When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e08 Episode Script

What Is and What Never Should Be

Previously on When Calls the Heart
A land title contract transferring
ownership from me to you.
Bernhardt Montague.
Mrs. St. John and I are
engaged to be married.
Pretty soon Auntie and Uncle
are going to be a mommy and daddy.
Mommy and a daddy?
Obviously I want him
to know all about Jack,
but how much and when?
[ELIZABETH] Rosaleen Sullivan came home.
[LUCAS] Molly's daughter?
The Hope Valley Scholarship,
open to current and former students.
He's still here?
I need her to be okay more
than I need forgiveness.
Good morning.
- Would you like coffee?
- No, thank you.
It'll be just one today, thank you.
A woman I barely knew
bought some land from me.
It was a business transaction.
She just happens to have a fiancé.
Still, it couldn't
have been easy to hear.
She's free to marry any man she wants.
[LUCAS] Bernhardt Montague.
[SIGHS] I just checked him in yesterday.
He's coming this way.
- Today's menus.
- Thank you.
Mr. Avery
How are you on this fine morning?
I'm fine.
And you must be Mr.
Bouchard's lovely fiancée.
This is Elizabeth Thornton.
She's the town school teacher.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
You as well.
Jamie is one of my students.
He's quite the inquisitive young man.
Yes Jamie.
Oh, wonderful. Wonderful.
Yes, he certainly is inquisitive.
Well, I'm off. Enjoy your meals.
[ROSEMARY] Our town gets
overlooked time and time again.
After snubbing us in
the last two elections,
our territorial governor,
Bixby Balfour is once again
skipping over Hope Valley
on his campaign tour
in favor of Buxton!
There must be a reason
they don't come here.
Because no one has
made the case to them.
If we promised to give the governor
a reception unlike any other,
well, he would have no choice
but to change his plans.
Oh! I can see it now.
A ticker tape parade,
a bandstand where the
governor addresses the crowd,
- confetti, balloons
- And doves.
Let's not get carried away, Florence.
[LEE] I wonder if Fiona
can figure out a way
to broadcast the visit over the radio.
Lee, that is brilliant.
Do you think we actually have time?
Well, it's Fiona we're talking about,
I'm sure she can figure it out.
Oh, and don't forget the music.
Buxton is always bragging
about their brass band!
Maybe we could get the
farmers to play fiddles-
No, no, no. That won't do.
We need something
inspiring, more refined.
How about a choir?
Minnie, yes!
We'll need a choir director.
I'll be far too busy
performing, soloing in the choir.
Didn't you say you ran the
church choir back in Missouri?
I did indeed.
Well, we have work to do.
It just doesn't make sense.
Why wouldn't Madeline have
told Bill about her fiancé?
Maybe it never came up.
How could it not?
She spoke openly of her late husband
but never of this Montague fellow?
Elizabeth, I think you're
searching for trouble.
- Is that right?
- Mm-hmm.
You're loyal to Bill, and so am I.
But that doesn't mean we're dealing
with anything other than a widow
who isn't public about
her private affairs.
Those are pretty.
Yes, they are.
No, no-you
Thank you very much.
For my nosey, meddling,
suspicious bride to be.
Mrs. Thornton! Mr. Bouchard!
I just spoke to the college registrar.
They have a place for me
in the nursing program.
Rosaleen, that's wonderful news!
Well, I have you to thank for
that scholarship, Mr. Bouchard.
And making it available for everyone?
- You're so kind.
- No, I assure you, I
I know you'll deny it but
I'm thanking you anyway.
I have to run.
Dr. Carter is letting me sit in with her
at her work again today.
Do you think Henry will
ever tell her the truth?
I don't think he's ready.
For now I'm just trying
to be happy for Rosaleen.
And you should.
Whether you will admit it or not,
I think you're responsible
for setting that chain of
events that led her here.
may I present the award
for another Elizabeth Thornton miracle?
Yes, you may, good sir.
You're so very welcome, my dear.
Thank you.
And now, to the sticky issue
of who to include in the choir.
After all, our inaugural
performance could be seen
by the governor himself.
Oh, so I was thinking,
you and me, Elizabeth,
Hickam and Joseph, Ned
and Florence, and
Well, I would ask Bill
but from what I hear
he won't be in the mood.
Oh, and perhaps Emily Montgomery,
for some of the higher notes.
What do you think?
All are wonderful ideas.
And of course, since
it's a community choir,
it's open to everyone,
making it all the more
joyful for everyone.
[NATHAN] Jed, something
I can help you with?
Well, uh, it may be
nothing, but late last night
I heard some loud noises
from the old Avery property.
I went over and I could
see a bunch of activity
lanterns and such.
On Bill's plot?
The one that he sold to Mrs. St. John?
Yeah, that's the one.
Well, I just wanted to make sure
no one was trespassing or anything.
Thanks for letting me know.
Hey, how's Laura, by the way?
I haven't seen her around.
[SIGHS] She is heading
to teacher's college soon.
She really misses babysitting
little Jack in the evenings,
but at least Mrs. Thornton's
still got Robert during the school day.
Well, tell her congratulations.
We're all proud of her.
I will.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- Dad?
- Yeah?
Mrs. Thornton needs a
babysitter in the evenings
Yeah, so?
I'm old enough to babysit.
Babysit little Jack?
Yeah, I guess you are old enough now.
Why not ask?

[ELIZABETH] I'm here to pick up
Gustave's ratatouille for little Jack.
It's his new favorite.
Though I think that's mostly
because he enjoys saying "ratatouille".
delicious. Very adorable.
- I'll check.
- Thank you.
A beer, please.
Mr. Montague.
Mrs. Thornton. Good evening.
I was wondering if you'd
heard from Madeline or Jamie?
The students are asking for
him, curious when he'll be back.
Well, I'd imagine they'd
be back within a few days.
You know, lawyers, glacial speed.
I think he's really going to enjoy
some of our upcoming projects,
especially because he
loves geology so much.
We've got a whole lesson
on rock formations.
Yes, yes, that boy is a
regular rock hound, isn't he?
So, I thought I might reach
out to his science teacher
to find out their curriculum
and what Jamie's already learned.
What was the name of his old school?
[MONTAGUE] I don't recall.
The name of his school?
Mr. Montague
I've reserved you a table by the fire.
Actually, we were just discussing Jamie.
I'm sure it's been a long day,
perhaps you'd like to relax?
Yes, indeed, thank you.
It's been quite a day.
Well, I wouldn't want to keep you, then.
Would you mind showing
Mr. Montague to his seat?
What're you up to?
I was trying to find out what
it is about him I don't like.
I see.
It's just uh
he is a guest and I run the hotel.
I'm sorry.
But answer me this, do you trust him?
I serve a lot of people I don't
like and would never trust.
And Montague is probably one of them.
But in general,
I've learned it's better
to keep your enemies close.
I'd think you'd want to
keep them much further away.
Morning, Constable. How can I help you?
One of your neighbors said
that there was some loud noises
coming from here a couple nights ago,
saw men working by lantern.
Apologies to our neighbors,
I hope they understand.
You see, my fiancée
is arriving any day now
and, well, I just wanna
have everything ready.
What kind of work are you doing?
The cabin needs some fixing.
These gentlemen are putting in a well.
A well? Didn't Bill put
a well in a few years ago?
Yes, but it's gone dry.
Well, let's uh, let's just keep
the noise down after dark, alright?
Of course.
Will the circle be unbroken ♪
By and by, oh by and by. ♪
We are better when we're together ♪
We will make our spirits high. ♪
Sweetheart, that is
absolutely beautiful.
Oh, well thank you.
I'm just preparing for our
very first choir practice.
- If the road gets ♪
- Oh no.
Long and weary Come sing.
And our hearts are ♪
[IN LOW VOICE] Feeling low ♪
[ROSEMARY] We will search
and find each other ♪
- Good morning.
- Morning.
So Allie asked if she could babysit.
Oh, I know.
It's pretty much all
she's been talking about.
Thanks for saying yes.
I wish I had thought of it sooner.
Is she excited?
Excited? Well, that's a
bit of an understatement.
Um she has a list
about as long as my arm.
Things that Jack likes,
things that Jack doesn't like.
Games that Jack might want to play.
Although I think she's
just trying to impress you.
Well, I hope he behaves.
He's becoming much more
rambunctious these days.
How's he doing?
You know Bill.
Pretending it doesn't bother him.
What do you think of Madeline's fiancé?
He seems eager to whip
Bill's land into shape.
Why the urgency?
Says he wants to impress Madeline.
Who's ready for choir practice?
I see Elizabeth has wrangled
another baritone, for the back row.
Oh, you should.
Uh I would.
It's a generous offer, but uh
I'm just more of a tenor myself.
[BOTH] Oh.
Well, we could use some
more tenors, as well.
I gotta-I gotta feed Newton, so argh.
That's the best you could come up with?
Have a great practice.
- Shall we?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's a little sharp.
- Is it?
This was such a good idea.
I hope we sound alright.
I'm starting to feel the pressure.
Between you and I,
I think I may have strained
my vocal chords during labor.
Come now.
I heard you singing at your house.
Your voice sounds as beautiful as ever.
Besides, even if we are a bit rusty,
this choir isn't about perfection,
it's about bringing people together.
Elizabeth rusty is
for nails, not choirs.
Thank you just the same.
- I'll meet you in there.
- Oh.
It looks like you've tamed Timber.
She's scared by most people.
Well, no, I bribe her with carrots.
It's more of a transactional thing.
The answer to your question is no.
I haven't-I haven't spoken with Rosaleen yet.
Actually, I was going to ask
if you'd like to join the choir.
We're having our first practice today.
Oh, you're serious.
It might be fun.
I-I have no doubt of that.
Well, if you change your mind
you know where to find us.
Right over there.
Thank you!
[MINNIE] Alright, everyone.
Let's get started on Oh, Happy Day.
[MINNIE] Angela?
Oh, happy day ♪
Oh, happy day ♪
Oh, happy day ♪
[CHOIR] Oh, happy day ♪
When Jesus washed ♪
[CHOIR] When he washed ♪
[ROSEMARY] When Jesus washed ♪
[CHOIR] When he washed ♪
[ROSEMARY] Our sins away. ♪
[CHOIR] Oh, happy day. ♪
He taught me how ♪
To watch, fight and pray. ♪
Oooh, oooh ♪
And live rejoicing every day ♪
- [NED] And live rejoicing ♪
- No. No.
- [NED] Every day ♪
- No.
Well done. Not bad for our first time.
We just need to watch our pitch.
- I'll go higher.
- To say the least.
Okay, wonderful.
This is embarrassing.
It's just our first
practice. It'll come.
I sound terrible.
I quite like your voice.
What have we gotten ourselves into?
Come now.
You know better than
anyone, it's a process.
These things take time.
Elizabeth, the governor
could be here any time now.
At this rate we'd be better off getting
three mules and a
sheep to entertain him.
We're not that baaad.
Well, I never took
you for such a quitter.
Quitter? I am not a quitter.
Minnie, let's go again.
Again, everyone.
Wonderful. Let's go from the top.

[ROSEMARY] Oh, happy day ♪
[CHOIR] Oh happy day ♪
[ROSEMARY] Oh, happy day ♪
[CHOIR] Oh happy ♪
[ROSEMARY] When Jesus washed ♪
All of his snacks are either
in the ice box or on the table.
Um, he has some new toys, so
that should keep him happy.
Hey, you're gonna be great.
Best behavior, ok?
I'll be back before you know it.
Hey, Jack. Wanna play a game?
Hide and seek.
Okay. I'll start. You
hide and I'll count to ten.
One, two, three, four
I have been meaning to talk
with you about yesterday,
regarding Mr. Montague?
There's something about
him that just seems off.
But didn't you feel
the same way about me
when I first arrived in town?
I know it's hard
watching anyone lose hope
about someone they care about.
I'm sorry if I've seemed sour.
Tonight was my idea so
let's make the most of it.
Well, I very much like that idea.
[FRANTIC] Jack?!
The game's over.
You can you can come out now.
[ROSEMARY] Oh, dear.
Trouble in Rock Creek.
Some farmers are protesting
at the local government office.
And the Buxton Beagle got
the scoop on us again.
Buxton Beagle.
- Hey, boss.
- Hey.
Mrs. Coulter.
They did it again.
They upped the order
and put a rush on it.
This is the big one out of Union City.
Oh, yes. Look at that.
That is big. Wow.
What kind of project is it?
Um, well, it's a trestle bridge
but it looks like they're using
some new kind of engineering.
I don't know. Whatever it is, it is big.
And they are in a hurry
so they're gonna keep
paying a premium and that'll
keep our guys working.
If we add a shift
we can make our delivery
targets here, here, and here.
Yeah. That's a good idea, Richard.
But in the middle of nowhere.
A trestle bridge, really?
That's what Barnaby says.
Why would you build a bridge here
when the road to Union
City is over here?
Oh well, ours is not to reason why.
We're lucky to have the work.
Good job, Richard. Thank you.
[FRANTIC] I don't know
what I was thinking!
He must have run off.
I've looked everywhere!
Jack? Jack?
[TEARY] How could I
have let this happen?
It's ok, it's ok,
alright? Take a breath.
Where was the last place you saw him?
Right here, in the living room.
And how long did you
have your eyes closed for?
I I counted to ten.
I should call the hotel
and let Mrs. Thornton know.
Wait, hold on.
If you were a little
guy where would you hide?
What're you talking about?
maybe somewhere only
a little guy could fit.
Found him.
[MEI] I'm having second thoughts
Don't be so hard on yourself.
I think you're better off
without me in that choir.
We won't let you give up just yet.
I, for one, think you
have a beautiful voice.
That's what Mike said.
Take it as a compliment.
He's one of our strongest singers.
How are ya?
How am I?
Not you too.
Can't people get past this?
I sold a woman some land.
It just doesn't add up.
Does it ever?
It'd be easier if she just
left town and didn't come back.
Now I have to see her all the time.
Him, too.
Everyone says he's a real nice fella.
Maybe too nice.
Thank you for tonight.
It was nice to get out on our own.
- I'd invite you in, but
- No, no, no.
If uh, if little Jack
hears me he might wake up.
- Nathan.
- Hi.
Uh, sorry.
What happened?
Allie um, Allie had a bit of a panic.
Little Jack was playing
hide and seek very well
so she got me and we
searched everywhere for him
and finally found him
under the sofa, yeah.
I should have told her he
really likes hiding there.
Apple juice?
Allie uh, put Jack to bed
and then fell asleep herself.
I thought I should stick
around, you know, just in case.
I'm glad you did for her sake.
- How was your night?
- Lovely.
I hope you weren't too bored,
waiting here by yourself.
No. You've got a great
selection of books.
I was uh I was halfway done it.
How are the questions coming
with uh Little Jack?
Figuring it out.
I'm telling him stories,
keeping Jack's memory alive.
Just trying to listen.
Thanks for asking.
Well, that stuff's never easy.
Um, just um just between us,
Allie is afraid she's
not getting hired back.
Which honestly I totally get,
I mean, losing a child
in the first five minutes
is pretty much against
the job description.
Are you kidding me?
Clearly she has good instincts.
She kept a cool head, she
summoned law enforcement.
I'll keep her as busy
as she wants to be.
That would mean the world to her.
She really looks up to you.
Well, that means the world to me.
I I saw you dancing with Faith.
You two seem really happy.
Yeah. Uh
She broke things off just
before that dance, actually.
Oh, Nathan, I'm so sorry.
No, it's alright.
It's ok, it's
You know, I don't think
I'm very good at this thing.
Maybe I'm not meant
to be that kind of guy.
You're done with love?
Maybe I should be.
Yeah, maybe I should be.
I should um
I should wake her up and
we should get out of here.
You know, you could leave her
and come back and pick her
up in the morning if you want.
Yeah? Uh
You know, I think she'd
actually prefer that.
Of course.

Hi, you.
I'm sorry it's been a while.
The past few weeks have
been interesting.
But everything's fine.
Let's see.
Rosaleen is back. She asked about you.
The governor is visiting Buxton,
and possibly Hope Valley if
Rosemary has any say in it.
Speaking of Rosemary,
she's managing to do a million things
with a sweet baby girl on her hip.
They named her Goldie after her mother.
The wedding is coming
together, slowly but surely.
Oh, your son tormented
the babysitter last night,
which reminded me of a
story your mother told me
about you and your brother.
He's more like you every day, Jack.
I think you'd be really proud of him.
I know you would.
Good morning.
Good morning. Good to see you.
What can I do for you?
Nothing, really.
I'm just uh
I'm just doing a little
thinking about uh
Molly and Patrick Sullivan's daughter.
You know, I've made my
way in some form or another
with pretty much everyone in this town,
but when I saw her again
it reminded me of the far
away look she had in her eye
after the disaster.
Have you tried talking to her?
That's what I'm here thinking on.
Be strong and courageous.
Do not be frightened or dismayed.
The Lord your God is
with you wherever you go.
Take your time.
A duet?
We thought we would
pair your bellowing tones
with one of our lighter voices.
I'm game.
Duets can be so charming and
effective at blending voices.
Oh, well I remember this one time
I was starring in the
musical The Belle of Bohemia,
and I had a duet with an actor
who could barely carry a tune
As it turned out, all he needed
was a little encouragement.
And a lot of practice.
But our voices blended
together beautifully.
It sounds great.
Then it's settled.
We'll leave you to it.
Rosaleen. Hello.
I don't want to talk to you.
I just want to help.
Oh no.
How did I not see it?
It was you! You set up the scholarship.
You deserve every penny.
You feel guilty.
Please accept it.
You wanna wipe your hands clean again?
Buy everyone and everything in this town
with the money you made running
the mine that killed my dad.
I don't want it.
Good morning.
This is private property, ma'am.
Yes, I I know the owners.
That's quite the crew you have there.
Putting in a new well.
You need a horse and plow for that?
Ma'am, I'll have to
ask you to move along.
It's not safe here.
Me me me me me me me me me ♪
Now, your turn.
Me me me me me me me me me. ♪
That was great! You sounded great.
Mike, you don't have to pretend.
Rosemary and Minnie
paired me up with you
because of how terrible I sound.
That's not true.
Either way, thank you for your patience.
Remember, ears over your shoulders,
shoulders over your hips,
hips over your knees,
knees over your feet.
Oh, and breathe from the diaphragm.
Where'd you learn all of this?
My sisters and I made up most
of the church choir back home.
Well, singing is more
complicated than I thought.
Oh, well there's as much
technique as you care to learn.
But really, all you
have to do is just relax.
Just relax and I magically sound good?
Yes. And believe that
your voice is beautiful.
Because I do.
So, let's try it together,
with our eyes closed.
[BOTH] Me me me me me me me me me ♪
You know, if you're here
with my babysitting money
let's just say it's on the house.
A lost child is pretty
much a full refund.
What's the matter?
I'm not sure.
I rode by Bill's land
earlier today and
there were some men there.
Yeah. No sense of humor.
I spoke to them yesterday.
They said they're putting in a well.
And a horse fitted with a plow.
What do they need with all that?
They didn't seem to
appreciate my questions.
What is Montague up to?
I don't know.
But I intend to find out.
You really have to leave right now?
I thought you were
working with Faith today.
I just have to go.
Did something happen?
Sweetie, can you tell me?
It's nothing.
Well, don't just run off
to South Carolina like that
without at least talking to me.
I just have to go.
I can't be here.
I thought I could, but then I saw him.
It all came back to me.
I felt like a scared little kid again.
But you're not.
You are a strong young woman now.
I know it hurts, I really do.
But you can't keep running forever.
I'm not like you.
I can't just accept what
he did to our family.
How he took dad from us.
How he cast the women and
children aside from this town
like they were nothing.
He did awful things.
He was a terrible man.
But I promise you he isn't anymore.
He paid for what he did and
he's done good for this town.
There is something even more powerful
than acceptance, Rosaleen.
[ELIZABETH] Are you sure
you don't want to join?
[LUCAS] I'm here to listen
and enjoy and that's all.
Well, maybe you'll be inspired.
I had fun last night.
Me too.
And I'd like to apologize
for the Montague thing.
Lucas, it's nothing.
Sometimes I find I
still put my livelihood
ahead of what's important.
You have great instincts about people.
I should have trusted you.
I hope you know that you
can always share with me.
Thank you.
- Big step.
Mr. Gowan?
I um wanted to apologize for earlier.
I was angry.
I suppose I've been
angry for a long time.
You don't need to apologize to me.
I'm sorry for everything.
When I left town, I didn't
think I'd ever come back.
Too many memories.
Good and bad.
I'm trying to hold onto the good ones.
I remember that gruff man
that used to control this town
and I remember how much I
hated him for what he took
and how scared I was of him.
But that man isn't here anymore.
I see that now.
We're going to listen to the choir.
You should join us.
I'm just gonna-just gonna
finish up around here.
Sleep, my child and
peace attend thee ♪
All through the night. ♪
Guardian angels, God will send thee ♪
All through the night. ♪
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping, ♪
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping. ♪
I my loving vigil keeping
all through the night. ♪
While the moon her watch is keeping, ♪
All through the night. ♪
While the weary world is sleeping, ♪
All through the night. ♪
O'er thy spirit gently stealing, ♪
Visions of delight revealing, ♪
Breathes a pure and holy feeling ♪
All through the night. ♪
Breathes a pure and holy feeling ♪
All through the night. ♪

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