When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e01 Episode Script

Carpe Diem

Previously on When Calls the Heart
Hope Valley won't stay
the same forever.
It's important that we
encourage one another,
especially during the hard times.
The times of change.
[ROSEMARY] I saw Lucas and
little Jack earlier today.
Lucas will make a wonderful father.
I wrote this as a
love letter to my son.
[ALL] Surprise!
everyone else in this town.
[HENRY] I used every stick of dynamite
I could lay my hands on.
I can't condone what
you've done, but thank you.
From all of us.
I don't know, Dad.
I thought that you just called me
Is that ok?
Bill Please get some rest.
This is my Last Will and Testament.
I don't know how to pray.
Would you show me?
[JOSEPH] It would be my privilege.
- I have a confession.
- About Nathan?
I've become more interested
in Nathan than just as a friend.
You're gonna be a father.
And I'm gonna be a mother.
Allow me to be a father to your son.
Elizabeth, will you marry me?
Yes to it all.
[ELIZABETH] Over the past few months
one thing has become clear to me.
No matter the challenge,
the people of Hope Valley
know how to come together.
First, the coal mine was destroyed,
then the oil wells dried up,
and we lost the foundry and
with it the promise of new jobs.
But in true Hope Valley fashion,
Florence, Molly and Minnie
started a swap meet
so nothing would go to waste.
Rosemary insisted that Lee
hire everyone he could
from the oil company
and wouldn't let anything
stop her from lending a hand,
even though she's just a few
weeks from giving birth.
We've all rolled up our sleeves,
relying on generosity and kindness
and neighbors helping neighbors.
Everyone has dedicated
themselves to doing their part
and having fun while they do it.
As for us,
Lucas and I have started
planning for a Fall wedding
and we're getting a lot of opinions.
But we can't wait for the big day.
This is your third order this week.
I can barely give these
away so I'm grateful, but uh
What can I say? I love beets.
Well, I appreciate the business.
Keep it coming.
More beets?
We really don't need beets.
We don't serve beets because
Gustave won't cook with beets.
I'll think of something.
You know, I know what you're doing.
You've done a lot. More than enough.
You hired me.
Well, you're more than qualified.
It's the best decision I've ever made.
Second best.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Wow, that's a lot of beets.
So I've been told.
It's hard to believe
how far we've come
in just a few months.
I know. It's amazing.
But there's more to life than work.
My grandmother used to always say:
"Mange bien. Rire souvent.
Aime beaucoup."
I need to dust up on my French.
Eat well, laugh often, love much.
Now I have to get back to work.
- Doing something.
- Doing what?
It's a surprise.

Carpe diem.
Now, some of you may think that poetry
can be hopelessly romantic
or hopelessly boring.
And hopelessly hard to understand?
Or it can be quite exciting.
Here you go, Angela.
Now, can any of you tell me
what "carpe diem" means?
Carpa what-ee?
I'm guessing it doesn't
mean the carp are biting?
You would be correct.
Why don't I give you a hint?
"Diem" in Latin means "day"
and "carpe" means "seize".
Seize the day?
Which is what we're doing right here.
Now, the phrase was first
coined in ancient Rome
by a poet named Horace
who wrote about enjoying the
simple pleasures of life and
Cooper. Toby. Glad you could join us.
Sorry we're late, Mrs. Thornton.
Now, as I was saying, carpe diem
means we should try to enjoy
every moment of every day,
which I have a feeling Cooper
and Toby have been doing.
Moving in?
Yeah, above the café.
Minnie offered us the rooms.
The three of you?
You're gonna be roommates?
Why not? We're all friends.
You know, late night chats
by the fire, lots of girl talk.
Oh, don't worry, we
don't talk about you.
Hardly ever.
Nathan, you worked
things out with Mei?
Yeah. Yeah, we did.
Then why can't you
work things out with Faith?
- Unless there's
- No, there's
I mean, she doesn't
I mean, I
If there's nothing there
then why don't you clear the air?
And the best way to
do that is by talking.
Well, that was awkward.
Shouldn't you be in class?
Try to enjoy life, Dad.
Carpe diem.
Henry, I keep telling you
you don't have to come in here.
You don't even have to
check in if you don't want to.
Those are the terms of my probation.
Well, now there's new terms, alright?
If I need you I'll find you.
[COUGHS] Gentlemen.
Bill. How was Union City?
- Some good news.
- From the doctor?
From the court.
[BILL] They've agreed to a
pre-trial hearing here in town
in two weeks.
I won't be presiding
for obvious reason,
but it does give us a chance
to get the charges dismissed.
That's good news.
- Constable Grant?
- Yeah.
I need you to sign for a drop-off.
I wasn't expecting a
A dog?
The name's Scout.
He's been assigned to you.
Assigned by who?
I didn't request a Mountie dog.
Superintendent Hargraves is
allowing a special exemption.
What kind of exemption?
Scout may have been cut
from the training program.
So he's not a Mountie dog?
[BILL] He's a failed Mountie dog.
And he's gonna be with you for
a long time by the looks of him.
Well, that's good.
Haven't had a Mountie
dog in town for a while.
Scout, come.
Looks like Hargraves still
has it out for you, pal.
How long are you gonna keep
pretending that everything's ok?
Who's pretending?
I'm fine. You don't
need to worry about me.
You're looking at six
years in prison, Henry.
Now, we don't know if we'll
be able to beat these charges.
It's still a long shot.
Hearing or not.
Look, whatever happens, happens.
That's exactly why I don't want
people worrying or knowing.
Like we agreed.
- How are you doing?
I'm fine.
Doctor says I'm right as rain.
Well, I guess we're both fine then.
If we cut any more lumber, Lee,
we're gonna run out
of places to store it.
Yeah, I hear ya.
Maybe we should give the men
a couple of paid days vacation.
What do you think?
That's not a long-term solution,
my friend.
Yeah, I know.
Waiting on a couple
of contracts, though.
One of them is really big.
The new water works project?
I just gotta finesse
the buyer a little bit.
Pretty soon we're gonna
be finessing the payroll, Lee.
[SIGHS] Yeah, I know, you're right.
Look, I gotta go back
to the yard, alright?
- Mmm-hmm.
- There we go.
Mr. Coulter?
The missus made this.
For the new baby.
It's a sweater.
Well, thank you, Brett.
That's very kind of you.
Thank you.
Without this job I don't
know what we'd do.
Well, you thank your wife
for both Rosemary and me.
We'll put it to good use.
Hopefully soon, but not too soon.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you very much.
When did you hire him?
Uh-huh. Isn't it you
who is always saying
the good Lord will provide?
That is me, yes, I do say that.
- Alright, see you later.
- [JOSEPH] I'll see you
Ok, let's go.
Sarah forgot her lunch.
Oh, thank you.
I will see that she gets it.
Everything alright?
Not really.
My mom and dad got
an offer on the farm.
I guess I'm moving to Cape Fullerton.
Your family seems so happy here.
My dad's been looking for a new job
since the Derricks closed.
I'm sorry.
But surely someone
in town can hire him.
He said no one needs the help
so the job is really a handout.
And you know my dad.
Does Sarah know?
My parents are gonna
tell her tomorrow.
[ROBERT] She's gonna be so upset.
She loves coming to school.
- Hi, Ned.
- [NED] Hello.
- I'd like to place an order.
- Certainly.
Well, that's quite a list.
What's it for?
It's a surprise.
A surprise? I love surprises.
Well, good.
Minnie, I was hoping I
might ask you a big favor.
In private.
- Of course.
- Ok.
I uh, also love a good surprise.
Great. You can help spread the word.
Tomorrow evening at the saloon.
Everyone's invited.
Certainly. Can I get a hint as to
I thought you said you
loved a good surprise.
Well, I-I certainly love it
when other people are surprised.
Sorry, Ned. You'll have to wait.
- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
[MINNIE] Thank you.
Oh, there you are.
Get out of the jail.
Scout. Come!
Ok, fine. Have it your way.
But you know, just so you know
I don't like this any
more than you do.
Oh, my gosh! Did we get a dog?
[NATHAN] And don't get attached.
He's got more attitude than you do.
Oh, right. So much attitude.
You're back!
Yeah. All good, Faith.
Doctor says I'll live forever.
That's funny, because
Dr. Murphy's office called
to say that you didn't show up.
Why bother?
They all say the same thing.
I might be dying.
I might live for 10 years,
nobody knows.
I've been studying
recent cases just like yours
in the medical journals and they-
Faith, I appreciate everything
you've been doing for me
but I don't expect you
to work miracles.
Have you at least tried
getting exercise and fresh air
like we talked about?
I'm feeling fine.
Let's just leave it at that.
Oh boy.
Oh Lee, I can see you're worried.
You are doing the right thing,
hiring all these men.
Rosie, I hope so, but what
if I have to lay them off?
You know, right now I can
make payroll for one month,
maybe two.
But after that I don't know.
And I don't want to
jeopardize our future, either.
Well, we have covered all
the new expenses so far
with the cuts and all I need is you.
Aww, that's nice.
- And, of course, our baby.
- Of course.
Happy and healthy.
Oh, hello.
Oh Elizabeth. Thank goodness.
We have so many
wedding items to discuss.
Oh, um
- Oh, is this my article?
- Mmmhmm.
"A Day in the Life of
a Frontier Teacher."
- Mmm.
- [ROSEMARY] Ah, perfect.
Are you sure your readers
will even be interested in it?
Elizabeth, yes.
I'm going to file it with the
other general interest pieces.
I'm banking them for
after the baby comes.
And with any luck I'll never
even have to publish it.
Or maybe "A Day in the Life"
might become a trend.
Teaching the teachers of the frontier.
It could be a hit!
Or it could be a pleasant fluff piece.
Well, I'm glad I could
be of some help.
- Lee?
- Hmm?
I'm very happy you're here.
May I ask a small favor?
Yeah, of course. Anything.
Do you need any extra men at the mill?
Uh I am more than
good right now. Why?
The Wolfs are leaving town.
Richard hasn't been able to find work
- Oh.
- since the oil company shut down.
[ROSEMARY] Oh, no.
Richard Wolf is as stubborn as an ox.
I already offered him a job
when the oil company closed.
He turned me down flat.
Lee, could you try again? Please?
I might have a big
contract coming in might.
If I do land it,
I don't know, maybe
Richard'll come to his senses.
Thank you.
Well, big contract or not,
I can always make some more cuts.
Oh no.
Ah Oh, I just remembered
that my last order of
maternity clothes never arrived.
I will simply just not re-order.
- Rosemary.
- Mmmhmm?
[LAUGHS] I just had
the most wonderful idea.
I can give you my old
maternity clothes.
Elizabeth, that is so thoughtful.
- It was very thoughtful.
- Mmmhmm.
- Afternoon, Elizabeth.
- Hi, Henry. Any news?
Well, Bill got us a hearing,
it looks like our
chances are pretty good.
Oh, Henry, that's wonderful.
And it's about time.
You know, you did the right thing.
You don't deserve all
that's been happening.
I appreciate that, Elizabeth.
That's it, go on,
try to catch a breeze!
Yeah, like that! That's it! That's it!
- Atta boy!
- You are spoiling him.
Yes, there you go.
You always bring the
best gifts back from the city.
Well, I just thought I'd
try to spend a little time
with my favorite godson.
Say, speaking of,
I wanted to ask you about Union City.
And other things.
If there's anything
you want to talk about.
If you're worrying
about my will, don't.
It's just housekeeping.
I hear Henry got good news.
Well, he certainly seems happy.
I get the feeling you're not
telling me everything.
It's broken.
Oh, I'm sorry, Jack-a-roo.
Here. Next time I'll
remember to bring some wind.
Are you going away again?
I'm not going anywhere.
At least not any time soon.
See? I told you we could save money.
Those cherries in the cherry
cobbler aren't cherries at all.
Dare I ask?
- They're prunes.
- Prunes?
Soaked in beet juice.
Half the price of cherries.
Such a clever little recipe.
I got a cookbook at the swap meet.
Prunes soaked in beet juice.
Very resourceful, sweetheart.
- Hello?
- Elizabeth!
Oh, there's still some cherry
cobbler if you're interested.
No cherries, prunes soaked
in beet juice in a cobbler.
I can only stay a moment.
I brought you the maternity clothes.
Yes! Yes! How wonderful.
So thoughtful.
I hope you like them.
Yes. Yes, of course I do.
And I remember how
flattering they looked on-on you,
in all your favorite
pastels and creams
and pink and well dusty rose.
Yes, well if they're not exactly-
Oh, they are exactly
what is called for.
Especially given that
mine never showed up.
Alright. Well, I'll
come by in the morning
and take any you can't use.
Oh, I'll be keeping them all.
- Thank you.
- You're Welcome.
- Goodnight.
- Night night.
- Goodnight, Elizabeth.
- Thank you, again.
- Oh, Lee.
- What?
What are we going to do?
I don't know if I can stand it.
I am not meant to be dusty.
Oh, sweetheart, you look
beautiful in anything
and you know it.
Besides, these aren't exactly rags.
Elizabeth's just trying
to be thoughtful, that's all.
Of course she's being
thoughtful, she's Elizabeth,
but I'm me and I need things with
well, a little bit more flare.
- Oh!
- What?
Oh, Lee. I just felt the baby kick.
- Here. Come, come, come.
- Ok, ok, ok.
I felt it. I felt it.
Oh, Lee. We are on a big adventure.
Yes, we are.
I know, I know.
I'm interrupting the planning
of your big secret surprise.
Well, if you'd like to take a break
perhaps we could go over
some of the items on
our wedding to-do list?
More names for the guest list?
If we don't send out invitations soon
our parents are gonna try to hijack it
and plan the whole thing.
I wish planning a wedding was simpler.
We could always elope.
But I wouldn't want to
deprive you of a wedding.
Deprive me, deprive our friends,
our parents,
and all their suggestions.
So is that a no?
That's a no.
It was worth a shot.
Love you, mama.
I'm gonna be late. See ya, pop.
Uh, school's not for another hour.
Which doesn't give us much time.
Time for what?
That's a lot of turnips, ladies.
Oh, wait til you see the beets.
And Minnie won't
tell us what they're for.
I've been sworn to secrecy.
Do you know?
Well, I know enough to know that
I'm not allowed to tell you two.
Look, Minnie can't wait to
see the smiles on your faces.
Mmm, thank you very much.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
Oh. Sorry we're late, Mrs. Thornton.
Why are you all wet again?
Carpe diem.
Take your seats.
[TO HERSELF] Carpe diem.
Oh, I understand, yes, but I
I think you'll find that
we are the closest supplier
who can offer such reasonable prices.
Well, that's all I can ask.
Well, thank you for
your consideration.
Sounds promising.
Oh, I hope so. It's a huge contract.
The guy's been saying
no to me for months
but I think I'm finally starting
to wear him down.
- Good.
- Anyway, enough about that.
What can I do for you?
I need a favor.
Yeah, of course. Anything.
You know that.
Great. Well, the wedding is coming up
and I was hoping I could pick
your brain about something.
[CHUCKLES] Well, this might come
as a bit of a shock
but Rosie did most of the planning.
But I will try. Go ahead.
This is more of a
question for the groom.
Oh, ok, well um get
your tux fit ahead of time.
I didn't like the way my tux fit.
And uh, definitely get somebody
to go over your speech ahead of time.
I'll also need a reliable
friend beside me
to make sure I don't
faint at the altar.
Oh, yeah. Very important.
So what do you say?
Me? Best man?
Best man.
I would be honored! Yes, of course!
Yes, Allie?
Mrs. Thornton, I was wondering
would you be able to
look at a poem that I wrote?
Of course.
It's my first one.
Well, first good one.
But I was wondering if you could
tell me how to make it better.
You being a writer and all.
I would love to.
Thank you.
Allie, I love this.
- Really?
- Yes, really. I
I wouldn't change a word.
And and I think you should
share this.
Oh I don't know.
I don't think I'm ready for that yet.
Well, how would you feel
about me sharing it?
I wouldn't have to say your name.
If you think it's good enough.
I do! I really do!
And I hope that someday
you feel confident enough
to share it yourself.
Perhaps you could do me a favor.
Explain all the wet hair?
Cooper found a swimming hole
where there didn't used to be
one up at Fawn's Creek.
We've been going there
before school and after school,
and even once during recess.
Well, thank you for
clearing that up for me.
[GASPS] So, it's true?
You got a dog?
Did you have to throw him in jail?
I didn't. It was his idea.
And yeah, he's-he's not my dog.
The last Mountie dog
that took up residence here
was equally as stubborn.
What do you have there?
Um nothing.
Fine. It's uh
Wow. Nathan, that's really nice.
- May I see the rest?
- Uh
"Adopt me"?!
- What?
- Nathan.
If you'll excuse me
I have to get this to
Ned to mimeograph it
along with the wanted posters.
What does Allie think?
She'll get over it.
Like she does all her crushes.
And you think I need to go
up there for safety reasons?
The water could be dangerous.
And since you're the mayor-
Acting mayor.
And who's safety are
we talking about here?
The children's, of course.
And yours.
And mine.
I see.
So, you think that I should
take a good long hike
up to a creek and check it out.
Have you been talking to Faith?
A hike could do anyone good.
I'd like to get a little
exercise myself.
So, how about the two of us then?
I'll meet you in an hour. It's a date.
Hey, sweetheart.
So, guess who Lucas just asked
to be his best man.
Well, that's wonderful, Lee.
Yeah, thank you.
- But
- But what?
Well, but
Elizabeth hasn't asked me
to be her matron of honor.
I am her best friend.
Or at least I thought I was.
Oh, she does have two sisters.
Oh, well, there you go, sisters.
Well, they're not so close.
No, no. Practically estranged.
Lee, don't be ridiculous.
She loves them.
She just loves me more.
Which is why this is so vexing.
- Why wouldn't she ask me?
- Um
Thank you for coming.
Who's the stick for?
Oh, I I just figured we
could get some use out of it.
It's a long hike out there.
Well, I'm not an invalid.
One of us better keep up the pace.
Lead the way.
[LEE] Come on, Richard.
Are you sure you won't reconsider?
It's like Joseph always says.
"We rise together
and we fall together."
You're a good man, Lee.
- I appreciate the offer.
- Richard.
But I know you're stretched thin.
- I can't do that to you.
- I know.
We'll find our way.
He didn't bite?
[SIGHS] Nope.
No, he did not.
Bill, it's beautiful.
It's gotta be glacial water.
You're right. I have to declare
this off-limits.
- Hey, Mrs. Thornton.
- Hi, Judge Avery.
Oh, uh, Cooper? Um, Toby
Hey, hey boys. Don't go in there.
That's ice cap water. It's not safe.
Feels more like bath water to me.
Don't be ridiculous.
He's right, Judge. Try it.
It's body temperature. Even warmer.
But how is that possible?
I think this means
We may have a hot spring.
Where did this come from?
Well, when ground water
gets heated by the earth's core
it causes-
Bill, I know how hot
springs are formed,
I've just never seen
one in Hope Valley.
All I know is that I don't like it
and I'm gonna paint
a "no swimming" sign
and bring it up here tomorrow.
- No, you can't.
- Wait. Why?
Well, for one thing you could drown.
Uh, Bill?
I think they're gonna be alright.
But anyone who wants
to come up here again,
you need to talk to your parents
and get their permission first,
Alright, Mrs. Thornton. We will.
This just feels like a lot
more work than it's worth.
Better to just shut it down.
You know, people pay a lot of money
to take the waters at hot springs.
There's Colorado Springs,
Saratoga Springs-
Health nuts, you mean.
May I ask you what is going on?
Did something happen with
the doctors in Union City?
Do you always meddle so much?
All the doctors can agree on
is that they don't know anything.
There's something wrong with my lungs.
I'm sure all those
investigations in the mines
didn't help much.
Faith would never betray
your confidence
but I understand she
made some suggestions?
Experimental treatments.
Wild ideas that sound like
a bunch of hooey
and a lot of effort.
Bill, we don't know what's to come.
But there is one thing you can do
and that is be open
to new experiences.
Live life in the moment.
Carpe diem.
Carpe what?
Seize the day.
Ah, Elizabeth.
Mr. Gowen.
Are you coming to the surprise?
Well, you know, I'm not
much one for surprises.
Are you sure?
The whole town's invited.
What with your good news I'd
think you'd want to celebrate.
Oh, the good news, yeah.
So, we'll see you there?
I'll try.
- Afternoon.
- Afternoon.
Say goodbye to Mr. Gowen.
- Bye.
- [HENRY] Bye-bye, Jack.
I- I wonder what Lucas is up to.
Everyone? Please, come in. Come in.
Thank you for coming
to our little surprise.
Minnie and I found we had
some surplus food
so we decided to join forces.
And to all of you who
unwittingly helped,
along with everyone else,
this is our treat to you all.
- A community dinner.
- Aww.
So please, enjoy!

You sit. You cooked this entire meal.
Thank you.
What have you done?
Well, work isn't everything.
Good company and great food are life.
There we go.
I'm just going to help them.
You didn't find a single dr
Oh, I did!
Molly helped me dye it purple.
That was my favorite one.
And now it's one of my favorites.
I hope it's ok.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Everyone, I'd like to say
a few words of gratitude
for a wonderful meal.
For our wonderful
friends and neighbors
for making it possible.
Now, we all know the last few
months have not been easy.
But if we put our heads and our
hearts and our hand together
there's nothing we can't accomplish.
- Take my hand, mama.
[JOSEPH] Let us ask for humility.
To accept a little help.
Let us be thankful for community,
for this is where we find safety.
And let us always
remember to do justly,
to love mercy, and to always
walk humbly before god.
Let us give thanks.
[BILL] Henry.
Why aren't you at the surprise?
Why aren't you?
I didn't want people
making a fuss over me.
Me neither.
I thought you said
you was on the mend.
Well, people say a lot of things.
Well, from where I'm standing
you look like you got
a lot of good days left.
So do you, Henry. So do you.
I don't know if I believe that.
Then tell me why I'm trying
to keep you out of prison.
'Cause you're a good man, Bill.
Enjoy your time. It's a gift.
That's what Elizabeth said.
She's a smart lady.
Perhaps you'd consider
listening to her.

Come on.
Come on.
I know how hard this is for you.
Daddy, come dance with me.
- Hmm?
Thank you so much for agreeing
to be Lucas's best man.
Aww, I'm honored.
Oh, right.
Um, Elizabeth, I was just
wondering if you had chosen
a maid of honor yet?
Or matron Matron of honor.
Rosemary, of course.
Oh? Really?
Who else would I ask?
But you didn't ask.
Oh, I just assumed it was obvious.
Rosemary, I can't imagine
getting married
without you by my side.
Would you please be
my matron of honor?
I would be delighted.
'Cause I already told Abigail
- Yay!
- and my sisters you'd be doing it.

Can I have your attention everyone?
A few people have come forward saying
they'd like to express
their gratitude.
I think that's great.
So, if anyone would like to say
something please go ahead.
I'll go first.
Ned and I are so grateful
for this wonderful night,
and even more grateful
for the wonderful company.
[GUESTS] Here, here.
And to our chef and
our most gracious host.
Yes, to Minnie and Lucas.
- Good job, mama.
- Thank you.
Um, I have a very special poem
I've been hoping to read
and this feels like
the perfect occasion.
It was written by one of our own
who would prefer to remain anonymous.
For now.
It's called "Carpe Diem".
"Carpe diem and seize the day,
"so the ancient poets say.
"We have this moment so make it count,
"never mind when troubles mount.
"We'll help each other
through thick and thin,
"blessed to have the moment we're in."
Have fun.

May I have a dance as well?
Yes, you may.
- May I have this dance?
- Absolutely, I would love to.
Lee, could I have a word?
Richard, hi.
I think I was a bit stubborn.
As our pastor says, we
all need to be humble.
So um
Can you start Monday?
- I'll be there.
- Alright.
- Thank you, Lee.
- You're welcome.
The good Lord will provide, right?
- Yes, he will.
- I hope so.
So I talked with Lee and
he offered me that job.
We're staying!
- I'm so happy you're staying.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, very much.
- That's wonderful.
[FIONA] Well, I can't
remember the last time
I danced that much.
I guess everyone was dancing.
Even Nathan was having fun.
Maybe it's time you
two buried the hatchet.
There's no hatchet.
Maybe you're right.
But it's not like we
ever had a relationship.
Not like me and Carson.
You two were practically engaged.
Then life took us in
different directions.
But we're fine.
Then why can't you
be fine with Nathan?
Unless you actually do
have feelings for him?
It's fine with me if you do.
I don't.
Well, I definitely don't.
There's nothing there
except friendship.
He's fun to have as a friend.
And I think real love
is worth waiting for.
And in the meantime, now you have us.
so much to be grateful for.
But we can always do more.
I hope you don't feel like
you have to prove something.
Well, maybe I'm trying to prove
something to myself.
That I'm the kind of man that
deserves a woman like you.
Yes, you are.
What the heck.
Carpe diem.
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