When Calls The Heart (2014) s11e06 Episode Script


Previously on When Calls the Heart
I rejected your advances and
you decided to smear my name.
It's your word against mine.
I lost my teaching position
because of what you wrote.
Merging the towns means
our school will fall
under the jurisdiction of
the Valley School District.
- It's from Jacob.
- Jacob?
- He's looking forward to
- To what?
My apology.
This is what he does.
It just makes me so mad.
I do remember something.
I grabbed the gun.
Are we just friends?
Friends don't look at friends this way.
Happy birthday to you, ♪
Happy birthday dear Goldie, ♪
Happy birthday to you. ♪
Ya! There you go!
Can you blow it out? Can you do it?
[BOTH] One, two, three.
We got it! Yay!
Happy birthday, Marigold
Elizabeth Coulter.
And you, the birthday
girl, get the biggest slice.
I'll be right back.
Well, not too big, Lee.
- Oh, hush. It's her birthday.
- Not too big.
Jack, would you like to give
Goldie her birthday present?
Oh my goodness. Yes, here we go.
Here, you can stand right here, honey.
There you go. Oh, look
what you got, honey!
Oh, so sweet. This
year, it's just flown by.
- Mmm.
- So many firsts.
First tooth.
[ROSEMARY] First step.
First slice of birthday cake.
[LEE] Just relax, it takes time.
And you, tomorrow, first day working
for the Valley School Board.
So, tell me how you're feeling.
I've decided to look on the bright side.
After all, it means more resources
and better opportunities
for my students.
Well, that's the spirit.
You'll just face these hurdles
[SNAPS FINGERS] easy as pie.
Is there pie, too?
- Who's heard of birthday pie?
- Oh my goodness, Lee!
Those pieces are enormous!
[LEE] Look Goldie, cake!
This is good timing. Uh,
you mind if I walk with you?
Of course.
I can uh I can carry your books, too.
Some of these are heavy.
What're you teaching these kids?
I can take them back if you like.
No, it's alright, I stretched.
Jack, that's uh, that's quite
a large basket you've got there.
It's for daycare.
He's sharing his toys.
Well, that is very generous of you.
I know. Let's go.
Uh, Allie left earlier with Angela.
She's a bit worried about
what this merger might
mean for the school.
Oh, well according to Lucas
it's just a technicality.
The day-to-day operations
will stay the same.
I'm actually meeting with Mr. Wilcox
from the school board to find out more.
Well, I hope Lucas is right.
I mean, I'm sure he is.
Everybody knows that you're the best.
I don't know if that's
true but it's nice to hear.
So uh, do you have any
- any plans for lunch?
Uh, that depends on
how long this meeting
with Mr. Wilcox takes.
- Right.
- Right.
But I could stop by
the jail if I'm free.
Sounds good.
- So, Mr. Mayor.
- Co-Mayor.
What's on your agenda today?
Honestly, there's a bunch
of stuff I can't wait
to get started on.
I was thinking of putting
together a small group
of town leaders, pick their
brains, that kind of thing.
Joseph is actually coming by
this morning, so that's good.
Lee, that is brilliant.
What were you thinking?
No, wait. I know, a
dinner party at the saloon.
Oh! Champagne, hors d'oeuvres,
black tie optional, hm?
Alright, alright.
Perhaps something
smaller, more intimate,
so people can share
their innermost thoughts.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I
like that way better.
Alright, so we'll definitely
have to have the Governor there.
We'll have to wait for Lucas to return
from making an appearance
in Capital City.
And then, well, there
is the matter of
The matter of what?
Your attire.
My attire?
[LAUGHS] You almost
had me. That was funny.
Alright, think nothing more of it,
I'll pull together some ideas.
Wait, what? You're serious?
Good morning, Mrs. Thornton.
Thomas Higgins.
I could hardly forget.
What are you doing here?
I was expecting Mr. Wilcox
from the Valley School Board.
I'm sorry to surprise you,
but I'm now the
territorial superintendent,
and when I heard it was
your school being affected
by the town merger, well, I
came here to handle it myself.

Just wanted to go over a few
of the formalities with you.
I was under the impression
a merger wouldn't affect
our school's independence and practice.
Oh, of course, of course.
We just need to make sure
that you and your school
are up to date on the latest
teaching theories and protocols.
It's uh, well, something you
can think of as guidelines.
It's a board required protocol.
Nothing to worry yourself about.
I see.
Every school is doing it.
This says territorial testing standards.
Ah, yes. Bureaucratic technical jargon.
Nothing to worry yourself about.
Perhaps we can meet later,
walk you through everything.
Today is actually quite busy.
Ah, well I'll let you
get ready for your day.
I'll stop by later.
Hey, guys, what is with all the racket?
- Uh, Mike, I think it's
- Oh, yes, ok.
No, I see that now.
Nice sign though, it looks great.
But, down. Just back ah, never mind.
Good luck. Mr. Mayor.
Don't you start now,
it's Lee and you know it.
And thank you for the input today,
good ideas to think about.
And, you know, Rosie and I
are throwing a little gathering
at the hotel and we're hoping
you and Minnie would join us.
We look forward to it.
Ok, great. I'll let you
know when I have the details.
- Sounds good.
- Thanks, Joseph.
- Alright, boys.
- See ya.
I'll let Mei know.
And Florence.
Uh, know about what?
- About the gathering.
- The gathering.
Right, of course. The gathering.
Because they'll have great input.
Of course, yes. Let's do that.
I'll let her know right now.
We have a standing breakfast date.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
And how is the cutest little girl in
- what's this?
- Not Goldie, she's at daycare.
These are all the files I've
gathered on Clayton Pike.
It'll take you hours
to go through these.
True, but I'm already a
quarter of the way through.
Well, hopefully they'll
grant our request
for an interview with him.
That way we can go
directly to the source.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
That doesn't seem likely.
They rejected our request?
He's refusing to talk to
anyone, including a judge.
Another brick wall.
It would appear so.
They are becoming all too familiar.
What kind of gathering?
I'm not really sure.
But if the mayor's holding it
then it's bound to be important.
You go ahead.
Only Maisie ever called me that.
Just forget you ever heard it.
Are you kidding? I love it.
I think it's so cute.
And I think it's wonderful that
you have all your family around.
People who can share
your little secrets.
Some things I wish would stay secret.
I'm sorry, did you really
want the last piece?
No, it's not that. It's just um
I've been thinking about
my family a lot, that's all.
I wish I could have met your folks.
Me too.
My mother was the most wonderful cook.
I would have loved bringing
you home for dinner.
And then she could have
told me embarrassing details
about you as a kid.
I am sorry to say there were none.
I'll just have to ask your brother.
You're gonna have to find him first.
He's in the merchant marines.
He's always at sea or some
port half way across the world.
He sends a letter every now and then,
but he loved my mom's
cooking more than anyone.
Her xiao long bao were the best.
Well, maybe you could make them for me.
Oh, I don't know.
It's been so long and I
was never on her level.
But now I suppose I
have someone to cook for.
I guess I could give it a try.
[ELIZABETH] Enjoy your lunch everyone.
I see you've let your students
out for an early lunch.
Just by a few minutes.
Oh, I was only teasing,
there's no need to be so sensitive.
I'm not.
Though I suppose it is understandable.
Your nerves are thin after the
Governor ending your engagement,
it must have been quite the blow.
I've been looking over the guidelines
and I have some concerns
We can discuss all that in due time.
Well, I noticed mention of
standardized testing and
I was really hoping to
discuss this all under
more comfortable circumstances.
How about dinner tonight?
I don't think that would
be appropriate, Mr. Higgins.
We can discuss any of this right here.
I would have thought you put
your students' interests above
what I can only describe
as an old grudge.
An old grudge?
Is that really what we're calling it?
I have some important
telephone calls to make.
- Mr. Higgins
- I'll be back tomorrow.
Maybe reconsider my offer.
Good day.
How'd it go with Mr. Wilcox?
Uh, it wasn't Mr. Wilcox,
it was um, Mr. Higgins.
Is everything ok?
Mm-hmm. Just a busy morning.
What about lunch?
I hear Minnie's got a
great fried chicken special.
Uh, Nathan, I would love that but I'm
I'm sorry, I just don't have time today.
Uh, well then we we
could go another day?
Okay, Great.
Are you sure everything's ok?
Yes, fine.
[LUCAS] What can we do
to make you reconsider?
Well, I wish I could but uh,
it's just not in the cards.
Level with us.
What is it that's holding you back?
Honestly, word around town
is that you can't be trusted
not to just turn around
and take all the profits.
There will be a contract and
any suggestion that the Governor
may be playing anything but
above board is purely slander.
Contracts can be broken, Mr. Gowen.
Especially if you're the Governor.
That's not the way I operate, Grayson.
Nor have I ever, and you know that.
Listen, I'd like nothing more
than to do business with you
in the future, Governor,
but uh, not this time.
You know, I also invited Joseph
and Minnie to the salon thing.
Yes, of course.
The pastor and his wife will be there.
They are definitely V.I.H.V.P.'s.
What's a V.I.H.V.P.?
Very Important Hope Valley People.
I also invited Michael and Mei.
- Hickam and Mei.
- Mm.
I hadn't really considered them.
Michael runs the hotel and
Mei is the town pharmacist.
- She's on the council.
- True.
Alright, I will add
them to the guest list.
Maybe I should have a
look at this guest list.
Hand it over.
[LAUGHS] Yes, there you go.
Jed Campbell? Really?
For his dissenting views on the resort.
Oh! I almost forgot. What
do you think about these?
Hmm? What, for your dress?
For you.
For me?
All the dignitaries wear these colors
to be taken seriously in the world.
It's kinda gloomy, don't you think?
But they exude confidence.
Just like you do.
Oh yeah?
- Thank you.
Oh, hello.
Oh! Thinking of a new suit?
You would look very
distinguished in that one.
They say the office makes the man.
Thank you so much for the
invitation to the salon,
Ned and I are very flattered.
Oh, good. I'm glad.
And I've also invited Molly
because she has a lot of ideas.
Oh. Wonderful!
- We are all ears.
- Mm-hmm.
- That is, Lee
- I
- Is all ears.
- Yes.
Because he is the mayor.
Where to start?
Not that Hope Valley
isn't idyllic as is,
but there is always
room for improvement.
Oh, Ned and I will put a sign
on the community bulletin board.
We'll let everyone know.
Maybe we should just hold off
on that one for the time
time being.
Is it just me or is this
kinda snowballing a little bit?
Working on your sermon?
Yeah, it's a tricky one.
"Dear Jacob".
That's an interesting
way to begin a sermon.
I'm not usually one to struggle
to find the right words,
but everything just seems so wrong.
Too angry.
That won't do.
Not when he's already
asking for an apology.
For the life of me I
don't know what for.
What do you want from Jacob?
I want it to go back to
when we were just two kids.
Best of friends.
Life was simple.
We didn't have much
but we had each other.
I don't know how it all went so wrong.
- Hi, you.
- Hi, you.
I saw your light on.
Whatever's keeping
you up, I'm listening.
Thank you.
Thomas Higgins is in town.
He was the school superintendent
who nearly cost me my
job a few years ago.
Only now he's the head of
the territorial school board.
Well, what is he doing
in town in person?
Surely he has people he could send.
I have a feeling this is
about settling old scores.
Because you stopped him from firing you.
I tried to expose him for
his inappropriate behavior,
only it was my word against his, so
Elizabeth, did he proposition you today?
I'm not sure.
I think so.
But this is what he does.
He makes you doubt yourself so much
you're not sure what actually happened.
You need to tell Nathan.
He needs to be arrested.
Arrested for what, Rosemary?
If I involve Nathan
Higgins will find a way
to punish not only me
but my students as well.
We can't let him get away with it.
I just feel so helpless.
You are not helpless.
You are strong, you are
brilliant, and resourceful.
And you know how to manage
a heel like Thomas Higgins.
- Lee?
- Hmm?
I've been thinking
about what Molly said.
About the office making the man.
Yeah, that threw me, too.
The thing is, I like my
man exactly the way he is.
Thank you, sweetheart.
I appreciate that, but you
don't have to worry about me.
I'm good with who I am.
Thank you.
Now, about the mayor's soiree.
Mmm, about that. No,
no, no, just hear me out.
Look, I appreciate all the
thought you put into it,
I really do, I just I
I know, it doesn't feel
right being so exclusive.
You're everybody's mayor.
That's what I was gonna say.
And anybody should feel
free to come up to me
and tell me exactly what's
on their mind at any time.
They are all very important
Hope Valley people.
Yes, they are.
And I think I have the
perfect way to show them.
Oh. Well, I like the
sound of that. Do tell.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're here early.
I like to make sure I have
everything ready for my students
before they arrive.
Dedicated to your post. I admire that.
What, may I ask, is the
assignment this morning?
It's an art project on
family and togetherness.
This generation.
They're so sensitive, aren't they?
I like to think of it
as being well-rounded.
What's life without art, after all?
I take it you are here
to discuss the guidelines.
Not necessarily, but if you
were to have questions
Well, there's certainly some
useful direction in here,
but it's rather prescriptive.
Wouldn't you say?
I wrote it.
Why would I write something
I find to be ineffective?
It's just my students
have been very successful
and I believe that's due
to me having the flexibility
that comes with a certain
degree of autonomy.
So it's your stance that
you deserve to operate
outside the rules.
No. No, but
but every child learns
differently and I'm not sure
I can address individual
needs under your guidelines.
For example, I have a
student who learns best
using visual aids.
Perhaps they belong in
a remedial classroom.
However, I suppose there's
always room for some compromise.
I scratch your back, you
scratch mine, so to speak.
I'm not sure I understand
what you're suggesting.
You're making this harder
than it needs to be, Elizabeth.
I can be flexible if you are.
- I don't
- Good morning.
Anna, we'll just be a moment.
And who might this be?
Good morning, I'm Anna Hayford.
I'm the territorial
superintendent of schools.
This is Mr. Higgins, Anna.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm here on a practicum
from teacher's college.
Oh, well you've chosen well.
Mrs. Thornton is a fine teacher.
She's the best.
Well, I'll leave you to your day.
Consider what I've said.
The territorial superintendent?
In your classroom?
You must feel important.
Actually, he will be leaving soon,
so then things can get back to normal.
Oh, um, would you mind working
with the younger students today?
Of course.
Bill! [KNOCKING] Bill!
Bill, Bill, Bill!
I found something you
are gonna wanna see.
I was looking through
Pike's employment records,
there was nothing,
I was about to give up,
but then I found this.
Look. Five years ago he lost his
job at a mine near Yarrow Hills.
He was unemployed for a period
of time but then he picked up
four months work on
a construction project
near Troutvale. Employer: U.C.H.
Union City Holding Company. Montague.
[CLAPS] It's the connection
we've been looking for!
He's back.
- Should we tell him?
- No, no, no.
No, let's wait 'til we know more.
Maybe then he'll listen.
- Oh, hello Edwin.
- Hickam.
Welcome back.
You're Hope Valley office
is just as you left it.
Thank you, Mike. I appreciate that.
Mr. Higgins. What an
unexpected surprise.
Governor, this is Thomas Higgins,
the superintendent of the
territorial school board
and important supporter
of yours, might I add.
That's right, we've
met at the fundraiser.
Good to see you in such
fine health, Governor.
What brings you to Hope Valley?
Oh, I'm here helping Mrs.
Thornton with the integration.
I know you're a busy man but
perhaps we could meet later
to discuss educational strategy.
Oh, I'm sure we could find a time.
Certainly, yes.
That's very kind, sir.
Who's the stiff?
Superintendent of the schools.
They seem chummy.
They certainly do.
Oyster sauce, soya sauce
uh, none of these are big
sellers in Hope Valley.
I figured.
These were hard to find
in Chicago let alone here.
Which is why we need
to special order them.
How long would that take?
If I call them now they'll
be here in our next shipment.
That's amazing! Thank you, Florence.
You wouldn't happen to
have a wok, would you?
Funny you should ask, I have
one in the back collecting dust.
I knew I should hold on to it. Ha!
Is everything alright?
Mrs. Thornton, you won't believe it.
Mr. Higgins asked me
where I'd like to teach
and he told me he's going to be
visiting the college next month
and that he'll introduce me
to some regional recruiters.
Isn't that wonderful?
That that that's very good of him.
Just be careful.
About what?
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you so much, Anna.
And you can come back
and visit any time.
Good luck on those exams.
- Mrs. Thornton?
- Hm.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Have a safe trip.
Mr. Higgins?
Mrs. Thornton. Join me for a drink.
I saw you speaking with
Anna, my student teacher.
No need to be jealous.
I'm not jealous.
Can't you take a joke?
May I ask what you were saying to her?
I believe that's between
me and Ms. Hayford.
I know the special interest
you take in certain students.
What exactly are you implying?
You know what I'm implying.
Leave Anna alone.
Who do you think you are,
banding about such reckless
and unfounded accusations?
They aren't unfounded.
Jack Thornton School.
You know, the school board
approves those school names.
Now that you're no longer independent
it will have to be reconsidered.
Are you alright?
What's the matter? What is it?
[CRYING] I don't know what to do.
I was in teacher's college,
probably about 20 years old.
At the time, Mr. Higgins was
the Director of the college.
He took an interest in me and my career.
I was flattered.
My family was against
me becoming a teacher
so it felt like validation.
I thought he thought I was special.
A gifted teacher.
But then things changed. Then
It's ok.
Take your time.
He started making advances.
Subtle at first, but then more overt.
What did he do?
He was persistent.
But I told him no, so he
made my life miserable.
And now it's happening again.
He's threatening my job and my students.
And then I saw him talking to Anna.
Where are you going?!
I'm gonna go set him straight!
No, Nathan, you can't
do that. Not like this.
I can't prove anything.
He makes sure of that.
- He has all the power.
- He doesn't.
That's what he wants
you to think, Elizabeth.
Don't let him.
You know how strong you are.
I've never known you
to run from a challenge.
You're right. I have to do something.
I need to make sure he
never does this again.
Not to me, not to Anna, not to anyone.
Just tell me what I can do to help.
Mr. Higgins.
Elizabeth Thornton left you a note.
I received your note.
What did you want to see me about?
You mentioned that we could discuss
my school's future over dinner.
I'll arrange for a
private table at the hotel.
Shall we say 8:00 tonight?
I'm afraid I'm unavailable tonight.
Or any night for that matter.
What is this?
I'm unavailable for dinner
with you, Mr. Higgins,
because dinner between a
superintendent and a teacher
is at the very least unnecessary.
And given our history,
highly inappropriate.
I see.
It's your moment to embarrass me.
But you've only managed
to embarrass yourself.
Conjuring up grievances from our
relationship over a decade ago.
We never had a relationship.
Unless your idea of a
relationship is you offering me
teaching positions in
exchange for my company
after school hours.
Which you were too high and
mighty to take advantage of.
Believe me, other women have
benefited from "being nice".
Because I wasn't nice
you tried to get me fired.
You were willing to
let your students suffer
because you refused to learn your place.
My place is certainly not
at the dinner table with you.
Well, I ought to have my head
examined wasting my time on you.
It may be time for you to consider
another career, Mrs. Thornton.
What is this?
You just confessed to abuse of
office in front of a Mountie.
This is entrapment. How dare you?
If I were you,
I'd choose my next words carefully.
Do you have any idea who
you're talking to, Constable?
I have connections.
By all means, use them.
So Constable Grant tricked you?
That's right.
I'd like you to put in a
word with Mountie command
and have the whole matter dropped.
And you think Mrs.
Thornton put him up to it?
Of course.
In retaliation for some imagined slight
she believes I made years ago,
when all I was trying to do
was help advance her career.
So Constable Grant and Mrs.
Thornton are in cahoots.
The problem is I spoke
to Constable Grant
and Mrs. Thornton before
you visited the school house.
I uh
I had the chance to make a few calls.
It seems Elizabeth's
isn't the first accusation
against you, Mr. Higgins.
So even if you persuaded a judge
that you were the victim of
entrapment, the jig is up.
- Sir, you don't honestly believe
- I believe Elizabeth.
And I believe every
woman who has accused you.
If I were you I'd tread
carefully, Governor.
I have a great deal of
influence in Capital City.
Did I hear correctly, Edwin?
Did Mr. Higgins just utter a
threat against a public official?
I believe he did, sir.
Well, I'll have Constable Grant
add that to the list of infractions.
You will be facing a trial, Mr. Higgins.
Until then, you're suspended.
Now get out of my office.
I'd wipe that smug look
from your face if I were you.
I realized something today.
You thought because you were powerful
you could take advantage of me
and all of those other women.
But really it's because you're weak.
I swear on everything I hold dear
you will never have the power
to abuse another woman again.
Yes, you better hurry.
You wouldn't want to miss your train.
[LEE] Got it.
[MOLLY] And furthermore
I'd like you to reconsider
instating noise bylaws.
but Molly, don't we
already have noise bylaws?
Well, after 11:00PM, yes.
Uh, ok. So what would you suggest?
8:00pm seems reasonable to me.
No noise after 8pm? Ever?
I suppose you think
I'm being a fuddy-duddy.
No, it's just that uh
No, Molly, I don't. There
are no bad ideas here.
I will consider it, thank you.
- Thank you, Lee.
- Mm-hmm.
- How're you doing?
- The mayorship really suits him.
I believe it does.
And this "meet the mayor"
day is a stroke of genius.
Every Wednesday at 4:00, rain or shine.
How are you feeling?
- I'll be ok.
- I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
Nathan's working with the Mounties
to put together a case against Higgins.
Well, you can bet the Valley Voice
will be covering his downfall
every step of the way.
Mei, you look
You do, too.
For you.
Thank you.
Well, have a seat.
It smells incredible.
That would be the ginger and the garlic.
Alright, this is xiao long
bao, my mother's soup dumplings.
They were my favorite.
And this is cu chao mian.
Shanghainese pan fried noodles.
You did all this for me?
It was fun making these dishes.
I could feel my mom nearby.
Thank you for sharing that with me.
Mei, I want to be a part of your life.
Your whole life.
I want that too, Mike.
Well, dig in.
Oh, I won't be needing this.
[LAUGHS] Mike!
I've been practicing. May I?
Wow. Very impressive.
Oh, thank you. That
means the world to me.
- Do you want some rice?
- Yes please.
- Ok.
- I want to try everything.
I hope you like it.
Do you want some company?
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
what was going on sooner.
I should have.
Elizabeth, you have
nothing to apologize for.
I can't imagine what you've been
going through these past years.
When he first showed up in my classroom
I felt just like that
helpless young woman
back in teacher's college.
Just trapped.
I just wish I had been able to
stop him all those years ago.
Hey, this wasn't your fault.
I know.
Because of you he's paying for this now.
No school board is ever gonna touch him.
You should be proud of yourself.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you for being there.
Thank you for being here.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

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