When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e04 Episode Script

Great Expectations

Previously on When Calls the Heart
[ALL] Surprise!
[ROSEMARY] As it gets closer
I'm more eager and more nervous.
[LEE] You're going to
be the perfect mother.
[ALLIE] It was you!
They formed after you blew up the mine.
Smith's gone and the
charges are dropped.
You've taken from me the opportunity
to be able to pay my own bill.
These new people need to
learn to follow the rules.
You're absolutely right.
These are nice people.
Are you sure this is the only way?
[ELIZABETH] What a difference a few
weeks have made to our little town.
As word spreads about Hope Springs,
tourists have been slowly arriving.
The hot springs are
bringing new opportunities,
new prosperity,
and new health.
And soon there will
be even more good news.
My dear friend, Rosemary,
is expecting any day now.
When her time comes
the women of Hope Valley
will keep her close
and in our hearts.
Everything's looking great.
We're a week past when you
thought the baby would come,
and the baby isn't moving as much.
I don't think it's normal.
It's perfectly normal.
Sometimes babies get
quiet just before labor.
Are you sure about that?
'Cause with this baby
it's usually like a football
game going on in there.
Well, I haven't been sleeping
as well as I would like-
[LEE] Yeah.
[ROSEMARY] And maybe that
has something to do with it?
- Or diet.
- What does that mean?
No, I don't mean, like, eating.
I just mean I made
a brisket the other day,
maybe I made it too spicy.
[ROSEMARY] It was very spicy.
- Well, it wasn't that spicy.
- It was too spicy.
Not really.
It's probably just the
progression of the pregnancy.
And I find that worrying doesn't help.
- [BOTH] Worried?
- We're not worried.
- Do we seem worried to you?
- Should we be worried?
The best thing that you can do
is drink liquid, stay active,
walk around
See? I said walk.
You didn't.
And most importantly
try not to think about it.
"Try not to think about it", she says.
How can we think of anything but?
I know, I know.
We should just try and think
of something else, though.
Like um baby names.
Lee, that is still about the baby!
[SIGHS] You're right,
you're right, it is, um
Ok, let's see.
Uh oh, I know. Your favorite outfits.
[CRYING] I'm never gonna
fit into those outfits again.
Ok, ok. That was a bad
one. That was a bad one.
Um ooh, ooh, I know.
Favorite Valley Voice headlines.
- That's not terrible.
- Yeah.
Uh, ok, let's see. Um
- "Milk prices fluid "
- "Cheese solid."
Yes! That was a good one!
And then there was
Good morning.
Ooh, that baby is taking
its own sweet time, huh?
"Locals have penchant for
the painfully obvious."
Let's keep walking.
[FLORENCE] Oh, hi you two.
They say raspberry leaf tea
helps get things moving along.
"Friends won't let couple
forget their baby is overdue."
Let's keep walking.
[BILL] Hang on a
second. Hold it, hold it.
You need to arc it higher.
[JAMIE] I'm still a little rusty.
[BILL] Now, listen.
The key is to push
from your lower chest.
Okay. And when you shoot
release with both hands.
Wow. You play basketball?
A little bit. You try.
That's better.
Where are the other kids?
Why are you playing alone?
I don't mind playing alone.
Alright. Well, a little
word of advice, Jamie.
If you want the other kids to like you,
you gotta show that you like them.
[BILL] Now, arc it
higher, get it up there.
- There you go.
- Yes!
That's it.
Keep arcing it higher.
Oh my goodness!
I got you! We were spying on you.
Yeah, you got me.
- Here, have a seat, please.
- Thank you.
Lucas, this is beautiful.
Everything is perfect.
Mmm. There's no such thing in life.
Oh, I spoke too fast.
Maybe there's one thing.
Or two.
Hey buddy, are you looking
forward to our plan?
What plan?
Well, when your mother needs
to go spend time with Rosemary,
you and I, we're gonna
have a party, just us.
And maybe Uncle Lee.
A party! That's a good plan.
I thought so.
Lucas, Elizabeth. Hey, Little Jack.
Hi, Uncle Lee.
There she is.
Ulgh, please don't
ask me about the baby.
Oh, I won't.
Am I allowed to ask how you're feeling?
I'm fine well, not exactly.
Elizabeth, I'm counting on you.
Whoa, hey.
Lee has a very weak constitution
when it comes to anything medical.
Oh, come on, now. That
is not entirely true.
Lee, last Christmas
when I stubbed my toe
you nearly went into shock.
Because you've got those
tiny little delicate feet.
I was worried.
Is this new?
Yes, as a matter of fact it is.
It's wonderful.
The open air and cheerful
ambience of a Venetian piazza,
coupled with the je ne
sais quoi of a French café.
And wouldn't you say it's
pretty much perfect?
Except well, it could use
A cup of tea and a scone?
Sweetheart, we should probably uh
Yes, doctor's orders are to
keep walking so we must carry on.
You've done a brilliant
job of distracting me.
Glad to have been of service.
And we'll be here when you need us.
I know.
I wonder what it could use.
I'm sure nothing.
Well, I need to get back to work.
But please stay, make
yourselves comfortable.
I'll be back with a treat, ok buddy?
A treat? Ok, buddy.
What were Auntie Rosemary
and Uncle Lee talking about?
Remember we talked about their baby?
Pretty soon auntie and uncle
are going to be a mommy and daddy.
Mommy and a daddy?

I know, I know, it's your
booth. Will you join me?
Join you in my booth?
I really do need to talk
to management around here.
You can always get a little
sign made that says "reserved".
Not a bad idea. Thank you.
I just saw Jamie outside.
He seems to like basketball.
He didn't used to.
I'm so delighted at how
he's just come to life
since we've been here.
Well, it's always best to get kids
out of the city and into nature.
You know, I hadn't thought
of it before but you're right.
A house in the country
could be just the ticket.
Maybe even here.
Well, this is a long way from home.
Which would mean we would
have to plan to stay here.
Maybe even move here.
You're just full of
good ideas, aren't you?
- Well, that wasn't exactly my
- Shall we order?
Looks like someone's
getting used to you.
I wouldn't be too impressed.
I was talking to Scout.
Listen, I've been wanting to
thank you for coming after me,
and chasing the squirrel.
And the bandit.
I can be stubborn at times.
No. You stubborn?
[FAITH] Well, I hope you'll
consider tagging along next time.
Well, if it's alright with him I
I guess it's alright with me.
I I am so sorry.
He's a work in progress.
It's fine. I love dogs.
Your hand!
It's bleeding.
You uh, you new in town?
Just grabbing supplies.
It's fine.
Well, I'm not so sure about that.
Why don't you come over
with me to my office
and we can take care of this?
Uh, sure. Thanks.
Good morning.
Good morning.
She's a beaut.
I've grown to admire horses
more and more every day.
Comforting creatures.
Indeed they are.
They don't ask too many questions.
You know that peace you feel right now?
You could have it all the time.
I'm always here if you want to talk.
I appreciate that.
I'm just tired, Joseph.
I know.
It doesn't look that bad.
We'll have you fixed up in no time.
So, you're a doctor?
Yes, I'm the town doctor,
and for the surrounding area.
And what brings you this way?
Um, just running errands.
From Eagle Creek. The
other side of Rock Creek.
Oh dear, I'm out of gauze.
I'm gonna go get some from the pharmacy.
Sit tight.
Going somewhere?
I knew something wasn't right.
Or at least, you know, the dog did.
What're you doing?
I'm sure an upstanding citizen
like yourself paid for this?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Oh, yeah.
You'd be surprised how
many innocent people
I find climbing out of windows.
[FAITH] Nathan?!
What's going on?
He's a thief.
He stole this from the mercantile.
Is this true?
Yes, ma'am.
He's just a kid, Nathan.
Hold this.
Look familiar?
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
- Mommy?
- Yes, honey bear?
If uncle is going to be a
daddy, when can I see my daddy?
Oh, sweetheart, don't you
remember what we talked about?
- Your daddy is in heaven.
- But where is heaven?
Well heaven is up above us.
And I know that may seem far away
but your daddy is also in our hearts.
Here and right here.
And that's where he'll always be.
Come on, I want to show you something.
Let's go.
Well, now that I think about
it his voice did sound familiar.
I can't believe he'd
show his face around here
after what he did.
Where are you going?
I didn't finish dressing his hand.
May I see your hand, please?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
You should be.
I would ask you why you did what you did
but I doubt I'd get an honest answer.
I messed up.
Not much more to it than that.
Gonna have to agree with him there.
You must have had a reason.
It's been a tough time.
Everything dried up in the valley.
My folks have been trying
to hold on to the farm
but nothing will grow.
There's no work.
I got little sisters.
That's terrible.
You know, in my experience,
a thief is good at two
things stealing and lying.
And this one only seems
to be good at the latter.
I'm pretty bad at both.
And you're right
if I had known you two
were from around here
I wouldn't have shown my face.
Yeah. You would have just
robbed another mercantile.
People make mistakes.
And we can give them a second chance.
Sometimes they'll surprise you.
This'll sting.
I have a surprise for you.
It's something very special.
- A surprise?
- Mm-hmm.
A Mountie hat! Wow!
This is your daddy's Mountie hat.
Can I wear it if I'm very, very careful?
Of course you can.
You can wear it any time you like.
How do I look?
You look
You look just like your daddy.
Maybe we should print the
train schedule up there.
Sweetheart, sweetheart, don't
worry about that right now, ok?
- I think that's a good idea.
- It's fine, I'll fix it later.
We'll put the train schedule up there-
Honey, honey just let it go.
- Oh my.
- Oh my what?
- Oh dear.
- Oh dear?
- What? Is this it?
- I don't know.
I'm I'm quite certain.
[GROANING] Oh oh, yes, yes!
Y Y Yes?
- Ok, well, well
- Where is Faith?
I don't know!
[SCREAMING] Get Faith!!
Ok, ok!
Faith! Faith?!
Florence, Florence! The
baby is coming! Get Faith!
The baby's coming?
I'll get her!
Sweetheart, that's
it. You're doing great.
Uh, she's just at the
jail. I'll get her.
Lucas can drive. I'll find him.
- [FLORENCE] I'm getting Lucas.
- I'll get Faith!
Yes! Get Faith!
- [IN PAIN] Where is Faith?!
- I don't know, sweetheart.
She's coming, don't worry.
- Molly, is it ?
- It is.
Hey, Ned.
- Yes.
- Ned?
I don't know.
- Right over there.
- Oh.
[LEE] She's coming!
Rosemary, Rosemary! Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
- Breathe just like I showed you.
- Okay.
Lucas is on his way!
- Let's get her to the car.
- Right.
- Gently, gently.
- Nice and slow.
- There we go, sweetheart.
- Breathe.
There we go, nice and slow. Are you ok?
[GROANS] Ohhhhhh
[LEE] Bad question, I
know, I know, I'm sorry.
- Stupid question.
[LEE] Ok. No, no, no,
silly question. I'm sorry.
Let's go. You're doing so good.
- I got it. Thanks.
- Certainly.
Good job, sweetheart. Ok, ok, ok.
Uh, excuse me?
Let's clear a path, people!
[LEE] Ok, let's go! Let's go!
This is really happening.
Congratulations, dad.
- Hold on, sweetheart. You're doing great.
- [ROSEMARY] Oh, Lee.
- It started.
- At last.
Lucas drove her home, Faith is with her.
Oh, I hope she has an easy time.
It's never exactly easy.
What do we do?
- Hope, pray.
- And cook.
They're gonna need a lot of food.
How can we help?
Grab the vegetables and start chopping.
- Elizabeth
- Rosemary!
There you go, careful, careful, careful.
- Elizabeth.
- I'm here. I'm here.
Let's get you inside.
- Can you watch Jack?
- Yes, don't worry, I've got it.
- Be careful.
- Lee, I love you!
Oh, sweetheart, not
as much as I love you.
I'll be right next door, ok?
- Quickly, quickly.
- [LEE] Bye.
Oh boy.
Do you want to go on the tour?
No thanks.
I think I'll just stay behind and read.
Are you sure? It might be fun.
I don't wanna be here.
I want to go home, back to my school.
Just a few more days,
sweetie. I promise.
Good morning, Jamie.
Good morning, Mrs. St.
John. I am at your service.
There's a map for you.
I thought we'd take the
buckboard wagon if it suits.
Hmm. How perfectly rustic.
It's his royal highness.
Mind if I play?
It's hard to play with three.
Hey, that's not nice.
You know how to play?
Of course I do.
Well, sort of.
I'm sorry if I offended you.
I have trouble with subtlety.
Subtlety means
We know what it means.
Let's see what you got.
Hey, nice one!
Wow, you're a really good player.
I guess.
[MADELINE] This puts me in
mind of the south of France.
[MIKE] I've heard a lot about France.
I'd like to see France someday.
But are you sure this is
what France looks like?
[MADELINE] Oh, picture this
with grape vines and castles.
[MIKE] Huh.
[MADELINE] Ooh, stop the wagon!
[MIKE] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
[MADELINE] This is it.
[MIKE] It is?
[MADELINE] This is
the land I want to buy.
Look at these grasses.
And those trees, and
that stream, it's perfect.
Do you know who owns it?
It's town land.
Oh, well I don't think they need
every little field and gulley.
Tell me about Hope Valley
and your mayor, Mayor Avery.
Bill? Yeah, well, mayor is
just a small part of who he is.
Before that he was a Mountie.
Yeah, a forensic inspector, in fact.
Then he became a lawyer,
and, of course, a judge,
and all the while
he's a short-order cook
and a small business owner.
Well, isn't that impressive?
You busy?
Never for you.
Let me guess Henry.
Have you talked to him?
Since the charges were dropped
he hasn't had a whole lot to say.
Yeah, so I've noticed.
He's like a ghost wandering around town.
Maybe he thinks he was robbed.
Of what?
In his mind, his chance for penance.
Maybe he thought going to jail
was the punishment he deserved.
For saving lives?
For all the lives that were lost.
And he can't get past it.
maybe there's a way to
give him what he wants.
Well, you picked the right
town to wind up in jail in.
That's the best meatloaf in the county.
Sorry for causing so much trouble.
That's what you call accosting
a helpless woman on the road?
Doctor Carter doesn't
really seem that helpless.
I'll give you that, yeah.
So, what does your
family do in Eagle Creek?
That's farming country, isn't it?
It was.
Bad crop yield did us in.
A bad year?
Like once in a century
bad. Came out of nowhere.
Just our valley.
You know what? Why don't I uh
Why don't I see if I can
get you another plate?
Thank you.
Am I interrupting?
Not at all.
I have wonderful news.
I found the most perfect piece of land.
I'm absolutely in love with it.
Oh, congratulations.
And what's your plan?
Well, to buy it, of course.
And would you believe the coincidence?
Apparently, the town owns it,
of which you just
happen to be the mayor.
Oh, well I hate to break the news
but town land is not for sale.
Please. Everything's for sale.
No, not in Hope Valley.
The town decided a long time ago
that certain land would not be for sale,
although it certainly is
available for everyone to share.
I hope this isn't because
we got off on the wrong foot.
I do have a way of blundering
in and breaking china.
[CHUCKLES] No, no, it's
not personal, I promise.
And you haven't broken any china.
Well, I insulted you in your own café.
After I inconvenienced your horse.
Well, you're gonna have to
take that up with my horse.
But if you're waiting for me
to change my mind, I can't.
I know.
Not today, anyway.
Your blood pressure is a little high,
which is completely normal,
just try to relax and
maintain your breathing.
There weren't any stethoscopes
handy when little Jack was born.
Or doctors.
We're lucky he wasn't
born in a snowdrift.
It was terrifying.
I just tried not to show it.
You were brave.
I don't recall feeling very brave.
But I had you and Abigail there with me.
[BOTH] And the Christmas salami.
We did good, didn't we?
We sure did.
And despite all of it,
I had my two best friends
there with me and I felt safe.
And you are safe, too.
I know.
Thank you, Elizabeth and Faith.
I am so lucky.
I couldn't be in better hands.
- I'm just going to
- Let me. You can um
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
There we go.
Are you sure you don't
want lunch, little buddy?
Can I have ice cream?
How about we have lunch and
then you can have ice cream?
Ok, buddy.
You want a sandwich?
A sandwich. Would you like one?
Oh, no. I couldn't.
My stomach is in knots.
What do you think could
be taking them so long?
It's only been a couple hours.
I I I gotta get some air.
I'll I'll see you in a few minutes.
That's a nice Mountie hat.
Is that your dad's?
Did you know my daddy?
Uh, no.
No, I didn't.
But I do know that he
was a really great man.
You know, why don't
we have ice cream now
and we skip lunch today?
Now that sounds like a plan.
How's she doing?
She's doing well.
Lee's next door with Lucas.
Not sure how he's holding up.
Are you ok?
I'm fine.
I'm worried. Remembering
how hard this is.
Thank goodness Faith is here.
I mean, you did this
on your own, didn't you?
In a cabin in the woods.
That's pretty impressive.
I'm glad she's got Lee.
I'm glad she's got someone.
Being a single parent is not easy.
Can I ask you something?
When did Allie start having
questions about her mother?
Uh, pretty much right out of the gate.
Allie was four when
Colleen passed, so
- Is little Jack starting to ask?
- Mm-hmm.
[EXHALES] That's a tough one.
It shouldn't be.
Obviously, I want him
to know all about Jack
but how much do I tell him and when?
Well, from where I sit, in my opinion
They'll let you know
what they're ready for.
I hope so.
I know so.
Thank you.
You let her know the whole
town is rooting for her.
I will.
Get up. Come with me.
Where am I going?
You'll see.
How far apart were
the last contractions?
Four minutes.
[ROSEMARY] Four minutes?!
Weren't they four
minutes half an hour ago?
Women have done this
for thousands of years.
This is how it always happens.
When you witness childbirth
you realize how strong women really are.
Well, that's good to hear.
Three minutes and fifty seconds.
You're getting closer.
Shall we try our breathing?
Let's try again. Shoot 'em out.
If we're playing for keepsies.
You get to keep my red eggie.
There you go.
You know, I have um
I have felt a lot of things
in my time with Rosemary.
I really have.
Love. Um, joy. Heartbreak, excitement.
Even a little confusion and
impatience, but I have never
I have never felt this helpless.
I'm sorry I stole stuff from your store.
Yes, well it may just be a
couple of cans of lard to you
- but it adds up.
- Mmm-hmm.
I'm sorry, sir.
Constable Grant says your family
is going through some hard times.
If you pay for what you've
taken, we'll let it go.
Well, I would like to but
we don't have any money.
Which is why Mrs.
Yost and I have decided
that you can work in the store
until you've reimbursed us.
We believe in second
chances around here.
Thanks, Mr. Yost. Mrs. Yost.
But don't push your luck.
No, sir. I swear. Never again.
So what is it you
gentlemen wanna talk about?
Look, Henry I've got some bad news.
Judge Kimble has had second thoughts.
He's decided to enforce
the mischief charge
and because you pled guilty
he's already passed sentence.
- What does that mean?
- [JOSEPH] Community service.
Bill's asked me to supervise
you and I have agreed.
What kind of community service?
Well, that would be up to Joseph.
You've been doing odd jobs around town
since the oil company folded
so I thought First Thessalonians 4:11.
"The healing power of
working with your hands."
I thought you could build
something for the town.
With my hands.
Well, it's surprisingly
good for the soul.
You two, the two of you
you're terrible liars.
I'll do it, though.
Huh. That went well.
Hickam, any word about Rosemary?
- Oh, nothing yet.
- Oh.
Lucas is still at Elizabeth's.
Oh, nothing.
Just she's a nice woman.
And I understand that we
can't sell town land but uh
What about your land?
You've been wanting
to sell that for years.
Don't say anything to her about that.
There's something about her
that just doesn't add up.
Because she's a beautiful
woman with eyes for you
and maybe that's throwing
you off your game?
Off my game?
- No one's gonna throw me
More tea, Mike?
Don't worry, I won't
ask about the land again.
Town rules.
I'm surprised you haven't
found a way around it.
Everything's for sale, and all.
You think you've got me
all figured out, don't you?
I'll have you know I wasn't born rich.
My father worked the railway
and my mother took in boarders.
But I'll admit when I met my
husband I thought I had it made.
I take it things didn't
work out as planned.
He wasn't a kind man. And then he died.
Must have been hard for Jamie.
It has been.
Well, he's a fine young man.
And lucky for him he has you.
I should go up.
Sorry to disappoint you
earlier, about the land.
I have to remind myself, life
is full of disappointments,
and opportunities.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Contractions are two
minutes apart, Rosemary.
You're doing great.
[SOBBING] I'm so tired. I can't do it.
Yes, you can. You can.
How much longer?
I can't take this much more.
What is it?
Her blood pressure is very high.
She needs to calm herself
otherwise complications could arise.
[SOBBING] I can't do it. I can't.
You can. You can.
I just need you to keep
breathing and try to stay calm.
[SOBBING] I can't.
- I think we need to get Lee.
- That might not be helpful.
He could calm her down.
Elizabeth I need Lee.
Worth a shot. Go get him.
He's out like a light.
- It's been 11 hours.
- Yeah.
You know what? I don't care
what anyone says, I'm going in.
- That's it.
- Lee!
She wants you.
[SOBBING] Please don't
go. Don't leave me.
I'm not gonna go.
I promise you, I'm
gonna stay right here.
- I promise you.
- Ok.
Now, breathe. There you go.
There you go.
I love you so much.
I thought you might want to light this.
Thank you.
[LUCAS] And I felt it was
time to let everyone know.
I hope she can feel the love.
I'm sure she can.
Any news?
Not yet.
Looks like insomnia is catching up.
It's a nice night.
I don't sleep near as much as I used to.
How is Mrs. Coulter?
She's a force of nature.
That she is.
It's a girl.
Oh my goodness, a little girl.
Oh, my goodness.
[ELIZABETH] How wonderful.
Elizabeth, they'd like to see you.
How could she be anything but?
Hi, you two.
I mean three.
Elizabeth, come meet your goddaughter.
[ROSEMARY] Oh, just look at her.
Oh, my goodness. Hello, sweetheart.
You are just the most beautiful
little girl I've ever seen.
What's her name?
Well, we haven't actually
decided on a first name yet,
but um the middle name was easy.
Do you want to hold her?
Yes, please.
We waited so long for this moment.
We'd almost given up hope.
Yeah. She's our little miracle.
Why does the world look so
different all of a sudden?
Because it is.
Because she's in it.
[ELIZABETH] Perambulate.
It means to walk in a funny fashion.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Another lovely day in Hope Valley.
- [ELIZABETH] Isn't it?
- Hey, Jamie.
- Hi, Jamie.
- Uh, Mrs. Thornton?
- Hmm?
Could Jamie come to school with us?
Oh, we wouldn't want to impose.
Can I?
If it's alright with
your mother, of course.
It's not too much trouble?
No, not at all.
Jamie appears to have
already made a few friends
and Cooper and Toby
can show him the ropes.
Thanks, Mom.
Let's all perambulate together.
I had quite the job getting
Jack to bed last night.
- Oh
He wouldn't take off his Mountie hat.
Oh, Lucas, I'm I'm so sorry.
No, no, it's fine.
Jack's his father.
He's a big part of your life.
He always will be.
I realize I've avoided
talking about him with you.
You don't have to explain.
You know what I've learned about love?
It can't be measured or contained or
or used up.
The more you love,
the more you can love.
And once you truly love someone
you'll love them forever.
That's how I love you.
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