When Calls The Heart (2014) s06e04 Episode Script

Heart of a Mountie

1 Previously on "When Calls the Heart" Mr.
Bouchard hired me! The sooner we take care of our money problem, the sooner we can start our life together.
One thing I miss about the city? The postal service delivers packages right to your door.
If you see Mr.
Bouchard, can you tell him that his trunk arrived? What is it? Just a nice trunk.
Wouldn't ya say? There's something about this guy that doesn't sit right.
Nobody means more to me than you do.
Yes, to the possibility of you and me! We never know how life will turn It's been a week since Abigail got word that her mother had taken ill back East.
True to her nature, Abigail wasted no time in rushing off to care for her.
Abigail is much more than a friend.
She's family and I'll miss her and Cody deeply.
We all will, but we must get by as best we can Bill has taken over some of the responsibilities in the cafe.
Clara, as busy as she is, has agreed to help out when she can.
We all keep Abigail and her family in our prayers and wish her Godspeed.
In her absence, we must soldier on, and we will.
We are a community.
We are strong.
We are Hope Valley.
- A full boat, gentlemen.
And the rich get richer.
Yes, they do.
I got your drink there.
Let's take a look at the aces.
I need you to hang onto the Ace of Diamonds and the Ace of Hearts.
Just tell me which one is on top.
The Ace of Hearts.
That makes no sense, because I have it right here.
Well, I'm impressed.
Thank you.
We aim to please.
Oh! Do another one.
Well, I'd have to use the help of my lovely assistant.
Oh! I don't know.
I sense you have the gift of magic.
Let me see your hand.
As you can see, nothing here.
Nothing here.
Hey, hey, hey! What're you doing, get your hands off her! Jesse! It was just a card trick! Just take it easy.
What, do you think this is funny? Well, I'm not gonna lie.
I am amused! Let's break it up.
Hey, hey, hey! Get up! Get movin'! I can explain.
Come on! Come on, let's move.
Come on.
Clara! Well, that's not the type of entertainment I was aiming for, but drinks are on the house! [PATRONS APPLAUD.]
If you'll let me explain.
You, over there.
Get in there.
What was that about? Come on, Bill.
You don't like Bouchard, either.
So? Doesn't mean I start swinging at everybody, even Bouchard.
That punch wasn't meant for you.
I'm not sure where you're from, but around here in Hope Valley, we don't take kindly to barroom brawls.
And neither do I.
Well, you coulda fooled me.
I was trying to stop the fight.
Well, how'd that work? From now on, you just mind your own business.
You leave the law and order to me.
Yeah, I can't do that.
Why is that? Because I'm your new Mountie.
Nathan Grant.
Here we go oh woosh! Oh, it's so good, isn't it? [CHUCKLES.]
What assignment are you working on, Laura? It's for my Philosophy class.
"What does it mean to have a good life?" Huh.
What does it mean for you? Aristotle believed that a good life was a happy life.
And this little man makes me happy every day, so I'm gonna go with that.
I'd better get to school.
There we go.
All right.
I'll see you two later.
Do you want to play with the bear? Do you want to play with the bear? Do you wanna play with the bear? [BABY LAUGHS.]
Was that a It was! [GASPS ADORINGLY.]
Oh! Baby's first giggle! Oh! Can you do it again for Mommy? What were you doing? Just playing with the bear.
Look at the very silly bear.
He's going to get his honey, and he's so sweet! Yes, he's so sweet! Maybe it was just gas.
All right.
You two have a good day.
I love that giggle! [GIGGLES.]
Coulda told me you were a Mountie.
Would that have changed anything? Nevertheless, my sincere apologies.
I'd like to do something to make amends.
That's not necessary.
Nonsense! Dinner tonight is on the house.
What is that sound? Oh, I don't hear anything.
What do you mean, "you don't hear anything?" Something is ringing.
Oh, Lee, I've heard about this.
Ringing in the ears.
It's a sign of hearing loss.
Perhaps it's from the sawmill? Rosemary [GROANS.]
Coulter please.
It's for you.
Hello? Rosemary.
- Fiona.
- The fight last night.
Yes, really? Oh, it was crazy.
I couldn't believe I can't really talk right now.
Oh I'll call you back later.
Now, Lee, before you get upset; I was going to tell you.
- I'm not upset.
- You're not? No.
Because you are gonna get rid of that.
I most certainly am not.
Oh, yes you are.
I have one of these at the office; I do not need one in my house.
Lee Coulter, this isn't about you.
What if Elizabeth has an emergency with little baby Jack and she needs to come over here and call for help? Or what if there's a plague? And you need to call me and warn me to stay away? I'm sorry, did you just say "plague?" You can never be too prepared.
Besides, may I remind you, you said we could get a phone.
No, I said "we'll see.
" And, as you see, it's here.
What happened with Carson? Rosemary! Good morning! [FLUSTERED.]
Uh, Carson! What brings you by? I am so glad you're here.
I'm in so much pain.
Have a seat, we'll take a look at it.
Now, what seems to be the problem? Silly me, I was walking along, and then I just fell.
Weren't you holding the other hand? Both.
Both hurt.
Let me see.
Can you close 'em? Can you open 'em? Ah.
Probably not broken.
Might be just a sprain.
Can you wrap these for me please? Of course, Doctor.
If you have any more pain, you come back and see me, okay? Absolutely.
So? We talked.
And? Decided it would be best to remain friends.
What? Why on earth? We work together; it's just too complicated and not worth the trouble.
Now, you listen to me, Faith Carter.
Love is always worth the trouble! Nobody said anything about love.
But I've seen the way you two look at each other.
Mark my words, it's love.
Rosemary; it's best this way.
For whom? [SIGHS DEEPLY.]
I hate lying to her.
We're not lying.
We're just not telling anyone yet.
I appreciate how excited she is for us, and I know the rest of the town will be, as well.
But? But I'm not ready for everyone's opinion.
I wanna feel what I feel, with no outside interference.
Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense.
We were robbed! Everyone, this way, this way.
Stay off the road! We were robbed! [HOOVES POUNDING.]
Woah, woah, woah, woah! Sheriff, we were robbed.
We could have been killed.
There's a gang.
All right.
Just, calm down and give me the details.
Anything you could remember.
They stole your payroll.
Where? On the bridge in Snake Run Canyon.
My wheel got stuck and they hit us there.
How many men were there? Five.
Do you get a good look? Their faces were covered.
I'm sorry, Mr.
They threatened to kill me if I didn't turn over the payroll.
It's all right, you did the right thing.
You think you can handle this while I talk to witnesses? How do I get to Snakerun Canyon? Oh, I can take you there.
This is too dangerous for a civilian.
I'm sure the robbers are long gone by now.
Okay? Let's go.
Elizabeth Wow, a robbery.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Are you sure? We knew a Mountie would be assigned to Hope Valley eventually.
I'm alright, really.
I'm on a tight schedule.
I need to gather these ladies and be on my way.
You're not going anywhere on that axle.
Take this down to the blacksmith.
See what he can do.
All right.
When debating, only one person may speak at a time, and each side will have an equal amount of time to present their opening arguments.
Any questions? Yes, Opal? Can we use our notes? You may only glance down to refer to your notes; no reading them out loud.
Understood? Yes, Opal? What if I forget? Well, did you practice? Then I have no doubt you're going to do just fine.
Now, perhaps the most important thing about any debate, is to be respectful of your opponent.
Understood? Now, Anna and Emily, would you please start us off? You will each have two minutes to give your opening statement; then we will move on to rebuttal.
Ready? - Good luck.
- Good luck.
Emily? Please begin.
I will use three points to support my argument: Cars are better than horses.
First, cars can carry four people, and horses can only carry two, and sometimes only one, depending on the size.
Second, cars can travel up to 150 miles per day.
But, horses can only travel 30 miles per day.
And lastly, cars smell much better than horses, because they don't leave 40 pounds of manure on our roads.
Eww! But it's a part of nature.
That is a very good point, Anna, but it is not your turn.
Clara! Clara! Hey, Clara! Do you hear me calling? Why are you mad? Let's start with how you made a complete fool of yourself.
Or perhaps I'm mad because you took a swing at my boss.
Or, could it be because you were thrown in jail? Bill only locked me up for an hour.
Come on, Clara.
I was only trying to protect you.
From a card trick? Bouchard kissed your hand.
No, Jesse, he didn't.
And do you really think I would be fine with it if he had? I love you, but you have got to get over this jealousy and trust me.
I do trust you.
It's Bouchard I don't trust.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
Then you'll quit? Jesse.
This is your problem.
What does that mean? I have to get to work.
I don't understand women.
Something on your mind? They say they want a strong man to protect them, but the moment you do, you get accused of being jealous.
Is this about last night? See, I'd have to agree with the young lady.
It was not your finest hour.
Well, now she won't even speak to me.
What would you do? Well, I think you're asking the wrong fellow.
All this life has taught me is how to lose women, and you seem to be doing a fairly good job of that all on your own.
Ladies? I'm Sheriff Avery.
Mind if I ask you a few questions? Of course.
My heart is still racing.
I swear, I have never been so scared.
Well, that's understandable.
So, why don't you tell me what happened? When the stagecoach wheel got stuck, we went for a walk.
Are you two travelling together? - No.
- No, no, we just met.
But thank heaven for her, she saved my life! Oh, don't be silly.
Well, no, if it wasn't for you, I would have stayed in the stagecoach! I have on the absolute worst shoes for wandering about in the woods.
I just, I wore them because they matched my hat.
Your hat? I lost it by the trees when we heard the gunfire.
Did you see anything? No.
I did.
I saw five men, all masked, carrying rifles.
Oh, I told her to hide with me, but she insisted on keeping an eye out.
I wasn't about to let anyone sneak up on us.
And fortunately, they didn't see you.
There's no way they could have; I was crouched down and hidden the entire time.
Yeah, I know Jesse can get a little riled up from time to time, but he's still a pretty good kid.
My jaw begs to differ.
I guess it would.
You know, Hope Valley's a good town.
Great people.
Extremely safe.
This is the first stagecoach robbery since I've been here.
A couple guys, outlaws, came to town one time, and tried to rob the bank.
But other than that, extremely safe.
You don't really talk much, do ya? Uh, no, sorry.
No, no, no, it's fine.
You been to this area before? Nope.
I got some maps I can lend you.
Appreciate that.
Thank you.
You know, last Mountie we had was a good friend of mine.
Yeah, I take it he had a lot of friends in town.
Yeah, he did.
Did you know Jack? No.
Never had the pleasure.
He was a good man.
You know, the Mounties consider him one of our finest.
So, what do you want me to do? I'll take it from here.
Well, considering it was my payroll that was stolen, I think I'm gonna help out.
Found the payroll box! All right.
Hold on.
I'm coming.
Oh! I'll have to get my pants cleaned.
Any idea which way they went? No.
No, these roads are too well-traveled.
Cars are only used for transportation.
Horses are used for so much more.
Anything a horse can do, a car can do better.
And much faster! A car's just some kind of contraption.
A horse is a friend! A loud, stinky friend.
Removing horses from our city would help reduce noise.
You're wrong! Everybody knows cars make more noise than horses.
Anna, don't make it personal.
Horses are able to go places cars can't, like through a river.
Ever heard of a bridge? Emily! Lose the sarcasm.
Horses are self-feeding, and can reproduce.
They're far more economical than any car.
They have to have hay and apples.
Do you think they pick their own apples? They could if they wanted to! How would you know? Girls, that's enough.
After lunch, we'll pick back up with Opal and Ruby.
You two please stay, everyone else is excused for lunch.
Anna, Emily Girls.
Do you two understand why I stopped your debate? Because Anna was losing? Was not! This is not about losing.
This is about listening to the other person's point of view with respect.
Do you understand? Yes, Mrs.
Coulter? Fiona.
Have you met the new Mountie? Not yet, but I hear he's quite a dish.
Of what? [GIGGLES.]
Coulter, you are a dilly.
Could you just connect me with my husband please.
Oh? You haven't heard? Heard what? The stagecoach was robbed.
They took your husband's payroll.
Coulter left with the new Mountie to go check it out.
He did what? [BELL RINGS.]
Robert said we have a new Mountie.
That's true.
I I saw him earlier.
Do you think he's as brave as Mountie Jack? I'm sure he's very brave.
But not as brave? No one will ever be as brave as Mountie Jack.
Thank you.
I appreciate the help.
Oh, no problem.
It's my payroll, after all.
Man, this creek mud gets all over everything.
Tracked it in my house one time.
My wife wasn't very happy about that.
You know, you really don't say very much, do you? Not unless there's something to be said.
Lee Coulter's office.
Wait, I see him! Put her through.
Coulter? Your wife's on the phone, she says it's urgent.
Oh, alright.
Rosemary? What were you thinking, running off to chase bandits!? Sweetheart, calm down.
Don't you dare tell me to calm down, Lee Coulter.
I have been worried sick! Okay.
You're right.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
Well, yes.
You very much should have.
I was never in any danger, all right? The bad guys were gone long before I got there.
Well, good.
So have you met the new Mountie? Uh I met him.
Yes, I met him.
And? What's he like? I, well, listen Can we discuss this tonight? Why does no one want to tell me about him? Tonight.
I promise.
Hello? Okay? How much longer are you planning on being here? Well, apparently nobody told you.
I come with the office.
So, how does this work? [SIGHS.]
I'll deal with local issues, you handle regional ones.
Anything big, we work together.
I called Mountie offices in Benson Hills and in Buckson, and made them alert.
Now what did you find? Seven rifle shells.
They all 308s? Yep.
Any other type? The bridge was tampered with.
I also found the empty payroll box.
They left the box? What? We're missing something.
In conclusion, I think you'll agree that lasagna is the better choice.
Not only are the noodles wider than spaghetti; in addition to tomato sauce, you get tons of cheese.
And who doesn't like cheese? [APPLAUSE.]
Well done, Harper and Robert.
You both made excellent arguments.
Wanna come over for dinner? Sure.
Would your Mom make lasagna? We can always ask.
I want to commend your performances today.
For the most part, you all followed the code of conduct, and were respectful.
For the most part.
I think this qualifies as "local", so I'm good.
Well, Snakerun Canyon makes it regional.
Suit yourself.
Looks like you're gonna have to file a report with the bank.
And what about the stagecoach? I'll check on it for you, Jeb.
Appreciate your help.
You might be right about us missing something.
I need to head back to the bridge.
Do you wanna come? [GIGGLES.]
You know, I think if we move some money out of the capital expenditures account, we could still cover payroll.
Lee Coulter's office.
Yes, Fiona, put her through.
Yes, sweetheart? [OUT OF BREATH.]
Rosie, you all right? Yes.
I just ran all the way home to use the phone.
You ran all the way home to use the- why didn't you just come here? I just saw Faith and Carson.
And the way they were acting? I know something is up.
If that's the case, they'll let us know when they're ready.
Lee Coulter, how can you be so blasé? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have another wedding here in Hope Valley? I'm dealing with a stolen payroll right now.
It's a little more important than that.
More important? What's more important than romance? Rosemary, you have no idea what is going on between them.
All right? So stop spreading rumours.
I gotta get rid of that phone.
Stagecoach driver said there was a couple of robbers that fired off warning shots.
And those shells I brought in to you earlier today were about as close together as the ones I just fired off now.
If there were two people firing warning shots, then these shells would be spread out farther apart.
So you think only one man fired shots? Which would explain why all the shells were the same type.
I think it was Jeb.
He fired his own rifle.
And then he grabbed the payroll box, and went over there.
That's where he got mud on his boots.
And Shiela, one of the passengers, said she saw five masked men with rifles.
Only I just looked, and there's no way she could have seen these men from where she said she was hiding.
They planned this robbery together.
And Shiela wasn't trying to save Joyce's life; she wanted her out of the way.
But why not just hi-tail it out of town, then? Class dismissed.
Don't forget your used books for the library drive.
We may not have a spot yet, but there's no reason not to be prepared.
Anna, Emily, would you two please stay? Take a seat.
I appreciate how passionate you are about your ideas.
But just because you disagree, it doesn't make the other person's point of view of any less value.
When you stop listening to your opponent and only mock their ideas, you only lose diplomacy and respect.
How can we respect each other when we completely disagree? Girls.
If you are unwilling to talk to each other, there's no way to heal this wound.
Now, is this fight really worth losing your friendship over? I'm sorry.
Me too.
How long til that stagecoach is ready? [GRUNTS.]
Sooner than I thought.
Picked up some extra to help.
Should be ready in about an hour.
Well, you keep that information to yourself for now, ya hear? Okay.
I'll be right with you.
Oh! Rosemary! Oh.
It's not that I'm not pleased.
I'm just confused; why would you hide your relationship from me? Rosemary, it's just This relationship couldn't have even happened without you.
And for that, we're forever grateful.
It's just that right now, we're still just trying to figure this thing out, and without the entire town's involvement.
You know the minute it's out, they'll be planning our wedding.
Florence does get overly excited.
So We can count on you to keep this between us? My lips are sealed.
What'll it be? Beer it is.
Ladies! Feeling better? Oh, yes.
Thank you.
But I'm anxious to get to Union City.
My sister's waiting for me.
Oh, well, unfortunately I'm here to tell you that it may be a few days, ma'am.
Days? Why? Well, I talked to the blacksmith, and it looks as though he has to order a brand new axle.
But there is the train, one leaves in an hour.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
- Hey, Fiona.
- Hi.
Um, so tell me, how difficult would it be to cut Mrs.
Coulter's line? It's a cinch.
Though you could simply remove the telephone.
Oh, there's nothing simple when it comes to Rosemary.
Speaking of which Good afternoon, Mrs.
One moment and I'll connect you.
Imagine if we had to hide our relationship.
That would be terrible.
What are you talking about? I want the whole world to know how much I love you.
I want to shout it from the rooftops, Lee! You are my one and only.
And I will sing your praises as long as there is an ounce of air left in my lungs.
I feel exactly the same way, sweetheart.
That's all.
You know what, we're gonna keep the house line in.
Change of heart? Rosemary is the one connection I never wanna cut.
Thanks for your help.
Hello? Anyone here? Keep a lookout.
It's gone! What? How? I don't know how! Looking for this? Ugh! You and your brilliant ideas.
She's the one who messed with the bridge.
A gentleman would take all the blame, but oh no, not you.
Well, jail will allow you both time to re-evaluate your relationship.
Well, Carson and Faith who were in here this morning, as cozy as two bears in winter.
Do you think they're a couple? Well, people are talking.
And they shouldn't be.
Excuse me! Carson and Faith are both adults.
What they do or don't do is none of our concern.
Do you know something you're not telling us? No.
Which should prove to you that there is absolutely nothing going on between Carson and Faith.
C'mere, you.
Why, Lee Coulter I do believe you're flirting with me! I'm not trying to hide it.
I have a wonderful idea! Okay! [GIGGLES.]
So the driver and the passenger made the whole thing up? The money was in the stagecoach the entire time.
And you figured that out? Well, me and Nathan.
When I saw him in that red surge, it reminded me so much of Jack.
You know you don't have to meet him right now.
I hear people haven't been all that welcoming to him.
Well, that might even include me.
Arresting him wasn't exactly the warmest how do you do.
You are going to have to meet him at some point.
But there is no rush, just do it when it's right for you.
Excuse me.
I know people are allowed to act foolish every once in a while, but you are certainly abusing that privilege.
I'm not here to fight.
What can I get you? Clara? Sorry, old chap.
Isn't my day to watch her.
Jesse! What are you doing here? Trying to get me fired? I've got good news! I got a second job.
At the livery.
So I'll be making more than enough, paying off my debt, save for a house.
That's great.
So It means you can quit now.
Jesse, I like working here.
Why? Bouchard is such a jerk.
Actually, he's not.
He's a very nice man once you get to know him.
Jesse, I'm doing this for us.
Why won't you believe me? I do believe you.
Just don't expect me to like the guy.
I don't.
Carson! What are you doing here? Rosemary gave me a A note, saying to meet at Lee's office? Yeah.
Well, don't just stand there.
I don't even-I don't even know what to say.
Well, why don't we start with drink up? Thank you for keeping our secret.
The course of true love never did run smooth.
To good friends.
The best.
And to new possibilities.
Ma'am? I'm Elizabeth Thornton.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I never served with your late husband, but by all accounts, he was an excellent Mountie.
Jack was an excellent man.
Yes, of course.
I have something for you.
Thank you.
What is it? That's Jack's pension.
I had forgotten about it.
It's been almost a year since I filled out the paperwork.
Well, it's bureaucracy at its best.
Thank you very much for bringing this.
May I share something with you? You know, when I first came here, the townspeople were quite skeptical of me.
They really put me through the paces.
But now, there is truly no place I'd rather be.
And I hope your experience here will be equally as good.
Thank you, Mrs.
Welcome to Hope Valley, Constable.

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