Avery, from Hope Valley.
I'm here to escort your prisoner to jail.
What's the problem? No problem.
Just being careful.
This is Joe Yancy.
Ever heard of him? [BILL.]
: Head of the Yancy Gang, out of Waterston.
Let's go.
Right now? I want to get to Cape Fullerton before nightfall.
We leave now.
Get him back inside.
: They're onto you! [SHOTS BLASTING.]
That fear on your face suits you, Sheriff.
They cut the wire.
Now what? Thank you.
Rosemary! Julie! Oh! Welcome! Oh! I'm so glad that you made it.
I wouldn't miss it.
How is everything coming along? Well, I can honestly say, I've never been so busy in my entire life, but it's a labor of love! On that note, I really need to run.
: Okay, the hors d'oeuvres are ready, now we move on to choice of entrées Mm-hmm.
Chicken or prime rib, with sides of duchess potatoes, candied carrots, gratin of broccoli, and green beans almandine.
That all sounds delicious, but do we really need that many sides? If we dropped a few, you might actually get to enjoy the reception.
Well, ordinarily, I'd argue with you, but I'm a little shorthanded.
Bill was helping out, until he had to leave town on Mountie business.
Why is Bill doing Mountie business, and not Jack? Well, there is always a possibility of danger.
He didn't want Jack to leave town just before the wedding.
And he didn't want him to know.
That's really kind of him.
Hello! [GASPING.]
Julie! [LAUGHING.]
I hear the whole town is at work, getting ready for your wedding.
Good to see you, Abigail! Good to see you, too, Julie.
Elizabeth tells me your mother is still in London? Caring for our sister and her new baby.
I'm not sure which one demands more attention.
: It's so sad they'll miss the ceremony.
It is, but Father will be here tomorrow.
So how can I help? Well, they could use help decorating the church.
I'm on my way! [BOTH CHUCKLING.]
This is really happening! [GIGGLING.]
It is.
: Lawmen! You hearing me? Hey! Lawmen! They can hear ya, Wade! They're just cowards! [LAUGHING.]
I need to shut you up.
What are those? This is why we can't wait for the patrol.
We got to get out of here as soon as possible.
So the curtains have to be hang on every window, and then the flowers can be put at the end of every pew.
Thank you, ladies.
Excuse me, Miss.
Do you know where I might put these c? Julie.
I wondered if you'd be here.
You look different.
Good "different" or bad "different"? "Dignified" different.
Mm! Thank you.
You look, um happy.
The last time I saw you, you weren't.
I needed to find my place in the world.
And I have.
I enrolled in art school.
Well, you always did have an artistic flare.
And you were always full of surprises.
Um So, did you bring a date for the wedding? No.
You know where this goes? I didn't even know that was there.
We make our move after it turns dark.
: Thank you for all your help, Carson.
You're welcome! I like being in the kitchen.
Plus, you have an army of guests to feed.
So, what do you think of the menu? Well, I think it's ambitious.
You're pulling out all the stops.
Well, it's a big day, and I can hardly wait.
Me either.
Frank! Hi, Carson.
Hey, Frank.
Welcome back.
I'll give you two some time.
Oh, thank you, Carson.
Oh, these are beautiful.
I'm so glad you're here.
I was worried when I didn't hear from you.
I didn't write back because I didn't think a letter would arrive before I did, but nothing would keep me from Jack and Elizabeth's wedding.
They are gonna be thrilled when they find out.
And Cody is gonna be so excited to see you.
I can't wait to see him, too.
Would you join us for dinner? Did you need to ask? Oh, Frank! All right.
Now, listen up.
In two minutes, I want you to start shooting out of each one of these two windows, but I want you to aim for the treetops.
I got it.
: Harry? You okay? He's all tied up at the moment.
I love our walks.
It's so nice to have some alone time together.
How're things going on your side of the aisle? I couldn't ask for better matrons of honor.
Abigail always knows what to say, and Rosemary [LAUGHING.]
Well, she tests my limits, but I couldn't do it without her.
I'm really happy Julie's here.
Tom too.
It wouldn't be the same without at least some of our family here.
Have you seen Bill yet this evening? Is he back? Back from where? He didn't tell me where he was going.
Do you know? There was some Mountie business out of town, and he went to take care of it for you.
That was really nice of him.
Okay, everyone, so we're gonna rehearse this.
So when Opal and Philip walk in, that's when we light the candles.
So, everyone in position.
Not so fast, Opal.
Go from the beginning.
: Like this? Just like that.
Is that one too tall for you? No, I got it.
Here, let me help you.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
Everyone has gone above and beyond.
Doing what they can to make this wedding go off without a hitch.
Here's to a smooth wedding.
: Help! Someone, help! [CHILDREN SHOUTING FOR HELP.]
Is anyone inside? Opal! Where's Opal? [ELIZABETH.]
: Are you all right? Yes? Yes? We need to form a bucket chain from the pond to the church! Go back! Get more men, more buckets! Are you okay? Yes? Where's Mountie Jack? He went inside to get Opal.
- Oh! - No, no, no! Elizabeth! Wait! - [ELIZABETH PANICKING.]
- No! It's too dangerous.
- Aw, geez.
Give her to me.
I'll take her.
You should go with him.
I'll stay here and help.
Lee! Okay.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, everyone, hurry up! [CARSON.]
: She was overcome by smoke, but she'll be okay.
I sent her parents home.
You should go, too.
: Hi, Miss Thatcher.
Hi! How are you feeling? Okay.
Did I miss the wedding? No, sweetie.
You didn't miss a thing.
Do I still get to be your flower girl? Let's just see how you're feeling, all right? But, for now you've got to rest.
I'm sorry, Miss Thatcher.
It was all my fault.
No, it wasn't.
It was my fault.
It was an accident.
We ruined everything, didn't we? No, you didn't.
You and Cody and the others You just You cared about our wedding so much that you wanted it to be perfect.
I understand that.
: How's Opal? She's gonna be fine.
Thank God.
: There's a lot of damage.
My wedding dress Oh I'm so sorry.
Elizabeth we can either postpone the wedding or we'll have the ceremony outside, with the clothes on our back.
We have a day and a night.
To do what? To make everything right.
We can't rebuild a wedding dress in a day.
And a night.
Well, it wouldn't be easy With all those decorations Yes, but if we all pitch in Whatever we need for the dress, I'll donate from my shop.
: And whatever else we need, if my mercantile's got it, you can have it.
: And the walls are still intact, pretty much.
A little elbow grease Yeah, a fresh coat of paint What are we waiting for? Abigail, it's just too much to ask.
You didn't ask.
We're volunteering! [.]
: Oh, gentlemen.
Thank you.
The sewing machines can go right here.
: Okay, so I'll need you three on the sewing machines.
Clara, you and I can cut.
Father! Hello, my dear! Mm.
What's happened? So the wagon with the paint and supplies will be here soon.
Good, we're gonna need it.
Who's that? That's my future father-in-law.
Hello, Jack.
I just arrived.
Elizabeth told me about the fire.
Everyone's working hard to get it repaired.
All these men? Must be costing a fortune.
Actually, they're volunteers.
Really? How industrious.
Well, we like to think of it as being neighborly.
Well I'm not a neighbor.
But I'm family, so let me help out.
Yes, sir.
Just up on that wall, please.
: So, you, uh, got any jitters about tomorrow? Not really.
Okay, maybe a few.
Well, if I'm completely honest, Lee I'm shaking in my boots.
Of course you are! Just like I was right before I married Rosie.
No, you didn't seem like it! Are you kidding me? I was a wreck! I was convinced that I was gonna mess up my vows and make a fool of myself.
- But - Convinced! You didn't.
And neither will you.
Just gotta forget about the ceremony, forget about the guests, just think about your bride-to-be.
This is the day you finally become man and wife, forever.
So, you say the vows, and you put the rings on each other's fingers, and that's it You're done.
You're a good friend, Lee.
Yeah, I know.
So are you, and you're gonna make a great husband to Elizabeth, in about 14 hours.
14 hours? 14 hours.
Here you go.
For the bodice.
Oh Faith! I tried to follow your design as best I could.
Oh, well, the attention to detail is just Well, it's stunning.
Guess it comes with being a nurse.
: Just what I was afraid of.
There isn't enough lace left to make the whole dress over again.
Hmm? What was that? Mm! Thank you.
We can use my dress.
My dress was lace.
We can deconstruct my dress to make Elizabeth's.
: That's a great idea.
Hello! How's it all going? It's coming along great.
It still needs work, but don't you worry.
You know, I have another dress I can wear.
I don't want you all to exhaust yourselves trying to pull off a miracle.
Well, lucky for you, we specialize in miracles.
Elizabeth when Jack catches sight of you walking down the aisle, he's going to think he's in heaven.
Now scoot! - Oh - We have some work to do.
Father! Hello.
This is home.
Come on in.
How are you holding up? [EXHALES.]
Don't be.
You're marrying a good man, and he's devoted to you.
You have no idea how long I've waited to hear that from you.
Your mother asked me to give this to you.
Oh She wants you to wear this on your wedding day, just like she did on ours.
I see so much of your mother in you.
I take that as the highest compliment.
To both of you.
What is it? [LAUGHS.]
I remember holding you as a little girl.
When I'd get home, you would run up to me and throw your little arms around me and hold me tight.
That's about as good as it gets for a father.
But now you're a grown woman, moving on.
Oh, Father.
I may be grown, but I will always be your little girl.
: Clara is putting the finishing touches on your dress right now.
I can't believe I'm about to be a married woman.
The day has finally arrived.
And we're here to give you all the wedded-bliss advice you'll need.
Which is pretty simple, really.
It's all about love, kindness, and devotion.
And honesty with your husband.
Lee and I always talk about everything that's on our minds.
I do most of the talking, but Lee is an excellent listener.
Most of the time.
And it's okay if you and Jack disagree.
You don't have to have the same opinion about everything.
And it's okay to make mistakes.
Lee makes most of them, but I always forgive him, because nobody's perfect.
Even me.
But most of all, Elizabeth, as a married couple, you'll be sharing your lives together, which means sharing your heart.
Love conquers all.
I just love you both so much.
We love you, too.
Well, we better get started on your hair.
What's wrong? Bill's gone out of town on Mountie business.
He's not back yet.
Hope he's okay.
I'm sure he just got delayed.
You've got a wedding to focus on.
How do I look? Dad'd be so proud of you.
I hope so.
You're a Mountie, just like him.
And you found a great woman to spend the rest of your life with.
He would've been proud of you, too, Tom.
You're gonna be a captain of industry.
About time to go? Yeah.
The rings.
What about them? I gave them to Bill.
Something must've happened.
I'm sure he's just delayed.
What are we gonna do? [SIGHING.]
I don't know.
I have an idea.
I'll be right back.
I need my basket of petals.
I'll give it to you in the church just before we start down the aisle.
Miss Thatcher? Just a moment, Philip.
Cody, Ruby, you can go now, but no lighting candles until we say it's okay.
Ushers, people will be arriving soon.
Go take your places in the church and show them to their seats.
Miss Thatcher! Timmy, do you have your sheet music for the wedding march? Right here.
Go ahead.
Miss Thatcher.
Oh, yes, Philip.
What is it? Where are the rings? Where are the rings? Rosie, quick! I need your wedding band.
What? Why? Bill hasn't shown up with the rings yet, so Jack and Elizabeth need to borrow ours.
- Hey! - Where have you been? Looking for these? [LEE.]
: Yes! Yes.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Your suit is in the jail.
Hurry up.
Well, I guess I'd better go change! Word has it there's a wedding.
Oh! Aren't weddings exciting? You two look lovely.
: Thank you.
There something blue.
You okay? [.]
Gentlemen, I have it on good authority that the bride has arrived.
Glad you could make it! You and me both.
This is for you.
What is that smell? It's a root cellar.
Don't ask.
We're five minutes behind schedule.
It's fine.
Fashionably late.
She's here.
When the curtains open, you start down the aisle.
: Friends we're gathered here today to witness the joining of this man and this woman in holy matrimony.
For everything, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Elizabeth I choose you and no other.
Your happiness is the only question I want to spend my life answering.
Your heart is the only flame I will endeavor to keep alight.
Before you said "yes" to marrying me, I was already yours in every way.
So I marry you today without hesitation or doubt.
I'm committed to you absolutely.
I love you with everything that I am.
Jack I never expected to find love when I came to Coal Valley.
But, somewhere along the way, without even realizing it was happening, you became the most important person in my life.
You're my shoulder to cry on my favorite to dream with and my greatest surprise.
I'd offer you my heart, but the truth is, you've had it for quite some time now.
So, instead I'm going to give you my soul.
I love you, Jack Thornton From chalk dust to eternity.
I'm yours.
We're ready for the rings.
Thank you.
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.
With all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you.
With this ring I thee wed.
Elizabeth Jack it is my great pleasure to now pronounce you husband and wife.
Jack you may kiss your bride.
: Thank you.
: Thank you so much.
Thanks for being with us.
Elizabeth, you really are the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.
Thank you.
It's all because of this beautiful dress, thanks to you and the other women.
Ohh Congratulations.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Congratulations to you both.
Jack, you are one lucky man.
Don't I know it.
I must admit, we did a wonderful job pulling this all off.
We certainly did.
Um I'm having an art show in Hamilton, in a few months.
Maybe you could come by and see it.
Maybe I can.
: Uh, excuse me, everyone? Can I have your attention for a minute? Um, the other best man would like to say a few words, so The one who almost didn't make it.
I'll keep this short.
Jack you fight the good fight, my friend.
You protect the community.
You deserve the very best.
Luckily, you found it in Elizabeth.
To the bride and the groom may they always be as happy as they are today.
: Hear, hear! - To the bride and groom.
- Hear, hear.
: Hear, hear.
I would like to just say a few words.
I've had the great honor of watching this romance blossom into a love story.
And the sparks were certainly flying when Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher first laid eyes on each other.
There was no denying that something special was unfolding before my eyes.
A love that doesn't come along every day.
A love that Is undeniable.
A love that can't be broken And that will endure.
A love that lifetimes are built upon.
To Mr.
and Mrs.
Jack Thornton May God bless you and keep you.
Congratulations to the newlyweds.
To the bride and groom! [OVERLAPPING.]
: To the bride and groom! [.]
Oh, Elizabeth! I think it's time for the bride and her father to have their first dance.
Thank you.
I remember when we'd dance with your feet on top of mine.
I don't think you'd want me to do that now.
May I? [.]
Would you care to dance? [LAUGHS.]

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