When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e03 Episode Script

Oh, Baby

Previously on When Calls the Heart
Tourists? Who wants that?
Hope Valley could use some new business.
We can make this mine safe.
Mr. Gowen, how do you plead?
Hands above your head.
And my father, he plans
on offering Lucas a job
just like he did to Jack.
Maybe he thinks Lucas would accept.
Lucas, he's a lovely match for you.
But if there were ever a man
destined for a larger stage
He is happy here, too.
Is he?
and I assure you I
maintain these bicycles myself.
Now, I will see you
tomorrow at noon then?
Do you have to encourage them?
It's good for business.
Remember, we wanted them to come?
Well, maybe you wanted them.
I just wish Rosemary never would
have published that article.
Ah, the one with the description
of the wonderful health effects
on people like our town's mayor?
Are you saying I'm responsible?
Well, you have to admit you're
a pretty good advertisement.
Someone in your spot?
Someone parked their car right
in front of the hitching post.
I had to ride all the way to the stable.
- Isn't that like 100 feet?
- Sounds pretty inconvenient.
These new people need to
learn to follow the rules!
You're absolutely right.
Clearly we owe you an apology.
Well yes Well,
technically no you don't
We're new in town. We'll
try to be more careful.
This is Mrs. St. John
and her son, Jamie.
They've travelled all
the way from Philadelphia.
Are you a real cowboy?
Well, no.
But I have a horse and I
need a place to hitch him.
It sounds like a misunderstanding to me.
Mrs. St. John, if you
don't mind taking a seat
your room will be ready shortly.
- Thank you, Mr. Bouchard.
I'm just asking that everyone
show a little respect.
They're called tourists.
They're good for the town.
Well, it doesn't mean
that I have to like it.
I'll have my usual
in my booth please.
He has a usual now?
Coffee with way too much sugar.
Too bad it isn't making him any sweeter.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Oh!
- Where do I put this?
- Over there.
- Ok.
Elizabeth, how nice to see you.
Oh, you brought muffins. I'm ravenous.
- Oh, my goodness.
- What is going on here?
Oh, well, we're clearing
the upstairs room
to make space for the nursery.
- Isn't that exciting?
- So exciting. How can I help?
Oh, uh, we're just about done.
I think there might be one or two boxes
and a truck left, and that's it.
Lee wants to make this
his personal project.
Personally, I think he's
being way too ambitious.
Lee is going overboard?
Yes. We don't want to overdo it.
So long as it's spacious
and sunny and warm.
A crib and a table. Oh, and curtains.
- Lee?
- [LEE] Yeah.
We'll need curtains!
- [LEE] Got it!
- Mmm-hmm.
Anything else?
Well, wallpaper. One must
always have wallpaper.
I was thinking baby bunnies.
- Oh, bunnies.
- Or lambs.
Butterflies? What do you think?
I think you need a muffin.
Oh Mmm. Un-uh.
- No offense.
- None taken.
Anyway, I just came by to check on you.
How are you feeling about everything?
Oh, well, as it gets closer
I'm more eager and more nervous.
You are going to be fine.
I know.
And you don't have to
worry about my worries.
Of course I do, Rosemary.
That's why I'm here.
I am determined to keep things simple.
I told Lee don't overthink. Underthink.
Oh, speaking of underthinking,
we need to talk about the baby shower.
It's next week and, while I'm
sure you have many good ideas,
to be helpful I made a list of
[GIGGLES] suggested activities
That I think might be fun.
I mean, not more fun
than the activities you
already have planned,
just uh, well, guaranteed fun.
- Right.
- Mmm-hmm.
Right. And, and I cannot wait to
discuss this with you, but um
Oh, look at the time!
I'm going to be late for
school so I should really go
and we'll discuss this later.
- Well, uh, Elizabeth
- Bye!
Oh. Alright, here we
go. That's about it.
Anything you want to keep?
Oh, you know what?
You haven't even opened this trunk.
I say out with the past.
All I want to think about
is this beautiful baby.
Alright, fair enough.
Well, I for one am so excited.
I have so many ideas. Big, big plans.
Oh, but we don't want to overplan.
Oh, no, no. No, of course not.
Keep it simple. You know me.
Like, oh, I don't know,
like I simply adore you.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, Lee.
- Give me a hug.
Oh, that's nice.

[ELIZABETH] Today we're
going to be scientists,
and science always
starts with a question.
For example, how do plants grow?
Why does the moon shine at night?
What would be another question?
Yes, Angela?
Why do the planets go around the sun?
Excellent. Yes.
Now, many good scientists
also work in teams
so we are going to form groups.
If you have a question you
want to know the answer to,
tell us and then others
can join your team.
I'd like to know how the hot
springs in our town were formed.
Great. Who would like to join Allie?
- I would.
- I would.
Good. You three are
the hot springs team.
Now, every good team
also needs an advisor.
So once you have your
question and your team
I want you to look for a mentor.
What kind of mentor?
Well, it can be any grown-up you like,
but I would suggest looking for someone
who's asked similar questions before.
And then they can help guide you.
- We should get Judge Avery.
- Oh, yeah.
Nathan. Do we have an appointment?
No, I just wanted to see if you
were still going on your rounds.
I am, but
Oh, you think I need an escort.
Don't you?
I thought that was the agreement
after what happened last time.
You mean with that kid?
- The one that you let get away?
- Oh
He wasn't a kid.
And it was attempted robbery
and he's still at large.
And I'm fairly certain
that it won't happen again.
Also, I'm more than capable
of fending for myself.
But if you don't think
I should go alone
I don't.
I could ask Mike Hickam to come.
- Mike?
- Yes.
Or Robert.
The mailman?
I'm gonna see if they're available.
Nathan, your time is so valuable.
I'm sure you have better things to do
than just tag along with me.
But thanks for looking out for me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Why do people keep moving furniture?
Maybe they're just trying
to get more comfortable.
Gustave has really outdone
himself if I may say so.
You may. Wow!
How's the baby shower?
She doesn't suspect
a thing. Wish us luck.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
And thank you.
So, Rosemary still thinks
the shower is next week.
Very impressive, Elizabeth,
that your acting can fool even Rosemary.
Now, shall we confirm everyone
knows what they're doing?
I'm making finger sandwiches.
Cucumber, egg salad, and salmon paté.
Paté. Oh, how elegant.
Rosemary's gonna love it.
And good catch on the egg
salad. She would notice.
[ALL] Mmm-hmm.
Now, I have the flowers
and for decorations
Ned ordered these darling
paper napkins with storks.
And I'll keep her busy.
Everything's ready at the salon,
we have our new special clay
facial treatment we want to try.
It's so exciting.
I think she's really gonna love it.
Now, I know you're all
already doing so much
but I have one more request to make.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Elizabeth was just
telling us about her plans.
- For your shower next week.
- Heavenly.
Oh. Well, then I am just in time.
Minnie, hear me out.
I have been thinking about the food.
I think it's impossible
to overdo egg salad.
[BOTH] Mmm-hmm.
Well, I couldn't agree with you more.
- Oh, well
- Now we really must be going.
We have a date at Fiona's salon.
- We do?
- We do.
Yes, we do.
A special surprise from Mei and Fiona.
An early baby shower present.
- An afternoon of pampering.
- Divine.
It's all been arranged.
Well, I wasn't expecting
Well, this is what makes it a surprise.
I'll take that list, Rosemary.
You and I will have
several meetings this week
to go over every item.
- Uh
- Shall we?
Hello. I'm Jamie. I'm visiting.
Hello, I'm Henry and I live here.
[JAMIE] Is the food good?
[HENRY] I've had worse.
[JAMIE] Not that I'm too hungry.
[HENRY] Terrific.
Do you think they serve milk?
You know what? There's a soda
fountain right across the way.
They serve ice cream.
Whoa, really? I bet
you like living here.
I like it well enough.
I mean, I'm not gonna
be here that much longer.
[JAMIE] Where are you going?
Well, I hope you don't
have to be there too long.
That's a nice thing of you to say.
Sure thing. Goodbye.
Look at him. He seems so calm.
He could be spending the
next six years behind bars
and it's almost like
he's happy about it.
Doesn't mean the rest of us have to be.
There's still 24 hours left.
It's never over 'til it's over.
Oh, thank you.
Mind if I take a seat?
It's your establishment.
I was hoping we could
discuss the Henry Gowen case,
business partner to business partner.
A bankrupt business, thanks to him.
In preparation for the hearing
I've been going through
old files from the mine.
I came across a copy of a report
from that engineer, McCorry,
regarding the safety of the mine.
The one our friend, Henry, blew up?
Yes. And if he hadn't,
you and I could potentially be
liable had anything happened.
The report clearly states
the mine was unsafe.
McCorry disowned that report.
He reviewed his findings,
changed his mind.
After you visited him at
his home in Black Creek.
We had a discussion.
And that's all?
He would tell you that
if that's all it was.
Unfortunately, it's a moot point.
Why's that?
Mr. McCorry was a very sick man.
Sadly, he passed away last month.
Is this too much?
For Rosemary?
Oh, you're right. What am I thinking?
Oh, hello.
- Are you open?
- Oh, yes. Come in.
We're decorating for a
party later for our friend.
Oh, what lovely flowers.
Wherever did you get them?
They're wild flowers. We picked them.
Really? How adventurous. I'm jealous.
I'm lucky if I can get my
gardeners to grow weeds.
Shall I get you a menu?
Thank you, but I really just
came to ask for directions.
This is my first time in town
and I'm wondering where I
could find the mayor's office.
It's just down the street
but he's not there now.
Oh? Where is he?
Here we go. Today's
soup special coming up.
You're looking at him.
Hello again.
Or have you two already met?
Sorry about our first impression.
Perhaps we could let bygones
be bygones with a cup of coffee.
Well, I don't usually drink
coffee with the customers.
I guess I could.
Uh, what brings you
to Hope Valley, Mrs
- St. John.
- Yeah, right, right.
Madelyn, please.
My husband, Sebastian
St. John, recently passed
and I'm traveling out
west to settle his affairs.
Well, you have my condolences.
It's all been quite overwhelming.
Then I saw the article
about the hot springs
and their health benefits and
thought we'd give it a try.
Well, I don't want to
misrepresent the medical benefits
but they have been
known to help some of us.
Oh, well maybe you
could take us on a tour.
A tour?
Of the valley, the hot
springs, see the countryside.
As mayor you must know
everything about this town.
Well acting mayor,
and I'm quite busy.
Well, I don't expect you
to give up your day for me,
- I'm happy to pay.
- What do you mean, pay?
Since you're holding down
two jobs and with the times
I know it can be hard to make ends meet.
Make ends meet? Two
jobs? Listen, I don't
What Bill means is we
own the café together.
Of course.
Oh dear.
I really have gotten
off on the wrong foot
and stepped right into it again.
Oh, not at all.
Right, Bill?
Uh right, right, yes.
Coffee's on the house.
Now, if you'll excuse
me I have dishes to do.
It's one of my many jobs.
I make the most wonderful butter tart.
I'll get you one.
Thank you.
We won't be long, will we?
Minnie may have questions
I I think I left a
few things off the list.
Head back, please.
Oh, cheese
I forgot to add that there
needs to be more than one cheese.
Oh. Well, that is nice.
We'll start with a few pressure points.
Pressure alright, but not too
- oh yes.
Yes. That's the spot.
[WHISPERING] I'm gonna go
check on the decorations.
Oh, Elizabeth, you really must try this.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm-hmm.
Oh yes. [LAUGHS]
Constable Grant.
Doctor Carter.
I've decided with the
bandit still at large
you require police protection.
You've decided?
As part of my job as
an officer of the peace
I'm just doing my duty.
Alright, permission granted.
- Permission?
- Yes.
It's my wagon, my horse, my patients.
I am the doctor in charge.
And just so you know
I'm only doing this
because I like your dog.
Hello again.
Hi. Do I know you?
Yeah, my mom parked her car
in your horse's parking spot.
Oh, yeah. Jamie, right?
Why do you have a bike?
Where's your horse?
Shouldn't you be with your mom?
I told her I wanted to stay at the hotel
but then I heard about ice cream
from a Mr. Gowen at the bar,
who's going to prison.
Just ignore him.
How do you decide whether
to ride a bike or a horse?
You ask a lot of questions, don't you?
I usually ride a horse
but I can't get a horse
to where I'm going.
And seeing as I'm a
former forensic inspector
I've been asked to oversee a
very important science project
so if you'll excuse me.
Can I come?
Hey, Judge Avery.
Are you ready to supervise
our science project?
Are they coming, too?
Is he coming, too?
Uh, kids, this is Jamie, and uh
yeah, I guess, he's coming too.
Well uh, do you know how to ride a bike?
Of course. I learned
on the Champs-Elysées.
The shams-a what?
Never mind, he's from Philadelphia.
Well, go on over there and get a bike.
[BILL] Alright, let's go.
Sorry about Scout
getting away back there.
He can't sit, heel, stay, roll over.
Still, I was hoping he would
catch the scent of that bandit.
Oh my.
[FAITH] I didn't notice this before.
It's beautiful.
[NATHAN] I've been up here many times.
It's never looked like this.
[FAITH] Scout, what is it?
- It's the bandit.
- You think?
Yeah. It's gotta be.
Wait a second, what are you doing?
My job. Are you coming?
Fine, stay here then. Ya!
[ALLIE] Cooper, you say the
water is hotter on this side?
[COOPER] That's what it feels like.
[TOBY] It's cooler over here.
That could be the site of an
underground thermal spring.
What do you think, Judge Avery?
Um, interesting scientific theory.
I'll check it out.
So, the hot springs just
appeared out of nowhere?
The creek was already here.
We're trying to figure out where
the hot water is coming from.
Maybe it's a fissure.
A fish or what?
Like a geological fissure.
A crack in the earth.
Science is one of my favorite subjects.
And history and math.
What do you do for fun?
Like with your friends?
Mostly I just like to
travel with my mother.
The boys at my school
are into silly things.
What bout the girls?
We don't have girls!
It's the top school in the state.
What do those two things
have to do with each other?
They have nothing to do with each other.
Well, we have the best teacher
in the universe, Mrs. Thornton.
We always have projects and
she makes everything fun.
If it's fun, I doubt
you're learning much.
Where did you get that idea?
There is no way your
school is better than ours.
Well, if you saw my school
you wouldn't think
Ours is the best.
And we all get to be
together in one room.
In one room? Like a
one-room schoolhouse?
How could you possibly learn anything?
I saw something.
It-it's like a tiny crack in the rock
with bubbles coming out.
Well, it is a fissure after all.
Told ya.
[MIKE] Oh, hey Robert.
Hey, Mike. Is Mr. Bouchard in?
[MIKE] He's in the back. Lucas?
Certified letter for you, Mr. Bouchard.
From Black Creek. I'll
need you to sign for it.
[LUCAS] Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Did you let the bandit get away again?
Not the bandit.
A squirrel.
Scout found a squirrel.
Here. I'm sorry, I bent the wagon wheel.
I'll make sure it gets fixed
when we get back to town.
How about you? Nothing broken?
Just my pride.
Well, I want you to know
that I appreciate it, Constable Grant.
Now you can tell everybody
that you've saved me
from bandits and squirrels.
Don't make this worse, please.
Uh uh.
I've got a baby shower to get to.
I have the strangest carefree sensation,
as though all my little nerve endings
are just taking a little holiday.
- Elizabeth!
- Mmm?
The seating arrangement!
You are right. I will
add it to the list.
Right now sit back. It's
time for Mei's face mask.
Games! What about the party games?
We haven't talked to Minnie
about the party games.
Rosemary, we can tell her later.
Oh, goodness.
Please do not worry.
Everything is under control.
All you need to be doing
right now is relaxing.
Uh on second thought,
uh, maybe you were
right about the games.
I I'm pretty sure I heard
Molly suggest that we play
"Don't Say Baby."
Don't Say Baby?!
Elizabeth, you know I hate that game.
I know you do. I know.
Oh, well, I think we need
to talk to Minnie right now.
My thoughts exactly. Perfect timing.
We're all done.
- Just one cheek?
- One per visit.
Oh. Well, Fiona, Mei
This has been lovely. Truly stupendous.
You two might be on to something.
- You think so?
- Oh, absolutely.
You two should go
into business together.
And if you need an endorsement,
the Valley Voice is always available.
Rosemary, we really should be going.
Oh, yes.
We have to deal with this
"Don't Say Baby" fiasco.
[ROSEMARY] Why would
she ever suggest that?
I'm glad we're nipping
this "Don't Say Baby" game
in the bud.
You know, I really think those
two might be on to something
with this clay facial mask.
Although I don't think they
should use the word "clay".
- Or "mask".
- No?
No, they should call it Hope Springs
Healing Hydrating Mountain Mineral Balm.
- What do you think?
- Catchy.
[ROSEMARY] With little swirls of
water droplets and pine needles
coming off the H's. I think
I should tell them now.
Why not later?
Good idea.
- You know, I
- [ALL] Surprise!!
You did this!
It was a group effort.
I hope you like it.
It's perfect. It's just perfect.
Faith, hurry!
The shower's started.
I'll put the wagon away for you.
And I'll fix the wheel.
Thank you.
Happy to be of service.
Perfect timing. We're
about to open presents.
Oh, booties.
[ALL] Aww.
They're so precious. Thank you, Molly.
You're welcome.
And, for the last gift
We all made hats.
With lace.
- And ribbons.
- And buttons.
Oh, my goodness.
There are so many, and they're
so colorful and imaginative.
For a mother who is a
natural-born performer,
think of motherhood
as your greatest role.
And we will all be
watching and applauding.
That little baby is so lucky.
You're gonna be the
most wonderful mother.
- Oh.
Little Deborah, she was so easy.
Then Paul Junior was a little fussy.
But you rise to the occasion.
And luckily they sleep for a few months.
Eighteen hours a day.
Oh, you'll be so in
love that won't matter.
And you're so full of energy, Rosemary.
Nothing gets you down.
You're going to be an incredible
mother, I just know it.
The question is, why did they
just appear out of nowhere?
Fissures don't just appear.
They form under pressure or an eruption.
You don't have volcanos, do you?
No, but we do have coal. A lot of it.
I wonder if they're connected.
What's connected?
[MRS. ST. JOHN] There you are, Jamie.
Mrs. St. John.
We've been studying the hot springs.
Really? Was it safe?
Of course. Mr. Avery was there.
And I was leading the group
in a scientific investigation.
You've been leading us?
[CHUCKLES] Well, isn't that grand?
I'm going to the library.
I have a theory about how
that fissure got formed
and I want to check it out.
Jamie, would you like to
come look it up with us?
In my school we're not
allowed to study together.
Well, at our school we get to.
Thanks, Judge Avery.
- Thanks, Judge.
- Thanks, Judge.
You know, you have a very bright
young man there, Mrs. St. John.
And if I didn't say so
before, I'll say it now.
Welcome to Hope Valley.
See you around, Jamie.
Well, I'm glad it's been fun.
You could have gone with them, you know.
- Nah, they don't like me much.
- We won't stay long.
I just have a little more
business to attend to.
I like it here. The air is different.
I haven't been bored almost at all.
Don't you want to get back
home to school and books?
I guess so.
Excuse me, everyone.
I have one final present
and this goes to all of us.
[ALL] Oh.
Oh, lilies, my favorite.
[MOLLY] Oh, roses.
There's a tradition in our family,
when it's getting closer
and the baby is almost here.
That's when we get word to each
other to all light our candles
and keep them lit until there's
a new little child in the world.
So you know you're not alone.
A signed confession?
Our late inspector McCorry
left you a signed confession?
I had been in correspondence
with him regarding
his initial report and why
he may have changed his mind.
I asked if he would
make a written statement
since he was too sick
to attend the trial.
His now widow informed me
he did do so before he died
and she sent it via courier post.
I'd like to read it.
Not before I show it to the judge.
And what if it's a forgery?
That's precisely why
I'd like to introduce it
in a closed-door hearing.
Let him decide.
It'll be your word against mine.
A roll of the dice.
You know it accuses you of bribery.
You know you're guilty.
I introduce this as evidence
and it could cause a whole new trial.
One where you're the
defendant, not Henry Gowen.
Mr. Bouchard, I heard you're
quite the poker player.
I can't tell if you're bluffing,
but I don't like any odds
that land me in prison.
What will it take to
make this all go away?
Inform the judge you've reconsidered
the veracity of the charges.
Henry Gowen walks a free man
and you're on the next
train out of Hope Valley.
Well, that doesn't leave
me much time to pack.
So I will be off.
Could you do me a favor?
Keep this some place safe.
No use leaving it around
for anyone to read.
Ah, goodbye. Muah.
Ned is going to love these.
- Thank you both so much.
- Our pleasure.
- [FLORENCE] Well done.
- Thank you.
- [MOLLY] Wonderful party.
You're awfully quiet.
I hope it was everything
you wanted and more.
It was better than I could have dreamed.
And I know what you did.
You do?
We didn't play any of
the games that I suggested
but I think our friends were playing
a different game altogether.
All those compliments.
"Rosemary, you're going to
be such a wonderful mother."
"Rosemary, that baby is so lucky."
You knew I was nervous.
You knew I had my doubts
and you wanted to help me through it.
A big part of motherhood
is supporting other mothers.
Yeah, I see that.
I also see that I not
only have a best friend
who is like a sister to me,
but I have a whole family.
These are nice people.
Are you sure this is the only way?
I understand.
What did you do?
Uh, I'm-I'm not sure what you mean.
Smith's gone and the
charges are dropped.
What did you do?
I was trying to help.
I wasn't asking for help.
If it was help that I wanted
then I would have asked!
You're making it seem like I've
taken something away from you.
You've taken from me the opportunity
to be able to pay my own bill.
I wasn't gonna let a
good man and a good friend
go to prison for doing the right thing.
But if you think that's
wrong, I apologize.
[NATHAN] Oh, there he is.
Henry! Hey.
I've been looking all over for you.
Allie's got something
she wants to tell you.
We've been doing a science
project trying to figure out
how the hot springs could have formed.
And guess what? It was you!
I don't follow.
They formed after you blew up the mine.
The explosion must have
created that crack in the earth
that allowed water to escape
from a stream underground.
It made the hot springs!
Hope Springs. That's
That's that's good news.
I thought he'd be happier.
[NATHAN] Yeah, so did I.
Hey. How was your day?
Oh, it was just an inspiring day.
Elizabeth and the other ladies
gave me the most
marvelous surprise party.
Oh, good.
Kind of a coincidence because I also
- Oh.
- have a little surprise for you.
You ready?
- Lee.
- Yeah.
Did you make these?
Yes, of course I did.
Ok, with a little help from Joseph.
Ok, a lot of help from
Joseph. But I still did a bit.
What do you think? Have a seat.
I'm also gonna make a
high chair for the table
and a swing for the back yard,
and a crib so our little one
can stand in it and be safe.
Sweetheart, they are lovely.
But this is enough. In fact
Hmm it's perfect.
You're right. It is perfect.
And you are going to
be the perfect mother.
Did Elizabeth get to you, too?
What do you mean, did
Elizabeth get to me?
I haven't seen Elizabeth
since this morning when I was with you.
Well, then I know you mean it.
Well, sweetheart, of course I mean it.
You know what?
I'm starting to believe it, too.
Oh, hello.
What's all this?
Well while Gustave was
making the cake for the shower
I asked if he would also
make one of our grandmother's recipes.
Try it.
- Mmm. Is that
- Vanilla and lavender?
Yes. It was my favorite
recipe growing up.
Well, now it's one of my favorites.
I was wondering how you might feel
about asking Gustave if he would
if he would make it as our wedding cake.
I think that's a wonderful idea.
Nothing too fancy, of course.
Five tiers.
Five tiers?
And chocolate rosettes. With gold leaf.
I'll have them shipped from Paris.
[LAUGHS] I'm kidding.
The cake will be made exactly
to your specifications,
I promise.
In that case, three tiers
and let's skip the gold leaf.
I thought you might say that.
Did you hear Henry is a free man?
Is that what you've been up
to? That's wonderful news!
How is he feeling?
Actually, he's having some trouble
accepting his newfound freedom.
But I think he's gonna be just fine.
How did you do it?
I appealed to Jerome
Smith's better angel.
And then I discovered
he doesn't have one
and when I was all out of
cards to play, I bluffed.
You are a pretty good card player.
When I have to be.
Are you ok with that?
With me using some of my old tricks?
To save a friend?
I actually kind of love you for it.
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