When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e02 Episode Script

Hope Springs Eternal

Previously on When Calls the Heart
[BILL] There you go!
[ALLIE] Cooper found a swimming hole
where there didn't used to be one.
We may have a hot spring.
Where did this come from?
Carpe diem.
[FAITH] I'm his doctor.
It's an understood precept
that you never even consider
having a relationship with a patient.
How long are you gonna keep
pretending that everything's ok?
You're looking at six
years in prison, Henry.
Whatever happens, happens.
We are on a big adventure.
[LUCAS] I wish planning
a wedding was simpler.
We could always elope.
- So is that a no?
- That's a no.
Hey, how are ya, Bill?
Ah, better than I deserve, Hickam.
- [FIONA] Well, he seems different.
- [MEI] Like a new man.
Morning, ladies.
Well, you seem to be
feeling much better.
[FAITH] Is there anything I should know?
Uh, not that I can think of.
Well, whatever it is
you're doing, keep doing it.
Well, what can I say?
When life gives you lemons ha!
What? Why are you
barking? You're outside.
You wanted to go outside.
He is in over his head.
Hmm. Nathan or Scout?
Ah, good morning, Bill. Good timing.
Your order just arrived.
Let's take a look, make
sure you're happy with it-
No, no. No, no, no.
I'm sure it's perfect, yeah.
- Thanks.
- Certainly.
What are you worried about?
- Do I seem nervous?
- Well, you're fidgeting.
When you're nervous you fidget.
I just I want everything to go well.
I'm sure it will, I just want
Your aunt to like your fiancé.
And you don't want Lucas
to sense your nervousness,
because then that'll
just make him nervous
and that won't help anyone.
I haven't thought of that.
Well, listen to me prattling on.
Lucas never gets nervous.
Am I late?
I couldn't decide on a tie.
Your tie is perfect.
Completely presentable.
Well, I'm off.
I've done enough here for today.
You're going to be great.
Aunt Agatha and Julie
aren't here to judge.
Of course they want to meet you,
but really they're
here to see little Jack,
and talk dresses and
wedding details and
Everything's going to be fine.
[BILL] I heard the
family's coming to meet you.
Good luck with that.
Where are they? Where are they?
They'll be here soon, honey.
[JULIE] Yoo-hoo!
Stop here! Stop here!
[ELIZABETH] Oh, my goodness!
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Julie, I am so happy you're here.
And look at you!
Who's this young man
who's growing far too fast?
I'm Jack.
Oh, I know, silly.
Good day, madam.
You must be the favorite
aunt I keep hearing of.
Agatha Thatcher.
And you must be the man who
thinks he's marrying my niece.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
And that was a joke.
You must tell your young man
he mustn't take me so seriously.
Elizabeth, come here.
Dear Jack.
I have mislaid a very
delicious candy bar
somewhere in this handbag.
Could you possibly help me find it?
I think so.
My, that is a lovely tie.
My dear, what is that odor?
Those are the horses, auntie.
We're on the frontier, remember?

[LEE] Well that's that's fantastic.
I look forward to it.
No, no, thank you.
Hot dog!
Who was that?
- That was Lawrence Barnaby.
- Oh.
The guy that turned
me down two weeks ago?
Now he's got an even
bigger project on the go.
He's coming through town
and guess who's taking him to lunch?
Well, that sounds promising.
It is. Not a sure thing, of course,
but I think if I can give him my
best pitch in person this time
You will charm him like only you can.
Bingo. Yes.
So uh, what's all this
stuff you got here?
Oh, wedding planning.
Elizabeth and I have a meeting
with Julie and her aunt to discuss.
Oh. I thought Elizabeth and Lucas
decided to keep things simple.
They did.
Simple can still be elegant.
Hmm. Sure.
And you think Julie and
Agatha are gonna be ok
with simple, albeit elegant?
No, of course not.
If it were up to them,
Elizabeth would arrive
in a golden carriage
with a flock of doves carrying her train
while an orchestra played
the Marriage of Figaro.
No. No, no, no.
That is why I'm going
to be with Elizabeth.
To protect her.
I got that.
Judge, how come that no swimming sign
is still at the hot springs?
I told you, something's
going on up there.
Safety issues.
But we've gone swimming
up there a hundred times.
We already know it's safe.
Well, in my capacity as
mayor I have to make sure,
and that uh, takes time.
How much time?
I've seen you go up
there at least six times.
Six times?
Well, now, I think you're exaggerating.
No, I'm not.
You went up there twice yesterday
and then three times
the day before that.
Minnie, um, if you don't mind
I have some business to
attend to in my office.
What is this about a hot springs?
Oh, Cooper says he found
it up at Fawn's Creek.
That creek is freezing.
And why is the mayor
swimming up there every day?
I didn't think you'd
mind if I helped myself.
Of course. I'll put that on your tab.
Your shoulder is bothering you?
Yeah, it's uh, it's acting up.
I was hoping for a refill
on those pain relievers.
Maybe you should hold the
leash with your good arm.
Do you have your prescription?
Dr. Mortimer?
Uh, the last time I was in Benson Hills
I just I saw a doctor there.
I didn't think Faith would mind.
You went all the way to Benson Hills
so you wouldn't have to talk to Faith?
No, I didn't.
I do not understand you two.
We are all friends but you and
Faith aren't acting that way.
Don't you think it's time?
[AUNT AGATHA] Your mother's seamstress
found this fabric in New York
at one of the premier bridal
boutiques on Fifth Avenue.
And here is the sketch.
Mountains of tulle and lace.
You'll look like a princess.
[CHUCKLES] Oh my. This
is lovely, isn't it?
But, ladies, while this
is a wonderful idea,
I don't think it's
quite in keeping with
the motif of the wedding.
And what "motif" might that be?
Rustic, old world.
What on earth? [LAUGHS]
It's where fairy tales
meet countryside charm.
So, for the dress, we were thinking
a very simple embroidered mermaid gown.
Long pearl necklaces, Juliet Cap veil.
Or, if we're being cheeky, a cloche hat.
Maybe not the hat.
Not a hat.
Oh, but that would be
the absolute berries.
If you're into that kind of thing.
I know you two have grand
ideas, but you know me,
I-I don't need anything lavish.
I like Rosemary's idea.
Well, you're the one getting married.
If you're happy, we're happy.
[FIONA] Remind me again
why we're hiking all the way up here
if it's too dangerous to swim.
Well, I think it's lovely.
Being in nature,
taking in the fresh air.
how beautiful you are ♪
they didn't believe me ♪
And singing.
They didn't believe me. ♪
Your lips, your eyes,
your cheeks, your hair, ♪
Are in a class beyond compare ♪
What're you doing here?
- Having a picnic?
- A picnic?
I thought these waters
were dangerous, Bill.
[ROSEMARY] Little Jack
and those elusive tadpoles
should keep Agatha and
Julie busy for some time.
Thank you.
For being on my side and always
knowing exactly what I need.
Well, it's my job.
And don't worry,
I'll find a way for
you to return the favor.
So, how do I look?
- Oh dear.
- Hmm?
Lee has a big meeting with
a prospective customer today.
How exciting. Congratulations.
Thank you.
Unfortunately, I think
it's a bit of a long shot.
I thought you were optimistic.
I was until I heard the price
that the mill in Wolfsberg quoted him.
Well, is there anything
I can do to help?
As a matter of fact, yes there is.
Remember what Faith told you,
listen to your body and rest.
Now, sit down and rest.
I will be just fine.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you so much.
I'm going with him.
No! Whoa, what happened
to listening to your body?
I am listening to my body
and my body is telling me
that my husband needs my help.
- And you're coming with me.
- Oh?
It's time to repay that favor.
So, how long have you been bathing here?
I don't know, 20 minutes or so?
No, I meant how many days?
Uh, maybe the past week or two.
Hmm. I wonder if it could be the steam
that's helping your symptoms.
Uh, if you don't mind, I've
gotta get back to town, ladies.
Go ahead. We're not stopping you.
Oh, my favorite.
Someday you'll have
to give me the recipe.
But if I give you the recipe
you'll want to bake them for me
and it's my special treat for you.
So that's your excuse.
It's true.
That's the same reason I
won't give my recipe to you.
Everything tastes better
when someone else makes it.
And the last thing you need, Minnie,
is one more person to cook for.
Between the café and now
these community dinners,
we see what you do for this town.
You and Joseph really
hold us all together.
Thank you.
I worry he pushes himself too hard.
When he's not helping at
the café he's at the mill.
When he's home from the mill
he's up late writing his sermons.
Oh, he's so gifted.
No one can move a room
full of people like Joseph.
[MINNIE] And that's when he's happiest.
And he's least happy
going over the books
for the café these days.
We've seen a dip in customers lately.
The mercantile, too.
And then there are the bandits.
Have there been more?
What have you heard?
Lawrence I can't beat that price.
The mill in Wolfsberg
is trying to undercut me.
Lee, I'm a contractor.
Every dollar I pay more
comes right out of my pocket.
Well, we're also much closer
[LEE] so transportation
costs would be far less
I don't feel right about this.
Just pretend you're playing chess.
[LEE] at no extra cost to you.
[LEE] What can I tell you?
All of our customers say
they save money with us.
Without at least matching Wolfsberg
I'm sorry, my friend.
Now, that's my cue.
Rosemary. Rosemary!
Where are you going?!
Oh! Am I interrupting?
Well, I'm in the middle of a meeting,
but uh, sweetheart, oh,
this is Rosemary, my wife.
Uh, Rosemary, this is
Lawrence Barnaby. How
could I possibly forget?
- Have we
- Oh, well of course.
At that convention in
Union City years ago.
- Now, if you don't mind.
- Oh, certainly.
How is your lovely wife, Jillian, doing?
Oh, we had tea years ago.
- We laughed and laughed.
[ROSEMARY] Oh, my goodness.
You know, Lee always says
if you work with friends
and something goes wrong
you can sort it out as friends.
And who can put a price on that?
Well, Lee can.
[ROSEMARY] And he will save you money.
Oh! Oh! The baby just kicked.
- Oh!
Some light reading there?
Oh, meeting Mei, doing some research.
How've you been? We
haven't spoken since
Yeah. I guess we haven't.
I was meaning to stop by.
Is that right?
That's right.
Nathan, it doesn't really
help to just avoid things.
I'm not.
Since you ended things.
I'm sorry, I don't have time for this.
But for the record,
I didn't end anything.
You know why?
Because there was nothing to end.
That's not true.
Yes, it is.
Everything ok?
Totally fine.
Now, I found this on
hydraulic mineral springs.
The theory is the steam
vapor somehow lets the lungs
cure certain respiratory ailments.
In Chinese medicine inhalation therapy
has been used for thousands of years.
You know, if there's something to this
then the hot springs could
become a tourist attraction.
[FIONA] And tourists
come with money to spend.
As long as we don't tell the tourists
that it's got magical powers.
What's this talk of uh, tourists?
Who wants that?
I think everyone would, Bill.
Hope Valley could use some new business.
And you're a walking advertisement
for the power of the hot springs.
Well, you heard what Faith said.
We don't wanna promise magical cures.
As a doctor I would
not call it a miracle,
but if it's helping certain patients,
why would I want to stop
others from benefitting?
Bonsoir madame.
My, my
Handsome and debonair.
May I suggest the
Caspian caviar on toast
with white burgundy to start?
That's really kind of you
but I think I'm more
in the mood for a game.
Of course.
A game of bridge, perhaps?
No, I mean real cards.
I thought everyone played
poker in these frontier towns.
And Julie tells me you
are quite the card shark.
Ah, in another life, perhaps.
Oh, don't be modest, Lucas.
I've never met a man
so quick with a deck.
Is that so?
Go on, show her a card trick.
Oh, another time.
Might I suggest five-card draw?
Jacks are better, trips to win.
You can learn a lot about
people playing poker.
He's an angel.
You have the magic touch.
He's up and down for an
hour when I put him to bed.
Oh, I admire you, Lizzie.
Your life is simply a dream.
A beautiful son, a wonderful fiancé.
Tell me about you.
How's London? Art school?
Lots of handsome and dashing men.
None worth keeping.
I'm still trying to figure
out what inspires me.
Maybe father's right.
Maybe my artistic fancies
are simply a phase.
He said that?
He says I have a mind for strategy.
He wants me to study law.
Wha do you want to study law?
You you love painting, don't you?
I do.
Then do what you love.
So are you gonna tell me?
What Aunt Agatha
actually thinks of Lucas.
I know she's going to
deliver mother a full report.
Silly, of course they'll like him.
In fact, mother hopes she'll
get to meet him at the wedding.
It's too bad she's on
doctor's orders not to travel.
They want the wedding in Hamilton!
Lizzie, consider it.
It would mean the world to them and me.
Julie, my friends and my life is here.
Mother was able to reserve St. Joseph's.
She what?!
I know, and I told her
that is a step too bold.
Mother and father know
I would never have my
wedding in Hamilton.
What's this all about?
They thought you'd reconsider.
Don't shoot the messenger.
They thought if you get married there,
Lucas would fall in
love with the life and
He'd accept a job from
father and you'd move home.
I'm out.
It's down to us, monsieur.
Your raise, madam.
You know, you're quite
the player, Lucas.
Elizabeth's father would have
a place for you at his table.
He holds a weekly card game
with his business associates.
That sounds lovely.
Of course, there is the
little matter of geography.
Yes, well one would have
to take one's chances.
But there could be a
very handsome payout.
Well, you certainly know
how to raise the stakes.
Well, this just got interesting.
Well played, Agatha.
Could you take care of that for me?
And with that I think I
will say my goodnights.
Uh, uh, uh
Consider it, dear.
You would think after all these years
they would understand
this is where I belong.
Oh, you need a cookie.
No, thank you.
They're treating me
like I'm a little girl
who doesn't know what she wants.
I really think a cookie would help.
My father can you imagine?
He plans on offering Lucas a
job just like he did to Jack.
Maybe he thinks Lucas would accept.
Well, he wouldn't.
Of course he wouldn't.
Is there a chance you're
cross with your family
because you're afraid
Lucas might want to go?
I mean, we've talked about this before,
whether Lucas wants to
settle in Hope Valley, and-
and he assured me he did.
But he is a business man.
It's a huge opportunity.
What if he's tempted?
I'm sure virtually
certain he won't be.
But the only way to know
for sure is to ask.
Oh, Elizabeth
I really think you should have a cookie.
[BILL] The judge arrives
from Union City tomorrow.
It's an evidentiary pre-trial
to determine the
validity of the charges.
Now, do we have our ducks in a row?
I have all our correspondence
since starting the oil company
as well as our contracts.
I spoke with someone close to the judge.
I think we can make a case that
Henry's actions saved lives,
and he couldn't in good conscience
allow the mine to reopen.
Sounds like good news to me.
Now we're only missing one thing.
Late again.
- Hi, Mike.
- Oh, hi, Faith.
I've been hearing about the hot springs,
I was thinking of taking
a hike up there later if
Well, if you'd like to tag along.
Thank you, but I have to do rounds.
Oh, you're headed back on rounds.
Yep, there's a shortage in the valley.
Jameson and Rock Creek
both lost their doctors.
You should be careful.
There are bandits on that road.
If you ever need an escort
I have never had a problem
with bandits, but thank you.
We had a meeting!
I guess I got carried away.
You know, Henry, it's starting to seem
like you want your case to fall apart.
I'm here to help you,
but I can't help you if you
keep sabotaging yourself.
Forgive me, I'm a little hesitant
to rehash some of the
worst days of my life.
Be ready for the judge.
Hey, Mike.
Any ginger beer come in?
Not yet.
Shipments have been spotty lately.
Is your shoulder still bothering you?
You should have Faith take
a look when she gets back.
Back from where?
She's seeing new patients
in Jameson and Rock Creek.
- Jameson? There's
- Bandits, I know.
I warned her.
It's not like there's anything of value.
How old are you, anyway? I'd
say you're no older than 20.
Quiet down, lady. I told you
Yes, yes, yes. If a kid
like you actually had a gun
you would be flashing it around.
Just leave now and maybe
you'll avoid going to jail.
Yeah? Who's going to put me in jail?
[NATHAN] No, that'd be me.
Hands above your head.
Why did you do that? I had him.
- Oh, did you?
- Yeah, I did.
Scout. Great timing.
[FAITH] Aww.
He's fine.
Here, I'll help you up.
You know, I didn't need you to save me.
He was just a kid.
I'll take that as a thank you.
You know, you don't
have to accompany me.
I'm going this way anyways.
Then I'll ride ahead.
No, there could be more
bandits. I should go.
Well, what if they come from behind?
I think you're covered.
[ELIZABETH] And tomorrow
we're going to learn
all about hot springs
and how they're formed.
Very impressive.
I still remember that
nervous young teacher
fresh out of university,
terrified to face her first classroom.
You all thought I'd lost my senses.
You have a gift.
Any school would want you.
You think I'd have my pick
of schools in Hamilton?
I'm surprised Julie kept
it to herself this long.
Did you really think
I'd consider moving back?
Elizabeth, it behooves
you to be pragmatic.
My life is here,
and I thought of all people
you would understand that.
This could be good for you.
And Jack. And Lucas.
He's a lovely match for you,
but if there were ever a man
destined for a larger stage
He is happy here, too.
Is he?
[BILL] We have witness
testimony as well as testimonials
from townspeople, mine
workers and widows.
I believe you'll find
that these charges arose
for no other reason than
Mr. Smith and his company
seeking retribution
against an honorable man
for doing the right thing.
- Your Honor
- If I may.
You'll have your chance
to say your piece.
First, let's take care
of some formalities.
I'll ask your client to stand.
Mr. Gowen, you've been charged one
count each of disorderly conduct,
trespassing, and
destruction of property.
If found guilty you could
face up to six years in prison.
How do you plead?
Mr. Gowen. Did you hear what I said?
- Yes sir.
- Then how do you plead?
Your Honor, my client
isn't thinking clearly.
If you would please,
I'd like to ask for a continuance.
My client has pressing
business back in San Francisco.
[BILL] Henry! What are you doing?
It's my call, Bill.
I surely do appreciate
what you've done for me.
You'll go to prison.
It's my call, Bill.
[LUCAS] I'll never understand Henry.
The whole town has forgiven him,
so why can't he forgive himself?
I really wish he could.
Well, thanks for getting me outside.
It's nice to take a walk.
Are you sure there's nothing
else you'd like to talk about?
It feels a bit wrong bringing it up now,
what with Henry.
I was speaking with my Aunt Agatha
and she wants us to move to Hamilton.
- Mm-hmm.
- My whole family does.
I know.
She gave me the Hamilton pitch already.
- She did?
- Over our poker game.
- Poker game?
- Mm-hmm.
Aunt Agatha she's
just full of surprises.
She certainly is.
[SIGHS] Well, are you tempted?
To live life on a bigger stage?
It's quite an offer,
and I'm very flattered
that your family accepts me-
[MIKE] Lucas
It's Gustave.
He's upset about the turnips again.
I'm worried he might
snap. To be continued.
Thank you.
So? Did you talk?
Sort of.
I can't really tell where his head is.
I think I know, I'm just not sure.
Well, you'll find an opening.
And he loves you, plain and simple.
Everything will fall
into place after that.
I hope so.
In the meantime,
we have Agatha's
farewell luncheon to plan.
I was thinking we all get dressed up,
show off Hope Valley to the nines.
You know, I think I have a better idea.
And if it doesn't convince Aunt Agatha
I'm never leaving Hope
Valley I don't know what will.
Come on, let's go find Minnie.
Smith sure seems to be
enjoying his free stay.
Why'd you agree to pay
for his lodging and meals?
It was the only way
of convincing the judge
to grant Gowen's continuance.
Well, he ordered the most
expensive meal on the menu.
So I gave him a beer from the old keg.
Sub-par foam.
The filet mignon was divine.
I know that you and I have
had our differences, Jerome.
But I'm asking you, have mercy.
For who?
He was trying to save lives.
He's practically
begging to go to prison.
Sounds like a guilty conscience to me.
He's not himself.
I think he's exactly himself.
I'm surprised at you.
He cost us all a lot of money.
The man belongs behind bars.
I thought I was gonna
make it out of here today.
You know I'm gonna
come see you every day.
What's done is done, Joseph.
Not necessarily true.
I heard the judge gave you a week
to come to your senses.
Well, I'm ok with my decision.
I've looked at it from every angle.
You don't have to fall on
your sword for this one, Henry.
Unless it's the only thing left to do.
What is this I hear
about a picnic lunch?
It's a farewell for
Julie and Aunt Agatha.
Isn't that wonderful?
Well, no. No, I think
it's a terrible idea.
First of all, it's
it's it's bug infested,
uh, it's a long hike
and you can't get the horses up there.
Well then you don't have to go
for the third time today.
I can see his laundry
line from my kitchen
and that head to toe
striped bathing suit
is out there at all hours.
[NED] And in a few short months
this little town will
celebrate its 40th anniversary.
[FLORENCE] Mm-hmm.
The founders of the
town even wrote a play.
The Founders Day play.
Fascinating, wouldn't you say, Auntie?
May I ask, how far away are we?
Oh, we're not far now. Now, where was I?
Look at all these people.
Bill, there's room enough for everyone.
What's tranquility without silence?
Maybe try some ear plugs.
How beautiful.
Why don't you have a seat?
On the ground?
It's Arcadian, Auntie.
If I may?
- Oh, why thank you.
- Certainly.
I hope you brought your appetites.
- Why, thank you, Minnie.
- Lovely, thank you.
It's a shame you can't stay longer.
We'd welcome you to join us
at the next community dinner.
Community dinner?
Oh, a tradition we started.
A way of making sure
nothing goes to waste
and a reason to get the town together.
I told you, Auntie. This
town is a magical place.
[LUCAS] Drop the pebble in.
[FAITH] There's not much to tell.
I think he was looking for food.
And Nathan chased him away.
You must have been
terrified, you poor thing.
Hopefully I'll be luckier next time.
[NED] Next time?
Well, yes. I have patients out of town.
I'm sorry, if no one else is
going to say it, then I will.
If Faith believes that she
needs to continue her rounds,
I think someone ought to accompany her.
- And I think
- Nathan should do it.
[NED] Oh, that's a great idea.
- [NED] Nathan!
- [FAITH] Nathan?
- [FLORENCE] Nathan.
- [MIKE] Nathan?
- Yeah?
- We have a splendid idea.
You should go with Faith on her rounds.
- [NED] To keep her safe.
- [FLORENCE] Mm-hmm.
You go on your rounds
anyway, it's perfect.
Well, if he had time
Is that what you want?
- It's settled then.
- Is it?
Good thinking, Mike.
I never got a chance to thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
You know the old saying.
You can lead a horse to water
But you don't give up on people.
It's your gift.
Be proud of it.
Oh, so I uh, I talked to Barnaby.
Mm and?
He said it was a difficult decision
but at the end of the
day he couldn't offer us
the one-year contract.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
So, he offered us a two-year contract.
Lee! Oh, that's wonderful!
- Yes.
- You did it!
No, no, no. We did it.
Come here.
- Allie, would you watch Jack?
- Mm-hmm.
Hello there.
You know, it won't be long until
people hear about this place.
I was thinking about that. It
may not be such a bad thing.
You know, people travel all over
the world to go to hot springs.
We could market it as
a tourist destination.
- We just need a name.
- Yeah.
Hey, Cooper!
You found this place. I
think you should name it.
Cooper's Creek. What do you think?
No, the swimming hole is for everyone.
Uh, how about Hope Springs?
Hope Springs?
I like it.
I can see the headline
now. "Hope Springs Eternal".
"Locals flock to the healing
waters of Hope Valley."
[LEE] That sounds pretty
good. It has a good ring to it.
Are you having a good time?
I know this is hard
for you to understand,
but this place,
it feels more to me like
home than Hamilton ever did.
- My dear
- You know me.
You know I will never fit
into society life again.
But maybe with the right husband
you can find your way back.
Did you ask Lucas?
Did I hear my name?
There you are.
We were just discussing the
little matter of geography.
Ah, yes.
You know, ever since
you mentioned it, Agatha,
I've been thinking.
It sounds like Hamilton has its charms.
And it appears the business
opportunities there are endless.
And the way you described the city?
I would say we cannot wait
to come and visit you
there someday soon.
If I'm being honest,
before I met Elizabeth
you might have swayed me.
But Hope Valley is our home.
I couldn't agree more.
[NED] Alright, everyone, photograph.
If we could all just gather in here.
Here we are.
Everyone say "Hope Springs".
[ALL] Hope Springs.
I knew they'd never be able to sway you.
I should thank you
for spilling the beans
and giving us time to think on it.
Maybe father was right.
Maybe you do have a mind for strategy.
Who knows?
Maybe I'll be an artist and a lawyer.
It's been a pleasure, Agatha.
Do thank your family
for their generous offer.
But I meant what I said.
Hope Valley is like no place else.
I can see that now.
Thank you.
Oh, don't thank me.
And don't fault me for wanting
to see more of you and Jack.
But this was a fool's errand.
This is the only place
you and Jack belong.
I came here to persuade you
and instead you persuaded me.
You've been given a second
chance to find happiness.
Hold onto it with everything you have.
Safe travels.
[AUNT AGATHA] Bye-bye! Take care!
- Safe travels.
- [JULIE] Love you. Bye!
Oh, it is lovely to be with family
but it is so nice to have
things back to normal.
I can tell you're a bit relieved.
I hate that I need their approval.
Oh, but I do.
I know it's silly.
It's not silly. Family is important.
You never talk about your family.
Your mother?
[SIGHS] Well, there's not much to tell.
She left when I was very young.
I'm sorry. That must have been painful.
Well, sometimes I wonder if she was
never meant to have children.
Oh, no. No, my father was wonderful,
even more than made up for it, but
Still, I
I wonder.
Rosemary, you are going
to be a wonderful mother.
I know it.
I promise.
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