When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e06 Episode Script

The Heart of the Problem

Previously on When Calls the Heart
[ROSEMARY] I am more tired
than I have ever been.
[ELIZABETH] You need to take
some time for yourself.
No, you don't need to remind me
of my situation,
I just need a little more time.
There's a piece of land.
It's my land and I want
to sell it to you.
- I accept.
- It's a deal.
[LUCAS] I want to give
you a house on a hill.
A castle for you and Jack.
[ELIZABETH] I don't want a castle.
Having my best friend over
while our babies sleep upstairs,
there's just no house on a hill
that could make up for that.
[ALLIE] There's so many people.
[TOBY] And they're hogging
all the pools.
[ANGELA] Is there enough room for us?
[ALLIE] Not a chance.
- Mr. Hickam.
- Hm?
How are we supposed to swim
when everyone else is here?
Will you children keep it down?!
Some of us are trying to enjoy
the experience.
Maybe you better come back later.
We have to go to school.
That is a problem,
because the tourists come here
for the hot springs.
We're the ones who discovered
the hot springs in the first place.
This is so unfair.
[LEE] Oh, there she is.
Big day. First day into town.
That's right.
And it's going to be a wonderful day.
Don't forget these.
Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Got 'em.
- We're going to see Auntie Faith.
- Yeah.
Normally she comes to our place
but today we're gonna see her
at the office.
- Oh, Lee?
- What?
Where's the baby's hat?
The hat, the hat, the hat.
I had I saw the
In there?
It's on her head.
Well, then we have everything.
Oh, oh, by the way, I have
a new name to try out.
Tell me what you think.
After my great-grandmother. Remember?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Let's try it on for size.
- Fantastic.
Let's go.
Joseph, I don't think I realized
how good a month we've been having.
With all these tourists,
business has been great.
We should celebrate.
Give back to our friends.
I think it's time for another
community dinner.
And what did we say this place
could learn a thing or two about?
- Barbecue.
- So let's do it.
A St. Louis barbecue
right here in Hope Valley.
Just like the ones we used to
host when we first got married.
Ok, ok, but you said St. Louis.
Surely you meant Kansas City
barbecue like my mama makes.
- Oh, now don't start that.
- Mm-hmm.
[TOBY] These tourists sure are annoying.
Toby, that isn't nice.
They've been a good thing, too.
Mama's never been busier at the café.
Well, it doesn't mean
they can just take over.
[COOPER] Mrs. Thornton!
Good morning.
We have to do something about
all the tourists up at the hot springs.
Yeah, they shouldn't be allowed.
Who's not allowed?
The tourists are at the
hot springs all the time.
I see.
Well, the tourists are
great for the town's economy,
and it's a free world so they
can go wherever they like.
But they won't share.
And they're on holidays.
They've got all day to be up there.
And we've only got
before and after school.
They make a good point.
They certainly do.
If you four can come up with a solution
maybe I can be of help.
But what would it be?
Well, we'll have to figure that out.
Why don't we go to school
and we can discuss it there?
- I guess.
- [ALLIE] Alright.
- [COOPER] Fine.
- [ANGELA] Ok.
Cheer up.
That was very generous
of you to offer to help.
I like making people happy. Hopefully.
So if they bring you a solution
you'll help them make it a reality?
Even if it crosses your guests?
In my experience, a good solution
is a deal everyone wants to take.
Well, I'll be excited to
see how this turns out.
- Have a good day.
- You too.

- Hello, ladies.
- Hello.
Hello, Lee. Hello, Rosemary.
Let me see her.
[MOLLY] Oh, hello baby Myrtle.
Oh, we've actually changed it to
- Gussy?
- [LEE] Yeah, Gussy.
- Gussy?
- Yeah.
I thought that it was Dimple.
When was it ever Dimple?
For a moment there,
after my great Aunt Dimple from Ohio.
You remember, I told you about her.
Yes, yes.
Your family has so many unique names
that I'm only hearing about now.
Well, whatever your name is
I'm sure it will be beautiful,
just like you.
- See you later.
- [FLORENCE] Bye-bye.
- Hey, Constable.
- Hi.
Anything I can do for you?
Uh, no, I'm just getting
a package from Ned.
I'm actually headed up to Eagle Creek.
A constable up there has been reassigned
so I'm just gonna cover for him.
You can pass by my family's farm,
up top South Hill Road.
It's a sad sight.
Whoever can move on is moving on.
Even the pastor left
a couple months ago.
Oh, that's terrible to hear.
[NATHAN] Yeah.
I wonder if Joseph knows anybody.
Oh, I'll be sure to ask Minnie.
Alright, young man, let's
put these over there.
[ELIZABETH] Some problems are
more complicated than others,
and solutions can be very hard to find,
especially when there are a
lot of different points of view.
For example-
There are too many tourists
up at the hot springs?
And what is the
source of the problem?
There isn't enough room for us.
Right. So the problem is
sharing the hot springs.
All anybody talks about
is how the tourists
have a right to be up there.
But a lot of people have
benefitted from the tourists,
including our parents.
Good point.
Now, your assignment is to come
up with a solution that is fair
and to which everyone can agree.
That is called compromise.
- Mmm.
- Mmmm.
[FLORENCE] That's delicious.
I wouldn't change a thing.
How does it compare to
- Joseph's? Well, his is quite good.
- [MOLLY] Mmm-hmm.
But it pales in comparison.
- Pales.
- Mmm-hmm.
By the way, everyone loves
the idea of the barbecue.
- [MOLLY] Mmm.
- Oh, good.
It's rather last minute
so we only expect a dozen or so guests.
Nice and intimate.
We can just pull two
tables tables together.
Yes. Maybe you could have
it outside here at the café.
That's a wonderful idea.
Anyone have any ideas?
[ALLIE] I have one.
There are two pools to swim in.
How about we each take one?
Let's ask Mr. Bouchard.
Ask me what?
We have a solution to the hot springs.
How about the kids take one pool
and the adults take the other?
A children's pool?
What a ridiculous idea.
I will not be splashed
by a bunch of miscreants.
There should be no
children allowed, period.
But that's not fair. We
were the ones who found them.
And we are not miscreants.
But I am the paying customer.
I sincerely hope that my
wife and I shall not be forced
to pack our bags and
move on over this matter.
Surely it won't come
to that, Mr. Mitchell.
See? They won't listen.
Or compromise.
We need to find a solution
everyone will agree to.
That's what Mrs. Thornton said.
And she's right.
A compromise is just a negotiation.
Each side needs to feel like
they are getting what they want.
So you want time at the hot springs.
How much time will you settle for?
An hour a day?
A few hours a day,
plus all day Saturday and
Sunday and holidays.
Toby, the tourists aren't
going to agree to that.
You don't know what they'll
agree to until you ask.
But don't show them your cards.
Show your cards?
Find out what the tourists will agree to
before you tell them
what you will agree to.
And that way they can't lowball you.
Just find out what they want.
You are such a beauty.
Florence mentioned that
you changed her name again?
Uh oh, Elizabeth!
- What a lovely surprise.
- Hello.
Hello, Ned. Hello, Rosemary.
Hello you.
So what's on the agenda?
Well, we are having a
mother daughter shopping day.
And then a trip to see
Faith, just for a check-up,
and if we're feeling really adventurous,
a tour of the Valley Voice to see dad.
Oh, what a perfect plan.
What about you?
Just getting some new pencils.
Oh, trying to stay sharp?
Oh, look at all these wonderful things
for little children just like you.
That was a lovely song.
Is something wrong?
No, not at all.
But thank you for being
such a good friend.
I don't want to keep you.
I see you have found your pencils
and we should be on our way, too.
Say goodbye.
Harry, I had no idea just
how bad it was out there.
It started about a year ago.
About the time some Union City bigwigs
started buying up all the land.
What do city folk want with farm land?
Beats me.
Someone from the Union City
Holding Company came out,
sat on the porch with my Pa
and offered him about twice
what the farm was worth.
Pa sure wishes he'd said yes.
'Cause the next thing we
knew, the river went dry.
That's a tough break
all the way through.
I'm sorry for your troubles.
Mmm! Joseph, that is so good.
- Better than uh
- Minnie's? Absolutely. Hands down.
That being said, I should probably
try it again just to be sure.
What are you two doing?
[BOTH] Nothing!
I will remind you of your
pastoral duties to tell the truth.
Are you trying to sway the jury?
But Mama, didn't you let
Florence and Molly taste the
Oh, but uh, as there
wasn't a rule, no harm done.
Yeah. Um, I think I'm gonna get going.
Joseph, good luck. Bye!
This is nice.
Oh, are you accepting
that my sauce is superior?
That's very refreshing.
Cooking together.
Oh, that. Yeah, that's very nice.
I heard some sad news.
Eagle Creek lost their
pastor and with the drought
they don't have much hope
of recruiting a new one.
Oh. That's a shame.
I wish I could do something to help
but I don't have the time
with everything I'm doing.
Last Sunday I barely made it
from the sawmill to the service.
I saw you brushing off the
sawdust beside the church.
You caught that, did you?
- Do you need to do it all?
- Yes.
We had a good month this month
but what if something happens?
What if the kids need something?
This place isn't like
St. Louis or Jameson
or any of the other places.
Hope Valley is different.
Maybe you can finally
focus on one thing.
What would Lee do without me?
What any of us do?
[ALLIE] Us kids want to go to
the hot springs in the morning.
We we're going to have
a sign-up sheet and
What's this?
It's impossible is what it is.
We're conducting a survey
trying to get more
kid time at the springs
but nobody wants to give up any time.
The man in the hat wants mornings
and the woman in the
parasol wants afternoons,
and Mr. Mitchell? He
wants all day, every day!
"In case I'm inspired
to take the waters."
Hi, Allie.
How's it going with the tourists?
Dad should put them in jail.
I don't think that's gonna happen.
They refuse to compromise.
Mr. Bouchard says we should be
careful not to show our cards.
- Oh, he did, did he?
Are those your words, Bouchard?
That way they can't lowball you.
All I mean is that in any negotiation
Keep your cards close to your chest.
Maybe leave the teaching
to Elizabeth, huh?
Next thing you know she's
gonna want to play poker.
- Can I, Dad?
- No, you can't.
Come on.
I suppose I'm still
new to this kid thing.
You're a natural. We
were just teasing you.
Thank you for teaching them how
to solve a real world problem.
I'm excited to see how it turns out.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good news.
The contracts from
Union City have arrived.
That was faster than we expected.
I made a few calls.
I hope not on my account.
I wouldn't want you to rush anything.
No, not at all. It's all set.
Just need your signature.
But Sebastian's lawyer needs
to go over these as well.
Well, of course. Of course.
Take all the time you need.
Just know that it's
there for you and Jamie.
I just need to go up there
and uh, fix a few things.
One last thing.
Now that you're uh,
staying in Hope Valley,
I think it's time that you
attend a Hope Valley event.
A community dinner.
Community dinner?
Yeah, the Canfield's
are hosting barbecue.
Are you asking me to go with you?
Well yes.
You and Jamie, to go with me
along with everyone else who's going.
It's a big thing.
You should join now
that you're officially
a member of the community.
I wouldn't want to intrude.
- Well, you wouldn't be intruding
- But thanks anyway.
I'll have the lawyers look these over.
Thank you again, Bill.
For everything you've done.
Baby seems to be in perfect shape.
Good job, Mama.
Is everything else alright?
It's been quite hard.
A lot of new mothers feel overwhelmed,
especially in the first few weeks.
It gets easier.
It's not that, exactly.
I just have so many questions
and no one to answer them.
And not medical questions, Faith.
Motherhood questions.
And I know I have wonderful
friends who are also mothers,
but for some reason I
I want to ask my own mother.
Rosemary, you're a
daughter without a mother.
I'm one, too.
You know, when I was in my
residency in the maternity ward
I came to understand that one
of the hardest roles to play
is a motherless mother.
I've never heard that term before.
Oh, yes. Yeah.
It makes sense.
I've never had more love inside me
but I've also never felt so afraid.
Oh, yes. Shh, sh, sh
When did you lose her?
I was five when she
left. I barely remember.
And then she never came back.
I was 18 when I found
out she had passed.
I don't know why all these
feelings are coming up now.
Grief is unusual in that way.
It doesn't know time.
Rosemary, I think you might be
grieving the loss of your mother.
[TEARY] I miss her.
- Elizabeth.
- Just wanted to check on you.
Let me put the kettle on.
Well, hello, sweetheart.
Oh, my goodness.
You know, I had forgotten how
much they change day to day.
She does, doesn't she?
You know, she's been
sleeping for over an hour.
I thought maybe I should wake her up
so she'd sleep better tonight but
Someone this beautiful and peaceful
Maybe it's best to just let her be.
Will you please tell me what's wrong?
We went to see Faith today
and she thinks I'm
grieving for my mother.
Well, I think she may be right.
It's ridiculous. I'm a grown woman.
I can barely picture my mother.
She left when I was so young.
She rarely even came into my thoughts.
But ever since she came along
Of course she's on your
mind. It's only natural.
Today at the mercantile
I found that music box
and when I opened it
I heard that song
I had this sudden memory of
my mother singing it to me.
How can I help?
Oh, Elizabeth.
I have so many questions,
but most of all
how could she leave me?
Oh, sorry to intrude.
It's alright.
What's going on?
Uh, do you think you could go
up to my land with me tomorrow
and give me a hand fixing
up the porch at my cabin?
Sure, yeah.
Couldn't this wait until tomorrow?
Well, I was walking by.
Is something on your mind?
Not really, why?
Because you're walking
around in the dark
asking me if I can go fix your porch.
Ok, maybe there is something.
Maybe it's Madeline?
Why would you say that?
Because first off, Bill, it's
clear that you like this woman.
- Well, I
- And second, Bill, I think
I think you're afraid of
putting yourself out there.
Something just doesn't make sense here.
Call it "Mountie intuition".
You can call it whatever
you want but take it from me.
Missing out?
It's the worst feeling of all.
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
Minnie stopped in next door to
check on Rosemary and the baby.
Joseph, I wish there was
something I could do for her.
Well, we all grieve in our own way.
How is she?
Uh she's better, I guess.
Joseph, thanks for coming over.
Elizabeth, I don't know what to do.
How are you supposed to help somebody
grieving someone they barely knew?
"Blessed are those who mourn,
for they shall be comforted."
I mean, that's all we can do.
While she's hurting, make
sure we're there for her.
She lost someone she
loves, but she has us.
Her family, her friends.
Together we can help
her get through this.
When I'm missing Jack,
I have a couple things
that bring me comfort.
There's a note he left
on my desk at school
inviting me to dinner at the jail
and a handmade Christmas tree ornament.
It's the little things
that help us feel close
to those we've lost.
Does Rosemary have
anything from her mother?
When her father passed the
executor sent us a trunk
that was her mother's, but
Rosemary wouldn't open it.
She wouldn't even crack the seal.
In fact, before the baby was born,
she had me get rid of it.
Is that the trunk you
asked me to get rid of?
Do you still have it?
Lee, I can't believe you
let me sleep in that long.
We need to thank Minnie for
I thought we threw this away.
Joseph held onto it.
He always seems to know
when something's important.
Thank goodness no one listened
to me about getting rid of it.
You know, uh, Elizabeth
said that sometimes mementos
can be helpful when
you're grieving someone.
So maybe we should have a look.
Hey, you don't have to
if you don't want to.
It's not just me that will want answers.
Our daughter deserves
to know who her grandmother was as well.
[LEE] Hm.
Um sweetheart?
These are all addressed to you.
They're from your mother.
I mean, all of them.
I never knew she wrote.
Why would my father
have kept these from me?
I don't know. Maybe he
was trying to protect you.

Are these all from your mother?
She loved me, Elizabeth,
and I know that now.
I feel more connected
to her than I ever have.
I am so happy for you.
What do they say?
Oh, well
This one. "My dearest
Rosemary, my beautiful daughter,
words cannot describe
how much I miss you.
Even though we cannot be
together I am with you always."
Oh, Rosemary.
My father was a good
man, but traditional,
and when they separated
the laws of the day allowed
him to claim sole custody.
I had no idea.
I don't think she even realized.
And then when he was transferred,
she wasn't allowed to visit.
I think my father regretted it.
He paid me back by trying to
be the world's greatest dad.
She wrote to me on each birthday
and she planned to
visit when I turned 18,
but then she passed.
She looks just like you.
I may have felt like
I didn't have a mother,
but I think she was always with me.
How are you?
Have you and the children
found a compromise?
Oh, not even remotely.
I don't think the tourists
are going to budge.
I wonder why.
Currently, they already
have everything they want.
Well, what I always tell my students.
Keep going upstream until you
find a source to the problem.
You are a very good teacher.
Why, thank you, Mr. Bouchard.
In fact, I think we could use your help.
- Hi.
- Hi.
This park's really coming
along, thanks to you.
Yeah. You know, you were right.
I gotta say, I thought you
and Bill were a little touched
when you suggested it
but uh, it feels good.
Well, it's nice being
right all the time.
Yeah, I bet.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
Hey, listen.
Minnie and I are
hosting a barbecue dinner
and uh, if you have the
spare time, I wouldn't mind,
you know, another hand
strong arms to help move
furniture or serve food.
You know, you may be right but
you're still a terrible liar.
Are you inviting me to your barbecue?
I would like to come.
Well, alright. I'll see you there.
- Alright.
Mother, look. My sweet
potatoes are sprouting.
That's wonderful.
Have a seat.
I have some good news.
We've settled your father's
estate and now we can go home.
Go home? I like it here.
Yes, and so do I,
but your father's estate had some
complications and entitlements,
and I was finally able
to settle them and
and what about your
school and your library?
You have hundreds of
books to read and peruse.
I'm alone there.
Here I have friends and the hot springs,
and I can ride a bike.
Of course.
And I want that for you as well, but
I just love you so much.
So what did the tourists
have to say for themselves?
The only thing they can agree on
is they want to go to the hot springs
whenever they feel like it.
[ALLIE] Or they won't have enough to do.
So the source of the problem
is that the tourists are bored.
You sound a lot like Mrs. Thornton.
Should I take that as a compliment?
Most definitely.
- Are we talking tourists?
- Mm-hmm.
May I?
These city types get antsy.
They want to be constantly entertained.
One lady said "Saratoga Springs
has badminton and calisthenics."
Whatever that is.
It's jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges
I've I've been doing
calisthenics every day,
ever since Faith recommended it.
Well, what if the
tourists had more to do
than just go to the hot springs?
Can the tourists go
with you, Mr. Hickam?
Sure, but uh, I don't
know if they'll want to.
It takes a lot out of you.
That might not be such a bad thing.
A tired tourist isn't an antsy tourist.
Do you think they'd take that deal?
There's only one way to find out.
Excuse me? Mr. Mitchell?
We have a proposal.
I'm all ears.
Would you be ok with a
schedule at the hot springs?
If, during the rest of the time,
there were other things to do?
Like cali cali
I hear it's all the rage.
So if the Queen of Hearts
provided additional activities
you'd be flexible and
continue your stay?
I'll entertain the idea.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I should like to take
the waters before sun set.

How many people did you invite?
I guess word got around.
I'm gonna ask Nathan and Bill to help me
get some tables and
chairs out of the café.
I am glad you made more food.
And that we didn't come empty-handed.
Thank you.
- Hi, Minnie.
- Oh, hello.
Thank you for inviting us.
This really is quite the turnout.
The more the merrier, though
this is merrier than expected.
It smells delicious.
Thank you. Enjoy.
Thank you.
I'll take that, Joseph.
You can go help Minnie.
Thanks, Bill.
Well, it's about time
to welcome everybody.
And I was thinking,
since this was your idea,
would you like to do the honors?
- I would.
- Hmm.
Everybody, can I have your attention?
We would like to thank
you all for coming,
and thank God for this great
food and community to share it.
We are so excited for everyone
to get a little taste of our home,
with my mother's St. Louis
versus Joseph's mother's
Kansas City barbecue.
We hope you all like our
family recipes as much as we do,
and there will be a poll
to see what you think.
So don't forget to vote for St. Louis.
Or Kansas City.
Alright, y'all. Who's hungry?
Come get some barbecue!
[MAN] Alright.
- Want some?
- Yes, please.
Jamie! Come here!
I think I'll need to
get a few more chairs.
It's alright. Hey, I got it.
I got it.
I'm glad you decided to come.
Thank you for inviting us, Bill.
My parents make the best barbecue sauce.
Kansas City and St.
Louis. Our two homes.
Two of our three homes.
Nowhere has felt more
like home than Hope Valley.
I can't argue with that.
Here you go, buddy.
- For you.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Say thank you.
Whoa, look at that!
Lucas, look who it is.
Ah, Mr. Mitchell. Join us, please.
Mr. Bouchard
We heard there was a
gathering of some kind?
Hey, Mr. Mitchell. Glad you can join us.
Pull up a chair.

Mrs. St. John?
Must be a far cry from
Philadelphia high society.
[SIGHS] Ah, yes.
But the people of this charming town
seem to be having a lot more fun.
Yes, we are very lucky here.
But Bill says you're staying.
So this is only just the beginning.
Welcome to town, Madeline.
Coop! Cooper!
Jamie! Go! Go!
Yes! Touchdown!
I'm so glad you came.
Well, Joseph invited me so
I couldn't be more grateful, my friend.
Well, I'm honored by the invitation.
- I'm gonna get some barbecue.
- Oh, yeah.
Right here.
Well, it looks like everybody
liked both our sauces.
Uh, should we count up the votes?
Or we could declare it a tie.
Mmm-mmm. Did I hear
there were two sauces?
I must have missed that
because I mixed them together
and they were delicious.
St. Louis and Kansas City?
And a little Hope Valley.
Everybody! To Minnie and Joseph!

Will you let me help on this?
I have had some
experience with this game.
- With this game?
- Mm-hmm.
[HICKAM] Here we go, ladies.
I like our chances.
- Congratulations.
- [FAITH] You were great!
Well done.
[FAITH] Hooray for us as a team.
Fun all around, Mr. Bouchard.
Upon reflection, I am
willing to accept your deal.
Wonderful news.
The Queen of Hearts will host
you as long as you'd like to stay.
I'll be back in a bit.
- Well done.
- It was a team effort.
The kids needed to go upstream
and they found the
source of the problem.
Apparently, a few games and activities
was all that was required.
Didn't you say from the beginning
you like to make people happy?
- I did.
- Mm.
But mostly just you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I thought I'd see you at the tug-of-war.
I can't, my shoulder.
You know what that
tug-of-war reminds me of?
[BOTH] Basic training.
[BILL] Every Friday afternoon.
[NATHAN] Oh yeah, us too.
Some things never change.
I had such a tough
instructor. Tough but fair.
So many times I wanted
to quit, you know.
My body hurt everywhere.
But he had a saying.
"Either you're in or you're out."
And the thought of being
out was terrifying, so
- I kept going.
- That's good advice.
It's still good advice.
Faith, do do you want to dance?
I'd love to.

Hi. This is nice.

- Oh, this has been so lovely.
- Just perfect.
Um, we're gonna go off to the library.
Does little Jack want to come with us?
Would you like to go?
Sure, go ahead. Have a good time.
- They grow up so fast.
- Don't they?
Oh my goodness!
Let's go see that baby.
Hello, ladies.
- Oh
- Oh, look who we have here.
You made it.
We did.
So, we've all been on pins and needles.
Have you landed on a name yet?
Oh, Rosemary. That is a beautiful name.
I would like to introduce
you all to Goldie.
[CROWD] Aww.
Hi. Hi, sweetie.
Marigold Elizabeth Coulter.
Thanks, Mr. Bouchard.
You kids got the ball rolling.
We couldn't have done it without you.
If you hadn't taught
us to be card sharks.
- They're joking.
I'm joking.
I'm very proud of all of you
for finding a way for everyone to win.
Early bird.
I know I'm early. I
can respect a schedule.
I'll wait.
You can go in the other one
if you'd like, Mr. Mitchell.
That's a very generous offer.
I don't mind if I take you up on that.
I'm so proud of them
for finding a solution.
All it took was a little compromise.
Mmm. And negotiation.
Oh, perfection.
This is fine.
And so the young princess
Rosie Sparkle escaped the dragon
and saved the kingdom and herself.
Grandmother Goldie wrote
that story and so many others
so that one day I
could read them to you.
She loved me very much.
And that is why we named you after her.
Oh yes.
I love you, my little Goldie.
More than life itself.
Time for bed.
Time for bed.
Yes. Oh, there you go.
Oh my goodness.
There you are.

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