When Calls The Heart (2014) s11e11 Episode Script

Run to You

Previously on When Calls the Heart
Hi, everyone!
I'll just have to ask your brother.
You're gonna have to find him first.
He's always at sea or some
port half way across the world.
[NATHAN] Casimir Shaw.
He shot you and Jeanette was there?
[LUCAS] Find some place
safe and stay there.
Goodbye, Jeanette.
Lily, your grandma said
that you can live here
if that's what you really want.
Thank you, Grandma!
Not a moment too soon, in my opinion.
Oh, I thought you were
all for the resort.
Well, until the mayors made their
public statement opposing it.
That's what swayed me, too.
If Lee and Maisie could
agree it's a bad idea
- it really must be.
- Mm-hmm.
I hear this means the
end of the towns merging.
No point being hip to hip
when you're no longer dance partners.
It seems your article is
causing quite the stir.
I'll be the first to admit
it raises more questions
than it answers.
I don't understand.
You wrote that Lucas
shut down the resort
because it wasn't financially viable.
Politician talk for
"I don't want to tell
you the real reason".
Nathan and Henry seem
to be quite preoccupied.
Bill too, ever since Lucas
cancelled the resort so abruptly.
There is something going
on! I am certain of it!
Elizabeth, I know you and Nathan
wanna get things just right,
but this is beyond slow and steady.
It's downright trepidatious.
It's not trepidatious.
There have just been
a lot of distractions.
Tom's visit, Nathan
needing to focus on Allie.
Alright, well what's
holding you back now?
Nothing, I suppose.
The phone lines are down. As
well as the telegraph lines.
Ned says the repair crew has
to come all the way from Buxton.
Well, so much for modern conveniences.
Anything more on this Casimir Shaw?
Headquarters has issued
a warrant for his arrest.
Well, attempted assassination
on the Governor, that'll do it.
There's a territory wide
alert, but still no sign of him.
So there's really not so
much as a photo on this guy?
He came out of nowhere a few years ago.
Word is that he controls the
rum running in the northwest.
All we've got to go by is
Lucas's description of him
the night that he was shot.
Heavy set, middle aged.
Well, that could
describe a thousand men.
Types like that tend to
stay hidden in the city.
It's unlikely he's gonna blow
his cover here in Hope Valley,
but still I wish Lucas would
let me bring in reinforcements.
Lucas still wants to
keep this quiet, huh?
I think Rosemary should know about this.
Uh, no.
No, if you tell Rosemary
she'll tell Elizabeth
So you're saying you haven't
said anything to Elizabeth?
No, why would I?
Right. Well, it's not
like you two are anything
more than casual acquaintances.
What're you saying?
Well, it's none of my
business but you really do move
like molasses in January, pal.
You know, nothing
ventured, nothing gained.
You know, the last
time I ventured, it
it didn't go that well for me.
So I'm just I'm letting
her take the lead this time.
Well, time is a finite
resource, my friend.
Just who I was looking for.
I was actually hoping to see you, too.
- Oh?
- Yeah, I wanted to um
I just wanted to say I'm
sorry for being so busy lately.
That's alright. Is
there something going on?
Nothing I can't handle.
But you uh, you wanted to see me?
Yes. Um
I was wondering,
since we have Allie watching
little Jack and Goldie,
and and I need to take Sergeant out
for some exercise anyway, um
Do you want some company?
If you're sure you can get away.
I think I can get away. Yeah.
What do you say, meet you
at the stables at 3:00?
I will be there.

Careful with that.
Going somewhere, Edwin?
I'm uh, taking an interview for
a new position in Capital City.
You're leaving us, are you?
I see.
Nothing personal.
No, nothing personal
about abandoning ship
when water's coming over the side.
Rosemary's article was
kind, facts are facts.
Lucas didn't get the job
done and his approval rating
is going to be rock bottom.
We'll see.
Let's be frank.
Lucas stopped listening
to me a long time ago
and you made sure of that.
No hard feelings.
To you or Lucas.
So long, Edwin.
Until the voters say otherwise
you can still call him "Governor".
The thing is, the resort
may have gone away,
but the shooting of the Governor
still remains a very active mystery.
A mystery in which Bill seems
to have completely lost interest.
I know exactly what you mean.
I was hoping things would
be a lot less secretive,
but Lucas has barely
been out of that office
since he made the announcement.
I asked for a follow-up interview,
Henry turned me down flat.
- Huh.
Oh, speak of the devil.
[BOTH] Hmm.
So Edwin jumped ship.
[SIGHS] I'm glad he quit.
Looking back he was always too
focused on the next election.
I think I let that cloud my judgement.
Now you made the right choice
by cancelling the resort.
I just wish I had done it sooner.
Well, the concept had merit.
You had no way of knowing
that it was gonna get hijacked
in the way that it did.
Now, I mean, people are talking
about your other initiatives
perhaps going the same way.
Well, we're gonna have
to rebuild confidence.
Can I count on you to
help me do that, Henry?
Of course you can.
For myself, my biggest
concern is your safety.
Nathan have any word on Shaw?
No, no. That man loves the shadows.
Well, let's hope he stays there.
Because we have work to do.
I thought I might find you here.
Hi, Lee.
I know we agreed to walk home together
but something's come up.
More secrets.
Just taking the horses for a ride.
Horses? Plural?
Sergeant and Newton?
[BOTH] Oh!
They need exercise.
Of course they do. They're horses.
One neglects equine
exercise at one's peril.
- One does.
Anyway, if you could please
tell Allie I may be home late?
I will be sure to
pass along the message.
Thank you.
- Bye!
- So cute.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Oh, that's pretty, Lily.
It's Grandma's house.
I'm going to give it to
her when we visit on Sunday.
She'll love that.
At Grandma's we used to count the stars
outside my window at night.
Your bedroom here doesn't have
a very good view of the sky, does it?
[FAITH] Do you miss counting the stars?
[LILY] Yes.
Excuse me.
You know, Cooper used
to be afraid of the dark
when he was little.
Joseph made him a nightlight
that projected stars onto the ceiling.
We'll see if we can find it.
That would be wonderful,
Minnie. Thank you.
Anything for our Lily.
[MEI] Thanks for doing this for me.
No problem.
It's probably just the lever.
- It does get sticky.
- Mm.
Oh my gosh! It's from Beau!
Your brother?
Yeah, and he hasn't written in ages.
Remember I told you he's been at sea
with the merchant marines for years?
He travels all over the world.
Well, what does he
have to say for himself?
Well, um
He says all is well, many adventures.
He's mailing this from
his last port of call
Oh my gosh, he's coming
to Cape Fullerton!
He'll only be there for a few days.
- I should go see him.
- Uh, or we could both go.
You'd come with me?
Sure, I'd love to meet Bò.
Well, I think you're
gonna really hit it off.
And who knows when we're
gonna have the chance
to see him again?
Come talk to me!
You and I both know that
Lucas cancelling the resort
had nothing to do with it
being financially feasible.
This is nothing you have
to concern yourself about.
Excuse me?
I thought this was something
we were both concerned about.
Especially because it's
all happened so suddenly.
Now Lucas barely leaves his office,
refuses to speak about it?
You and I shouldn't be keeping
things from one another, Bill.
We're supposed to be a team.
You're right, we are a team.
And a team doesn't work without trust.
And in this case you're
just gonna have to trust me.
Trust you about what?
You have a visitor.
Sassafras! Argh!
Randall Rockwell.
What on earth are you doing
prowling around Hope Valley?
I came to congratulate you.
You scooped me this time.
I tried to get an
exclusive with the Governor
but he said he was
already working with you.
Well, that's one for me
and about 500 for you, so
I noticed that your article
didn't get into the specifics
of why the Governor scrapped the resort.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
That there's more to the story.
Well, why don't you just
ask your so-called source
who seems to know
everything about everything?
Or has it dawned on you
that they've been sending you
on a wild goose chase this entire time?
The gun, Clayton Pike,
Montague's involvement?
Oh, so you have figured that out.
Randall, you really need to
go to the police about this.
I have a better idea. Let's
do an exposé in print.
- Together.
- You and me?
I think we'd make good partners.
Well, I do happen to
have a recent vacancy.
I come bearing gifts.
Every scrap of research I've collected
since my source first contacted me.
Maybe I missed something.
What do you say we find out together?
Good afternoon, Rosemary.
Governor, you remember my
colleague, Randall Rockwell?
Colleagues now, is it?
I thought the two of you were
the fiercest of competitors.
Oh, Rosemary gives me a
run for my money, alright.
Why, Randall. Is that a compliment?
Surely you know how
much I admire your work.
Well, as a matter of fact,
no, I had no idea.
So you wanted to talk to me about-
Yes, it's about the shooting.
That subject is closed.
There are still so many
questions that need answering.
It turns out a lot of what my
source told me wasn't reliable.
Lucas, the fact remains
whoever shot you is still out there.
Rosemary, Randall, I am happy to discuss
any other issue with
you, but not that one.
The dark days are behind us, my friends.
The best is yet to come.
What're you doing here?
You're supposed to be
1,000 miles away by now.
Lucas, you need to listen to me.
This is a nice idea.
I thought it would be the perfect place
to ask you something.
Ask me what?
What would you think if, instead
of us going to Cape Fullerton,
we asked your brother to come here?
Um, sure. If he has time.
I've always wanted
Bò to see Hope Valley.
Then I have a follow-up question.
Well, as long as he's gonna be here
I mean
it may be years before you
have family in town again
Mike, I'm not sure I'm following.
Mei, I love you more than anything.
I know this is sudden,
but with Bò being here,
I don't know, the time just feels right.
Will you
will you marry me?
[TEARY] Yes.
Are you sure?
I I don't have a ring.
I don't care.
Hey. You made it.
Did you think I'd stand you up?
Well, I was worried there might
have been some new calamity.
We do seem to have bad luck that way.
Yeah, we seem to get
interrupted a lot, don't we?
Our timing is not the greatest.
Or, my timing is not the greatest.
- Nathan
- Nathan!
Could you come with me?
Is everything ok?
All good, the Governor just needs him.
Um, I seem to have jinxed things.
Go. I'll see you later.
What is it?
There could be trouble.
We need to find Bill.
[LUCAS] Why are you here?
You're supposed to be somewhere
that Shaw can't find you.
I told you, there's no such place.
He did find me.
He was angry at first about
the resort falling through,
but he still wants to
do business with you.
You know that that's never gonna happen.
Just listen. All he
wants is a few favors.
Turning a blind eye here and there.
Just allow him to run
his criminal enterprise
through the territory.
If you don't cooperate
with him he'll destroy you
and this town you care so much about.
He's on his way here.
Lucas you've seen
what he's capable of.
I saw Ms. Aucoin come into down,
thought there might be trouble.
- She says Casimir Shaw
- Lucas!
They need to know, Jeanette.
Shaw is on his way here.
I'll get word to Mountie
headquarters to send some men.
In the meantime we should
keep an eye on the roads.
You two lay low until
we get this figured out.
- I'll get my gear.
- Me too.
I'll meet you at the stables.
Bill, you're just in time.
Michael here and Mei
are getting married.
- Congrats, Hickam.
- You wanna join us for a drink?
Another time.
Right now I need the two
of you to come with me.
- Why? What's going on?
- I'll explain on the way.
Tell Gustav to shut
this place down early.
Make something up, Hickam.
I'm sorry, Lucas.
It's not your fault.
But if Shaw wants a
fight, a fight he'll get.
Here it is.
Oh, Joseph, it's ingenious.
Yeah, but I was always
worried about the candle.
Right, safety first.
Ned, do you think we can
wire up an electrical bulb?
I don't see why not.
Hey, Ned?
When can we expect these
phone lines to be back up?
Oh, it's hard to say.
The crew's out looking
for the break now, so
Is everything alright, Nathan?
Yeah, it's fine. Nothing to worry about.
[HICKAM] Casimir Shaw,
the gangster, coming here?
[BILL] Turns out he's
the one who shot Lucas.
Jeanette was there but he
was threatening her, too.
Lucas remembers everything.
You didn't think to tell Rosemary?
Sorry, Lee, it wasn't my call.
Lucas wanted to keep this quiet
to avoid any kind of panic.
Telephone and wire are still out.
I need somebody to get to Buxton
and call for reinforcements.
I'll go.
Take my car.
Henry, take the south road.
Nathan, take the north road.
I'll meet you at the
junction to Benson Hills.
Lee, can you take the road to Buxton?
If you see anything fire
off a few shots in the air.
Yeah, but I should tell Rosemary.
No, you shouldn't. Governor's orders.
Let's saddle up.
What're you doing back
from your ride so soon?
We had to cancel.
No! Again?
Henry said that Lucas needed
to see Nathan about something.
What is going on around here?
I don't know, but it didn't
sound like it was bad.
No, did something happen
between you and Nathan?
I don't know.
I have been so happy thinking
about a future with Nathan
that I suppose I convinced myself
that what happened between us in
the past didn't matter anymore.
I think it does.
- And I need to talk to him.
- You need to talk to him.
You ready to head home?
[SIGHS] Not quite yet.
Randall Rockwell blew into
town wanting to be my partner.
With Bill freezing me
out it's a tempting offer.
[LAUGHS] Tell Allie
I'll be home shortly.
Will do.
I hate this.
I feel like a sitting duck.
I should've gone with them.
Look, it's not too late.
Give Shaw what he wants and
then you'll be out of danger.
You could negotiate a cut.
Think of all the good you could
do with that kind of money.
Listen to yourself, Jeanette.
It's just business.
Doing business with that man
goes against everything I stand for.
Lucas, what happened to you?
Just be a little flexible.
It could be like old times.
- Jeanette.
- You remember what you told me
when we hit bottom back in New Orleans?
That we could be anyone we want.
I believed you.
What I want is to be a good man.
An honest man.
I'm not the person
that you used to know.
I don't care what they
say, I can't just sit here.
Nothing ahead.
Makes you question
whether Jeanette's
information is reliable.
Well, Lucas believes her.
What're you doing here? You
were supposed to stay put.
You do realize there may
be a gangster after you?
Luckily I have you two to protect me.
Are you finding anything?
- I'm looking at your old leads.
- Mm-hmm.
A lot of dead ends.
Well, I didn't have the
benefit of a so-called source.
Who is he, anyways?
I can't tell you.
I thought we're partners.
We never met.
Everything went through the mail.
Are you telling me you went to print
without knowing the
identity of your source?
I corroborated everything
through the Mounties.
They were duped, as well.
This source has been
manipulating everything
to cover up the truth of the shooting.
Which means
Your source might be the real shooter.
Or connected to the real shooter.
Do you really think so?
Randall? What's wrong?
A few days ago my
source sent me a letter.
A threatening letter.
Warning me to keep my mouth shut.
Is that why you're here?
You wanted to expose your source
in my paper under my byline!
Rosemary, my family
was being threatened.
What about my family?
Randall, you better start
telling me everything you know
about this source right now!
But I don't know anything.
Well, then start digging!
Tomorrow. I'm calling it a day.
Where are you going?
To warn the Governor
that he's still at risk.
Rosemary, wait. What's this?
It's just a hotel receipt. Why?
This is the letter my source sent me.
The handwriting is the same.
Jeanette Aucoin.
Who is she?
She's an old flame of
Lucas's. Hell hath no fury.
I need to go tell him.
Closed, my foot.
Mrs. Coulter.
Miss Aucoin.
I came to see Lucas.
He stepped out to deal
with some business.
You seem upset. Is everything alright?
I'm fine. I should be going.
Was that Randall Rockwell
I saw you with earlier?
I can't imagine what he's
been telling you about me.
So you admit you're his source?
Please, let me explain.
Please do.
Alright Jack, dinner is ready.
Go wash your hands, please.
Yes, Mama.
Come in!
Allie, hasn't Mrs.
Coulter come home yet?
No, and I still can't reach
her. The phones aren't working.
Should I be worried?
No, I'm sure everything's
fine. But I can go and check.
Why don't you and Goldie
stay for dinner with Jack?
I'll be back soon.
Ok. Thanks.
I suppose that you and
Randall have figured out
that I was there the
night Lucas was shot.
We assumed his source had a
connection to the shooting,
but no, we didn't
realize you were there.
I feel terrible about lying
to Lucas, but I was forced to.
By whom?
Casimir Shaw.
The mobster?
When Lucas remembered we
were both there that night
Wait. Lucas regained his memory?
Just before he cancelled the resort.
I'm surprised you didn't know.
Yes, well, um me too.
Believe me, the last thing I
would ever do is hurt Lucas.
That was all Shaw's doing.
But you're the one who
threatened Randall's family.
That was Shaw, too.
I saw the note. It was
in your handwriting.
It came from you, not from Shaw.
Mrs. Coulter, meet Casimir Shaw.
Randall, is Rosemary in there?
She went across the street
to find the Governor.
Are you alright?
I'm fine, it's just
today's been a lot.
I'm heading home.
Mr. Shaw, put that away.
Can't you see you're
frightening Mrs. Coulter?
I'm afraid the Governor
has failed to see reason.
So I'll take care of him.
Leave him to me.
But the plan
Plans change.
What's the situation on the roads?
It's one thing slipping
into town on foot.
Getting out by car won't be so easy.
- Rosemary
- Elizabeth, run!
We meet again.
How much longer before we
call it a day, gentlemen?
Well, we should at least wait
until the reinforcements get here.
- Governor.
- Mr. Rockwell.
Did Rosemary find you?
She did not. Why?
Look, Rosemary and I think we know
who was involved in shooting you.
Well, I think it's best you
tell us everything you know then.
Jeanette Aucoin.
Rosemary says you and she
are past acquaintances.
What do we do with them?
Two hostages are better
than one, don't you think?
We'll hit the road as
soon as it gets dark.
Please, just let Elizabeth go.
Rosemary, too.
Unfortunately, my hands are tied.
I'm just following Mr. Shaw's orders.
Aren't I?
If you know Jeanette then you
must know Casimir Shaw, too.
The rum runner. What's
he got to do with her?
He forced Jeanette to
muscle the Governor.
I don't think my source
was being forced by anyone.
Look at these threats.
We matched the handwriting
with the chit from the hotel
signed by Jeanette.
This is Jeanette's handwriting, alright.
What if Jeanette wasn't his victim?
What if they're partners?
She's been playing us.
It's bigger than that.
Think about it.
No one's even laid eyes
on Shaw except for me
the night of the shooting. And Jeanette.
It's fairly obvious
who's in charge here.
Whatever do you mean?
You've been calling
all the shots, not him.
I don't know who you
are, but he is not Shaw.
There's such a thing as being
too clever for your own good.
You can be anyone you want.
That's what I told her.
Who'd have guessed she'd
take me so literally?
I have to hand it to you.
You're really quite brilliant.
There is no Shaw.
Jeanette is Shaw.
Jeanette and another guy
have Elizabeth and Rosemary.
No, no, no, no. We need a plan.
It's dark enough. Time to go, ladies.
Where are you taking us?
You won't get far. We'll be missed.
I'm counting on it.
That's why we need you.
For insurance. Now, stop stalling.
Or would you prefer Mr. Shaw?
I'm afraid you're late to the party.
We were just leaving.
You can still get out of this.
He's the one who shot me. Not you.
That's right. I'm the
one that saved you.
Stop, you idiot!
If it weren't for me, that second bullet
would have hit your heart
instead of your shoulder.
I owe you for that?
Yes, you do.
This doesn't concern
Elizabeth or Rosemary.
Let them go.
Don't be ridiculous. We're
all involved in this now.
Put the gun down!
- Nathan!
- Hands up!
It's over, Jeanette.
Not unless you want your
Governor in one piece.
[GASPS] Let me go!
Get your hands off her!
Get back or else!
- Come on!
There's no escape, Jeanette.
- Nathan, go!
- Rosemary!
Bill, don't.
Just go! I'll only slow you down!
Up there!
[MOUNTIE] We've got you surrounded!
Hold it!
Get out of my way!
Alright. Take it easy, ok?
I know you won't shoot me, Jeanette.
Don't make me do this.
Ok, let's talk about
this, huh? Think about it.
You give us some evidence on Jeanette
and I'll go easy on you.
You don't know who you're dealing with!
My life won't be worth a plug nickel.
I underestimated you.
You always do.
That's why you had to become Shaw.
Because no one would take you seriously.
Including me.
A little late for
apologies, don't you think?
It's never too late.
You've made some
mistakes, sure. But this?
This isn't you.
Don't pretend to know me.
But I do know you.
I know the best of you, Jeanette.
[MOUNTIE] Drop the weapon!
There's no way out.
- [THUD]
Drop the gun!
Are you sure you're alright?
Yeah. You?
I'm better now.
Oh, goodness!
We're ok. And you?
Well, considering I
almost ended up a headline
not of my own devising.
I'm fine, thank you.
I should check on the others.
Why did you come back here, Jeanette?
You could have carried
on hiding behind Shaw.
No one would have been the wiser.
We all have our weaknesses, cherie.
How are your ribs?
I'll live.
- I should uh
- I know.
Be safe.
I could say the same thing to you.
After a night like tonight all I
want to do is count my blessings.
Everyone I care about is safe.
I know that, in time, thoughts of
what could have been will fade away,
but love will remain,
as constant as the stars.
As much a part of our beings
as a breath or a heartbeat or
What um, what happened with Jeanette?
They've taken them away to Capital City.
Oh, thank goodness.
Elizabeth, if something would
have happened to you today
- But it didn't.
- But it so could have, easily.
I know.
Nathan, what you said
earlier about bad timing
That was a dumb joke, I'm sorry.
But you were right.
We both had bad timing.
Once you were ready and I wasn't
Elizabeth, you don't have to do
Please just let me say this.
I'm so sorry for hurting you.
For letting fear get in the way.
If you only knew how my heart
lifts when I think of you,
and I think of you often,
the way you've always
been honest with me,
and gently encouraged me
to be honest with myself.
The way you always seem to know
when there's something on my mind.
The way your brow furrows when
there's something on yours.
You are a good man.
An impeccable man.
You are a man who looks distractingly
good in serge or suspenders.
It's your eyes I look
for across a crowded room.
It's your heart that
makes me feel brave.
You feel like home to me.
I couldn't say it before,
I wouldn't let myself.
So let me tell you now.
Nathan, I'm in love with you.
Say something, please.
I have never stopped loving
you. Not for a single second.
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