When Hope Calls (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

New Hope

1 Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa [LITTLE GIRL CHUCKLING.]
I'll get the feed.
Okay, children, let's go! Can I go with you, Miss Lillian? Sofia, after we go to the post office, I'm getting fabric for your new dress.
Don't you want to pick it out? You can get something pretty.
Stick to the list.
I will.
Yeah, you've definitely outgrown this dress.
Come on, let's go.
MAN: So, how is it being home? Oh, good.
Thank you, Ben.
Grace and I are settling in fine.
Two orphans running an orphanage, something a little funny about that.
Is there? Not funny haha, funny unusual.
You know, I have to say I admire your perseverance in tracking your sister down.
Thank you.
How long were you two apart? Years.
I was 7 and she was 5.
We were put in different orphanages.
- And she was never adopted? - No.
Such a shame.
Where's your wagon? I'll help you with this.
Oh, thank you.
It's just down the street.
Ben! You have my new harness? Yes, Mrs.
Right away.
Good morning.
Good morning, Joe.
Good morning, Grace.
Oh, those tomatoes look delicious! You're liking Brookfield? I am.
Broccoli? I promised Lillian.
Joe, we're looking for some beautiful fabric to make a dress.
Oh, we just got a shipment in this week, and some of it is fit for a queen.
I think you'll like the selection.
Did you hear that? Let's go have a look.
I have nothing against orphans or orphanages, - but why here in Brookfield? - Pearl I'm not the only one who feels that way.
Not by a long shot.
They seem fine to me.
I hear the bigger orphanages have their own schools.
What's wrong with the kids going to our school? I feel bad for them.
But what kind of influence are they gonna have on our kids? We don't know what they were exposed to.
I heard that some of them were given up by their parents.
Well, you've got to ask yourself 'why'? Do you? Oh, you need help.
- I'm fine, thank you.
- That wasn't a question.
You need help.
Because your bag is leaking.
Oh! - Apollo thanks you.
- Apollo? - It's my horse.
- Named a horse for a Greek god? I figured he could use the inspiration, but turns out it just gave him a big head.
I think he thinks he's better than me.
Are you sure I can't give you a hand? Thank you.
My wagon's right over there.
So, are you new in town? Are you? My name's Gabriel Kinslow.
Oh I've heard about you.
- And you're? - Lillian Walsh.
I grew up right down the roads.
My sister and I run the orphanage.
We have an orphanage? You have some catching up to do.
Yes, it would seem so.
Well, thank you for feeding my horse.
Should he be on the boardwalk? Like I said, he's got a big head.
If you'll excuse me [THEME MUSIC.]
- - Hey.
Bring her up.
All the way, fellas! All the way! Up, up, up, up, up! Up you go! Hold it, hold it.
Down a touch.
Just, yeah.
Perfect! - Ha! - Ah.
What? Oh, when will people know when the grand opening is? You don't have a day or time.
They'll know because there'll be a big party going on.
How can you have a party if people don't know when to show up? Wait.
What do I owe you? Oh, uh Ahem! - A dollar 20.
- What's a grand opening? Like a party.
Can we come? Yeah, sure.
Well, the whole town is invited.
- Thank you.
- Ready? [WHISTLING.]
They're back! - Whoa! Whoa! - Hello! I was just about to make lunch.
Be right in to help, Eleanor.
Very good.
We'll be inside.
Come on, let's go! Inside! That's a pretty fabric.
It'll make a beautiful dress.
I wish I could sew like you.
I'll teach you.
That'd be nice.
How are you? Fine.
Are you're settling in? I've been here for two months, I'm pretty settled.
Why? This is my old house, but I want to make sure it's starting to feel like yours, too.
I love it here.
And it's the perfect place for our orphanage.
It is.
There's no place I would rather be.
Than with my big sister.
Me neither.
Alright, take her up, fellas! - - Keep her going! Up, up, up, up, up! That's it! A little higher! Little higher.
Yeah, yeah.
Too high on that one side there.
Just Alright, perfect! Tie it off.
If you wouldn't mind giving me a lift to the concession here, I'd really appreciate it.
MERCHANT: Look who's back.
I thought the Mounties offered him a desk job.
I guess he turned them down.
Welcome back, Gabe.
Good to be here.
It's a nice job.
Thank you! The grand opening's at 1? It's a 7.
Is it? Yeah, he's right.
It looks like a 1.
Oh, for the love of Pete! [LAUGHING.]
They're all vegetables and beans.
Yeah, but they're yummy vegetables and beans.
No candy?! Not this time.
I kind of like it when Miss Grace shops alone.
Hey, Miss Lillian does her best.
Can't afford treats all the time.
But they love them.
- They're not essential.
- These kids have had it rough, and treats make them feel better.
Grace, we have a plan to get by with our funds.
We have to stick to that.
Or we can come up with a new plan.
Eleanor, is there anything else that we can cut out? Milk is so expensive these days, maybe we should just buy the cow and cut out the middleman.
How much is a cow? - Grace.
- I'm just curious.
- How much? - More than we have.
Probably around 10 or 11 dollars.
How much is in the rainy day fund? LILLIAN: Exactly 8 dollars and 85 cents.
What if I could get a cow for that? - Our whole rainy day fund? - Oh, we'd save more than that in no time, between the milk and the butter and the cheese And if things get really bad, we can just sell the cow and get our money back.
And I think it would be really good for the kids to have an animal, right? We were talking about it.
No, I meant maybe a dog or a cat.
But they don't give you ice cream It would teach them more about responsibility.
Just as long as their responsibilities don't become my responsibilities.
I'm a housekeeper, not a zookeeper.
Look at me.
We can do this.
Yep! Yep! Right over there! Come on! Keep her going! - Whoa! - Chuck, we've got a stray.
I'm on it.
Ma'am, hello! Shoo! Excuse me cow.
Yoohoo! Definitely not gonna bite you [COW MOOING.]
Hello! Shoo! Shoo! Ah! - Troubles? - Yeah.
This cow is hard of hearing Oh no, she hears you; she just doesn't care what you had to say.
It's Chuck, right? Most definitely is.
So do you just look like a cowboy or are you the real thing? I've asked myself that same question more than once.
- Come on! - [MOOING.]
Where are you headed? To Ken Newsome's, to buy a dairy cow.
Oh, I see.
The Newsome ranch have better dairy cows than the Stewart ranch? Just different.
- Different how? - Different as in they're not owned by Tess Stewart.
Well, see there, now, that's kind of mean.
Well, from what I hear, your mom has been kind of mean to Lillian and her family for years.
It's complicated.
But that's in the past.
Are you sure? Look, for the right price, she'd sell you a cow.
And what about for the wrong price? How wrong are we talking? 8 dollars and 85 cents.
- So you're a bargain hunter.
I could help you.
You would help me get a better price from your mom? Well, the orphanage seems like a good cause.
What do you suggest? Just be confident.
That's it? "Just be confident"? She'd never admit it, but she admires gumption.
And something tells me that you do okay in that department.
What are you waiting for? I have a cow to buy.
- MAN: Sold! Afternoon! [MAN 2.]
: Yeah, works for me.
I'll see you there.
Knock-knock! Seeing as there's a full-time occupant in here again, I thought you could use some supplies.
Got you some coffee and some kerosene oil.
Can you give me a hand with this desk? Uh, yeah, sure.
Just put it there.
So who's been covering for me? Uh, we've had a few regional Mounties come through.
There we are.
Appreciate that.
The least I can do for the town hero.
I'm not a hero.
It's exactly what a hero would say.
I'll see you.
- Welcome to the Stewart ranch.
We all lose cattle to predators, Ken.
Just part of the business.
Apparently, your business is stealing.
Excuse me? I've lost too many cattle this year.
I think you're stealing them and selling them as your own.
I don't appreciate that accusation.
Everyone knows you're set on controlling this valley.
But I'm not gonna let you take what's mine.
We each have our own brands, Mr.
If we were stealing from you, it'd be easy to show.
Yeah? Well, your mother's pretty crafty.
And I'm going to Clearwater this week to find myself a lawyer.
I'm gonna prove it's you.
I'll see you to your horse.
Stewart? What? [COWS MOOING.]
- I'll take this one.
I have more in the pasture.
This will do fine.
I can give you 8 dollars and 85 cents.
I sell dairy cows for 12 dollars.
I could go as low as 11.
8 dollars and 85 cents is my final offer.
No deal.
I guess I'm just gonna have to buy a cow from Ken Newsome! - Ken? - He said he'd sell me a cow for $9.
I mean, why do you think my offer is 8.
85? Let me tell you a little something about bluffing: you have to convince yourself you're telling the truth before you can convince anyone else.
I admire the effort, though.
And I'm sure that Mr.
Newsome will admire the money.
Move aside! Miss Grace got a cow! Miss Grace got a cow! We've got a cow! She's a beauty! My dad once drove 300 head of cattle across the Texas badlands.
I thought you said your dad was a circus performer.
He was that, too.
- He was! - I believe you! [CHICKEN CACKLING.]
Oh, my Has anyone ever milked one of these? - Hmm Mm-mm.
- Uh Don't look at me.
What are you doing? It's, uh for the grand opening tomorrow.
It's an ice sculpture.
Oh! I saw one a couple of years ago at the World's Fair.
It looks like you're making a large block into a smaller one.
It's supposed to look like the hotel, which unfortunately is kind of square.
You don't think you're overdoing it? Tess, my brother wanted to put Brookfield on the map.
Now, this hotel is gonna help do that.
Your brother was a dreamer.
Which is probably why you married him.
Why does your sign out there say the celebration is at 1? - It's a 7.
- Mm-hmm.
I heard a rumour that Gabriel's back in town.
Yeah, that's true.
How much do you think he he knows? It's not what he knows that worries me; it's what he might find out.
How is Sofia's dress coming along? I should have it done in a couple of days.
- I hope she likes it.
- Oh, I'm sure she will.
She loves everything about you I wish I knew more about her.
Her record really didn't give much detail on her family.
Her mother died when she was 7, right? Her dad about a year later.
We have a problem with Virginia.
"Virginia"? The cow! Oh! Okay, didn't know we named her.
I didn't know you know how to milk a cow, Mary Louise.
I grew up on a farm.
I know what I'm doing.
The cow doesn't.
She's dry, bone dry.
Are you sure you know how to milk her? I've done it lots.
I wonder what the problem is? Some cows just dry up.
Think Newsome will give us our money back? Um, I bought the cow from Tess Stewart.
You did what? Chuck said that what happened is in the past.
I grew up with Chuck, for him, that's probably true, but not for Tess.
- Where are you going? - I'm going to fix this.
- Where you headed? - To the south pasture.
Tess wants me to make sure there's no Newsome brands mixed in with hers.
About what he said yesterday? I've never seen your mother so upset.
Yeah, can you blame her? Newsome's full of hot air.
Now the Mountie's back in town, he'll probably make - an official complaint.
- Let him.
Can't prove what didn't happen.
GRACE: Where's Tess Stewart? MAN: I told you, Miss, she's not here! [GRACE SIGHING.]
She's out.
Okay, well, then I'll just wait here 'til she gets back then.
- Is there a problem? - Yes! Your mother sold me a bad cow! I wouldn't go to her with that accusation right now.
Well then, I want another cow or I want our money back! Those are my two options.
Maybe there's a third.
GRACE: How many times are you gonna walk around her? As many times as I need to.
Obviously, something's wrong.
And I aim to find out what.
And being a farm boy makes you an expert at that? No, but being a veterinarian does.
Don't you have to go to school for that? I did.
Want to see my diploma? Oh! What are you doing? I need a tool.
I'm sorry about what happened to your dad.
And I know Lillian is, too [MELANCHOLY MUSIC.]
It was as long time ago.
- What are you doing? - [VIRGINIA MOOING.]
Cow's got a bad tooth.
Apollo looks in fine trim.
Yeah the Mounties took good care of him while I was healing up.
We've got some fresh alfalfa up in the ranch.
I'll I'll make sure Hank brings some around.
I'm sure he'd appreciate that.
Well, we all appreciate what you did for the town.
Must be good to have all that behind you.
Bank robber behind bars, me on the right side of the ground It does feel good.
Maybe things will be quiet for a while.
Doubt it.
There's always someone getting into trouble.
Fine, I guess a Mountie's job is never done.
Comes with the uniform.
There you go.
Oh! Do you do children's dental work too? No.
Could Christian and I play catch out here? Don't want to go to the party? No, maybe later.
Just stay near the hotel.
Remember, everyone, on our best behaviour.
And don't forget to have fun! I'm gonna have lots of fun! Me too! Come on, let's go! - [LIVELY PIANO MUSIC PLAYING.]
- So how are the children? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
I was at the orphanage.
The cow you sold them wasn't producing milk.
Really? You didn't know? How would I? Besides, that girl was insistent she buy that particular cow.
Well, problem solved.
Those young women are in over their heads, in more ways than one.
"After a lot of delays" No.
"After some delays and a great deal of hard work" - It this supposed to be? - Yeah.
I guess that's what you call artistic licence.
I just really don't think they belong here.
The hotel looks great, doesn't it? Yes, it does.
You must be so proud of Ronnie.
I am.
Do you know who would have loved this? My husband.
But because of your father, that will never happen.
How's the cow? Uh, eating nonstop.
You know what they say: The way to a cow's heart is through her four stomachs.
That's vet humor.
Maybe I'm using the term 'humor' too loosely.
Hello, Lillian.
Could I have everyone's attention, please? There we go.
I wanna thank all of you for coming this evening.
It has been a long road, but after some delays and a great deal of hard work, I can finally say - Fire! - Out here! Where?! [SCREAMS.]
Gabe! [SCREAMS.]
Move away! - I'll be right back! - Where are you going? To get the water wagon at the ranch! Get buckets! Form three lines! Take a bucket! Take every child in town to the orphanage! - What about you?! - I'll stay here and help.
Go! Come, children, let's go! - Come on.
- Keep moving.
Sofia, we're going to the orphanage! What about Miss Lillian? We all have our jobs to do.
Mine is to take good care of you.
Please help me do that.
I'm taking our kids back to the orphanage.
Do you want me to take her? [SCREAMING.]
It's not safe for her here.
If the fire spreads, it could reach the bakery.
I promise.
I will take good care of you.
- Grace! - Can you take our son, too? Quickly! Quickly! Hurry! Keep going, keep going, keep going! What's happening, Ms.
Grace? I wanna go home.
Where's Ms.
Lillian? - The infirmary! - Stay back! We're gonna need my supplies! I brought the water wagon! Hurry! We should go back for Ms.
We can't right now, Sofia.
I'm scared.
What can we do? We can pray.
Come on! Come on! The banner! The banner's on fire! Get over here, get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Water, water, water! We've got to get the hose on the hotel.
Come on, Uncle Ronnie, we're trying to put this out! It's too late for those buildings! Over here! Forget the store.
Save the town! - Save the town! - Over here, Chuck! Ah, Joe! Where's Dr.
Wilson? I don't know! Dr.
Wilson? Dr.
Wilson! - My bag! My bag! - No, just go! Just go! Lillian! Lillian! Gabriel, no! Oh, no! Here, here! Put here down here.
I got her.
I got her.
Where's Miss Lillian? She hasn't come home yet.
Why not? She's probably just helping put out the last of the fire.
Hey I'm sure she's fine.
That's what my father said.
Sofia What happened? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
I can just sit with you for a bit.
My mother went to the hospital.
And She was gone a long time, and I really missed her.
I know how that is My father said that I should write her a letter and tell her how I felt.
I did It just didn't get to her in time.
Hey I'm sure your mother knew exactly how you felt.
I just wish she had a chance to read my letter.
You know what life has taught me? We don't always get exactly what we want, but things often turn out okay.
In ways you don't expect.
Come here.
Lillian's okay.
You'll see.
Pearl! Have you seen Lillian and Eleanor? - What is it? - Your sister was hurt.
- How bad? - I don't know.
Where is she? Last I saw, they moved her into the hotel, but I don't know if she's still there.
Lillian! Grace? When I heard you were hurt No, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm fine.
How are the kids? Worried sick.
You should get some rest.
I will.
Thank you.
- How are you doing? - I've been better.
How bad does it look? Let me see.
- Does that hurt? - Yeah.
And that? Mm-hmm.
Can you open up your mouth, and say 'Baaa'? [LAUGHING.]
I think you should probably leave that to the real doctor.
Good luck with that.
We're taking him to the hospital in Clearwater.
You'll be alright.
It's a miracle that wind didn't shift last night.
The whole town would've gone up.
We were lucky.
Poor Joe.
That store was so full of kerosene and coal oil - and paint, I always - You think that was the cause? You don't? I don't know, but something doesn't feel right.
You sure you're okay? Yeah.
Ready? I left Vincent and Helen in charge, but we shouldn't leave them long.
Let's go.
- A shame.
- Such a shame.
Everyone has been up all night.
I'm sure they'd appreciate a hot meal Here you go.
Are seconds allowed? Of course, as always.
Dad! Hey! Room's on the house.
Thank you, Ronnie.
I'm sorry, Joe.
There's a lot of hungry people out here.
More soup is coming.
- We've got milk! - And lots of it.
Yay, Virginia! We're gonna need it.
Tag, you're it! - You're it! - You're it! [LAUGHING.]
- You're it! - Get her, get her! [GIGGLING.]
Shouldn't she be helping in here? What she's doing out there is just as important.
You're it! [GIGGLING.]
You're it! - Mama! - Hi! Thank you.
You're welcome.
Do you wanna go inside? - Would you like some soup? - And fresh milk.
- Come with me.
- Thank you.
Miss Lillian? Is that the letter you wrote your mom? It's for you now.
"Come home to me.
"I miss you.
"I need you.
I love you.
" Thanks for coming home.
I will always be here for you.