When Hope Calls (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

From the Ashes

1 Previously on When Hope Calls Two orphans running an orphanage, something a little funny about that.
Is there? - But why here in Brookfield? - Pearl - It's Chuck, right? - Most definitely is.
I admire your perseverance in tracking your sister down.
How long were you two apart? Years.
I was 7 and she was 5 when we were put in different orphanages.
- Welcome back, Gabe.
- It's good to be here.
- So are you new in town? - Are you? Fire! - [PEACEFUL MUSIC.]
We can make butter with this! Oh! But my arm is still sore from the last batch we made.
No one ever said it was easy! That is one healthy-looking cow.
Well, Mary Louise has sort of taken charge.
Only with feeding, milking, and mucking the shed.
Is that all? [COW MOOING.]
We gotta make sure her feet don't get infected.
They're called hooves.
Her hooves.
How can we do that? I can bring something over later that'll help.
Thanks again, Virginia.
- Virginia, is it? - Like I said, Mary Louise has sort of taken charge of her.
So, to what do we owe the pleasure? I'm just making a house call.
But we didn't have any issue.
Fact is, now that we have a little future vet in the valley, I'm just watching my practice.
Grace! If you don't leave now, children will be late for school.
Oh! And you have patients to treat now that you've taken over for Dr.
"Taken over" isn't really accurate, more like "desperately hanging on.
" Either way, the town is grateful.
That's not what I'm sensing in the examination room, but I'll take it.
- Constable Kinslow.
- Lillian.
I was hoping I could talk to Vincent and Christian.
They were just leaving for school.
It won't take long.
Don't worry, I just want to ask a few questions about what they saw the night of the fire.
Come on in.
Well, fruit is still a little green, but for a discount, I could take some off of your hands.
Well, I don't know how much of a discount I can give you.
Oh, Joe, your store How long 'til you think you'll be back in business? I'm not sure.
Folks seem to be doing fine without it though.
WOMAN: We'll see you then.
Take care! MAN: Yah, come on! Come on! WOMAN: Hello there.
MAN: Let's go! Oh, Grace! - What a surprise! - Whoaaa! Good boy! Okay.
Hello, Grace.
Did you get our telegram? We did! I just thought you'd be sending the lumber; I didn't know you'd be delivering it yourselves! - Aaah - I always say, "Good news is like flowers, best delivered in person.
" CART DRIVER: And there is a lot more lumber on the way.
Everyone, these are my friends from Hope Valley: - Lee and Rosemary Coulter.
- Nice to meet you.
Please help yourself to all the wood you want in the wagon.
There's plenty more where that came from.
If you folks were looking for lodging for the evening, - I've just opened up - Oh! Oh! They're gonna be staying with us.
Right? - How wonderful! - Absolutely.
I want to apologize for making you both late for school.
It's okay.
Yeah, we don't care.
But I have a feeling that Miss Lillian does.
I also want to say how thankful I am to you boys.
The other night, you saved a lot of lives by running into the hotel and yelling fire.
Now it's my job to piece together some things from that night.
Could you tell me exactly what you saw when you were outside the hotel? We were playing catch on the boardwalk, and we saw smoke across the street, so we ran in.
And you were always on the boardwalk? Yes, sir.
You never crossed the street? No.
You were never over by the Infirmary, say? We were just on the boardwalk.
- The entire time? - Yes, sir.
It's really important that you remember this accurately.
Boys, why don't you get ready for school.
May I have a word? You said you were just gonna ask a few questions.
- It's what I was doing.
- No.
You were treating those boys like they were criminals.
I have an eyewitness who saw the boys running from the fire.
They were playing catch on the boardwalk.
Not according to the witness.
LILLIAN: Those boys told you what they saw, and I believe them.
How about this: I'll go back to town, talk to my eyewitness.
Maybe he got something wrong.
- LILLIAN: Thank you.
- But I think my investigation's going to bring me back here, because the boys are hiding something.
Well, I can tell you what they're not hiding.
They did not set that fire.
I hope you're right.
You're gonna be late for school.
We'll talk about this later? - Okay.
- Bye, Miss Lillian.
- There we go.
- Thanks.
So, what do you do for work, Joe? I run the general store.
- Or did.
- Sorry.
- Yes.
- Yeah, in the lumber business, fire is a big concern, so I understand.
Gentlemen! - Oh, hey, sweetheart.
- I'm sure you two could use a break.
We've got refreshments! - Oh, I'm okay.
- JOE: I'll take one.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh! You're embarrassing me in front of Joe.
Now, you're embarrassed and clean.
Did Joe tell you that he sacrificed his store to save the town? No, he failed to mention that.
It was already gone.
It just made more sense to protect the town.
Don't let him get away with that.
This man lost everything in the fire.
Are you planning to rebuild on the same spot? Well, I'm considering another location.
Anything else I can help you with? [WITH BRITISH ACCENT.]
: No, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Could you please direct me to the Infirmary? Well, it's, um over there.
Oh, bugger! Right.
Well, where would your doctor be then? If there's something wrong with you, they're treating folks just inside.
Splendid! Everyone in Hope Valley sends their best.
How is Elizabeth and Little Jack? They're well.
Little Jack isn't so little anymore.
I don't know what Elizabeth is feeding him.
Oh, Pearl! I would like you to meet my friend Rosemary.
How do you do? Did you hear? What? It seems the fire was deliberately set.
There's an eyewitness and two suspects.
- Really? - Oh, my! Constable Kinslow is already investigating.
My goodness.
Thank you for being patient, everyone.
I'll get to you as quickly as I can.
And just to be clear, I'm only treating people today.
Why is my first-class hotel now a barn? We're all a little out of our element.
I need you and these sick people out of here.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm working on it.
And how does this feel? - Excuse me.
- Okay.
- Can I help you? - You must be Dr.
Maggie Parsons, your new nurse.
I thought I'd start at the end of the line, help those I could so they didn't bother you.
Thank you for taking the bull by the horns, Miss Parsons.
Unfortunately, I'm not Doctor Wilson.
He was injured in the fire.
Not as badly as the Infirmary, I hope.
He fared a little better.
But all we have as far as medicine goes is what was in his doctor's bag.
And if you're not Dr.
Wilson I'm Chuck Stewart, town veterinarian.
Well, we'll do what we can with what we have then.
You're seeing patients in a room upstairs? I am.
Well, let me get settled and we'll see if we can clear out the lobby to keep that prickly - hotel owner happy.
- You know, he's my uncle.
Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry.
"Prickly" is being generous.
Hey! How was school? It was good.
Okay, I'm starving.
Where's Christian and Vincent? They said they were gonna go fishing.
Is everything okay? Of course it is.
Lillian! Rosemary! - [ROSEMARY CHUCKLING.]
- Oh, my goodness! Rosemary and Lee transported the lumber themselves.
- So kind of you both.
- We were happy to help out.
And who are all these wonderful children? This is Helen, Sofia, Fred and Mary Louise.
KIDS: Hello.
How do you do? They're adorable.
- Where's Lee? - Helping with the cleanup, I believe.
- Oh.
- They're staying with us.
- Of course they are.
- And after dinner, we can put on a play for you, right? Oh, my goodness! A group of young thespians! It's my turn to be the star this time.
Of course it is.
There is nothing I love better than a little dinner theatre.
Well, we'll let Eleanor know we have company.
Oh, boy! I know that look.
I know that look very well.
- What look? - The one where you're asking yourself if this is right for you.
- I had the same look before I bought the sawmill in Hope Valley.
Is this the space you're thinking of taking over? Just considering the possibility Should we take a closer look? Yeah.
- Whoa! - Yeah Okay.
Well, it would be a labour of love.
I'm sensing more labour than love.
Rebuilding's never easy.
I think this town's worth it.
They're good people.
It's so nice to finally see Brookfield.
- It certainly has its charm.
- Hmm! Pardon me.
Chuck Stewart.
Oh! Rosemary Coulter.
I just heard about the lumber the fact that you came all this way to help us, it means a lot.
Well, this town holds two of my very favourite people.
They have certainly brought some new life in this old town.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
If you'll excuse me - Speaking of charming - Rosemary! You haven't mentioned him in any one of your letters.
He's quite cute! Well, I'm sure there are lots of people in this town who I - also haven't mentioned.
- Well, I'm sure none of those other people are quite as suitable as Mr.
- Shall we? - Keep talking about Chuck? [ROSEMARY LAUGHING.]
Let's go.
Rest assured.
You don't have anything to worry about.
Come in! Ah! I'm going to guess this is about your knee.
I twisted it pretty bad night of the fire.
Let's take a look then.
What's your name? - Ah, Daniel Olsen.
- Well, Daniel, we're going to have to get a better look at the injury.
Would you mind terribly? Uhh, sure.
It's extremely swollen.
Yeah, I, uh I can't seem to bend it at all.
No wonder.
Listen, anything you can do, Miss.
I'm the foreman over at the Stewart ranch.
Are you up for trying something unusual? I'm up for trying anything.
All right.
Come back first thing tomorrow morning, and I think I'll have something that could help.
Thank you, Miss.
- Why, thank you.
- You're welcome! - Where to next? - MAGGIE: Excuse me.
Hello! I just thought I'd pop over and introduce myself.
Maggie Parsons.
I'm the town's new nurse.
Grace Bennett.
: Rosemary Coulter.
- Are you from England? - Yes.
Are you? No, I'm not.
But I did play Regan, duchess of Cornwall in King Lear.
- Splendid! - Mm-hmm.
I'm looking for some white birch.
You're looking for a tree? - Yes.
- Whatever for? Well, there are anti-inflammatory properties in its sap.
I think I've seen some birch behind those trees, just over there.
Hm! Thank you.
Just asking if you've taken stock of your own cattle is all.
We have, Ken, and we didn't find - any of your cattle among 'em.
- That's gotta be wrong.
- I've lost too many this year.
- We've had high losses, too.
It's gotta be wolves or cougars.
I need you to count again.
It's not something taking down my cattle, it's someone.
My family is not stealing your cattle.
If you think I'm gonna run home with my tail between my legs because the Stewarts told me to, you don't know me.
Gentlemen is there something I can help with? - We're fine.
- We're not fine.
Chuck and his family are rustling my cattle.
- Ken, I told you - Predators leave bones; most of my cattle are disappearing without a trace.
It's good you're back, Constable.
You need to watch this family.
Come on Ken, let's take this inside.
No, no, I've said my piece.
For now.
But just because those records went up in smoke, don't think I'm letting this lie.
Oh, my goodness, those flowers! They're beautiful! I was leaving my feed store, and I saw them running from the infirmary.
- WOMAN: Told the Constable? - MAN: I did.
They'd be tough to control for anybody.
Much less two young women with no experience.
I just hope Lillian isn't becoming as reckless as her father.
Ben! So, you're the eyewitness.
- I'm not sure what you heard - What I heard is you accusing my children of having something to do with the fire.
With all due respect, they're not your children, which is part of the problem.
They are my children.
And they're my responsibility, so I'd like to know what you saw.
Well, it was dark, but I saw those boys running from the fire.
- Who exactly? - I don't remember their names.
Your two oldest ones.
Maybe you just want to believe it was them.
Or maybe it was.
You're both wrong.
Grace, who was that man? Ben Mendelson.
He runs the feed store.
And the woman? Tess Stewart.
Is she related to the handsome young fellow? - His mother.
- Oh, goodness.
Well, that does complicate things a bit.
Thanks a lot.
Now, you look like a man who has made a decision about something.
You're always reading people? The truth is it's good for business.
- It's about the store? - Yeah, in a way.
- You can't get me! - Hey! - BOY: I got you.
I can't see anything! Got you! - Over here! - [LAUGHING.]
I'm over here! - You're it.
- Kids, come on in.
I want you to get your homework done before dinner.
Boys, just a second.
Have you had a second to think about our discussion with Constable Kinslow this morning? What do you mean? Well, is there anything more you remember about the fire? Who you saw out there? What you were doing? We told him everything.
We were on the boardwalk, then we saw the fire.
We didn't start the fire.
I didn't say that you did.
Then, why do you keep asking us? You don't trust us.
Like everybody else in town.
We've got a guest! Come on in.
Oh, goodness! Where is Lee? He's still in town.
He'll be along shortly.
These are for you and Grace.
Aren't they? Alright, everyone, let's get Rosemary settled.
We'll be right there.
Oh, what a gentleman! [ROSEMARY CHUCKLING.]
Shall we go? - You must be Vincent.
- And this is Christian.
You should know that there's some people in town that think that Vincent and Christian had something to do with the fire.
Gabriel does too.
He came by this morning.
What did they say? They were playing catch on the boardwalk.
Well then that's what they were doing.
You're right.
It's all it takes.
So before you go to school, you come here, you check and see if this bolt is loose.
It it's loose We'll tighten the bolt! That's right, you tighten the bolt.
Now, you two are the oldest boys here, so if you see anything around here that needs to be fixed, you don't wait to be asked, alright? - We won't, Mr.
- Boys, time to come in and get ready for dinner.
BOYS: Okay.
Your presence is requested, too.
Oh, really? Okay, yeah, I'll be there in a couple of minutes.
Put in a hard day's work! It was one day.
It's gonna take a lot more than that for this town to turn around.
It's too bad that Joe couldn't be a part of that though.
What?! Oh, you hadn't heard.
Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.
I'll be in in a minute.
Lillian this house is amazing, and so cozy.
Thank you.
We try and make it that way.
What is it? How do you know if someone's not telling the truth? Well, I'm an actor, so I am a bit of an expert at reading people, and what I have noticed, on the very rare occasion when Lee might be holding something back, he looks down at the ground as though the truth just fell out of his pocket.
Is this about Vincent and Christian? I don't know what's going on, but something is.
Some of these children, they have complicated pasts, and I wonder if maybe I'm in over my head.
All of these children are fed and clothed.
And most importantly, they are loved.
But maybe people are right.
Maybe we don't have enough experience.
You have the same experience as all of these children.
If they're going to trust anyone, it's going to be you.
Lillian just give it some time.
Excuse me.
The performance is about to begin.
Oh, well! We should go.
I gave Sofia a few little line readings.
This is one of my favorite stories.
It gets a little scary, but don't worry.
Everything turns out all right in the end.
Well, thank you so much for putting our minds at ease.
Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the story.
All right.
Now, we all know how it starts - Once upon a time - That's right.
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, was a fearless young princess.
My lady, it brings me ever great pleasure to be here with you this evening.
And one day, when she was out chasing butterflies she came across a fierce dragon! [EXCLAMATIONS.]
And that is when she met the old wise owl.
Whooooo are youuu, fair maiden? This place won't be the same without you.
Yeah, you'll just miss my Mountie discount.
Not to mention the free apples.
You're moving away? Sit down.
I guess Lee told you.
Heading out on the noon stage tomorrow.
Were you just gonna leave? No, of course I was gonna say good-bye.
- Talk to him.
- I have been.
Maybe something more persuasive than missing free food.
This is your home.
I've got cousins down south.
I got word today.
They're gonna put me up.
Cousins? Yeah.
Well, if you're leaving, I guess I'd better raise a glass.
- That's never mind.
- Joe, here's to your terrible decision.
That may be the worst toast I've ever heard.
Lights out in five minutes, boys.
I wanted to thank you three for being such great hosts to our guests.
I never had to ask for your help.
You just jumped right in.
I love you boys.
Love you.
BOTH: Good night.
I'm exhausted.
You did work very hard in town today.
I don't think that's what did it.
- Six kids is a lot.
- It is a lot of kids! I don't know how Lillian and Grace get through a single day.
Yes, I couldn't do it.
Sweetheart, one thing I've learned about you is that you can get through anything.
You're right.
I can.
But I wouldn't want to do it without you by my side.
And you'll never have to.
Love you.
So You want me to read to you? Only give you a few line readings.
Once upon a time Oh, with feeling! [LAUGHING.]
I have to sit those boys down.
They're hiding something.
I can feel it.
We'll both talk to them.
Why don't they believe they can talk to us? Lillian, I grew up in orphanages where you felt like you had to keep secrets because mistakes went unforgiven.
This is not that place.
We'll talk to them.
Everything will be fine.
Have you seen Vincent and Christian? - No.
- Why? Because I can't find them anywhere.
Christian! Vincent! Boys? Christian! Vincent! Boys? [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
Christian? Vincent? Christian! Vincent! Now, come out, wherever you are.
Christian! Vincent! Where are you? Vincent! For you.
What's going on? There's something we have to tell you.
It's about the fire.
Go on.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Boys, tell Constable Kinslow what you told me.
We're really sorry, but we lied about what happened the other night.
We weren't playing catch on the boardwalk.
Well, that's not all we did.
I figured.
So What happened? Go on.
We started on the boardwalk, but then I wanted to go see the skeleton in Dr.
Wilson's office.
It's my fault.
I dared him.
We heard it was from a real person.
His back door was unlocked, honest.
We heard something next door.
From the Cattleman's Association? - That's right.
- What did you hear? Glass breaking.
And it scared us.
We hid so no one would find us, but then after a bit, we ran out because we smelled smoke.
I must have dropped the ball on the way.
When you ran out, did you see fire? Through the window of the Cattleman's Association.
Did you see anyone in there? Anyone outside? No, sir.
But there was that horse That's right.
It was there when we went in.
And I bet it was gone when you got out.
What did this horse look like? T was yellow with a white tail.
And a white mane.
Thank you, boys.
Thank you.
What exactly is in this stuff? Birch resin.
From a tree? It has anti-inflammatory and warming properties.
Well, whatever it is, it's making my leg feel good.
You know, I suspect old Doc Wilson probably would have just told me to quit my bellyaching and get back to work.
I think you'll find that Dr.
Wilson and I have slightly different bedside manners.
I much prefer the term 'whiny baby' to 'bellyaching'.
Is that supposed to be for me too? It helps take the resin off.
You should use it later tonight to clean your knee.
It can be awfully sticky.
Seems like a waste of good whiskey to me.
Huh! If you don't tell the hotel owner, I won't.
Thank you.
And I want to see you back tomorrow.
You sure? 'Cause it's already making my leg feel good.
The resin will wear off soon.
We want to treat it for a few days until the swelling goes down for good.
Well, thank you for everything.
You are quite welcome.
And I'll see you tomorrow.
Yes, ma'am.
Boys, can you find Eleanor and let her know I'll be right there? So I was right.
- Pardon? - The boys weren't telling the truth.
I was right.
They didn't set the fire.
Well, either way, thank you.
So what happens now? I take what I just learned and find the real culprit.
I haven't had a chance to thank you for saving my life.
You're welcome.
- Ben.
- Hey.
I figure with your business you've seen most of the horses around these parts.
You're probably right.
How many palominos would you say there are? I don't know.
Not many.
Maybe six or seven.
Wondering if you could tell me who owns them.
Thanks again for letting me stay here, Ronnie.
It really is a lovely hotel.
Thank you, Joe, thank you.
I'm sorry to see you go.
All the best.
Nice bag.
Pearl gave it to me.
It is now my most expensive personal belonging.
You have a few minutes before the stage gets here.
If you don't mind, I'd like to show you something before you go.
These cousins, what side are they on? My mother's I think.
You know, family comes in all shapes and sizes.
That's especially true on my father's side.
What did you do? I didn't do anything.
Farmers have donated fresh fruit and vegetables.
To help you get back on your feet.
Coulter used his lumber to make these shelves.
Me and Vincent helped.
And they were a very fine help.
I know that during tough times, it's nice to be around family.
They have your back.
But think about it.
You sacrificed your store to save this town.
And now we all want to help you.
Seems to me, you don't have to travel to find family.
You have it right here.
Aw, Joe! Thank you.
Thank you.
Boys, take this stuff up to my ranch.
I'll get rid of it.
You want me to go over it again? We soak her hooves in soapy water.
I've got it.
You might need some help getting her hooves in there.
I'll be fine.
Virginia and I have an understanding.
Thanks for coming out here.
I know you're busy in town.
No problem.
Well, on behalf of my cow [LAUGHING.]
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
- Want me to check on your horses? - Oh, our horses are fine.
You want to go out for lunch with me tomorrow? At the hotel.
Oh, you're so sweet.
But the orphanage keeps me pretty busy.
Perhaps another time then.
Well, um Thanks again for helping us with Virginia.
Of course.
I'll see you around.
Lillian? It's time for us to leave.
Whew! It was so lovely seeing you both.
Yeah, thanks again for coming.
Well, it was an absolute pleasure.
So when will you be back in Hope Valley? Well, one of these days, we're going to pack up all the kids and head out your way.
- It'll be our surprise.
- Wonderful.
Well, our door is always open.
Good seeing you.
- You're doing a wonderful job here.
- You really think so? - You're an inspiration.
- Thank you.
Oh, right! Make sure you tell Sofia when she's performing, she can never be too big.
ALL: Bye! Ben.
What brings you here? The Mountie stopped by to ask me some questions.
I think it was about the fire.
Oh, yeah? He asked me if I knew who had a palomino.
- And you gave him my name? - Among others, yes.
I just thought you'd want to know.
Yeah, thanks for telling me.
Oh, I miss Rosemary and Lee already.
- They really are great people.
- And a lot of fun.
You know, you never know how or where you might meet someone who turns out to be important in your life.
Your eyes kind of sparkle when you're about to make a point.
I overheard Chuck asking you out to lunch.
So? Then you also heard me turn him down.
Why did you? The Stewarts have been so cruel to you and your family over the years.
And since you're my family, I just don't really see the point of lunch with Chuck.
Do you like him? [SCOFFING.]
Uh maybe I just like the way he treats Virginia.
Or maybe you like him.
When it comes to romance, this is my first chance to be a big sister.
So what have you got? Listen to your heart, Grace.
You deserve the best.
And if the best turns out to be Chuck Stewart, then you have my undying support.
And there may be challenges along the way, but we can face them together.
You're really getting this big sister thing down.