When Calls The Heart (2014) s09e08 Episode Script

Hope Valley Days (2)

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart I think we all have reason to be concerned about the possibility of the mines reopening.
I need you to trust me on this.
I just hope you haven't overplayed our hand.
If it be your will for us to buy into this café, then we'll do our best to honor you here, Lord.
It's the folks at the bank that I worry about.
They wouldn't give us the loan.
I'm a fugitive of sorts.
I believe my wife's in Hope Valley and I'd like her arrested.
We all still have so much to celebrate.
While I officially declare these to be Hope Valley Days.
Hope Valley Days.
The inspiration of our very own mayor, Mike Hickam.
On that first rainy day he talked with pride as he pointed to each of the four corners at the center of town, which he said would represent the best qualities in all of us.
The spirit of giving, of hope, fun, and above all, love.
As we listened, we were inspired, too.
Now, as we enter the second week of Hope Valley Days with other celebrations still ahead, the festivities continue, bringing us closer together, grateful for where we live, and thankful for one another, since there is nothing more uplifting than sharing joy and laughter together.
Should I assume you'll be leaving? Hmm, without getting ahead of myself, or Mei, since we haven't talked, I might just stay here.
I'll be approaching the Yosts about the job Mei took under false pretense while using my name.
Hey, we might even manage the pharmacy together.
I trust remaining in Hope Valley wouldn't be a problem for you? Have a nice day, Mr.
Ned, there he is.
Who is that, Florence? You know, that man Bill and Nathan told us to watch out for.
Really? Where? There.
He's at the pharmacy.
Right, right, right.
Look away in case he looks at us.
What should we say if he comes in here? Do you mind my asking who it is you're talking about? Uh, Geoffrey Lewis.
The man claiming to be Mei's husband.
- I just heard that Mei Tsu - Is married, possibly? And you didn't say anything to me? I thought Nathan told me in confidence.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Honestly, I don't know what's what when it comes to Mei Tsu.
And I wouldn't tell you, even if I did.
- Is that so? - That's so.
Then I suppose I'll be going.
Imagine the kiss you might have gotten had you told me.
Well, I hope you will come for dinner tonight and another night of Hanukah.
Jack and I wouldn't miss it.
Oh, what the heck.
How are ya? Uh, I posted a Thanksgiving list at the school, with ways of helping families in need.
When you come by to pick up Allie, if you want to sign up.
I'll be sure to do that.
Nathan Lucas told you about Geoffrey and Mei.
At least not until I'd heard about it from someone else first.
Listen, I don't like being the talk of the town.
People care about you, Nathan.
And it seems as though you care about Mei.
Even if only as a friend.
You don't have to worry about me.
Who is he? If he's not your husband, who is he? I apprenticed at Geoffrey's pharmacy while I was in school, and everything was fine.
Then after graduation he offered me a job.
But it wasn't long before Geoffrey wanted more than just a friendship.
When I refused, eventually he began telling people that he proposed.
And later that we eloped and got married.
When Geoffrey learned I was looking for another job things only got worse.
So, you were never engaged? I never had feelings for him.
I'm sorry I was so secretive when I came to town.
And I should never have let things get so out of hand.
But what about this marriage license that Bill uncovered? As soon as I discovered Geoffrey filed a forged document, that's when I left.
And you headed here.
I intercepted a letter.
Faith recommended Geoffrey for this job.
I wrote Ned as Geoffrey, and when Ned offered this position I rode to Hope Valley fast as I could.
I don't know how Geoffrey found me.
You believe me, don't you? Yes.
Unfortunately, it's it doesn't matter whether or not I believe you.
We need proof against Geoffrey.
Now, did you all remember to tell your parents about our Thanksgiving dinner we'll be having in town? Yes.
Very good, thank you.
The other day I asked you all to think about the meaning of Thanks Giving.
Not to be confused with Thanksgiving.
- But instead - I know! I know! Me! Oh! How wonderful.
To me, it means giving out of thanks, and not just giving thanks.
Very good.
So, then another way of celebrating Thanksgiving is by thankful giving.
How then might we be able to celebrate that year round? Anyone? Thank you very much.
Oh, Michael, I see you uh, bought a fire pumper, huh? From the town's discretionary fund.
Yeah, of course, I wasn't implying anything.
You've taken issue with everything I've done as mayor, and then you put it in the paper for all to see.
Michael, just give me a minute.
I Maybe later, Romeo.
"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo.
" - You ruined your surprise.
- Sorry.
Well, Ta-dah! Typing tutorials included.
It's a real beaut, hon.
What's wrong? I don't know.
I guess I guess I didn't realize how much mightier the pen was than the sword when I wrote those editorials about Michael.
When it comes to the newspaper it's not as easy to do that in black and white.
- Yes.
- I know.
We have been trying to give the Valley Voice a striking identity.
But I think I underestimated the impact the newspaper would have.
This is a real responsibility.
It really is.
I had no idea.
I wouldn't give it up, though.
Would you? No.
No, not at all.
Of course not.
I might, however, have played my part just a little bit differently.
But nothing compares to being with you.
"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep.
The more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.
" Now, "I will kiss thy lips.
" Mmm-hmm.
"Happly, some poison yet doth hang on them to make me die with a restorative.
" Mmm-hmm.
Ok, you go do that.
I'm gonna get started on this editorial.
"Parting is such sweet sorrow.
" Oh Ok.
Mom, did you find the note you posted about books and other school supplies you need? Not yet, sweetheart.
Excuse me.
Hello there.
My sisters are shy.
I can be shy, too.
My name is Lucas.
I'm Brynley.
This is Maylee and Kayson.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Mary Albers.
- Hi.
I happen to know somebody who might be able to give you some assistance.
She's the local school teacher here in town.
My mom's a school teacher.
Really? That's wonderful.
Would you like to speak with her? Yes, please.
We'll wait here.
You're more than welcome to wait in the Queen of Hearts.
- All right, why not? - Great.
Right this way.
Is there a way of verifying that? Yeah, I'll call back later, see if you turn anything up.
I don't wanna interrupt.
Oh, you're way past interrupting.
I would like to have Mei arrested.
On what charges? The same charges that brought me all the way up here.
And all those charges were false.
Will you do as I ask or should I make a few phone calls? Failure to do your job would be considered dereliction of duty.
Ok, Mr.
But you better not be here when I get back.
I think it's terrific.
It's not April Fool's now.
No, no, I couldn't be more thrilled.
- Here you go, you two.
- Ah, thank you.
Bill, we had no idea this would happen so fast.
But if you're open to it, I'd like to make a few changes around here.
Nothing big, not at first, anyway.
I have seen your handiwork, my friend, so you just knock yourself out.
So, to the café.
The café.
Cider went down the wrong pipe? I think so.
- Will you excuse me? - Mmm-hmm.
Why are you two giving me that look? I came here, didn't I? You should have gone to Union City.
Let me speak with Mei about either a nebulizer or epinephrine.
They're in the saloon eating lunch but they may be going home soon.
Lucas, I can't just leave my class.
You won't be long.
I'll watch them.
All right, thank you.
Uh, everyone, Mr.
Bouchard will be minding you while I'm gone.
Good luck.
Ah, Mei, I need to speak with Nathan, what's going on? I'm taking Mei into custody.
Geoffrey found me.
He's filed charges to have me arrested.
That is ridiculous! Nathan, you can't let this happen! I don't have a choice, Faith.
If you need to speak to Mei, you can come by the jail.
Your daughters are lovely.
Thank you.
You have children? Mmm-hmm.
A little boy, Jack.
He's three.
- They grow so fast.
- So fast! - Thank you for offering to help.
- Oh, it's my pleasure.
We live too far away from town to make it here with any regularity for materials.
We were hoping that's something you could help with.
I had the same problem when I came to Hope Valley to take over.
Oh, Mary has done such a wonderful job starting her own school.
So far it feels more like a collective home school, but I'll take the compliment, thank you.
Finding books for rudimentary subjects is one thing but- Finding books for upper level students? It's nearly impossible.
You run into the same issue.
It can be quite the challenge, but there is a way and I think I might be able to help you by sharing some of the tricks I've picked up along the way.
That would be wonderful.
Great! Well, then I'll get to work figuring out how to get you the materials you need.
I have a lot to learn from you.
I can say for sure, just from the short time we've spent together, that you are well ahead of where I was.
Bill? I was just resting my eyes.
Bill, that bruise wasn't there the other day when Faith examined you.
I might have cracked a rib.
How would that have happened? I had a disagreement with someone who barged into my office.
He had the drop on me.
April Fool's, Bill.
Well, this may be more serious than we thought.
When's Faith due back, anyway? I don't know, but you are not going anywhere until she takes a look.
Geoffrey must have put it together from the message I left him after you first arrived.
I am so sorry, Mei.
Don't be.
Of all people, I should have told you what was happening.
I just didn't want to get you involved.
Well, I should get back and check on Bill.
I'll visit soon.
I knew it.
You knew what? The first time I came to see you.
I said jail seemed depressing.
Well, you're better off here.
Hey, can I ask you, how did you put up with this guy? At one time I think I felt sorry for Geoffrey.
He always wanted to be a doctor.
Like his father.
But, when it became clear that wouldn't happen, he grew bitter.
That's no excuse for what he's done.
All I'm saying is there is a time when he was very different.
How is it that we think we know someone only to find out we don't? For me, it begins with understanding who I am and being honest with myself and others.
Uh what've you been working on? I'm writing a telegram to Chicago requesting more information.
It's a long shot, but I'm hoping it pays off.
Thank you, Nathan.
Do you know the price of sugar has gone up again? Joseph? Minnie.
What do you have in there? Just a little visitor I found upstairs.
Well, whatever it is, take it outside.
It must have gotten in the open window.
- Yeah, have a look.
- Joseph! You'll like him.
I'm serious now.
It's just a fuzzy little squirrel.
Oh, very nice.
Goodbye, Mr.
You know, you were right.
We can rent out those rooms upstairs, make some income.
Maybe Mr.
Fuzzy would be interested.
Joseph, take Mr.
Fuzzy out of my kitchen.
If the dog is the subject of the sentence, what is the predicate? - Barked.
- Coop-a-loop! Yes! Now, with a little more difficulty, the dog barked loudly.
That's an adverb.
Next time wait for the ball.
I was so excited to answer.
That's good.
What happened to the predicate? It's still there.
Do you care to remind us where, Emily? A predicate is the part of the sentence containing a verb.
Angela, can you add to that? Not without the ball.
Excellent point.
Here you are.
The predicate always says something about the subject.
Indeed, it does.
The dog says something.
Yes! Opal, very good! Wait, I didn't throw the ball yet.
I'm afraid I got too excited.
Right here, Angela.
I'm over here.
Hey! Way to go! Mrs.
Thornton, welcome back.
You and the children seem to have worked yourselves into quite the state.
We like Mr.
Bouchard's teaching.
- He's fun.
- And funny.
Shall we invite him back sometime? Yeah! Watch this.
Doesn't anyone knock around here? Well, I shouldn't be surprised you're encouraging Bill to leave.
I didn't have anything to do with this.
How long was I supposed to wait? You Mounties are the most mulish patients.
- How are you feeling? - I'm fine.
I think she means me.
If you start coughing take a spoonful of this once an hour only as necessary.
Any other symptoms, you call me.
And come back in a day or so.
I wanna check on that bruised rib.
I think you're right.
This telegram's a long shot, but hopefully we'll hear something before Lewis calls accusing us of wasting time and stalling, which, of course, we are.
Bill, I'm serious.
No, no, I know.
Cough syrup once a day only if necessary, call if needed, come back in a day or so.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
You know, it really could be a cracked rib.
And while it's good his bleeding stopped, I can't make a diagnosis without an x-ray.
Let alone the way you two are behaving.
I'll keep an eye on him.
And whenever possible we should stand up for what we know is right.
Whatever would make your parents proud.
And if you can, maybe do what's called a mitzvah, a good deed.
Thank you, Robert.
Allie, would you like to light the last candle on the menorah? And remember, Hanukah is about hope and miracles.
And miracles do happen.
Sometimes on their own, but sometimes we need to help make them happen.
Thank you, Allie.
You know, you really are a natural.
Evidence of a youth misspent in too many preparatory academies.
The children were very engaged, and you were learning with them.
Which I think is a sign of a great teacher.
Well, I had fun.
Hello! - Hi, buddy! - Hi.
Are you having fun? I am having fun.
I think Mr.
Yost might have another surprise for you.
Do you wanna see? Jack, that's a dreidel.
It's spinning! Can you spin it? Absolutely.
There you go.
You know, this really would be so much easier if you knew how to type.
I said I would teach you.
Just keep proofing.
We need to get this to Norman in time for him to set his type.
If he can even read this.
It's just because you left it until the last minute.
Had you started your editorial sooner, well, we wouldn't be rushing.
What can I say? Old habits die hard.
- I was always late with my homework, too.
- Trick or Treat! Oh, Lee.
Come and see.
Trick or treat! Well, now who do we have here? We have a pirate, a ghost, and another ghost.
Ghosts seem to be very popular, don't they? So, they seem to be.
Well, "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep, the more I give to thee.
" I think she means help yourself, kids.
Go ahead.
How art thee, me pirate? Arrr! So, Juliet's a pirate, now? - Yes.
- Oh, ok.
- Thank you! - You're very welcome.
- Bye! - Bye, guys.
Be careful.
Oh, those little ones are so precious.
I would have loved to have had a picture.
My last page.
Well, Arthur Brisbane.
Yeah, you've mentioned that name before.
- Who's Arthur Brisbane? - Where is our camera, Lee? The camera? The camera is at home.
Arthur Brisbane.
Who's Arthur Brisbane? He's a brilliant newspaper publisher.
I told you about him.
He said "use a picture, it's worth a thousand words.
" I really need to finish proofing.
I'll explain later.
I'll be back in a minute, sweetheart, um Hey, Michael, I uh, I just finished that piece about you and I want you to know that it had nothing to do with us being friends.
Are we? Friends, I mean.
Well, I aren't we? You watching out for Geoffrey? Yeah.
Have you seen him? Actually, I was curious so I knocked on his door but no one was home.
Listen, I just um I just wanna say how much I appreciate what you said earlier.
About Mei.
- Hi, you two.
- Hi.
I just left Jack with Allie.
She's so good with him.
Now she asks when I might get married.
I'm sure she just wants you to be happy.
No, what she wants is a little brother or sister.
Well, you never know.
No, you never know.
But what I do know is that love is the greatest gift since it can't be forced only free to give.
Nathan, that's lovely.
That's what I thought too when I read it.
Good night.
- It is lovely.
- Mmm-hmm.
I'm not kidding.
My ex-wife followed me here to Hope Valley, too.
She showed up out of the blue one day just like this Geoffrey guy.
She wanted to get back together, too.
What're you doing here? I had a little cough syrup and I thought I should lay down for a bit.
Bill's been very talkative.
Well, that's 'cause you're so easy to talk to.
Ok, why don't we lie back down? Where's my cough syrup? I hope I didn't drink it all.
I really like it.
I'll get that.
Goody! Hope Valley Station.
- Chief Inspector Hargraves.
- Don't tell him I'm in jail! No.
No, but I'm happy to take a message for Inspector Avery.
Shh! Yes, I've spoken with the woman in custody.
Yeah, the the charges are serious, but if I may I Yes.
Yes, it's a problem for the law enforcement back in Chicago.
Yes sir, with haste.
Hargraves just received a call from the mayor.
I'm assuming you don't mean Hickam.
- No.
- Hmm.
William H.
The newly re-elected mayor of Chicago.
I told you the Lewis family is very powerful and well-connected.
We've been ordered to arrange your transport to Chicago or Bill and I will face disciplinary action.
You're earlier than expected.
Oh, Elizabeth.
You're early, too.
Yes, well I know there's still a lot left to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted to see Anna's reaction.
My reaction? You've made such a difference here already, even just by offering to help make the desserts for tonight's Thanksgiving dinner at the saloon.
It's my pleasure.
I'm glad.
Because Mr.
Canfield and I and Mrs.
Thornton have been remarking how we're gonna miss you.
I wish I could stay.
We know.
And that's why we spoke with your mother and she agreed.
If you'd like to stay, you may.
How? By working here at the café while renting a room upstairs.
Are you serious? I have a few more things to finish, but you can have your pick of the rooms upstairs.
Oh my gosh, Mrs.
Thank you.
You are so welcome, Anna.
And, if after working her for a while you still wanna go to college You know that's my dream and I'll work as hard as I can to afford it.
Oh, Mrs.
Thornton, I knew you'd find a way to help me.
Lee! Hmm? Right.
Yeah, the costume.
Sweetheart, in or out of costume, I will always be your Romeo.
"What's in a name? "That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.
" Well, what I was actually going to say is I really hope people turn out tonight to finish Hope Valley Days off in a grand way.
Oh, I think they will.
I think people are looking forward to Elizabeth's Thanksgiving dinner.
Your editorial about Mike Hickam is very strong.
Well, thank you, sweetheart.
I know you didn't believe in Hickam, at least not at first.
- You said he didn't have a plan.
- He didn't.
That he lacked vision for Hope Valley and it's future He did.
- But if you ask me - And I did not.
I would say he has turned out to be the unqualified best choice.
The right mayor for the right time.
After all, who else would have thought of putting on a celebration at a time like this, let alone four or, well, I suppose five if you count Bill Avery's April Fool's.
I completely agree.
And thank you, sweetheart, for gently nudging me in that direction.
I feel like I can contribute from the paper and from the town council, as well.
And who knows? Maybe you'll run for office again.
Oh, no, no.
I think once was enough.
I feel like I belong right here in this office.
Well, I'll vote for that.
Hope Valley Hope.
I have to admit, you do seem a lot better.
Well, they don't make them like me anymore.
Thanks for your concern, Faith.
Faith, would you accompany me to church service? That sounds nice.
Bill, will we see you there? Oh, I don't think so.
I've gotta get some rest.
- All right.
- Doctor's orders.
Oh, hey, I'm sorry you didn't get to surprise us with at least one April Fool's joke.
Yeah, you never know.
I may have fooled you all.
She asked you to build shelves and cupboards? Oh, yes.
Elizabeth drew up detailed plans.
She thought this through.
Well, if someone can't come to the library I guess she'll bring the library to them.
Well, she'd have me make more than a book wagon out of this if I could.
Thanks, Joseph.
She's always determined to help people.
You know, I admire what she wants to do, and the lengths she'll go trying to make it happen.
Thanks again.
You got it.
You sent for me? Yeah.
I'm releasing Miss Tsu.
But not to go with you.
See, word came back from Chicago that the marriage license for you and Mei is fraudulent.
You can't prove that.
- Well, it may take some time.
- Mei.
But what I can prove is that your other marriage license is authentic.
You'll be happy to know I found your wife, Mr.
Lewis, in Evanston where you abandoned her.
Geoffrey, just go.
Please go.
Mei, please.
All I've ever wanted to be was with you.
I can't help you.
I'm sorry, Geoffrey.
I don't love you.
So, I suppose you're staying now? Thank you, Nathan.
As I finish, I'd like to thank Mayor Mike for suggesting Hope Valley Days.
Here, here.
Worried about our town feeling the effects of trying times.
He thought what better reason to celebrate than by coming together and he turned out to be right.
Now, as we roll into the actual holidays I want to encourage us all to try holding fast to the spirit of last week.
The spirit of giving.
Of hope.
Of fun.
And most important, love.
Remember, we're made in the image of God and meant to display his character.
The way we treat one another calls attention to that.
Don't look to see yourself in one another.
Instead, look to see someone God uniquely created to be themselves.
Now, if you all head on over to the Queen of Hearts for dinner Let's eat! - Well done.
- Thank you, mayor.
- For the record - Yes.
- Am I too heavy, buddy? - No, you're just fine.
- That was such a lovely service.
- I thought so, too.
Oh, thank you for offering the saloon for tonight's Thanksgiving dinner.
You're right, we do have a lot to give.
But I think I'm about to give out because maybe you are getting a little heavy.
Lucas, what is that? - Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas, buddy.
Wow, look at that tree.
Yes, Merry Christmas, but not yet.
Because then it would be your birthday and I'm not quite ready.
Oh, it's absolutely stunning.
All we're missing is some snow.
Lucas, did you do this? How could I have? I've been with you.
Oh? Well, then it must have been Mike! Oh, I wish I could take credit.
This seems like something Rosemary and Lee might have done.
- No.
- No, no, it wasn't us.
Although this would have made for great publicity - for the newspaper.
- Yeah.
So nobody knows who did this? The Canfields.
- Oh yeah, it's gotta be.
- Of course.
Thank you, Canfield family.
- Oh, not for this.
- Oh, no, it wasn't us.
Well, then who did it? - I don't know.
- I guess it's April Fool's.
O, come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, ♪ O come ye, o come ye to Bethlehem.
♪ Come and behold him, ♪ Born the King of angels, ♪ O come let us adore him.
O come let us adore him, ♪ O come let us adore him, ♪ Christ the lord.
♪ Okay, you two.
Now get ready.
Hold it.
Perfect! Oh! You're gonna love that picture.
Ok, who's next? Oh, come on.
You can't tell me nobody wants to get their photograph taken.
Well, step right up, have your photograph taken, give you and your families this wonderful gift to remember this joyous festival for years to come.
Who's next? All right, all right, come this way.
All right.
- Lee.
- Yeah.
I read your editorial.
I really appreciate what you said, thank you.
I meant every word I said.
Lee did mean every word he wrote.
And not just about Mike.
Lee wrote about every one of us, warning with so much mistrust these days it's easy to become bitter and cold, all before actual winter arrives.
Say "prunes"! Prunes! Come on.
Come on! Okay, okay.
Should we? - Ready? - Yeah.
Turn around? But along with the other holidays being celebrated during Hope Valley Days, it seems that Christmas has arrived early and Santa Claus is none other than Mayor Mike Hickam.
And what a happier world this might be with more like the mayor.
Smile! - Here we go.
- Say "prunes".
- Prunes! - Prunes.
Your honor, would you do the honors? - Ok.
- Thank you.
your vest.
- Don't fidget.
- I'm not fidgeting.
People who set aside the tangible things in life for those that are surely of greater value Those things that make us smile and laugh and shout with excitement.
That fill us with joy and wonder.
Giving us comfort and peace, or just reassurance that we're not alone.
I clipped Lee's latest piece and saved it to read from time to time to help me recall that special week we joined hands and celebrated one another, together.
- Say "prunes".
- Prunes! Wyman Walden is back.
Next Sunday, on an all-new When Calls the Heart Is there something that you want? The Queen of Hearts Saloon.
To catch a crook So what do we do? We let Walden buy the Queen of Hearts.
you need to set a trap.
- You think this plan will work? - It's gotta work! There's just so much at stake here It's kind of like a a mystery novel.
Were you followed? When Calls the Heart is all-new, next Sunday night at 8, only on Hallmark, where love happens.

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