When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e10 Episode Script

All Dressed Up

Previously on When Calls the Heart
The governor is coming.
I-I don't know what I was thinking!
I'm the one who wrote the
letter promising things
I could never deliver, and
certainly not by tomorrow.
[ALL] Tomorrow?
There's a piece of land, it's my land,
and I want to sell it to you.
- I accept.
- Then it's a deal.
The water has disappeared.
You'll want to fix this, Bouchard.
[LUCAS] They're stealing the water.
[ROSEMARY] And sending it to Union City.
[FLORENCE] A constable
has been taken hostage
and there's been reports of shots fired.
[MOLLY] I wonder if
Nathan's heard anything.
Elizabeth? What is it?
I can't go through this again.
Not again.
Losing Jack was the hardest
thing I ever went through,
and the thought of losing
someone else in the line of duty,
one who means so much to me,
has rekindled old fears I'd put away.
It feels like we have a shadow
over us for so many reasons.
Things that seemed important yesterday
pale in comparison to
what is now at stake.
I think we should
appeal to the governor.
What, and tell him about
Union City Holdings?
Explain the scheme to steal the water.
The scheme requires Union
City buying the water,
and as governor he
can veto that contract.
That's great, Lucas.
Yeah, it's worth a try.
We can appeal to his sense of fairness,
about doing what's right for
the people of Hope Valley.
I spoke with Edwin Mitchell.
It turns out Edwin is the
governor's advance man.
And, as luck would have it,
the governor and his team
would like a meeting with me
to discuss my future.
Your future?
It simply gives me an
opening with Balfour.
[LEE] Which is exactly what we need.
If we can get the governor alone
I'm sure you can convince him.
So you just need to find
a way to get him alone.
What about a tour? You
could show him the sights.
Our famous hot springs.
And then pull the governor aside.
I can show him what's
happening in real life.
How the water levels are dropping.
The water levels are
dropping? Since when?
They're stealing it already.
So we'd better hurry.
Sorry I'm late.
It turns out I've been assigned
to the governor's
personal security detail.
Kind of like a one-man
honor guard thing.
Anyways, what did I miss?
We are going to appeal to the governor.
I'll fill you in later.
Nathan, having you by the
governor's side is perfect.
We need to surround him with
trusted messengers of truth.
Actually, Rosie's right. You
are the perfect messenger.
- Of truth.
- Of truth.
And I hear you're getting
a medal at the ball tonight.
Oh, you are? For rescuing the hostage?
You deserve it, my
friend. You're a hero.
Well, you're the one saving the town.
I'm just doing what I can. I
need all the help I can get.
You got me.
Unfortunately, Elizabeth and I
already have a long list
of items for tonight.
- Well, I'm game.
- Great.
Wish us luck.
Bill. Is everything okay?
I just got off the phone with
the land office in Union City.
They have no record of my land
being sold to Madeline St. John.
But you called the land office?
I saw her sign the deed.
Why wouldn't she have it recorded?
- Where is she?
- She's in Buxton.
Well, how do you know?
The book I showed you?
The one Jamie sent to me?
I didn't notice it at first
but there's a return address.
Buxton Inn and Public House.
I have to find them.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Well, this means that Madeline
is still holding on
to the deed to my land.
I meant for you.
I need to find out the
truth about everything.
Then she can make
whatever choice she wants.
- Whoa.
- Oh! So sorry.
Congratulations on your medal.
Oh, uh it's nothing.
It didn't sound like nothing.
Really, Elizabeth. It's not a big deal.
I think Lucas has a good plan.
Yeah, you know, if anybody's
gonna pull it off it's him.
Looks like all those
years of playing poker
are finally gonna pay off.
Good luck today.
Hopefully we won't need it.
Be safe.

How are we supposed to put
on a black tie gala ball
Pretending that the
town isn't facing ruin?
If only we had an actress who
could chair the gala committee.
Point taken.
Good morning!
Isn't it just a splendid day today?
Alright, no need to overdo it.
- What?
- [FLORENCE] Elizabeth!
There is a package for you
from Hamilton and the box is
- [ROSEMARY] Is it a dress box?
- Yes.
Elizabeth, it's your wedding dress!
Why aren't you excited?
I am, it's just with everything
going on the wedding feels
Elizabeth, this is exactly
the distraction we need.
Come now.
Shall we have a look?
Oh. As matron of honor I
have to make that a firm no.
Sorry, I suppose I defer
to Rosemary on this.
You can't blame me for trying.
Is there something happening?
Everyone seems a bit glum today.
Oh, no, no. We were just
Doing some final planning
for the ball tonight.
Oh, right. The ball.
You'll be there, right? You and Ned?
Yes, of course.
I just I don't know what to wear.
Nothing I have feels fancy enough.
You leave that with us.
We'll get back to you.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Not only am I thinking it,
I'm doing an inventory in my mind
of all my ball gowns trying
to decide which one is best
for our dear Florence.
Oh, let's go.
We have to make sure
Lucas doesn't see us.
It's very bad luck for
the groom to see the dress
before the wedding.
I believe that only applies
when the bride is in the dress.
- Oh, Elizabeth.
- It's in a box!
You can never be too careful.
Is that what I think it is?
Oh, let's see!
You'll have to wait, I'm afraid.
Ooh, just a little peek?
Oh, uh, wish we could but we can't.
- We've gotta run.
- Are you looking for Lucas?
- He's right over there.
- No!
- Hey, Lucas!
- No! No!
Ah, yes, our tour.
Splendid idea, Mr. Bouchard.
I want to hear all about your
concerns, your quandaries,
what I can do to help.
Well, thank you.
I thought we'd start off
with a tour on the buckboards
and then we'll stop by
our famous hot springs.
They've become quite
the tourist destination.
Outstanding. I'm
prepared to be inspired.
Right this way, Governor.
You're riding with me.
Oh, Edwin, how about one
of me and the Mountie here.
And the dog.
Of course, sir.
- Here, boy.
- He's not really good on command
Here, boy.
Good boy.
- At ease, Mountie. Well done.
Uh, gentlemen?
We should probably get in the wagons.
The hot springs? Are you sure?
Have you solved your
water level problem?
Leave it to me.
I'd like to give the
governor a little education.
Come on.
- Are we all ready?
- Yup.
Hold on a moment. Do
you mind if I join you?
The more the merrier.
Step up, boys.
Ready. [GIGGLES]
What is this?
This isn't the dress I ordered.
They sent the wrong one.
Some woman somewhere is
looking perfectly elegant
in your mermaid gown!
Rosemary, I can't wear this.
And you won't.
What am I supposed to do?
There isn't time to order a new one.
Fortunately for you,
your matron of honor
is an expert seamstress.
You really think you can save this?
Well, I will try.
I can't believe I'm about to say this,
but if ever there were a
case for "less is more".
Oh, goodness.
Maybe this is a bad omen.
No. No, of course it isn't.
This is just a mistake.
There's just so much going on.
The town and the water and the
the wedding in the middle of it all.
It's normal to get
the jitters, isn't it?
Sure it is.
Are you having doubts?
Just about the dress.
- Well, this looks
- Like it's coming along.
Well, we're just getting started.
These are for you.
Pick a dress.
And don't worry, we won't be offended.
You can either pick bold and
dynamic or pastel and mild.
You'll know which is which.
Well, thank you.
I don't know how I could pick just one.
I'll help you choose.
Oh! Do you happen to have an extra?
Oh, and I need a dress, too.
I was gonna skip the ball.
I've just been working so
hard, I have nothing to wear.
No, you have to come.
I'd love to borrow one, as well.
We have enough for everyone.
Where should we try them on?
- How about the salon?
- Oh.
- Excellent.
- Perfect.
Let's go!
And here we are.
[GOVERNOR] Magnificent. What
a wonderful gift of nature.
A source of refreshment, recreation,
and all this in the
midst of our beautiful,
rugged mountain landscape.
The envy of the world.
Why don't you quote me on that.
The water levels are back up.
How did Montague swing that?
I don't know, but I bet if
we went up to Bill's old land
that trench would be filled in.
Well, what do you want to bet
Montague's never gonna
leave the governor's side?
Yeah. I should go talk to him.
I have a better idea.
He's been itching to talk
to me all day, I can tell.
You two know what to do.
Do we know what to do?
I might have underestimated
you. How about a word in private?
So I know why the water
levels have been dropping.
Now, I'm not trying to
catch you in the act.
I am simply hoping I
can change your mind.
Of course.
This town this town is special.
And I know from the outside
it appears like one part
of the bigger picture.
A source of water for the big city.
But you've spent time here so
surely you can appreciate that.
That's what I love about a small town.
You make everything so simple.
What you fail to understand, however,
is that I am a big city man
and I see things for what they can be.
I must insist that
we uh, we keep moving.
We're on a very tight schedule.
Oh? Where next?
Uh, well we have a tour planned.
Of um, my mill, Coulter Lumber.
Biggest employer in the valley.
Excellent. Jobs, jobs, jobs.
That's what I'm forever talking about.
That's what I'm always saying, too.
Opportunity and prosperity.
- Ok, well we should hurry.
- Yeah.
So there's no way you'll reconsider?
[CHUCKLES] I don't think so, my friend.
I suppose you're gonna tell
all this to the governor now?
Make your plea?
Isn't that why you
invited yourself along?
To stop me?
[MONTAGUE] Aren't you clever?
Thank you kindly.
I'll do everyone's
hair on the house. Okay?
- Great.
- Yes, thank you.
Everyone's makeup looks beautiful, Mei.
You know, at first I thought
this would be a disaster
but I think it brought
everyone together.
Why does it seem like every time
there's a big event like
this everyone couples up?
Societal pressure.
Well, I don't have a
date and I don't want one.
- Me neither.
- Hmm.
Why don't we all go together as a group?
Seeing as none of us have dates.
Unless you were hoping
For Mike?
I mean I don't know.
- Sometimes men need a hint.
- Mmm-hmm.
I have an idea.
Have a seat. You're next.
Good morning, sir. How can I help you?
I'm looking for a guest
that may be staying with you.
The name is Madeline St. John.
Let me check for you, sir.
I'm sorry, I'm not seeing
anyone by that name.
Thank you.
Judge Avery?
What're you doing here?
I was about to ask
you the same question.
Mother says we have to
stay here for a while.
I don't like it here.
I miss Hope Valley.
Jamie, where is your mother?
Hello, Madeline.
I'm sorry, your honor,
but we need to get you
away from Mr. Montague.
Oh? Why is that?
There is a plot afoot
to try and steal the
water from this valley.
- What?
- It's true, we have evidence.
We can show you blueprints, maps
Montague's company, Union City Holdings,
has been buying land
and secretly building
a series of aqueducts.
If they succeed, Hope Valley
and the neighboring towns
will be turned into a desert.
Well, that sounds positively criminal.
Yeah, well we were hoping
you'd see it that way.
Well, gentlemen, such an
outrage will not stand.
Not so long as I'm
governor of this territory.
Good. Glad to hear it.
Giddy up.
Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise?
Why are you here and not Union City?
We were on our way back to Hope Valley
and we heard good things about Buxton.
I know you weren't
planning on coming back,
and I know you didn't
file the deed to my land.
Bill, I can explain
After you left, a man named
Bernhardt Montague arrived.
He said he was your fiancé.
Bill, Montague was my
Sebastian's business partner,
nothing more.
And a despicable one at that.
My late husband was a gambler
and when he died he left us
penniless and deeply in debt.
All that's left is a small trust
and Montague is the sole executor,
and he's holding it hostage
unless I agree to go to Hope Valley
and buy some land with a creek.
I I thought it was harmless,
but I should know nothing
with Montague ever is.
Do you know why he wanted it? My land.
He works for Union City Holding.
He wanted my land to
divert the water, all of it.
He told me no one would get hurt.
Well, he lied.
Why didn't you file the deed?
I couldn't do that to you.
And it's the only leverage I have.
Montague still won't release the trust.
Bill, all I can think
about right now is Jamie.
Montague could destroy my
reputation so that I'm never
welcome back in Philadelphia,
and without that trust
how am I supposed to keep
a roof over our heads?
Please promise me that
you won't tell anyone
where we are until I figure this out.
Without that deed,
Jamie and I have nothing.
I think you have more than you know.
Take care, Madeline.
- Success?
- He has seen the light.
Yes, he has.
- Well done, gentlemen.
- Yes.
Well done.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh, you're on duty.
- It looks great in here.
- Yeah.
Well, you know, we're gonna
have a hundred people in here
in a couple hours.
[BOTH] I gotta get ready.
Have you talked to Mei?
It's too late. And what if she says no?
Usually when I'm sweet on
someone she'd rather be friends.
Well, I think that just means
you haven't found the right person yet.
You still have two hours left.
Plenty of time. Anything can happen.
[MEI] We have to get ready for tonight.
Oh, come on. We can
spare a couple minutes.
Here's your chance.
You can do this.
Have a seat.
We'll go find Hickam.
- Lucas!
- Ah.
Um, where's Mike?
Where's Mike?
Mike is around here
somewhere. Good luck.
Not quite a mermaid.
More like a giant puff ball.
Drowning in whipped cream.
This doesn't feel like me at all.
Because it's not.
So just put that out of your mind.
I can whip this pile of
ruffles and flounce into shape.
Consider it clay to be moulded
into stunning and bold
yet dignified.
- And reserved.
- And reserved.
A woman of honor, not one
of silliness and tulle.
I'll go get my scissors right now.
- Hmm?
- Thank you.
- Oh.
- No!
- Hi.
- No! No, no, no! Avert your eyes.
Rosemary, it's fine.
They sent the wrong dress.
I I think you look great.
If you like meringue. Which we don't.
Is everything alright?
Uh, oh, yeah. Um, looks
like the plan worked.
The governor said he's gonna
cancel the water contract.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Now we can all enjoy
The ball! The ball!
We must get ready.
Shoo. Shoo, shoo, shoo.
Mustn't dawdle.
What time can Allie come over?
- 7:30.
- 7:30.
Hi, Mei?
New hairstyle? It looks great.
Thank you.
I wanted to try something new
for the black-tie ball tonight.
Are you going? Have
have you got a date?
No one's asked me.
Would you uh would
you like to join me?
Oh Um
Why not? I think it'll be fun.
Great. Thanks.
See you soon.
Hi, Mei. You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Excuse me, I have to get ready
for my date to the ball
with Harry.
[ALL] Harry?
Oh, there she is.
There's our little angel.
So innocent.
- Yeah.
- Lee, is something wrong?
No, no.
There's no need to worry now.
You and Nathan and Lucas saved the day.
The governor is on our side.
Yeah, I know. It's just that uh
What? You can tell me.
Sweetheart, I was taking
money from Montague for months,
and all the while the louse
is plotting to steal our water.
You didn't know.
He told you it was for a trestle bridge.
I looked at it, too.
There was no way we could have imagined
that it was for an aqueduct.
I knew. I knew something
was up, but nope.
All I cared about was a profit.
No, no.
You cared about keeping
your men employed.
Feeding their families.
Taking care of our town.
I do wanna do my part. I really do.
This is where Goldie's gonna grow up.
Her home.
The place that's gonna keep her safe.
I wanna protect Hope Valley
from men like Bernhardt Montague.
And today you did just that.
Thank you, sw
Oh, goodness me.
Sweetheart. You look
absolutely stunning.
- I do?
- Oh, yes you do.
Well, you, Leland Coulter,
look positively dashing.
Why thank you.
I love you. So much.
- I love you.
- Come here.
[LEE] Ladies.
Rosemary, look what you did.
We did.
This is incredible.
You're incredible.
- Let me take your shawl.
- Let me take yours.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Should we get some drinks?
- Yes.
- After you.
- It looks so good.
- It really does.
- Florence!
Oh, my goodness. You look beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
Well, let no one say our
little town can't measure up.
And with the radio?
Fiona really pulled it off.
I can't believe that
we'll be heard all the way
from Jameson to Union City.
Oh, the governor will be
heard anywhere there's a radio,
including Buxton.
Oh, they'll be listening.
I made sure to let Randall
Rockwell of the Buxton Beagle know.
Told him to keep it on the Q
so naturally he'll tell everyone!
My goodness, Molly!
- [ALL] Oh.
- You look positively divine.
I feel divine.
When was the last time we
had a night out like this?
Our wedding.
Let me see that.
Rosemary's dress looks
even lovelier on you.
And you couldn't be more
handsome in my father's tails.
Thank you.
- Minnie.
- Oh.
It's perfect.
Oh, thank you.
- Hello, sir.
- Good evening.
- Let's go.
- Shall we?
Ladies, thank you so much
for always having my back.
Who would have thought
this was all possible?
- Certainly not me.
- Oh.
I'm glad I was wrong.
Forty-eight hours ago things
were looking pretty different.
Oh, yeah. Absolutely.
After you.
How's the big speech coming?
Um not good.
I'm not much of a public speaker.
Jack always said the same thing.
Do you have any advice?
Look for a friendly face.
Imagine you're just
talking to that person.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I should have asked her.
Yes, you should have.
And it's not like you didn't have help.
Is that you put us
together. The choir.
[GOVERNOR] Ladies and gentlemen.
It's now time for one
of my favorite duties.
To acknowledge and commend
one of your very own.
Just the other day,
Constable Nathan Grant
performed a daring rescue,
putting his own life on
the line for what's right.
So tonight I take great
pleasure in presenting him
the governor's Medal of Honor.
- Speech!
- Here, here. Speech!
Um those who know me, uh, they
they know that I tend to
be frugal with my words.
Um you know, it's an
odd thing to get a medal
for doing your job, but I'm grateful.
This valley and the people
that are in it are different.
They're special.
We lean on each other
when times get tough.
We rely on each other.
We help each other out.
I'm so blessed to call
Hope Valley my home,
and I want you to
know that I consider it
my greatest honor to
serve and protect it.
So thank you for allowing me to do that.
This is the deed to your land.
You said this was your only leverage.
Yes, it is.
But I can't do that to
this town, or to you.
- Madeline
- It's my choice.
What will you do?
I don't know.
Well, you and Jamie can come here,
start over in Hope Valley.
That's kind of you, but after
everything I've done I
I think I've outstayed my welcome.
That's not true.
With this I can chase Montague
and his company right out of town.
Everything can go
back to the way it was.
Montague has friends in high places.
Even the governor.
The governor?
They're in business together, Bill.
At least they used to be.
I wouldn't underestimate
Bernhardt Montague.
Goodbye, Bill.
- Excuse me.
Bill, is something wrong?
I found Madeline in Buxton,
and she just came to my office
and gave me the deed to my land.
But it might not matter.
She told me that Montague
and the governor are tight.
That they've been in business
together and still might be.
That means we can't trust the governor.
I want you to tell Lucas what's going on
and I'll handle old Monty.
Pardon me.
I would love to.
Excuse me.
I have something I need to tell you.
Just keep smiling.
Is everything alright?
I don't think we can trust the governor.
Well, I certainly hope that you're
enjoying yourself this evening.
Actually, I just ran into
your fiancée, Madeline.
She returned the deed to my land,
which I believe you've been looking for.
By law you and your men are
now trespassing on my property.
Well played.
You have a good night.
I have an idea. Do you trust me?
Of course.

I'm going to grab some punch.
Hiya, Harry.
Why don't you two dance?
- Uh, Mei's just grabbing a drink
- Oh, she won't mind.
Hi, Mei, you look beautiful tonight.
Thank you, Mike. You look great, too.
Would you care to dance with me?
- Pardon me?
Would you care to dance with me?
I would, but
Why not?
My, my.
I wasn't told this was a meeting,
I was told I had a message.
You do. A very important one, Governor.
Bernhardt Montague
and Union City Holdings
do not own land in Hope Valley.
This is a deed that's now been returned
and signed back over to
me by Madeline St. John.
What do you make of this, Bernhardt?
Obviously Mrs. St. John
has gone back on her word.
Bad business, if you ask me.
But Bixby, you know the
good that this water will do.
And not just for this valley
but all the way to Union City.
We need the diversion.
And I can assure you
all that the water levels
will not be tremendously affected
You know that's not true!
It'll run Hope Valley dry.
Alright, my friends,
let's take a moment.
This is a complicated matter.
I don't think it's complicated at all.
What you are doing
will destroy Hope Valley
just as its destroyed
Eagle Creek and Rock Creek.
Yes, but we also have to
consider the greater good.
For the hundreds, for the thousands
coming to Union City
looking for opportunity,
looking to create a brighter future.
I have to consider their needs, too.
And, as difficult as it is,
I might have to invoke the
principle of eminent domain.
Eminent domain?
You're-you're just gonna take it?
If you'll excuse me, Governor,
I just assumed that
you'd be on our side.
Well, I'm on the side of whatever
does the most good for all the citizens.
I'm sorry, but these are difficult
decisions a governor has to make.
You can't do that!
I'm sorry. It's-it's not right.
The farms, the community?
Mr. Bouchard, you're a man
of vision, a businessman.
You see my point, don't you?
Look, these valleys are the past.
Union City is the future.
Elizabeth. [CLEARS THROAT]
- Bill.
- Lucas
I need a moment alone with
Mr. Montague and the governor.
You're right, Governor.
Now I can see what's what,
so let's talk business.
I'll do my best to show my
fellow townspeople the light,
but it might be difficult for them
to see if all they have is dust.
What are you proposing?
Divert half the water.
At least until after the election.
That'll give me time to show the people
that there's a functional compromise
and keep their votes in your favor.
I can be your point person
here in Hope Valley
for a fee, of course.
Union City Holdings, as I understand it,
is a limited partnership among
friends, yourself the governor.
Something like that.
I would also like to be a partner.
And a friend.
I knew you were a smart man.
I'll also need a new place to settle.
Just in case 50 percent of the
water becomes a little bit more.
Ideally a place that the
water will not be redirected.
Monty, can you take Mr. Bouchard
through our aqueduct map?
It can be arranged in exchange
for your continued support.
You have it Unequivocally.
I'm looking forward to our
future together, Governor Balfour.
Please, call me Bix.
You were great in there.
Rosemary has taught you very
well a budding actress.
Here we go.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
It's the only way.
And if the governor sues me
for libel or throws me in jail
I have to try and save Hope Valley.
Are you sure you want me
to go through with this?
You're a very brave man, Lucas.
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone, for joining us,
and to all those listening live
to Hope Valley's first
ever radio broadcast.
We are so excited you're with us
on this incredibly special night.
We're here to support our governor.
Governor Bixby Balfour
as he seeks re-election.
Governor Balfour is a man of the people.
A man of business. A
man of the greater good.
But what exactly does that
mean, "the greater good".
According to Governor Balfour
the greater good does not
include places like Rock Creek.
Eagle Creek.
It doesn't even include Hope Valley.
Because he's happy and
willing to steal their water
and leave them high and dry.
It's happening here in
Hope Valley as we speak.
And, according to old Bix here,
the greater good does also
not include Buxton or Jameson,
the next two towns on
his list to be drained.
How do I know this?
I know this because he just told me.
He told me when he offered
me a cut to join in.
Now, unlike Governor Balfour,
I don't believe the greater
good means leaving people out.
I don't believe the greater
good means decimating towns,
valleys, lives, communities
that we have worked hard to build here.
Now, we have an election coming up
and if you agree with what I've said
go out and make your voices heard.
- [CROWD] Here, here!
You have no idea who you've crossed.
No, I think we do.
Well done.
Edwin, what say you?
It's about time that
someone stood up to him.
The governor has some
powerful opponents.
We should talk soon.
Lucas. Everyone's asking for you.
That is quite the photo, young man.
- Handsome and debonaire.
- Uh-huh.
We're all very impressed.
Mr. Bouchard. Randall
Rockwell, Buxton Beagle.
Can I get a quote?
The Valley Voice has exclusive access.
But we want the word
to get out. Ask away.
What made you decide to
take such a public stand
against Governor Balfour?
I was just doing what any
normal citizen would do
when their home is being threatened.
Balfour is greedy.
We've recently learned that Union City
doesn't even need the water,
they were just trying
to corner the market
and knowingly stomping on
the little guy in the process.
[LUCAS] We're safe for now,
only if people make the right choices.

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