When Calls The Heart (2014) s09e09 Episode Script

Recent Memory

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart You've got wheezing and a slight strider on your right side.
This could be the start of pneumonia.
You've taken issue with everything I've done as mayor.
I know you didn't believe in Hickam, but if you ask me he has turned out to be the unqualified best choice.
The right mayor for the right time.
I told you, he's made up everything.
You believe me, don't you? You see, word came back from Chicago that the marriage license for you and Mei is fraudulent.
After what happened at Mrs.
Thornton's book launch I don't think I'll ever be planning another surprise party.
No, we're just gonna have a nice quiet dinner.
Would you like me to play "Happy Birthday" on my accordion? That won't be necessary.
Did you just disregard the fact that I speak French too? All right.
Thank you.
Fiona, welcome back.
Where's Henry? San Francisco.
Well, that's where I left him when I boarded my train, anyway.
You replaced the horse-drawn cab.
I did, but that's not important right now.
Please tell me what happened.
Nothing went as we discussed, especially after Henry arrived.
Thank you.
Right away he confronted the investors about whether they planned on re-opening the mines.
I've seen Henry's rage but never like that.
It took three men to drag him out of the boardroom.
You have no idea where he is now? At the train station he said he had something to do and just walked off.
What about the investor referendum? They voted that I replace Henry with one proviso.
You remain on board in your current position for another fiscal year.
- Ah, morning, Ned ol' boy.
- Hello, Bill.
Well, Molly, Florence.
I will uh, pick these up later.
Uh, your dirty clothes? Florence is not a washer woman.
Well, certainly she doesn't expect me to order one of these things unless I know that it works.
Much appreciated.
Well, he's in a fine fettle.
I heard he was having some issues with his health.
Yes, and I do worry about the man.
Hickam! Ah, how are you this morning? Ah, well, any time my day starts with someone taking in my dirty laundry, it's a good day, that's what I say.
How about you? Well, I haven't been sleeping.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
Thank you, but I know what I need to do.
In order to sleep again, I mean.
I'm gonna resign from office.
What?! You just got elected.
And with the success of Hope Valley Days, it was Being mayor, it just isn't for me.
Now, Hickam, let's you and I discuss this.
Bill! Partner! I could use a hand.
And my day was off to a great start.
How did you possibly find roses this time of year? Happy birthday.
They're gorgeous.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So, are we still on for tonight? No big surprises, no big parties.
Just you and I and Jack.
And that makes me very happy.
Well, that makes me happy too, then.
Say, Elizabeth, you wouldn't happen to have Abigail's number, do you? I'm trying to track down Henry.
He didn't come back with Fiona and he isn't with Christopher in Bellingham.
Well, he isn't with Abigail, either.
She just called to wish me a happy birthday.
Is everything all right? Why don't I come by? I can explain.
You know the way.
I'll see you soon.
All right.
- Walden.
- Ah, Lucas.
Good morning.
You look surprised to see me.
Is there something that you want? The Queen of Hearts saloon.
And you're going to sell it to me.
We've already discussed this.
What makes you think I'd change my mind? Why don't you sit down and I'll explain it to you? Julius, could we have a moment please? Laura's upstairs playing with Jack.
I don't want you to worry, but I think you should know what's going on.
When you say you don't want me to worry Wyman Walden is back.
You thought he was gone for good.
Why do you think he's back now? I have a fair hunch, but I need to explain something to you first.
My black eye.
I got it because I refused to continue working with Walden.
You were working with him? I was trying to let him run a grift on me.
A swindle, so I could beat him at his own game.
Why would you do that? Because these kinds of people just think they can take whatever they want.
I was trying to operate a sting.
Have him arrested by my contact at the treasury department.
My friend from New Orleans? She's been after him for some time.
Only she went silent, so I called it off.
And I haven't been able to reach her since.
Now Walden's back and he's muscling me into selling him the Queen of Hearts.
All right, I I appreciate what you were trying to do but I don't think you did yourself any favors handling it this way.
Lucas, I think we should talk to Bill.
I'll let Laura know we're leaving.
May I be worried now? You have so many whats-its and doo-dads and whatcha-macall-its.
Oh! This is going to be so much fun.
I simply cannot wait.
Thank you so much for lending us the use of your beauty salon.
What will you two be doing during Elizabeth's day of beauty? Oh, well, I have a few ideas but, well, you know Elizabeth.
She never likes to be fussed over, not even on her birthday.
What better day to be fussed over? But isn't that exactly what you're doing with all the hair and the makeup and whatnot? Well, yes, but she agreed because she wants to look special for Lucas tonight.
You know Elizabeth, she's always putting others before herself, even on her birthday, especially on her birthday.
So, that is why, in addition to her day of beauty, I am also giving her this! A tricycle! Well, what do you think? Isn't it a little small? It's for little Jack.
I figured as much.
Well, what I can't figure is this letter.
We have this guy, Gilchrist, coming all the way from California.
- I don't know why.
- Would that be Arthur Gilchrist? Well, yes, as a matter of fact.
He works for the Hearst newspaper chain.
He sounds very important.
Apparently he has heard of our fledgling yet vibrant little offering.
He sent us a letter saying he wants to have a meeting with the editors of the Valley Voice.
How he came to hear of us, well, we're still really not quite sure.
Oh, wouldn't that be something, though? If this man wants to add our little newspaper to the Hearst empire, well, think of how our readership will grow! Mei? Hello? - Oh! - Faith.
- Do you know where Mei is? - She's not inside? - No.
- Oh.
I'm just dropping off a patient file but if I see her later, I'll tell her you came by.
Oh, Faith, are you um are you missing a sock? A sock? Never mind.
As if I'd wear argyle.
What is it? I'm leaving for Chicago.
And I don't know how to tell Nathan.
Fiona? San Francisco's on the line.
Hello? I'd like to speak to Mr.
Gilchrist, please.
Would you ask him to call Fiona Miller? Tell him it's important.
Not urgent but important.
Oh, uh, Fiona! Fiona! Are you busy? Uh, Lee Coulter's in my chair.
Oh, maybe he can help.
Uh, Minnie went to St.
Louis with Angela - and the café is shorthanded.
- Oh.
Well, I could help out later.
Much appreciated, thank you.
Oh, thank goodness.
Fiona, please take the scissors from this woman.
I don't know why he is acting like such a child.
I've cut his hair before.
I've cut your hair before! Exactly my point.
Thank you.
I do have a tonsorial trick or two up my sleeve, you know.
Skills I acquired in summer theater.
Or, as devotees of the straw hat circuit like to call it these days, Summerstock.
Any chance you learned any short order skills at Summerstock? No, but I did work at the café.
Keep it in mind she spent more time working as a hostess than a waitress.
I was wildly popular.
I could use some help over there.
Oh, well I'm already occupied for the day but Lee makes a wonderful breakfast in bed.
- You do.
- Oh, that's good enough.
Uh yeah.
Yeah, of sure.
Of course, Joseph.
I-I'd love to help.
Stop on by, I'll put you to work.
I will.
Bye now.
Gee, sweetheart.
You're welcome.
Of course I've had my doubts about you but haven't I proven myself enough of a friend to come to me? I just didn't want to involve anyone I didn't have to.
You mean you wanted to handle this on your own.
Anna! Oh, hi Mrs.
Pleasantries later, please.
You do know what's prompted Walden's sudden return to town, don't you? - I have a good idea.
- I don't.
There's something I haven't told you.
It's not his fault.
I asked everyone involved not to discuss it.
There's a very real possibility the coal mine could be re-opened.
Re-opened? By by whom? Smith and his investors through the oil company if they become majority shareholders.
And because coal is used to make steel, they'll likely be the foundry's supplier.
That's why there hasn't been any construction out at the foundry.
Coal was the missing piece to make this happen.
And that's why Walden's back.
He must have heard a deal's in the offering.
I just don't understand.
The judge ruled that the mine could never be re-opened.
Judge Parker, who made that ruling, died last year.
The oil company will no doubt challenge that ruling and have very deep pockets to do so.
And Walden is here to take advantage of the whole situation.
So, what do we do? Well, we do the only thing we can do.
We let Walden buy the Queen of Hearts.
You may not feel like being mayor anymore but just hang in there.
You think this plan will work? It's gotta work.
Now remember, Hickam, let me have it.
I'll try.
while you may be the judge, I've been elected mayor.
What I say goes for this town, Bill.
- Mayor.
- Mr.
Judge Avery.
What do you want? How soon could you facilitate a quick claim deed? Deed for what? The Queen of Hearts saloon.
Maybe later this week.
Later this afternoon would be better.
Well, what's the rush? It seems Lucas is in a hurry.
Well, maybe you should tell me what's going on.
I make it my practice to not pry into other's personal affairs.
Later today.
Walden, wait a second.
I'm done with the café.
With being a forensic investigator.
I wanna be mayor again and I wanna secure something substantial for myself.
I don't see what that has to do with me, so I'm afraid you're on your own.
Even if I can get you the Queen of Hearts without paying a cent? Oh, my goodness.
Why are you so tense? How can you tell? Elizabeth, I'm your best friend.
I know when something's upsetting you.
But you're also clenching your fists.
I have to uncurl your fingers.
I need to talk to you.
But not as the editor in chief.
All right.
Lucas tried to run Wyman Walden out of town but now it seems things have gotten out of hand.
Do you mean life and death out of hand? I certainly hope not.
Because you do know Walden is a suspect in an attempted murder of a hotel owner in Brookfield.
I read about that but I didn't know it was Walden.
Bill and the Mounties in Brookfield asked me not to use Walden's name because they didn't have the evidence to charge him but they seemed quite certain it was him.
Elizabeth, we don't know what this man is capable of.
There's just so much at stake here.
As your friend, and off the record.
It's about the coal mine.
- Ned.
- Yes.
Is Mei back there? No, more than likely she's over at the Queen of Hearts in her room getting ready to leave.
Where is she going? Nathan, I assumed you knew.
She's she's heading back to Chicago.
Were you not gonna say goodbye? Of course.
I only found out this morning and I've been rushing around ever since.
You found out what? Geoffrey's pursuing the false charge against me so I'm required to appear in the court of jurisdiction back in Chicago.
Do you want me to go with you? You have no idea what that means to me.
But you can't leave Allie.
And I have no idea how long I'll be.
Well, I could call the Deputy Chief.
The one that Bill spoke to.
I I can make sure that you're safe.
I'm not afraid of Geoffrey anymore.
But thank you for caring.
You know, on the day I arrived, as I rode past you my only regret is not letting you catch me.
Yeah, mine, too.
Listen, Mei, I um I owe you a lot.
For helping me.
And for helping Newton.
So, I just wanna say thank you.
You're welcome.
Can I can I walk you out? Would you wait here? I really don't wanna say goodbye.
Thank you.
Well, at least I'm not sneaking out of town.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Safe travels.
- Bye.
Oh, Florence! Oh, Molly, thank goodness you're here.
Ned's across the street.
This thing has come alive! - What do I - Get the plug! Get the plug! - Oh! - Florence, what happened? This monster started attacking me.
Uh, will you help me clean up? You don't have another mop? All right.
Oh, I just saw Mei.
Oh, that poor woman.
Does Faith think she'll come back? We've talked about it but I doubt Faith can give an honest answer.
Why is that? She's been rather subtle about it but ever since his accident I'm of the opinion that Faith is carrying a torch for Nathan.
What about Carson? That relationship was on the wane, even before Carson left.
Are you sure about this? Take it from someone who carries a torch of her own.
Tell me, why are you so eager to be rid of Lucas Bouchard? You could ask anyone.
Or ask him.
I haven't trusted that man since he'd come to town.
I don't like people operating outside of the law, which is why I've never liked you, no offense.
Operating inside the law is something completely different.
There's an artistry to it, which is exactly what I plan on doing here.
Being mayor means that much to you? Don't play dumb with me, Walden.
You get your information from the foundry and I get mine from the oil company, we both know the same thing.
When those mines re-open everyone's going to get rich.
Not everyone.
But enough of us.
Point well taken.
It's not about me being mayor, it's about me having complete control of this town.
But first thing's first.
And what is this? Forfeiture case law.
It's what I'm going to use to get you the saloon and Lucas out of town.
Now he says the eggs are overcooked.
Well, I can't undercook them.
I'm sorry, Mr.
It's not your fault, Anna.
I guess I'll just I'll start over.
It'll be all right.
Hey, there he is.
You know what, Joseph? I actually think I'm starting to get the hang of this.
Lee, I appreciate you giving me a hand here.
What? What is it? What's wrong? Did you co-sign our bank loan? Uh I was hoping you wouldn't find out about that.
Hoping we wouldn't find out? Shouldn't that have been a clue that maybe it was a bad idea? You know, I started to think that maybe you'd done something when the bank called back saying they'd changed their mind.
Why didn't you ask me? I didn't think you'd say yes.
That should have been a clue, too.
Rosemary said this would happen.
- And that.
- I know, another clue.
Lee, stop trying to help me with that.
Joseph, I was just trying to be your friend, that's all.
I know that you would have done the same thing for me, too.
I would have asked you first.
Well, I'm ok.
Everything's fine.
I signed the deed to the saloon over to Walden and he thinks I've driven out of town.
- Were you followed? - No, I don't think so.
I circled around and the car's parked out of sight.
What if this whole plan of putting on an act for Walden to try to have him arrested doesn't work? I just don't see that we have a choice.
But we're better off already.
- Oh, really? - Mmm-hmm.
Why is that? Because I get to stay here, out of sight, with you.
Make sure nothing happens to you or my little buddy.
- That is better.
- It is better.
A nice quiet birthday.
Just the two of us.
Mama, is it morning? Just the three of us.
Why don't you go get that boy who is very much awake and I'll start making us dinner? Well, I am impressed.
Seizing property under forfeiture goes back to maritime law.
It was easy to force Lucas's hand.
Either he signs the deed or he faces time in prison.
Um, Mr.
Wyman, your office.
Why would he bother locking the door when leaving town? I don't know.
Maybe we can break the glass- That's not necessary.
I can wait to call a locksmith in the morning.
May I help you? I hope you're not the new maitre d'.
Perhaps you'd like to step outside.
Perhaps later.
How is your evening? Is Lucas around? Lucas left town late this afternoon.
And the Queen of Hearts is under new ownership.
You can't be serious.
Things happen fast around here these days.
And you're just ok with this? Nathan, I can't stand in the way of commerce.
Bill, he's gonna be back.
You know that, right? Maybe.
But not as owner of this saloon.
Have a good evening, Constable.
Now it's my turn, given that you're in the afterglow of all this.
I told you that I wanted something substantial for myself.
I want Lucas's share of the oil company.
And if you want in you're gonna have to come up with some upfront capital.
Some good faith money.
Shall we? What's the matter, Pop? Not hungry? No, Coop, I guess not.
These are good leftovers.
You don't miss your mama's cooking? I like your cooking, too.
Judge Avery made the potatoes, Mr.
Coulter made the ham.
I'm not quite certain who made the snap peas.
Lots of people helped out, huh? We have some very good friends.
You don't suppose you ever see yourself coming back to church? Maybe.
I like trying to be my own boss for a while.
Your own boss, huh? I heard you say that to Mom once.
Is that how you see God? The big boss? Pretty much.
You don't think you're getting too big for your britches, son? I'll always love you.
These are the kind of questions you have to ask yourself.
Ok, Pop.
I'll try.
How about some dessert? - Oh yeah.
- Ok.
Are you staying here? Just for tonight.
Just for tonight? Yes, while we play hide and seek.
Which is why we have all the lights down low and we're being very, very quiet.
I'm going to go upstairs and get you a pillow and a blanket for the couch.
Can he sleep in my room? I don't think so.
You two would keep each other up all night and you need your sleep.
Hey, buddy, do you want to help me with a surprise? For Mom? Ok.
Well, all right.
Let's go.
Come here.
Hello? Yes.
Gilchrist, hello.
Yes, it was nice meeting you, too, when I was down there.
Uh, Mr.
Gilchrist Arthur.
Sir, are you planning a trip here? Oh, no.
Just wanting to see if I can help.
Well, great.
I'll see you then.
wearing a cape.
It's a surprise for Mom.
I wanna surprise her.
You may reveal yourself.
Ready? Happy birthday to you, ♪ Happy birthday to you, ♪ Happy birthday dear Mama, ♪ Happy birthday to you.
♪ And many more.
♪ Thank you.
Blow out the candle.
Oh, ok.
Can we eat it now? Yes, we can.
Why don't you have a bite? Go ahead.
- Is it good? - Yummy.
When you mentioned his name earlier, I know Arthur Gilchrist.
He's an investor in the oil company.
And he's here to talk to us about the newspaper.
What a coincidence.
Well, not really.
No, sweetheart, it is a coincidence.
- I suppose it is.
- Mmm.
- As a matter of fact.
- Coincidence or not, I wish I could steer clear of him when he arrives.
Fiona, since I hardly even got started on Elizabeth's day of beauty, would it be ok if we came by tomorrow? Of course, but will she be in any kind of shape? What woman, well, I suppose Elizabeth, but even she could be convinced to resume her day of primping and pampering.
Sweetheart, maybe Fiona has a point.
About Elizabeth.
- Because of Lucas.
- Since he left town.
- Yes.
- Mm.
Of course, what was I thinking? Maybe I wasn't thinking.
Or I was thinking that she would uh, benefit from getting out.
Your beauty salon is so relaxing.
Whatever you say.
- What was that? - I know, I know.
I just keep forgetting that we're not supposed to let on that we know what's happening with the mines.
Oh, for goodness sake.
It is a lot to keep track of.
How long do you think it'll take Bill Avery to outwit Wyman Walden? Because I can't keep this up much longer.
I don't know.
I hope he hurries, too.
But even if we do get rid of Walden we still have to deal with the problem of the investors wanting to re-open the mines.
You know what I think about Gilchrist? While he is here to inquire about our little newspaper, I think he is also here to help Smith make sure that the mines get re-opened.
Now I'm starting to forget who's where, how's when and what's what.
I don't know.
I think the bigger problem is that you're beginning to sound an awful lot like me.
Good lord, I hope not.
Ah, Judge Avery.
You can stop by the mercantile whenever you wish and pick up your wet clothes.
And are we to understand that you brokered the deal between Walden and Lucas? I will, and I did.
I don't care how it looks.
I can't believe Bill's a part of all this.
Well, I'm sorry.
I just can't.
Is there something you want, Julius? I'm just here to assist.
Walden's orders.
You always do what he says.
Sir, is there anything I can do to help? Hi.
Perhaps another time.
I look forward to it.
- You're out late.
- Oh, house calls.
I heard Lucas is selling the Queen of Hearts.
That's crazy.
Yeah, that's one word for it.
How are you? With Mei leaving.
Uh, well, right now I'm just more concerned for her safety, really.
She'll be back.
Ah, you can relate.
I guess it was different for you when Carson left town.
You were ready to get married.
Carson might have been ready but you are assuming my response.
You didn't wanna get married? I wasn't ready.
I'm still not ready.
I can tell you, it is not on the top of my to-do list right now.
That is the first time I've heard somebody refer to marriage as being on a to-do list.
Care to discuss that over a dish of ice cream? I think we're out of luck.
Not when you have the keys.
Whenever there was a thunderstorm my sisters and I would race down the hall and jump into our parents' bed.
- All five of you? - Mmm-hmm.
- Sounds fairly crowded.
- Oh, it was.
And made even more so by our two bull mastiffs who were right there with us.
That sounds like a lot of fun.
Lucas, as nice as it is having you here, what if this plan of Bill's goes wrong? We'll have to cross that bridge if we come to it.
But either way I'm gonna be here to make sure nothing happens to you or Jack.
I know you will.
Tell me more about growing up.
You tell me.
You must have at least some of the same kind of memories.
Well, when it came to that kind of family time, once I went to bed for the night I was expected to keep myself busy until morning.
I would read until late.
It's fine.
Someday I hope we might have the kind of life you've always wanted.
This is the kind of life I've always wanted.
Would you please carry Jack to bed while I make up the couch for you? I'd love to.
Oh, hey.
Jack! Jack! Don't wake your buddy! - Hi.
- Lucas, are you all right? Yes, I'm fine.
Say you're sorry.
Sorry, bud.
That's all right.
I know you wouldn't try and hurt me, would you? - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Pop? - Morning, son.
Come out here and join me.
Did you sleep all right? Uh-huh.
When do Mom and Angela get back? Mmm.
Not too much longer.
You miss 'em.
Kind of, yeah.
Can we go fishing? Oh, that would be nice, but we have work.
What kind of work? At the café.
Don't you and mama own it now? Yeah, part of it.
Why? Then you're the bosses.
Yes, but even so, there's still work to do.
Sometimes even more.
Still think you want to be your own boss? We'll see.
You almost had me fooled.
And Rosemary thinks she can act.
Why go through this charade of selling Walden the saloon? I had to somehow try to get his trust.
And do you think it worked? Here they come.
We're about to find out.
Let's hope he brought the money.
Well, that didn't take long.
As you might imagine, folks don't keep me waiting at the bank.
Shall we head inside? Drop the briefcase.
Hands up, Spurlock.
Don't do it! Well There's that gun that you said that you lost.
That'll make the attempted murder case and all the other charges against you so much easier.
Get out of the car.
If you can believe it, I'm actually starting to run out of adjectives to describe this turn of events.
That is how exciting it was.
Huh! What a story! Front page, of course.
Not to mention an exclusive that will be picked up all over the area.
I think I'll enjoy reading about this far more than I would have seeing it.
It was rather exhilarating.
Definitely not something I'll be forgetting any time soon.
I'm just glad no one got hurt.
Yes, absolutely.
Judge Bill Avery assures the community that the case against Walden, including charges of fraud and attempted murder, is to quote the esteemed Avery "air tight".
Bill's pretty confident that he can get money back for any Hope Valley residents who sold to Walden under duress.
I will enjoy reading this.
Well, you won't have to wait long.
Lee, would you mind proofreading it? I was typing so fast I'm not sure I got it all down.
You know, it's kinda like a like a mystery novel.
All the work that went into capturing Walden? And Bill, Bill did something very clever.
When he first confiscated Walden's gun he filed a little notch into the top of the firing pin which, in essence, acted as a fingerprint.
And it was a perfect match, so he was able to tie the gun to the bullet casing found by the Mountie in Brookfield.
That is very impressive.
- Lee.
- What? Proofread.
I'm sorry.
What do you think they're saying out there? None of them looks very happy.
Well, whatever the story is, you can read all about it in the Valley Voice.
And, of course, you know how Bill always enjoys a little good ink.
Walden said that you kept records of everything.
Bill, I don't know what you're talking about.
I need to know what Walden's I want you to come clean with me, Lucas! Fellas! Let's take it down a notch, all right? Yeah.
Listen, Bill, I find this ironic that I'm defending Lucas here, but why would he show Walden a bunch of illegal gambling books of some folks in Louisiana? I can only imagine that he was trying to gain Walden's trust just like I had been doing.
Listen, the only way to clear this up is to look for the ledgers.
Walden said you kept them hidden in your office.
It's locked.
- Everything all right? - Not quite.
Now, tell me about this French-speaking contact you have at the treasury.
Jeanette Aucoin.
We've been friends since my days in New Orleans.
It's true.
Lucas told me about Miss Aucoin.
What is going on? Well, Walden has told Bill that I wasn't actually working with him.
In fact, I was working with folks from Louisiana, and I've kept records of all these illegal activities hidden in my office.
And you believe Walden? I'm simply trying to build a case against Walden.
Now, how do I get a hold of this Miss Aucoin? I don't know, Bill.
I haven't been able to reach her since I initially contacted her about Walden.
The books Walden told you about.
Right where he said they'd be.
Whatever happens, we'll get through it.
His innoncence is questioned.
- He is innocent - Until proven guilty.
Yes, I know.
But one decision could set him free.
I got a call from the man who hit you.
He wants to make a deal.
His plea, it's like trading one wrong for another.
And the must-see moment you've been waiting for.
- I don't have a fever.
- Rosemary.
I was trying to tell you.
"When Calls the Heart"
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