When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e11 Episode Script

Long Time Running

Previously on When Calls the Heart
What made you decide to
take such a public stand
against Governor Balfour?
I was just doing what any
normal citizen would do
when their home is being threatened.
[LUCAS] I don't believe the
greater good means decimating towns,
valleys, lives, communities
that we have worked hard to build here.
Well, you and Jamie can come here,
start over in Hope Valley.
I think I've outstayed my welcome.
Bye, Bill.
You have no idea who you've crossed.
Oh, I think we do.
It's normal to get
the jitters, isn't it?
Are you having doubts?
If there were ever a man
destined for a larger stage
He's happy here, too.
Is he?
So much has changed in just one day.
The day Lucas stood up
and exposed Governor
Balfour's corruption.
I'm so proud of him.
When we all realized he was
the only one to save the town
he rose to the occasion in a
way I could not have imagined.
The moment he finished that
speech people started talking,
and when Rosemary's
article got picked up
by the big city papers,
well, nothing could have prepared me.
I can't help feeling
confused and afraid of change.
Of losing things I care about.
With everything happening it's
been hard to think about us
and I'm starting to
wonder about our plans.
I need to share that with Lucas
and ask him what his heart is
telling him about his future.
I wish I knew what my
heart was telling me.
The Cape Fullerton Daily.
How does it feel to be famous?
Oh, I am not famous.
[CHUCKLES] Maybe a little.
Honestly though, um, I
feel a little embarrassed.
Because of you everyone knows
what the Governor's been up to.
I was hoping you and I could
find some time to talk
- just the two of us.
- Yeah.
[HICKAM] Here we are.
For the bride and groom to be.
Gustave awaits your decision.
What's all this?
I thought we were tasting steak today.
I specifically said cake.
I'm sorry, Mike, I must
not have been listening.
My mind's been elsewhere.
We already agreed to the lavender.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Gustave did sound annoyed,
but he was speaking in French
and everything he
says he sounds annoyed.
Well, it couldn't hurt to taste them.
I still have a few minutes.
- Mmm.
- Mmm-hmm.
Don't make me choose.
They're both so good.
But if pressed I'd
go with the chocolate.
Or the vanilla.
You don't have to change
your decision because of me.
The lavender then.
Still the winner.
[ROSEMARY] Lucas? Your
next interview is ready.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.

It's a little left on that one.
You really think that
Lucas is gonna like this
for his bachelor party?
Are you serious?
Well who wouldn't
want to hit a few balls
and have some laughs with their pals?
What if it rains?
Well, it's all part of the
golfing experience, Lee.
Little bit of a slice on that one.
Uh, but you know what?
I guess you're right.
Ok, let's see. We've got
golf, and then we've got uh,
poker and darts at the
saloon what's not to like?
Well, what did he say he wanted to do?
It's his party.
To be honest with you
it's been kinda hard to get
his attention the last few days.
The phone must be ringing
off the hook in that saloon.
But sadly it all passes,
the public has a very short memory.
That's true.
Oh, I hear you got the injunction.
The judge in Union City approved it.
All water diversion
projects in the valleys
are halted immediately.
That sounds promising.
Well, there's one little
trick to it, though.
The Governor can veto it.
I just think Balfour right
now is in too much hot water.
He doesn't want any bad press.
But if he wins the election
All bets are off.
Cunningham needs to win.
Ugh. What?
It's probably the club.
Hey, don't I know you?
Aren't you the guy from the papers?
Yeah, and you're um [SNAPS FINGERS]
Oh yeah, the other guy on
the front page of the paper.
Well, your picture's on a lot
more front pages than mine.
And for good reason.
That speech you made
turned a lot of heads.
Actually, Bill just got word.
The injunction?
It's official.
Let's hope the voters
turn out for Cunningham.
We're raising money for
him if you're interested.
Yeah, sure.
- Thank you kindly.
- You're welcome.
I was actually just talking
to the man of the hour himself.
What he did took a lot of
guts. You must be very proud.
I am.
I really am.
The most important thing
is that we stop the water
diversion and save Hope Valley.
Yeah. That's all that matters.
I've taken so much for granted,
raising Little Jack here.
The town, the people
the open fields and trees and fresh air.
I see now how rare
how fragile it all is.
How could we ever find
another place like it?
I don't think we can.
- I should
- Yeah. Get back at it.
Um it was nice bumping into you.
You too.
Hi, Ned.
- Has the shipment of rosewater arrived?
- The pharmacy's out.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
There's uh-it's uh, right
behind where Mike is standing.
Hi, Mike.
Oh, hello Mei.
- What's that?
- Oh, this?
Uh, well, it's my favorite
one of my favorite novels.
"Night of the Lonesome Heart".
That's right.
Have you already read it?
Oh, yeah. Well, of course.
Now I'm just reading it
again because it's great.
It looks interesting.
Maybe I could borrow it
sometime if it's that good.
I need a new book.
Take my copy.
I forgot I had mine with me.
Are you sure?
Oh, yeah, of course.
You'll just have to let
me know how you like it.
I will. Thank you.
I hope you know you'll
have to pay for that book.
Alright, I have done the math.
At the number of
tables we have agreed to
I can afford each guest 18 inches.
In wedding planning vernacular
that's known as a cover.
I personally think 18 inches
is tight but doable.
Or we could just seat the
children on top of the table
to save room.
How does that sound, Elizabeth?
Um good.
- You haven't heard a word I've said!
- I have! I have.
- Elizabeth.
- I'm sorry.
I'm just so distracted.
There's there's just so
much going on with the
the water problem.
Is that all?
You should probably get that.
Hello? Yes?
What? No. How can that be?
Yes, well, yes No, I understand.
Thank you for calling.
What is it?
Cunningham has withdrawn
from the Governor's race.
Governor Balfour will now run unopposed.
This concludes today's
surprise announcement
from former Governor
hopeful Colton Cunningham.
Three weeks before the election,
suddenly pulls out of the
race due to health concerns.
I'm not buying it.
I'm not, either.
It's far too coincidental.
He could have been bribed.
Or threatened.
Either way, someone's influenced him.
Well, the party will just
have to run another candidate.
This close to the election
they don't stand a chance.
You know what this means.
It means once Balfour's
re-elected he's going to resume
his water diversion project,
and Hope Valley's finished.
Well, surely another candidate
is stepping in to run?
Uh, Capital City Gazette?
Uh, this is Leland
Coulter from Hope Valley.
My wife and I, we own the Valley Voice.
Well, what kind of democracy
is it if the man runs unopposed?
- [WHISPERS] Oh, Lee.
- Um, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, well actually we
were just calling to see
if you had any information
about a potential uh,
candidate replacement for Cunningham.
Yes, I understand that,
but this is unprecedented, is it not?
My readers will be
very interested to know
how something like
this could even happen.
Oh dear. Um, no, sorry, not you.
Um, actually well,
if you could just um,
let us know if you hear
anything that would be great.
Yes, I would very much appreciate a call
when you know more.
[BOTH] Thank you. Goodbye.
[BOTH] The roof.
Everyone will see what Balfour is up to.
Will they?
When you made that speech
you made sure he was exposed.
Then suddenly his
opponent just drops out?
The public will put
two and two together.
Someone must have made it
worth Cunningham's while,
probably the Governor himself.
Our sources were just
as shocked as we were.
He can't get away with this.
Apparently no one wants
to run against Balfour.
What're we gonna do with all this money?
[EDWIN] Lucas Bouchard.
Just the man I've been looking for.
I assume you've all heard the news?
Yes, bad news travels fast.
Yes, but as they say,
with loss comes opportunity
and in your case, Mr.
Bouchard, opportunity knocks.
From Capital City.
Cunningham's old team.
They're requesting a call with you.
They're looking for a new candidate
to run against Balfour.
They want someone with
charisma, a problem solver.
Someone who's a household name.
They want you to run.
What do you say, Bouchard?
You're the only one who can beat him.
Go tell him what you told me.
I was up on North Road doing
my mail run just out of town.
There was a bunch of
workers setting up camp.
And that guy was there.
The one that said he
was Jamie's stepdad.
Bernhardt Montague.
Yeah, timing seems suspicious.
As soon as word gets out
that Cunningham dropped out
of the Governor's race
Montague and his men
are ready to pick up
right where they left off.
I think we should take a
ride up there, you know?
The least we can do is
make their stay unpleasant.
Oh, I like the way you're thinking.
Well done. Not a word
of this to anybody.
[CLEARS THROAT] They want me to run.
They say that Rosemary's
article has been picked up
by dozens of local newspapers
and radio hosts are reading
it out loud on the air.
What do you think?
I think there has to be someone else.
Is there?
He said with the
election three weeks away
no one wants to run
knowing that they will lose.
That they don't think they
have enough time to campaign.
They're right.
Everyone knows your name.
It's as though your
campaign has already started.
So, if I were to run you
would be okay with it?
If it's what you want, then yes.
So what did you decide?
I'm gonna run.
Wonderful! Oh!
Best news I've heard all
day, Governor Bouchard.
Oh, that has a ring to it.
[LEE] It does.
Buckle up, Bouchard.
You're in for a wild ride.
And Elizabeth, how do you feel?
Oh, well, Lucas and I talked about it
and if we thought anyone else could win.
They said I have the best
chance of beating Balfour.
[CLAPS] I say this calls for champagne.
I was thinking the same thing.
Are you sure about this?
It's the future of Hope Valley.
- [LEE] Hey!
[TYPING] Henry, you are a lifesaver.
This is the most important
story in Hope Valley history,
and our roof decides to
turn into Swiss cheese.
Well, you're missing
a few shingles outside
but it's not too bad in here.
Shingles. Sounds great.
Uh, it'll just take
me about an hour or so
and then you'll be good as new.
[ROSEMARY] Perfect.
Thank you.
Oh, sweetheart.
Oh, she's right in
the middle of her nap,
I don't want to wake her. Where is Lee?
Henry, I need to get this
article to the printer.
If I hurry it can go
out in the next issue.
Would you mind watching
Goldie while I'm gone?
She sleeps like a little bear cub.
Thank you.
Hello, Mei. Can I get you a table?
Actually, I just wanted
to return your novel.
Wow, you're so fast.
[LAUGHS] It was a slow morning.
You know, I really don't mind the rain
when I get to sit and read a book,
especially curled up by
the fire at the café.
I've never thought
about how cozy that is.
So what'd you think?
Oh, I loved it.
Especially the ending.
It was so touching.
What do you think she
wrote in that letter?
I think that is open to interpretation.
And what he says as she sails away?
Tragic? It was beautiful!
And so romantic.
And she decided to stay.
I'm sorry, I I didn't finish it.
And when I say I didn't finish it
I mean I didn't read it.
Then you should.
I will.
And then we can talk about it.
It's a date.
It's a date.
Oh, now I gotta read this thing.
Lucas Bouchard for Governor.
Never thought I'd hear those words.
Why, you don't think he's up for it?
Of course I think he's up for it,
but politics is a big
stage. It's a whole new deal.
I imagine he's gonna have
to live in Capital City.
Capital City? That's an
18-hour train ride away.
Try 22 hours.
And I don't like the
thought of Elizabeth
and Little Jack being that far away.
But I'm sure they'll cross
that bridge if he wins.
Look alive.
Can I help you?
Where's your boss?
What's this about?
It's about us talking to your boss.
Now go get him. We know he's here.
What a pleasant surprise.
What're you doing back in these parts?
We're on government land.
I don't see what
business that is of yours.
You know there's an injunction
on all water diversion
projects in the valley.
We're quite aware.
However, the injunction applies
towards work done on private land.
Our work is on public land.
And when Governor Balfour is re-elected
and the injunction is lifted
our work will continue
right where we left off.
Not on my land.
Eminent domain, Mr.
Avery. The greater good.
You seem pretty confident
Balfour is gonna win.
That's the benefit of running unopposed.
By the skin of my teeth this
article made the next issue.
Are you sure Lucas won't mind?
Edwin ok'd an official announcement.
- Oh.
- I guess he's in charge now.
He's got a handler.
He's in for some big surprises.
Mr. Coulter.
Hey there, Robert.
Who uh who's looking after Goldie?
Seriously. Who?
I am being serious.
You talked Henry Gowan
into looking after Goldie?
And if that diamond
ring turns brass, ♪
Papa's gonna buy
you a looking glass. ♪
And if that looking
glass gets broke ♪
Alright. Here we are.
Alright, and you'll
pass these along, yes?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
There you are.
There you are, Sir.
- [MOLLY] Lucas Bouchard
- Save our valley.
- Oh, and there he is!
- Oh!
Thank you, Lucas.
Are you ready for this?
I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
Good luck, sir. We're with you.
Thank you, Ned. Thank you.
I am so proud of you.
I appreciate that, Florence.
- [MOLLY] It's all very exciting.
- Thank you, Molly, very much.
Just got it up.
Oh, look at that.
We just got it up for you.
- [LUCAS] Thank you.
- Think it'll be a problem?
Oh, I doubt it.
There's a lot of people with
a lot at stake in this project.
- [LUCAS] Okay.
[ROSEMARY] Mr. Bouchard, for your
very first interview as candidate
can you tell us why you're
qualified to be Governor?
Well, uh, that is a good question.
Oh, in other words, uh, could
you tell us why you think
you would do a better
job than the incumbent?
I think I need to be
nominated first, don't I?
[ROSEMARY] Of course.
Uh, but seeing as the chair
of the party called you himself
your nomination is virtually assured-
Randall Rockwell, the Buxton Beagle.
Yes, we know.
You run a saloon in a small town.
Are you ready for the big city?
The world of sharp-elbowed politics?
You've made it clear
how much you love it here
so why would you ever
want to leave Hope Valley?
I don't want to leave Hope Valley.
But sometimes sacrifices must be made.
[LUCAS] Now, the
current Governor Balfour
insists that he's working
for the greater good
when in fact he wants to
destroy small and vibrant towns
from Hope Valley to Rock Creek.
So, I don't want to run. I have to run.
There's your quote.
The reports are you're
engaged to be married
to a lovely school teacher.
Yes, that is correct.
I mean, that I'm engaged to be married.
But also yes, she is lovely.
[EDWIN] The candidate's personal life
is not the subject of
this interview, gentlemen.
After you're married
will you two be moving
into the governor's
mansion in Capital City?
If you're elected, of course.
[LUCAS] I should think so, yes.
We would like to be together
no matter what happens.
Certainly it's too soon to
be thinking that far ahead.
I don't want to talk about my future,
I would like to talk about our future.
So if anyone has any
further questions on that.
Bouchard. Mr. Bouchard
Uh, anything you want to
say to Governor Balfour?
You came to my town.
Now I'm coming to yours.
one last question, please.

Well done, old chap. Top-notch.
I talked too much, didn't I?
And I was making jokes when
I should have been serious.
You were wonderful.
I was?
I believed you.
I looked around at people's
faces and they were moved.
Me moving to Capital City?
I know these interviews aren't easy
and he put you on the spot,
but we really need to discuss
things like that together.
You're right. I'm I'm sorry.
I just was nervous and words
started falling out of my mouth.
And I think
well, when you said you
were okay with me running
I thought that would mean
you're ok with me winning.
And if I do win
it means moving to Capital
City for four years.
I assumed you and Little
Jack would come with me.
I can't imagine being
apart for that long.
- Could you?
- Of course not.
I just hadn't thought
that all the way through
and when I try to think about it
I guess I try not to think about it.
Well, I haven't won yet.
We have to make sure you do.
I remember you almost left once before,
right when I was starting school.
I'm so glad you didn't.
I guess it would be
silly to think a card
would convince you to stay twice.
Thank you.
Nothing is decided yet.
There's a big election first.
But I promise you if
ever I have to go away
I'll make sure you get a teacher
who's even better than me.
There's no one better than you.
There isn't!

What's this?
Cooper has something for you, Lucas.
Go ahead, Coop.
I started making it for Mr. Cunningham.
When he heard you were running instead
he wanted you to have it.
I don't know what to say.
Say you'll beat Governor Balfour.
I will certainly do my best.
Minnie, I must say I've
learned a lot from you.
You always seem to put people
first and it's inspiring.
As a matter of fact, you all do.
Don't sell yourself short.
I've come across a lot
of people in my time.
You can spot the ones
who genuinely care.
Look at what you did with
the community dinners.
How you grew the hot springs.
You care, and that matters.
Good luck to you.
Thank you, Minnie. For everything.
God bless.
Thank you, Joseph.
Wow, Mama.
The future Governor just said
he learned a lot from you.
Yeah, that was pretty great, Mama.
We've all learned a lot
from you, especially me.
Good'ay Governor.
- Funny.
- Awe, is everyone doing jars?
People won't stop putting money in mine.
It's hurting the tips but
the staff isn't complaining.
That's that's very, very generous.
We're all behind you.
So when do you leave?
Last train. An overnight express.
And then right to the convention
floor to accept the nomination.
We'll miss you around here.
You know, [CLEARS THROAT] Mike
I was wondering how you'd
feel about watching the place
while I'm gone.
Of course.
You've been a great right-hand man.
And an even better friend.
You too.
Now, go put this to good use.
Allie's already gone for the day.
I actually came to talk to you.
I know you have a lot going on right now
but I wanted to talk to you
about moving to Capital City.
Because just yesterday you told me
how you never wanted
to leave Hope Valley.
And I don't.
So then why are you going?
Well, he hasn't won yet.
But what if he does?
Then the valley is saved
and that's all that matters right now.
That's not all that matters.
He's our only chance.
And if Lucas wins then he
and I will figure it out.
And then what?
What about-what about teaching?
What about these kids?
I mean, is this what you want?
Nathan, this is bigger than me.
Elizabeth, you make a difference here.
I'm asking you to be
honest with yourself.
- Is this what you want?
- What other choice do I have?
What do you want?
What I want is for him to win.
So I'm leaving with him tomorrow night
and we're gonna campaign and
go to the convention and
and if he wins then I guess
I guess we're moving to Capital City.
Well, I hope I hope
it makes you happy.
Be safe.
[LEE] Sweetheart?
Everything ok?
If I hadn't written
that article about Lucas
maybe this wouldn't have happened.
Don't you do that.
It was not your fault.
I'm proud of him, I am, but
if he wins what does that mean
for Elizabeth and Little Jack?
I kinda thought he would turn it down.
Maybe I just hoped.
Right now he's the only
one that can do this.
And if I'm being honest
I'm not surprised he said yes.
And I'm grateful he did.
Don't get your trousers dirty.
Allie and Little Jack are
still catching lightening bugs.
I can't get them to come inside.
I feel bad for them.
For the bugs. They don't stand a chance.
How's it coming?
As far as nomination
acceptance speeches go
it could be better, it could be worse.
Do you have any tips?
Oh, um well, what I
always tell my students
is to write things that feel true.
To write from the heart.
Something like that.
What if I come with you tomorrow?
We could work on your
speech on the train.
Elizabeth, that would be incredible.
But after our conversation yesterday
I'm just not sure how
you're feeling and I don't
I don't know that this is what you want.
I wanna make it work.
I wanna be there with you when you win.
Can Little Jack come, too?
Or he could come later if that's easier.
Bill, I've heard, is planning
a trip to Capital City
maybe he could bring him.
And if I do win we could all move into
the governor's mansion together
as soon as we're married.
I'm sorry.
I'm getting ahead of myself.
I should focus on the campaign first.
Maybe we just take
things one step at a time.
I think that's a good idea.
We have a big trip ahead of us.
You need to rest and I should pack.
I need to pack, too.
You still haven't packed?
I haven't.
That would make all of this real.
But I suddenly feel much lighter.
I'm really, really happy
you'll be by my side.
Me too.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
I thought I saw your light on.
What're you doing up?
Is Goldie having a tough night?
Oh, no, no, no. She's a dream.
It's Lee.
I always know when he's stressed.
He snores like a bear.
I think we're all
worried in our own way.
What're you looking at here?
Just some old photos.
My first class.
Oh, these faces.
You haven't changed a bit.
You need to go back to bed.
So what's keeping you up?
What is it?
I told Lucas I would go
with him tomorrow night,
to the campaign.
Would it be alright if Little Jack
stayed with you for a few days?
I think he'd like that.
Of course.
So you're going on the campaign?
And then after?
I'm not sure.
I hadn't planned on going
but people just kept
asking me what I want.
What do you want?
I don't know.
I can't imagine leaving Hope Valley
or living in Capital
City, living that life.
But as Lucas's wife to be,
how could I not go with him?
I'm trying.
My heart just doesn't
seem to want to follow.
[TEARY] Am I doing the
right thing by going?
Only you can answer that.
I just don't know how I
feel about leaving or
Or the wedding.
I thought I made the right choice.
It was secure and comfortable and
And safe.
I was just so afraid
of getting hurt again.
But I don't think I was
listening to my heart
and now it's become
louder and louder and
I just don't know what
it's trying to say.
I think you do.
No matter what you decide
I will always be here for you always.
[CRYING] I really like knowing
you can see my light on.
Oh, honey.
I think that I am all
set and ready to go.
I just uh well, it
all just feels surreal.
I can't believe this is
actually happening, can you?
I don't know what to believe.
Lucas, I wanna tell you
It's time for us to leave.
I'm sorry, we should get going.
- Good luck, sir.
- Thank you.
Please don't lose.
I'll do my best.
- Good luck, Lucas.
- Thank you.
- We believe in you.
- Thank you, Molly.
Take care.

Edwin says that there's a park across
the street from the headquarters.
We can hold our first rally there.
What do you think?
I think that sounds like
a perfect campaign stop.
He says then we start barnstorming
the surrounding counties.
Elizabeth, I think I can do this.
I want to help the people.
I wanna fight for what's right
and I wanna make a
difference in this world.
I wanna thank you for being by my side.
Capital City now boarding!
That's us.
I can't go with you.
You can't-you can't go
with me to the convention?
But just last night you said
I know I did and I'm sorry.
That's alright.
This is all happening so fast.
You and Little Jack can join me later.
You both could travel
with Bill to the Capital.
No, Lucas.
I can't do that.
You are destined for
this. Everyone sees it.
But my whole life is here.
This is where I wanna raise my son.
This is where I wanna be.
Then I'm staying.
No, no. I couldn't ask you that.
If you don't get on that train
we both know you'll regret it.
You're bound for a bigger
stage and I think you know
I think you know that in your heart.
Besides you're our only hope.
But we don't even know if I can win.
But it's more than that, isn't it?
I'm so sorry, Lucas.
I can't bear the thought of hurting you.
- I really wanted to make this work, I did.
- I know. I know.
But no matter how hard I
tried to convince myself
Your heart isn't there.
I think that buried deep down,
I started to sense that
something was missing
and I just hoped so
much that I was wrong,
and I was afraid to bring it up.
But but maybe
maybe these paths were meant to be.
I wish I could give you all of my heart,
but I just can't.
And you deserve to be
with someone who can.
We both do.
Last call for Capital City!
I wish you all the happiness
in the world, Elizabeth.

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