When Calls The Heart (2014) s06e02 Episode Script

The Queen of Hearts

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart It's been four months since little Jack Thornton was born.
I still can't believe the telephone is coming to Hope Valley.
I'm here to fix your switchboard.
Trying to set us up as a couple.
Doesn't she realize how ridiculous that would be? I see a life with you.
I just wanna be in a better position, money-wise.
I've slung my last beer.
Who did you sell it to? An out-of-town buyer.
I just sold it for $10,000 five minutes ago.
It's been a little over a year since you were taken from me, Jack.
I think of you always.
More and more I can focus on the joy I felt in your love rather than the grief I suffered in your passing.
Even though our son can't fully comprehend my words, I talk to him about you all the time.
I'm sure he'll grow up proud to be your son And love you as I do.
And you will be proud of him.
Like you, he will be a man of honour and integrity.
And he will have the capacity for eternal love.
I didn't think I could love anyone as much as I loved your father.
But here you are.
Part him, part me.
All you.
It's warm today.
Maybe take Jack outside.
I was planning on it.
But be sure to bundle him if it gets too breezy and shaded if it gets too sunny.
Don't worry, Mrs.
He'll be fine.
I know he will.
You're really wonderful with him, Laura.
He's such a sweet baby.
Be good, sweet boy.
Oh, no, no.
Wait, I-I asked for over-easy.
These are like rubber.
No, they're like how I always cook them.
Bill, you have been in a mood all week.
This wouldn't have anything to do with you losing out on the saloon, would it? Well, you have to admit it's a bit peculiar.
This guy just swoops in out of nowhere? And how would he even know the saloon's for sale? And he bought it site unseen? Now this mystery man owns one of Hope Valley's largest establishments.
And who knows what he's going to do with it.
Someone should have looked into this man before the sale was allowed to go through.
Florence, Tom was free to sell to whomever he wished.
Thank you.
I couldn't help but overhear.
This new saloon owner sounds like a rogue and a scoundrel and I for one think a tar and feathering might be in order.
You wouldn't happen to be this new owner by any chance? Lucas Bouchard, at your service.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.
I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage.
Abigail Stanton.
The Abigail, of cafe fame? One and the same.
Lucas Bouchard.
Bill Avery.
Sheriff Bill Avery.
Always good to get off on the right foot with local law enforcement.
I agree.
So where do you hail from, Mr.
Bouchard? The previous owner, he left pretty quickly and, well, frankly he didn't tell us much about you.
There's not much to tell, really.
I'm a bit of a tumbleweed.
From? Here and there.
How did you hear about the saloon? I always keep an eye open for good investment opportunities.
So you're a businessman.
Among other things.
Stanton, thank you for an excellent breakfast, and by the way, as one business owner to another, how is the local mayor to work with? Well, I think you will find her to be a very reasonable person.
Well, touché, Madam Mayor.
I trust we'll be seeing a lot of each other.
You can count on it.
If you'll excuse me I have to get back to my saloon.
I have a grand opening to plan.
Friday evening the whole town is invited.
Well, I'm guessing your eggs won't be tasting better any time soon.
Good morning.
For you, Mrs.
Oh, Opal, they're beautiful.
You can take them home so baby Jack can see them, too.
That's a wonderful idea.
I will put them in water right away to keep them fresh.
Thank you.
Wait up Timmy, we're coming! Hey, Timmy.
Boy, those are some bikes.
You can ride mine if you want.
Thanks, but that's ok.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Well, that was very nice of Cody.
You know, school doesn't start for a few minutes if you wanna take one of these for a spin.
I don't know how.
I tried once before, but I fell and cut my knee.
Well, what if at recess I help you learn? Would you? Mmmhmm.
Come on.
Thanks for your help, Fiona.
It's nice to get away from the switchboard for a minute.
Have you got to know some people in town? Some.
Others just stare.
Well, the telephone has caused quite a stir.
I don't think it's about the telephone.
Oh, what do you mean? Small towns are famous for gossip.
That's why I prefer the city.
Gossip, you say? Do you wanna know who the real gossips in town are? Think that's the new owner? Well, he carries himself like he's got deep pockets.
I wish you'd have got it, Henry.
Well, something else will come along.
Always does.
Shall we? Yeah.
Faith, Rosemary! I've been thinking of you.
Oh? Well, you and Carson to be more precise.
Rosemary, there is no me and Carson except as doctor and nurse.
I always say where there is a spark somebody is bound to be carrying a torch.
There is definitely a spark between you and Carson.
You two are perfect for each other.
Apparently not.
What does that mean? He said the whole idea of us as a couple was ridiculous.
Ridiculous? That's ridiculous.
I will call his "ridiculous" and raise him an "out of the question".
Faith, I find gambling references rarely helpful in matters of the heart.
Well, that is the end of it as far as I'm concerned.
Never say never.
Rosemary, you should let it go.
I know I'm right about this, Faith.
I'm Fiona.
Ah, so you're Florence.
A little bird told me about you.
What little bird? What did they say? All good things.
I started with the phone company right out of high school and the first thing I learned was to be discreet.
You want to see how it works? You listen through the receiver and talk into the mouth piece.
When you want to make a call you jiggle the switch hook a couple of times like this, to get my attention at the switchboard.
You give me the number you wanna call and I connect you.
Well, it seems a little too modern for my liking.
Ah, well that's a pity because the telephone is such a wonderful way to share with friends the things you find out talking to other friends.
Show me one more time.
Hold on to this.
Well In here? So who do we have next? Mrs.
Peterson's bunions are acting up again.
Ah, she doesn't need a doctor as much as she needs bigger shoes.
You're probably right.
Is um is everything ok? Of course, why? You don't quite seem yourself lately.
Same old me.
I'll see her in.
We're ready to see you now.
What if I fall? Oh, you won't fall.
I'll hold on until you find your balance.
That's how everyone learns.
There you go, hop up.
Now try peddling.
Ooh, you're doing great! Do not steer.
Ok, I'm going to let go now.
Don't let go.
Alright, I'll hold on until you're ready.
There we go, you've got it.
You've got it.
I think I did something stupid.
The other night after dinner at your place- Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry about that.
Rosemary has got a bee in her bonnet about you and Faith.
Yeah, I think that's pretty obvious.
It made things awkward for you two? No, I'm afraid I'm the one who made things awkward.
Oh, how so? Well, after Faith and I left we were talking about the idea of her and I being together.
And I might have used the word "ridiculous".
Bad choice.
I know.
I don't even know why I said it, that's not the way I think at all.
Well, forget about what you think.
What do you feel? I like her.
And we get along.
You get along? I feel a "but" coming in here somewhere.
We work together.
I try not to think about her in that way.
Ok, word of advice.
An attractive woman like Faith is not going to be available forever.
Just something to think about.
Shrimp? Caviar? That's pretty fancy stuff.
For the grand opening.
Everything's on the house.
I hope you'll be able to attend, Mr Free? Mr.
No, it's-it's Yost.
But I will be there.
Lucas Bouchard, saloon proprietor.
Fiona Miller.
I operate the telephone switchboard.
You're a handy person to know.
Actually, I'm not sure how long I'll be here.
The telephone company sent me to get everything up and running.
I'm based in San Francisco.
San Francisco.
I hear that's a wonderful town.
I think so.
But then I was born and raised there.
Never been? Forgive me, Ms.
Miller, I really should be going.
Masses to do.
Hope to see you at the opening Friday night.
That'll be a nickel.
Well, it's good he's employing people.
Something about this guy that doesn't sit right.
I think he's very charming.
He's too charming.
Oh, Bill.
Give him a chance.
That's just it, Abigail.
A chance to do what, exactly? Morning, ladies.
Be careful with that big one.
It's fragile.
Morning, Miss.
You're going to apply, I hope.
That depends.
What's the position? Waitress.
I see.
And the qualifications? Intelligence, independence, personality.
I'd say you're perfect.
You don't even know me.
I can read people.
It's what I do.
Well, I prefer reading books.
See? You're intelligent.
I knew it.
So, what about it? What if I turn out to be a clumsy oaf who spills beer everywhere? I refuse to believe that that is possible.
The job is yours if you want it.
It's a very tempting offer but- Hi Mrs.
Hi boys.
I'll see you at school.
You're the school teacher.
And it's Mrs, not Miss.
Correct on both counts.
Hi baby.
Is the baby- My son, yes.
I'm Elizabeth Thornton and this is my nanny, Laura.
It's nice to meet you, Laura.
I'm Lucas Bouchard.
So what's all this? Oh, just making a few improvements to the place.
You can see for yourself at the grand opening.
I'll try to make it.
Unless you're reading a good book.
Here you go, enjoy.
Your breakfast is getting cold, Henry.
How's that? What is so interesting? Oh, I'm just checking the stock market.
You invest? I dabble.
Actually, I more than dabble.
I've made a tidy little profit the last few months.
You certainly are restless, aren't you? Playing the market, making a bid to buy the saloon.
Well, I enjoy working for Lee well enough, it's just I like to keep busy.
If you wanted, I could invest some money for you.
Oh, no thank you.
I'm not a gambler.
Life is one big gamble, Abigail.
The only question is, do you want to make a profit? Hmm.
Everyone's talking about the new saloon owner.
He's looking for bartenders and waitresses.
I could do that.
Why would you want to? Morning.
Uh, hey, sheriff? What do you know about this new guy? Not as much as I'd like to.
This kitchen wall is not load-bearing so we're gonna take it out to make room for the bigger oven.
Would you give us a moment? I wish I could offer you a drink but we're not open yet.
I just dropped by to see if I could lend a hand in any way.
To be neighbourly.
Well, that is very kind of you, but I think everything is under control.
That's good.
I hear you mentioning something about a new oven? I've hired a chef to expand the menu.
I think the good people of Hope Valley deserve some fine cuisine.
Wouldn't you agree? There's fine cuisine at Abigail's.
But the town is growing and surely there's room for more than one restaurant.
How long you been in the restaurant business, Mr.
Bouchard? Actually, I'm fairly new at it.
What did you do before then? This and that.
This and that, here and there.
Not big on details, are you? Now and then.
New Orleans.
Is that where you're from? I've spent time there.
Look, sheriff, I don't mean to be inhospitable, but I have a lot of work to do to get this place ready for the opening.
Well, I'll be interested to see what you do with the place.
Assuming I'm invited.
Of course you are.
Come one, come all.
Hi, you two.
Abigail, I am starving.
What are the lunch specials for today? Lee, where are your manners? I'm sorry, I-I guess they're rolling around in my empty stomach.
Well, today we have brisket of beef with braised cabbage and roasted potatoes.
That sounds fantastic.
I'll have two.
Exactly how hungry are you? One for me, one for you.
You're only eating half so I get one and a half.
The perks of marriage.
Have a seat.
My love.
There you go.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you so much.
Oh, I see Henry's been here.
How did you know? He left his mark at the stock pages.
Oh, oh, oh, let me help.
Alright, alright, alright.
Here we go.
What a nice surprise.
The children have been asking to see the baby so Laura brought him to school today.
I have an hour with him while she visits her friends during lunch.
He's so cute! He really is perfect.
He is an angel.
Thank you.
Investing? Oh, this? No, no, no.
That's Henry's.
Henry offered to invest for me.
Oh? You know, I never thought I'd say this but I would put money on Henry any day.
In fact, I have put money on him.
Lee! Shh.
You never told me that.
It's no big deal, it's just a few dollars a week and so far it's been yielding a pretty decent return, I might add.
Oh, well.
That's different.
There's always a risk, though.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Maybe I should take a chance.
There is such a thing as being too cautious.
I'll do it.
Yeah? Shh! Well done, Lee.
Clara Stanton.
Are you related to the mayor? Abigail is my mother-in-law.
Ah, so you're married.
I'm sorry.
I'm getting married again soon.
It's not official yet.
First we have to save enough money to build our house.
Jesse, my boyfriend, he just bought a piece of property outside of town- Ok.
That's- That's a lot of information.
I have experience waitressing at Abigail's Cafe.
Oh, I wouldn't want to steal you away.
You wouldn't be.
I work as a seamstress now.
Just during the days.
I'm free to work evenings.
Good to know.
Would you still be willing to invest in the stock market for me? Oh, of course.
What made you change your mind? Lee.
He said you've been quite successful investing for him.
Well, I've been on a little bit of a run.
Oh, well, I would like to invest $2.
Isn't it enough? Well, I mean, the more you invest the more you stand to make.
How much would you suggest? Well, I mean, whatever you're comfortable with.
Well, I'm looking for a little guidance here, Henry.
Ok, well um, let's say $5 on Durham Farm Equipment.
Lee and I bought shares last week and it went up by a third.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
Oh, will you look at that? The Queen of Hearts.
I guess he's changing the name of the saloon.
What's in a name? Hello.
Bouchard, I presume.
And who might you be? Rosemary Coulter.
Or you probably know me by my stage name, Rosemary Leveaux.
I can't say that I do.
Well, you're obviously not from New York.
Parle vous Français, Monsieur Bouchard? I'm afraid the only thing French about me is my name.
Et vous? Uh petit peu.
How can I help you, Mrs.
Coulter? Well, I just came to welcome you to Hope Valley.
And to offer you my services.
Your services? Well, I am an entertainer.
I sing and I play the piano.
There was talks of building a stage right over there in the corner, in fact.
You don't say? I'm a thespian, as well.
Should you ever wish to produce the occasional play.
A woman of many talents.
So I've been told.
I can't thank you enough for your very kind offer.
But the entertainment will be arriving by train shortly.
Oh, uh what kind of entertainment? If you'll be my guest at the grand opening you can see for yourself.
So I'll just wait patiently like everyone else.
It was such a pleasure meeting you.
This is Hope Valley Central, number please? Sheriff Avery.
Trying that number now, thank you.
Who is this? Sheriff, I have a call for you from the New Orleans police department.
Yes, put them through.
Thank you.
New Orleans, you're connected to Sheriff Avery.
Yes, this is Sheriff Avery.
What did you find out about Lucas Bouchard? Guess what.
What? Mr.
Bouchard hired me.
You should see what he's doing with the place.
But Clara, you've already got a job.
I can still work in the dress shop during the day.
I'll be waitressing evenings at the saloon.
I don't know, Clara.
You're gonna be so busy, you won't have any time for us.
The whole reason I'm doing it is for us.
The sooner we take care of our money problem the sooner we can start our life together.
Alright, I'm gonna let go now.
Timmy, sooner or later you're gonna have to ride on your own.
But I need you to hold on.
The other children aren't even watching.
They're too busy playing.
Just try.
You don't need to help anymore, Mrs.
It's not fun, anyways.
Hold for your call, please.
Bonjour, ma chere.
How was he this afternoon? Perfect.
And you? I finished the chapter.
I'm ready for you to test me.
Well done.
There you go, Faith.
Thank you, Abigail.
It smells wonderful.
Oh, thank you.
Good evening, Mayor Stanton.
Well, if you're going to be a regular here you better start calling me Abigail.
Only if you'll call me Lucas.
Have a seat, Lucas.
Thank you.
That looks delicious.
It is.
May I have the same? Coming right up.
I don't mean to be rude Oh, no, please.
Go ahead.
Cody, would you mind taking this plate of food to the gentleman sitting next to Miss Carter? Is that the new saloon owner? Yes, Mr.
Is it true he's a scoundrel? Cody.
Where did you hear that? Robert's mom heard it from Mrs.
Oh, Florence.
Cody, we have no reason to believe that Mr.
Bouchard is anything but an honest businessman.
Is that what you think? Of course.
Now hurry up.
Take his dinner to him before it gets cold.
Here's your dinner, sir.
Why, thank you.
Aren't you a little young to be working in a cafe? My mom's the owner.
Another Stanton.
You're quite the clan.
Hang on, what's that you've got in your ear? Ah, you must have misplaced this.
Can you teach me? It's a trade secret, I'm afraid.
But I can show you how to do this one.
That's amazing.
Now you try.
Oh, shoot.
All it takes is practise.
I'm guessing a lot of it.
That's good, that's good Where did you learn this? I just picked it up as a kid.
Didn't have much to do.
Didn't have much to do? Carson.
Thanks, uh, thanks for dinner, Abigail.
Oh, you're welcome.
I had um I better get going.
Sheriff? It's Miss Miller, right? Yes.
Don't you ever take a break? I'm hoping to start training more operators soon.
Look, I don't want you to think I'm a snoop.
Why would I think you're a snoop? Because I couldn't help but hear you talking to the police in New Orleans about Mr.
I thought the telephone company had rules against eavesdropping.
We do.
But I'm supposed to listen to the first ten seconds to make sure the call went through.
Go on.
If you're investigating Lucas Bouchard you should know that he had me place a call to Cape Fullerton today.
And what did you hear in the first ten seconds? He was calling a woman and they spoke in French.
So you don't know what they said? Au contraire.
I speak fluent French.
He told her that she was right, Hope Valley is perfect.
Perfect for what? He didn't say.
But he told her to send a package on the morning train.
Do you happen to have the number that he called in Cape Fullerton? Mais oui.
Goodnight, mom.
Goodnight, sweetheart.
Sweet dreams.
Oh, Clara, you're working late tonight.
Now that Dotty's opened the new store in Union City we have a little more work.
I saved you a plate.
How will you manage without Dotty? Rosemary's taken on most of the extra responsibilities.
But I will be working some evenings.
In the dress shop? No, at the saloon.
It's just until Jesse and I can save enough money to get married.
You know, I like Mr.
He seems very nice.
He does, doesn't he? Your call is connected.
Go ahead, please.
Hello? Is this Cape Fullerton? Who is this? This is a friend of Lucas Bouchard's.
Hello? Sheriff? She hung up.
Do you want me to place the call again? No.
Her actions speak louder than words.
Oh, a morning walk was a brilliant idea.
Well, he loves his Aunty Abigail.
Not as much as I love him.
I never could have imagined the joy he's given me.
Or the sleepless nights? Those too.
Does Laura know to come to the cafe to get him? Mmmhmm.
If I can part with him.
I know the feeling.
Have a wonderful day, sweet boy.
I met Lucas Bouchard, by the way.
What do you think? I don't know what to make of him.
By the looks of it, neither do you.
Have a good day.
You too.
Come on, sweet boy.
Hey, Clara I've been thinking and I don't want you to take the job at the saloon.
Why not? You work hard enough with this job already, you don't need another.
Tell him you quit.
Do you think it's your decision to make? I thought we were in this together.
We are.
I have to get to work.
Can I hire your wagon to pick up an item arriving at the train depot this afternoon? Another one? This one requires special handling.
Thank you.
Sheriff Avery? That package we talked about Good news, Abigail.
You've made a profit.
I did? Already? Well, Durham Farm Equipment went way up and uh, well, I decided it was prudent to sell.
So uh, $10.
You uh, doubled your money.
Oh, my gosh Henry, you really are good.
Shouldn't we reinvest it? Well, a good investor knows when to quit.
Oh, Timmy.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
You don't have to stop playing.
Well, I can't play while someone's watching me.
Especially you.
Why me? Well, because you're so good at piano.
I remember how beautifully you played at my wedding.
Well, you're good, too.
I wish I believed that.
Here, I'll play the left hand part and you'll play the melody.
Ready? Mmmhmm.
See? You're good.
I guess it just takes practise.
And believing in yourself.
What if I fall in front of the other kids? Then you will dust yourself off and try again.
There are so many wonderful things to experience.
You just have to be willing to take a chance on yourself.
Lee! Hey, Abigail.
I'm on my way to the bank to deposit my money.
Thank you for talking me into investing with Henry.
Really? I thought you'd be disappointed.
Oh, why would I be disappointed? Durham Farm Equipment went way up.
I- I don't know about that.
Henry told me it crashed.
Crashed? I don't understand.
Something about the farmer's almanac predicting a dry summer, so poor harvest, poor sales.
The stock tumbled.
Just please don't tell Rosemary because I will never hear the end of that.
Why would Henry tell me that he doubled my money? I think you have to ask Henry about that.
See ya, Abigail.
Thank you, gentlemen.
If you wouldn't mind bringing it into the kitchen.
Good afternoon.
Sheriff Avery.
Always a pleasure.
What's in the box? Just supplies for tonight.
Mind if I take a look? I do, actually.
Why's that? It's a surprise.
I'd really like to take a look.
Why? Because I'm the sheriff and you're a guy that comes from nowhere, does nothing in particular, and yet shows up in my town like he owns it.
Not the town.
Just the saloon.
We are featuring Salmon Almandine tonight.
Now, if you don't mind, I need to get the fish back inside before the ice melts.
I talked to the New Orleans police department.
They've never heard of you.
New Orleans is big and memories are short.
A flashy guy like you with money? Who are you, Bouchard? What do you want here? All I want is to open the Queen of Hearts with the best party Hope Valley has ever seen.
Spying on me, sheriff? It's not very sporting.
Very good.
Are you ready? Yes.
Here we go! Look at me! That's his idea of entertainment? You gotta admit, it's a pretty catchy tune.
I mean, one that you would play much better, of course.
And look at it this way, Rosemary.
At least now you get to enjoy the party.
There you go, look on the bright side.
Coulter, I presume.
I've already met your lovely wife.
Ah, please, call me Lee.
And I love what you've done with the place so far.
Thank you.
There's still more to be done.
And where's your husband this evening? I'm here alone.
Excuse me.
Um, Elizabeth lost her husband about a year ago.
I have a knack for saying precisely the wrong thing to your lovely school teacher.
Among other people.
Ok, tiger.
If you'll excuse us.
This is quite the party.
Your French is impeccable.
I presume yours is, as well.
Look, I'm sorry I went to the sheriff.
But you must admit, you stir up a lot of questions without providing many answers.
In my experience life isn't about knowing the right answers.
It's about asking the right questions.
He's a popular guy, don't you think? How could he not be? He's doing all this for free.
That would be ridiculous.
You look lovely tonight, by the way.
Thank you.
About what I said- No, Carson, there's no need- Faith, I think you're special.
I think you're special, too.
And since I put my foot in my mouth I think I'll let my feet do the talking.
Oh, thank you so much.
There you go.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Oh, look.
Come on.
Ladies, if you'll excuse us.
Shall we? I hope you understand that my intentions in Hope Valley are completely honourable.
When someone has to tell me that their intentions are honourable I start thinking the opposite.
Bartender? Another one for my friend here.
Oh, please.
It's on the house.
If you'll excuse me.
Elizabeth, would you hold this for one second? Sure.
Henry? I believe I owe you this.
What for? Because I understand that this came out of your own pocket.
You don't have to do that, Henry.
Tell you what.
You didn't lose all of it.
Henry, I knew the risks when I asked you to invest for me.
Nobody's perfect.
Don't I know it.
Well, goodnight.
Goodnight, Henry.

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