When Calls The Heart (2014) s11e12 Episode Script

Anything for Love

Previously on When Calls the Heart
- Will you marry me?
- Yes.
You and I shouldn't be keeping
things from one another, Bill.
In this case you're just
gonna have to trust me.
You remember my colleague,
Randall Rockwell?
Colleagues now, is it?
The handwriting is the same.
[ROSEMARY] Jeanette Aucoin.
[LUCAS] Jeanette is Shaw.
Nathan, I'm in love with you.
[NATHAN] I've never stopped loving you.
- He kissed you!
- Shh!
And now you're together?
Oh my goodness, Elizabeth,
I'm so excited for you.
I'm excited, too, but keep
it under your hat for now.
We still haven't told the children yet.
My lips are sealed.
Nobody will hear about it from me.
Except for Lee. I can tell Lee, right?
You look beautiful.
- Hi.
- Hello, Nathan.
Well, I suppose I should get going.
I have to get Goldie to daycare.
I like to make sure I
give her a kiss goodbye.
I can't keep anything from Rosemary.
Oh, no one can. It's a gift.
Don't worry, mum's the word.
Would you like to come in?
Oh, uh, sorry. I couldn't resist.
I know the feeling.
But um, until I find a way to tell
little Jack about us we should
- [NATHAN] Keep things under wraps.
- Mountie Nathan!
Hey, Jack.
You ready for your riding lesson?
I can't wait!
Ok, well, let's go saddle up Pal.
But first go get your hat, please.
Ok, Mama.
[LEE] I was thinking about
that land that we sold Lucas.
- See, the thing about the resort
is it was supposed to
be a legacy project.
Something for Goldie's
generation to enjoy.
Well, and Goldie's children,
too, one day I suppose.
I can't imagine you having kids.
Imagine us as grandparents.
Actually, let's not rush things.
No, let's not.
Anyway, I had a few thoughts
about what Lucas could
do with that land.
Oh. A grand vision of your own.
Care to share?
Oh, you're gonna get
it out of me anyway.
- I will.
- Yes.
- It's a gift.
- It is a gift.
Yes, that's what we
do, don't we, Goldie?
You're a glutton for punishment.
It seems it's all that's on the menu.
Lucas, this will blow over.
Wait for the trial.
The papers are never gonna let this go.
Well, you can count on the
Valley Voice to support you.
Rosemary's no muck-raker.
The rest of them are gonna
have a field day with this.
It's not as dire as all that.
It was a mistake. Trying
to keep this quiet.
Jeanette had a lot of people fooled.
I just keep asking myself how
did I get this all so wrong.
How can I be an effective Governor
when I'm not sure I even
trust my own judgement anymore?
I think we need to uh, find
him some lighter reading.

Can I go get Pal?
You sure can.
You just gotta remember to
clip his lead to his halter
before you untie him, ok?
Okey dokey.
Lucky for us you were able
to take the morning off.
Hey, maybe finally we could
go on that picnic together.
A picnic?
I love picnics!
Is Allie coming, too?
Yeah. Uh, yeah. I'll ask her.
We're going on a picnic! ♪
We're going on a picnic! ♪
We're going on a picnic! ♪
You seem mighty calm for someone
who's getting married tomorrow.
I guess I'm supposed to be
nervous but I'm just so happy.
Do you think I'm jinxing
it? By being too happy?
There's no such thing, Michael.
We're breaking with so
many traditions already.
No bachelor party.
Yeah, I'm not sure I'm totally
on board with that one yet.
Mei insisting she doesn't
need an engagement ring.
She says that our wedding bands
are enough to show the world
how we feel about each other.
Well, that's uh, that's sweet, yeah.
And practical.
But is it bad luck?
I don't know, Michael.
I'll tell you what I do know.
Mei is an amazing woman
and she loves you to bits.
So why don't you just try and relax,
and enjoy the moment, alright?
- Good man.
Minnie, your icing's delicious.
Oh, no fuss is one thing, but
I refuse to let Mei and Mike
get married without
a proper wedding cake.
Auntie Faith, when is
the surprise happening?
Very soon.
[GASPS] Here comes the bride.
- Stop.
- We can't help it. Like it or not, you're glowing.
Well, I am really excited
my brother is gonna be here.
I haven't seen him in so long.
Is that all you're excited about?
And about marrying Mike.
But you know we want to keep
it as simple as possible.
I just wish that you would
let us throw you a shower.
Why do you want Miss Mei to get all wet?
No, Lily, uh, a wedding shower
is a party for the bride.
And as your bridesmaid
And flower girl.
- And flower girl.
- Thank you.
We feel like we're
neglecting our duties.
Although we do have one surprise.
Fiona! Oh, my gosh!
You didn't think I'd miss
your wedding, did you?
I admit it, you were right to meddle.
Welcome home, Fiona.
Well, you are the reason Mei and
Mike got together in the first place.
Come here, you.
A sight for sore eyes.
And you must be Lily.
I am.
It's nice to finally meet you.
You too.
Auntie Faith talks
about you all the time.
That's because I've missed you so much.
We all have.
Oh, I've missed you, too.
But look, Mei, your dress arrived.
Florence sent it over.
Oh, let's see.
I wanna see.
What do you think?
It's beautiful!
Atta boy, Jack. Sit up nice and tall.
When can I gallop?
Oh, easy, cowboy.
Let's see if you can
make him stop first.
Well done.
Alright, dismount.
Good job.
Why don't you take him
for a drink of water?
- I'll be right here, ok?
- Okey dokey.
He's a good kid.
You're really good with him.
You know, if it's alright with you,
I'd like to spend more time with him.
I would love that.
I uh, found this in my office.
I thought you may want it as a souvenir.
Pike's case file.
Are you sure you trust me with it?
Ok, ok, Rosemary.
I probably owe you an apology.
Um, I wish I could have
told you what was going on.
I had to find out Lucas
remembered who shot him
from Jeanette Aucoin.
My hands were tied.
The Governor had sworn me to secrecy.
You asked me to trust you as a partner.
You didn't trust me.
Well, I can see that's how it looked.
I let you down.
And for that, Rosemary,
I am truly sorry.
We would have figured out
Jeanette was posing as Shaw
a lot sooner if we'd
been working together.
Well, I couldn't agree more.
We made a good team, you and I.
We did.
I talked to Mrs. Thornton
about teacher's college.
- Already?
- Just planning ahead.
She told me about the school
for the blind in Hamilton
where you learn to
teach other blind people.
But that's so far away.
It's just an idea, Mama.
Oh good, Allie, you're here.
Hi, girls. Hi, Minnie.
Hi, Mrs. Thornton.
Allie, we're going on a picnic
with you and Mountie Nathan.
We were hoping Mrs. Canfield
could make us a lunch.
Uh, come on inside.
I've got some sandwiches already made.
Why don't you wait with the girls?
Ok, Mama.
Are you guys drinking lemonade?
We are.
Will chicken salad do?
They're freshly made.
That's perfect.
Minnie, is there
something troubling you?
Angela says you suggested
a school for her.
In Hamilton.
The Schwartzman School.
They train teachers for
the visually impaired.
And people come from all
over the world to study there.
It's just Hamilton.
I know. But there's still plenty
of time to explore other options.
Minnie, I'm so sorry if I overstepped.
You didn't. I'm overreacting.
No, you're not.
I can't imagine Jack leaving home.
These are precious years.
I'm reminded of that every day.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
So we're going on a picnic?
Yeah. Um, I'm just finishing up here.
Why don't you have a
seat for a minute, Allie?
Mrs. Thornton and I
Dad, I know.
Yeah, no, I know. But we um
- Well, I guess we are a
- A couple?
Um yeah, I guess we are.
Is that is that ok with you?
Of course.
It's really nice seeing
how happy she makes you.
And nothing is gonna
change between you and me.
We are still gonna spend
just a lot of time together.
Wait, this picnic, was that just
supposed to be the two of you?
Uh, no.
Well, yes it was, but
it's fine. Really. It's ok.
You're sure? Because I could watch Jack.
Thanks, kiddo.
But what could be better
than being with my favorite
people in one place?
So, tell us everything. How's Nashville?
I like Nashville fine, but
we should be focussing on Mei.
No, not at all.
I wanna hear about all your
work with the suffragettes.
[SIGHS] They're exciting times, alright.
But there's still so
much more work to do.
My sister and I are campaigning
to get the first woman from
Tennessee elected to Congress.
That's amazing!
You must feel so filled with purpose.
What about you, Faith?
You said in your last letter
Lily's staying with you permanently?
That's right.
She's a doll, by the way.
I can tell how much you love her.
I really do.
Then I guess there's no point in asking.
Asking what?
Nashville's growing so fast.
They're desperate for doctors
and they just built
a brand new hospital.
You're not suggesting
Faith move there, too?
I was going to.
I mean, we could sure use
your help in the movement.
Mei, Ned sent over a
telegram that arrived for you.
Mei? What's wrong?
It's from my brother.
You know, there are more sandwiches
if anyone's interested.
Oh, I'm stuffed.
Yes, please.
Hey, Jack?
Remember those blackberry bushes
we passed on the way up here?
Wanna pick some for dessert?
I I love blackberries.
Yeah, I can't get enough of them.
But we've already got dessert.
Well, I guess I'm just gonna
have to pick them all by myself.
Wait for me!
Allie, wait for me!
That was very sweet of Allie.
I take it you told her about us?
How'd it go?
She's very happy for us.
Actually, I didn't have to say much.
Apparently I'm an open book.
I don't know.
I think I think there's
a lot that you don't show.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
No. You.
I think there's a lot you
hide behind those eyes.
Believe me, I'm not that mysterious.
But how about this?
I will tell you a secret about me
if you tell me a secret about you.
I'll have to think about that one.
Take your time.
So I hear there's a wedding tomorrow.
You wanna be my date?
I would love to.
I just feel like I need to
tell Jack about us first.
Well, until you do, can we
count as each other's secret?
Nice try, Constable.
You're not getting off that easy.
Michael, we need to talk.
I asked for too much time off
for my honeymoon, didn't I?
- I'll talk to Mei.
- No, no, no.
You take as much time as you want.
Does that apply to today?
Because my mom wants me
to come to Benson Hills.
One last afternoon tea
together while I'm still single.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fine.
No, no, Hickam, this
is regarding the edict
around no bachelor party.
At least let us organize
a poker game for you.
Yeah. We might even let you win.
Thanks, guys. If you insist.
Hi, Mike!
Well, if it isn't my best woman.
Best woman?
It's the '20s, what're you gonna do?
Fiona, it's so good to see you.
Well, you have been missed.
And I've missed all of you.
But uh, Mike? Mei has had some bad news.
What's happened?
Her brother's ship is
leaving Cape Fullerton early
and he can't make it
here for the wedding.
Oh no.
We planned the whole thing
around him being here.
That's a shame.
Well, at least you have Fiona.
Of course, and that means the world.
I just
I wanted our wedding day
to be perfect in every way.
I should have bought her a ring,
no matter what she says.
He thinks he's jinxing the wedding
because he's breaking
with too many traditions.
Well, if you're that worried,
you can choose a best man instead of me.
No, no, no, no, no. I want you.
I'm just nervous, I guess.
At least that's traditional.
Oh yeah, very true. Right?
Uh, care to join us for poker tonight?
- Sure, deal me in.
Did you enjoy the picnic, Jack?
Allie and I picked so many blackberries.
You sure did.
What would you think if we
started spending more time
with Allie and Mountie Nathan?
And would it be alright
with you if, sometimes,
I see Mountie Nathan just by myself?
Sure. But why?
Sometimes we have things to
talk about just between us.
Like what?
Like grown-up things.
You mean boring things.
You'll understand
better when you're older.
Just don't grow up too quick, ok?
Ok Mama. I'll try not to.
I hope you're not letting that
cheap sensationalism get to you.
It's hard not to.
Listen, I need to apologize to you both.
I should have been more honest and open
about what was going on.
Apology accepted.
I'm sure it seemed like the
right decision at the time.
Apparently I still have a lot to
learn about how to be Governor.
About that, um I had a thought.
What if you were to go
in a different direction
with that resort land?
Like what?
Well, I was thinking a national park.
A resort without the resort?
No, no! Way more than that.
Lee's really thought this through. Lee.
Ok. Uh, no, I'm talking
about something very special.
A place where wildlife and
trees are left undisturbed,
with trails for hikers
and campsites for families-
A place where people
can enjoy the outdoors
in its natural state
for generations to come.
Now, it's true, it won't be
the money-maker that the resort
was going to be, and, well, it
might not draw as many tourists,
and it might not create the
same employment opportunities
The local towns will still benefit.
Maybe not as much, but
they'll still benefit.
But we will be preserving
something important.
We want Goldie, and in fact,
all the children of Hope Valley,
to have this kind of legacy.
We would still be facing the
same old issues with Maisie.
You leave Maisie to me.
I think I've got her under control.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's alright, Mei.
Oh, and I'm sorry to
hear about your brother
not being able to attend
the wedding, that's terrible.
Oh no. What a shame.
I'm very disappointed.
Have you seen Mike?
Uh, yeah, as a matter of
fact he went to Benson Hills
to visit his mother.
Ah, that makes sense.
Yeah. Why, are you worried
that he's got cold feet?
Why would I be
worried about cold feet?
Does he? The wedding is tomorrow.
No, no, no. No, of course not.
If there's anyone you
can rely on, it is Hickam.
His feet are always warm.
What? Huh?
You're right. Marriage
is based on trust.
Well said.
- Hmm?
- Mm-hmm. Yes.
That's why I'm counting
on you two as groomsmen
to make sure that he's at
the altar on time tomorrow.
- Yep.
- Mm-hmm.
Piece of cake.
- Ok.
- Ok.
Oh, Minnie, this is so pretty.
Wow, seems like someone
had a productive day.
Minnie, what's wrong?
Nothing, really.
I just overheard Angela
telling her friends
that Elizabeth recommended a
college to her in Hamilton.
Hamilton? That's so far away.
That's what I said.
Does Angela seem serious about this?
It's hard to say.
It's a ways off, but sooner or later
we'll have to face the
fact that she's growing up.
It's like the poet says,
it's our job to give
them roots and wings.
At least we can take comfort in knowing
that our love made her strong.
Come here.
It seems my previous
optimism was misplaced.
Why is that?
The editorial from the evening
edition of The Chronicle.
You might want to brace
yourself before you read that.
"While Governor Bouchard
continues to hide away in Hope Valley,
his future in the capital is
becoming increasingly untenable."
They're calling for my resignation?
It's only one newspaper.
You know, it isn't until someone tries
to take something away from you
that you realize how
much you still want it.
Is uh, is Jack asleep?
He had a very busy day.
Apple juice?
I'd love some.
Yes, by the way.
I had a talk with Jack
this afternoon about us,
and so I would love to go
with you to the wedding.
Well, that's great.
How did he um, how did he take it?
Do you want the good
news or the bad news?
Um, the good news.
He's thrilled about spending
more time with you and Allie.
Now the bad news.
He thinks you and I are boring.
- Boring?
- Mm-hmm.
- We're not boring.
- I know.
We've got we've got secrets.
Secrets aren't boring.
So did you come up with one?
I have, yeah. But you go
first it was your idea.
Ok, fine.
When I was a little girl
my sister, Viola, told me
that if I kissed a potato I
would find my heart's desire.
You kissed a potato?
I kissed a potato.
I didn't even get a puppy.
My mother was allergic.
It was very disappointing.
Viola never lets me forget it.
Your secret is you kissed a potato?
That's that's more of like
an embarrassing story I'd say
than a secret.
Ok, your turn.
I I can't now.
You have to.
- Well, not after what you just said.
- Nathan. We had a deal.
You remember when I was offered that
inspector position in Union City?
Yes, you turned it down.
You were the reason
that I wanted to take it.
Things were complicated.
I found myself falling
for you and it felt wrong
because the reason I asked
to be assigned here was
to protect you after
After Jack died.
I'm sorry, I messed this up.
- you wanted something funny and I
I never wanted anyone to know this,
but I dreaded the idea of
a new Mountie coming here.
I was convinced I would
despise whoever it was
just because they were
alive and Jack wasn't.
And then you found out
that Jack took my place
at the training mission.
Nathan, you are not responsible.
If I hadn't been so afraid of
what I was feeling for you
If I hadn't stayed,
if I hadn't gotten to know you
Here we are.
I love you.
I love you, too.
This was a fun game. We
should play this game again.
Maybe not.
Thanks, Gustave. Let me
know if he turns up. Ok.
Still no Michael.
What do you mean, "no Michael"?
Well, I called Maisie to find out
why he didn't show up
at poker last night,
she said he didn't turn up
to see his mother, either.
Nobody's seen the guy since yesterday.
Well, the wedding is in three hours!
I know.
Where could he be?
Mei is never gonna forgive
me if I don't find him.
I wouldn't want to be in
Hickam's shoes, either.
Alright, how can I help?
Well, I guess you could
run interference with Mei,
maybe reassure her that
everything's gonna be ok?
I'll drop Goldie off at
daycare and then I'm on it.
Who are you calling now?
Well, Nathan.
When a man is missing,
[BOTH] it's time to
call in the Mounties.
Alright. Goldie! It's time to get going!
Yes, uh, can you put me
through to Nathan please?
No. No, he hasn't turned up yet.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I wanted to tell you
Tell me what?
I'll be going to the
wedding with Nathan.
I just didn't want you to be surprised.
Elizabeth, I'm fine, really.
I know that you are.
And you will pull through all of this.
Calls for my resignation
are snowballing.
The Spectator. The Benson Hills Beetle.
That one stings.
The territory still needs
you. Now more than ever, Lucas.
You'll you'll find another G.V.
It's your destiny.
I never used to buy into destiny.
Well, sometimes what's
right in front of you
is the hardest thing to recognize.
See you at the wedding.
See you at the wedding.
[SOBBING] I think Mike
has changed his mind.
Mei, you know that isn't true.
I have never seen
anyone as crazy in love
as Mike is with you.
Yes, that's the truth.
Good. Then then where is he?
Just breathe. Breathe.
Hello, hello! It's
somebody's wedding day.
I'm sorry to intrude, but
Lee wanted me to oh, dear.
No, this won't do. A bride in tears?
Well, uh
Has anyone seen Mike?
Lee told me to assure you
that he is 100 percent on top of it.
Any minute now.
Coulter guarantee.
So no?
[SOBBING] Oh no!
Now, Mei, if I know Hickam, and I do,
he has an excellent reason for just
disappearing like this.
Do you think so?
I know so.
One day you and Mike will
have your grandchildren
rolling on the floor with laughter
as you tell them the story
of how grandpa kept grandma in
suspense on their wedding day.
Ok. You're right.
I I believe in Mike and
I believe he's gonna be here.
That's the spirit.
Now, we really need
to get the bride ready.
I could use some help with
hair and makeup, Rosemary.
It would be my pleasure.
So I called the station
and Michael bought a ticket
to Buxton yesterday.
Why would he suddenly
jump on a train to Buxton?
And on the eve of his wedding?
Maybe he wanted to buy
a special gift for Mei?
What's Buxton got that we don't have?
You'd think he'd choose a better
time to make a romantic gesture.
So I made a few calls and
there's been no report of a man
with Mike's description
being in an accident
or anything like that.
Thank goodness for that.
I'll be honest, I had visions
of him in a ditch some place.
I hate to say this though,
but just because there
hasn't been a report
Doesn't mean that
something hasn't happened.
If he was able, he would be here.
Gee, sounds serious.
Where the heck have you been?
You told me to take
whatever time I needed.
You're cutting it close, my friend.
I know, but I need your
help with something.
Oh, Mei.
You look
Absolutely stunning.
A bride like no other.
You don't think it's too much?
No. It's perfect. You are perfect.
What's that?
It can't be.
Ladies, come. come.
Holy smokes.
You're here.
I'm sorry I worried you.
But there was something
I needed to bring you.
You still wanna marry me?
A thousand times, yes.
It's beautiful. I love it.
That's not all I picked up.
Hey, sis.
It's great to see you.
Bò what're you doing here?
He came to collect the bride.
Bó says it's tradition.
No, what're you doing in Hope Valley?
Mike came all the way to
Cape Fullerton to get me.
It was a long trip.
I had to switch trains in Buxton.
That would explain the train ticket.
I talked my captain into releasing
me from my contract early.
It was touch and go there as to whether
we'd make it back on
time, but we made it.
You are, without exaggeration,
the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.
You're not so bad yourself.
Folks, we have a preacher waiting.
Come on.
As we gather to celebrate the
marriage of Mei and Michael,
we are in the presence
of a profound love.
Not just between them,
but amongst all of us
gathered to witness this union.
Of all of God's gifts,
surely love is the most
precious and enduring.
Love makes us strong.
Love sustains us.
Love is all that matters.
Now, time for the most important part.
Michael, do you take
Mei to be your wife,
to love and to cherish
for all of your lives,
whatever may come?
I sure do.
And Mei, do you take
Michael to be your husband,
to love and to cherish
for all of your lives,
whatever may come?
I do.
You will now exchange the rings.
Now it's perfect.
Thanks for the tip.
Could I make a suggestion?
Just something to go on top of the cake.
It means "double happiness".
That's exactly what was missing.
Ladies and gentlemen, if I
could have your attention.
Um, I believe Joseph said it
best, but I'll say it again.
Um, at the end of the day
love is all that matters.
I think our best woman
would like to say a word.
Here's to Mike and Mei's
everlasting happiness.
The love that the two of
you share inspires us all.
To Mike and Mei!
[ALL] To Mike and Mei!
Now, let's have some
of that wedding cake!

Oh my.
Thank you for doing this, Minnie.
My pleasure.
Oh, gorgeous.
They look so happy.
Yeah, they're a great couple.
So did I call it, or did I call it?
You certainly did.
They were meant to be together.
I just wish you could
stay longer than a week.
Me too.
You know, Fiona, about coming
with you to Nashville
believe me, it is tempting.
But you've found your purpose.
Yes, I really have.
There you go, ladies.
That was a lovely ceremony.
Joseph outdid himself.
Of course. It was for one of our girls.
Excuse me a minute.
Hi, you.
Scooch over.
Now, for the best part of a wedding.
The cake!
Lee, Rosemary.
I have filled Bill and Henry in
on your idea for the national park.
Sounds like something maybe even
Maisie Hickam can get behind.
Assuming you're willing to work with me.
Oh, please. Of course we are.
Well, it could get rough
trying to bring back
everyone's confidence.
Well, if the voters want Lucas out
they can say so in the next election.
And until then you are
officially still Governor.
One thing has become clear.
If I'm going to turn this ship around
I have to do it from Capital City.
So, Lee, I'm hoping that
you'll consider joining me
to get the park rolling.
[BOTH] Wait, what?
You be good, ok? Alright.
Look over there.
That was a perfect wedding.
It sure was.
Mei and Mike found their soulmates.
Well, with a little
help from their friends.
Do you think they still would
have found each other anyway?
- Are you asking me if I believe in fate?
- I am.
I think fate is taking
what life gives you
and turning it into what you want.
You could always kiss a potato.
I already have my heart's desire.
Constable Grant.
Mrs. Thornton, I am
Superintendent Hargraves.
Of course, I remember.
Sir, what what brings
you from Fort Clay?
I'll explain.
In private.
- Can it wait?
- No, I'm afraid it can't.
[SIGHS] Ok, well, we
can speak in my office.
I'm not here to see you, Constable.
Mrs. Thornton, it's
about your late husband.
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