When Calls The Heart (2014) s06e01 Episode Script

Phone Rings and Heartstrings

1 Previously on "When Calls The Heart" It's not wrong to give someone a second chance or to believe in the power of redemption.
I am crediting you with time served and granting you immediate parole.
We secured the northern territories.
I heard the reports.
I know the mounties lost a lot of good men up there.
Abigail, the bank is going under.
You're the mayor, what're you going to do about this? One investor will take this town in a bad direction and the other won't.
The bank is reopening.
Carson saved another life.
Carson did it.
We did it.
I choose you and no other.
With this ring I thee wed.
To the bride and the groom.
Here, here.
- To the bride and groom.
- Here, here.
To married life.
To being married to you.
Are you saying I'm ready to get back together.
Why don't you come by the office tomorrow and we'll see if we can't find you some kind of promotion.
Thank you, Lee, I appreciate that.
I've been given an assignment at Fort Clay.
You're leaving again? When someone like Jack gives so much of themselves, they're never really gone.
Elizabeth, you're gonna have a baby.
It's been four months since little Jack Thornton was born.
In that time I've learned that motherhood is a lot of work but it also fills you with profound joyous and unfettered love.
I've also learned that little Jack shares certain characteristics with his father.
The women of Hope Valley thoroughly enjoy his company and the men want to be his friend.
As glorious as the past few months have been, this week I've been faced with the necessary task of returning to work.
Little Jack isn't the only child who depends on me, and now, as a single mother, my calling and my livelihood take on greater meaning.
It breaks my heart to be away from my darling boy.
Fortunately, my friends have created a schedule that always leaves little Jack in someone's loving arms.
With everyone's help I'm hopeful that I can balance work with the joy and responsibility of raising my child.
Come in.
Good morning.
Good morning, Florence.
Good, you have a bottle ready.
I just love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much.
Elizabeth? And when I come home I'm going to bathe you and feed you and read to you and oh yes, and kiss you.
It's only your second day back.
You don't want to be late.
Say goodbye to mommy.
He will be fine.
I promise.
Oh, yes, you're such a lovely boy.
I thought she'd never leave.
We're gonna talk about everybody in town.
How is it being back at school? Well, I'm really glad to be teaching my students again.
But you're missing your baby.
Oh, Elizabeth.
I know how much teaching means to you but this must be so hard on you.
It's harder than I ever imagined.
You are amazing, Abigail.
I still can't believe the telephone is coming to Hope Valley.
Our little town is stepping into the future.
Abigail, are we still set for 4:00 pm? We are.
Alright, I will have the band ready.
The band? Well, of course.
We can't have Hope Valley's very first telephone call go by without a celebration.
Silly me.
Well, I should probably go.
Time to squeeze in one final rehearsal.
Are you coming? Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it.
I'm also making this a learning opportunity for my students.
Good morning, Laura.
Hi Mrs.
Thornton, Mrs.
Good morning, Laura.
Did the fishing line come in yet? It's coming later this morning.
I need it for my telephone project today.
I can take it to the school when it comes in.
That's very sweet of you, thank you.
How's it going, Ned? Ned? Oh, I just have to figure out how to connect some of these wires.
Will you be ready in time for the call? Oh, absolutely.
He told the telephone company he knows what to do.
Well, I'm sure he'll figure it out.
Hey Tom.
I haven't seen you behind the bar in a while.
Well, I've been in Union City.
My mom's ill so the wife and I moved up there to take care of her.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I hope she'll be ok.
Well, it's a-it's a long-term thing.
So I'm gonna have to figure out what to do here.
I mean, I love this saloon and the people of Hope Valley.
It's mutual, believe me.
It's just really, really hard going back and forth.
Listen, for what it's worth, in my experience I've found that the happiest people are generally the people that put family first.
Anyway, I wish you the best of luck.
You do what you gotta do.
Alright, here you go, Cody.
Now, I want all of you to move that way and keep going until the line goes tight.
Keep going.
Alright, now speaking into the can creates sound waves which are converted into vibrations and the vibrations travel all the way down the fishing line until they're converted back into sound waves at the other end.
Are you sure this is gonna work? Oh, I have no doubt it's going to work.
Can you hear me? Loud and clear.
Now I want all of you to pair up and you're going to make your own and you can experiment with lines of all different lengths.
I thought we were waiting for more fishing line.
Turn around, it's arrived.
Laura! We're making telephones that really work.
Here you go, Cody.
Thank you so much, Laura.
You're welcome.
Everyone get started.
I want to return this.
Wow, you finished it already? I love Jane Austin.
Well, I have more of her books at home if you'd like to borrow them.
You're welcome.
Why don't you come by tomorrow? I will.
Very good.
See you tomorrow.
You should feel proud, Abigail.
Why is that? Bringing the telephone to Hope Valley.
It's a big deal.
Oh, the telephone's gonna be everywhere someday, Henry.
I just happened to be mayor when it came here.
In a small town like this though, I'm sure it took some persuasion.
Well, maybe a little.
I understand Lee's getting one in his office, too.
Yes, and there will be one in the mercantile, the jail, and my office.
That's a great start.
However, not everyone is happy about it.
Wire came in.
Telephone company wants to know if we'll be ready for a 4:00 call.
Ned says we will be.
Are you ready? The telegraph has worked fine for almost 80 years now.
Well, progress marches on with or without us, Bill.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you, we need more jelly beans for the kids.
Hello? Ow.
Your uh, your bandages came in.
Can't wait to hear that telephone ring today.
Yes, yes.
Me too.
Are you ok? Oh, I'm fine, it's just a little bump.
Let me take a look at it.
Yeah, alright.
I'll take care of that.
Oh! Goodness.
What is going on? Nothing, Ned just had a little accident.
We're gonna need some- Alcohol.
I've got some right here.
Uh, I-I-I won't need that.
Ned, give me your hands.
I'd rather not.
Coming here, here we go.
Ow! Hold still.
- Ok.
- Ow.
This won't hurt a bit.
You do not want to get this infected.
Thank you.
There you go.
Right as rain.
Well, you two certainly make a good team.
Hello? Florence? Well, it's ten to 4:00, there's a crowd gathering outside.
Our little town is about to change.
Oh, I'm not sure that's such a good thing.
Oh, come on, Bill.
There must be some part of you that's excited about bringing the telephone here.
A very small part.
Hello? Hi Elizabeth.
We're closing early to hear the telephone ring.
Isn't it exciting? It is.
Do you have Jack Junior? Oh, Molly has him, remember? Today was supposed to be her day.
It was, but I thought she had an appointment at the hair salon in Benson Hills.
She did but when she came back she saw Florence come in with the baby so she took him.
I didn't realize that was the plan.
I'm sorry, neither did I.
Um, but I'm sure she'll be at the event.
Thank you.
Alright, so when Bill and Abigail come out, that's when we'll begin to play just as we practised.
Well, perhaps Hickam you could play a little bit better than when we practised.
Ready? Carson.
You seem happy.
I am.
What's going on? I bought a parcel of land today.
Really? Yeah.
It's not much but it's all mine.
I just finished signing the papers.
You didn't tell me.
Well, I wanted it to be a surprise.
It is.
You're a land owner.
I know.
There you are.
He was such a good boy.
I missed you.
Mama's here.
Here they come.
Here they come.
Ok, quiet everyone.
Quiet down.
We wanna hear the call.
Are we ready, Ned? Alright, in 20 seconds.
In ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! What's going on? Well perhaps Bill's watch is a little fast.
Shhh! Hang on, just-it'll ring.
Apparently, it's not happening today, folks.
I'm-I'm so sorry.
Thank you, Molly.
Oh, any time.
Oh dear.
Yes, Robert? It's for you.
Hello? What's going on, mom? [LAUGHS.]
Hello, Cody! [KNOCKING.]
Come in.
Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you? No, no.
It's ok.
Besides, it's time to get ready.
I can come back.
No, no, no.
The book.
Do you want me to hold little Jack for you? Thank you.
Did you get to bed last night? No.
Fussypants had a rather rough night.
But there was a lot of walking and feeding and singing.
Have you read Pride and Prejudice yet? Not yet.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
He's so cute.
And he has a strong grip.
Here you go.
You always were quite the reader.
I love the women in these books.
Laura, I remember you saying you wanted to go to college.
I do.
I mean, I did.
My dad says college is for city folk.
Not people like us.
I don't think that's true.
We don't have the money.
Besides, my job really helps out, even though it's only part time.
I understand, but at a certain point you're gonna have to start thinking about your future.
I know.
Some day.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mrs.
So, when was the last time he ate? Oh, about 4:00 in the morning.
Oh, well that would explain why you look so So? Why don't we check your diaper, hmm? Hello.
Oh, it's ok.
Did you get a hold of the telephone company? I just got a wire.
They're sending someone to fix the problem.
Woah, woah, woah, what's this? Tom? Why are you selling the saloon? Family's gotta come first.
How soon are you looking to sell? As soon as possible.
I've slung my last beer.
My throat suddenly got parched.
Funny how that happens.
He's leaving a good thing here.
No kidding.
A business like this could go belly-up.
Oh yeah, in the blink of an eye.
So you're both thinking of buying it.
What? No.
Oh, Carson! You're just the person I've been looking for.
Lee and I are having a dinner party tonight, you're invited.
Can you make it? Uh, yeah.
6:00, don't be late, and, well, wear something nice.
Lee, you uh, you have a minute? Yeah, sure Henry.
What's going on? Well, first of all I just-I'd like to thank you for the opportunities you've given me here.
You're not leaving, are you? Well, I suppose that depends on how this conversation goes.
Well, I do appreciate the fact that you took a risk on me when- when no one else would, and I hope that it's paid off for you somehow.
Oh, absolutely.
You have been an excellent manager, Henry.
Well, I wonder if you might consider taking another risk.
You have my undivided attention.
What's on your mind? Well, Tom is uh, selling the saloon.
Yeah, I saw that.
I'd like to buy it.
He's asking $9,000 and I have about half that.
Ok, so you're asking me for a loan then? I'm asking if you'd come aboard with me.
As partners? That's right.
Henry, I I don't know what to say.
I'm flattered, but I'm a timber man.
I don't know anything about the saloon business.
I know how to run things.
I always kinda have.
And I also know a good value when I see it.
This is the only saloon in a growing town and I'm sure that we could do half again as well as Tom's done in there.
It's interesting.
It's very, very interesting.
But I would like to consult with Rosemary before I start investing in a saloon.
Of course.
Would you mind if I spoke with her? Oh, sure.
Be my guest.
She does tend to do most of the talking, though.
Well, I'll be prepared to listen.
Good luck.
Oh, hey Bill.
Can I get you something to eat? No.
No thanks, but we need to talk.
I'm interested in selling my share of the cafe.
So you can buy the saloon.
With what I've got, selling my share will get me the nine grand I need.
You don't like co-owning this cafe.
No, no.
Abigail, you've been a great partner, it's just that I want to be a sole owner, no offence.
None taken.
Besides, I think a saloon suits me a little better.
But I can't buy you out right now, Bill.
You can't or you won't? What's that supposed to mean? Well, you're friends with Henry.
Maybe, it's just that you don't want to get caught in the middle.
I don't have the money to buy you out.
But if I did, I would because I would like to be a sole owner, too.
No offence.
Oh, ok.
This is it.
It's beautiful.
I know it's not the best parcel in Hope Valley.
No, but it's all yours.
How long have you been planning to buy? For a while.
Why'd you keep it a secret? I told you, I wanted it to be a surprise.
And I wanted to make sure I had enough cash.
I don't wanna be one of those guys who just talk big.
I know you're not like that, Jesse.
I wanna have horses and hogs and maybe build our barn over here.
Our barn? Of course.
Our barn.
What are you saying exactly, Jesse? I see a life with you.
Are you asking me? It's gonna happen.
Some day.
Some day.
I just wanna be in a better position, money-wise.
And if it's ok with you I'm gonna work really hard to get there.
Are you ok with that? Mmmhmm.
And if that mocking bird won't sing, Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring, And if that diamond ring turns to brass, Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.
You're a natural.
You might have a different opinion if you saw me last night.
Nothing I did worked.
You are doing a wonderful job with your son.
I don't know.
Yesterday was Molly's day and then it became Florence's day and then Molly's day again.
I am grateful for all of the help, I just- Can't keep up that schedule.
I just feel like I need to provide my son with some stability in his life.
You will.
If there's one thing I know a good mother always figures out what's best for her child.
You really think I'm a good mother? No.
I think you're a great mother.
Hello, Leland Coulter.
Sorry, you need how big an order by when? Absolutely we can do that.
Yes, of course.
You know that thing doesn't work yet, right? Just uh What can I do for you, Bill? Lee, I've got a no-lose proposition for you.
This doesn't have anything to do with the saloon, does it? How did you know? Henry's already been in here asking me if I would partner with him.
Well, you're not considering it.
Yeah, sure I was.
Did he give you his "I'm a natural born leader" speech? A variation of it, yes.
Lee, the man has done very well under your watchful eye, but he has a checkered past when it comes to honesty and money.
Yes, I know he's had his ups and downs in the past but he's been a model employee for me.
Well, it's a bit of a gamble if you go with Henry.
With me you kinda know what you're gonna get.
It's true.
Listen, Bill, you're a friend so I'm gonna tell you what I told Henry.
I have to talk to Rosemary first.
Red and gold leaf would be so elegant.
And a chandelier.
From New York City.
Making promises you can't keep again? If you'll excuse us, Bill, we're just having a meeting.
I just spoke with Lee and he's considering me, too.
So obviously the choice is clear.
Yes, either the business man or the man who's never run a business.
You say that as you're eating in my cafe.
Surely you mean Abigail's as she's the one who does all the work.
Now, now.
I should hear what you both have to say.
Bill? Thank you.
So, you will notice that Henry has promised to build a stage in the saloon.
Of course I would be the headliner, music mostly, but the occasional theatre performance.
Bill, what are your plans? Well, I'd build a bigger stage.
The saloon would have a new name, Rosemary's.
Oh, well I do like the sound of that.
Laura, how much is this? 25 cents.
When I grow up I'm gonna make a real one that drives really fast.
How fast? 60, 70 miles an hour.
When I grow up I'm gonna design fashions that are worn around the world.
Maybe they could wear your fashions in my cars.
What do you wanna do when you grow up? I don't know.
May I please have some gum? Mmmhmm.
That'll be a penny.
You want some? Sure.
Hi Mrs.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you with anything? Mm-mm.
Hey sweetheart, I'm home.
I'm so glad you're here.
Bill and Henry have grand plans for the saloon.
Oh no.
What did they offer you? What does that mean? I didn't think you'd be keen on this idea at all and now you're all excited.
Come on.
Lee Coulter, this is purely about a sound business investment.
It has nothing to do with me.
A stage and my name on the saloon.
A-ha! But that's neither here nor there.
I think Bill is the better choice.
Really? I'm kinda leaning towards Henry myself.
Lee, he's still on parole.
Well at least he knows how to run a business.
And our dinner party is about to start.
What you would call a party others might call an ambush.
Only the most unromantic amongst us, which I know is not you.
Fix your cuffs.
Come in.
Thank you.
Hey Carson.
Am I early? No, you're right on time.
Can I uh, fix you a drink, or- No, I'm fine.
Well, it's a beautiful evening, isn't it? It is.
I'll get that.
I wonder who that could be.
Come in.
Am I early? No, you're right on time.
Well, here we all are.
Well, Lee and I have found with bigger parties we don't get a chance to truly visit with our guests.
Whatever you're cooking smells great.
Why don't you help me in the kitchen? Ok.
Tom? Sheriff.
Last minute packing? Yeah.
I didn't know you served this whiskey.
That's 'cause that was reserved for the big tippers.
Well, I got a tip for you.
I'm working at meeting your asking price.
You're not the only one interested.
I know that.
I'm just asking for a little more time.
Well, you have until tomorrow.
I gotta get back to my family.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a lot to do.
Mmm, this chicken is delicious.
Well, thank you, Carson.
Lee always says there's nothing like home cooking.
Isn't that right, Lee? Mmmhmm.
Every woman has their own family recipes.
What are some of yours, Faith? Oh, actually I don't cook a lick.
Sometimes I'll warm a can of beans or I'll go out and grab a bite but usually beans.
They're pretty nutritious.
Well, this woman certainly knows her nutrition.
Beans don't agree with me so much.
It's funny that you should say "agree" because that is one of the things I love the most about being married.
What do you mean? You always have someone who will agree with you.
Even when you're wrong? Oh, Carson, I'm never wrong.
Because Lee loves me so much, isn't that right, Lee? That's right, yeah.
I do.
But, you know, sometimes you do kinda go in the wrong direction.
But we always work it out.
What do you mean? Uh, well, like the saloon investment, for example.
I don't think you made the right choice on that one.
Of course I did.
And we decided.
No, no, no, we didn't.
We're still talking about that one.
He'll agree.
No, I don't think he will.
So that was Something.
Yes, that was something alright.
I didn't know about any of this.
Neither did I.
It's like we were caught in Rosemary's web.
And there was no escaping it.
I mean, trying to set us up as a couple Yeah.
Can you imagine? I mean, doesn't she realize how ridiculous that would be? Yeah.
What was she thinking? Right.
He said some day he wants to marry you? He never said the word but he said he sees a life with me.
Clara, he has to say the words.
I know.
He just wants to be in a better position, money-wise.
But I do feel like he's not telling me everything.
Well, if he's willing to talk about marriage then don't be afraid to ask him to talk about other things.
Is the telephone representative supposed to arrive today? That's what they said.
Still seems odd, that a voice can travel so far so fast.
Modern times.
I think we have to be ready for anything.
Hello, I'm looking for Mayor Stanton.
You found her.
Fiona Miller.
I'm here to fix your switchboard.
It's a beautiful day.
Is it, Lee? Excuse me.
I hope to be able to finalize a deal in the next day or so.
I gotta be honest with ya.
I got another interested buyer.
I know, I know.
Well, if you want it you better get the cash together in the next couple of hours.
- Sweetheart.
- Sweetie.
This is silly.
You don't have to agree with me all the time.
The great majority of the time is enough.
We can't let this come between us.
No, we won't allow it.
No, we won't.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think I am thinking what you're thinking, and I couldn't agree more.
And with that the world is right again.
I love you.
I love you.
What do you think the problem could be? Who was working the switchboard? Ned Yost.
Has he worked with a telephone before? Just the telegraph.
Then it's him.
What did I tell you? Scandalous, hmph.
Something's got to be broken.
Oh, what have you done? Do you know how long it took me to do this? Long enough to make a real mess of things.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Laura, Mrs.
Thornton is expecting a telegram.
Did it arrive? Nothing yet.
I'll let her know.
Bill! Come in.
Good news.
So, Lee and I have discussed the saloon and we have come to a decision.
We have.
We are not going to enter into a partnership with either one of you.
We can't agree as a couple, so we won't do it.
This is your good news? Well, the good news is we have figured out another solution.
We have.
Henry, you told me you had about half the money.
Bill, you have half the money.
Together that makes a whole.
We think the two of you should enter into a partnership together.
Is this a joke? No.
No, it's no joke.
We think it's a great idea.
Well, you know, Bill and I, we uh, we rarely agree on anything.
Oh, but you both agreed to make me the headliner, which still stands as a truly inspired idea.
Yeah, but I just don't think Henry and I may partner well together.
Maybe, it's possible.
Or maybe you each have unique skill sets that would compliment one another.
Oh, you'll get a splinter without gloves, my dear.
I'll be fine.
Did I do something wrong? Not wrong but maybe not right.
Yeah, I don't understand.
You talk about some day wanting a life with me but that money is a concern.
It's true.
But you already have a good job at the sawmill.
I do.
Jesse, if you really see a life with me I need you to be more open about the obstacles.
I just have some things to work out.
And I will.
That's it? That's all you're gonna tell me? I'm asking you to trust me.
You've gotta connect the cord circuits with the line circuit, right? Maybe the battery to the mayor's office isn't working.
The battery is fine.
Then maybe it's the wires connecting the batteries.
You know how you could help? How? I could really use a cold soda.
Coming up.
I figure we could reopen tomorrow.
I see no reason to wait.
I know a place in Union City where we could get a better quality of beer.
I wanna see the receipts.
It'll all be on the up and up.
You both know I'm closed, right? Nine grand.
Count it.
We met your asking price.
You're too late.
I just sold it for ten grand five minutes ago.
What? I told you I had another person interested.
I thought you were talking about Henry.
I thought you were talking about Bill.
Well, you both thought wrong.
Who did you sell it to? An out-of-town buyer.
He wired me the money.
- Hi Laura.
- Hi.
I was wondering if a telegram had come for me yet.
Yost brought some in.
Let me see.
Yep, there's one.
Thank you.
Great news.
How would you like to earn enough money to help your father and go to preparatory school? I'm sorry, Mrs.
What are you saying? I have a friend who's the administrator of a prep school in Hamilton.
I wired your grades and my recommendation and you've been accepted as a correspondent student.
Between working here and helping my dad I don't think I have time for that.
What if you came to work as my nanny? It's full time so you'd make more money than you would here and you could do your school work while Jack naps, which happens pretty frequently.
If you'd like to stay working here, that's fine.
Either way it's just a really good opportunity for you.
What do you think, Laura? Yes to prep school.
Yes to being your nanny.
Thank you so much.
Believe me, you're helping me more than you know.
There you are.
I was looking for you.
Ooh, those look delicious.
I'm sure they are.
You've got quite the green thumb.
Abigail's the one with the green thumb.
You ever hear that expression "you reap what you sew"? Yes.
Well, it applies to me, too.
When I was young, me and some guys broke into a general store and stole money from the safe.
It was owned by this older man.
The others I was with, they all got away.
I did not.
I served my time and the owner, he got my share back, but it wasn't a lot.
And then last year I heard this owner, he was getting too old to run his store.
He was struggling.
So I've been sending him $10 a month ever since.
I don't wanna get married until I pay him back every penny because I want us to start our life with a clean slate.
And we will reap all that comes from that.
Time to fire you up.
So how did your dinner party go the other night? Ugh.
It was a disaster.
Oh, Rosemary.
I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
Try as I might I cannot bring Carson and Faith together.
Well, if it's meant to be it'll happen.
Fate doesn't always just happen.
Sometimes you have to tempt it.
Do you hear that? I think it's coming from your office.
She did it! [RINGING.]
Everyone! Everyone! Gather around, the telephone is ringing! Oh my.
It works! It certainly does.
Are you gonna answer it? Oh, right.
Hello? Mayor Stanton, the senior vice president of telephone operations wishes to have a word with you.
Hello, Mayor Stanton, can you hear me? I can hear you loud and clear.

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