When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e07 Episode Script

Best Laid Plans

Previously on When Calls the Heart
[JOSEPH] With all these
tourists, business has been great.
We should celebrate.
Give back to our friends.
[MINNIE] I think it's time
for another community dinner.
Madeline. I'm glad you decided to come.
[NATHAN] It's clear
that you like this woman.
Call it Mountie intuition.
Something just doesn't make sense here.
I think you're afraid of
putting yourself out there.
I would like to introduce
you all to Goldie.
[ALL] Awe.
Marigold Elizabeth Coulter.
Every season in Hope Valley
has its own special charms.
But there's no better time of year
than when the flowers are in full bloom.
The sun is warm, the
days are long and gentle,
and everything seems
right with the world.
So this is why every
time I send the children
to water and weed they tell
me it's already been done.
I'm just helping out a little.
Sarah's pumpkin looks like
it's gonna be a real good one.
[HICKAM] One, two, three,
four. One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, and four.
Now we're in cool down with a stretch.
Do you mind taking over?
And keep that going.
Another full class?
Yeah, my third one this morning.
A busy tourist is a happy tourist.
And we're all in the business of happy.
I'm exhausted.
Well, there's more coming.
We're going to take Hope
Springs to the next level.
What's next?
You're gonna have to wait and find out.
Wait and find out what?
I want to surprise you.
He never learns.
Hey, this is a surprise
that you are gonna like.
I promise.
It was nice of you to walk me to work.
Yeah, well, I figured
you could use the company.
It's the second time this week.
Busy today?
It should be fairly quiet.
I only have a few appointments booked.
Maybe I'll stop by for lunch.
[MADELINE] So it's done.
A land title contract transferring
ownership from me to you.
You ready to do this?
Thank you, Bill.
Well no need for thanks.
This feels right.
And the deed is now yours.
I should take you up to the
cabin and show you around.
I'd love to,
but I've had a telegram
from my husband's lawyer
and he needs me in Union City today.
Well, that's rather sudden, isn't it?
When will you be back?
A few days.
Well, here's to your safe travels
and future in Hope Valley.
I'm awfully glad I met you, Bill.
I, uh, borrowed that from you years ago.
Sorry it took me so long to return it.
Rosaleen Sullivan!
Hello, Mrs. Thornton.

Your mother must be
thrilled to have you home.
It's really great to be with her,
but I can only stay a week.
The family I nanny for is
moving to South Carolina.
Oh my goodness, from Cape Fullerton?
That's quite the change.
It might be fun. An adventure.
And a good way to save for college.
Do you still want to be a nurse?
I did.
I haven't thought about it for a while.
[EMILY] Rosaleen? Is it really you?
[OPAL] Oh my gosh, it is!
- Hi!
- It's so good to see you!
- Tell us everything!
- How's life in the big city?
[ROSALEEN] It's great.
Are you leaving?
Just for a few days.
Mother says we're needed in Union City
to settle some of my father's accounts.
We bought Judge Avery's land.
You did, huh?
[LUCAS] You're more than welcome
to store your luggage
with us while you're away.
You're too kind, Mr. Bouchard.
But you never know what outfit
the occasion may call for.
So long!
So, you sold her your
land. That was nice of you.
Well, nothing nice about
it. It's a business decision.
I was thinking,
that cabin doesn't even
have a kettle up there.
Maybe I should grab them some things
before they get back, huh?
A kettle, maybe uh
I don't know, proper pots and pans.
Maybe even some kindling.
A business decision right.
[LEE] A trestle bridge?
A trestle bridge?
Oh, uh, yes, yes. Of
course, a trestle bridge.
Yeah, I can supply the lumber for that.
I'll look into it right away.
Ok. Yeah, look. I gotta go. Ok, bye.
Did you just smile?
Did you just smile at me?
I think you did.
What is that, maybe
your fourth smile ever?
I am sorry I took so long,
the mercantile was a madhouse.
Of course everyone
has a piece of advice.
[LAUGHS] Oh, hello.
- Lee?
- Hmm?
Did you realize you have
a line of people outside
waiting to speak to you?
I should probably get on that.
Yeah, um but um
Lee, hear me out.
I was speaking with
Elizabeth the other day
and she reminded me that she
had babysitters for little Jack
when he was just about this age.
Maybe we could try one,
just one day a week.
A babysitter? No, she's too young.
She's just a little baby.
I've got it.
You don't want to miss
this time with Goldie.
I don't.
I don't want to miss this
time with Goldie, but
but this place isn't gonna run itself
and those men are
depending on me so eh.
Maybe it's time you think about
sharing the responsibility.
Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right.
Um I guess I could talk to Joseph.
They're coming over for dinner tonight.
- Done.
- Great.
[JOSEPH] Being a
full-time pastor would mean
having me underfoot a lot more.
I'm pretty sure I'd like that.
You'd have time to take on Eagle Creek.
It's true.
They've been without a
pastor for months now.
You'd finally be able to concentrate
on what you were put
on this earth to do.
But quitting on Lee
Joseph, Lee's your friend.
He wants what's best for you.
You just have to let
him know what that is.
I will talk to him this morning.
Oh, and ask what we
should bring to dinner.
Will do.
I love you.
I love you.
Sir, can you-can you hear me?
Is everything alright?
So where uh, where do you want it?
Let's set it right here.
So, what is it?
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present to you
It's a beauty.
Look at all the dials on it.
[LUCAS] Hope Valley's very first radio.
Wow. That is something.
The guests are gonna love it.
Imagine this.
They're gonna be listening
and dancing to music
being broadcast live from
the New York City ballroom.
- Oh, you've outdone yourself, Lucas.
Well, should we plug it in?
This guy is battery-operated.
Should we get their attention
or just surprise them?
I think we all know
you wanna surprise them.
May I?
Well, it's a good thing we
didn't get their attention.
There you are.
Awe, Mom.
Is it nice being back?
I saw Mrs. Thornton, and Emily and Opal.
He's still here?
He isn't the same man.
Time has changed him.
He let dad and the other
miners die in that mine.
Nothing will ever change that.
Oh, Joseph. Hey.
The head-saw jammed again but
don't worry, we got it fixed.
We'll make it up by end of day.
Ah, you're a miracle worker, my friend.
It was a team effort.
Um, Lee, there's something
I want to talk to you about.
You know, it's funny you mention that,
because there is something I
want to talk to you about, too.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
How would a partnership in
Coulter Lumber sound to you?
You and me running the show together.
Lee, that's so generous.
I I don't know what to say.
Joseph, look
There's nobody that I would
rather be partners with.
- Ok, I gotta get back to work.
- Alright.
Is there something you
want to talk to me about?
Just the monthly production reports.
Ah, exciting stuff.
Ok. I'll get to them right away.
- Say hi to Goldie.
- Thanks, Joseph.
[NATHAN] Mike, over here!
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Mike, give me a hand.
Alright, sir. Take it easy.
Ok. I got ya.
Here you go, nice and slow.
Come in.
What happened?
I found him passed out on his wagon.
There we go.
He's overheated. Almost no pulse.
And he looks dehydrated. He needs water.
Molly, can you fetch some salt
pills and some damp cloths?
Sir, can you hear me? Sir,
I need you to drink this.
- What's going on?
- You're in Hope Valley, sir.
I brought you to see the doctor.
And where is he?
She's right there.
I want a proper doctor.
I will ask again. Where is he?!
I think we need an antenna.
A what?
It's a wire that picks up radio waves.
Radio waves? Are you sure?
Yes, I am.
- Ok.
What's that noise?
It's static.
It's caused by unwanted
electrical signals,
like the hissing sound
you hear on telephones.
I think we need an antenna.
If it didn't come with an antenna
I doubt we'll need it.
It's more likely defective wiring.
I could open it up, take a look.
Uh, I don't think that's a good idea.
Shall I give it a try?
Might as well check.
I believe you.
Waves and wires, well it
just doesn't sound right.
Ok, I'll just find an antenna.
You were quite the teacher's
helper this morning.
I can tell you are a wonderful nanny.
I love the kids I nanny for,
but it's six and a half days a week.
Oh my.
Well, have you thought
about other options?
You were always so curious,
even as a young student.
Well, I was seeing someone
he wanted to get married.
But he said he wouldn't want me to work
and I really want to make
a difference with my life.
Like you.
Or like Florence Nightingale.
I guess.
So, what about nursing school?
I was working, hoping to save up,
but somehow my plans seem to be getting
further and further away.
I shouldn't bother you with my problems,
and don't worry, Mrs. Thornton,
I'm sure I'll figure it out.
And you designed this?
I found it in the manual
so we can pick up sound via radio waves.
It makes perfect sense to me.
It does?
Not entirely.
But I know you used to
work for the phone company
so I figure you know sound.
So how can I help you?
Well, I'm thinking scrap wire.
Ah, right this way.
So, does it matter what kind of wire?
Steel is best for durability,
but copper is great
for conductivity, so
Oh, you know your metals.
Phone operator, mechanic,
and all-around fixer.
And now radio repair woman.
I wear many hats.
You and I are one and the same.
Florence says that the
telephone company mechanics
are all moving over to radio.
It's all about the sound now.
You're gonna need wire cutters, too.
Maybe I'll combine copper and steel.
Oh, well, it's all about the sound.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Molly, how is it having Rosaleen home?
Oh, I can't even begin to tell you.
Oh, isn't it wonderful?
She's moving to Charleston.
Oh, and her young man in Cape Fullerton,
well he sounds quite promising.
Oh, she loves those children so,
and the family is so kind to her.
So she hasn't mentioned college
or wanting to be a nurse?
Oh, not since she was a little girl.
Why, did she mention it to you?
Just in passing.
Well, now back to our
quite cantankerous patient.
- Oh, good luck.
- We need it.
[WHISPERS] You know,
you should give that guy
a piece of your mind.
If I let myself get angry
I'm not sure I'd calm down.
Why are we whispering?
It's the new patient.
He was very mean to Faith.
Doesn't believe that a
woman can be a doctor.
Well, you should give
him a piece of your mind.
He's got a poor diet
and he's dehydrated.
I'm gonna need to keep him overnight.
Look, we may not like his attitude
but it's my duty as a physician
to care for all patients.
Even the mean and ungrateful ones.
Now, the immediate problem
is getting him to take his medication.
I hate to break it to you but if
he won't take water from you
He probably won't
take the cod liver oil.
- Have you tried it?
- It's terrible.
Would you lend me a hand, Dr. Hickam?
Good luck.
There we go.
Wait, no.
Ah, so you are the doc. Thought so.
Should Mr. Hunter take
his salt pill, Doctor?
I was uh, just going to recommend that.
And open up.
Cod liver oil. Are you
trying to poison me?
Mr. Hunter, if you want my
care you will take this medicine
from nurse Carter without any questions.
If you say so, doc.
[ELIZABETH] Lucas, I just
saw Rosaleen Sullivan.
She was one of my very
first students here.
Molly's daughter?
- Yes.
- Mm.
She was such a sensitive little girl.
When her father died
in the mine explosion
she took it so hard that she
stopped speaking for a while.
I'm sure you helped with her recovery.
Maybe a little.
She wants to be a nurse but
she can't afford the tuition
so she's working as a nanny
but I think it's gonna take
years for her to earn enough
and I think she'll end up
giving up on her dreams.
What about a job here, at the hotel?
She can live at home, work here,
save money much faster that way.
If Rosaleen's up for it.
I think it's worth a try.
- Great.
- Thank you.
Lucas, that is very thoughtful of you.
Oh, hey.
Don't mind me,
I'm just uh, grabbing
some stuff from the back.
Help yourself.
There's a lot of junk back there.
How did this get back there?
Is that a butter churn? No idea.
I can plant flowers in there.
Yeah, for Madeline.
Given that I'm sprucing the cabin up.
Right, Madeline.
You think you could give me
a hand loading this stuff up?
Anything for love.
Love? Who said anything about love?
Yes, I can help you.
[BILL] Thanks.
Hello there, precious Goldie.
And hello to you, too.
You are just the person I wanted to see.
I am putting out a special
edition of the Valley Voice.
Is there anything you care
to share with our readers?
Hm, let's see.
Well, Bill sold his land
to Madeline St. John,
so it looks as though she and
Jamie will be settling here.
Well, that is news you can
use. Comings and goings.
Who doesn't like a little
small town information?
Anything else?
Lucas says he has a
surprise. Another one.
But he promises this one
will be extra special.
Alright. Any idea what it is?
Then it wouldn't be a surprise.
Well, I'm not sure it's
worthy of a headline.
- Mmm.
We can call it "a developing story".
Awaiting further details.
Lucas has offered to
hire Rosaleen at the hotel
so she can stay in Hope Valley
while she saves up for college.
Well, that's wonderful.
Molly will be thrilled.
[GASPS] Local girl comes home!
Shh! I need to tell her first.
But then I'll let you
know what she says.
I want to be the first to know.
Did you hear that?
There's breaking news on Main Street.
I see you found our library.
You have the biography of Madam Curie.
I'm noticing a trend in your reading.
Well, I can never get to the library.
And even if I can, I wouldn't
have the time to read.
Rosaleen, I was speaking
with your mother and she seems
to think you're very happy
with your job and your suitor.
She's had enough grief in her life.
She doesn't need my troubles, too.
That is very generous
and thoughtful of you,
and Molly is one lucky mother.
But she's also your mother
and she is much stronger than you think.
Have you thought about telling her
you'd still like to be a nurse?
I suspect after nursing school
you could do your
apprenticeship with Doctor Carter
right here in Hope Valley.
But first I need to pay the tuition.
And being a nanny is my best option.
Even if it takes a few years.
And if I told my mom, well,
she'd go into debt to pay for it
and I just-I can't let her do that.
But what if you could do it faster?
I spoke with Mr. Bouchard
and he is more than happy to
offer you a job at the hotel.
You could earn enough for your tuition
much faster than you
ever would being a nanny.
I'll think about it.
Please thank Mr. Bouchard for me.
And thank you for talking to him.
You'll always be my favorite teacher.
That means a lot, Rosaleen.
Is that uh
is that Molly Sullivan's daughter?
Yes, Rosaleen.
Hi, Joseph.
I'm sorry, but Angela and
Cooper already left for the day.
Oh, it was you I actually wanted to see.
I, uh, may be spending some more
time here on church business.
Well, that's great news.
I wanted to ask you how you'd feel
if I establish regular office hours.
Not just on Sundays,
but I promise I won't
conflict with school hours.
Of course.
It sounds like there are big
changes happening for you.
Bit of a crossroads.
I know the feeling.
Something on your mind?
I'm worried about Henry.
Yeah, he's carrying a very heavy burden,
and I don't know how
to help him put it down.
I don't either.
I think we should talk.
About Rosaleen.
How is she?
Is she ok?
She needs to heal
just as much as you do.
You could help each other.
I don't know if uh
I feel like I'm the last person
that she would want to talk to.
I think you owe it to her to try.
And I think you owe it to yourself, too.
Doctor Hickam!
You're needed.
You called, nurse?
Don't ask me why I have two of these.
Can you spare one?
I can spare both.
I can't remember the last
time I baked banana bread.
If you baked banana bread
I know a few people that
would take it off your hands.
Just in case.
My goodness, that's a lot of stuff.
Uh butter churn for Madeline?
He wants to put flowers in it.
Well, women like that sort of thing.
Don't they?
Who wouldn't?
Just trying to be neighborly.
Of course you are.
Elizabeth tells me you're
interested in becoming a nurse.
Well, we talked about it
but it wasn't that serious.
Rosaleen you still
blush when you fib.
Well, this would mean
going to nursing school
and I don't have that kind of money.
We'll find the money.
And now you have a job,
and after school we'll see if
Doctor Carter is willing to-
Mom, I can't.
I'm leaving for South
Carolina in a week.
It'll be great.
Some things just aren't meant to be.
Are you sure you put it
back together properly?
I'm pretty sure.
Did you institute a new
staff uniform, Hickam?
Excuse me.
That patient is a nightmare.
I don't know how Faith does it.
She's an angel, that's how.
Is that an antenna?
I had to improvise.
It should pick up radio frequencies
and convert them to sound.
Well, you're free to try it
but I still think the
problem is inside this radio.
Hey, did you check
the power supply node?
Yes, I even replaced one of
the coupling capacitors but
maybe there's a loose connection.
Alright, well, while you tinker
I'm gonna figure out
how to hook this up.
Lucas, I was wondering if
I might ask you a favor.
I heard you're doing a special
edition of the Valley Voice.
I am.
I'd like to place an ad.
The Hope Valley scholarship
available to all current
and former students of
the Jack Thornton school.
Well, this is news.
And who is creating this
scholarship, may I ask?
The donor would like
to remain anonymous.
So this is your secret.
No, it's not my secret.
Didn't Elizabeth tell you
that you had some kind
of a special surprise?
[ROSEMARY] Yes, she did.
That secret. That is not this secret.
This is someone else's secret.
Oh, come now.
No one can stay anonymous,
not in a town this size.
You might as well admit
it to us on the record.
So if that's not the secret,
then please do tell what is?
The saloon got a radio.
Hot-! [WHISPERS] Sorry.
- That's exciting!
- Yeah.
That is wonderful,
Lucas, and newsworthy.
It's not news until
we can get it to work.
Oh, well then, I definitely
won't tell anyone.
Who wants to hear about a broken radio?
No one. Which is why it's a secret.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
[WHISPERS] A radio!
Well, he offered to
make me partner, Minnie.
It didn't feel like the right time.
I understand.
Let's enjoy our evening.
You'll know when the time is right.
A partner in what, daddy?
Coulter Lumber, sweetheart.
Does that mean you'd be the boss?
It means I'd be partner.
But yeah, I guess I would
be the boss, alongside Mr.-
- Aha!
- Hello!
- I thought I heard something!
- Welcome!
- Hi, Cooper, hello Angela.
- Come on in, guys.
- Oh, you look lovely.
- Come in.
- Careful.
- There you go.
- Minnie!
- Oh, what've we got here?
- You're gonna like that.
- Oh, it smells delicious.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Is that a radio?
No, it's uh a box.
An attractive box.
Is that a radio?
[LUCAS] Yes, it is.
And that is not how I wanted
you to find out about it.
I'm so sorry.
But if you wanted to
wow me you wowed me.
Maybe if they could get it to work.
I have no doubt they will.
So Henry came to me with
an interesting request,
a scholarship for all
former and current students
of the Jack Thornton school.
Interesting timing.
He wants it to be anonymous.
Of course he does, for Rosaleen's sake.
It's a very generous offer but
I don't think giving money away
is gonna help either one of them heal.
Well, alright. I think I fixed it.
Okay, well
- [POP]
- Whoa!
- Hey.
- Hi.
How's he doing?
Mr. Hunter?
A delight.
You're patient. More than you should be.
So I hear there's something
going on over at the saloon.
Wanna go see what it is?
Nothing's changed since we last tried.
With us.
I know that you're trying
and I appreciate that.
There's something in the way.
There's always been.
I wish things could be
different but they're not.
Faith, I'm
I don't know what's wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong with you.
It's just the way it is.
And I miss having you as a friend.
I miss that, too.
We're good that way.
You make me laugh, and I like your dog.
I guess I like him too, yeah.
So um
where do we go from here?
Go back to the way things were.
I'd love that.
Can we see Goldie, Mrs. Coulter?
Of course you can. Just tip toe on up.
Help your sister.
That is one of the best meals
I've had in a very long time.
Has anybody heard if Lucas has
the radio up and running yet?
Well, if Fiona has
anything to say about it
they'll get it going.
- Radio?
Yes, can you believe it?
Hope Valley is going to have its
very own connection to the world.
Radio is the future or
so I keep hearing.
Oh, brother.
I wonder if it's gonna change anything.
Well, what could it change?
We still have each other.
I would like to propose a
toast to Joseph Canfield,
my friend and hopefully new
partner in Coulter Lumber.
- Congratulations, Joseph.
- Congratulations.
Lee, I want to tell you how
much your offer means to me
and how much I appreciate
your friendship.
I feel exactly the same way.
Minnie? What is it?
Now, it's not that we're not grateful.
But I'm at a crossroads.
We're all given a certain
amount of time on this earth
and it's up to each of us to figure out
what we're here to do.
And we believe Joseph
is here to be a pastor.
There are a lot of signs
pointing in different directions,
but I believe I need
to listen to my heart.
Well, unfortunately you
leave me with little choice.
Joseph, my friend, you're fired.
Lee, my friend, I quit.
You're welcome back any time.
But the truth is, I
don't think you should.
- To Pastor Joseph.
- To Pastor Joseph.
To Pastor Joseph.
- Thank you.
I'll get that. Excuse me.
[LEE] Hello?
Ok, we'll be right there.
That was Lucas. He wants
us back at the saloon.
I wonder if there's
something for us to hear.
Shall we?
I will go and gather the children.
I'm happy for Joseph.
Yes, I'm happy for Joseph, too.
Selfishly, not so much for me.
Oh Lee, don't worry. A
solution will present itself.
How can you be so sure?
Well, it's as Joseph always says,
"God will show you the way".
So you don't miss a minute
of our Goldie growing up.
No, I won't.
How're you guys doing?
Just about ready.
Goldie, look at you.
So young and already experiencing
the wonders of the radio.
You should head inside.
We're moments away.
- Oh!
- Ok, we will.
[LEE] See you in a minute.
Have you seen the news?
A scholarship for all the
children of Hope Valley!
- Not even an application.
- Such generosity.
And an answer to our prayers.
Now you can go to nursing school.
That's wonderful news, Rosaleen.
I'm very happy for you.
[FIONA] I wish we could have tested it.
Fingers crossed.
Fiona, would you do us the honors?
I agree, as it should have
been from the beginning.
[FIONA] This will only take a minute.
Well, that doesn't sound like music.
Not yet.
[FIONA] Still trying to get a signal
Oh my goodness!
Music out of thin air!
Now we're puttin' on the Ritz.
Come on, Mike.

You should dance.

- You did it.
- Fiona did.
- [LUCAS] May I have this dance?
- [ELIZABETH] Yes, you may.

Friends can still dance, can't they?
That's the best offer
I've had all night.


Should Mr. Hunter make a point
of drinking five glasses of water a day
and eating three balanced meals?
I was just going to say that.
So when can I get out of here?
The doctor ordered
some medication for you,
we're just waiting on the pharmacist.
Ah, there she is now.
Good morning.
I prepared four milligram
tablets of ferrous sulphate
to be taken twice a day.
So now you're saying this lady
is supposed to be a pharmacist?
What is wrong with this town?
Nothing is wrong with this town!
And I'm not a doctor. She is.
[LAUGHS] Good one, doc.
I think I need to have
a word with my patient.
I'll tell you what's not funny.
When you came in here
you were barely breathing,
possibly hours away from death.
You had low blood pressure,
you were dehydrated,
and you were probably
dangerously anemic.
Now, how do I know this?
Because I am a good doctor.
And I am your doctor.
Now, let me help you.
And let Miss Tsu help you,
because she is a good pharmacist.
And how about showing
them a little gratitude?
I'm sorry, Miss Doctor.
And Miss Pharmacist.
Thank you both.
We got this work order from Union City.
It says here we're
shipping 20 board feet
but every other order has been 200.
No, you're right.
This is definitely supposed to say 200.
I just wanted to make sure.
Yeah. Good catch, Richard.
You know, you're doing a good job.
- Thanks, boss.
- You really are.
How would you feel about taking on
a few more responsibilities around here?
- That sounds great.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Ok.
Whoa, whoa.
Who could that be?
I don't know.
Ah, good morning,
gentlemen. Can I help you?
I was about to ask you the same thing.
This is private property, you know.
Yes, I know.
One of you wouldn't happen
to be Bill Avery, would you?
Yeah, that's me. And who might you be?
Bernhardt Montague, at your service.
We certainly appreciate you
letting us buy the land from you, Bill.
We'll make it a beautiful
home. You'll see.
Why, yes. Madeline and I.
Didn't she tell you?
Mrs. St. John and I are
engaged to be married.
Madeline is my fiancée.
I know it's you behind the scholarship.
You need to tell Rosaleen.
I'm just trying to do
something good here, Elizabeth.
I appreciate that, but
what are you afraid of?
That if she knows it came from me
that she will not accept it.
And I need her to be ok
more than I need forgiveness.
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