When Calls The Heart (2014) s06e03 Episode Script

A Vote Of Confidence

Previously on When Calls the Heart What do you think, Laura? Yes to being your nanny.
Fiona Miller.
I operate the telephone switchboard.
Rosemary, there is no me and Carson except as doctor and nurse.
There is definitely a spark between you and Carson.
You two are perfect for each other.
Bill, you have been in a mood all week.
This wouldn't have anything to do with you losing out on the saloon, would it? This guy just swoops in out of nowhere? This new saloon owner sounds like a rogue and a scoundrel.
You wouldn't happen to be this new owner, by any chance? Lucas Bouchard at your service.
He finally stopped fussing.
You were right.
A stroll around the pond was all he needed.
Ah, such a handful last night.
Nothing I did would calm him down.
You must be exhausted.
Well, Rosemary came over when she heard him crying and then before long Lee came over, too.
We took turns napping.
I would like to have you and Rosemary and Lee over for dinner.
My way of saying thank you for everything you've done for us.
Oh, that sounds lovely.
Well, how is the little man doing? He's doing great.
So are you heading somewhere? Yeah, Cape Fullerton.
They've called me in as an expert witness on this gunrunner trial.
A couple of bad guys from the Northern Territories.
Well, hopefully they end up behind bars forever.
They will.
It's an air-tight case.
Elizabeth, you should be proud.
Jack chased these guys for a long time.
His work is finally paying off.
I'm just glad it's coming to an end.
Be safe.
It is outrageous! I mean, what does he think this is, Union City? No, I agree.
Something needs to be done about this.
What's wrong? It's that Lucas Bouchard.
Have you noticed what's been happening at the saloon? I have put up with his remodelling during the day, but that noise? At night? At 11:00 I could hear it at my house.
Yes, we heard it too.
It woke up poor Cody.
This isn't how Tom ran the saloon.
And the music he plays.
It is quite provocative.
So, what're we gonna do about it? [JUMP ROPE SONG.]
Good morning.
Here's your book back, Mrs.
Thank you, Emily.
I wish we had a library in town.
I'm working on it.
Guys, wait up.
Good morning, boys.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You are getting pretty fast on that bike there, Timmy.
Not as fast as Cody and Robert.
In time.
That's what Carson said on the dance floor, that I was special.
And what did you say? I said he's special, too.
Oh, what? Is that wrong? No.
No, but friends are special.
Colleagues are special.
How did he look when he said it? He looked like I don't know.
What do you mean? Well, did he look you in the eyes? Well, yes.
I think.
Did he wink when he said it? Rosemary, that would have been kind of creepy.
Alright, alright.
But what about his body language? Did he seem kind of nervous? Or forceful? No, he seemed normal.
Like Carson.
Well, this is just ridiculous.
You need to talk to the man.
There's obviously a lot left unsaid.
Talking's not my strong suit.
But fortunately, it's mine.
Sir Frances Drake was one of the most famous English privateers.
He claimed lands for the Monarch and engaged in battles for Spain.
Yes, Robert? Are privateers the same as pirates? Not exactly.
Both had private ships, or fleets, but the difference is that privateers were commissioned by monarchies.
Queen Elizabeth I was so impressed by Drake's work that he was knighted in 1581.
So they don't plunder? I didn't say that.
Privateers often did bad deeds, too, but they had permission to do so.
Did they wear eye patches? I'm sure some of them also wore eye patches.
Alright, everyone.
That is enough for this morning.
Enjoy your lunch.
You ready to plunder the high seas? Arrr! Guys, wait.
Madam Mayor.
This is a pleasant surprise.
What can I get you? Well .
Unfortunately, this isn't a social visit.
I see.
First, let me say how happy we are that your business is doing so well.
I sense a "but" coming.
There are some concerns about the hours you keep and the noise.
The noise? Yes, from your patrons and the music.
But I was hoping you'd be willing to help us.
What do you have in mind? Perhaps you could close by 10:00 pm.
That is a little early, isn't it? Well, those are the hours that Tom kept when he was running the saloon.
I- I don't think it's unfair.
I'll watch the hours.
And the noise.
And the noise.
Especially if we're not busy.
Thank you.
And congratulations again on your success.
BILL: Wait.
They were released? I called you in Hope Valley but you had already left.
The judge dropped the charges.
On what grounds? Lack of evidence.
Lack of evidence? Georgia, you said this was a lock! We asked the judge to reconsider but it was too late.
He'd already freed them.
No, no.
Something stinks here.
These two controlled half the gunrunning operations in the Northern Territory.
Bill? Bill, where are you going? Arr, the ship we're going to attack is over there, near the island.
They don't even know we're coming.
Can I come on the boat now? You're doing great with the wave, Timmy.
Really? Yarrr.
Excuse me.
Mitchell Quinn and Lance Wilcox.
You released them.
Why? Do I know you? I'm Sheriff Bill Avery.
I've testified in your court before and I was scheduled to testify against Quinn and Wilcox.
Yes, well upon review of the evidence I found it insufficient to take them to trial.
Well, that's odd, because the prosecutor said it was an open and shut case.
Her opinion, not mine.
As of two days ago you gave every indication that you agreed with her.
Are you questioning my authority in this matter? No, judge.
I'm questioning your motive.
I've made my decision, sheriff.
Now, you listen to me! You set free two of the worst gunrunners we've ever seen.
You'll go to jail for this! Good Mounties died bringing these guys to justice.
Now, you're gonna tell me who got to you and I'm not leaving until you do.
So you-you told her she was special? Yeah.
Well, what exactly did you mean by "special"? Well, I think she's amazing, I love spending time with her, and I'm interested.
You're interested? Well, I'm not sure she's gonna get all that from one word.
There is no such thing as too much communication.
You learned that from Rosemary.
Every single day, my friend.
Quinn and Wilcox had one of their goons threaten Judge Southwick.
That's why he threw out the case? Well, he said he had no choice.
How'd you get the judge to admit it? I appealed to his, you know Bill, did you put your hands on him? The point is that he saw the error of his ways.
He even signed an arrest warrant.
And what good will that do? Quinn and Wilcox are long gone by now.
But I know where they're going.
The Northern Territories.
They have connections up there.
Less of a Mountie influence.
But the Northern Territories are huge.
Where would you start? The fastest way up there is over Fintry Pass.
Beyond that there's nothing but rivers, roads, trails, and one rail line.
They get there, they disappear.
Fintry Pass is a dangerous ride.
Even if you rode day and night they'd have a day and a half head start.
Well, I'm gonna have to find a shortcut.
Do you know one? No, but I know somebody who might.
Mom? Oh, did the music wake you up again? I think it's louder than last night.
Are you gonna let him have it? Go back to bed.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
I- I thought he agreed to keep it down at night.
He did.
Apparently, he had a change of heart.
Well, I'm gonna go and give that man a piece of my mind.
No need, Ned.
By the look in our mayor's eyes I'd say she's about to take care of this one herself.
Your luck has to end somehow.
You're probably right.
How about loser picks up the tab? Deal.
Woooo! Who's next? Henry.
Enjoying the game? Well, I'd be enjoying it a lot more if Lucas here wasn't cleaning up.
I'm not really enjoying it.
Bouchard? I thought you agreed that you would close at 10:00.
No, I said I would watch the hours if business is slow.
And, as you can see, it's not.
And besides, it's not as though I'm breaking any laws.
Bouchard, we're used to people keeping their word around here.
Gentlemen, full house.
Would you like to join us, Mayor? We have room.
No, thank you.
I have an early morning.
Woah, whoa, whoa.
Hey! Hey, don't shoot! Who's that? Jeremiah, it's me, Bill! [GUN SHOT.]
Did you hear me? I said it's me, Bill Avery! [GUN SHOT.]
Yeah, I heard ya.
What do you want? I need your help.
I need a guide.
Sorry, I don't do that anymore.
Well, I was hoping that was just a rumour.
I'm thinking you may want to hear me out.
I got coffee on.
Arr! Ya scurvy dogs! Prepare to scuttle the ship, matey! I'll get him to walk the plank- Guys, let me be a pirate.
We're gonna fight through a storm today, Timmy.
We're gonna need some big waves.
Look what I got.
Is that a real spyglass? Yep.
Where'd you get it? It was a gift.
It works, too.
Can I see that? Woah, I can see all the way to the cafe from here.
Let's try it out.
Well, come on, Timmy.
Hop aboard.
If they make it to Fintry Pass they'll disappear.
I need to know if there's a shortcut.
Are you hard of hearing, Bill? I don't guide anymore.
I don't get it.
You're the best.
That's why the Mounties kept coming to you.
Look, I know we haven't spoken in a few years.
Ten years.
And I know we parted on bad terms, I just hope that's not why- Don't flatter yourself.
I'm just done with it, that's all.
It's Mitchell Quinn and Lance Wilcox.
The gunrunners.
That's who we're chasing.
You know the names? Then you know their reputations.
That's why I need your help.
Look, Bill- Jeremiah.
A lot of good Mounties chased these guys into all corners of the Northern Territories, and some didn't make it back home.
Are you trying to guilt me into this? Whatever it takes.
Hold on.
There is a shortcut.
It's not pretty, but we might be able to head 'em off.
The cut's not that deep.
You're lucky.
It's my fault.
I thought the sawyer knew I was pulling that scrap wood off the conveyor.
I guess I didn't yell loud enough.
Yeah, he must not have heard you.
Or maybe it wasn't clear what he said.
Because sometimes words can be confusing.
Don't you think? I think he thought he was being clear, though.
But he wasn't.
Look at him.
He's lucky.
It could have been much worse.
I think he wishes he was clearer, though.
Don't you, Mike? Uh, I Wishing doesn't make it so, won't you say? Mike? Yes? He looked me in the eye and said he would cooperate.
I took him at his word.
Well, at least now you know the kind of man you're dealing with.
I expected more from Lucas.
I thought he was a gentleman.
I've met charmers like him before.
They give a wonderful presentation but the flower soon withers on the vine.
I don't know what to do about it.
After his renovations and grand re-opening a lot of people love the new saloon.
Some think it's a nuisance.
He believes the law is on his side and he's right.
He doesn't have to be so smug about it.
You know, he is a gambler.
Why not call his bluff? Where's this shortcut of yours? Uh, up ahead.
You don't sound very sure.
Well, I never actually saw it myself.
My dad told me about it when I was a kid.
You've never seen it with your own eyes? It's getting late.
I don't wanna ride over a mountain in the dark.
We're not going over a mountain, we're going through it.
How? An abandoned mine.
A bunch of tunnels that branch off and one of them leads to the other side of the mountain.
Where do the others lead? Probably to our death.
Excuse me for a moment.
May I ask what you're doing? You made a very good point last night.
There are no laws that restrict your hours.
So the town council plans to address that.
Is this a joke? Oh, no.
Not at all.
The meeting is open to the public.
We hope you'll join us.
You still haven't talked to Carson? Well, not exactly.
We've talked around it.
I think you're gonna have to be more direct.
Men often approach romance as they would a bear, thinking if they just play dead it won't disturb them.
That doesn't really sound like Carson to me.
Well, maybe you two are too much alike.
A couple of pragmatists.
Very good in medicine, not so good in love.
Just try not to think about the negative.
That'll get you nowhere.
Of course, workplace romances are fraught with challenges, to say the least.
And if it doesn't work out- I mean, of course it will, but if it doesn't, that could make things very difficult.
Let's hope that doesn't happen.
Of course not.
But if it does-I once worked with this actress who had a romance with the director.
It ended very badly.
Well, what happened? Oh, you don't wanna know.
Needless to say the production was halted and they never spoke again.
Aren't you glad you don't have to worry about all that? Tomorrow let's play privateers versus pirates.
Cody and I will be privateers, you can be a pirate.
Remember your eye patch.
Gotta go.
Can I have my spyglass back? I thought you had it.
You had it the whole time.
Do you have it? No, you had it.
Where is it then? I must have left it by the pond.
We can get it tomorrow.
See ya.
Thank you.
I didn't expect Mayor Stanton to take it so personally.
She takes her job seriously.
So do I.
There's nothing wrong with people having some harmless fun.
The place is busy for a reason.
Well, you won't get any argument from me about it.
I mean, I always thought that Tom ran this place like a nunnery.
If Abigail thinks I'm gonna roll over she is mistaken.
Well, underestimate our mayor at your peril.
She has an annoying tendency of getting her way.
Hi, smiley.
Now, I have someone very special that I want you to meet.
Look who it is.
Sergeant, I'd like you to meet Jack.
Now, Sergeant was your daddy's horse when he was a Mountie, and he was very important to your daddy, which is how I know he would want him to be yours.
So one day, in a few years, when you're big enough to ride, Sergeant will be your horse.
Until then I will take very good care of him for you.
You miss Jack, don't you? I promise one day his son will be your best friend.
Thank you, Laura.
Be back soon.
Hi baby, hello.
Come on, this way.
See you soon.
Come on.
What're you doing out here, buddy? Looking for my spyglass.
Your spyglass? What happened to it? I brought it to play pirates with Robert and Cody.
It's a real one.
A gift from my grandpa.
Robert and Cody lost it and now I can't find it anywhere.
Well, if they lost it why aren't they out here helping you look for it? I don't know.
Timmy, I can tell that you want to be their friend but friendship is really a two-way street and that means that they should be out here helping you look.
You know what I think? I think that if you stand up to these boys they will respect you for it.
What if they don't? Then they have missed out on a wonderful friend.
Is this it? Pretty sure.
Come on, we got a long walk ahead of us.
What about the horses? They'll be fine.
The trail to the Northern Territories heads over the mountain.
By going through it, might give us enough time to head them off.
Might? These old mines aren't very stable.
No, they're not.
Elizabeth, this is delicious.
It really is.
This is the best chicken I have had in ages.
It's pork.
Yes, you're right.
Well, it's the best pork I've had in a long time.
And can I just say thank you so much for having us over tonight.
It is the very least I can do.
You all have done so much for baby Jack and me and I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of you.
We're a family and that's what we do for each other, no matter what the challenge.
Speaking of challenges I hear you're taking on the saloon.
Well, I'm not taking on the saloon but the town council is considering a new law.
Well, you have two town council members right here at this table.
I'd say we have a rather sizeable elephant in the room.
Rosie, don't.
What? It's as Abigail said, we're all family, there are no secrets.
I trust Abigail's judgement.
No one has the interests of this town at heart more than she does.
Exactly, and I know Lee feels the same way, don't you, Lee? Mmm, is that garlic in these mashed potatoes? Mmmhmm.
Very funny.
Now tell Abigail you support her.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's my turn, please.
You just keep eating.
Hello there.
Are you making a fuss? Come here, little guy.
He's so good with the baby.
Come here, you.
Yes, Lee would make a wonderful father.
This isn't how my dad described it.
Not only are we running out of time, we're in the wrong mine.
Maybe I made a wrong turn back there.
This is insane.
I think we should turn back.
You head back now you'll miss your chance at heading off those gunrunners.
Well, if I keep going I may miss the chance of ever seeing daylight again.
Now, for the last time, is this the right way or not? I think so.
That's not good enough.
I'm heading back.
First you shoot at me, then you tell me you've never actually laid eyes on this shortcut we're trying to find.
Now you got me so far underground I don't even know which way is up.
Need I remind you I was in my cabin minding my own business.
You came to me.
I should have shot you on sight.
Don't flatter yourself.
You never could shoot straight.
That was a perfect evening.
Yes, it was.
So nice to see Elizabeth happy again.
And little Jack is a beautiful baby.
Yeah, he is.
Beautiful baby boy.
Rosie? Hey.
Uh, I'm tired.
I'm gonna turn in early.
Which way? I don't know.
When are you gonna tell me what's going on with you? It's like you're not who you were.
Like you're uncertain of everything.
Jerry, we've known each other how long, 20 years? You can talk to me.
Danny Hendershot.
What about him? He was our last job together.
I remember, up in the plateau country.
And you also remember I got us turned around.
He got away.
It was my fault.
It was the dead of winter.
The wind and snow were blowing us off our horses.
It was an impossible job.
That's not what you said at the time.
Frustration makes a man say things.
I should have apologized.
It doesn't change the fact that I let a murderer get away.
And that was my last job.
I got Hendershot four months later.
You did? Yeah.
We weren't really speaking but I thought you'd heard about it.
He's doing 25 to life in Granville Penitentiary.
You can let it go.
Well, I got a one in three chance.
I'll try this way.
Good morning.
Good morning.
There's not many appointments today, let's see.
We have a couple of monthly check ups.
Tibbits is coming in to renew her prescription.
Oh, and Mrs.
Parsons is coming by with her son to have his stitches removed.
So here you go, today's charts.
I just have to pick up an order at the mercantile.
Faith? Why are we pretending that what we said on the dance floor didn't mean anything? You're not playing dead.
Excuse me? Nothing.
I'm not good at this.
Maybe I didn't use the right words or or didn't use enough.
What I meant when I said you were special was nobody means more to me than you do.
And I've felt that way for quite a while.
I just didn't know what to do about it.
I felt it, too.
But I think the reason we didn't do anything is because we knew how terrible it would be if it falls apart.
It's a risk.
A big one.
I could end up embarrassed and heartbroken.
It's scary and it's crazy but I'm willing to take a risk.
I don't know if I am.
There's just so much to lose.
I can't-I'm sorry, Carson.
Are you appealing to a higher authority? Shh.
This is a trick my dad taught me.
Watch the smoke.
What am I looking for? Smoke goes that way, which means wind is coming from the other direction and when there's wind there's daylight.
That's our way out.
Ok, Watson.
A package from Valemount.
There you are.
And special delivery from Hamilton.
One thing I miss about the city, the postal service delivers packages right to your door.
That must be nice.
What're you expecting? Let me guess.
A pair of fabulous new shoes from that shop you've talked about.
Just a replacement handset from my head office.
Oh, hush.
What're you expecting? Some delicate French lace.
You win.
I'm waiting for a package from San Francisco, did it come in? Yes, it is right there.
Oh, and if you see Mr.
Bouchard can you tell him that his uh, his trunk arrived? Why do you think I'd see Mr.
Bouchard? Just assuming.
I've seen you in the saloon.
I've seen you there, too.
Yeah, not since the grand opening.
It's a little loud for my taste.
That's the sound of people having a good time.
Yeah, well, there is a time for everything.
The town council's meeting about it.
You should stop by.
Maybe I will.
What is it? Oh, nothing.
It's just a nice trunk, wouldn't you say? Here you are.
What'd I tell ya? They're probably gone by now.
Maybe not.
It's them.
You stay here.
I could come along.
Not necessary.
Hey, Timmy.
Grab your glove.
We're playing pirates later so don't forget your spyglass.
You lost it, remember? I just wanted to be your friend.
I might not be as big as you or as funny, but if you lost that ball I'd be helping you look for it.
Let's get a move on, Mitchell.
It's a long ride.
What's the hurry? Sheriff Bill Avery.
You're under arrest.
For what? Judge dropped the charges.
Well, I got a warrant on me for the original charges plus one additional.
Threatening a judge.
Now slowly throw your guns over there.
I don't think so.
Drop the rifle, sheriff.
That judge didn't see me coming, neither.
I always say you show me a man ain't got eyes in the back of his head I'll show you- [GUN SHOTS.]
If you ask me this council meeting is long overdue.
Well, I like to have a good time as much as the next person but I also like it quiet when I go to sleep at night.
I'm sorry, I know you work there, but still.
If you ask me, Bouchard is due for a helping of humble pie.
What is it about small towns? Can't people have a place to relax and have some harmless fun? Our doors are open late, ladies and gentlemen.
Half price refreshments after 10:00pm.
Can't beat that.
Feel free to tell your elected officials my saloon is not the plague they claim it to be.
Gentlemen, good to see you.
Well, that's not exactly fair.
The man is used to winning.
That's because he hasn't gone up against you before.
This mean you're coming out of retirement? Maybe.
You should.
My cabin's this way.
You sure you can find your way back? Funny.
Jeremiah? Yeah? I owe you one.
I'd say we're even.
Settle in, boys.
It's a long ride to jail.
Uh, Ned? We're ready to start.
Very good.
The first item on today's agenda was supposed to be Elizabeth's proposal for a new town library, however, seeing as most of you are not here for that reason Elizabeth has very graciously agreed to postpone that discussion until our next meeting.
Therefore, let's get right into it.
A vote on the proposed town ordinance which states all Hope Valley businesses must close by 10:00pm.
Madam Mayor.
Is the council prepared to vote? Hmmhmm.
Very well.
All those in favour.
All those opposed.
Lee! I'm sorry, Abigail, but my men, they really love the saloon.
Sometimes I work late.
I like to have a beer after a hard day.
You don't have to explain yourselves.
That's why we vote.
The council is split four-four.
As mayor your vote breaks the tie.
I'd like to ask Mr.
Bouchard to step forward.
Bouchard, what you'll find the more time you spend in Hope Valley, is the people here support rather than divide each other and while your saloon is a big hit in town, I think you can see that not everyone is happy.
So rather than voting I'd like to know if you're willing to compromise.
I propose that you stay open late two nights per week.
What do you say? I assume three nights would be out of the question? You would assume right.
In that case we have a deal.
Very good.
Here, here.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
This meeting is over.
We should get going.
Where to? House calls.
Today? I thought we were doing those on Thursday.
No, I had to change it.
We have to do it today.
I'll pack your medical bag.
Be ready in ten minutes.
I'll get the wagon.
Madam Mayor? Let me guess.
This was your plan all along.
Well, I had a sense of how the vote might go, but I wanted to give you an opportunity to do what was right.
You know, when I first arrived here, the people told me that Hope Valley was different.
Today you proved they're right.
We take care of our own.
And that includes you now.
Henry Gowen, do I detect a smile? It's not a crime now, is it? No, but you had become so chummy with Lucas I thought you'd be on his side.
Well, friends reveal themselves.
I don't go looking for friends, I look for opportunities.
And you see one in Lucas? Your words, not mine.
You did real good today, Abigail.
Thank you, Henry.
Come on, boy.
Carson, stop.
Why? What is it? Carson, please, just stop.
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah.
Is everything ok? I have to say something before I talk myself out of it.
To taking a risk.
Yes to opening myself up.
Yes to scary and crazy.
Yes to the possibility of you and me.
Yes! Um this is where you say something.
I'm actually kind of relieved.
Otherwise all of this food goes to waste.
Oh, Carson.
I can't find the spyglass anywhere.
I'm sure it's out here somewhere.
It just might take a bit of time to find it.
Timmy, I'm really proud of you for standing up to Cody and Robert.
I guess I have to find new friends now.
Are you sure about that? Ok.
Everyone spread out and start looking.
That's ok.
Come on.
Let's find it.

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