When Hope Calls (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Out of the Past

1 Previously on When Hope Calls Boys, tell Constable Kinslow what you told me.
We lied about what happened the other night.
Did you see anyone in there? Anyone outside? There was that horse.
What did this horse look like? You want to go out for lunch? Oh, that's so sweet! Maggie Parsons.
The new nurse.
- What's your name? - Daniel Olsen.
- I'll see you again tomorrow! - Yes, Ma'am.
- What did you do? - I didn't do anything.
The Mountie stopped by to ask me some questions.
I think it was about the fire.
I'm off to Joe's.
Hey, what have you got there? Vincent needs new shoes.
He didn't even tell me his were too tight.
I just found him trying to squeeze into them.
What is it? Uh Kids Kids are not to fuss in those big orphanages.
Well, I hope he realises that it's not like that here.
None of these look like they're the right size.
Well, I have more hand-me-downs in the attic! He needs proper shoes that fit.
We'll make sure he has them.
You following me? Not at all.
I'm headed into town.
Kind of looks like you're following me.
Oh, I saw your wagon.
It seemed rude to pass you.
It seemed presumptuous to ride alongside.
Oh, okay.
So, you chose to follow me.
It's not following when I'm headed the same direction.
Do you want me to ride ahead? No, just just ride at your normal pace.
Hey! This isn't working for me either.
Passing through it is! [CHUCKLES.]
He's beautiful.
TESS: Thank you.
Although, uh I don't think you came by to admire my horses.
I came to ask about one in particular.
- Your Palomino.
- Oh! She's a good horse.
Who may have been involved in something not so good.
- What do you mean? - Who rides her? Some of my ranch hands, even me sometimes.
Who's riding her, right now? I believe Daniel is.
- Daniel's your foreman, right? - That's right.
So, after you, he gets first pick of which horse he wants to ride? Guess you could say that.
Can you tell me where I could find him? I believe he went into town to have his knee examined by that new nurse.
So, um Why are you so interested in the Palomino? One was spotted outside the Cattlemen's Association - the night of the fire.
- Really? Well, there are other Palominos in town.
And I've spoken to those other owners already.
Hmm-hm? If I miss him in town, you tell him to come see me.
You can't think Daniel had anything to do with that fire.
He's a good man.
Well, if he wasn't involved, he's got nothing to worry about.
Fred is running a temperature.
- Oh, no - It's alright.
He's sleeping, now.
Well, I'll take him into town to see the nurse as soon as he wakes up.
He doesn't need a nurse.
He just needs my turkey-potato soup.
Worked wonders when you were sick, growing up.
I was a lucky little girl that you were our family's housekeeper.
But a second opinion never hurt anyone.
Suit yourself.
Any luck? [SIGHS.]
I found one pair of shoes that might fit Vincent.
Maybe a little big.
Well, too big is always better than too snug.
It was nice of the other orphanage to give you all this.
There has to be another pair of shoes in here, somewhere.
Aw Is that your old sketchbook? And little Miss Mary [CHUCKLES.]
Will you look at those Your father was quite the photographer.
Had the only box camera in town, remember? Yes.
I do.
These take me back.
What is it? It's Tess Stewart, Chuck, Chuck's dad.
And that young girl? That's you.
Thank you! Have a great day.
- Is this everything, Grace? - I think so.
I saw you looking at some shoes.
Not today.
Kids If they're not eating, they're growing.
- Uh There you go.
- Morning! - Morning.
I'm - Constable Kinslow.
My patients have told me all about you.
- Did they? - The Mountie who was shot hunting down a dangerous bandit.
Must have been exhilarating.
If by "exhilarating", you mean "painful", then, yes.
- So, this is the new infirmary? - Indeed it is.
I'm just, uh working around the mess for now.
Feeling under the weather? No, I'm fine.
I wanted to talk to Daniel Olsen.
I understand he had an appointment to see you.
- I guess I just missed him.
- Huh.
He never showed.
You know, I've worked in cities where the doctor's office actually had a telephone.
Patients could call to cancel an appointment.
I guess things work differently out here.
Certainly does.
- Thank you for your time.
- Of course.
- It was nice to meet you.
- Lovely meeting you.
Morning, Constable.
- Please, it's Gabriel.
- Gabriel.
- Who's this young fellow? - This is Fred.
He's not feeling very well.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
My nose whistles when I breathe.
You want to hear? Can you whistle "Yankee Doodle Boy"? Maybe we'll save that for another time.
Let's go see the nurse.
Feel better, Fred.
Hello, Freddie.
Come on in! - [GLASS SHATTERING.]
RONNIE: For crying out My fault! My fault.
Apologies, ladies and gentlemen.
I will have this cleaned up in a jiffy.
- CUSTOMER: Excuse me! - Can we order, please? I'll be there in a second! Just - [BELL CHIMES.]
- Coming! Um We're ready to order.
Good morning.
Can I take your order? Okay.
I'll be right back.
Uh Miss Bennett What are you doing? - Serving customers.
- Yes, but you don't work here.
I don't.
So, you should hire me.
- Do you have experience? - Oh, I've waitressed plenty.
- So? - Well, I I don't know.
- I really don't think it's - Excuse me! Miss? I would take that as a sign.
- Um - Do we have a deal? - Deal! - [DISHES CLINKING.]
- Everything okay? - It's fine.
- Wonderful.
Be right with you! - [BELL CHIMES.]
Alright, Freddie, my dear.
Open wide.
- Say "Aaaah".
- Aaaah.
Very good.
He has a mild fever.
But not to worry, I have some medicine that should help.
You see that jar of sweets? Is that medicine? No, but since you were such a good patient, you get to pick one.
However, there's a catch.
You have to save it until you feel better.
Thank you.
The medicine I'm giving him will make him tired.
Would you mind if he stayed here for a while? So he doesn't give it to some children.
Of course, but You think he'll be okay? Oh, it's just a precaution.
He'll be fine.
I knew old Bart.
He wasn't the most orderly man at the best of times.
Ah, I try to look on the bright side.
The The clutter keeps me company.
I could lend a hand, if you'd like.
Oh, no, no, I couldn't possibly.
I'm here and we'll let Fred sleep.
- Are you sure? - Absolutely.
- Where should we start? - Um - The shelves? - I was thinking the same.
Then, we can start on the boxes? Are you always this excited about tidying? Maybe.
Is that odd? - Not at all.
- Great! [MOOING.]
If I was Constable Kinslow, I'd want to ask Daniel a few questions too.
Maybe he saw something the night of the fire.
Yeah, well, he wasn't acting like Daniel might just be a witness.
- Gabriel knows what he's doing.
- You haven't seen him, huh? Daniel? No.
Well, I'm gonna go find him.
I need to know what Constable Kinslow had to say.
I'll come with you.
He's sleeping like an angel.
What do we have here? I noticed that your medicines and tinctures weren't in any particular order.
So, I alphabetised them.
How very precise! Oh, that's fantastic, Lillian! - Thank you.
- Oh, I'm glad you like it.
Boxes next? Boxes.
Can we help you with something? Looks like your foreman left town in a hurry.
Yeah, well, he's probably up at Willow Creek mending that fence.
He took his bedroll and his kit with him.
And he missed his appointment with the nurse.
I don't have much time.
I need to know where he's headed.
Well, I just gave you my best guess.
If he wanted to leave town, where might he go? He's got a brother near Littleton.
Might have gone that way.
I can send Hank up to Willow Creek.
Suit yourself.
I'm headed toward Littleton.
- I'll ride along with you.
- Not necessary.
You're acting like Daniel is a fugitive! When a man runs, he runs for a reason.
I'll find out what it is.
There's got to be an explanation.
You can't argue the fact that he cleared out.
Yeah, but I know Daniel and he wouldn't do - something like this.
Hurry up! I'll be right back with your dessert.
- I'm not following you.
- Okay.
- What are you doing here? - Working.
You? Uh, eating.
Have a seat.
Um Coffee? Please.
It hasn't been the best of mornings.
Uh, since when do you work for Ronnie? Since today.
Oh, I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other, then.
I'm a regular.
If you're a regular, then what's the special? - There is no special.
- Miss? - Hi.
What can I get you? - I'd like some chocolate cake, please.
- Miss! - Hi.
Come, grab a seat.
I'll be right with you.
Daniel seemed like a good man.
Why would he have set fire to the town? To cover his tracks.
I'll bet the records of the Cattlemen's Association will show he was rustling my cattle.
I don't know.
He always seemed straight with me.
Nothing straight about a crooked man.
I always suspected there was something rotten at the Stewart ranch.
- Hello! - Miss? Yes.
This chicken is cold.
Oh! I'm sorry.
I'll get the chef to warm it up for you.
- Excuse me! - Yeah, I'll be right back with your sugar and One second.
Hey! How was your meal? Actually, it's it's perfect.
The chef seems to be having a bad day.
I must've lucked out.
I can see that.
CUSTOMER: Miss? GRACE: Hi! Oh! CUSTOMER: Sorry, Miss.
We have been waiting some time.
Stand up, Daniel.
Constable? Slowly.
You have me at a disadvantage, here.
That's sort of the point.
Put it down! What do you have in this thing? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
You're still looking at that? Tess told me how to ride.
Your families were so close, back then.
Changed overnight.
It was an accident.
Not according to Tess.
She's always blamed my dad.
The Mounties found nothing wrong with that bridge.
Tess just needed someone to blame.
I'm home! Big news.
I got a job.
- We heard.
- Congratulations.
It's almost 3 dollars.
It would be more, but Ronnie charges 25 cents for the aprons.
Ronnie is so lucky to have you.
Ronnie is lucky to have anyone.
You really didn't have to do this.
Oh Every penny counts.
We're in this together.
I'm going to put on some tea.
And then, you are going to tell us everything.
- ELEANOR: Well done.
Have a good day! I'll pick you up after work.
Miss Grace, why did you get a job? Oh It gives me something to do when you guys are at school.
- Are you sure? - Yeah! Sure, I'm sure.
Now, hurry up.
I don't want you to be late.
How are those shoes that Lillian found you, Vincent? My last ones were black.
These are brown.
I like 'em.
They look a little big.
They're close enough.
Bye, Miss Grace.
We have a nice table over here, by the window.
Would you like more coffee? Please and thank you.
- Here we go.
- Congratulations on your new job! Oh, thank you! I remember having your energy.
Enjoy it now, - if you have the time.
- You're back! - Can you squeeze me in? You really are a regular.
- Yeah.
Uh, here you are.
- RONNIE: Grace? This needs to go up to number 6.
Oh Room service? I run a first-class establishment.
I was about to serve Mr.
Oh, he can wait.
Thank you.
- Well, business is good! - Ah! Yeah, yeah.
Clearwater Hotel flooded.
Can you believe our luck? Eight new guests arrived, yesterday.
You might want to think about hiring a new waitress.
Oh, I did! I hired Grace yesterday.
No, I mean for lunch service.
You're running her off her feet.
Oh! Didn't realize you were sweet on Miss Bennett.
- Oh, I didn't say that - No? Then, why the sudden interest in her working conditions? Well, I'm just looking out for you, uncle Ronnie! You can't have a first-class establishment without prompt service.
Only looking after me Right.
Grace? The table by the window is ready to order.
- How are you feeling? - Better.
You're going have to go to school tomorrow.
Um I still think I have a fever.
Hmm Let me see.
I don't detect a fever.
- It's hiding.
- It's hiding? I better go back to bed! We're going to find that fever and we're going to send it far, far away.
Is there any coffee left? - Maybe a cup? - Oh, perfect.
Thank you.
Take a load off.
Have a seat.
Well, that was a very successful couple of hours.
I feel like we fed half the town Hm-hmm! So, if this kind of pace keeps up, do you think you can keep up? Of course! - You're sure? - Why? - Did I do something wrong? - No, no, no, no, no.
Just My nephew thought perhaps it was a bit much for you.
Chuck told you that? He said we should hire a second waitress.
Well, I, uh I don't know why he would say something like that.
Oh, I think I do.
He's obviously sweet on you.
Quite natural that a fella wants to look after his gal.
He's not my fella, and I didn't ask him to say anything.
I just wanted to make sure it wasn't coming from you.
- No.
No, not, not at all.
- Good.
'Cause I still gotta turn some kind of a profit.
Hey! Need some help? What do you mean? I heard you were treating a horse; are you sure we shouldn't call in a second veterinarian? No, I think I got it.
Sorry, it's just you were so willing to make suggestions about my job, I thought you'd welcome the same.
I just thought you could use the extra help.
Your uncle probably thinks I went behind his back - and complained to you.
- I-I don't think so.
I don't need anyone to look after me.
Message received.
Thank you.
These horses need to graze, turn 'em out this afternoon and Tell Dwayne to fill those water troughs.
Daniel was supposed to do that.
I don't think any of us figures Daniel for a criminal.
You haven't heard his side of the story yet.
But he ran, didn't he? You went up to Willow Creek yourself? I sure did.
No sign of him.
So what happens now? You'll be needing a new foreman.
You move quick, don't you? I thought you and Daniel were supposed to be friends.
We're taking cattle to market in three weeks.
I am aware.
Need a foreman at some point.
Well, as far as I know, I still have one.
I said I was sorry.
For what? Well I thought you were coming to chastise me about trying to help Grace.
Why would I do that? Long story.
She's not exactly thrilled with me right now.
Well, it came from a good place.
Grace will forgive you.
- I hope so.
- Yeah.
I need your advice.
Where did you get this? I found it in my attic.
- How old were you? 10? 11? - Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, Dad gave me that horse when I was 9.
I kind of almost beat you on that horse.
I want you to give this to your mother.
I think it should come from you.
Good luck with Grace.
So what's gonna happen to me? You'll stand trial in Clearwater.
The fire was an accident.
Just knocked the wrong lantern.
You did break in the Cattlemen's Association, right? Yeah, I figured.
Ken Newsome's gonna want to have a word with you when we get back.
It ain't Ken I'm worried about.
Oh, I'm jealous.
My store is still a mess.
That was all Lilian Walsh, I'm afraid.
She's got quite the knack for these things.
Is it possible to be too organized? I think this may be testing the limit.
Yeah Ah.
Well, there you are.
Thank you.
Do you always hand deliver all this? No.
This is just my special Welcome-to-Brookfield service.
Ah Then, I shan't get used to it.
No, you "shan't.
- I think I got mostly everything on your list, but there was a bit of a backlog at the store.
Oh, well, this is perfect, thank you! - Where can I put these? - If you could just pop them on top of the cupboard, that'd be lovely.
Do you need help? - No, I'm fine.
- Are you sure? Yes.
What have you got there? How was your day? - Busy.
- Mm-hmm? Can I see those? [COW MOOING.]
Do you remember that? No.
They took it at our first orphanage.
It's for the records.
I tracked it down when I was looking for you.
What else is in there? Just some other old photos.
Can I see? Some My, uh other family.
- Your father and mother? - Yeah.
I didn't know if you'd want to see these.
Of course I do.
Didn't you get that doll for Christmas? Yeah.
This is the Stewart family.
Chuck thinks I should give it to Tess.
And what do you think? I think it might hurt her, remind her of what she's lost.
We can't protect people from their past.
They already lived it.
You had a beautiful family, Lilian.
Still do.
Look at this one.
I want to get these set out before dark.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll lend a hand.
Are you sure, Doctor? I thought you could use the help.
I can always use your help.
You sure you have the time with all your vet work? Hey, I'll make time.
With Daniel gone, you boys will be stretched thin.
Try telling your mom she needs to hire a new foreman before the next drive.
Throw your hat in the ring? She's gotta wait and see what happens with Daniel.
Besides, I think we both know who she really wants as the next foreman.
Ahem! - What table is that for? - This one.
I'm on break and you haven't eaten yet.
Well, thank you.
It also gives us a chance to have a little talk.
This talk isn't gonna interfere with my digestion, is it? No.
I just want to let you know that I appreciate this opportunity and I do not mind hard work.
Good to know.
So, we're all squared away then.
There's only one more thing.
We're okay for now, but if I ever have a problem with anything here, you will definitely hear about it.
- Is that is that right? - Mm-hmm.
But I will tell you myself.
And so far, it's all good.
Can't argue with that.
Here, Lou tends to go a little light on the salt.
It's a nice saddle.
Is it new? No.
No, no.
It's been, uh it's been sitting in the barn for years.
I, uh I just had it restored.
It, uh It was Champ's.
- The Missouri Fox Trotter? - Yeah.
- Oh, he was beautiful.
- Yeah.
One of my favourites.
He was spirited though.
You let me ride him once.
I remember, and he bucked you off.
Broke my wrist.
Tess Tess! I found this in the attic the other day and I thought you might like to have it.
I thought it might remind you of how things used to be between our families.
I haven't forgotten.
But when I look at this and when I look at you, it reminds me of how I lost my husband.
You don't know that bridge was faulty, Tess.
Do you know how I know? It collapsed with my Matthew on it.
Tess What's happening? Children, back to your seats now.
I know you've all got questions.
You'll get answers.
Ken, Tess, I need to see you about something.
Meet me in my office.
Bring your branding irons.
How was your day? We made a windmill.
Why was that man put in jail? Because he had something to do with the fire.
Right, Ms.
Grace? Well, we don't know exactly what happened yet, but he is a suspect.
Does that mean that Vincent and I could've gone to jail - because we were suspects? - Oh! I don't think so.
So you made windmills? Can't wait to see! After you.
Wonder what's going on.
I have no idea.
Can I see those? Why did you want our branding irons? You said someone from the Stewart ranch - was stealing your cattle.
- That's right.
This is your brand, Ken.
You trying to start another fire? This is the branding iron I found in Daniel's bedroll.
Now watch.
They're the same.
I knew it! Daniel was stealing your cattle, Ken.
Overbranding yours with his own brand and selling them at market.
That's why he snuck into the Cattleman's Association.
Because his brand was registered there.
When you suspected something was up, Daniel tried to cover his tracks by destroying the paperwork.
Knocked over a lantern.
You know the rest.
Was I right or was I right? It's quite the operation you're running up there, Tess.
Any other criminals on the payroll? I think there's more to this story.
She's right.
This is the Stewart brand.
This is Daniel's.
He was stealing from Tess too.
Well, I'll be I'd like to speak with Daniel alone.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm not gonna shoot him, if that's what you're thinking.
- Tess - I gave you a job when no one else would.
Promoted you to foreman.
Why would you do this? I just wanted to make something of myself.
I trusted you.
Tess, I I'm so sorry.
I'm done taking chances on people.
Hey, Grace! I just wanted to apologise.
For what? Sticking my nose where it didn't belong.
You were just looking out for me.
Yeah, I guess I was.
My sister's been doing that too.
Guess I'm not used to it.
I might have overreacted a little.
So I'm forgiven? For now.
You know, if I may you might need to get accustomed to people having your back.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Maybe we can go for a ride sometime.
I'll think about it.
Joe, wait! There's something I need.
Let me give you a hand.
- Thank you.
- You must be hungry.
It's for me and the prisoner.
Once I arrest someone, I have to offer them room service.
It's not my favourite part of the job.
I hope you're proud.
Of my room service abilities? Figuring out who set the fire.
That's all because of your boys.
I think you're being modest.
Gotta say that statement is rarely directed my way.
How did it feel, you chasing a fugitive again? Piece of cake.
You know, if cake was armed and dangerous.
So, what do you think? Are they comfortable? So comfortable.
They look good on you.
I've never had a new pair of shoes before.
- Thank you, Ms.
I'm glad you like them.
Alright, let's get ready for dinner.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
I'm sorry.
About Daniel.
Look at this.
Oh, I remember that day.
It was a good one.
- We had a lot of those back then.
- Yeah, we did.
I forgot how much you look like your father.
- I like to think so.
- Yeah.
Oh, I miss him.
God, he was steady as a rock and always there when I needed him.
He would be real proud of the man you have become.
Real proud.
Seems so long ago.
Oh Then again, it seems like only yesterday.