When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e05 Episode Script

Life is But a Dream

Previously on When Calls the Heart
Mrs. Thornton, could Jamie
come to school with us?
[MADELINE] I'm so delighted
at how he's just come to life
since we've been here.
This is a long way from home.
Which would mean we would
have to plan to stay here.
Maybe even move here.
Let me guess. Henry.
What is it you gentlemen
want to talk about?
The healing power of
working with your hands.
[JOSEPH] I thought you could
build something for the town.
[LEE] I have felt a lot of
things in my time with Rosemary
but I have never felt this helpless.
Hi, you two. I mean, three.
Do you want to hold her?
Yes, please.
Why does the world look so different?
Because she's in it.
Two coffees, cream and sugar.
Thank you for making my life easy.
You're welcome, Mike.
Lovely weather this morning.
Should be a good day.
A good day to sell me the town land?
As I've said, it's not my land to sell.
You'd think they mayor would
have a little pull around here.
You'd think.
Of course, any old
land with palatial views
and a mountain stream would
do or just a stream.
Off to school. Bye, Mother.
[LEE] Thank you so much
for letting me sleep in.
Oh, but who needs sleep
when you can spend every
minute just looking at her.
Sh, Shh.
Oh, goodness.
Hard to believe it's been
three weeks already, huh?
What was that?
Oh that I what the ladies!
What ladies?
The ladies were gonna come and drop
off food, but that wasn't until
No! No!
Oh! Just a minute! We're coming!
Oh, the place!
I I I'm gonna help. I'm helping.
- We're coming!
- Yeah, hold on!
Ok, it's not so bad. It's not too bad.
Sweetheart, what do
you think? Ready? Door?
Hold on! Just a minute, almost there!
- [ELIZABETH] Food delivery!
- Ok!
- We good?
- Yes.
- Ok, alright.
Right on time.
- Please, do come in.
- Please.
Thank you.
[MINNIE] She gets more
precious every day.
[FLORENCE] Look at those rosy cheeks.
- [MOLLY] She's just waking up.
- Ladies uh, oh.
Uh, can I interest
you in a tea, perhaps?
[MOLLY] Lee, don't you even dare.
Rosemary, sit. Both of you.
I've got the tea.
We've all been there.
Thank you.
It really is such a
pleasure having you visit.
Now, have the two of
you decided on a name?
Oh, yes!
What do we call the little sweetheart?
Well, Lee and I
haven't quite decided.
There's just so many options and
some good, many many bad.
Well, she's just so perfect
and we want to find the
most absolutely perfect name.
The perfect name for
the perfect baby girl.
This is coming along nicely.
Yeah, it's up and down.
[LAUGHS] Henry.
I don't think I've ever
heard you make a joke before.
I suppose I'm not exactly
known for my humor.
Hm. It seems you're discovering
all sorts of new talents.
Well, uh, Joseph was right.
I am enjoying working with my hands.
Could you take on one more project?
I thought I was the project.
Two jokes. This is becoming a habit.
What can I do for you?
Well, we're working on a
project at school growing plants.
We could use some garden boxes.
Well, I'm sure I can muster
up some wood around here
and make that for you.
Wonderful. Great.
Um, I will bring the children by
tomorrow to help you build them.
Thank you so much, Henry.
You you want me to build
them with the children?
If that's alright.
Well, I I might be
more efficient if I um
I'll see you tomorrow.

[EMILY] It took my carrot seed
16 days to germinate into a sprout.
And in another two months
it'll be ready to eat.
I can't wait.
Thank you very much, Emily.
So now that each of you have presented
your seedlings it's time
to move on to the next step.
Planting them.
Yes, Sarah?
Plant them? Where?
Well, Mr. Gowen has offered
to build us some garden boxes
at the playground where
there's lots of sunshine
for your plants to grow big and strong.
Each of you will plant your seedling
and then track its progress as it grows.
What about my pumpkin?
It'll go in the garden with
the rest of the vegetables.
But will it be safe?
Yes, very safe.
We'll make sure of that.
Alright, everyone, class dismissed.
I'll be back in a second.
Are you ready for your big excursion?
Two days in the wilderness,
just me and Allie and a
bunch of unsuspecting trout.
Thank you for giving
her the day off school.
It's not a problem.
The class is doing an outdoor project
so your trip is the perfect compliment.
You know, to be honest I'm uh
I'm a little nervous.
Our conversations
really haven't been uh
they haven't been as
easy as they used to be.
- Just teenagers.
- [BOTH] Teenagers.
Dad, can Angela come on
our camping trip with us?
Oh, Allie, I wouldn't
want to be in the way.
No Uh, yes. Please.
If it's ok with your parents.
And um, Mrs. Thornton, of course.
Of course it is. You girls have fun.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Tell me again, how exactly
does applying mud to
my face clean my face?
Not mud, clay.
Mei says it draws the
impurities out of your skin.
Mung bean, green tea, and honey ginseng.
My grandmother's
traditional medicine journals
describe the properties.
The recipes have been
used for hundreds of years.
Food is skin care.
It's brilliant.
Mei is a genius.
No, my grandma Tsu is a genius.
I really wish I got to know her better.
I'd like to make a hair appointment.
Oh, alright.
Oh, what do you have there?
It's our premier spa treatment.
A face and body mask made
straight from the waters
and clay of our very own hot springs.
Well, how are you enjoying it?
Oh, well, in fact, this is
my second treatment this week.
I can't get enough.
How splendid. I think I'll it.
Three o'clock tomorrow?
- It's a date.
- Wonderful. Thank you.
I think we just got our first customer.
Going camping for two days
and missing school on Friday?
We don't want you getting
hurt all the way up there.
I'll have my guide stick and
I'll be with Constable Grant.
He'll help me.
I don't know, sweetheart.
What if Dad comes?
Well, I'd love to go, but
I have work at the sawmill,
I have to fix the
railings on those fences,
not to mention my sermons.
Just because you're busy
shouldn't mean I don't get to go.
Next time, I promise.
It's it's really important to me.
I know you're looking at each other.
Alright, you can go.
If you finish your homework beforehand.
And you promise to always
listen to Constable Grant.
Yes, yes, I promise. Thank you.
- I love you.
- Love you.
Love you.
Don't look at me.
That's not why I'm looking at you.
This town has given a whole lot
of good things to our family.
I got a to-do list a mile long.
[SIGHS] I don't want to let people down.
You are giving a lot of good things
to this community and our family.
Maybe it's time to do
something good for yourself.
Think about it.
[MIKE] Lucas, Joseph came
by with your lumber quote.
- I put it on your desk.
- Ok.
Thanks, Mike.
Lumber? Are you building
something, Lucas?
I thought you said we were done
with renovations in the saloon.
It's a personal project.
Oh, I see.
A cabin in the woods, perhaps.
Or maybe he's building a boat.
You have to think a
little bigger, gentlemen.
Keep this between us.
I'd like to build Elizabeth
a house at the edge of town,
at the end of North Road.
Does she want that?
It's meant to be a surprise.
A surprise?
Good luck with that.
That's asking for trouble.
It's a logical move.
Plus, it'll have the newest
and most innovative features.
I think Elizabeth will quite like it.
Well, in my experience
it's best to discuss
this type of thing
amongst the two of you.
Well, maybe Elizabeth
will surprise us all.
Hmm. It's your bet.
I'm all in.
Well, she's all tucked in.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't
realize you were sleeping.
I didn't realize, either.
Not again.
- Hello?
- Hello.
- We brought more casserole.
- Wonderful!
A gift from Gustave.
Come in.
Please, come and eat.
You know, I am always
happy to watch the baby
and give you two a break.
Oh, well let me move the diapers.
We're eating now.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, that looks so good. Thank you, oh.
Mmm, sorry.
Lee, that's a diaper.
Uh, right. At least it's clean.
What if I arrange a
dinner for the two of you
tomorrow night at the saloon?
Our treat.
A grand four-course meal.
We'll have wine, candles-
Lucas, that is very thoughtful
but it may be hard to
leave the baby so soon.
Exactly. We couldn't possibly.
But what if we could?
But we couldn't.
Right. No, no, of
course not, we couldn't.
All we'd be doing is worrying about her
and to be totally honest
I think we would fall
asleep at the table.
- You two should go.
- What?
- [BOTH] Us?
- Yes.
I mean, it must be hard for you
to find time to see each other.
Yes, you two need a night out.
And not just a night out, a date night.
A romantic date night.
A date night would be nice.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- I'm not being ridiculous.
You could leave little Jack with us.
Two is just as easy as one.
That's what I always say.
Don't I always say that?
Are you sure about that, Rosemary?
Of course. Let me do this for you.
I would love it. We would both love it.
Think of it as a little
pre-honeymoon honeymoon.
- Uh
- It's settled.
Well, look at the time.
I don't want to keep you.
Thank you so much for dinner.
And there we go, and there you go.
So we'll see you tomorrow,
6pm? Thank you again so much!
So, now we're going out
and they're babysitting?
That's what Rosemary said.
Well, I guess I can't complain.
- Bill
- What're you packing for?
A camping trip. Is
something on your mind?
Who said anything's on my mind?
Well, if you're free, actually
There's a widow and a boy,
they're tourists in town.
Tourists that wanna move here.
The St. Johns.
- Oh yeah, I
- She's stuck on buying town land.
She won't consider anything
that doesn't have a stream on it.
Real picky!
- That is uh
- Truth is, my land has a stream on it.
A river, in fact.
But I'm looking to move up
there someday and retire.
Live a quiet life.
A quiet life? You?
Well, I like the quiet.
And I like that land.
Bill, you've been trying
to sell that land for years.
You tried to sell it to me.
Well, that's different. I know you.
I could never sell it to a stranger.
A stranger?
Mike says that she's been having
breakfast with you every morning.
She sits in my booth.
- Does she?
- Yes.
Well, it's a tricky
situation and I think
Good chat. Good chat.
Alright, everyone.
Set your seedlings down,
this is going to be fun.
Well, you've got quite the brood here.
I did mention it was the
entire class, didn't I?
You might have left out that detail.
Alright, everyone.
Now, pay attention to Mr. Gowen.
He is going to teach us all how
to build homes for our seedlings.
Who uh, who knows how to use a hammer?
Here, go ahead and take one.
There you are.
Here, just choke up on
it a little bit there.
There you are.
Oh, that makes sense.
Alright, I'll tell you what.
Here's the important thing.
When you're just starting
it, just tap a little
so you don't go too hard
and it bounces back on you.
Here, someone want to try it?
Can I?
Go ahead.
Can I hit it hard?
You bet. Hit it.
[MADELINE] I know it's
been four weeks but
No, you don't need to
remind me of my situation.
I'm well aware. I'm working on it.
I just need a little more time.
I understand.
The new customer,
I wanted to see how she likes it.
So it's all natural made
with many local ingredients.
It's simply divine.
Where ever did you come
up with such an idea?
Well, Mei here
I was top of my class
in pharmacology school.
Mixing compounds is my speciality.
Truly fascinating.
I have to finish filling
my prescription orders.
I'll see you girls later in the café?
- Nice work.
- I didn't know I could do that.
It feels good to do something
you didn't think you'd do.
Mrs. Thornton? Can we
plant our seedlings now?
Uh I'm afraid that's
all for today, Emily.
It's getting late.
I'll be here tomorrow if
anybody wants to come by.
On a Saturday? Are you sure?
Well, I mean, if it's alright
with you and their parents.
please? Please, Mrs. Thornton?
Anyone who'd like to can come back.
Just check with your parents first
and don't forget to
bring your seedlings.
Thank you, Henry. That
was very kind of you.
Well, I don't like to
leave a job unfinished.
Right. That's it.
Not that you were actually
having a good time.
Still looking for land?
And I'm in a bit of a hurry.
The lawyers want me to commit
my late husband's holdings.
Anything else you can
think of with a stream?
Just Bill's.
- Bill!
- Bill.
Nice to see you both.
I need to be some place.
I have some news.
I have found some land for you.
A man named Paul Harper
is looking to off-load some acreage.
Now, it doesn't have a stream
but it has great mountain views.
Oh, but without a stream
it won't work for me.
Well, for someone who's
looking to move quick
you're awful picky.
I know.
My late husband used to
take Jamie fly-fishing.
I wanted to bring back
some good memories.
A stream and fly-fishing, huh?
I'm sure something will turn up.
Sadly, time doesn't
appear to be on my side.
Bill, I appreciate
everything you've done.
Really, I do.
You know, this will be
Scout's first camping trip.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
[JOSEPH] Hold up!
I'm coming, too.
You are?
Well, if that's ok with
Constable Grant, that is.
Of course. Yes. The more the merrier.
[NATHAN] Ah, just in time.
Uh, well, how's this for a campsite?
What do you think?
It looks great to me.
[LUCAS] I think that's the
best castle I've ever seen.
Would you ever wanna
live in a castle someday?
Mommy, look. I drew a castle.
Lucas said I can live there.
Oh, what a lovely place to live.
- May I come, too?
- Absolutely.
Maybe we'll get one for both of you.
Oh! A castle in Hope Valley?
That I would like to see.
I'll keep that in mind.
Here you go, buddy.
Thanks, buddy.
That was very sweet.
Alright, Jack. Ooh, we better get going.
We are going over to see
Auntie Rosemary and Uncle Lee
and you're going to see the baby.
Are we still on for tonight, 6:00?
Feel free to dress up.
I will.
Well, they've given up.
- Already?
- Yeah.
You know, honestly, I
don't even like fishing.
It's just an excuse to
spend some time with Allie.
I'm starting to think
that's her angle, too.
It's nice to see the girls
having such a great time together.
You know, um
Allie talks about Angela a lot.
That's great to hear.
Angela had a tough time
making friends in the past.
Allie too.
I owe you one for coming out here.
Why's that?
Two days in the woods
with two teenaged girls?
I mean, if you weren't here
I'd have nobody to talk to but myself.
I got ya.
You know, I actually didn't
know how it was going to go,
looking after two babies, but
I think it's going swimmingly.
I'm not a baby.
You are not. I stand corrected.
You're a big boy.
- Oh, uh
- What?
Diaper change.
Oh. Diaper change.
Ok, that's me. It's my turn.
I'm on diaper change duty, pal.
Come here, precious. Daddy's got you.
- You've got her.
- Oh, there you go.
Be right back.
This is for my mommy.
It is? Well, she's going to love it.
This can be for your mommy.
What's her name?
Are you sad, Auntie Rosemary?
No, I'm not sad.
I'm the happiest I've ever been.
- Been.
- Been.
- Been.
I remember this dress.
I thought I remembered you liking it.
And Rosemary insisted.
Well, it's not often you and
I get a night out on our own,
so might as well take advantage.
After you.
Oh, Lucas.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mike.
You know, you didn't have to close down
the whole saloon for our date.
That's alright. I know the owner.
I hope you'll thank him for me.
Dinner was fit for a queen.
Speaking of
well, I was wondering how you
feel about castle living.
I think anyone would be lucky
to live in a purple castle.
Then perhaps I'll gift you
one as a wedding present.
That sounds like you.
What're you up to?
I want to give you the world.
I would get you the moon
right now if I could.
Not sure where I'd keep it.
Then maybe I'll start a little smaller.
A house on a hill with
the most beautiful view.
A castle for you and Jack.
Lucas, uh
There's no need to give
me an answer right now,
it's just, you know
something to think about.
Of course.
One question.
Would it have a moat?
Of course there would
be a moat. Absolutely.
- With a drawbridge and everything.
- Mmm.
Thank you for tonight.
You made it very special.
It's hardly over.
[CLEARS THROAT] Elizabeth,
may I have this dance?
Yes, you may.

Let's get to work.
How're you doing?
Getting it done.
- Yeah. Yeah. You're doing a great job.
- [COOPER] Thanks.
Sarah, is something wrong?
I don't want my plant to be lonely.
Why would your plant be lonely?
Because if I have to leave
Hope Valley it will miss me.
I see.
I suppose you'll miss
your pumpkin too, huh?
But I don't think you'll be leaving.
And since you'll be staying
here for a good long while,
why don't we look for a way
to make your pumpkin happy
in Hope Valley, too?
Shall we ask Mr. Gowen?
You uh, you got a pumpkin there?
Here's the thing about pumpkins.
They like to be together to pollinate
so that they can grow together.
Really, in a way, they
they need their friends.
What do you say I scare up
some friends for your pumpkin?
Put it right here.
I think it will be a very good pumpkin.
I do, too.
To a future where my heart's
forged a lyrical bond,
with no cracks like a porcelain vase.
As flowers bloom by the
light of the shimmering moon.
That's beautiful.
You should submit to the Union
City Herald poetry contest.
Didn't Mrs. Thornton tell you to?
Yeah, she did.
I don't know.
I'll think about it.
Do you ever sing along?
Well, sometimes, when I'm alone.
I bet you sound great.
You'll never know until you try.
How about this? I'll try if you try.
- Rosemary?
- Yes? Yes?
I'm so sorry, were you dozing?
No. Not at all.
I was catching up on some
laundry while she had a nap.
Thank you again for watching
little Jack last night.
I hope we weren't back too late.
No, not at all. How was it?
Uh, good.
Full of surprises.
Lucas tried to ask
You know, never mind. You
should come over for tea.
As a thank you.
I'm sure you haven't been
out of the house in days.
I wish I could but Lee is napping,
he was up all night with the baby,
and I am more tired than I
have ever been in my whole life.
You need to take some time for yourself.
It's important for
both you and the baby.
And you can start by going
upstairs and joining Lee.
- No.
- I'll watch her.
You you rest.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Thank you.
What would I do without you?
You'd be very sleepy.
Girls are all set up at the lake.
Sure is nice out here.
Yeah. It's been a while
since I've been out of town.
Well, you have like 17 jobs, don't you?
Only three but sometimes
it surely does feel like 17.
How'd you manage to get away?
She reminded me that a man's life
is not just about his vocation.
It's important for me
to take time for me.
It must be tough juggling all that.
It surely can be.
I have a tough time saying no.
I think it's good to say no,
because then you can focus on
the things you've said yes to.
I didn't take you for
the philosophical type.
Honestly, I surprised
myself with that one.
Elizabeth, I'm so sorry,
I only meant to close
my eyes for a minute.
- Oh.
- Oh, my goodness.
How long were we asleep?
Where is the ?
"Baby is with me. See you
at 7:00 for tea. Love E."
What's all this?
My mother says we're leaving.
The car is on the way
to take us to the train.
Leaving? Why so sudden?
She says there isn't
a place for us here.
Just hold on.
Where can I find Madeline St. John?
She's still upstairs.
Said she had to leave.
Maybe you should have
sold her your land.
Well, I can see that.
Oh, hi.
Hi. Good, I'm glad I caught you.
I wanted to tell you
there's a piece of land.
Uh, rolling fields and mountain
views, and of course a stream.
Where in the world did you find it?
It's my land, and uh
I wanna sell it to you.
Bill, I
Are you sure?
Well, I'm not using it,
so really you'd be doing me a favor.
Well, since I'd be doing you a favor
I accept.
It's a deal.
I'll call my attorney in Union City
and have him draw up the deed of sale.
- Oh.
- Welcome.
- Oh.
My goodness. Oh, my precious girl.
I thought you said it was gonna be tea.
There will be tea after dinner.
- How was she?
- Good as gold.
She may need a nap.
We set up little Jack's old
crib upstairs just in case.
Well, that's a good idea.
We'll be right back.
Of course.
- Drink?
- Oh, please. Yes.
You'd think these tourists would
know how to push in a chair.
No, no, we're on vacation, darling.
- Ah, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Mei?
- Hmm?
Can I ask you
Why didn't you tell that
tourist that the clay mask
is your grandmother's recipe?
Oh, it's just simpler
crediting my pharmacy training.
People ask a lot fewer questions.
Is that all?
It's complicated.
I like complicated.
Being born here, having
never been to China,
I always felt like such a
stranger to my own culture.
My mother gave up so much to come over
and she wanted me to fit in so
I tried to be like everyone else.
And then when I discovered
my grandmother's journals
I felt this overwhelming
desire to connect to her
and to my roots,
and I felt comfortable using
my grandmother's knowledge
because I knew I'd be accepted here.
And you are.
Everyone loves you here.
But the tourists.
People like to hear that I've
been practicing this knowledge
since I was a little girl,
but I'm still figuring it out.
It's ok not to have
everything figured out.
Sometimes you just have
to focus on what you know.
I know that studying my
grandmother's journals
and using her recipes
is the happiest I've
been in a long time.
And please never
apologize for who you are,
because I think who
you are is pretty great.
I guess we needed a break a
little bit more than we thought.
I must admit,
I have felt we needed to
do everything ourselves.
That we wouldn't be good
parents if we asked for help.
Even when our dear friends
have told us otherwise.
You two
have shown us that it is more
than alright to ask for help.
In fact, sometimes it
makes all the difference.
Well, on that note I would
like to propose a toast
to our wonderful neighbors.
Thank you so much for
a splendid evening.
I know that we're both very
lucky to have you as friends.
No, wait. Not friends.
Family. You're family.
A toast. To family.
Here, here.
So what did you two young
ladies get up to today?
We found some good skipping
rocks by the lakeshore.
Angela almost got three skips.
And Allie decided to submit to the
Union City Herald poetry contest.
- I did?
- You did?
- Yep.
- Well, that's great, Allie.
What made you decide to submit?
Angela promised to sing for us.
- I did?
- Yep.
Just pretend you're alone in your room.
We aren't even here.
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
Let it shine, let it
shine, let it shine. ♪
Oh my gosh, that was beautiful.
You sound just like your mama did
singing choir back in St. Louis.
Thanks, Daddy.
I'm so glad I was here
and I didn't miss this.
Me too.
Well, they got home safely.
I don't wanna live in a castle.
Pardon me?
I don't want a house on a hill.
Being here is where I feel happy.
Are you sure?
It would be brand new with
the latest of everything.
It would never feel like home.
This place, I
I have so many memories here.
I have a community here.
I have Rosemary and Lee next door.
Having my best friend over
while our babies sleep upstairs
there's just no house on a hill
that could make up for that.
This is what's important to me.
And I hope to you, too.
I did it again, didn't I?
You're a dreamer.
You have these grand ideas, and I
and I would never wanna
deny you of them, but
but this is my home.
Our home.
I understand. I do.
However, even if you don't
want to live in a castle
that doesn't mean I won't
stop treating you like a queen.
Goodnight, m'lady.
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
[NATHAN SINGING] Let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine. ♪
What? What?
You didn't think your
old man could sing?
This little light of mine, ♪
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
This little light of mine ♪
- Hello.
- Hi.
Ned said to tell you that the jars
for the face masks arrived today.
Oh, good.
You know, once we package
these masks for sale
we'll really be in business.
So exciting.
So have you thought of a name?
I had a thought.
We could name it after my grandmother.
That way we could honor
everything she's taught me.
I think that's a wonderful idea.
I drew up a label, I
hope you don't mind.
[FIONA] No, of course not.
Her name Lin means "lotus flower".
It's beautiful.
Excuse me, what is that for?
It's the name of our new
botanical infused clay mask,
formulated from a family recipe
passed down to me from my grandmother.
It looks like you survived.
Yeah, Joseph came along last minute.
He more than saved me.
Hmm. Who caught the biggest fish?
Believe it or not, we
didn't catch a thing.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Let me guess.
Ghost stories?
Hot chocolate?
- Catching fireflies?
- Singing.
Really? Singing?
- Yeah.
- You?
Sounds like this trip might
have been good for you.
It was, yeah. In more ways than one.
It's good to be home, though.
What do you have there? Is that muffins?
Freshly baked.
Would you like one?
If you're offering.
Actually, I'll take
one more for him, too.
Horses don't eat muffins.
Oh yeah, that's right.
I guess I'll eat it.
Thanks! Giddy-up!
Welcome home.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
How did we all sleep?
- Four-hour stretch.
- [GASP]
Oh my goodness. Well done, little one.
Thank you so much for last night.
It was just what we needed.
I think we should do it every week.
Brilliant idea.
How was the rest of your evening?
How so?
Lucas had another one
of his grand ideas.
He was planning on a house for us
to move into after the wedding.
Just across town, up the North Road.
Who would want to live
all the way up there?
I can't imagine that
you would be happy
I wouldn't.
And after having you
both over last night
I'm more sure than ever.
I think he sees that, too.
That neighbors and
friends are what matter.
I'm sorry, I don't know
why I'm so emotional.
I'm happy. I'm very happy, it's just
the idea of you leaving,
even just going across town
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying right here.
[TEARY] Oh, Elizabeth.
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