When Calls The Heart (2014) s11e05 Episode Script

Stronger Together

Previously on When Calls the Heart
Dad? Mrs. Thornton?
The name is Jacob Canfield.
Are you sure you guys aren't
going to get into trouble?
It's worth it if we do.
Michael, help me out here.
Can you reason with her?
She's your sister. Do something!
Sorry, this one is non-negotiable.
We have so much in common.
You see, I was once
engaged to Lucas Bouchard.
Dad, can I ask you something?
Yeah, shoot.
What's going on between
you and Mrs. Thornton?
We're just friends.
The other day in the orchard
it seemed like you were more than that.
She's amazing, and she's
super important to me, but
But what?
I just don't want you to
get hurt like before.
That was a long time
ago, ok? A lot's changed.
If you say so.
Look, I appreciate your
concern, alright? I do.
I am telling you there's
nothing to worry about.
Have a good day at school.
I promise, no more surprises.
You always have surprises on your tests.
That's not true.
Some surprises, maybe.
I'll flunk this one, I just know it.
Hey. Maintain a positive attitude.
We've been practicing this.
When you visualize how to
solve the problem, you succeed.
Like with the Easter egg.
Except, use a baseball
or some other object.
Don't try to answer the
problem like everyone else.
Do you know why?
Because you are unlike anyone else,
and that's what makes you special.
I'll see you at school?
Thanks, Mrs. Thornton.
I'm glad I ran into you.
I owe you an apology.
I'm listening.
I'm very sorry that Jeanette
ambushed you like that.
And more than that,
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
the entire truth about her.
So were you engaged?
We talked about it.
Mostly she talked about it.
There was never a ring
or anything like that.
When we had to leave New Orleans
she, of course, wanted to stay together.
By then I'd realized
my heart wasn't in it.
Then I came here, I met you.
Lucas, you needn't have worried.
Thank you for the apology,
but I'm really not bothered by Jeanette.
I just wanted to leave
my past behind me.
But it keeps finding you.
It would seem that way, wouldn't it?
As far as I'm concerned,
you and I will always be friends.
I'm very relieved to hear that.

I thought I might find you here.
I like it out here
better than in an office.
You know, I find it hard to
believe that growing hazelnuts
will be enough for you for long.
Well, I aim to find out.
- Henry
- Lucas, if you're gearing up
to ask me to come work for you again,
you're wasting your breath.
I need your help, Henry.
If we can't settle this land
dispute with Benson Hills,
the resort could fall through.
Why is this so important to you?
It's not about me. This
is about Hope Valley.
Look, our other initiatives
are looking promising.
The harbor renewal in Cape Fullerton,
various housing developments
but this is about making sure
that my hometown can benefit
from my administration as
much as those other places.
You know what? Never mind.
Look, I'd like to help,
you know, I just I can't.
- I understand the position you're in but
- Help me, Henry.
I promised myself I'd
take a different route.
Good morning.
Good morning.
We made soup yesterday, I
saved the bone for Scout.
Uh, he's not in today.
Decided to take the day off.
Oh, ok.
Well, maybe you could take it to him?
Uh he'll love it. Thanks.
Is everything alright?
Yeah, of course.
I I really have to get
this paperwork done, Elizabeth.
Right, of course. Don't
let me distract you.
[MAISIE] You'll see we
have a list of requirements
for our participation in
this resort, Mayor Hickam.
Thank you, Mayor Hickam.
Oh, brother.
Uh so Benson Hills wants
Hope Valley to build you
a new train station?
And a railroad extension?
And you want us to
build you a town dump?
It's only fair, Mikey.
Considering the extra refuse
that all those tourists
are going to create.
Ok, we can agree to build you the dump.
- And a bandshell?
- Mm-hmm.
- A baseball diamond?
- Mm.
And a new public transportation system
with ten passenger buses? Really?
And that's a must.
Well, to carry all the tourists
from our new train station
to the resort. Hmm?
Oh, haha!
And remember, the new access road
has to go through Benson Hills.
Maisie, why does everything
always have to be your way?
Because if the Governor insists
on this pipe dream going ahead
then we want to be in control of it.
That ought to do it.
No more dripping tap?
Mama will be happy.
If Mama's happy then I'm happy.
Joseph, you have a letter.
Oh, can you just place that
on the table for me, sweetie?
You're gonna wanna read
this. It's from Jacob.
So? What did he say?
He said it's been too long.
He's open to a visit.
Well, that's wonderful.
Isn't that wonderful, kids?
- That's great.
- That's wonderful.
How did he get our address?
Maybe he talked to your Aunt Margret.
What is it?
He said he got my letter.
He's looking forward to
To what?
He's looking forward to my apology.
Has he lost his mind? I never wrote him.
It's always the same old problem.
How am I supposed to apologize
if he won't tell me what
I supposedly did wrong?
Did he really say that?
This makes me so mad.
I'm children, listen.
Our doors are always open to family.
The Lord says welcome thy visitor.
Love him as I love myself.
But if-if Jacob thinks
he's got a blanket apology
coming from me, he's
got another thing coming.
- Nathan!
- We found something.
In Pike's confession he claims
that he shot Lucas from a distance.
But it doesn't track with
the angle of the bullet.
You showed Rosemary the case file?
Well yeah, I had to. We're a team.
We certainly are.
Alright Bill, show him what we found.
Alright, if you look at the
medical report at the angle
of the wound in Lucas's leg,
basically he had to be
inches from the shooter.
And the only way that could happen
Is if Lucas and the shooter
struggled for the gun,
and then it went off in
a downward trajectory.
But if the shooter was that close,
then Lucas had to see his face.
If only Lucas can remember.
Alright, time's up, everyone.
Please pass your quizzes forward.
How was that, Toby?
Hope my baseball did the trick.
I'm sure it did.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Opal.
So now that we have
finished our quizzes,
I have a very special
surprise for all of you.
All the way from teacher's
college in Capital City
Come on in!
- Anna!
- Oh my gosh!
It's so great to see you!
- Anna!
- We missed you.
How's teacher's college?
It's great, thanks. It's
so good to see all of you.
Anna is going to be with us
for the next little while.
She'll be doing what's
called a practicum.
Does that mean you're
going to be teaching us?
I'm going to try,
but I won't be anywhere near
as good as Mrs. Thornton.
I don't know about that.
I think you'll find you're a natural.
She is an immovable
force, that's for sure.
Who's an immovable force?
- Maisie.
- Yeah.
She knows she has me over a barrel.
We're supposed to be
negotiating, mayor to mayor,
and every time I'm around her
I just feel like her little brother.
She called me Mikey.
She did.
Ah, Lucas
I need to talk with you.
Can it wait?
Not really.
We learned something
new about the shooting.
Bill, I have bigger problems.
Speaking of which, join me.
[HICKAM] Maybe I should
use Maisie's nickname?
No, no.
How did it go this morning?
Same old Maisie.
Sounds like she needs a pampering.
Yeah, I have agreed to meet
her later this afternoon
but I don't think she's
taking these negotiations
very seriously.
Just stand your ground, Hickam.
That's what I've been trying to do.
I'm not sure if pitting Mike
and Maisie against each other
is going to achieve
the outcome you want.
[LEE] Well, he's the
only mayor we've got.
Besides you.
No, no. I made it very
clear I was acting mayor,
subbing for Hickam here.
Plus, I prefer my life headache free.
What about you?
What about me what?
Well, you've always wanted the job.
If Lee wants to be mayor, be my guest.
You only lost by a little bit.
Guys, come on. Not like this.
You can't just declare me mayor.
Why not?
We've got the Governor right here.
Your eminence, what say ye?
I officially resign.
In that case, until a date is set
for an interim election, if Lee agrees.
- Well, I just
- [BILL] He does.
[LUCAS] I could appoint
you mayor Pro Tem.
Oh, that has a nice ring to it.
- [BILL] Mm-hmm.
- Excellent. Lee, you're appointed.
Congratulations, Lee.
Yeah. Well done.
Tag, you're it.
It sounds like you're
really enjoying Capital City.
Everyone's really nice.
And how about your courses?
Teacher college is a lot harder
than I thought it would be.
- Oh.
- You make teaching look so easy.
Well, in my experience,
there's a difference between
how they teach you to teach
and what you learn by actually doing it.
I feel I'm so much further behind
than the other student teachers.
Anna, you are one of
the younger enrollees,
and you will be amazed how
much more confident you feel
at the end of all this.
I hope so.
I know so.
I do have tests to
mark, so what do you say?
- Sure.
- Alright.
Mrs. Thornton, is something wrong?
No, not at all. Shall we?
- Hey.
- Hmm.
So um I have news.
Oh, in the nick of time. I
need a headline for tomorrow.
Now, before I tell you, I want
you to know that I will not
let this get in the
way of our family life.
You and Goldie always come first.
Oh no, did we buy another saloon?
[CHUCKLES] No. No, nothing like
- well, actually it is kind of on that scale of
- Lee?!
Lucas just made me mayor!
- What?!
- I know! It's crazy.
I mean, it's only until the
next election, but sweetheart,
I really want a shot at this.
I think I can make a difference.
You know?
Mmm. Not that I'm complaining,
but what exactly did
I do to deserve that?
Lee Coulter, you were made to be mayor.
I think it's perfect.
I'm so proud of you.
And I always thought I would
make a wonderful political wife.
Holding salons, debating
issues of the day,
driving conversation towards
a better world for all of us.
Yep, I can see it now.
Everyone, the results on this
morning's math quiz are excellent.
Every one of you.
And, on that note, we
will see you all tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
I knew you could do it, Toby. Well done.
- Today, fractions. Tomorrow, algebra.
- That's the spirit.
Thank you.
Wow, your dad sounds
really mad at your uncle.
He's gonna be really mad
at us when he finds out.
So what're you gonna do?
I don't know. What can we do?
Do about what?
We did something not very smart.
Our dad hasn't spoken to
his brother in a long time
so we wanted to bring them together.
So we found his address.
And wrote him a letter.
And signed it from our dad.
I see.
And our uncle wrote back and
wants an apology from our dad.
Oh dear.
And Dad's even madder now.
Well, it's certainly a sticky situation.
And I think we can all agree
that you may have overstepped.
But your hearts were in the right place.
You were just trying to help,
so I'm sure your father will understand.
So you think we should tell him?
I think you already
know the answer to that.
Mind if I sit?
By all means.
You got that dark cloud again, Henry.
What's bothering you?
I want peace, Joseph.
Business is war for me and I want peace.
Why do you feel you can't have it?
Lucas wants me to help with that resort.
I just don't know if I can do it.
Business doesn't excite you anymore?
It's not the business.
What doesn't excite me is
the person that I become
when I'm doing the business.
Henry, you've grown. You've changed.
You're wiser now.
I'm grayer now.
I wouldn't say that I'm any wiser.
I would.
Henry, you know all this.
You've been called upon
to share your wisdom.
It's up to you if you want to do it.
Ooooh, this feels delightful.
Thank you for suggesting it.
Oh, the tingling. And the aroma.
That's ginseng.
We grow it in our community garden.
Now, if you could only do
something for this shoulder.
Why, is it bothering you?
It always seems to act
up in moments of stress,
which usually either
means politics or family.
And in this case huh, it's both.
Well, I can make you a
salve at the pharmacy or,
if you're open to it,
I could try acupressure.
It's been known to relieve pain
and I studied it in my
grandmother's journal.
Oh, well I'm willing to try anything.
Oh! What're you doing?
Chi flows through your
body via meridian lines.
I'm applying pressure to
your chi meridian point.
Oh, pressure works wonders.
I guess I'll just have to keep
making unreasonable demands
until Mayor Mikey and
the Governor give up
on this ridiculous resort.
Oh, you haven't heard.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
That feels good.
Maisie, if you are so against it,
why not just say no?
Well, because unfortunately
not everyone sees it my way.
The Governor has dazzled
the good people of Benson Hills with
[GASPS] ideas of this resort.
You don't have to give
her special treatment
just because she's my sister.
She's very nice when
she has her guard down.
And she's been confiding a lot.
For instance, did you know she's
intentionally being difficult?
She wants you to give up.
Why not just walk away from the table?
Why is she making us suffer like this?
Because she knows she
doesn't have support
from her constituents.
She said that?!
[WHISPERS] She said that?
You should talk to your sister
and I should get back inside.
So everything's fine
between you and Lucas?
I think all either one of
us wants is to be friends.
Well, great.
Everyone needs fabulous friends
who endeavor to do great things.
Looking back, there was love, just not-
The love you had with Jack.
Or that you have with Lee.
Is it asking too much to
want that kind of love again?
It's written in the stars.
I know it is just waiting for you.
Well, I'm just not sure the
stars always have it right.
Elizabeth what is going on?
Sometimes it's just hard
to know what's going on
in other people's minds and hearts.
Trouble is, minds and
hearts don't always agree.
[LEE] So Maisie's being
obstructionist on purpose?
I think she's trying to
get us to pull the plug
because she knows that the people
of Benson Hills want the resort.
- So this negotiation
- Isn't actually a negotiation.
Henry, are you hearing this?
I am.
Well, could you throw us a bone, please?
Well, she has a point.
I mean, look what
happened to Louis Creek.
Oh, no, that developer was a tax cheat.
That project was doomed from the start.
Yeah. Not much of a creek, either.
She's trying to paint you into a corner.
You gotta take the
paintbrush away from her.
Ok. And how do we do that?
I have a thought.
Sounds like you might
be on board, Henry.
We'll see about that.
Let's talk tomorrow.
- Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
Care for a small wager
on Around the Clock?
Against you?
I don't trust my luck. [CHUCKLES]
Suit yourself. And it's not luck.
Yeah, that too.
You seem upbeat.
Some things may have
shifted in my favor.
And I cleared up a small
misunderstanding with Elizabeth.
You mean about Jeanette.
You heard about that, too?
Who hasn't?
You can't put your socks on in this town
without everybody hearing about it.
Well, you were engaged to
her, if I've got that right.
You have that wrong.
We were together briefly,
a very long time ago.
But anyways, turns out
Elizabeth hardly batted an eye
so I suppose that means
she's well and truly moved on.
And you're ok with that?
I'd rather have her as a friend
than not have her in my life at all.
Hi, kids.
- Hi, Pop.
- Hi, Daddy.
Want some pie, Pop?
I would love some, Coop. Thank you.
Thank you.
How's my baby girl doing?
Fine, Daddy.
What's going on with you two?
We have something to tell you.
Ok. Shoot.
Come on, now. Out with it.
We sent Uncle Jacob a letter.
That's why he wrote you.
But we didn't mean to cause trouble.
It's just after what you told us,
about how important siblings are
and how Cooper and I were
taking that for granted,
we just thought
We thought that you might be
taking it for granted, too.
You may be right.
It's ok, baby girl. It's
alright, Coop. Come on.
It's alright.
It didn't take very long.
Opal, that is so good.
That's exactly how I picture it.
Good morning, ladies.
What do we have here?
Opal has made a drawing of the resort.
How I imagined it could be.
May I see?
Oh, my goodness. I'm speechless.
When did you draw this?
After we went up the mountain
with Governor Bouchard
he really made me see
what it would look like.
His GV.
His what?
Governor Bouchard's grand vision.
My goodness, this is just so precise.
Opal, you really have the
makings of an architect.
You really think so?
I really do.
Or maybe an engineer?
Mrs. Thornton, could you give
it to Governor Bouchard for me?
I would be happy to.
Thank you.
Nice work, Anna. You
helped give Opal a GV.
I see you've decided to
join our little discussion.
I thought my presence might be helpful.
- Maisie, before we start
- Business first, Michael.
- But you should know that
- Let's get on with this, shall we?
We have come up with a solution
that we feel will be beneficial
and fair to both parties.
Henry, would you care to explain?
We accept all your demands.
You do?
But we, uh, feel that we
have an idea that can benefit
both Benson Hills and Hope Valley.
And what might that be?
We merge the towns.
You can't be serious.
We're very serious.
If this is an attempt to
push me out of office
No. Not at all.
Until the next election
we'll have co-mayors.
Hmm. Co-mayors, you say?
- But you should know that
- Mikey, I'm speaking with the Governor.
And if one of these co-mayors manages
to persuade the other
one to oppose the resort?
That would be most unfortunate.
But I can't see moving forward
unless we have the full
support of at least one mayor.
Then I agree.
- Gentlemen.
- Thank you, Madam Mayor.
Oh, and by the way,
Michael is no longer mayor.
Mr. Coulter is.
And I look forward to our collaboration.
Sorry, Maisie. I tried to tell you.
[NATHAN] Elizabeth!
- Hello.
- Hi.
Um, can I-can I talk to you?
Listen, um about yesterday.
I owe you an apology.
It was obviously just bad timing.
No, it-it wasn't that.
Then what was it?
I thought that
I thought you and Lucas were still
Nathan, no.
There's nothing going
on between Lucas and me.
We're just friends.
I know. I know.
But what am I to you?
I mean are we just friends?
Elizabeth, there's an emergency
meeting of the town council.
Nathan, you may wish to join us too.
You want to merge the towns?
You mean we won't be
Hope Valley anymore?
What would we be called?
Maisie's never gonna go for that.
She won't have a choice but to go along.
She'll still have a chance
to express her views.
We will be co-mayors.
But all of you have to
agree on it unanimously.
So what are our options?
We merge the towns or we kill the resort
and it can be built in the
hills of Jameson or Buxton.
Jameson doesn't have half our charm.
But there is one potential downside.
Merging the towns means
our school will fall
under the jurisdiction of
The Valley School District.
We'll lose our independence.
I don't like the sound of that.
[FLORENCE] Remember the last time
the school board came knocking.
If it affects Elizabeth's
school then I say no.
We've had our issues with
the school board before
but we've always overcome them.
This could mean more benefits.
A larger school district could mean
better opportunities for our kids.
Better resources.
Are you saying you're in
favor of the merger, Elizabeth?
You really believe in this?
I do.
Economically, it will
mean a better future
for the whole valley
and for everyone in it.
Then I say yes.
So the towns are merged?
When we last met you were in agreement.
Well, that was before
Before you found out that I
was going to be your co-mayor
instead of Michael?
Try pushing Lee around.
We would like to work with you, Mayor.
And we promise to compromise
on your demands in good faith.
But yes, it is a fait accompli.
This is a terrible idea and will
bring trouble to this valley.
I promise you, as
Governor, that won't happen.
Like your predecessor promised
the valley's water was safe?
I may be a lone voice
but I will continue to
fight this monstrosity.
And maybe the voters will turn
against me in the next election.
But at least I will be
able to sleep at night.
Can you say the same?
Maisie, your own council agreed.
Ugh, Mike, you are being fooled.
Maisie, you're wrong.
I know you're not used to
hearing it but you're wrong.
[CHUCKLES] This isn't over.
I'm sorry, Lucas.
No, I'm sorry to cause a family rift.
Oh, don't worry about that.
As Hickam rifts go, this was mild.
Well, in the end, thanks
to Henry, you got your deal.
Congratulations, fellas.
Thank you.
Well played, Henry.
I knew I needed you on
the team. Welcome aboard.
Am I disturbing you?
Not at all, come on in.
Would you like to take a seat?
I can't stay.
Well, I want to say I'm sorry
about the blindside today.
That's alright.
I suppose it was inevitable we'd
have to join the school board.
I promise I'll do everything in my power
to make sure you maintain independence.
Thank you, Lucas. I appreciate that.
Um, Opal really wanted you to have this.
I think she was inspired on the hike.
This is even better than I imagined.
She really believes in the Bouchard GV.
The GV?
Grand vision.
At least that's what the
children are calling it.
And I believe in it, too.
That means a great deal to me.
Well, I'm sure you have lots to do,
merging towns and all that,
so I will leave you to it.
I meant what I said yesterday.
About how much your
friendship means to me.
Me too.
Would you make me a promise?
If you have the opportunity
to be truly happy,
you jump in with both feet.
You deserve that.
Thank you.
I will.
They were only trying to help.
I know. But now I gotta deal with this.
You and Jacob used to
be close, very close.
I remember when I first saw you.
You were side by side
singing in the church choir.
He used to love to harmonize.
Granddaddy taught us.
And then he decided that
somehow I crossed him
and he didn't want to
speak to me anymore.
I don't recall you
beating down his door.
Minnie, he's impossible. And difficult.
And stubborn. He's so stubborn, Minnie.
I guess that runs in the family.
It's been a long time.
Remember what you told the kids.
There's nothing more
precious than family.
You have nothing to lose
and everything to gain.
The angle at which the bullet
entered your leg is clear.
The shooter was inches from you.
- Ok. So what you're saying is
- You saw the shooter.
Who I assume was Clayton
Pike, who confessed.
We're concerned that
Pike didn't act alone.
In fact, he might not
have even been there.
If the real culprit is still
out there you could be in danger.
I appreciate your concern.
However, if anyone else was involved
they've had five months
to finish the job.
I would think they
would have tried by now.
We're all just trying to keep you safe.
I know, Rosemary. And thank you.
If you remember anything
Of course.
Oh, wait.
I do remember something.
I grabbed the gun.
Just before it went off.
Did you see his face?
Just the gun. That's all.
Are you sure? The
smallest detail can help.
I'm sorry, Bill.
If you remember anything else
Yes, I will.
I think I'm just tired.
It's been a long day.
Dishes are done.
Thanks, kiddo.
Whatcha doing out here?
Just thinking.
Look, about yesterday,
I'm sorry I stuck my nose
where it doesn't belong.
You were just looking out for me.
Thank you.
So what're you gonna do?
Well, I'm thinking of
taking Scout out for a walk,
work off some of this dinner.
About Mrs. Thornton?
Well, that, Allie, is
complicated, really.
I I uh, have homework.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I didn't get a chance to
answer your question earlier.
- Oh. Elizabeth, we don't have to
- Nathan
Friends don't look at friends this way.

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