When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e09 Episode Script

Deep Water

Previously on When Calls the Heart
[ELIZABETH] The past few
months have been interesting.
The wedding is coming together
slowly but surely.
The governor is visiting
Buxton and possibly Hope Valley,
if Rosemary has any say in it.
If we promise to give the governor
a reception unlike any other
he would have no choice
but to change his plans.
[ELIZABETH] I rode by
Bill's land earlier today
and there were some men there.
[NATHAN] What is Montague up to?
I don't know, but I intend to find out.
They upped the order
and put a rush on it.
This is the big one out of Union City.
[LEE] It's a trestle bridge
but in the middle of nowhere.
Why would you build a bridge here
when the road to Union
City is over here?
So Allie asked if she could babysit.
Thanks for saying yes.
[ELIZABETH] Well, I hope he behaves.
One, two, three
[ELIZABETH] Your son tormented
the babysitter last night.
He's more like you every day, Jack.
I think you'd be really proud of him.
I know you would.
I can't believe the
wedding is six weeks away.
There's so much still to do,
including addressing 100 envelopes.
But luckily I have lots of help.
With the invitations sent,
now we're waiting to
find out who can make it.
It's hard to imagine
how it will all get done.
But I have faith.
All should feel right in Hope Valley.
But there's something
I can't quite shake.
We still don't know what's
happening with Bill's land,
but we're determined to find out.
Sorry I'm late,
I was getting Allie
set up with little Jack.
By moving all the furniture?
Um are you sure we should tell Bill?
Because of Madeline?
[SIGHS] Well, what do I know
about matters of the heart?
But he deserves to know.
Know what?
I think you'd better sit down.
How many did you say?
About a dozen, with heavy equipment.
He's building a well,
according to Montague.
That's a lot of men for a well.
And that well was working fine
on my property before I sold it.
What were you doing up there?
I was visiting Jack's grave.
What do you think Montague is doing?
I don't know, but I plan on asking him.
Oh! Are you sure you wanna do that?
He hasn't done anything illegal yet.
If we don't confront him then
he won't know we suspect him.
I think we should just
leave it like that.
Yeah, you're probably right.
- Great.
- Good.
I'm gonna go anyway.
Don't worry, they won't see me.

Hey, Jack.
Hi, Mr. Gowen.
Henry, the park looks great.
I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Thornton.
Scout was chasing a squirrel.
That's okay, Allie.
Little Jack really wanted to see you
before Robert takes him
to go see the tadpoles.
I'll see you both later.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Allie forgot Little Jack's snack.
- Homemade cookies.
- Mmm.
There may be one or two missing.
[LITTLE JACK] Wait, wait, wait, wait
I got you.
She really is good with him, isn't she?
[ELIZABETH] Scout or Little Jack?
[NATHAN] Both, I guess.
I'll see you.
Hey, who's it? Are you it? You're it.
[NATHAN] You're it!
Elizabeth! Perfect timing.
Are you ready for our
day of wedding planning?
There's my little angel.
Did I tell you?
She's sleeping in
seven-hour stretches now.
I just have to be sure
to put her head down
at the north end of the crib
then slowly back up taking
no more than six steps
to get to the door.
It's a very precise science.
Elizabeth, are you alright?
You're not here with me.
Yes. Let's go.
Are you sure you're alright?
Allie and Little Jack
have just gotten so close.
I don't know. Does it feel weird?
Because of your history with Nathan?
I'm not sure I'd call it that.
Elizabeth, your heart is pure.
You're marrying Lucas in six weeks,
under a beautiful white wedding arch
with Hope Valley as a backdrop,
a rainbow dancing in the distance.
- Have you ordered the rainbow?
Oh, I would if I could.
Perhaps I should talk to Joseph,
see if he can put in a good word.
Oh, and Nathan will find someone.
Actually, he said he's given up on love.
Well, we'll see about that.
Although, Mei? Faith?
Not to mention you.
It's not a great track record.
This morning, Harry, I want
you to restock the thread
and make sure the bobbins are organized.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Florence?
Oh, just a moment, dear.
Now, I was thinking that
we should rearrange them
along the lines of the
colors of a rainbow.
[FLORENCE] I just thought
that would look pretty.
What is so urgent?
[GASPS] Oh, my stars.
The governor is coming.
Oh, I have to tell Rosemary.
- Hi, Minnie.
- Oh, Hickam.
I'm here for those pastries
for the continental
breakfast at the hotel.
Mm. Are they enjoying them?
They love them. It's a big hit.
Oh, no wonder, they're delicious.
Thank you.
Was my pitch okay?
I think it was perfect.
They sound pretty good.
You know what I always say.
Nothing brings people out of their shell
better than poor pitch.
So? Mei and Hickam?
You think?
I think you should stay out of it.
But it's all for love.
I love love as much as the next person,
but this might not be the way to do it.
I think it is.
Oh, I spoke to the dress shop,
they said your dress should
be en route post haste.
Thank you, Rosemary. I'm
sure it will arrive on time.
Elizabeth, this is no
time for complacency.
Have you even done your tasting yet?
It's tomorrow night.
Gustave said he'd prepare
three different entrée options.
Only three?
- Rosemary!
- What is it?
The governor is coming.
Governor Bixby Balfour
is coming to Hope Valley!
Rosemary, you did it!
[MINNIE] That's fantastic!
That's the most exciting news
since the discovery of the hot springs.
It must have been some letter.
- Oh
- Everything alright?
It's just that it says
he's coming tomorrow.
Is that a problem?
I am sure I made it
very clear in my letter
that he was invited next
week, after his trip to Buxton.
If you ask me, these
people are being very pushy.
The sooner, the better, I say. Why wait?
Right, Rosemary?
I think we should sit down.
Well, we've sat.
I may have promised the governor
a few things to get him to come.
Like what?
A choir performance.
- We've all practiced.
- Mmm-hmm.
And uh, I may have mentioned
that we have the latest
in radio technology
and that this could be his
first live speech on the radio.
Oh. Uh, well, we have a radio.
Uh, I don't know about broadcasting.
We could try to find a microphone
and I think I know how to
cobble together a transmitter.
I I I believe I mentioned
something about a new bandstand.
For the choir performance.
In which we sing an original
song about Hope Valley
composed in the governor's honor.
You were thinking we could write a song?
Would that be okay?
Minnie, what about Mike Hickam?
Yeah, he and Mei could try.
Those two? Do they know how?
I'm sure they could
figure it out, together.
Come on, you said you love love.
Alright. Anything for love.
Maybe they can find an
old song to repurpose.
- Oh.
- Mmm-hmm.
Anything else?
- Since you ask
- Mmm-hmm.
There is one last thing.
I believe I said we would
have a formal black-tie gala
in his governorship's honor
with a seven-course meal
and dancing under the stars.
All of this in a single day?
I know! I know!
I-I just got carried away!
I couldn't pull this off in a month,
let alone a day.
I-I don't know what I was thinking!
You know what it is?
It's new motherhood.
We've all been there.
And we're here for you.
If we all work together I
think we can pull it off.
I agree.
Now, I do think we should play
down the urgency of the situation.
Oh. Mmm-hmm.
Yes, and let's not get
everyone into a panic just yet.
Only tell people on
a need-to-know basis.
- Mmm-hmm.
- It will be our little secret.
I will take care of the decorations.
Radio broadcast.
We'll figure out the choir and the song.
I will talk to Lucas.
We'll sort out the bandstand and
figure out the ball.
You're in a hurry.
Yes. Well, I have um
Uh, Elizabeth, I have a package for you.
And Nathan, you have a telegram.
Are you okay?
I mean, I'm fine. And you?
I'm fine.
- Are you sure? Because you seem
- What?
Mountie business in Rock
Creek. It's important.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
Did you read this?
I always do.
Oh, young Toby, Cooper. How
are we this fine morning?
Hey, Mr. Mitchell. What're
you doing back in town?
I had some business to attend to.
I thought I would take a dip
in my favorite Hope Spring.
Oh. But you can't go in there.
Yes, our agreement.
Well, as I recall, children
have access until 8:00
and as you can see it is now 8:05.
Um, but sir, you know
the hot springs is um
Young man, please.
We've been through this.
Now, step aside.
It has been a long train ride
and nothing will feel better
than a long hot dip in the
What happened to the water?
We tried to tell you.
Good morning.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That's not your usual reading material.
If you're here to ask me
any questions about the song
for our first dance or how
we're going to prepare the duck,
please know I have it covered.
Thank you, but that's not it.
So Rosemary received
a telegram this morning
from the governor's people.
It turns out he's making Hope
Valley his next campaign stop.
That's great. So her plan worked.
Her plan. About her plan.
Um the governor's expecting a dinner.
A dinner in his honor,
and we were thinking
we could have it right
here at the Queen of Hearts.
- That shouldn't be a problem.
- It shouldn't.
What else aren't you telling me?
Why would you ask that?
Because you have about
five different tells.
Part of what I wanted to tell you
[CHUCKLES] and this is really silly.
[WHISPERS] He's coming tomorrow.
- The governor?
- The governor.
- Did I mention the black-tie ball?
- You did not.
It's not Rosemary's
fault. They changed it up.
I mean, sure, her imagination
did get away from her a bit, but
Are you serious?
Yes, you're serious.
I was hoping you could host the ball.
But all of this, it's really
gonna get in the way of our
-[BOTH] tasting.
Yes. That's fine. We can reschedule.
Thank you so much, Lucas.
And and we'd really
like to keep this discreet.
A bit of a secret. At
least for a few hours.
I think Rosemary's feeling embarrassed.
Is she?
I need to get prepped for this.
This is something that
will be hard to keep secret.
- What's the secret?
- See?
Is it about the governor
coming to town tomorrow?
[WHISPERS] How do you know that?
Well, I'm still enough of
a Mountie to keep an eye
on everything that happens in this town.
What'd you find up there?
They're not digging a well.
They're digging a trench
connected to the creek
with some sort of stop
gate to control the flow.
Why is he lying about it?
I don't know.
Here's something else
to add to the mystery.
- Sedimentary Rocks and Minerals.
- Mmm-hmm.
It's a book Jamie checked
out from the library.
He sent it by mail with this note saying
how much he enjoyed
his time in Hope Valley.
Montague's been saying
Jamie and Madeline will
be back in a few days.
If that were the case
why wouldn't Jamie wait
to return it in person?
That's a good question.
Thank you.
He's lying about the well
and he's lying about Jamie
and Madeline coming back.
I don't think he knows where she is.
He's been asking me if I've
heard from Mrs. St. John.
And I overheard him on the phone
asking about her whereabouts
to multiple callers.
He even asked to search her room.
It was pretty strange.
If you ask me, I don't
think they're even engaged.
[SIGHS] Why?
Did you teach him to do that?
Why would I?
Then who did?
Someone who hates me, that's who.
Something I can help you with?
I'm trying to figure out
what everyone's hiding.
What, like Mrs. Thornton?
Mrs. Yost and Fiona
definitely hiding.
Well, how about you find
that out on your own,
because I gotta head to Rock Creek
to deal with an angry farmer.
You're gonna be missing
a lot of excitement.
I'll hurry back, alright?
I just gotta show him
the old uniform and badge.
Talk some sense into them.
Yeah, I'm sure they'll listen.
[WESTOVER] Last chance, Clifford!
If you don't let our guy go
we'll be forced to come in!
Alright, you two have your orders.
On my whistle.
One, two
You'll do what?
You mind telling me what a bunch
of Pinkertons are doing up here?
This is company land
and an old farmer, Clifford Stuckey,
took one of our guys hostage.
So what, you're gonna
endanger both their lives?
Put it down!
Who's that I see? Is
that a Mountie out there?
Mr. Stuckey! It's Constable Grant.
Why don't you come on out
and we'll talk this through?
[MR. STUCKEY] I'm done talking!
Put your guns down before I arrest you
for interfering with police business.
Mr. Stuckey?
I just-I just wanna have a
friendly little chat, alright?
But I can't do that while
you have a hostage in there.
So how about this?
How how about we
make a swap, alright?
You let the man go and
I'll take his place?
Don't-don't worry about
these fine gentlemen,
they're not gonna do anything
while I'm in there with you
because they know the
penalty for harming a Mountie.
Come on, you're not
gonna shoot me, are you?
I just got this uniform cleaned.
So you wanna tell me
what this is all about?
Thank you.
- I don't understand.
- You don't need to.
Well, then I'd like to.
Just the man we were hoping to see.
Me? What for?
Yes, what for?
I'm putting you both in charge of music
for the governor's arrival.
- The governor?!
- Wow, that's a huge job.
It'll be fine.
I'm sure we'll have plenty of time.
Actually, we were hoping
you could start rehearsing,
theoretically be ready
by this time tomorrow.
Why would we need to
be ready by tomorrow?
Because, theoretically, or uh
actually, in reality, that's
when the governor is coming.
[BOTH] What?!
But there's nothing that can't
happen when it's Mei and Hickam.
Oh, and uh, could you
make it an original song
composed especially for the occasion?
Great! I'll leave you to it.
[GUSTAVE] C'est impossible!
I'd better go calm Gustave
down. I'll come and find you.
You? You're keeping a secret?
It's called discretion.
Ah, yes, we will need
paint for the banner.
Anything on that
stand-off in Rock Creek?
Yes, a telegram just
came in from Nathan.
Not good.
I found it!
For the radio.
She knows?
So who exactly bought your land?
Some big city outfit. I've
still got the paperwork.
First they brought on the surveyors
and then the Pinkertons.
Why don't we continue this
back at headquarters, huh?
I never thought I'd see the day
that a Mountie would be in
league with the Pinkertons.
That's because I'm not.
Those rats.
They're pulling everybody's strings.
But that weasel Montague ever
got his claws into a constable.
Union City Holding Company.
Clifford, you need to tell
me everything you know.
[LEE] Well, these plans
for a new bandstand
have been gathering dust in
the old mayor's office forever.
Now's the perfect time to use them.
[LEE] Yeah.
you think we can do it?
It shouldn't be a problem.
Good. That's really good.
Look, I know that the
governor's only gonna be here
for a day or two but we are
gonna build this thing to last.
Mmm-hmm. Roll up our sleeves.
Put a little elbow grease into it.
I think we can pull it off.
Give us uh a week or two?
- Oh, maybe less.
- Yeah, yeah, less.
Oh no. Rosie? What did you do?
No. No, no. It isn't Rosemary's fault.
Oh, Elizabeth. It is my fault.
I'm the one who wrote the letter.
I don't know what I was thinking,
promising things I could never deliver,
and certainly not by tomorrow.
- [LEE & JOSEPH] Tomorrow?!
- Oh
We just got the telegram.
They changed their plans.
The governor arrives tomorrow.
Oh, Lee, I just I feel like
- Like
- Like a
Like what? Hmm? A dreamer?
A believer.
A doer.
Come on, sweetheart.
You're just being my Rosie, that's all.
And there is nothing you cannot
do when you put your mind to it.
Isn't that right, Goldie? Hmm?
See? Your daughter believes
in you, and so do we.
Thank you.
- Are they inside?
- Who are you?
I'm Avery!
Where's the boss?
He's on the other side. He
said shoot for the heart.
Did he?
- Don't shoot! It's Bill!
There's Pinkertons everywhere
and I don't trust them.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, Clifford, let's go.
Be my little baby bumble bee. ♪
Now it's you. Now it's you. ♪
Now it's you. ♪
Be my little baby bumble bee. ♪
Buzz around, buzz around, ♪
Keep a buzzin' 'round. ♪
Bring home all that
honey love to me. ♪
Little bee, little bee, little bee. ♪
- What?
- Isn't it supposed to be funny?
- No.
- Well, it is.
Well, it's not supposed to be.
I kinda like it.
Mike, we can't sing this
song for the governor.
It's too silly.
We're out of time and we
don't have anything else.
Well, what about my
suggestion? The Water's Wide?
It's about a funeral.
We should sing about something
happy, like bumble bees.
It's not happy if
you're allergic to bees.
[MEI] Everyone's counting on us.
Hey, I think we could figure this out.
Unless someone knows a song
that we could learn in an afternoon
that sells just how
perfect Hope Valley is
Angela and Allie wrote a song.
Yeah, and it's really good.
And it's about Hope Valley.
And how it's the best place ever.
[LUCAS] And please let
Gustave know we absolutely must
include duck a l'orange
with the main course.
Maybe you should tell him,
because when I try he
says something in French,
and between you and me it
doesn't sound very nice.
[SIGHS] Oh, Gustave.
Mr. Mitchell. Tell me,
how are the springs?
Obviously you haven't heard.
The water has disappeared.
It is gone. Fini.
There's barely a foot of water.
It's more of a foot bath than a spa.
You'll wanna fix this, Bouchard.
Yes, of course, yes.
Would you check that out?
Before or after I finish a welcome song
and tell Gustave about our special menu?
Oh, is that for the governor?
How do you know about the governor?
I'm his advance man.
Didn't they tell you?
His man on the ground?
In this case, Hope Valley
without Hope Springs,
which he was looking forward to.
It's how Mrs. Coulter persuaded him,
along with the radio, the choir,
the bandstand and the ball.
By the way, I uh, mentioned
your name to him, Bouchard.
He's asked for a meeting.
The governor wants to
have a meeting with me?
You get the job done.
His honor likes the cut of your jib,
your clout amongst your brethren.
Well, I would be happy to meet with him.
I'll make arrangements,
uh, with his honor upon
his arrival tonight.
You mean tomorrow night.
Oh, no. Tonight.
I expect to see his entourage
rolling down Main
Street in three hours.
Sooner if we're lucky.
Oh, Buxton was an absolute disaster.
I mean, broken radio, false
promises of a live broadcast,
a screeching brass band.
Honestly, who do these people
think they're dealing with?
Oh, and by the way,
his honor detests duck.
Of course.
Thank you.
Buxby Balfour?
Bixby, Elizabeth. Bixby.
Florence, it's Bixby.
- Buxby?
- [BOTH] Bixby!
- Oh!
- What's that?
This is wrong. Take it down, right now.
Yes, dear.
Oh, well, this is looking optimistic.
[NED] How do you spell Bixby?
You can sort of make out a shape.
If you squint.
This is a nightmare, Elizabeth.
Not yet. There's still plenty of time.
[LUCAS] Rosemary!
- What is it? He's not coming?
- Oh, he's coming.
In three hours.
Three hours?
Why don't we go for a walk?
Remember those breathing exercises?
I know this is overwhelming.
Then it's time to get underwhelmed!
Get on top of it, Coulter!
You've done a wonderful thing.
Alright, so it won't be perfect
but that doesn't mean it won't be good.
- No, keep talking. This is working.
- Wait.

Come back to Hope Valley,
our wonderful home, ♪
Where everyone's welcome
and no one's alone. ♪
Well, that was lovely.
We wrote it for Hope Valley.
But we changed the lyrics for you.
With our tireless leader
we'll come out on top, ♪
We know with Mrs. Rosemary
we'll never be stopped. ♪
Everyone's learning it.
We're all rooting for you.
Then I won't let you down.
The governor is coming in three hours
we will welcome him.
Three hours?
Much better. And how's
the bunting, ladies?
Uh on it!
- We'll be ready!
- Alright, Lucas.
Be honest with me, how
much trouble are we in?
- [EXHALES] Two courses?
- Two it is.
And what about the black-tie gala?
- Can I have 48 hours?
- Alright.
He will just have to extend his stay.
And if he can't, so be it.
I always say "don't let perfect
be the enemy of good enough".
Perhaps I should say it more often.
We could simplify. We
could take off the top.
Well, we've already got the
wood cut for the wedding pergola.
You can use that. We'll
have time to redo it.
Absolutely not.
We have infringed on your
wedding planning enough.
Postponed your tasting,
stolen energy and focus.
No. No, no, no.
Who needs a bandstand?
The choir can perform right here
on the ground with the people.
That's not necessary.
What'd you say, three hours?
How about a little stage
just right over here?
I think that my crew
and I could handle that.
- What do you say?
- Yeah.
For sure.
Hope Valley will finally get a stage.
That's wonderful!
Sounds like a good idea.
Let us know if you need a hand.
We've got a few things.
We can march them over.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
For catching me before I fell.
There's a Mountie outpost nearby.
Clifford, you can ride with me.
- Did you see where they went?!
- No, boss. He knocked me out.
Well, look!
What's that? Is that them?
[BILL] Time to go!
- Clifford!
- [BILL] Let him go.
Wasn't he holding you hostage?
No. There's more to
this whole water thing.
Clifford's just a pawn.
He says it's tied to Montague.
Any news on the mail?
Robert says they've stopped
all deliveries to and from Rock Creek.
It must be the stand-off.
Oh, and a constable
has been taken hostage.
And there have been
reports of shots fired.
[MOLLY] How awful.
I wonder if Nathan's heard anything.
Oh, I haven't seen him all day.
Have you seen him, Elizabeth?
I'll see if I can find him.
I would love to know if
the confetti is coming
for the welcome parade.
[READING] Assistance
needed in Rock Creek.
Farmers' stand-off has escalated.
Requesting RNWMP presence.
What is it?
There's a stand-off in
Rock Creek with a farmer.
A constable was taken hostage.
Nathan got this telegram this
morning and went out there.
Henry, they say shots were fired.
He's cool-headed, I'm
sure he'll be fine.
I can't do this again. Not-not again.
[MAN] Nathan's back! Nathan's back!
Excuse me.
We heard that there was trouble!
[NED] Is everything alright?
[BILL] Well, thanks to Nathan.
Switched places with the hostage,
outsmarted some Pinkertons.
He saved my life.
After this man held
our constable hostage.
[NATHAN] Alright, Bill.
Nobody wants to be bored
with your exaggerations.
- Welcome home!
- Hi.
[ALLIE] Catch any bad guys?
Believe it or not, they were fresh out.
I gotta feed Newton.
Why don't you take Hero?
[BILL] I'll lock him up.
[FLORENCE] Sounds like he was heroic.
He's coming! He's coming!
[ROSEMARY] Oh! He's coming! He's coming!
Everyone, everyone, get into your spots!
You look good. You look good.
[ROSEMARY] Hurry up, Ned. Hurry up.
Men over there.
[ROSEMARY] Okay, ladies,
stand up straight.
Eyes forward.
Oh, goodness, he's here!
Come back to Hope Valley,
our wonderful home, ♪
Where everyone's welcome
and no one's alone. ♪
With our tireless leader
we'll come out on top, ♪
We know with Mrs. Rosemary
we'll never be stopped. ♪
- Hello, Hope Valley!
- Welcome, Governor.
- Thank you.
We're thrilled to have
you. Absolutely thrilled.
And you must be Mrs. Coulter.
I understand you're
responsible for all of this?
Oh, it was very much a group effort.
A labor of love to greet you.
Oh, well I am beyond grateful.
And we have a host of
surprises waiting for you.
First, I'd like to hear about
this darling little girl.
Oh, Goldie?
Well, she's now sleeping through
- Governor?
- Oh.
Uh, there are some gentlemen
who'd like to speak with you.
- You did it.
- We did, didn't we?
We need to talk.
In private.
Ok, uh how about my office?
- Ten minutes?
- Good.
The same company that turned
Eagle Creek into a desert
is now buying up water
rights in Rock Creek.
They've tricked the farmers and
now they're starting to fight back.
It's called Union City Holdings.
Wait a second, UCH. Union City Holdings.
[ROSEMARY] Do you know it?
Yeah, I think I do.
[ROSEMARY] The trestle bridge.
Yeah. This is a delivery map.
I've been supplying lumber
to these points here.
I don't think these are trestle bridges.
I don't think so, either.
Why are they here and not here?
It's because they're not bridges.
[LEE] That's what Rosemary said.
They're aqueducts.
They're stealing the water
from Eagle Creek and Rock Creek.
And sending it to Union City.
And Bernhardt Montague is the
head of Union City Holdings.
She was working for them.
That's why she wanted my land.
For the water.
The trenches.
They're gonna divert
the water from us, too.
And I sold them the lumber to do it.
And I sold them the land.
This isn't over yet. They
don't know that we know.
We have an advantage.
But not a word of this
to anyone, for now.
[HENRY] Elizabeth?
Henry. Hi.
I wonder if I might
have a word with you.
Of course. Are you alright?
Me, I'm fine.
Where to start here?
Uh look, my old man
was not particularly suited
to parenting, but before
he walked out the door
he left me with one rule and
I have tried to operate by it.
Offer no unsolicited advice.
His exact words were more
in the neighborhood of
mind your own business,
but I got his meaning.
Only now I
You're gonna break that rule.
I'm thinking on it.
I hope you know that I'm only doing it
because I admire and respect you.
Of course.
I think that, well, perhaps
you should give some thought
to how you were feeling yesterday.
I'm fine, Henry. I just
I was worried about a friend.
You're certain?
I'm fine, Henry.
You're mistaken.

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