When Calls The Heart (2014) s10e12 Episode Script

Starry Night

Previously on When Calls the Heart
Cunningham has withdrawn
from the governor's race.
They are looking for a new candidates
to run against Balfour.
[EDWIN] What do you say, Bouchard?
- You're the only one who can beat him.
- You know there's an injunction
on all water diversion
projects in the valley.
We're quite aware.
And when Governor Balfour is re-elected
and the injunction is lifted
we'll continue our
work where we left off.
Mr. Bouchard, could you tell us
why you think you would do a
better job than the incumbent?
Current Governor Balfour,
he wants to destroy
smaller vibrant towns.
So I don't want to run, I have to run.
You're bound for a bigger stage
and I think in your heart you know that.
Maybe these paths were meant to be.
Three weeks have passed
since that night on the train platform.
There are reminders of Lucas everywhere,
and of how he stood up for Hope Valley,
and how he's bravely taking on those
who want to destroy our town.
It hasn't been easy,
but as hard as it was
to say goodbye to Lucas,
for me and for Little Jack,
there are also reminders
of why we had to stay.
Little Jack, come see the tadpoles!
Oh boy, can I?
Yes, you may.
Alright, so the polls
open at 7:00 AM on the dot
so we'll definitely want to be there
at least a few minutes beforehand.
I can't believe the
election is here already.
Oh, thank you.
Now, Emily is going to have Goldie,
she said she's more than happy
to have Little Jack as well.
And now, dare I ask? How are you doing?
Given tomorrow?
Lucas and I were supposed
to be getting married.
There's no need to tip-toe, I'm fine.
I'm sad.
But, it makes it much easier knowing
I'm coming home to Little Jack
with you and Lee next door, and Goldie.
Her baptism is right around the corner.
Don't you worry about that,
we have everything covered.
In fact, Lee and Joseph have
taken care of all the details.
All anyone should be
thinking about right now-
[TAPS NOTEBOOK] Is this election.
I know there are items
for me on that list
and I am just as invested as anyone.
Good for you.
Welcome, everyone.
Tomorrow is election day.
Does everyone know what that means?
What's going on with
all of you this morning?
Are you still feeling sleepy?
Yes, Opal?
The election means
everyone's supposed to vote
for Mr. Bouchard to save the town,
but what if we don't like Mr. Bouchard?
Why don't you like Mr. Bouchard?
You were supposed to get
married and now you're not.
[TOBY] Aren't you mad at him?
And shouldn't we be mad at him, too?
No, of course not.
Mr. Bouchard is working
very hard to protect our town
and he's a good man.
I've always thought that and I still do.
Then why aren't you getting married?
Sometimes people realize they
just aren't meant to be married.
Sometimes they're just
meant to be friends.
Good. I like Mr. Bouchard.
He helped us get our own
time at the hot springs.
And he's gonna help a lot more people
if he's elected governor,
especially Hope Valley.
But I wanna thank all of
you for being protective,
and for letting me know you care.
Now, since we are discussing voting,
shall we learn about
how an election works?
Do any of you know what a ballot box is?

Ah, isn't it beautiful?
It is.
Do you think my mom
ever could have imagined
that one day her
granddaughter would be baptized
in the same dress that I was?
I am going to get this
all ready for your big day.
- Is that what she's gonna do?
- Yes.
Is she gonna get that ready for you?
Oh, that uh, that reminds
me. Oh, there we go.
Uh, we need to see Joseph later on
to go over the details for Sunday.
Yes, I haven't forgotten.
Well, we still need to figure out
who Goldie's godfather is going to be.
I know I know. It's
just such a huge decision.
It is.
We waited so long for
this little miracle.
We really did.
Whoever it is needs to be
just as special as she is.
I have an idea,
but I think you're gonna
need to sit down for this one.
Oh dear.
There you go.
Um well, ok. It's
gonna sound a little wild.
Henry Gowen?
I know, but he lights up
whenever Goldie's around.
You saw him when he was singing to her.
He's probably the last
person to admit this
but Henry's pretty good with kids.
Remember the whole community garden?
And he did set up that scholarship.
You loved when he worked for you.
I really did. I did.
Look, I'll be the first
to acknowledge that Henry
has had his troubles, but he
is the wiser because of them.
Wisdom is something
you want in a godfather.
On the other hand he
can be so cantankerous.
So cantankerous.
But maybe with Goldie in his life
it'll inspire him to be less so.
Maybe he needs Goldie just
as much as she needs him.
Yeah. Maybe he does.
Well, I haven't seen much of you lately.
Well, it's all these injunctions
against Union City Holdings.
Making sure they're not digging trenches
where they're not supposed to be.
Well, that'll all change on
election day if Lucas wins.
But of course, what we know
about Balfour and Montague,
he's gonna have a fight on his hands.
Yeah, I'd say so.
So, any other reason you've
been out of town so much?
No, I'm just doing my job.
Where are you headed now?
Benson Hills way.
I got a report that there's
some Pinkertons up there.
Probably Montague hires.
What're you doing?
I'm coming with you.
Better than sitting around town
waiting for the polls to open.
Besides, the last time you
got mixed up with Pinkertons
I had to come to your rescue anyway.
I had that handled.
Of course you did.
Wow, that is a lot of posters.
I hope people show up to vote.
Just you wait.
This is going to be our
biggest election ever,
thanks in no small part to the efforts
of the Bust the Ballot
Box for Bouchard committee.
That's a lot of B words.
That is a lot of Lucas.
Hello? Oh, mmm-hmm.
Oh, hey, Elizabeth. How are you?
I'm fine, thanks, Mike.
Our sole focus is
the Bust the Ballot Box
for Bouchard committee.
Elizabeth and I will be
manning the voting booth
from dawn until dusk.
Wow, that's so
- Great?
- Yeah, great.
Especially with everyone
voting for you know.
Well, we hope they will
be. Voting for Lucas.
Yes, we do.
And I would love some of those
"Vote for Lucas Bouchard" flyers.
The children have become
much more interested
in tomorrow's election
and I know they would love
to help distribute them.
Well, here you are on
behalf of the BTBBFB.
Bust the Ballot Box for Bouchard?
That is a lot of B's.
- Shall we?
- Mmm-hmm.
Henry just the man I was looking for.
Morning, Lee.
Uh, you got a second? I just
wanna ask you a question.
Sure thing.
Great. Um
[LAUGHS] I'm just gonna
come right out and say it.
Um uh, Goldie's
getting baptized on Sunday.
Congratulations. She
is an absolute delight.
Thank you very much,
yeah. I think so, too.
Um, anyway, Elizabeth has
agreed to be the godmother
but we still need to name
a godfather, and uh
Rosemary and I would
like that to be you.
Lee, I don't-I don't
know much about God,
and I think if you spoke with my son
he'd tell you I know even
less about being a father.
I'm very honored that
you would think of me,
but surely you have a better choice.
Listen, Rosie and I wouldn't ask you
to help raise our little girl
if we didn't know in our hearts
that you were the right man for the job.
So please, just promise me
you'll think about it, alright?
I surely will. I appreciate that.
Thank you, Lee.
Thanks, Henry. Talk soon.
I wish everyone could
just magically forget
what tomorrow was supposed to be.
I really am fine.
People ask because they care.
I know they do. Even my students.
It was very sweet.
They told me they were angry with Lucas.
That's because they love you. We all do.
No one wants to see you sad.
But I am sad, and that's alright.
I'm happy, too.
More than that, I just-I
feel at peace about it.
Well, that's how you know
you made the right decision.
And perhaps that's what
engagements are for.
- Oh dear.
Shh. There you go.
I haven't seen Nathan in several days.
Is he out on rounds?
I'm not sure. I haven't
seen him, either.
We had a little disagreement.
- Oh.
- It was nothing.
He was questioning what I
wanted and if I was happy.
One might say he had a point.
I think he might be avoiding me.
But it's nothing. Everything's fine.
That is what we will
continue to tell people.
Well, that's another group of Pinkertons
we're not gonna have to worry about.
Nice. How'd you do it?
I just persuaded them that
guarding an irrigation site
that's not actually irrigating anything
isn't worth going to jail for.
- Good.
- Next up, Rock Creek.
Thanks for coming with me,
Bill. I really appreciate it.
Oh, I figured you could
use some company out here.
It can get pretty lonely.
Ah, I'm fine.
You know, knowing Allie's loving
staying with the Canfield's.
She probably prefers
Minnie's cooking over yours.
I think if she had her druthers
she'd move in with them.
Take Little Jack with her.
How's Elizabeth holding up?
Yeah, um honestly, I haven't
seen her around too much.
Is that on purpose?
So what's happening with Madeline?
It's the life of a bachelor for me.
Life of a father for me.
Not exactly the same.
Good evening.
Good evening.
How's your day going, Henry?
Pretty fair, you know. A few surprises.
I heard Lee asked you to be godfather.
Indeed, he did.
That's quite an honor.
It is.
One that I don't know that
I feel quite equipped for.
This is the kind of thing
that could be good for you.
Goldie can do a lot worse
than having Henry Gowen as a godfather.
Careful, Mike.
Oh, thank you.
Hi, Mei.
Lazy man's load.
You? Lazy? Hardly.
Seems we never see you anymore
since you took over the saloon.
Did I tell you, there aren't
enough hours in the day.
Lucas made it look so easy.
Well, Lucas had you.
Maybe that's what I need. A me.
I never see you in the café anymore.
Well, I could stop by tomorrow.
I could even have lunch, uh, with you?
I would love to but I have
to go up to the hot springs
to collect clay for our masks.
I'll come with you and help carry.
Return the favor.
That'd be great. Meet
you at the café at 3:00?
It's a date.
[OPERATOR] This is the
Capital City hotel operator.
Your party is now on the line. Go ahead.
- Elizabeth?
I'm so glad I caught
you. I got your message.
How's the campaign going?
It hasn't been easy.
There's uh, there's a
lot of ground to cover.
The valleys may know
about Balfour's corruption
but he still has a lot of
support north of Union City.
Well, you have a lot of support here.
Especially from me.
I think I needed to hear that.
You know, with each day,
meeting more and more
people in the territory,
hearing their stories,
it confirms why I needed to do this.
Lucas, I am so proud of you.
You were right.
As much as I wanted to stay,
if I hadn't gotten on that
train I would have regretted it.
I just feel like I may have
actually found my calling.
Rosemary, I thought everyone who votes
could get a button they could wear.
That way we can compliment
people on doing their civic duty
or scold them if they haven't.
Oh, Ned, I'm not sure
about scolding people,
but rewarding them for
performing their civic duty
well, I think that sounds perfect.
How uh, how are we doing?
We're neck and neck in the polls.
The current governor has an
operation 10 times our size.
But we have passion and
we have moral clarity.
And the press.
The Beagle and the Beetle?
Full endorsements for Lucas.
Elizabeth doesn't need to be here.
She's perfectly fine.
We can find an easy job for her.
One without so many
references to you-know-who.
Do you mean Lucas?
He'd like his speech to be
broadcast to the entire saloon,
and he's hoping to be quoted
in the Valley Voice tomorrow.
How did you know that?
I just talked to him.
- [RADIO] We'd like to interrupt
- Alright. Time for a speech.
[RADIO] special announcement
from recent contender
I told you. Perfectly fine.
[RADIO] Lucas Bouchard!
[LUCAS ON RADIO] Good evening, friends.
A few weeks ago I never
thought I would be here today,
running to stop a
governor, our governor,
who wants to destroy
our fields and our farms
and our way of life.
I knew I had to try to stop him,
and once I began this campaign
I realized it was much bigger
than just one crooked governor
and his cronies.
Now, it's time someone
looks after towns like ours.
Someone who cares about
the valleys and the cities,
and who wants to make things better,
and not by making it
worse for someone else.
Now I want to stand for Rock
Creek and Benson Hills and Jameson
and yes, Hope Valley,
and everyone who deserves
a fair shake. Thank you.
[RADIO] We now return to
our regular programming.

What're you doing?
Oh, I came to see Lee and Rosemary.
I'm humbled by the offer, but
It's been a while since we've talked.
Seems I talked too much last time.
You were honest.
And you were trying to help me.
The truth is you're always
trying to save people.
How do you figure that?
Saloon fire, the
derrick fire, the mine
[CHUCKLES] I think you
mean that I blow things up.
We all blow things up every
once in a while, don't we?
Ain't that the truth?
You've taken responsibility.
You've done everything you can.
It'll never be enough.
That's the point of
forgiveness. Remorse is enough.
And when you forgive
someone, we find peace.
It's an act of grace.
if they've forgiven you, let them.
You owe it to them. And
you owe it to yourself.
Say yes.
You'd make a wonderful godfather.
You and I both know
we'd make a great team.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
I appreciate your friendship.
I appreciate yours, too.
Still working on your
sermon for the baptism?
Oh dear.
Yes, "oh dear".
You can always just use the liturgy.
It will be fine.
I can't give Lee,
Rosemary and Goldie "fine".
I'm just stuck in my own thoughts.
Is that all?
Yeah, I was thinking about Henry, too.
You can't change him faster
than he wants to change.
You're right.
And I'm also right about
you getting some rest.
Come home.
The words will come.
End of the line is just down there.
It's quite the turnout.
You're late. Almost right on time.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Fine? It's going to be great.
Look how many people we
already have lined up to vote.
We haven't even opened the doors yet.
Usually we're lucky to get a buckboard
with three farmers and a goat.
Oh, it's time. Hickam,
where are the ballots?
I thought you had them.
Why on earth would I have the ballots?
- I don't have them.
- I have them.
It all comes down to these two names.
A simple decision.
Oh! The buttons.
Here is your ballot, Mrs. Nevin.
and you can vote right
there through the curtains.
Our first customer.
I've got a couple of perfect spots.
[HICKAM] Ok. Be right with you,
and I can take your
order in just a minute.
- Now, here's your bill.
- [LEE] Oh, my.
- [HICKAM] I'll be right with you.
Have you ever seen it this busy?
Hickam gave my booth away.
[HICKAM] I'll bring your
suitcase up as soon as I can.
Oh, thank you for coming!
Michael the place is really buzzing,
you must be cashing in on
all the election business.
Tell me about it.
I gave the staff time off to vote.
Of course the line
All the way to Abigail's, we saw.
Abigail's. Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm supposed to be
meeting Mei for our date.
It's never a good idea
to keep a lady waiting.
- We uh we could lend a hand.
- We?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Sure.
- Oh, I owe you guys. Thank you.
Hey, Hickam, I need my booth back.
[HICKAM] Anything you want.
Excuse me.
Aw, nuts.
This line is moving slower
than molasses on a cold day.
They're still halfway down the street.
At this rate we're gonna lose
half of the voters by nightfall.
They're taking forever in there.
There's only two options.
What can be so complicated?
Rosemary, the curtains from the ball.
Elizabeth, this is no time to
be talking about redecorating.
That's not what I meant.
We can use the curtains to make more
Voting booths! Yes!
Alright, I'll be right back.
Oh, goodness.
Well, that took a long time.
Mike stood me up.
- Huh?
- What?
I waited almost an hour.
Well, that doesn't
sound like Mike at all.
Something important must be keeping him.
Like working the election?
Running the saloon?
I think he made himself very clear.
He's not interested.
I'll just stop pushing it.
When does Mike ever make himself clear?
Clear as mud.
And there's your button.
Looks like we did it.
Well done with the
voting booths, Rosemary.
They worked like a charm.
All but 22 people voted.
All but 22 people voted?
Hickam, Governor Balfour won by a margin
of less than 1,000 votes last time.
We all know how that turned out.
Polls close in one hour.
Oh my goodness!
What're you gonna do, Rosemary?
You can't force these people to vote.
Desperate times call
for desperate measures.
Looks like I'll be dusting
off my elocution expertise.
You'd be surprised
what a stern talking to by
yours truly can accomplish.
I'm glad I voted.
How are you going to identify
all of the non-voters?
Yes, how are we going to find them?
You'll know who isn't wearing a button.
Elizabeth, grab your jacket.
It isn't over until it's over.
May I have that clipboard? Thank you.
Ladies? Ladies?
We need every last person to vote.
Would you mind looking
for people without buttons?
- Oh, of course.
- Absolutely.
Thank you.
Well, think about the world
you want for your children.
Or your grandchildren.
Go in and vote and then
you can be rid of me.
Oh, hello.
It's a lovely day to vote.
Wouldn't you agree?
[ROSEMARY] Make your voices heard
and do your part to save Hope Valley.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Hi, Scout.
Well, thank you for
performing your civic duty.
[SIGHS] I am exhausted.
I know, I know. I still need to vote.
But you get home to Goldie.
I'll stay and clean up.
We did everything we could.
We sure did.
Nathan, what're you doing here?
Right. Um, looks like
we're just under the wire,
so, um, here you go. Just ok.
I was worried you weren't going to show.
Well, I was on duty
but I always planned on
making it back in time.
It just seemed like
you were avoiding me.
I'm sorry that I overstepped.
I-I had no right to
question you like that.
You were just trying to help.
And it may have been hard
for me to hear, but I
I appreciate what you said.
Thanks for bailing me
out today, gentlemen.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I've run plenty of
businesses in my time.
Always start out a little bumpy.
Lee was much nicer to
the customers than I was.
Yeah, it's true, I was.
I wish I hadn't missed Mei.
I wouldn't be surprised if
she never speaks to me again.
I would not be surprised, either.
Mei seemed pretty upset with you.
I don't blame her.
It got so crazy here today,
I just lost track of time.
It was. It was really crazy.
Well, I'm not getting involved again.
I have sworn off meddling.
It never works.
Are you kidding?
It's the only thing that
worked for me. Please meddle.
Mike, you have to figure
this out for yourself.
But how?
Alright. Ok, here's what you need to do.
You have to tell her how you feel.
How is she supposed to know
if you don't say anything?
[BOTH] Good luck with that.
Come on, Jack. We don't wanna be late.
Oh, I love your hat.
I do, too.
Maybe we can save it
for after the baptism?
- Ok, Mama.
- Ok.
Close the door behind you, please.
Let's go.
Oh, hello!
There she is.
You look very handsome.
Where's uh, where's Henry?
Have a little faith.
[ANGELA] This little light of
mine, I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
[ALL] This little light of
mine, I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine. ♪
Let it shine, let it
shine, let it shine. ♪
I couldn't find a tie.
Today Rosemary and Lee are
presenting their daughter,
Marigold, for baptism.
For Baptism is a sign and seal
of God's eternal
covenant of grace with us.
Goldie was born into a
community of love and kindness,
of forgiveness and healing.
By the guidance and
example of her parents,
Rosemary and Lee,
and godparents Elizabeth and Henry,
Goldie will know where to
seek help when she needs it
and how to give it
when it's asked of her.
And if she falls, like we all do,
she will find forgiveness.
Forgiveness is our path towards grace.
When we ask for forgiveness
we find redemption,
and when we accept
forgiveness we find peace.
Marigold Elizabeth Coulter,
I baptize you in the name of
the father, the son,
and the holy spirit.
Goldie, we welcome you with open
arms to this family of faith.

Did Buddy win?
We're about to find out.
[RADIO] And now, directly
from Capital City,
we are thrilled to
announce the results of
This is it! Everybody, quiet down!
This is it!
You're the only one making any racket!
[RADIO] Voter turnout
has been unprecedented.
We have 7,655 to 7,676.
By a margin of a nail-biting 21 votes,
we have a new governor.
Governor Lucas Bouchard!
I knew he could do it!

Oh, Elizabeth. It's wonderful.
Lucas won.
So I hear.
I'm really glad you came today.
I know it meant a lot
to Lee and Rosemary.
Goldie is as sweet as anything
and I'm proud to be part of her life.
So what're you doing here?
I'm just trying to make
sense of a few things.
You know, I uh I sat
here for quite some time.
I sat here and did my work.
She did hers over there.
Her on her side of the
street and me on mine.
I was born in the shadow of a mountain
in a shack that never
seemed to see the sun,
didn't matter what time of day.
I've spent my life trying
to escape that shack.
Separate myself from those people.
People like those 47 men.
They were numbers in my ledger
and I sent them into the mine
so that I could wear a fancy hat.
I lived in the darkness so long
that I couldn't see beauty anymore.
Sitting here
across the street
helped me see it again.
The view hasn't changed
from here but I have.
Henry, I think she would really
appreciate who you are now.
I am exhausted.
Thank goodness for Allie
taking little Jack home.
What a day.
Oh, what a year.
Hard times, boom times.
A birth and a baptism.
And this election.
And everyone saving the day.
Mei, give the guy a break.
He had a good reason
for not being there.
I'm sick of mixed messages. I
just wanna know where I stand.
Well, then you should
tell him how you feel.
Alright then, I will.
I'm so sorry, I didn't
mean to stand you up.
- I am confused about how you feel.
- [BOTH] But I really like you.
Your voice is my favorite sound.
Would you like to um

I'm so happy for them.
Me too.
So maybe your meddling
wasn't so bad after all.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I think I know why I
do it meddle so much.
So you don't have to worry
about your own love life?
Henry really stepped up.
Maybe you've reached him this time.
Yes, he did.
I realized something.
What's that?
Humility means accepting
that it's my job
to lead people to the light.
Whether or not they want to
see it is between them and God.
Amen to that.

Madeline What're you doing here?
We were in Buxton and
when Jamie heard Lucas won
he insisted we drive to
Hope Valley to celebrate,
but he couldn't keep his eyes open.
He's asleep in the car.
Well, I see you parked in
front of the hitching post.
Old habits die hard.
I know I can't expect you
to forgive me for what I did,
but I want you to know
what Hope Valley has meant
to Jamie and me.
What you've meant.
Good work, everyone! Thank you!
What're you doing here?
You were my great love.
But when I lost you
something inside me just broke.
The thought of going
through that again
I loved Lucas.
But I think I was
looking for something safe
so I couldn't get hurt again.
Because what if
what if I broke a second time
but couldn't put the
pieces back together again?
I couldn't risk it.
Especially when I have
Little Jack to think of.
But that wasn't fair to Lucas.
He deserves to have a great love.
We both do.
Oh, Jack.
What're you doing here?
I don't know. I was just
What're you doing here?
I was just
Bill. What is it?
It's Lucas.
I need you both. Now!
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